Rubio – Was The GOP Debate Rigged?

While the headlines of bloggers evaluate the news that Rubio’s Campaign Press Secretary is the daughter of Fox News VP, Bill Sammon, the crafter of the GOP debate questions, they seem to have missed a point.

While Fox News had a direct conflict of interest – so did Rubio!

With Brooke Sammons tweeting extensively about Rubio’s purported ‘win’ at the debates, and Cruz making the statement that he was being unfairly and unequally attacked by the questions posed to him – Rubio skated. In fact Christie even stated that the questions seemed to be unfairly targeting Cruz while Rubio seemed overly cocky, his answers potentially rehearsed. When responses are too clean, too sharp, too rehearsed, the hairs on my back begin to prickle…

Could Sammon have given the questions to his daughter, Brooke Sammon, so that Rubio could craft answers before the debate?

Definitely a possibility. Sammon has a history and it isn’t all good.

To add fire to the furnace, apparently, the pollster, Frank Luntz, who was asked to air results of the debate immediately afterward is also connected to Rubio. Luntz was hired by Rubio in 2012 to write “100 Innovative Idea’s for Florida’s Future”. Luntz tweeted and tallied and splurged in his raving reviews of Rubio while cashing in on the frenzy. While these relationships should be revealed for their conflict of interest, they weren’t and the silence didn’t just run through Fox News – it ran through Marco Rubio. And that does not bode well for an honest, God driven, man of integrity.

While Fox News purports to be unbiased, this is a rather disingenuous move with one motive – bump up Rubio in the ratings, and attack Cruz and Trump. If it is discovered that Rubio had access to the debate questions beforehand, that could mean the end of his campaign. But the ideal of unbiased is a rock laden road for Sammon who has been caught directing the opinion of his journalists on a number of occasions.

While it is not a media crime to be biased, most stations openly admit their view, others allude to it, and still others are bought out. But Fox’s claim puts each and every journalist into the limelight as they lose credibility with the knowledge that Sammon tells them what to say, what to think, what opinion to have, and who will win in an ‘unbiased format’. It’s like rigging a football game.

Could Rubio and Sammon find themselves in a legal pickle?

There are laws regarding “Ethics” under the US Office of Government Ethics Statute 18 USC; 201 – 209 which detail the code of conduct of all government employees. Conflict of Interest laws require ‘full disclosure’ – Rubio did not comply with that directive.

In addition, Florida has enacted very strict Ethics Laws with respect to past and present government employees and those running for public office. The purpose of these laws is to uphold faith and trust by the People in a government that is not beyond reproach. When that truth is violated, there are consequences in place.

While as a result of Sammon, Fox News may lose viewers, Rubio stands to lose his very core – his integrity as a Presidential candidate.

ZIKA Virus – A Bit of Perspective

WHO – the Zika Virus has infected over 4 million, 1.5 million in the Americas alone. It has been reported in Portugal, Puerto Rico, Brazil, US, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, the Virgin Islands, Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbeans and Italy.

If you are infected by a mosquito, you have a 20% chance of getting the virus. A person can not spread the virus to another person, it can only spread by being bitten. It’s symptoms are general flu-like symptoms that last a few days. There is only a potential health risk if you are pregnant. If you are pregnant there is a chance your baby could develop microcephaly – an abnormality wherein the babies head is significantly smaller than normal. Despite the fact that the CDC has dealt with Zika for almost fifty years, they actually have no data on pregnancies and the virus, or their possible correlation, it is a guess.

Brazil is the only country to report an increase of microcephaly cases from about 150 last year (2014) to over 3800 in 2015. Of the 3800, about 134 have been confirmed to relate to Zika. That represents a risk of .000033.  However, even while they speculate the 134 count is a result of the Zika virus, it is not an actual fact because no one has done any extensive study on the correlation given other factors are known to cause the defect. These other known causes of microcephaly include; exposure to Rubella, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus, severe malnutrition and exposure to alcohol, drugs or toxic chemicals. These are known precursors. The mosquito is – at this point – still a guess.

The Zika virus does not kill.

WHO – When Ebola initially struck in 2013, WHO estimated the number of potential infections and death to reach 1.4 million. Media experts were dire with warnings that this would be massive, like the Plague, with the potential of making a devastating impact on the population of Africa.

