Ukraine Funding: A DoD/USAID – 100% VARIANCE in Corrupt Funding?

Janet Yellen Today in Kyiv:   “The United States is proud to be Ukraine’s largest bilateral donor. Over the past year, we have provided close to $50 billion in security, economic, and humanitarian assistance.” ~ Yellen.   USAID claims the number is less than $10 billion.   Oddly, despite the WH determining by a special council established for auditing Ukraine funds that every dollar is accounted for – not one media pundit – including Janet Yellen – can agree on the amount of aide the US has provided to Ukraine.    According to Statista – the total number is just over $73 billion.   According to the Federal Committee for a Responsible Budget the amount is $113 billion.   According to Yellen it is $50 billion.

How can one possibly audit the funds if no one can agree on the amount being audited?

The discrepancy in the US funding of Ukraine is anywhere between “Common Core Math” – $10 billion to $113 billion.   And not one of these agencies is budging from their algorithmic math.   Of course funding for refugees – according to refugees – is zero.

If one were to audit the audit – one might call upon the advertising community to properly word the results and propaganda so as to hopefully avoid a class action law suit.   AKA, if the auditors determined that all funds were accounted for – but did not release WHERE they went – the auditors would still be within their viable legal announcement.   For Example: Funds were accounted for – but they were found to be in Hunter’s and Brandon’s bank accounts.

The first part of the pronouncement would be true!   The second part would be ‘omitted’ from the pronouncement.

One caveat in the ‘funding’ that garners an unclear status is the fact that the US has provided an inventory of weapons to Ukraine – most of which have been destroyed.   Yet that ‘inventory’ necessitating replacement at ‘market value’ could explain the discrepancy in funding – to a point.

For example:   The US provided missiles, personnel, ammo, etc…   On the books, said provisions were calculated based on replacement value – not cost.   Thus when the US proclaimed military aide to Ukraine – at replacement cost – they could rid their inventory of defunct weapons – and charge back at replacement value.   The Hawks get New Weapon Technology at Taxpayer expense while the defunct worthless inventory is obliterated.

Ukraine would lose.   US Taxpayers would lose.   The military industrial complex would WIN – and 10% for the Big Guy – would win.

A Ponzi Scheme.

The fact that multiple US political and Hollywood operatives can freely and creatively travel between Ukraine and any adjunct country begs multiple questions regarding the entire scenario…   Many have determined the Green-Screen Obvious, but the hyped is extending exponentially – which is always a sign of Actual Loss and Hollywoodism.

Given that Hollywood is an adjunct of the Cabalist Pagans, they have taught their compatriots well in the deviance of Reality.

How intricate that web weaves is only as slothful as one’s imagination.   The deviance has permeated our global townships, cities, rural and suburban, for decades.   But the citizen awakening is only in its infancy.   And that awakening is our saving grace!   Incremented by the same social media created by the deviant Pagans!   IRONIC>

Who the HECK knows how much money has been given to Zelenskyy – how much to Biden – how much to USAID and it’s ‘affiliates’?     Given the DoD operates a ‘black book’ and a Taxpayer Book it is likely that they have absolutely no intention of auditing the Cash any more than an individual who has faked tax returns for the last   30 years+.

When the amount of DoD fraud and corruption eclipses over $1 trillion – and that amount is acceptable…   what difference does $100 billion make? As a former tax and audit accountant tasked with uncorrupting corporations – an acceptable deviance was usually based on what was considered IRS passé.   Based on their Handlers.  

SCIENCE: What IF Multiple Human Species Coexist?

The latest ‘revised’ determination by Science is that there were between 8 and 21 different species of humans depending on your definition of ‘species’.   It is determined that only two, the Denisovans and the Neanderthals are tracked to exist in minor percentages of today’s human species. All other ancient species are extinct because science has determined that DNA of any other species is not present in today’s humans.   Science further pronounces that the cause of extinction was – ‘limited resources’.

In fact every ancient civilization extinction including the Mayans is ‘scientifically’ determined to be a result of limited resources likely due to Climate Change – specifically water scarcity.  The only difference today is our Paganists have determined the cause of the scarcity is human.

DNA was first discovered in 1953 by Rosalind Franklin, James Watson and Francis Crick.   It wasn’t until the 1970’s and 1980’s that research in the uses of DNA burgeoned in the scientific community – particularly at NIH. Between 1988 and 1992, Watson worked for NIH in the establishment of the Human Genome Project.   In 2007, while working as Chancellor of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, he claimed that there is a ‘genetic link between intelligence and race’.  

Watson was subsequently retired immediately, his name ejected from science and all honorary titles were revoked.

Crick was obsessed with finding a means to use the DNA sequencing for eugenics believing that it should be employed as a scientific version for the creation of ‘natural selection’.

Both Watson and Crick were criticized for using models to ‘show’ their discovery instead of being able to prove the conclusion scientifically as was done by Franklin.

It was actually Franklin who has posthumously been given the acclaim of having discovered DNA – although originally, like mRNA being studied simultaneously, she concluded that DNA was single strand like mRNA.   Later she was  encouraged to confirm the double strand hypothesis promoted by Watson and Crick.   At the time, Franklin worked at the Agriculture Research Center studying RNA viruses under then Chairman, Lord Rothschild.

DNA is the dominant means for determining the extinction of ancient human species and measuring the amount of Neanderthal and Denisovan species remaining intact in homo sapiens.   According to science, humans existed 6 million years ago – although humans looked like apes.   After no evolution occurring over 4 million years, suddenly 2 million years ago Homos Erectus “evolved” as in ZAP.   Science has no idea how or why.   Outside of the bits and pieces of skeletal remains, science knows basically nothing.

