New World Conspiracies – Propaganda or Reality?

When writers and bloggers say something that is contrary to the mainstream media, they are laughed at, shamed, and called conspiracy gypsies on a witch hunt… But the conspiracies have been around for centuries, and they weren’t created by bloggers and writers, they were created by Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senators, politicians and statesmen.

How easily we are muted.

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, John Calhoun, John Hylan, Louis McFadden, FDR, William Jenner, J Edgar Hoover, Dwight Eisenhower, John F Kennedy, Larry McDonald and Daniel Inouye represent generations of dire warnings. These are not clumsy halfwits, these are highly respected men who claim that the US is being run by a shadow government that is incredibly evil, disastrously monstrous, a disease that has enslaved the world for their own personal pleasure.

While most of them did not actually put a name to the shadows, they all refer to the Banking Industry which not only controls the money, but the media, the military – and the elections. Edward Bernays, known as The Father of Propaganda and a pioneer in the field of public relations, also fervently commented on the manipulation of the citizens by a shadow ruling power. The difference? He supported the idea as a necessary means of ‘controlling the herd’.

Daniel Inouye was bold enough to put one name to the shadow face – Rockefeller – and allies. Who would those allies be?

In the early 1930’s Rockefeller created an alliance with a German company, IG Farben, a large chemical conglomerate that sided with the Nazi’s during WWII. After the war, thirteen directors of IG Farben were sentenced to prison for collaborating with the Nazi’s. Upon their release Hermann Schmitz became a member of the supervisory board of Deutsche Bank, Fritz ter Meer became Chairman of the supervisory board of Bayer AG, Otto Ambrose held a seat on the supervisory board of Chemie Grunenthal, a pharmaceutical company that was embroiled in lawsuits as a result of its drug, Contergin, marketed to be used by pregnant women for morning sickness.  It caused severe deformities in children.  While no direct compensation to the victims has ever been made, the company donated some funds to various foundations.

All these 13 IG Farben directors went on to become prominent directors and CEO’s of various large companies worldwide.

None of the men convicted served much more than an acute fraction of their one to eight year prison terms – some served days.

It was Rockefeller who urged for war with Japan feeling slighted by the competition they created in his market realm.

Today, the allies include none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, Carnegie Endowment, Kofi Aman, George Soros, Helmut Schmidt, Jimmy carter, Kissinger, Bono, and the Lucis Trust.

The Lucis Trust is a charity NGO created in 1925 by Alice Bailey – author f 24 books advocating for The Tibetan who she claims will be the ‘real Jesus Christ’ returning to rule this earth. In her book, The Externalization of the Hierarchy, she unfolds the Master Plan as confessed to her by The Tibetan. It discusses ‘seed groups’ in the New Age of one religion, living in harmony, and the Axis Powers – as in the Axis of evil and the Axis of good… She espouses contacting the forces of Shamballa, and refers to the Trinity as the Head, the Heart and the Throat. She speaks of the Lords of Liberation as the advanced minds who will ultimately rule the servants under Shamballa.

Shamballa was at the core of the Bolsheviks who attempted to unite Communism with the Tibetan Kalachakra Tantra.  It failed.

Why is this Trust so important? Because it wields a central world power – the United Nations and all its ‘specialized agencies’ as belonging to its subject caste. These special agencies would include; the IMF, aviation, labour, agriculture, maritime, telecommunication, education, science, culture, industrial, World Bank, World Health, World Intellectual Property, etc… The Trust is called the spiritual consciousness or foundation of the UN.  Their followers believe they are directed as ‘agents of god’ to enlighten the world, to release us from the old order and usher in the New World Order for our own good, under the control of the Ascended Masters and occult. Their god is not ours:

For it is he who was the “Harbinger of Light,” bright radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of automaton (Adam) created by Jehovah, as alleged; and he who was first to whisper, “In the day ye eat thereof, ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil” — can only be regarded in the light of a Saviour.’

These are the people of the Shadow government that we have been warned about for centuries – from illumed Presidents, Vice President, from Congressmen, Senators, and the like. It is not simply a Soros invention. The ‘seeds’ are the NGO’s propped up by Soros to hasten the phenomena, the same NGO’s that China has recently put the brakes on after being unnerved by Soros attempts to destablize the yuan. Unfortunately, the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, parts of northern Africa and South America, and much of the Middle East have all caved to his – conspiracy/agenda.  It is as children that we are being led to slavery.

But the game is not over – yet.

Transgender Bathroom Bill

I didn’t want to dive into the fray regarding the transgender bathroom debacle, but I changed my mind, so here goes:

First.   How many transgenders are there anyway? According to ‘best estimates’ they represent about .3% of the US population or roughly 700,000 of the 319,000,000 US legal citizens. The odds of a transgender entering a public bathroom are pretty small. Transgenders aren’t really even in crime statistics except as victims. And in a mensroom, they do have the option of a private stall.