Reality. There have been 28,637 cases and 11,315 deaths. But, most prominently, a vaccine was developed by a handful of countries across the world looking to capitalize on the fear and the profits of a worldwide mandatory innoculation.


-Three times as many people die each year in automobile accidents – in just the US.

-Nearly five times as many people die each year from colon cancer – in just the US.

-Over 600,000 die of heart disease each year – in just the US.

-The number of people that die each year from the flu tops out at just under 50,000 – in just the US

The number of babies aborted and put to death worldwide – 40-50 million EVERY YEAR

But WHO sees an opportunity for profit and spreads hysteria. Already the major pharmaceuticals are ramping up to find a vaccine that can be mandatory.  The pharma industry needs new plagues and flu’s to keep their bottom line intact.  It’s business.

GOP Debates – Are We Done Yet?

I don’t know what I hate more watching the debates or listening to everyone peck like chickens at mealtime over every single misused word, phrase, gesture, facial expression, or nuance. I hate listening to the banter about the candidates wives, children, college days, party days, days days. I hate it across the board. I think it is childish and serves no purpose other than venting. And while we are all guilty of the same, I still hate it.

Generally speaking, do debates really sway, or is it the polls and the polling that sways the voters?  I think debates are simply another topic for a bored media.  The only other countries that have rousing debates include Mexico, Taiwan, Iran, Canada, Zambia and Kenya.  Not exactly the comparable we would like to espouse – but the true nature of our tactics.

When you step back and watch the rhetoric it all boils down to – “I am great and everyone else is an idiot”. And as we get closer to the election the commercials become nastier and nastier until I can’t even watch anything but Netflix for fear I might be attacked by the venom of the words that ultimately occupy much of the airtime.

So, in a nutshell within the GOP front-runners; Trump, Cruz and Rubio, where do they disagree on issues:

  1. There are apparently only a couple points on which Rubio and Cruz disagree: immigration and the notion of privitizing social security. Cruz and Trump agree on immigration policies.
  2. Cruz and Rubio vs Trump = 3 points: Trump wants higher taxes on the wealthy, does not support free trade, and wants to avoid foreign entanglements, ie regime change conflicts, coups.

That’s it. So the debate is really about ‘changing our minds’ with respect to these issues, which is for the most part unrealistic.

The Democratic front-runners are an even easier comparison. When viewing the issues, the only point on which Hillary and Bernie disagree is – gun control. There was one point in which Hillary agreed with Cruz and Rubio – foreign entanglements, and one point where she agreed with all GOP candidates – making voter registration easier.

So for all the rhetoric, commercials, and debates – that’s the bottom line. The rest of it is only mud slinging and slander and harsh tongues. Imagine if that was how we actually voted….but then there is the matter of sincerity – and that’s where the popularity contest muddies the Truth. Unfortunately, the media and candidates have yet to figure out that ganging up and bullying are not tactics that the voters appreciate – and in the end we do make the decision, and we do remember.

While the various polls have Trump leading at anywhere from 30% to 36%, and Cruz with 12% to 25%, and Rubio with 11% to 18% – whatever your voting preference, those are the current GOP national numbers. But all the candidates that have to drop out because they will never carry the baton should consider who they want their voters to ultimately support – because they represent upwards of 37% of the votes according to Reuters latest poll – and they could change the game.

Hillary and Bernie are a bit more complicated with Hillary ranging between 48% and 54%, and Bernie with 27% to 41%. The difference is that O’Malley is already referring his backers to Sanders which represents a block of 1% to 10% and the undecided’s remain on the sidelines with 1% to 14%. Some of the undecided’s may jump ship and not vote at all (I know of quite a few) or defer ranks and vote Independent or Republican.

Personally, I think we should limit debates to say – 3, and have candidates who don’t maintain a 10% populace within ten months of the election, defer.

As in – let’s move on.

Trump Trumpets the GOP Debates – and wins…

As it is the GOP debates swoon all of about 14 to 24 million people each time they are broadcast. The voting age at 18+ is estimated to represent about 245 million people. That means the debates target about 5 ½ to 10% of all voters. Not exactly a number that makes one swoon.

Realistically, people like to be entertained, take out the dominant entertainer, Donald the Trump, and the viewing might just plunge.

