Trump’s Attorney General – You Are Fired!

Isn’t it odd that the Democrats are fuming because the Obama Cabinet is being dismantled and a new one initiated?   When Obama took office, every single Cabinet member was replaced in 2009. Without exception. Including – the Attorney General. Yet Dems are screaming that Trump doing exactly the same thing is somehow Nixonian – fascist – a Coup!

Obama even replaced a ‘black woman’, Condoleezza Rice, with Hillarygate… No one peeped.   No Black Lives Matter protestors turned out to riot and vent and hate on him for not supporting a black woman.  Sigh.

Rep. John Conyers is raising his fist, his finger, and his condemnation calling the Trump Cabinet a ‘massacre’!   The thing is, under Obama ( a democrat if you didn’t know), not only did he change the entire Guard, he changed it a number of times while in office because, well, he didn’t like some of them because well, they didn’t do and say – what he wanted…

Bloggers and ‘journalists’ have even gone so far as to call Trump’s re-Cabinet a Coup. Of course, they could probably use a lesson in what constitutes a coup because their definition is more than a bit off the mark. But maybe that’s why they don’t understand that Yemen, Syria and Ukraine were all ‘failed coups’, that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths.  According to Hillarygate, that’s just the way it is…

So what is a coup? It is a sudden, illegal, seizure of power over an existing government. Given that Trump is the existing government, he cannot orchestrate a coup against himself… it would have to come from someone like – Hillary or Soros or Obama or a bunch of radical rioters or even Hollywooders.

Trump is picking his own Cabinet just like every President before him, nothing different, nothing knew, just business as usual.

They verbiage tossed around include, “dangerous precedent”, “Massacre”, “reckless”, and “incompetent”.   So why then did Obama fire Condoleezza Rice?

Quora had the perfect answer: “why give a plum position to a republican when you have just smashed the GOP in the elections?” Another liberal writer offered this perspective, “…she was a Bush era political operative”.  And yet another informed writer responded, “…it would make no sense at all to choose someone for that office who doesn’t share the President’s political philosophy”.


So what was the Attorney General marry-go-round under Obama?

He immediately fired Mukasey and instituted a temp, Mark Filipe, who he immediately replaced… Then we had Eric Holder, then Loretta Lynch, then “acting Attorney General”, Sally Yates.

Maybe all these aging Democrats have Dementia or Alzheimer’s, because their memory seems to be failing miserably.

So why did Obama dump Mukasey? “By tradition, U.S. Attorneys are replaced only at the start of a new White House administration. U.S. Attorneys hold a “political” office, and therefore they are considered to “serve at the pleasure of the President.” At the beginning of a new presidential administration, it is traditional for all 93 U.S. Attorneys to submit a letter of resignation.”   Oh, I guess the Democrats just forgot…

When Eric Holder announced his resignation, he was facing a grill of issues including being found in contempt of Congress. He was consistently called out for playing “partisan politics” and the phrase ‘don’t-let-the-door-hit-you-on-the-way-out’ was the resounding response.

The there was good ole Loretta Lynch who was lynched for her clandestine meeting with Billy boy Clinton during the election.

So Rep. John Coyers of Michigan, Patrick Leahy, Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Steny Hoyer and Chuck Schumer, maybe you ought to take a look at reality or check into a memory disorder clinic…

Stupid is – as stupid does

Trump Travel Ban – Canada Worse…

The Trump Travel Order is so ridiculously over-stated it is almost laughable. Reports have emerged of travelers ‘inconvenienced’! Oh my Gosh – Imagine! According to a Reuters article, DHS claimed that 375 travelers had been affected by the Order.

On any given day, thousands of travelers are ‘inconvenienced’ by airlines canceling flights, missing connections, and/or losing baggage!

Starbucks is so incredibly incensed and outraged they have vowed to hire 12,000 refugees… Well if you were so concerned for their welfare why was a travel ban necessary in order to have encouraged that action? Couldn’t you have hired them – before?

Canada has stated it will open its borders to any travelers not allowed in the US. The PM, Trudeau tweeted this in response to Trump:

“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength”.

Awww Shucks!