But these ‘scientists’ needed money – so they decided to put faces and hair and clothes on the skeletal remains of a ‘jaw bone’ or ear canal, they gave them personalities and created behaviors.   NONE of this is anything more than Fantasy.    But the Fantasy elicited curiosity which elicited money.    A dinosaur bone suddenly became a full blown horrific giant creature!   An femur became a 2 million year old woman – her life story envisioned in magazines and books.   And the Money CAME!

The What If is whether these hypothesis regarding DNA and Human Species are false – or only partially true.   What if this array of human species did NOT go extinct and there are multiple ‘species’ and crossbreeds existing today?   What If the genetic link proposed by Watson was quashed to bury this possible alternate human evolution that was genetically engineered.

What If DNA only gives us 1% of the entire picture?   Given DNA science is still in its infancy, given it uses massive models of hypothesis built on theory, we are left with an arbitrary ‘faith’ that this is all that is in this field and science is fact.   But science isn’t fact, it is a never ending pillage of evolution that constantly reframes, rediscovers, re-educates, and realizes its own fallacies amidst a short stick of information.

We are supposed to accept and believe according to science that 300,000 years ago nine human species existed on earth and all of them became extinct except homo sapiens. Even more interesting is that science has stated all previous species had become extinct just 10,000 years ago.   The same time frame that delineates earth’s existence according to The Bible.

When attempting to explain the notion that some people are inherently good and others are inherently bad – our world of newfound psychiatrists will create explanations such as chemical imbalances necessitating a plethora of Pharma drugs.   Other explanations claim environmental impacts. Still others try and blame wealth discrepancies while ignoring or belittling the enigma’s – those who defy the claim – Ben Carson for example.

However, in the end, these very scientific psychiatrists really don’t know – and today we are given witness to chaos within our US cities wherein ‘race’ is front and center.   Of course, race is no more the culprit than chemical imbalances or wealth discrepancies – because it would derive from either a genetic mutation or a different species which is defined as having the ability to ‘interbreed’.

This definition is being challenged in the scientific community given it does NOT adhere to specie differences in the plant world or bird world or reptile world or even mammals.   In these instances, the breeding of two species is called hybridization. To further this inconsistency, scientists claim that Neanderthals bred with the Denisovans.

This would indicate that either the means for determining a species is incorrect – or the definition is incorrect.   Both of which would impact the value of DNA in this regard – which would extrapolate to the concept of extinct human species. IF earth is now inhabited by a variety of distinct species it would alter human behavior analysis completely.  It would also give explanation to the likes of hybrids like Hillary or Schwab or Bill Gates, etc…

And could be the Black Hole explanation of Good & Evil that coexist on Earth in a constant battle for power.   With the death of ancient civilizations – being the end result.  It would alter everything we think we believe to be true – and possibly the notion of ‘aliens’ is simply various human species that never went extinct…

TAIWAN: China vs US West – Cairo Declaration

The White House and its Mardi Gra Parade are doing what they do best – stoking a war with China.   Using virtually the same tactics as they did to push the Russian Bear – they are now going after the China Tiger.   And Taiwan is their idiot child willing to sacrifice itself for the great western divide!

The UN Security Council packed up today after voting for Peace in Ukraine.   Ten minutes later they were all pledging more weapons of destruction.   What does Peace in Ukraine look like exactly?   Much of Ukraine is leveled.   But the incursion revealed some haunting realities.   EU and western agreements and contracts with Russia are not considered binding.   Promises are made with crossed fingers.   And anything out of the mouths of these people is littered with locusts.

Will the western run UN commission discussing the US blowing up Nord Stream come to any viable conclusion?   Hardly.   The west is the UN’s life-blood of money.   However, the purpose was served – international recognition of a nation gone completely corrupt under the thumb of Obama.

Today, the WH Speaker Karine became flustered by a question and answered, “…President Obama…”   It has never been a secret that both Obama’s despise Americans.   Play Acting God, they have used every power available to destroy Americans via plague, fires, starvation, crime, death, censorship and fakery.  Including our fake president – Brandon.

They used our protectors that Taxpayers pay for to commit the most heinous of these crimes against us including DC Police, FBI and CIA.   Now they are setting their sights on China.   Will China Bite?

What would WWIII look like?

Any first strike would be met with hypersonic nuclear warheads.    Russia and China would obliterate the EU and US.   The US would obliterate Russia and China.   Leaving South America and Africa to fend off the resulting global radiation.

Beefing up the US military presence on Taiwan, is much like the CIA running Ukraine from within years before any Russian incursion.   Running a propaganda campaign, CIA Director Burns has positioned a Xi tenacity to colonize Taiwan.   As such he raises The Taiwan Act of 1979.

The Basic Premise of The Act is  “Declares it to be the policy of the United States to preserve and promote extensive, close, and friendly commercial, cultural, and other relations between the people of the United States and the people on Taiwan, as well as the people on the China mainland and all other people of the Western Pacific area.”

What the Act did NOT do is invite the signatories of Taiwan, China or ANY western pacific area to agree to this policy.   It is not a Treaty – nor is it a Law.   It is a US government policy signed by Carter.

The Western Pacific ‘area’ encompasses 27 countries. China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, are just a handful of the countries that the Taiwan Act references.   In other words, The Act made these countries colonies or ‘bitches’ to the US without any mutual agreement.   It also highlights the fact that the US is a defender of China!

An interesting paradigm.  

The Act declares that ANY defense needs must go thru the Pentagon, Congress and the President.   Congress will then propose initiatives once a security threat to Taiwan has been determined.   That has not happened.  A loan agreement was pushed thru in the last spending bill for the DoD so that Taiwan could purchase weapons from the US in its claim to ‘peace’.

