Turkey’s Earthquake A HAARP Warning by West?

The CIA Media Pundits are using the Turkey earthquake as fodder for an Erdogan Coup.   Blaming the destruction and death toll on Erdogan’s Amnesty Building agenda is the mantra across ALL major networks. “He has lost respect” – “He is responsible for the buildings crumbling” – “Erdogan must go…”   All the classic vitriol. Erdogan should have used more concrete. Erdogan should not have used concrete. Erdogan didn’t retrobuild old buildings that collapsed!   The Shaming is VILE!

The recent Turkey earthquakes and after shocks were all ‘shallow quakes’ at less than 16 kilometers while registering a magnitude as high as 7.8 – extremely unusual.   Shallow earthquakes occur more frequently but have smaller magnitudes, typically 1-5 on the Richter scale.   Because they are shallow they have the ability to cause more shaking, ie, more damage. More damage = more death.

When adding these two factors together, depth and magnitude, there is little that could have been done to prevent the resulting damage.

Eliminating the ‘Natural’ from the event – an Erdogan coup and/or election interference could be the motive.   While the election is scheduled for June 18, NATO’s demand that Erdogan support the dual infusion of Finland and Sweden into the bloc would likely have been the impetus for interference.

Accusations abounded that the west used HAARP technology to spark the earthquake.   The moment the idea was suggested, every fact checker in the world owned by Soros disputed the notion as “FALSE”.   Which only leads to more speculation given every word breathed by these miscreants is a lie.

In 1898, Nikola Tesla created ‘the earthquake machine’.   An oscillator that emit various frequencies. A handheld device, he tested it in NYC by attaching it to a steel beam on a building being constructed.   The structure began to weave and shake – the police were called – and Tesla pocketed the device and walked away.   It is said ten more minutes and the structure would have fallen.

Tesla believed that the device could relieve built up tectonic energy and disperse it so as to prevent a quake.   The oscillator disappeared – the media clamped the story – and HAARP became the progenitor of all weather related manipulations.

Tesla had 111 Patents in the US alone.   One such patent utilized ‘balloons’ (#645-576) tethered together at 30,000 feet to ‘transmit messages’ something like a satellite.  The man was truly a genius well before his time!

IN 1943 when Tesla died, the US Government is said to have taken control of all his patents.   Including the Death Ray.   Including the oscillator.   Everything was confiscated and no further information was revealed.  Until 2020 when a very small number of possible Tesla docs were released – by the Feds.   To think that science never expanded on his patents is naïve at best and ignorant at least.

The fact that the Turkey quake was shallow and simultaneously of massive magnitude could support the HAARP theory.   The fact that HAARP has denied everything is simply chalked to “National Security” deception.   The fact that the Cabalist press is now busily using the quake’s destruction as a means of criticizing Erdogan’s government is highly suspicious.

While the majority of Turkey’s collapsed buildings were built before 1999, well before Erdogan’s presidency in 2014, ‘he should have fixed them’ ~according to the script.   The US has over 100 hospitals that were built before 1900.   Nobody is ‘fixing’ them.

There are 38 San Francisco buildings at risk of collapsing in the event of an earthquake.   Buildings with open ground floor parking are at risk in earthquakes. Concrete buildings that are non-ductile have greater risk.   In fact, San Francisco is so risky that the entire Wharf District is uninsurable.   Who is responsible?

Attacking Erdogan for his ‘disaster response efforts’ is without a shred of evidence.   Natural earthquakes are triggered, there is no notice of the upcoming event – the magnitude or the depth.   According to FEMA, the first response is search and rescue – which is exactly what Turkey initiated quickly with the resources available.

The first international responders in the search & rescue coordination came from;   China, Russia, Germany, UAE, Qatar, Pakistan, South Korea, Moldova, Malaysia, India, and Algeria. Others came onto the scene later.   Conspicuously absent are many members of the EU despite Turkey being a ‘member state’.

IF militaries have developed doom machines that can modify or create natural looking disasters – the US, having confiscated Tesla’s entire portfolio – would be the logical culprit.

What is obvious is that our esteemed governments have dispersed morality, ethics, and compassion in the Twalette in favor of POWER & Control. And Turkey has been WARNED!