But perhaps that is the real point the Trump card is posturing and it has less to do with Megyn Kelly than with Trump proving that a Non-Trump Debate is a bore and ratings drop. Reality TV has more viewers than the debates…

Nobody is tuning in to watch Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier. Certainly the Cruz fans and Carson fans and Rubio fans will turn on their sets, but most, myself included, really find the debate an event to ignore at all costs. Moderators are biased, answers are text book, and it is more about who can out schmooze the other than anything of value. It is more about how has a better talk base, who is following the polls to know what their new ideals are, and trying to make mash of your fellow Republican candidates.

Trump, the Reality TV star, will be absent and I imagine advertisers who paid a pretty penny for the multi million audience game, will be pretty growled when they find that der party is over…given the Trump followers will tune out and some of the other candidate ‘s followers as well – simply out of boredom.

By contrast, over 114 million people watched the last Super Bowl. That’s the place to BE! Be seen!

He is a businessman, and I’m sure he knows where the audience is, who is a draw and who isn’t. It’s actually a smart PR move because it generates even more headlines, even more debate than the debate! Everyone is talking about Trump ignoring the debates – which defines even more as the man who won’t bow to politics.

Instead Trump claims he will use that same time to rev up donations for veterans – a worthy cause. Hopefully he will give a thumbs down to the disgraced Wounded Warriors charity for their self seeking, personal entertainment excessive spending.

But the politicians – well they just showed their naiveté because the Trump Trumped – again.

Polluted Tap Water – PCB’s and Lead Poisoning

Seattle is suing Monsanto for polluting the Lower Duwamish River. The river feeds into Puget Sound.

The pollutant?  PCB.  PCB’s are known to cause cancer, reproductive disorders, nervous system disorders, endocrine disorders, and damage to the immune system and were being named as a possible health hazard as far back as 1930. Lead poisoning has been documented to have occurred as far back as 6500 BC. We have known – and ignored.

PCB was used in the production of plastics, adhesives, fire retardants, pesticides, ink, lubricants and more. While Monsanto was responsible for 99% of all PCB use, it was banned by the EPA in 1977. A plant in Sauget Illinois was the largest producer of PCB’s. And while Monsanto knew of the toxicity levels, they failed to do anything – continuing to dump excesses and mass produce for profit.

Anniston, Alabama was the site of one such Monsanto dumping and ultimately won a $700 million lawsuit in 2003 – 26 years after the chemical was banned.

A privately owned quarry in Southern Wales was the allowed dumping site of Monsanto between 1967 and 1972. Despite a 2005 report that found the site contained over 75 different toxic chemicals, Monsanto refused to take responsibility for the pollution and cleanup. The Wales Environmental Agency decided that the least costly remediation was to place an engineered cap on the quarry at a cost of 1.5 million pounds. Monsanto denied responsibility but agreed to pay a ‘portion’ of the cost.

Sauget, Illinois is a suburb of St. Louis. Not really a true town, it is a company town where polluting companies came to find root from regulations. The town was incorporated by Monsanto so that it could define its own regulations and as a result became a US dumping ground for multiple pollutants.

Sauget is now considered an industrial disaster. A creek traveling thru Sauget is said to be so polluted that when an animal came in contact with the sludge water, they died within 24 hours from chemical burns. The EPA erected a fence around the creek. The creek feeds into the Mississippi River.

Sauget is the site of two EPA Superfunds. The Lower Duwamish River is the site of an EPA Superfund. And despite the fact that Monsanto was the polluter, despite the fact that Monsanto continues to pollute, despite the fact that Monsanto is worth a net $13 billion – the Superfund Fund is empty and thus taxpayers are responsible for the cleanup cost.

How is it that Monsanto continues to skate liability while oil companies pay?

Is it possible that the crime rates of St. Louis are linked to decades of ingested pollutants?

The mayor of Flint Michigan is asking for Federal remedial funds to deal with the ‘behavioral issues’ that will arise as a result of the lead poisoning. Because children exposed to lead have significant learning disabilities, communication impairment and aggressive behavior issues.  Issues that have actually been documented for centuries as a result of blood lead levels.

Since 1901, the murder rate in St. Louis has tripled. In a 1993 report conducted by the Upper Mississippi River Water Quality Initiative, the toxicity of the river was reason for concern for the safety of residents along its channel. The primary toxin cited was PCB, but also included heavy metals and pesticides. The report cites two primary sources; agricultural runoff of pesticides (Monsanto) and Industrial pollutants (Monsanto). The report states that despite PCB’s being banned, they seemed to have actually accumulated and persisted in the environment and in sediments.