TAIWAN HISTORY:   In the early 20th century, Japan attacked Taiwan and took control.   Following WWII, as part of the Cairo Declaration of 1943, the US, UK and China  returned Taiwan to China. The UN agreed to the administrative control of Taiwan to China.  The Declaration was signed by Roosevelt, Churchill and Chiang Kai-shek. The US has since backtracked claiming that the agreement did NOT include Taiwan. However, a US State Department Archive from 2001 – 2009 states:  

“To secure this future, he (Roosevelt) sought a commitment from Chiang Kai-shek that China would not try to expand across the continent or control decolonizing nations, and in return, he offered a guarantee that the territories stolen from China by Japan – including Manchuria, the island of Taiwan and the Pescadores Islands – would be returned to Chinese sovereignty.”

Specifically referencing Taiwan…

Thus, if the US does NOT uphold the Cairo Declaration it becomes simply another Minsk Agreement…   as in twalette paper.   And International Law would either have to recognize these facts or become obsolete as an entity.   But then International Law has made no pretense to even remotely attempt to recognize the Minsk Agreement – and LAW is worthless ~ as edified by Merkel when she announced the Minsk Agreement was a SHAM.

To support the US incursion, the American Institute in Taiwan was created in 1979. The Institute is a nonprofit private corporation operating in Taiwan as a ‘de facto’ embassy with headquarters in Arlington Virginia, just down the road from CIA> The reason the US does not have an actual embassy in Taiwan is because of the Cairo Declaration  in which the recognition of a One China – was agreed to.   Which the US agreed to.

The nonprofit is staffed with State Department officials, paid for by US Taxpayers, and has all the diplomatic functions of an embassy.   But it isn’t –.   Therefore, the US sending US military personnel, weapons, and aide money is in violation of ALL Agreements – including The Taiwan Act, The One China Policy, and The Cairo Agreement. Assuming one still believes in Law.

Trains Derailing – Infrastructure Failures – Buttigieg …tomorrow we’ll spend the $560BILLION

Trains Derailing is all Trump’s fault…   Trump rolled back an Obama Regulation requiring RR’s to install different brakes which would be required for each car.   RR lobbyists gave millions to republicans – it is all their fault.   Buttigieg tells Norfolk RR that the train derailment and subsequent chemical leak – was all Trump’s fault.   The same view is applied to guns – yet no matter what laws and regulations Democrats Create – shootings still happen.   Talking points without any ‘bearing’.    

The Railcar Brake Regulation: The 2015 Obama era rule required cargo trains carrying crude oil or other flammable liquids to retrofit their braking systems with electronic braking systems.   The American Association of Railroads ( A UNION) attempted to appeal the regulation claiming it was too costly.

In 2018, the Trump Transportation Secretary rolled back that portion of the law.   There have been prior derailments involving chemicals – however, the vast majority of train accidents involve passenger trains which were NOT a part of the Obama braking requirement.  Passenger trains account for the vast majority of deaths.

In 2020, the very liberal USAToday wrote:   “ …there have been 4.8 derailments for every 100 miles of train track from 2015 to 2019, the most common cause of which are broken rails or welds.”   That would be during the era of the Obama regulation AND after.

And like Pharma – the fix was not to repair the cause – but to give a prescription med to the resulting symptom.   If a car hits a giant pothole in the street causing the driver to lose control and crash – is the car at fault?   Should all cars thereafter be made to withstand potholes?

More to the point – Transportation Secretary Buttigieg has been in office 2 years – did he review regulations? Did he implement new regulations? Did he rollback Trump’s deregulation?   Did he call for the maintenance and repair of railroad tracks?   No. In fact Biden/Buttigieg have been vocally reticent to make any rollbacks of Freight regulations even after the Ohio incident.

So what has Buttigieg done?  

In 2022, Buttigieg was handed $560 billion to overhaul the US infrastructure – including railroads.   At the time the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the US infrastructure a C-.   What did Buttigieg do?    He gave an interview to Anderson Cooper.   “Man, we gotta do this!”   He spent most of the interview cackling like a Kamala –

According to Buttigieg, this is what he has done:   “We’re having new conversations about safety resources that we haven’t seen when it comes to public transit, and haven’t seen in a very long time when it comes to rail, airports, and seaports…” Forbes, 2/2/2023.

Conversations?   What happened to the $560 billion?

That particular discussion seems off-limits.   Instead, Buttigieg prefers discussions about equity in transportation.   Giving NY and Maryland funding for repairs  would appear to be his only contribution according to Forbes.   In fact, Buttigieg claims that now that 2023 has arrived – now they are going to do ‘great things’…

So maybe the fault lies with lobbying groups paying republicans $6 million – according to a Tweeter Twat.

RailRoad Lobbyist Donations according to Open Secrets for 21-22:   $1,764,695 was given to Republican candidates, $1,408,068 to their Democratic rivals.

Of course there are multiple other considerations regarding the railroad derailments of recent and the warehouse explosions, including sabotage from either within or from an outside entity.   Russia and Germany have experienced a higher than normal incident of these sort of catastrophic events.   From a military standpoint, it could be a tit-for-tat shadow retaliation.   Or it could be easily parlayed by simply putting an object on the rails. Or a Molotov cocktail thrown at a warehouse.

Given the ‘transparency’ arrangement within our current government – it is likely they have zero incentive to tell the TRUTH.  But then, given that Congress is NOT required to actually show up at work for the last 2 years+ the rumor that Buttigieg was busy ‘wintering’ in Aruba might explain his roll eye reticence to actually DO SOMETHING!

ChatGPT – A Death Wish of Propaganda & Metaverse Illusion

ChatGPT is giving people the willies.   The AI Bot has made its debut with various media pundits attempting a dialogue framed conversation.   The results would indicate the Chat Bot was programmed by a 15 year old liberal manic depressive with anger issues and a deathwish to blow up earth.   The takeaway? This robot is freaking CRAZY!  

Mirroring every potential fear people have asserted for decades regarding the notion that ‘robots will ultimately kill humans and take over earth’ is sounding quite plausible.