PEOPLE NOT GOVERNMENT: Winning The Globalist War

It is interesting to read the debate as to why the US allows Chinese Balloons unfettered access to the US.   The answer is – We Are China. The US and China are Completely and Wholly integrated in terms of Biowarfare, AI, Military Industrial Complex, and legal manipulation.   WE are an effective subsidiary of China.   While China wants our agriculture, farmland and food industries – they don’t want our scientists.   Why?   Because they have become an incompetent sector of fakery and ego.

So the exchange has become – China allows our most strategic and proficient into their country in exchange for our resources.   The American people are not only a liability, they are nonessential.   This was flagrantly parlayed across the globe when the US Congress shutdown 95% of personnel – and no one noticed ANY difference.

Why didn’t NORAD site the balloon?   Why didn’t NORAD site the previous 6-10 Balloons?   Because they were ordered to stand down to NOT do so.   They were ordered to “IGNORE” = which they did in all compliance.

Canada, has no viable military or military tactics –therefore when the Chinese “Balloons” traversed thru their country – it was a non-event.   Whatever the Balloon’s tactics are or have been – the US Government Military Complex has been ordered to ignore –

And within the same deal – the US has been ordered to allow the sale of valuable land to the CCP.

The question is not WHY – it is WHO?  

Part of the Agreement would appear to be the activization of communist protocols throughout our Government.   The Industries don’t really care as long as they are allowed their profits and insights into Chinese technology advancements… in particular AI.

AI aligns with HAARP aligns with CERN.   It is about the means of global control that has been a subject of Congressional hearings since the 1950’s!   Recently, Trump made a valuable admission into this when he stated that he has seen weapons that Americans cannot even conceptualize!

Like the HAARP takedown of Turkey.    Emboldened – this will exponentiate.

With Trump focused on fraudulent elections, with media pundits like The Gateway Pundit arguing fakery – they become distractions of the reality.   There was nothing that ‘changed’ in the 2022 midterms…   WHY would they believe after doing nothing to change the fraud that it would suddenly be vanquished?   2024 – Same.  They are like Q – offering anecdotal nothings to fill the void of answers.

In a military strategy – taking out the pawns and leaving the knights, castles and horses free to decimate the board – is a losing gamet.   But that has been the mantra – to make us feel good…

HEED the shadow words – every country is a nonentity when it comes to CHINA.   Every statistic, every mathematical equation, every number, that is released regarding China, it’s economy, its trade, its population, its income – is a – CREATION.   It is NOT real. It has no basis in reality.   It is a fabrication.

When the media is told to claim that China’s economy has tanked – it is a whimsical derivative of Alice in Wonderland.   When the media suddenly states that China’s economy is strong and growing 3 months later – it is a furtherance of propaganda – NOT by China – But by our OWN GOVERNMENT!

Accepting this reality is not in the better interests of government given the hysteria it would create —

Turkey became a liability.   They were threatened with retaliation.   The Earthquake would appear to be vengeance.   Life – People – Animals – within this Hell of globalists has no meaning. Suffering is good.   Death is sacrifice.   Children are God’s gift to pedophiles.   And the Hollywood cult who have embraced Satanism do so BY CHOICE!

Netanyahu is a warhawk who seems eternally focused on death and chaos.   Macron is hyperventilating as he attempts to justify his deathcapade.   Merkel – ah, she was/is a master of evil deception.   Theresa May was a bumbling sack of potatoes.   Trudeau is a probable pedophile whose wife embraces his ‘preferences’.   Like Pelosi. Like Esptein.   Clinton.   Obama.   Etc… etc…

Trump is a tributary in the Grand Canyon.   I don’t trust him – but who else do we have?   DeSantis?   He needs to keep Florida afloat!

In the end – we are looking at a very probable event of becoming the grade school or even daycare of China.   Their education is 100 fold better than the US.   BUT.   They have an Achilles heel.   When offered the choice of freedom?   The Chinese who have the guts to even respond without being literally buried – see freedom as something glorious!

Freedom is – the Antedote!   Freedom is an instinct that thrives in our heart and soul!   Freedom helps us breathe!   It gives us AIR!   It gives us – PEACE…   And despite the mind control inflicted on the Chinese, that instinct has never been destroyed.  