Who are Canada’s immigrants?  BY the numbers – UK, China, India, Philippines, Italy, US, Hong Kong, Germany, Poland, and Vietnam rank as the top 10 – Iran is number 18 on the list, Iraq is number 39, and Syria is number 62…

Liberals are quick to gush!   But what is Canada’s True track record? What do they actually DO as opposed to what they ‘say they will do’?

HEADLINES:   “Canada is officially resettling more Syrian refugees than many other countries”.

TRUTH Dissect:   “Many other countries” could mean more than Iceland, Brazil, Columbia and Bolivia… It’s a stupid claim.

Canada – Go Stuff It!

Facts: Canada rolled out a program in 2009 that was supposed to take in 25,000 refugees by 2014. They pushed it to 2105. Then 2016. Now 2017. By February 2016, they had actually embraced about 14,000. The private sector embraced another 8500.

But even their tabulation is mired:

Between 2013 and 2016, 1500 Syrians that had already been in Canada and nationalized requested refugee status so they would be eligible for monetary relief.

In addition, Canada’s program did not consider refugees living in actually Syria or camps, instead they would only accept Syrian refugees who came from Jordan, Turkey or Lebanon…?  As in – already vetted – and no mention of ‘children’ at all…

They anticipate the program to cost $678million or roughly $27,000 per refugee.  By comparison, it is estimated that refugees cost over $60,000 each annually in the US.

Traveling to Canada?

My blond, blue eyed 23 year old son went on a three week excursion in December that included taking a train from Seattle to Vancouver. Upon arriving in Canada, he was ‘detained’ for nearly two hours during which time he was forced to strip to nothing, prodded, poked, and humiliated. They demanded he give over the passcode to his phone and went through all his texts and emails. They upended his backpack, removing everything that had been neatly rolled (military style) and even took out the metal frame.   They threatened him with jail if he so much as said one word and casually made fun of him repeatedly!

When returning to the US he mentioned this to a group of Canadians on the train and they just laughed and said it was typical behavior for Canadian Border Guards!  Reality Check Canada!

So much for Canadian Hospitality. More like Hypocrisy!

But even Reuters would like to continue amassing the horrors of Iranians and others who were gasp, ‘waiting for several hours’. When even Reuters goes into the chaotic world of DAFTNESS we know we are really quite screwed.

In 2015, approximately 1.3 million people from the Middle East traveled to the US. During the months February, March and April, that number was about 245,000 which included the entire Middle East. Of 16 countries in the Middle East, three are subject to the visa ban, representing a flat math of 18.75% or about 46000 from the banned countries of which DHS says less than 1% will be affected – 460.

Uh, a lot of Media HUBBUB and daftness over 460 people… don’tchathink?

UK Petition to Ban Trump Visit … fake

A British man of no particular fame started a petition to ban Trump from shaking the hand of the Queen, and the media have spun this into “Petition to Ban Trump Visit to the UK… “ That is NOT what the Petition says.

This Brit, Graham Guest, decided he would protect the Queen from the ugly requirement that she shake Donald Trump’s hand. Apparently, our esteemed media has not even bothered to ‘read the petition’ before reporting what it is about.

Which means they are reporting ‘false and misleading news’.

In addition, I would think The Queen was quite capable of making her own decisions given her respective 90 years on this earth – without some twit telling her what she can and cannot do! That would be a ‘control freak’ in our part of the world:

“a person who feels an obsessive need to exercise control over themselves and others and to take command of any situation.”

Mr Guest said he was not concerned about Mr Trump coming to the UK in his capacity as US President – he just did not want him to meet and embarrass the 90-year-old monarch, given his track record of “misogyny and vulgarity”.

This is actual the verbiage on the Petition: “Donald Trump should be allowed to enter the UK in his capacity as head of the US Government, but he should not be invited to make an official State Visit because it would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the Queen.”

In fact there was another petition in the UK that was closed in 2015; Stop all immigration and close the UK borders until ISIS is defeated.

According to a report published by Graham Smith, CEO of Republic, the queen and her entourage, who do absolutely nothing, have an annual expense for maintenance and upkeep topping $450million. This includes all expense paid holidays, entertainment, security, lavish meals, estate, etc…

We barely tolerate the ridiculous pensions lavished upon our Presidents who have spent a mere four or eight years of their lives to earn such benefits!