In 2015, the St. Louis water was once again afoul with the smell of geosmin. Geosmin is in itself not toxic but it reveals that the water that has this odor is surface water, potentially polluted with sediment and all the same toxins that are now in the Mississippi River having flowed through sediment to get there.

While water quality has improved as treatment facilities have improved their measuring capabilities and their extraction techniques, these measures are relatively new. Decades of pollutants streamed through the taps and were ingested by children. The consequences of which we may just now be made aware as we learn more about the causes and effects. Unfortunately, the damage is done.

While Monsanto is a well known progenitor of pollutants and toxic chemicals, it continues to – skate.  Why? They have the protection of the EPA and the FDA.  Numerous articles cite former Monsanto employees and/or executives who later worked for the EPA and FDA.  A rather obvious conflict of interest.

*Lidia Watrud filed two patents on behalf of Monsanto in 1986 and again in 1999. She worked as a Microbial Researcher and Biotech Researcher for Monsanto. For the EPA she worked as a Principle Investigator, Environmental Effects Lab Researcher and is currently a Manager for New Technologies for USDA at the EPA. She is currently on the Board of Monsanto.

*Linda Fisher currently VP at DuPont for Health and Environmental Safety formerly was second in command at the EPA and before that a VP at Monsanto.

Within the EPA’s tasked $8.6 billion budget for 2016, they state they are tasked with providing access to clean, safe drinking water as well as a reliable and effective wastewater system.  According to their 2016 budget, they are providing dedicated funding of $4.05 billion to be allocated to “Protecting America’s Waters”.

The EPA lists as one of its seven major accomplishments; “instrumental in improving the health of rivers, lakes and coastal waters. It has stopped billions of pounds of pollution from fouling the water…”   However when reviewing the top 50 most polluted waterways in 1996, and the top most polluted waterways today – there seems to be no change…

In the world of business, that does not represent an accomplishment or success.

In fact it is criminal.

Socialism – our schools, our agenda, our President

Has the indoctrination of our schools created a socialist generation?

Our schools are so obviously Liberal from Kindergarten through PhD. And this was a purposeful agenda that has succeeded to germinate an entire generation – maybe two. As a result, socialism, the dreaded communist agenda that has long plagued society, is now an unknown to these naive children who will be voting.

I have listened to twenty somethings from a military background to a professor parent background uphold the concept of Socialism. But when asked to describe what that means, the consensus is nearly the same – silence. They don’t really know. They just know that their education told them it was a good thing.

A form of brain-washing.

I can’t imagine the proforma of the person who would vote for Bernie Sanders. Socialism has been disproven time and again by nearly every generation. It leads to Communism or chaos. It does NOT work. And yet, Sanders has risen again as the Socialist King tempting the youth with promises of utopia.

Maybe it required actually raising your children, because this generational shift does coincide with the first generation of Day Care babies. I know because I owned a public daycare for about fifteen years. And while doing so, I vowed that my own children would never have to attend. I vowed that this day care system was going to be the fall of a generation. And I vowed to let people know – Who is Raising Your Children… Because it was not who – you think.

Nor is it today.

Day Care is an institution that carves a space in your child’s brain and fills it with their ideals, ethics and morality. Day Care is one of the worst agendas that this civilization could have created. I qualify this with the fact that I did believe in the HeadStart program. It had a cause, a reason for its existence – single moms. Instead today, day care is more about mom’s who don’t want to raise their children because it – isn’t ‘fun’.

What began as a noble cause to help single mothers be able to join the workforce after the child’s father ran, became a semi-wealthy compromise to the nanny they couldn’t afford.

And we are witness now to that generation. And they support Socialism. In more numbers than ever. Why? Because they have no idea what it means. They think Socialism is anti-establishment. They think it represents the people as one entity. They think that it means everyone is the same and equal – until actually called on to express that in realistic terms. Why? Because our schools have failed. Because our schools have not explained the Truth and instead paint an illusionist expression of a painting. And because we left our children in day care and then increasingly skewed schools, they raised them and they imbued their values. Who is to blame? Us. We allowed it!