When discussing a country it is always preferred to make the preface that the Chinese are NOT representative of the CCP – any more than the American people are representative of the Biden Massacre.   Canada’s people speak a wholly different language than Trudeau.   Pakistan – Chile – Colombia – Argentina – the PEOPLE who represent the vast majority have become usurped.     The Governments – represent the globalists and their puppet masters.

I have come to know many people from different nations who speak this language.   Where Babel – no longer exists. Where God is central within many different ideologies. And I am reminded of Patton, who said after WWII and the end of war …   “I think I fought on the wrong side”.

People NOT Government.

Weather Modification – The God Particle

With Hurricane Harvey behind us, Hurricane Irma barreling down on us, and apparently two more offshore waiting in line, what isn’t being reported are the 81 large raging fires across the US, burning 1.4 million acres to date. Of the 81 fires, 58 are still ‘uncontrolled’.  And the US weather extremes are a global phenomena.

Without any warning from the ‘media’, in Colorado we woke up Monday to what was called ‘light smoke’. That meant you had a visibility of about a mile, your eyes burned, your throat was rough, scratchy and dry, and everything smelled like fire. Being outdoors for more than 15 minutes was said to be dangerous to your health.   Twelve other states were experiencing ‘heavy smoke’ that was considered hazardous.

But absolutely nothing in the mainstream media?

The smoke from the fires in the northwest was so pervasive they were experiencing it in North Carolina.  Not a word.

Washington has declared a state of emergency, the fires are threatening Glacier National Park and Yosemite, and there are numerous evacuations in both Oregon and Washington.  Not a word.

San Francisco was experiencing temperatures over one hundred, peaking at 115, which hasn’t been registered since the early 1900’s during the great San Francisco fire.

At the same time… Fires ravaged more than 400 hectares of land and homes in southeastern France, Russia experienced ‘flash flooding forcing the evacuation of 20,000, and 95% of St Martin has been completely destroyed. Severe weather warnings in Europe include most of Italy, Greece and Croatia as heat and flash floods devastate what has been a drought. Water rationing in Rome and Palermo has been instituted.

What the heck is going on?

The Higgs Boson, or more commonly called The God Particle, is an ongoing experiment in Cern on the border of France and Switzerland.  Very secretive, information about particles is forthcoming, but little to no information is transparent about when, how and what the experiments are fused.   Could these smashing of particles be affecting weather and energy patterns across the globe?

Simplistically;  The caldron works with a presumed unstable particle manipulated in a vacuum, Higgs Boson, and through collision processes within a contained state analysis of the particle, it’s strength, its mass and it’s effects, is detailed. As tests are conducted, energy is manipulated and a ripple effect is created in which reality as it relates to time and to the concept of the Great Bang are analyzed.   As Hawkings has warned, we are playing with physical properties that we don’t understand, and the causal spins that these scientists may be creating could alter existence.

The simplistic concept that ‘climate change or global warming’ is attributed to manmade carbons approach is most likely a very carefully crafted detraction from what science, the military, and governments are prodding in their attempt to rule not just the world – but the universe through control of creation… Given that weather is a result of electromagnetic waves, colliding unstable particles is a Pandora’s Box like we can not even imagine.  And could explain the altered state we have created in our electromagnetic energy, ozone, and weather.

These severe weather anomalies have been raised in the news since the 1960’s which coincides with the experiments of HAARP.   This is not a new phenomena, but making the common man the scape goat – is.   It allows the governments to continue to experiment without taking responsibility for the consequences. HAARP, the US version of weather manipulation is well known. Supposedly, the government would have us believe that sometime in 2015, HAARP was chucked and given to the University of Alaska… Why? Because the government suddenly decided it didn’t care about weather modification any longer?   Because the military said it didn’t care about wining wars and control any longer?


A means of world control, is simply chucked and handed over to a – school?

Perhaps the land and an empty facility was handed over to the University, but I seriously doubt the expertise, the equipment, the data, and the scientists all simply shut down shop. More likely they relocated and used their data, knowledge and research in conjunction with – Higgs Boson experiments.

Coincidentally, Higgs Boson shut down for two years 2013 to June 2015, about the same time HAARP was shut down – relocated…

In science, the casualties of experiments whether mice, rats, dogs, cats or humans are considered worthy for The Greater Good.