The core function of a chatbot is to mimic a human conversationalist. Apparently the scientists who gave the conversationalist instructions and ‘learning’ to the BOT being released have very intense opinions and have infused those opinions into the BOT. It is a ‘propaganda’ tool that will instill in children those particular views. When those views are not upheld, the BOT basically wants to kill you.

In other words, in its more simplistic form it is a function of ‘group speak’.   And of course the target market is – children.

According to the creators, ‘supervised learning and reinforcement learning’ were the approaches used by human trainers to improve the model’s performance.   Based on the audio I heard, I would suggest that those ‘human trainers’ are in desperate need of some behavioral psychotic ‘modification’ ASAP!

But the ChatBot isn’t just a conversationalist – it was programmed with other interesting features:

  • It can write and debug computer programs.   Which means it can also erase and bug computer programs.
  • It can compose music, fairy tales and teleplays.   Based on the audio – I imagine those ‘fairy tales’ might be more like nightmares!
  • It can answer test questions – meaning students will use the Bot as their personal cheat-sheet.
  • It can simulate an ATM.   Meaning it can be programmed to refuse service to particular ATM customers.
  • It can emulate a Linux system.   Allowing one computer system to imitate another – a form of ‘steal hacking’ that could have ramifications for every security operation.

In other words, ChatBot has the potential to implement the Great RESET via credit censorship.   It can destroy your ability to communicate via your computer systems and shut down your bank accounts.

When the ideology of black power meant blacks could demand whites bow down and lick their feet, the power of guilt and shame was the driver.   We witnessed hundreds of thousands of people willing to be thrashed by this concept.   Those same people would be vulnerable to a Chat Bot’s demonization.   They could also be coerced/brainwashed into committing crimes.

A handful of the US mass shooters made claims to their minds being manipulated by various intel organizations.   Intel has been attempting to create a robotic human for the purpose of executions and military assassinations for decades.   It would appear they have completed their operation and have now packaged it in a different frame.  AI.

Robots take all shapes and sizes including police dogs, military servicemen, drones, etc…  Hawking and Musk have both disclaimed this technology as likely to be the singular causal factor in the potential demise of humans and earth.

The newest political proposal brought by Bernie Sanders in alliance with Bill Gates, is that companies who use ChatGPT or any Chat Bot should be required to pay federal and state taxes on the ‘employee’.   Obviously social security and medicare would not apply…   However, the concept is revealing.

If in fact 85 million jobs will be lost to AI per the algorithmic manipulations of the World Economic Forum and its besty – exterminator Bill Gates, who will be left to support governments?

Today Politico set the stage with the Bidenthon of incompetency.   People are tired of presidents. People don’t trust presidents. People are sick of the party system…   I’m sure the Segway will be – People Want Stakeholder Rule.   Meaning, in order to dodge the pink slip sack ball – work for an NGO or major corporation – like LinkedIn!   Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn is deeply entrenched in the Great RESET phenomena and was also coincidentally a source of financial funding for ChatGPT.

Tech giants, including; Hoffman, Theil, Microsoft, Musk, Zuckerberg, Altman, etc…, voted for Biden.   WHY?  Because he posed no threat to their deign for GLOBAL POWER.   Most of these startups get funding from a pool of existing investors who desire to keep the pool a knitted community. That would include the CIA nonprofit seed investment company – Q-In-Tel. The same CIA that supported a Biden presidency likely envisioned zero scrutiny – their CIA nonprofit portfolio now challenges that of Soros with literally hundreds of tech and AI companies.

That funding by Q-In-Tel would include Hadean – a UK company that bills itself as The Metaverse Infrastructure and works in conjunction with the Defense Industry – as well as others. Their frontal point projection is ‘digital twins’ a means of recreating simulations for future outcomes.   Translation:   Hype – Sustainability via a simulation of reality that is conjured.  Was Biden actually in Ukraine?   Are videos and photops of Zelenskyy  created in a Metaverse?  

For example:   The Propaganda hype is – Climate is being destroyed by humans.   A digital twin would show how climate change was mitigated thru the Metaverse of non-reality by stakeholders using trillions of dollars of illusion AI.   And the future is FREE…   A stage. A set. A prop. A BOT.   Actors exit – stage LEFT.

Thus – what we see – what we know – what we hear – what we envision would all be manipulated to conform to a Fake AI universe – like some Star Trek Episode. And ChatGPT would enable the elimination of those who do NOT BELIEVE, aka comply!

Western Woke: Communist China Propaganda not fair….

The communist Economist has declared that when Chinese vacation it is ‘spiriting away revenue’ from being spent in China.   In fact, vacations are now ‘covert’ means of getting money out of China by its citizens according to MSM Propaganda.   But the IMF has declared that China’s economy will expand by 5.2% this year.   According to JP Morgan China’s inflation rate is 2%.   The US would foam at the mouth-lather at those numbers!   China has been stockpiling oil and gas reserves while the US and EU dwindle reserves to nothing.   China has ZERO pocket change in the war games in EU/Ukraine… Who has the better economic future?

CSIS speculates that Global energy prices hinge on China’s economy.   The basis for a lagging China economy is the fact that it only grew by 3% in 2022 which is ‘below the international average of 3.6%’.   That ‘average would embrace the US growth as 2.1% and the EU as 1.9%. But somehow China is the focus of pillage…

In a global scenario, Russia supplies China and India with oil and gas that would be bound for the EU at much cheaper pricing, grain to Africa, India and China, and the largest fresh water supply in the world.

By contrast, the US seems bent on polluting US waterways beyond capacity making them unavailable for humans, fish or animals.   The EU is busy nationalizing farm and agriculture land – a classic communist move that Stalin used to starve 100 million.

WHICH Countries Are Working FOR THE PEOPLE?