What the media is missing, is the odds of some creepy rapist or pedophile using the law to hasten his agenda on women and children. The law opens the proverbial Pandora’s Box to allow greater access to commit a heinous crime against children – crimes that are already out of control. There are about 750,000 ‘registered sex offenders’ in the US as of the last count which was 2012. Those are just the ones caught, not the ones roaming undetected.

In the US, a child is molested every two minutes.

According to the FBI, pedophilia in the US has reached ‘epidemic levels’. It crosses lines of wealth, power, elite, entertainers, politicians, and trafficking. It is on the internet, on our televisions, and it is pervasive and disgusting. Opening our public restrooms to a ‘gender neutral’ guidance will most definitely NOT reduce the incidence of sexual assaults. In fact, it puts children at a much graver and higher risk.

NOT because the transgenders are committing sexual assaults – but because of pedophilia loonies committing the assaults and now given greater means, access, and a green light! Media – you missed the entire point! In Toronto, a man who had served four years in jail for raping a five year old girl USED the gender equality law of Canada to give him access to a woman’s shelter so he could rape women. He pretended to be a transgender – he wasn’t – he was loonietune – a rapist – a pedophile.

Second. Why aren’t these things voted on by We The People? Why do Entertainers and Corporations make our political choices for us? Should Paypal use it’s financial blackmail to create or destroy laws? Has the power been taken away from the people completely?

Maybe a better law would be to require Entertainers, musicians and corporations to NOT discriminate against laws of particular states. It highlights the hypocrisy of Paypal supporting Saudi law which advocates for the brutality of women… Does Paypal then support beheading? Do they support sex trafficking? They have offices in countries that jail and murder homosexuals… So is the CEO advocating for those issues? No – it is money as usual.

Given the population of transgenders, maybe we could have one small stall separate of girls and boys? A third bathroom that identifies as no specific gender. Perhaps making large corporations that support the initiative pay for the retrofitting… as in put your money where your mouth is.  Maybe make it a building code standard that henceforth commercial structures have to provide a third toilet option.

Given Paypals’ CEO rakes in over $14million per year, and Paypal has just released it’s quarterly report showing a ‘Net Profit’ of $453million, maybe they could stand to do a bit of retrofitting so as to protect children while supporting their cause!

Bruce Springsteen – ditto! The man has a net worth of $300million and makes $35million per year. Instead of putting women and children at risk, maybe he should put his money toward his transgender cause and help retrofit bathrooms adding a third option.

Of course – they won’t. Because it’s more about making a statement than actually doing something productive or beneficial.  And separating their money from their tightly clenched fist suddenly looses appeal.

When my boys were little, I always took them with me into the ladies room to keep them safe from the lurking loonies that were in the men’s bathrooms. I don’t think it is advisable for a father to take his little darling into the men’s room – because that’s where 99% of lurking loonies – pedophiles, hang!   That’s really not a viable option – “here honey bunny let’s walk past all the loose umbrages hanging at the urinals to go into a stall”… Don’t peek. Ewwww.

And while I can sympathize with the transgender community who feel discriminated against, what is more important? Shouldn’t a viable solution be about protecting children who are at risk? Given that every single year more than 250,000 children are sexually assaulted in the US alone, shouldn’t that be our priority?

I challenge Paypal and Bruce Springsteen and Caitlin Jenner and Madonna and all the other vocal naysayers to put up a better solution with their money – retrofit every public restroom and show you respect children and their right not to be sexually assaulted in addition to the trans community.  Put your money where your mouth is and create a viable solution instead of creating a viable pedophilia utopia.

FYI – like all chaotic stupid ideas – this one came from none other than Soros and his legal team.

Vaccines – Vexxed

Vaccine Failure.

There is an outbreak of mumps across the US including the latest at Harvard. It has been determined that all people infected, 40, previously received the vaccine. So what went wrong?

Denver experienced a mumps outbreak in February. Last year mumps outbreaks were reported in Idaho and Washington state. And still, the CDC holds to the same mantra, “mumps can be prevented through a single vaccine”. But – that’s not so, because all of the Harvard students infected had received the single vaccine… And no one is willing to state whether the Idaho, Denver and Washington state outbreaks were all vaccinated individuals as well. Silence.

While mumps are highly contagious, like chicken pox, they are rarely considered life threatening. There is no cure, there is no magical medication that one can take, they are a simple virus that can infect people and cause ‘No Symptoms’, or they can cause mild symptoms such as swollen glands, fever, and fatigue – which commonly go away without treatment after 7-10 days. Complications can occur but are considered ‘rare’ according to the CDC.

The vaccine was first registered in 1969 and then introduced as a part of the MMR vaccine regimen as of 1973. There would appear to be no information available of the rates of mumps prior to 1968. Although the CDC has stated that in 1968 there were over 152,000 cases, there is apparently no confirmation of this number anywhere, nor is there any provision for why there is no previous data for a virus that is a required vaccine.