Entitlements at their worst.

But the ludicrous Petition that is being circulated with fake narratives, is surely another pompous attempt to discredit Trump and Theresa May, both of whom Soros has ‘predicted’ will topple – soon.

With his help.

US – The Largest Immigrant Resettlement Country In The World

The German newspaper DW, again took to spinning truth by claiming Iran, unlike the US, will allow US citizens with visa’s to stay… Let’s take a look at the Travel Warning issued by the US government in August during Obama’s rein:

“The Department of State warns U.S. citizens of the risks of travel to Iran.”

Why? “Because Iranian authorities continue to unjustly detain and imprison U.S. citizens, particularly Iranian-Americans, including students, journalists, business travelers, and academics, on charges including espionage and posing a threat to national security. Iranian authorities have also prevented the departure, in some cases for months, of a number of Iranian-American citizens who traveled to Iran for personal or professional reasons. U.S. citizens traveling to Iran should very carefully weigh the risks of travel and consider postponing their travel.” 

A Japanese female journalist writes a scathing denouncement of Trump’s temporary immigration and refugee Order citing America’s history of failed policies. But let’s take a look at Japan’s immigration policies:   1) They have taken in exactly 6 Syrians.   2)   The ‘Entire” foreign population in Japan represents roughly 1.75%.   3)   In order to gain nationalization in Japan the rules are quire strict including the fact that the immigrant must be able to provide for themselves and their family, they must have resided in Japan for a minimum of five years after the age of 21, and they must have a squeaky clean record.   4)   The largest immigrant population is Chinese, followed by Filipino’s and Koreans. 5) The total number of Iranians in Japan is estimated to be about 6000.

Canada: While puffing out its chest like a rooster in heat ready for a fight, the Canadian PM said they would take refugees!   Really?   Because as of last count they had about 321,000 total immigrants in their entire country!   A stark contrast to the 41.4 million that now reside in the US!   In 2009, they established a program to resettle refugees from Iraq. The program was to be over a five year time frame and the number allowed was raised from 12,000 to 20,000 total – or about 4,000 per year… Whoa, don’t hold your hat.

Australia: While their population is now said to be made up of about 27% immigrants, approximately 82,000 come from the countries banned by Trump which would represent 1.4% of all immigrants. Hardly a monumental triumphant podium from which to bash Trump. 

Number of Iranians living in the UK? About 86,000, but they aren’t sure… Number of Somalians? About 114,000.

The US purportedly houses well over one million Iranians – but then, we aren’t sure…  Still, that huge discrepancy would not seem to penetrate the mouth and brain of India Knight, a British journalist born in Brussels who has spoken unabashedly against Trump for his outrageous policy of securing the US borders on a temporary basis – at least until we can actually ‘know’ how many immigrants we actually do have!!

France? The last time the government even bothered to take a census was 1999, the total number of Iranian nationals in France was estimated to be about 9700.

Germany? The capital of refugees? Their Iranian population is less than 10% of that of the US.

But Trump and the US have become the bomb bastion of bastardly blathering bald badlands, defiled by a bunch of blithering bad-mouthed beastly bourgeoisie beleaguered bullies.



It is time to get over the US bashing as biting the hand that feeds you! Literally.

Germany and Media – Owned By Soros

The media is advising Theresa May… The media is advising Trump… The media would seem to think they ARE Congress… The Guardian is ‘warning’ Theresa May to… The Independent is telling May to push for a US-UK trade deal…

When did the media become our government?

Who are these people that have elevated themselves to the role of Executive Advisors of Presidents and Prime Ministers?

And the free speech rhetoric has descended into death threats and go kill yourself and let’s blow up the White House – and somehow that’s okay?   It boggles the mind when a death threat is allowed, but a cross is considered perverse…?

It would appear, that since Soros lost, the big money shadow government is ramping up the chaos agenda exponentially telling the media what to say, telling the Democrats what to do and not to do, and creating an alternate world using their mind/media subliminal manipulation.

Soros, the puppet, is all but willing to comply.