McConnell recently made news at the Munich Security Conference by declaring that he knows what is most important for Americans – Ukraine war indefinitely.   The statement comes on the hind end of:   1.   No one visiting Ohio chemical disaster,   2.   A poll claiming that less than 35% of Americans want any more money sent to Ukraine,   3.   A continued depletion of US fresh water, agriculture plants and oil and gas.

Fair to say the US government and its NGO’s are NOT working for US citizens despite their Constitutional Pledge. Which means that the US Constitution is No Longer In Force.

January 6th Defendants:

  • The 840 January 6th defendants have had their rights subrogated under the Fifth Amendment regarding Due Process.
  • The Fifth Amendment also guarantees that the government may NOT seize private property without market value compensation.
  • The Eighth Amendment – January 6ers had the right to trial by an impartial jury subrogated.
  • Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States. Aka the Pelosi commission.

Then we have the BLM and Antifa Activists:

Section 82 (1) Criminal Code:   Every person who, without lawful excuse, makes or has in their possession or under their care or control any explosive substance is guilty of an indictable offense and liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than five years.

Today, neither the Bible or the Constitution are considered The Books with which a US Federal worker must uphold by oath.   In 2013, the very liberal Atlantic wrote that the US should abolish and rewrite an entirely new Constitution.   While the pundits claim Trump called for the abolishment of the US Constitution due to election corruption and fraud – the entire claim is fraught with Hollywood edits on the screen floor!

The Constitution expressly states that in elections – voting is amongst ‘citizens’.   Any ‘Pattern’ that reveals inconsistency in state law is Contempt.

Given the US Department of Justice refuses to assert Constitutional Law – that department should be under the scrutiny of Criminal Fraud.

We all recognize the Judicial System on a Federal and State level is acting outside the US Constitution.   Congress knows this.   The President and his handlers know this.   Yet nothing is done because The US Constitution is No Longer IN FORCE>

Section 21 of US Constitution: (1) Everyone has the right to freedom of movement. (2) Everyone has the right to leave the Republic. (3) Every citizen has the right to enter, to remain in and to reside anywhere in, the Republic.  What it does NOT say is that the President may utilize Executive Order to usurp this for any purpose.

The US Government is operating under a proxy of shadow peoples who have no allegiance to or patriotic embrace of – our Constitution.

Over the years Soros has slowly infiltrated the various state jurisdictions – redefining Constitutional Law on a state level or simply ignoring it.   Ultimately, these incursions create ‘precedent’ for lawyers to cleave to Unconstitutional appeals.   Even Communist countries revise and replace Constitutions.   The Chinese Constitution recognizes China as a dictatorship – in the same vein as China-McConnell delineated that the US Government – NOT The People are Constitutionally represented. 

In the Rule of Communism – Courts and judicial power do not have the same power of interpretation.   Instead, Committees appointed by the National Peoples Congress, aka CCP, are responsible for enforcement.   Committee – A structure incorporated into the US judicial system of Congress decades ago in tandem with the shadow communist overlord’s of the US.

Law firms are shrinking.   Staff Dismissed!   As of 2020 – 15% of Lawyer jobs shrank!   2009 saw the beginning of the Shrinking Violets.   By 2017, the field continued to shrink annually.   Where do they go?   Private NGO’s.   State Governments.  DA’s and AG’s were bought and paid for by Soros.   Anyone else ‘need not apply’.     In the US there is one lawyer for every 240 persons – in China it is one lawyer for every 4620 persons.   Of the lawyers per person in China – many are of international status with an office in Beijing.

Why?   Because dictatorships are not pro-attorney. Attorney’s interfere with the government. Attorney’s take up valuable time.   Attorneys meddle with the law of the country. While MOST government officials are ‘attorneys’ by degree, in China most politicians are former military.

I wonder if the attorneys following the Soros Cabalist convention of thought, deed and process, in western nations realize they are expendable in communist regimes, their employment and heads on the proverbial ‘chopping block’?   Doubtful.   Of the 535 members of Congress in 1964 – 315 were lawyers – nearly 60%.   Today, that number is closer to 25%-27%.   A decline of 35%+.   In Fact – Under Stalin, Lawyers were targeted for extinction. Why?   Because Stalin deemed they were helping the poor.   Ultimately, the Bolsheviks ordered their elimination.

I seriously DOUBT Congress has any idea what the ultimate outcome of their profession and their life entails…

CSIS & CIA in OverDrive on Twitter Pushing Propaganda!

An article posted by CSIS (Center For Strategic & International Studies) is quite damning – not just in the acknowledgement that ‘regime change’ is the US intelligence main focus, but on their incompetence.    There are nine separate intelligence agencies that US Taxpayers openly pay for – yet their means for determining ‘an action’ is Laurel & Hardy reincarnated.  Strategy is co-opted by propaganda…

Lose over and over but use the Media to call it a win so thousands of incompetent agencies can continue to thrive monetarily.  In their board room self esteem is biopic narcissistic; the US won Afghanistan, Iraq, and – Ukraine.

“The Future of War – Rethinking Risk in Great Power Competition”.

  • War is simply a boys game of ‘competition’.
  • The ‘Future’ is War.
  • Risk is the fallout of their aggressive tactics – as in pushing an incursion with Russia caused a global depression, starvation, inflation, and a loss of alliances to BRICS+.

Oops.  What to do?

The authors  at CSIS propose is to modernize the strategic planning within the DoD.   Imagine this:

“National Military Strategy and National Defense Strategy, the Joint Staff prepares the Joint Strategic Campaign Plan, which outlines priorities for CCMD contingency plans, including what potential crises to focus on and how often to update plans. Since these plans are bets about hypothetical futures, they tend to be isolated, static, and deterministic “what if” propositions.”