When you have the State raising your children, what can you expect but ‘state’ values and ideals. It sounds so simple – because it is. It is the simplicity that makes the shadows that put it into motion – laugh. Because we didn’t even question.

Europe was more difficult than the US. Why? Because they were still making judgments. They still were not impregnated by the media to such an extent that they no longer had – an opinion.

Socialism? It is one baby step away from Communism and Fascism. It has NEVER succeeded for any length in time. And if you want to use Denmark as an example, perhaps you can explain the notion that bringing in more Muslims – ISIS or not – is a good thing, For The Greater Good, because pretty soon they won’t have anyone left in their country – they will all have died or emigrated and they need slave labor to support the remaining population that is dying.

It used to be that a Socialist was someone who later matured and became a Republican. But that mantra seems to have faded with the indoctrination of our children by our schools into thinking along one plane of thought – and only one. Of course, as with all things massive – there is an agenda. It belongs to Soros, and is being fulfilled by Soros as we lay like slaughtered lambs. I do believe that his agenda will come to fruition. I do believe there will be a rebellion, but as in science fiction – who wins is subjective – will it be Good or will it be Evil? Sometimes, identifying who is good and who is evil is more difficult than we might suggest.

Personally, I don’t see that Socialist agenda as a Utopia. All the people who believe, who have faith, who have family, who have heart – they all left. And they-Denmark won’t have a country if they have no more people – so they import people – anyone – and the Muslims saw the advertisement and came.

Is that what you want for your country?

Socialism = the oppression of all – for the few


Trump Not Only One to Change Party Affiliation

Was Donald Trump’s party affiliation simply a business decision?

Changing platforms to conform to the lobbying ideals of the then president was possibly an explanation to explain Trump’s party jumping, but upon review didn’t really match up.

He’s not the only one who has changed political parties. Hillary Clinton was a righteous Republican supporting Nixon and Barry Goldwater once upon a time. In the 1970’s she became an avid supporter of McCarthy and changed her affiliation to Democrat. Pat Buchanan was a Republican turned ‘Reformed Party’ candidate, turned Independent, turned Republican. Rick Perry was a Democrat who supported – Al Gore. He switched to the Republican side when Bush was President.

But the most interesting switcheroo was from the potentially new contender, Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg was a staunch liberal Democrat until he decided to run for office as NY mayor in 2001. Switching to a Republican affiliation, he won the election. However, as a Republican he supported abortion, gun control, same sex marriage and stem cell research, all very Liberal views. Later, he switched again and registered as an Independent before attempting and failing at a presidential run in 2008.

Other switchers include Joe Lieberman – a one time Democrat who became a McCain style NeoRepublican, Elizabeth Warren – a one time Republican, Arianna Huffington – a once Republican who switched to Democrat leaning Independent in order to make a run as governor, and Kerry’s wife who switched to Democrat when Kerry made a presidential bid.

For most, the switch was a political mission to win an election. Trump was a businessman, his affiliations and support of both parties financially was probably more ‘business’ motivated. But his eye on the Presidency has long roots.  In 1999, the same year Trump changed his party affiliation to Independent, he announced his intention of running for President. In 2004, Trump again claimed he would be running, after he had changed parties to that of Democrat. In 2008, he lambasted Bush and intimated he might run as an Independent but instead changed party affiliation to that of Republican.  Two years later he registered as having ‘no party affiliation’ and made a ‘sortof’ bid against Obama.  In 2012, he switched back to Republican and made his White House bid known in 2015.

In politics it would seem that the sway is to be what the perceived position is of the Americn people at the time.  Become the person they think the people want and capitalize on the whim – a chameleon. Use the polls to determine what the people want, and become that person – as in poof!  Unfortunately, such a person doesn’t really have any true grounded ideals, and create instead confusion and distrust from those who do.   Rubio is a great example of “let me wait to respond to that question when the polls tell me what side I’m on” type of political rhetoric.

And while Trump is playing up on the anti-Socialist views of Hillary and Sanders, it is hard to find anything discounting to say about Cruz – so instead he attempts a Canadian birth frenzy which is of course, leaving everyone yawning.