The MMR vaccine is a ‘Live Virus’, meaning that it has a smaller dose of the same virus it is supposed to protect against. While Merck has come under fire by whistleblowers within the company stating that mumps data was falsified and the efficacy of the vaccine was ‘questionable’, and China has come under fire for selling vaccines that were fake, a biotech company in Brazil has been making the MMR vaccine and most recently a lower cost MR vaccine for distribution to over 75 countries worldwide. The biotech company, Bio-Manguinhos, is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the same Foundation that is funding the vaccine for the “Zika Virus” because of a purported link to microcrephaly.

One of the side effects of Rubella is Congenital Microcephaly. Could the recent spike in microcephaly in Brazil be related to a botched batch of the MMR vaccine? It wouldn’t be the first time a vaccine was botched. Investigations against pharma companies for failure to state potentially life threatening or serious side effects is a growing legal mess. A list of the ‘posted’ side effects of the MMR vaccine include:

Common side effects from the MMR vaccine include low-grade fever, skin rash, itching, hives, swelling, reddening of skin, and weakness. Reported serious adverse reactions following MMR vaccination include seizures, brain inflammation and encephalopathy; thrombocytopenia; joint, muscle and nerve pain; gastrointestinal disorders; measles like rash; conjunctivitis and other serious health problems;”

Microcephaly is a potential side effect of Rubella in pregnant women – the live virus in the MMR vaccine. Could the vaccine be botched? Absolutely possible. Could the botch be related to the microcephaly – maybe. Studies done by Vanderbilt’s Neurology department in 2009 show that genetic etiology accounts for 15% of microcephaly cases, chromosome disorder another 23%, and congenital anomolies another 23% (including smoking, poor nutrition, and exposure to insecticides).

Vaccines are not ‘saving us’, they may have some benefits, but charts prove that creating immunity is radically more important.

When viewing various charts for measles, chickenpox, and rubella it would appear that the US was undergoing a spike in all these virus’s during the early 1900’s. After which, the spike dropped precipitously decades before the introduction of vaccines.





The early 1900’s in the US was marked by massive immigration and the second Industrial Revolution. Between 1870 and 1920, 25 million immigrants came to the US. It was considered a time of extreme wealth and extreme poverty marked by the Rockefeller’s who were humorously portrayed as taking over the US with octopus tentacles reaching into steel, oil, copper, shipping – and the White House:



Is it any different than the diseases brought to the America’s by Europeans that consumed the Native American population killing an estimated 90%? These diseases hadn’t existed before; smallpox, measles, flu, scarlet fever, typhoid, etc…  History does provide answers when we logically review the data.

Today, immigration into Europe will bring a tide of new diseases and virus’s. Brazil saw a huge influx of illegal and legal immigrants arriving since 2010 from Bolivia, Haiti, Peru, Senegal, Nigeria, and Bangladesh. Are they bringing disease and virus’s? Of course!

So whether the vaccines are failing, or immigration is creating new epidemics, or environmental chaos is impacting disease rates, vaccines – are NOT the savior hero they would have us believe…charts and facts prove that point.

Immigration and poverty breed disease. Once the population absorbs the introduction, the prevalence of the disease begins to wane and immunities are naturally created. This would follow with the various charts showing the spike in measles in the early 1900’s and it’s wane. But as the chart above also shows, nearly all the infectious diseases that had spiked in the early 1900’s waned by 1930. Well before any vaccines hit the markets in the 1970’s.

Creating a chaotic scare mongering tidal wave is an agenda, and agenda’s always seem to have at their source –  a money or power incentive.

Job Requirements – a Want Ad

WANTED: “Recent” College graduate, prefer MA, 15 years previous experience required, able to lift heavy loads – upwards of 125 to 300 pounds, sit endlessly doing nothing, have a respectable, professional attitude, designer clothing required, work 80 hours per week and some weekends, and rise to the occasion when your boss screams obscenities at you that may require you to bow, bark and scrape like a pet dog. Likely candidates should have no life outside of work and have no possible evolution of a life.

Before submitting a resume, all candidates must complete a short online test including skill levels of Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Oracle, Perl, Java, Sage, SAP Business, NetSuite, PHP, NDS, JDE, Cruise Control and Timberline. Estimated time to complete the test is 20 hours. Anyone whose score is below 99.5% will not be considered, ie, don’t bother sending in your resume. Due to potential cheaters, candidates who are interviewed will have to retake a similar test in a 4×4 room we provide, locked and secured, camera monitored (bathroom breaks are not available).

Health insurance will be provided after one year of satisfactory performance without sick days, leave or vacation, however, given that our insurer has just announced they will be leaving the Obamacare exchange, the only plan available has a $25,000 deductible and a 60% co-insurance clause with a maximum out of pocket of $150,000 per person and $300,000 per Family. The $3200 monthly cost will be shared employee/employer 75/25. If financial assistance is required – that is your responsibility, as all employees are required to accept the policy we offer or they will be terminated.

We provide a 401(k) plan available to Executives only. Given this position is for Management, you would not qualify until or unless you were promoted within to an executive position. However, given this has never happened in the history of this company, it is doubtful you will ever qualify. But you can always hope.