French President, Hollande, whose approval rating is a meager 3%, would have us believe he speaks for his people in denouncing Trump despite the fact that the populist movement which he abhors, continues to gain ground. The fact that The People are speaking seems irrelevant, and it is exactly why the current EU leaders are collapsing like a House Of Cards.

In Germany’s newspaper, they have an article which takes issue with the ‘fake news’ problem in the US, Russia and Turkey… as though Europe is somehow immune. But then, the article is filled with ‘fake news’ calling Trump a ‘failed businessman’, claiming Black Lives Matter is perfectly legit, and that ‘fake news’ is actually just a bogeyman that Trump invented to disqualify news he doesn’t like. Tch, tch.

Hmmm. The article was written by Ethan Zuckerman, a US citizen who is director of Center For Civic Media.  A little research and we find that this organization was initially funded in 2007 by The Knight Foundation which is heavily entrenched in Open Society collaborations including ProPublica.

ProPublica has ties to The Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times and Chicago Tribune – all backed by Liberal funders including Soros Open Society Foundation. OOPS!

So that would indicate that the German newspaper,, is undeniably entrenched in the same propaganda and ‘fake news’ that they claim is ‘a bogeyman’. Oh My Oh My, it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!

But it get’s worse. Apparently, this same Ethan Zuckerman has another new liberal quasi journalistic agenda, a newly founded organization called Global Voices which purports to give voice to ‘global online communication’. Formed in 2008 and registered in The Netherlands, they operate through Harvard.   Of course, that would be the same Netherlands where Billy boy Clinton housed billions in another Clinton Foundation that was a political cash for play…  hmmm.

Global Voices would thus appear to be another propaganda machine. Unabashedly funded by Open Society Institute, Georgie Soros, as well as Pierre Omidyar, founder of Ebay who has been infiltrating into the media most recently with First Look Media and The Intercept founded in 2014, just in time for a Hillary win!   YEAH!

Global Voices claim to fame is their help in raising the awareness of voices that contributed to the rise of King Obama in 2008.

The Spin, to coin a phrase, is to inundate our media outlets with Liberal Voices who say what they are told to say while spinning that the conservative news is all – FAKE – Propaganda.

Which means – Soros now effectively owns, and the German media…

Trump’s Wall – A Privacy Fence

Vatican City – walled and fortified, it is guarded by members of the Swiss Army Guard who are said to be some of most elite and well trained military and are said to be able to ‘shred you alive’. Armed with Austrian made Glocks, assault rifles, some with short barrels and others with long barrels and scopes, as well as a hefty assortment of m16 rifles, muskets, machine guns, and the Heckler and Koch MP7 which can pierce armor, they guard Vatican City 24/7.

In addition to the Swiss Guard elites, the Vatican employs their Gendarmerie Corps who provide additional security, traffic direction and investigative duties.

There are approximately 125 of each on duty to provide protection for the Pope and his papal constituency.

As of 2011, there were about 600 individuals with Vatican citizenship including about 110 of the Swiss Guards – leaving less than five hundred citizens who mostly reside ‘abroad’ being guarded against bad guys by about 250 security persons.  which translates to mean there are roughly 250 guards protecting the Vatican property which is 110 acres, 2.5 guards per acre.

The same Pope who is the appointed gatekeeper of the Vatican vehemently declares that walls must be opened and borders must be clear for anyone to enter freely.   And while the value of the closed and walled Vatican City is apparently un-calculable, estimates begin in the billions, not including investments and real estate held elsewhere.  Therefore, if walls are to protect assets, I’d say the US had a smidgeon more to protect.

The current Pope stated that if Donald Trump builds a wall between the US and Mexico, he is not a Christian and this is not in the Gospel.  Oops.

But this is by far not the only wall to keep out unwanted potential ‘bad guys’.   Israel, Macedonia, Hungary, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Spain, India, Morocco, and even the UN all hail host to massive border walls. Hillary’s house not only has a wall but a guardhouse, Obama built a wall around the DC house he is ‘renting’, gated communities abound, gated and walled 5 star resorts, compounds housing the elite and just about everyone in Hollywood boasts a walled off property to keep out the riff-raff and possible ‘bad guys’.