What is the Trump stance? In a nutshell:

  1. Defund Planned Parenthood – pro-life.
  2. Cut the defense budget and eliminate the EPA and Department of Education
  3. Address corporate inversion – bring corporations back to US with incentives
  4. Family values
  5. Animal rights
  6. Diplomacy vs demonizing of other countries
  7. TPP a bad deal – restrict free trade with China
  8. Get rid of Super Pacs funding of candidates
  9. No gun control
  10. Address mental health problems
  11. Replace Obamacare with Health Savings Account
  12. Fix VA Hospitals by using private doctors
  13. Defeat ISIS at all costs
  14. Stop illegal immigration and put a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants
  15. Enforced Border between US and Mexico
  16. Leave minimum wage where it stands
  17. Cut taxes and repeal estate tax
  18. Raise taxes on Hedge Fund Managers
  19. Rebuild infrastructure
  20. Junk our nuclear arsenal – it is outdated

Do these align with Republican views? I would venture everything is on par – with the exception of his proposal to cut the Defense Budget. A major overhaul of fraud and corruption within the defense budget would be more productive.

And while we have watched as Trump has taken a few large financial hits as a result of his opinions and stances, Dubai golf course and Scotland wind farm, it could prove just as easy for him to sway again to the business model of whatever works to make him more wealthy.

Bronco’s, Super Bowl and Oscar – where the real WIN is…

I am not known as the biggest football aficionado, I do know a thing or two and frequently ask very observant questions like, “why is he so mad…”, or “who designed those outfits…?”. But this year, for some reason people noticed that when they plunked me down in front of the television that a losing Bronco team won, so if they are and I am around, I am called to the scene to use my mojo.

Today was no exception as the Bronco’s went from winning, to too close for comfort, to winning, to are you kidding me, to uh-oh, to winning! And while I appreciate Peyton Manning, and this is most likely his last hurrah, the furor in Denver is definitely the biggest fan base in all the NFL. It has been cautioned that if the Bronco’s lose a game, road rage will inherit the roadways the next day as gloom sets in.

While, I don’t go in for the face painting and the beer guzzling, and the party ’til you drop crowd my neighbors have already begun setting off their horde of fireworks leftover from the July 4th celebrations. And if I had any – I’d be doing the same. Because right now – the Bronco’s are the closest thing we have to a hero in this bleak world. While it’s too bad that our politicians can’t garner even a speck of this kind of fame and notoriety for greatness, maybe it’s because they are so narcissistic that focusing on self has left them empty of the ideal of Greatness.

An interesting perspective that might have alluded me had a blog viewer not made the point, the difference between the Academy Awards and the Super Bowl is – immense! One is subjective and fanciful, while the other is a true – WIN. It’s a team event to the nth degree. And while there will be partying to be sure, it is partying because of a win, not because a bunch entitlers think it is a contest of how much flesh a ‘lady’ may show for tittilation. I mean, why not just wear a string bikini?

A true Win, in the conventional sense is much more compelling and intoxicating. As my friend Mikey reiterated, in Art there really is not Win, because it is always subjective as in the eyes of the beholder. So Academy nominees, take a break, because in Art, you really haven’t won anything but the approval of a small narrow bunch of old men.

And while the Bronco’s haven’t won the 2016 Super Bowl – yet, it is an iconic time for Manning, and even the curmudgeons have to accept that fact.

OSCARS -A Black Controversy

Hollywooders are whining. We want more – even if we don’t deserve it … We should be given an Oscar even if there are hundreds more ‘qualified’, because hey, don’t we have to be treated like we deserve a trophy even if we lost the game, so our ego won’t deflate. Oh wait, that’s the rhetoric in elementary school.  Sorry, I got carried away.

Back to Hollywood. Be careful what Pandora Box you open because you just might find out the truth.

According to researchers at the University of Southern California, of the top 100 films in 2014, gasp, gosh, nearly 75% were white, 12.5% were black, 5.3% were Asian and only 4.9% were Hispanic. The percentage of blacks in the total US population is 12.5% – so actually they were quite fairly and ‘equally’ represented, they just didn’t deserve an Oscar. The group that should be miffed is the Hispanic population, because they are most definitely under-represented by a hefty 12%! Why aren’t they boycotting the Oscar Award Ceremony?