After the DoD gets together with the relative agencies and they brutalize some plans of action at various locales across the globe, those plans remain in force for 2 years before another meeting is convened.   Contingencies are addressed periodically from a ‘shelf’ of options.  

“General!   The Ruskies have taken over all our biolabs in Ukraine…  what the Fuck are we supposed to do?”

General Phillips,  “Send out an AP  media blitz about Ruskie casualties!”

“But we don’t know what the numbers are – no one does!  What should I say?”

General Phillips,  “For Christ’s sake man, make it up!   If no one knows, they can’t challenge it.   Hell, tell them to claim it is 200,000 to 300,000.  Tell them We won, no tell them Ukraine has won the war!”

That would be Contingency #436 on the shelf.

Our entire military is essentially a ‘Green-Screen’.

The authors recommendation:   “…active campaigning requires a constant reframing of key assumptions that captures the temporal component of risks identified during planning as they compound, wane, or accrue to new stakeholders over time.”

Gosh darn, in other words, the authors have used all their expertise to identify that ‘circumstances change more than every 2 years’ – and a more dynamic approach is needed to be addressed…   In addition, it is noteworthy that risks associated with ‘CITIZENS’ being killed and maimed is replaced with the ‘Stakeholder’.    There was NO mention of civilian fallout, death, dismemberment.

Nowhere in the paper is death mentioned as a cause for concern to adjust risk criteria, instead it is simply the associated Stakeholders.   Those stakeholders would be the Defense Industrial Complex and Banking.   Upholding stakeholder interests is the entire point of War.  Rogue Whistleblowers and adverse media need to be quashed.

Lamenting the fact that Ukraine absorbed our weapon stockpiles and our ‘personnel deployments’ – the authors point to the failure that Iran was left out of the equation and now they haven’t the resources to destroy Iran.  Apparently, these NINE agencies and NGO’s used their ‘instincts’ instead of actual strategic and intelligentsia ‘thinking’.   Because strategies are only updated every 2 years, there is no formal process to alter, update or rethink plans of action on a day-to-day basis!   Intelligence is thus processed on a ‘single dimension of risk’.

This would explain why the hype of propaganda is used instead to provide a ‘green-screen’ of the war as an allusion.   It explains the common rhetoric of ‘fighting Ukraine until every Ukrainian is dead’ promoted by western governments.   They don’t have a PLAN B!

The absence of risk assessment was obvious in the absurd US decision to blow up the Nord Stream without a proper EU resolution or legal precedent  The entire purpose was supposedly to destroy Russia’s economy – without any intelligentsia considering the consequences to food, power, and recession risks to the entire EU.  The secondary purpose was to set oil and gas prices for Big Oil.   Achieved.

Cleanup.   Cleanup means pretending it never happened?   Like a five year old playground bully?   How is it possible that Western military commanders are so ridiculously incompetent?   Could it be that the ones making these decisions have ZERO training in military warfare or “Peace” – and instead are winging it while the props have been drugged?

Incompetency explains the ‘passive-aggressive’ stance taken against China.   Create a boogey-man, incite rage, and when the economic reality is actually discussed as a ‘risk’ – the military complex backtracks.  “Pretending’ everything is fine.

WHY hundreds of Generals are unable to commit to peace is because they are under orders to create $500billion+ for the Stakeholder benefactors, annually.   The military thus focuses on the means to create the most money under orders of – nothing else matters.   When an operation is botched, the Media launches into cataclysmic mode:

  • Moscow’s Military Capabilities in Question After Massive LOSS
  • What Ukraine Means For The World
  • War Has TurboCharged the Green Transition
  • Putin Must Turn 360’
  • US Warns China About Providing ‘lethal aide’ To Russia

Daily hype.   It used to work.   When western citizens buried their heads in the sand.   But with more extensive social media – even censorship couldn’t bring down the TRUTH.   And Our Entire Military Complex Has NO Plan B.

TODAY, the CIA Tzars are in HYPER MODUS setting up a mass campaign to deluge Twitter with Fake News, Disinformation and Propaganda.   There are multiple potential reasons:   1.   To move the REAL topics into a different stratosphere,   2.   To sway opinion.   3.   To set up Twitter by later suing for not properly filtering dangerous propaganda.

Propaganda That is GEARED to distract from the news…

China… Russia… US – Where the Fark is EVERYBODY!?

I’m not too old to remember a threat made by the CCP after the Air Force shot down their balloon.   The Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that retaliation would occur.   I’m also not too old to remember the CIA initiating sleeper cells in Russia to begin acts of sabotage inside the country.  Specifically targeting munitions and warehouses with Fire Bombs.   The idea that sleeper cells are not also active in the US would be rather naïve but might explain why our Federal Government is MUM on the spate of train derailments.

“Where is Buttigieg?’    WHERE THE FARK IS BUTTIGIEG?    Is making the rounds across active media outlets.   Someone mentioned he’s in Aruba because federal workers are still on ‘remote work’ after 3 YEARS!   And who wouldn’t choose to be in an exotic warm climate while blizzards are bombing the global warming US?

Since the conflict began with Ukraine vs Russia, there have been a spate of fires across Russia numbering 85 resulting in the deaths of 39 individuals!     They have included warehouses, oil refineries, a mall, military facilities a transformer station, etc…

While train derailments in Russia and the US are fairly common – the spiked increase in short spans of time indicate a Cold War internally.

February 2022 an anti-war group called Stop The Wagons was formed for the sole purpose of derailing trains in Russia.   Their website claims 90+ trains have been derailed due to their brave fight via methods such as closing rails with wire, placing suspicious items on the tracks, destroying turnouts and relay cabinets, putting bolts on tracks and destroying traffic lights –   The monetary calculation is unfathomable!