De Blasio built not a wall around his house, but a privacy fence composed of brick, stone, iron and wood…

There are now 65 countries around the world that have built walls to protect them from bad guys and illegal immigrants. So why all the fuss and muss about Trump’s proposal? Because it is Trump’s proposal and demonizing is the new mental aberration.

So maybe that’s the key, we just need to rename our wall.  We aren’t building a ‘wall’ between the US and Mexico – we’re building a ‘privacy fence’…

De Blasio, De Blasio – anyone…

White Male Supremacy

Black male supremacy in Africa has subjugated whites and even considered them an inferior race! That is why the first white president in Zambia since apartheid, has been given the cold shoulder…he wasn’t elected, he was simply an interim president due to the death of the elected President and he was roundly criticized and shunned. Despite a white population in Africa topping 22% in the southern hemisphere, and about 8-9% elsewhere, black supremacy remains.


Anyone rolling their eyes yet? Because this is the exact same rhetoric being taught in our schools and universities claiming male white racism/supremacy in the US.

Tucker Carlson recently interviewed Matthew Hughey, a white sociology ‘Associate’ professor who argues that race and heteronormativity and ‘other factors’ have led to the fact that all American Presidents with the exception of one, have been white male. He claims that whites have faired better due to ‘certain advantages given to them’…

What advantages?

  1. The black population in the US is about 12% and has been roughly 12% since the mid 1800’s when slavery was abolished.  They are a minority by fact..
  2. One spectacular advantage is that children being raised in a single parent household shows the rate for blacks at 67% and whites at 25% – a very dramatic disadvantage that has absolutely nothing to do with – white males. Some statistics put the percentage even higher…
  3. Blacks are allowed to have all black universities, black caucuses, black organizations, black history, black NGO’s, black dating sites, black grants, black scholarships, black job education, black testing, black awards – and they STILL claim they have no advantages and that White’s have it all. DANG!

The advantages seem to be cherry picked based on an attempt to sway opinion.

But wait!  There have been no white Prime Ministers in Japan. And despite a white population in Mexico topping as high as 16%, there have been no white Presidents. There was one black President, in 1829. And Europe? Nope, no black Prime Ministers there despite their robust claim to diversity, tolerance and Socialism. India? Nah.

The argument is ridiculous.

But his absurd statements did earn him a television spot and a lecture to support his rhetoric that has no purpose other than to incite hatred and anger. While he is a published author, his ‘books’ have no popularity, are apparently university published, and if there is a review it is from another a fellow professor, journal or colleague. The books are more about enhancing his lifting to full Professorship which requires publication, than about any actual readership or popularity.

But the point is, each country has a degree of nationalism or patriotism which is upheld by the majority populous. In the case of Africa it is black and in the case of Europe and the US it is white.   Canada also criticizes the US for racism, yet has never had a black Prime Minister.   Hello?   Of course they argue that none have run for office… an irrelevant argument that could be asserted everywhere.

So this whole American racism agenda is really just propaganda aimed at demonizing and guilt tripping the populace into handing over their heart, their soul, their shame, and their money, to fund more black elite agendas that would seem to have absolutely no impact despite the billions spent.

Why don’t we put our attention on Canada? Hey guys – ante up your black female Prime Minister! Germany? France? UK? Australia? Where is the outrage? Where is their shame? Oh, and let’s not forget – Africa. Why don’t we harass them for their prejudice in not electing a white Prime Minister? Uganda? Sudan? Somalia? Rwanda? Ivory Coast? Etc……………………………….?


But that’s neither journalism nor is it science.  And that would seem to be the path that our media has chosen.  It is not grounded in Truth, fact or imperial statistics, it is grounded in an agenda to support a desired outcome.

C’mon Africa – ante up your white Prime Minister!




TTP – Farmers United – Gone Baby Gone!

Reuters is claiming that according to US farmers, the loss of the TTP deal is a huge blow to their profits in a slumping agriculture market.   They site Ron Moore, president of the American Soybean Association. 1) American Soybean Association is not a farmer, and 2) Soybeans happen to be nearly 100% GMO in the US, grati, Monsanto. 3) this ‘slump’ would thus be under the Obama administration, right? Not Bush?

Shhhh, I hear an agenda…

So I decided to research what the farming community were saying, and surprise, it didn’t coincide with the Reuters argument – at all.