Our Dental and Vision plan has a $15,000 deductible after which everything is covered except teeth and eyes.

Preference will be given to a young person willing to work as an “Intern”, however serious candidates who meet all the criteria and are under the age of 28 will also be considered at a starting salary of $25,000 annually. We anticipate over 10,000 applications for this position, so no one will call you if your resume is rejected. Bonus’s are common within this company, but they routinely apply to top tier Executives – so you won’t be eligible.

We are an Equal Opportunity employer looking for that exceptional candidate that can fit into Cinderella’s Shoe. Please do NOT call or your resume will be rejected. Resumes over ½ a page will be trashed. Resumes that do not meet the writing guidelines of The Association of Resume Writers – will be trashed. Resumes that utilize colored font will be trashed. No Recruiters, no Bondsmen, no Political agendas. Period.

We anticipate choosing our candidate within the next month however, in the event that we do not find any of the submitted resume’s fit the Shoe, we reserve the right to list this job opportunity again monthly up to one year.  Candidates are prohibited from sending their resume to any other company, agency or individual during this candidacy period or their resume will be – trashed.

Interviews will be held weekly between the hours of 6am and 6:30am. Each candidate scheduled for an interview will be allowed to sell themselves before a committee of ten senior executives for exactly six minutes. Unlike presidential debates, if you go over your time, you will be hauled from the interview room forcibly and not considered viable.

Any protest of these rules and guidelines will be considered a terrorist act and Homeland Security will be called whereby you will be arrested on the spot and spend eternity in the most tortuous prison on this earth.

If accepted into this five star company, you will be required to sign a contract that prohibits you from ever leaving our employ unless fired for just cause (reasons can be found in our company handbook on pages 6 through 127). If you do attempt to leave this company on your own terms, you will be liable for a rebate of all wages earned between the first 1 and 7 years, 75% of wages earned between the next 7 and 15 years, and 50% of wages earned between 15 and 25 years. At the end of this 25 year grace period, you will be deemed to be fully funded and free to find work elsewhere as you will be considered too old to be of further service to this company.

Please paste your Resume in the box below:

Military Conquests – History Lesson

Ghengis Khan is actually given accolade in various Googles of his name, claiming that he was religiously tolerant and helped advance communication and cultural cohesiveness. What these same sites forget to mention is that he was also instrumental in the killing of 40 million people – 10% of the world population!

Julius Caesar – a Roman Statesman, an author of prose.   Sounds serene…  But he also slaughtered a million people and mutilated another million – he crucified mercilessly and yet was considered a great military commander who felt pity for his victims.

Napolean Bonaparte is credited with doing much good – justified in his means, for he was building an empire…

The point? We honor military genius’s for the number of conquests, the number killed, and the cities beseiged and destroyed. History respects them, worships them, even in their most heinous crimes.

How will history read of ISIS, al Qaeda, Boko Haram, al Nusra? Will they be turned into martyrs and heros who fought to liberate the world of evil?

Because I imagine the people slaughtered by Khan, Bonaparte, and Caesar didn’t feel to keen about their fate. How long before Hitler will become a liberator in our history books instead of a man responsible for the slaughter of millions?

As Boris Johnson of the EU and Obama struggle to give ISIS a label other than Islamic terrorists, they are already attempting to rewrite history. NO one has any problem relating the Spanish Inquisition that began in 1477/8 to Christianity or Catholicism. Some historians place the number of lives lost as high as 2 million and hundreds of thousands maimed and tortured. Interestingly, no one calls the Pope and Ferdinand a military hero, in fact it is referenced as “Christian Atrocities”.

So why can’t we label ISIS and their components as Islamic terrorists?

Did all Christians participate in the Spanish Inquisition?

Since Hitler was an Atheist, does that make all Athesits guilty of murdering millions Jews?  Wouldn’t that mean that Google should refer to WWII as the Atheist Atrocity, committed by Atheist terrorists?

ISIS is based on Islam. They preach from the laws of the Quran, they consider themselves to be Salafi, a Sunni branch of Islam, they adhere to dictates and laws of the Quran, and most importantly they believe that their actions are necessary in order to bring about the apocalypse as decreed in the Quran.

They notate major and minor signs of the coming Armageddon including: Major – plagues, diseases, sexual immorality, drought, famine and infighting. Minor – loss of honesty, spreading of killing, acceleration of time, lack of God reverence, an shift in population as in more women than men 50-1, and basic chaos.

But ISIS in attempting to bring about the Armageddon is doing exactly what the Quran defines as the apostates – spreading of killing and acceleration of time. They are trying to create what Allah has defined instead of letting Allah do the work. All in the name of – Islam which calls for world domination and the eradication of all peoples who are not of Islam.

Rather like the Spanish Inquisition.

So how does this playout in comparison to Obama’s comment that compares ISIS to the Spanish Inquisition?

Obama to this day refers to ISIS, not as an Islamic terror group, but as a ‘death cult’. Yet he is quite persistent that the Spanish Inquisition was a Christian abomination. Hypocrisy? Quite so. Immature? Quite so.