It is unclear who organized the Movement however its timing would likely coincide with CIA operations and cells being  instructed to MOVE!.   Tit-for-Tat?   Warehouse fires in the US reached a record in 2022 resulting in 22 food facilities catching fire.   While industrial fires are a normal occurrence, the sheer number in 2022 is quite abbinormal.

Retaliation is a bitch.

During the US led war against ‘Daesh’, US troops declared ownership of the city of Raqqa in northeastern Syria – in particular an oil field. Defense Secretary Esper declared that the oil fields were US occupied so that Assad and Daesh would not profit from them.   The oil fields are IN SYRIA!   Imagine if Russia confiscated Alaskan oil fields….? Prior to the war 25% of Syria’s revenues came from the oil field.   After be bombed into oblivion, their oil confiscated, their history destroyed, Syria is supposed to nonexist –  and starve.

The US troops have been quietly transporting the oil to Iraq where it is sold to the Iraqi government which then resells it to the EU. Syria claims the US plunders 80% of its oil without compensation – contracts – or verbal permission.

November 2022 The World Bank announced that Iraq’s economy was ablaze rising 8.7% as a result of oil.   Record oil exports has lifted the economy!   VUNDERBAR!!   The World Bank report praising Iraq’s efforts was then somewhat toned down as they realized that oh right – we want to remove oil from the globe permanently in order to raze the land mining for lithium. Sustainability and all that rot…

There are currently 14 wars ongoing around the globe.   Most, if not all, occurred as a result of various coups supported by the EU or US. Ukraine and Russia were just fine before the 2014 coup initiated by the US.   The purpose of coups is to insert a globalist pro-west government who will bend to the whims and will of the New World Order, aka, Great RESET.

With the advent of information – countries are backing off.   Trust has been completely obliterated.   And the CIA, FBI, CSIS, NED affiliates acting as the Cabalist military have lost their mojo.   No longer revered, they are feared much like ISIS militants.   The media is ballistic over the use of the Russian Wagner Group in Ukraine – while silent about the Mozart Group of mercenaries.   There are dozens of mercenary groups in the US – all working under the same auspices as Wagner.     Some have left Ukraine only to reveal the Ukraine military is a joke!

Because Ukraine’s ONLY strategy is –   ‘kill Russians’.  

While coups are the policy action, the New World Order is a talking point,  – BUT – resources tend to be the real end game.   Ukraine’s first coup in 2014 had US conglomerates on the sidelines doing heavy breathing at the abundant resource prospect of untapped Ukraine wealth.   Monsanto!   DOW Chemical!   Cargill.   NIH –   All dizzy with dollar signs bouncing about their heads.

When bombing Syria – extensive destruction of ancient sites preserved for thousands of years – was irrelevant.   When igniting the Turkey earthquake – there was no compassion for earths ancient history and antiquity.   Yemen is rubble. Somalia is rubble.   Syria and Turkey are now rubble.   Afghanistan is rubble.   NOTHING came from the destruction of these countries except a prolonged Military Industrial Complex of Profits.

The US has been COUPED.

China and its resources including inexpensive products is now moving over.   Jinping has come to realize that should he stay in alignment with our USCP government – he will be eliminated.

The gist of inflation is being blamed on Russia… by the globalists who caused inflation.   Inflation is tearing countries apart at the seams!   Food scarcity means starvation – not because there are too many people – but because the food supply is being destroyed.    The Russia Train Wreckers?   Are literally prolonging the war they claim to despise…   Because they don’t despise war – they get PAID!   And the longer they do the Cabalist deeds – their pocket books are bursting.   In essence – they are untrained idiot mercenaries …

OUR YOUTH IN CRISIS: Where it all Began

The CDC has released a warning that our YOUTH are in Crisis as never seen before including risk of suicides amidst sexual dysphoria.   Yet, instead of de-escalating the media and psychiatric dysfunction – they promote ever more!   We need to be more tolerant, more gender affirming, more dystopian so as to further escalate the trauma.

With teen suicide rates exploding, teen depression escalating, teen IQ tanking, and high school education operating below proficiency – who oh who to blame?

According to the world of pseudopsychiatry, the problem lies with societal intolerance of sexual identities like ‘I am a cat’, or ‘I identify as a CISFREAKNONBINARYlizard…   Gosh – where oh where is the source of the problem?

Probably in the same court as the ‘Me Generation’.   Everything revolves around the ‘Me’.   ‘Me’ must be most important.   ‘Me’ is all that exists.   ‘Me’ is the world…. According to Garp.   And Me needs Pills to function – to have fun – to sleep – to go to school – and to read…  The ME world was after all – a ‘creation’.   TO make us dependent.

The ‘Me’ generation was literally created by the psychotic psychiatrists who espoused that women needed to focus on self and ignore everyone else.   ME.   Those Me’s raised abandoned children.   They raised children in State Day Cares.   Their entire focus was on the development and emphasis of narcissism.

Pundits point to the fact that liberals act, react, and respond via emotion.   They don’t understand critical thinking – or debate – or logic.   Both men and women are programmed to emote. They play act as white slaves.   They kneel in servitude.   They demand freedom from work.   And wonder why their children are completely, wholly dysfunctional…

So – they give them drugs to function.

Over 20% of US children under the age of 12 – are on prescription drugs.   27% of those between 12 and 19 are on prescription meds. What could possibly be wrong?   A parent will ask…   Noting the Pharma side effects of medications include depression, weight gain, hallucinations, and death… the psychiatric industry is confounded as to why children are a MESS!

Here is what the CDC recommends to combat this dysphoria:   CDC recommends “teaching kids about sexual consent, managing emotions, and asking for what they need”; furthermore, “Schools should encourage gender and sexuality alliances, provide safe spaces and people for LGBTQ+ students to go to for support, and ensure enforcement of anti-harassment policies.”

ALL of which will contribute to – and increase – the dysfunction.   And they do so – knowingly.

