TEXAS ELECTRIC GRID: A Corporate Enterprise Collapses

Wind power in Texas is privately held. It has absolutely nothing to do with a governor or senator.   The largest farm, Los Vientos, is owned by Duke Energy. The second largest is Roscoe Wind Farm which covers 100,000 acres and is owned by RWE a German company with revenues over $14 billion. It was initially installed in 2008.   Turbines have a typical lifespan of about 18-20 years.   The third largest producer is NextEra Energy, Inc, a major donor to Jeb Bush in the 2016 presidential election.

These private companies lease the land from ranchers and farmers and pay a royalty on their energy production revenues.   Local energy utilities then purchase the power for resale on the grid to customers. Customers have the right to ‘choose’ among a number of alternate utility companies.

But apparently blame has been reduced to red vs blue, republican vs democrat, when in fact the finger pointing is more relevant toward corporate governance. The entire solar/wind phenomena was instituted by corporate agendas for-profit!

Of course, no ginormous mega freeze is allowed to go unchartered without the New York Times spewing blame at global warming.   In an article today, their very scientific knowledge comes from a ‘reporter who focuses on climate’.   In a Question/Answer commentary, John Schwartz, provides his scientific knowledge of how and why polar freezes are caused by warming. Of course, his bio reveals that he has a blast writing humor, technology, space travel as well as science despite absolutely no education background that would qualify him as an expert in anything. By degree, he is a lawyer.

Utility companies are NOT responsible for wind and solar failure either.

CenterPoint Energy:   “There is not enough electricity from third party generators.

Oncor Electric:  Reporting damaged infrastructure due to extreme weather.   “Along with solar and wind, natural gas-fueled micro-turbines, diesel-fueled engines, batteries, and landfill gas are common components of DG”.

Of course, electric cars put an added strain on the grids, and that market may find itself in a flux as the current La Nina’s typical weather pattern lasts anywhere from 2 months to seven years. This estimate of between 2 and 84 months reveals the insanity of climatologists attempting to ‘predict’ anything.   And the level of fraud in claiming global warming is unaccountably wholly criminal. The NOAA acknowledges that future predictions of weather are unreliable and often involve a lot of ‘guesswork’.

WHY wasn’t Texas put on notice weeks before the event?

La Nina is considered the cold phase of weather affecting southern regions of the Pacific.

October 2020, climatologists warned of a severe ENSO phase of La Nina which bends the polar jet stream south. But other factors come into play including volcanic activity which tends to create a deflection of sunlight.   But monitoring these phenomena didn’t even begin until the 1950’s – therefore providing a ‘prediction’ is based on a relatively short span of conditions.

There are 45 volcanoes across the globe with continuous eruptions.   There are currently 23 ongoing volcanic eruptions in: Italy, Guatemala, Russia, US, Indonesia, Japan, Chile, Grenadines, and Papua New Guinea.

Multiple factors contribute to weather anomalies.   But what this Texas outage reveals is that our grids are tenuous and solar and wind are NOT going to replace fossil fuel generation anytime in the near future.   Electric cars are NOT viable unless the grids are amped up significantly.   And further ‘cooling’ of the sun as per the Bill Gates stupidity is on par with a serious terrorist threat.

And fyi:   Synthetic meat is made from dead cows cells.   Where will they get cows in order to cultivate those cells?   What is the nutrient value of synthetic GMO meat?   Can a person’s system process those GMO chemicals? NONE of these questions have been answered at all.

Once again the mental IQ acuity of Bill Gates is more and more questionable and less and less reliable.   I’ve lowered my estimate from 100 to 90.

Climate Change – 2015 Hottest Year on Record

The claim that 2015 is the hottest recorded year in history is – well – pathetic, it is Environmental Politics. Even looking it up on Wikipedia, we can see this is a ridiculous claim by the following graph.




The claim is actually based on a relatively short period of time from a scientific analysis, which makes it rather ‘unscientific’. It dates from the mid 1800’s to the present. While the graph above presents a significantly different picture of overall patterns and illustrates we are well below a baseline of -0- and more likely in a ‘trend’.

IN another graph that purports to simulate the temperatures and CO2 levels since the beginning of time, aka 4.6 billion years ago… overall CO2 has steadily decreased dramatically, and mean temperatures have shown a peak cap and a plummeting drop every one to two million years. Even more interesting is that we are currently in a trough that is way overdo to spike dramatically according to normal cyclical fluctuations.

That chart can be found at:


Within the temperature and climate studies we have what scientists term, two ‘naturally occurring events’, ‘El Nino’ and ‘La Nina’, one represents warmer ocean currents, the other cooler, and they are both relatively cyclical. So, what are the consequences of an El Nino, as we are currently within its cycle?

  1. It puts a strain on the fishing industry as the cold nutrient rich waters are suppressed by the reduction of easterly trade winds and a warmer surface ocean.
  2. Rain driven commodities in South Africa, Australia, India, Chile, New Zealand and Japan are stunted giving benefit to commodities in the US, Canada, Mexico and Argentina.
  3. Mosquito born diseases rise
  4. Because of changes in the climate, some countries experience greater famine which can lead to changes in economic growth, and/or civil uprisings.

The last La Nina event was in 2012 which coincides with California’s three ½ year drought, only to be flooded as we experience El Nino. Prior to that, La Nina occurred in 2008, 2006, 2001, 1999, 1996, and then a wet span of El Nino occurred from 1988 to 1996, a relatively long period comparatively. We have relatively little recorded information historically as it wasn’t a recognized phenomena until the late 1800’s by a Chilean using information obtained by local fishermen. So, like temperature and CO2 levels, El Nino events have a recorded life of a mere 125 years or so.

While California would have us believe this last drought was the most severe in history, this too is media mumbo-jumbo. Studies of the last 200 years based on tree rings and sediment evidence, have provided scientists with an historical value for drought periods. The most extensive droughts occurred between 850 and 1050 AD and again between 1100 and 1300 AD. In fact, since 1300, we have been experiencing a wetter than average condition.

And while it does appear we are on the cusp of the beginning of a spike in global temperatures, if these scientific analyses are correct, then instead of trying to change what is inevitable, perhaps we should be mitigating the absolute affects this spike can cause.  As in – Boy Scouts ‘be prepared’.

As in all analyses, where you begin your graph dramatically alters the perception of trend. And for some unknown reason, instead of simply presenting the facts, scientists and the media like to advocate for fear mongering and doom instead of truth and solution.

But then keeping people in a place of fear – is a terrorist tactic to create and maintain ‘control’. Whether it is done by ISIS or by our own governments and politicians, the ultimate affect serves an agenda. Given that California has done little to nothing over the last 125 years to solve their continuing ‘drought’ problem, I would venture it is a political cause to perpetuate doom and gloom without ever really addressing a solution based on historical trends and Truth ‘science’.

Fear is the agenda – because fear cripples.