I never owned a slave either… so why am I white trash? I never killed an Indian. So why am I persecuted? I have German heritage but that doesn’t make me a Nazi.

So while Obama and by default Johnson would have us taking responsibility for slavery, for the Holocaust, for the slaughter of American Indians, at the same time they should resolve that all Muslims today and for generations to come must take responsibility for ISIS, al Qaeda, Boko Haram etc… in the name of Islam.

Or – he must state that no one is responsible for slavery – they are all dead. No one is responsible for the American Indian persecution – they are all dead. Blacks and Indians and Jews and Muslims and Women must put the past behind and take responsibility for themselves.

Because you can’t take one rule – without the other – unless you stand on the sands of hypocrisy.

Germany and Brazil – A Soros Win

What do Germany and Brazil have in common?   They are both scaling for implosion. While Brazil has been fighting for its very life for years, Germany is just beginning to get a taste of what is to come.

It is a chess match and Merkel and Rousseff are on the Defensive, a position of loss. The question isn’t who is on the board playing Offensive, but who is moving the pawns? The pawns are easily recognizable; in Germany every move is to favor the blackmail of Erdogan, while in Brazil, Rousseff’s VP, Temer, would seem to think he is immune from prosecution and has been promised the Presidency after Rousseff’s impeachment.

The Game?   Power.

Rousseff is vehemently disliked by Soros. Her government and by default, her country, became aligned with the BRICS, a unity that interferes with the global effort of the Order. In the last quarter of 2014, Soros divested his fund of every share he held of Brazil’s Petrobas – just weeks before the Petrobas scandal broke and the stock plunged 35%. The previous quarter Soros had drastically ‘increased’ his portfolio shares of Petrobas – creating a boom and bust – something he is notorious for.

Merkel is vehemently disliked by Soros. Her power and rule of Germany was based on trust and an obscenely high approval rating that had remained steady at 75-80%. Attacking that approval rating was necessary in order to displace her with a new government. Announcing that Europe, and by default, Merkel, must take responsibility for 1 million refugees per year, Soros initiated the migrant influx that has plagued Germany with rapes and costly medical crisis. Merkel’s approval rating plunged into the 30% range.

With elections coming up in 2017, Merkel will most likely be in a position to stand down leaving the Chancellorship post open to a Soros intervention. The goal, according to Soros own Project Syndicate, is to unify the EU under a single central governing body, aka, one that he and his proteges will direct.

With the guidance of Gerald Knaus, head of the Soros NGO, European Stability Initiative, and a graduate of Harvard, Merkel was advised to take in the refugees. And so she did, sealing her own fate and the fate of the EU in a naïve attempt at choosing what she believed to be the lesser of two evils. The ESI  is entrenched in the Soros agenda with financial support coming from;    The Foundation to Promote Open Society, the British Department for International Government, Stiftung Mercator which has supported a Turkey integration for over a decade, ERSTE Siftung – an organization that has been working to collectively integrate the Eastern countries into the EU for decades so as to form a one unified state, including most recently, Ukraine, The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation which works in conjunction with The Open Society Foundation, calling for A Great Awakening, The King Baudouin Foundation which was founded by a host of banks including The Rothschilds, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas, and more.   The sheer magnitude of the shadows becomes incredibly formidable and their timing would seem to be ramped up exponentially.

So why Brazil?   To break the back of the BRICS. The Petrobas scandal was leaked during the 2014 election process in which the opponent candidate Neves, was the preferred winner by the US. Since then, we have seen the campaign to demonize Brazil over the Zika Virus, a virus that has claimed no microcephaly cases at all in Africa, it’s country of origin, since it’s discovery some 60 years ago, the potentially failed World Olympics scheduled for this summer in Brazil, and now the impeachment of Rousseff.

The economy devastated, the country in turmoil, the President facing impeachment, Brazil is imploding. Should a US backed, Open Society backed, new president be elected, the BRICS would be that much more weakened.

In the meantime the Soros campaign to create a media and investment estrangement from China is just the beginning of his tactics. With Bloomberg, CNBC, Marketwatch and Fortune all posting Soros latest Chicken Little – The Sky is Falling  predictions, as in “China is going to crash” scenario, he is laying the foundation for discord and discontent.

Soros is not one to be idle.  His goal is far reaching, and he is an ever aging octogenarian.  Having been successful in Brazil, Argentina and Germany, and only partially successful in Ukraine, and with his sights set on Bosnia, Serbia, China, South Africa and India, the Game has begun.

Julius Malema, a radical leader of South Africa’s left wing has recently levied an antagonistic pointed a finger at the current democratically elected, Zuma, claiming that he will seek to remove the government, “through the barrel of a gun”.  Chaos breeds coup.

In the meantime, John Brennan, head of the CIA, has just made an ‘unannounced’ visit to Bosnia after meeting in Riyadh to discuss the 28 pages of 9-11 documents that the US will most likely – not release to the public.

Soros wants to be alive to see the fruition of his dream – and that is going to require some greater speed and efficiency in taking over the ruling elite of the remaining BRICS.