Maybe because they feel privileged instead of entitled. Will Smith? I love you as an actor, but this is just simply petty and quite childish really. Maybe the solution is to have black Oscars, like black television shows, black magazines, and black history, and black yoga, and black housing, and black only restaurants, but wait – we DO!   The BET Award for Blacks only.  Shouldn’t Whites and Hispanics and Asians protest, maybe they could ignite a class-action lawsuit for racial discrimination…

We can return to segregation or we can work toward integration, it is a process.

Let’s not forget women weren’t allowed to run in the Boston Marathon in 1967… maybe we should boycott Boston forever. Or we could change the name of the Marathon to be more all inclusive – like – The Male-Female-All color inclusive-NonGender bias-Short-Tall-fat-skinny-bolemic-Animal lovers – Religions of all Faith and non-faith – ethnic diversity-Marathon… I’m sure I left somebody out.

Bottom line – there are more critical things to be concerned about than a bunch of Hollywooders whining that they are entitled and want more – more – more!  How much money do they make?  Let’s see…  last I heard Will Smith garnered over $36 million per movie, ranking #7 of the highest paid actors of all time… nah, don’t feel sorry for him.

Climate Change – 2015 Hottest Year on Record

The claim that 2015 is the hottest recorded year in history is – well – pathetic, it is Environmental Politics. Even looking it up on Wikipedia, we can see this is a ridiculous claim by the following graph.




The claim is actually based on a relatively short period of time from a scientific analysis, which makes it rather ‘unscientific’. It dates from the mid 1800’s to the present. While the graph above presents a significantly different picture of overall patterns and illustrates we are well below a baseline of -0- and more likely in a ‘trend’.

IN another graph that purports to simulate the temperatures and CO2 levels since the beginning of time, aka 4.6 billion years ago… overall CO2 has steadily decreased dramatically, and mean temperatures have shown a peak cap and a plummeting drop every one to two million years. Even more interesting is that we are currently in a trough that is way overdo to spike dramatically according to normal cyclical fluctuations.

That chart can be found at:

Within the temperature and climate studies we have what scientists term, two ‘naturally occurring events’, ‘El Nino’ and ‘La Nina’, one represents warmer ocean currents, the other cooler, and they are both relatively cyclical. So, what are the consequences of an El Nino, as we are currently within its cycle?

  1. It puts a strain on the fishing industry as the cold nutrient rich waters are suppressed by the reduction of easterly trade winds and a warmer surface ocean.
  2. Rain driven commodities in South Africa, Australia, India, Chile, New Zealand and Japan are stunted giving benefit to commodities in the US, Canada, Mexico and Argentina.
  3. Mosquito born diseases rise
  4. Because of changes in the climate, some countries experience greater famine which can lead to changes in economic growth, and/or civil uprisings.

The last La Nina event was in 2012 which coincides with California’s three ½ year drought, only to be flooded as we experience El Nino. Prior to that, La Nina occurred in 2008, 2006, 2001, 1999, 1996, and then a wet span of El Nino occurred from 1988 to 1996, a relatively long period comparatively. We have relatively little recorded information historically as it wasn’t a recognized phenomena until the late 1800’s by a Chilean using information obtained by local fishermen. So, like temperature and CO2 levels, El Nino events have a recorded life of a mere 125 years or so.

While California would have us believe this last drought was the most severe in history, this too is media mumbo-jumbo. Studies of the last 200 years based on tree rings and sediment evidence, have provided scientists with an historical value for drought periods. The most extensive droughts occurred between 850 and 1050 AD and again between 1100 and 1300 AD. In fact, since 1300, we have been experiencing a wetter than average condition.

And while it does appear we are on the cusp of the beginning of a spike in global temperatures, if these scientific analyses are correct, then instead of trying to change what is inevitable, perhaps we should be mitigating the absolute affects this spike can cause.  As in – Boy Scouts ‘be prepared’.

As in all analyses, where you begin your graph dramatically alters the perception of trend. And for some unknown reason, instead of simply presenting the facts, scientists and the media like to advocate for fear mongering and doom instead of truth and solution.

But then keeping people in a place of fear – is a terrorist tactic to create and maintain ‘control’. Whether it is done by ISIS or by our own governments and politicians, the ultimate affect serves an agenda. Given that California has done little to nothing over the last 125 years to solve their continuing ‘drought’ problem, I would venture it is a political cause to perpetuate doom and gloom without ever really addressing a solution based on historical trends and Truth ‘science’.

Fear is the agenda – because fear cripples.