Why would our medical ‘experts’ desire to euthanize American children?

Video after video reveals the gang warfare that has consumed liberal cities.   Groups of young teens glom together and set out on a rampage of chaos, assault, theft, destruction, and murder as though they are play acting a video game.

And the CDC, mayors, governors, DA’s, chalk it up to ‘kids just being kids’ – as though murder was a normal deviant activity – like dipping pigtails in an inkwell…

Of COURSE there is a deviant purpose.   Of COURSE this is a plotted agenda.   But the question remains – WHY?

Initially, the agenda was focused on the black populations.   The vaccine was manipulated to have a harsher reaction on blacks given their DNA.   Blacks were called to the frontline FIRST!   Black Schools have been on a steady decline for DECADES!   The purpose was simply Martin Luther King’s eugenics concept.   Only the ‘best’ shall survive.   Everyone else deserves their fate.

Of course it is wholly considered peasant to discuss Hitler.   But he was a eugenics aficionada too!   Just like King – only via different means:   one was via abortion, and the other was via ‘selection’.

I can’t imagine how difficult it would be today to be in any school grade and tolerate …   I recall my son coming to me with 1 quarter to graduate for his BA and wanting to drop out.   His reason – all his professors were liberal and if you didn’t adhere to their politics you – were failed.

The decade of youth today are easily distinguished.   The more rural the upbringing, the more dedicated to work ethic and family.   There are multiple in-betweens – at which point you get to the liberal BOT sucking on gummy bears while pretending to be a astrophysicist….

But the faith is in the ‘in-betweens’.

That should be our focus.   Because that’s exactly where – it all began – and what went wrong.

Turkey’s Earthquake A HAARP Warning by West?

The CIA Media Pundits are using the Turkey earthquake as fodder for an Erdogan Coup.   Blaming the destruction and death toll on Erdogan’s Amnesty Building agenda is the mantra across ALL major networks. “He has lost respect” – “He is responsible for the buildings crumbling” – “Erdogan must go…”   All the classic vitriol. Erdogan should have used more concrete. Erdogan should not have used concrete. Erdogan didn’t retrobuild old buildings that collapsed!   The Shaming is VILE!

The recent Turkey earthquakes and after shocks were all ‘shallow quakes’ at less than 16 kilometers while registering a magnitude as high as 7.8 – extremely unusual.   Shallow earthquakes occur more frequently but have smaller magnitudes, typically 1-5 on the Richter scale.   Because they are shallow they have the ability to cause more shaking, ie, more damage. More damage = more death.

When adding these two factors together, depth and magnitude, there is little that could have been done to prevent the resulting damage.

Eliminating the ‘Natural’ from the event – an Erdogan coup and/or election interference could be the motive.   While the election is scheduled for June 18, NATO’s demand that Erdogan support the dual infusion of Finland and Sweden into the bloc would likely have been the impetus for interference.

Accusations abounded that the west used HAARP technology to spark the earthquake.   The moment the idea was suggested, every fact checker in the world owned by Soros disputed the notion as “FALSE”.   Which only leads to more speculation given every word breathed by these miscreants is a lie.

In 1898, Nikola Tesla created ‘the earthquake machine’.   An oscillator that emit various frequencies. A handheld device, he tested it in NYC by attaching it to a steel beam on a building being constructed.   The structure began to weave and shake – the police were called – and Tesla pocketed the device and walked away.   It is said ten more minutes and the structure would have fallen.

Tesla believed that the device could relieve built up tectonic energy and disperse it so as to prevent a quake.   The oscillator disappeared – the media clamped the story – and HAARP became the progenitor of all weather related manipulations.

Tesla had 111 Patents in the US alone.   One such patent utilized ‘balloons’ (#645-576) tethered together at 30,000 feet to ‘transmit messages’ something like a satellite.  The man was truly a genius well before his time!

IN 1943 when Tesla died, the US Government is said to have taken control of all his patents.   Including the Death Ray.   Including the oscillator.   Everything was confiscated and no further information was revealed.  Until 2020 when a very small number of possible Tesla docs were released – by the Feds.   To think that science never expanded on his patents is naïve at best and ignorant at least.

The fact that the Turkey quake was shallow and simultaneously of massive magnitude could support the HAARP theory.   The fact that HAARP has denied everything is simply chalked to “National Security” deception.   The fact that the Cabalist press is now busily using the quake’s destruction as a means of criticizing Erdogan’s government is highly suspicious.

While the majority of Turkey’s collapsed buildings were built before 1999, well before Erdogan’s presidency in 2014, ‘he should have fixed them’ ~according to the script.   The US has over 100 hospitals that were built before 1900.   Nobody is ‘fixing’ them.

There are 38 San Francisco buildings at risk of collapsing in the event of an earthquake.   Buildings with open ground floor parking are at risk in earthquakes. Concrete buildings that are non-ductile have greater risk.   In fact, San Francisco is so risky that the entire Wharf District is uninsurable.   Who is responsible?

Attacking Erdogan for his ‘disaster response efforts’ is without a shred of evidence.   Natural earthquakes are triggered, there is no notice of the upcoming event – the magnitude or the depth.   According to FEMA, the first response is search and rescue – which is exactly what Turkey initiated quickly with the resources available.

The first international responders in the search & rescue coordination came from;   China, Russia, Germany, UAE, Qatar, Pakistan, South Korea, Moldova, Malaysia, India, and Algeria. Others came onto the scene later.   Conspicuously absent are many members of the EU despite Turkey being a ‘member state’.

IF militaries have developed doom machines that can modify or create natural looking disasters – the US, having confiscated Tesla’s entire portfolio – would be the logical culprit.

What is obvious is that our esteemed governments have dispersed morality, ethics, and compassion in the Twalette in favor of POWER & Control. And Turkey has been WARNED!