OIL GLUT -Looking to Subsidize Pricing

OIL – oil oil everywhere and nary a barrel to pare…glut

What happened to real supply and demand economics? It used to be the determinant of price, but subsidies, price fixing, and output fixing have changed that simplistic concept and created a completely false market. And we accept it – in fact we embrace it.

There is too much oil. Go figure. There is so much oil that a group of countries want to control global output so that the price will rise and economies that were/are dependent on oil can try and recoup the losses they have sustained. The price would be artificial – so the effect would be as well.  Right?

Subsidized farming. In the 1930’s the US government stepped into the farming industry to help farmers who may have been devastated by weather conditions out of their control. The aim was to protect the rural small farmer, but today that little act of kindness now costs taxpayers $20 billion annually. It got so out of hand that farmers were paid to NOT grow, were given water rations in drought struck California to NOT grow, and were rewarded for their NON – efforts and NON production. A lucrative business – doing nothing.

It reminds me of weather modification. Changing the natural course without knowing the consequences or the long term radicalization these actions will reap.  Artificially manipulating supple and demand  without considering the long term effects creates communism in a capitalist venue.

An economy bludgeoned by being too reliant on one commodity needs to realign its economy.  Hello?  When an individual puts all his money into one pocket and that pocket wears down and a hole develops as the material frays, do you put more money in the pocket, do you sew it up, or do you start putting the money in another pocket?

Seems like common sense, but we don’t operate on common sense, we operate on false and artificial logic.

Of course the people paying for the price fixing is always the consumer as the initial model becomes the agenda that is never repealed – as in farm subsidies, as in Obamacare. But isn’t ‘output fixing’ the same as ‘price fixing’ which is illegal?   One creates the other. Not to mention the fact that The People are not a part of this determination – as in voters. Our leaders have decided that we are just too stupid to get involved – as though we were all in elementary school while they are degreed scholars. Personally, I find that rather arrogant, and borderline dictatorial.

Instead, our wunderbar college graduates are deciding whether to eliminate gender bathrooms and deface property, and whiteout past presidents they deem racial, and hold protests for more safe places to cry – and other such obscenely ridiculous agendas. Perhaps they need to be educated on economies and economics – because soon – they will be our leaders. It is almost comical to imagine the next generation of leaders…if it wasn’t so scary.

I digress.

The Saudi economy is nearly 100% oil based accounting for 92%-95% of all revenues. Their biggest export partners include China, US, Japan, India and South Korea. Their economy is currently operating at a severe deficit and can not withstand this continuation. Their unemployment rate is high and their petroleum industry is nearly completely reliant on foreign workers because the few nationals that actually get a college degree aren’t qualified and feel working is beneath them…

Ultimately, the Saudi’s will do whatever the heck they want. They are the bully on the playground allowed to unilaterally bomb and destroy without consequence. Propping up the price of oil would only generate more revenue for them, and while they may be too short-sighted or daft to recognize this fact, allowing their economy to implode on itself given their lack of educated citizens, high unemployment (some figures estimate the number to be 30-50%), will only create a real market of supply and demand.

Realigning partnerships and realigning industries to match demand, would seem a better economic strategy. For example; with Europe being the target for terrorist attacks and with the massive influx of immigrants, where oh where can we find a place where tourism could prosper and business is open to investment….ummmm –


While Soros has busily bought up portions of Argentina and Brazil, he is ‘less invested’ in Chile.  Hotels are his investment of choice which would indicate 1)  tourism,  2) business conferences.

Oil?  While the tourism in Mecca is being sought for additional revenue, a mass exodus in European tourism could create new bubbles elsewhere.

THIEF! Jewelry or Heart?

I keep telling myself that the generations of priceless jewelry that was so callously robbed from me – has no meaning. It is just stuff. It is baubles. I should let it go. I should forget and forgive.

And then weeks later a particular piece will come up in my mind and I will smile at its story. So many pieces had stories – they were fun – they were memory. And now someone has thieved me not just of my jewelry – but of the memories.

I think I saw my jewelry as a part of my dowry. It was that – big.   I had a lot!  I mean, my great-grandaddy was a professional gambler and apparently was known to take jewelry in lieu of casholla. There was even a set of dice – four antique ivory dice in a hard camel leather case. Rumor had it – they were loaded. Story. There was the sapphire ring that he supposedly won in a poker game in Russia. The story was like an old Kenny Rogers movie – ‘know when to hold em…”. Anyway. There were pieces given to me by my passed Auntiheistand who was my Godmother. She was an amazing woman, always smiling and laughing outloud, she enjoyed every single minute of her time on this earth. Amazing woman! Her husband was a four star general in the Army. And the funniest most endearing man you could ever meet! Genuine.

My paternal grandmother was also of military heritage and so she traveled the world – Indonesia, Siam, Hong Kong, it was the generation before everyone was sent to Germany. Germany became the go to after WWII. Almost like we still don’t trust them and want to make sure we have a presence, a handle on every movement every official makes – just in case.  I digress..

And then there was my ex-husband. We actually made a fair amount of jewelry with gemstones taken in lieu of cash during the real estate boom and bust in the 1980’s. So I had these really interesting pieces set in the 18k gold era – when that was the norm. I had rings and pendants and brooches, back in the day when everyone always wore – a brooch. A pillbox hat… Pearls. Some pretty cool pieces.

And then – well there was my dad’s Medal Of Honor. They took that too. And while I am going through the inventory filing for the insurance and they ask you to put a replacement value on each item, I got a bit stuck. How do you value your dad’s Medal of Honor?  I still haven’t turned in my inventory, somehow I think that by doing so I am giving up hope.

There was the gold Libra coin – because she and I and my mom were all Libra.

I had tie tacks that were my dads, cufflinks, things I will never be able to picture of replace.  But apparently it doesn’t much matter anyway because only scheduled items are actually reimbursed.  And that’s not something your insurance agent might propose.  But in my case should have been better handled.

I am naive by nature.  Some things – you can never change.

There are still umteen numbers of items that I simply can’t recall, too many generations and stuff I never wore, but always thought I could pass to a kid – or their spouse. A legacy changing hands – a baton if you will.  And while I continue to tell myself it was – nothing – I know it was ‘something’, but I still need to let it go.  I am obsessing to an extent.

Anymore, we as women are cubbied. Attitudes have changed. Extremes sometimes sabotage the very thing they attempt to reconcile. And that would be the case with women. My worth was what I could bring as assets. And now it is gone. Stolen. Capiche. Kaput. Vamoose. Gone.  And maybe – that’s the point.  If in fact he has taken this asset from me, and believes this is for my good, then I hope he realizes the ultimate consequence of this action.

Just sayin’…

So no, it wasn’t jewelry – but it was. It was priceless in its history. And now the stories associated with the pieces are lost – forgotten – shifts in the wind.

I still love to tell stories. Love to pass images and views with a lot of humor. The hurricane careening down the lake taking out boats and us hiding under the table with our gas lanterns… and then emerging to play Tripoli. It was over, and time was eh. We’d assess the damage – in the morning.

So, I suppose at this late stage, I will have to start from scratch and make entirely new stories – somehow, although I am hard pressed to find a good story to be had from jewelry bought at Charmin Charleys…

Just aint’ the same.

The Saudi’s and 9-11

Right after Obama swore up and down, right and left, swore on his little pinky finger that ‘No One Is Above The Law’, not even – gasp-gasp, Hillary, he apparently is now waffling whether the Beheading Saudi’s fall under that same mantra… I mean, they surely deserve preferential treatment given their atrocious human rights record, their involvement in 9-11, their involvement in ISIS, Al Qaeda, and the attempted coups in Syria, Yemen and Libya – hey … we can’t upset their mule cart with such things as – Truth and Justice.

And what is the reaction of the Saudi’s regarding the unveiling of the Truth about 9-11? Blackmail. Which obviously means there is something pretty yuuuge they are hiding, or at least wish would remain – hidden.

Interestingly, no one is even questioning the fact that this would ever be information that was withheld in the first place? I mean, why? There is no justifiable reason why. The only reason can be to cover up guilt, and for some reason this has been our governing body’s mantra. Hello? Who the heck are you? I want to know who these people are! Why would that be a secret? Unless the secret was just too profound?

Still, the media would have us believe this is a non- issue, it is not worthy of debate or media attention and would best be handled by just quashing it altogether. But it’s not nearly so simplistic. It has layers upon layers of political problematic agendas that have people screaming from all directions trying to find cover from the potential fallout.

The Saudis claim that if we release their complicity, they will release the names of ‘those’ who have also been complicit – as in – US politicians and or Businessmen. And of course, this threat has a lot more clout than we realize because the potential fallout is – just enormous.

It is infinitely more worse than the Panama Paper Caper. It is no longer just about money – it is about selling out a country. It is a traitor(s) to the nth degree.

So the agenda is now – how to make the entire curiosity – go away? As in vanish from the very thoughts of people so that no one will ask – again. Gut response is that the Saudi’s were complicit and have blackmailed this past decade. We sort of accept this as the ‘way it is’. Maybe they gave us concessions in not revealing our complicity, and in return we gave them massive amounts of weapons which they have thence used to annihilate entire countries for their own economic gain.

It is the most narcissistic mentality ever recorded in psychiatric texts. And our media would have us believe this is – natural behavior.

So, what is the Saudi agenda? Who, which countries, are complicit? Who is being protected? How could this play on the current election? How could this play in the global arena? And, of course, how do we mitigate and create a new agenda that parallels – ours?

Boom – da-bang!

This is like an old west stand-off where the elite struck the bastion with a white glove and demanded a duel.

But what we do here, why we say and what we compromise – will be our definition for decades to come. It will define us on the global check list. We will be rated and evaluated and marked on a chart of 1 in 196 (I believe). We have the ability to show – or the ability to capitulate. And it will be the smirk on every face in every continent, every city, county, country, home and council. This will define our manhood.

Are we a pawn, a speck, an agenda? Or are we a power, a leader, an instigator, a rock!

Who are you?

NATO Instigating War With Russia

Why is NATO – and by default the US – igniting a war with Russia?

Phillip Breedlove is NATO’s current commander and has made one of the most inflaming statements yet, warning Europe that Russia intends to attack, thus justifying increased military presence throughout the Baltic states of Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. The problem?  What you breed – is what you sow. And Mr. Breed is not being very loving…and what he’s sowing is breeding war.

To add heat to the fray of a tired and weary US military whose homecoming soldiers are routinely neglected, Ash Carter wants to beef up the military presence in Iraq and Syria. All the while Obama and Cameron tell us not to be ‘fearful’, ISIS isn’t a big deal – Russia is the real boogeyman.

But I am fearful – because of Obama and Breedlove and Carter! And the policies and positions they have taken these last seven years.

When the media create fear with Russian flyovers and Chinese buildup, they fail to talk about the increased military presence of NATO and the US in all of Europe and the Middle East. A buildup that sparks confrontation and requires defensive action. And if China and Russia were pushed too far, we stand a very real chance of losing. Large. Because Russia and China have signed a military cooperation agreement similar to the US and Europe and unlike the US they haven’t depleted their men or their resources of weaponry.

When the Russian SU-27 buzzed the USS Cole in the Baltic Sea, the men on board the ship were smiling. Why? Because they were impressed. It was a show and it gave them a chance to appreciate showmanship. Everyone knew the jets had no weapons – but the Cole did carry a payload. Everyone knew that the ship was far, far from home and very close to Russian territory. Everyone knew it was sailing near Kaliningrad, a Russian federation… but the media didn’t provide that little tidbit.  Why?  Because it might have altered the perspective.  and manipulating opinion is – the new mainstay.

If we spent half as much time fixing our economy as China instead of destroying entire countries, we might actually have  a country built on national pride.  But we don’t, so we haven’t, and we grin and bear it.

Imagine if a Russian destroyer were hanging out 40 miles from San Francisco… What do you suppose our reaction might be? And if one of our jets buzzed the Russian destroyer would Russia be ‘allowed’ to shoot it down? Would it be a justified shoot?  C’mon Kerry!  C’mon Carter!  At least have the decency, the ego, the self respect to pretend to be a viable leader – with a small ‘l’.

The USS Cole was sailing off of Poland – according to US media. Which is true, but the entire truth is that it was sailing near Kaliningrad Oblast, a Russian Federation situated between Poland and Lithuania. It houses a radar station that was specifically built to counter NATO aggression movements. The radar site is extremely strategic for its tracking and surveillance capabilities. It’s purpose and position is to counter potential missile attacks from NATO.

Because of this, Russia keeps a strong permanent military presence in the region. They have a Marine Brigade, an Artillery Brigade, and Missile Brigade, an Air Brigade, Radio Battalion, and more. This is a vital area for Russia defense. Therefore, to be conducting ‘training exercises’ nearby – one can astutely anticipate that the exercises might get buzzed… Mr. Breed.

Mr. Breedlove is no innocent when it comes to controversies:

In 2015, Germany slammed Breedlove for being a super hawk and promulgating dangerous propaganda via instigating a NATO presence that was overly aggressive and could push us into a war no one wants.

Breedlove claims that Russia launched a military intervention in Syria, but failed to note that it was with the permission of Syria, the US and Europe.

Breedlove has consistently used the Ukraine coup as justification for all of NATO’s aggression when the coup was a failed maneuver and made the US look weak as a result.

NATO is based in Brussels, the same Brussels that also hosts a major junket of ISIS members including the ones responsible for the Paris attacks.  How did he miss that one?

Breedlove is entrenched in the spiral globalists including; George Soros, Rockerfeller, Ford Foundation, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral commission, Committee of 300 and The Aspen Institute. These same units are fundamentally tiered to demonize Russia and China who refuse to acquiesce to the Open Society-One World Order campaign.  Breedlove is simply another pawn to convey this agenda – and doesn’t realize he is dispensable. A voice of doom.

In the meantime, with Breedlove’s adamant approval, NATO continues to train the Ukrainian military and special forces, giving them mass amounts of weapons and provoking tensions that didn’t exist until the meddling began in 2014.  Essentially, we have NATO/US surrounding Russia and if that doesn’t deserve a ‘response’, then we are fools for thinking otherwise – as in,  ‘cross that line, I double dare you… but if you do, we have every right to retaliate with a global war that will involve all of Europe, Russia, and by defacto – China, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Australia, Canada, and whoever gets caught in-between.’   Consider it global population control.

What message does NATO send? Is it defensive – or offensive? How should one react to these provocations? Germany – for one – is livid. Because the provocation is in reality a call to annihilate Europe. Not by Russia, but by NATO as they defend Europe from the enemy with one hand and destroy Europe with the other hand.

But – don’t be fearful…