While the website for the American Soybean Association was a bit scary in their attempt to sway opinion by using such gmo experts as those employed at Bayer, which is about to merge with Monsanto in one massive monopoly, obviously their opinion is rooted in hyping GMO.

Maybe the Reuter’s Chicago based journalist was aware of this conflict of opinion, or maybe he didn’t do his homework, but the bent leans a bit too close to the fake news schematic.

The other sited evidence of Reuter’s  TTP argument is by the president of the American Feed Industry Association. He feels that mounting competition would squeeze out the poor farmers in the US who produce feed for livestock and pet food. And guess what the primary ingredients are for these products? Corn (also a major Monsanto product) and Soybeans.


According to, they advocate most stridently against TTP, TTIP and NAFTA. And according to Citizen’s Trade Organization, 1525 groups banned together and urged Congress to oppose TTP. In drafting a united letter to Congress, they said that, “TPP could have detrimental impacts on American jobs, wages, environmental sustainability, public health and human rights.”

Massive protests against TTP and TTIP in Germany, Brussels, France and across much of Europe urged their politicians to oppose the deals.

Further implication that these deals were not in the best interest of The People, Obama attempted to push through ratification of these highly secretive trade deals without the approval of Congress. Obviously, he was acting for the Corporate interest exclusively.

The fact that Reuters is joining this bandwagon puts their journalism at odds with The People, including The Farmers. According to farmers, trade deals have typically a negative impact on the safety of their products and their ability to compete due to lowered standards. In fact, they claim that these deals such as NAFTA and CAFTA have caused many farmers and ranchers to close up shop.

According to the National Farmer’s Union, ranchers and farmers from coast to coast vehemently opposed TTP, saying it is modeled after failed deals of the past and is doomed to failure.

According to the East Asia Forum, Japanese farmers joined in the opposition. immense domestic political resistance by Japan’s agricultural lobby want the deal – gone baby gone!

So Reuter’s claim that farmers across the US want this deal to pass and are afraid Trump’s X Mark will further harm the US agriculture ‘slump’, is an outright, er, non-truth… or is it simply ‘fake news’?

UN – A Corrupted Waste; Rebuilding Syria – Trillions in the Making

The UN is demanding $4.63billion in additional aid to help Syrians recover from their devastation, and to subsidize countries who are hosting Syrians. Of course the demand for money comes with a threat, if it is not forthcoming then there will be dire consequences not just for Syrians, but for all refugees and for the host countries…

I don’t know about you, but when someone demands money under the strong arm of a threat, it sounds more like ‘blackmail’.   But it is always the aftermath of an attempted coup gone seriously awry: Bomb a country, murder its people, leave it in disastrous rubble, no infrastructure, and then demand money to fix said country from the same people who bombed it.

So now, after spending trillions on a war We The People and They The People never wanted, depleting our budget, our economy, and our livelihoods, we are being told we have to repair said country out of our tax dollars. And if we don’t? We are being threatened by the very agency that did absolutely nothing to mitigate or stop the war despite their claim that they are a success in ‘bringing peace to the world’ – The United Nations.

After 3 years of useless bombing by the US and EU, Russia, Iraq and the Syrian government have successfully put a truce and end to the fighting in place. A truce between the CIA backed and Pentagon backed rebels vs. the Syrian government that we desperately fought to displace in a failed coup.  A sickening deplorable crime.

So why is the UN even asking for money? What have they done that warrants them – anything?

The UN, lays claim to five major successes since their inception in 1945: The eradication of smallpox, the promotion of arms control, helping to save the lives of 9 million children, protecting the ozone, and saving the pyramids.

WOW! Imagine if a corporation laid claim to similar feats after 71 years while riddled in mismanagement, corruption, fraud, sexual molestation, and theft. According to it’s audited 181 page financials for 2014, they devoted 3 entire pages to internal fraud cases, and nearly 30 pages to the status of audit recommendations from 2013.  I guess that would deplete their $5.3 billion Development Budget…keeping their records straight.

With assets totaling about $6.5 billion on liabilities of under $1.9billion, and annual revenue for the ‘Development Program’ at roughly $5 billion, about 6% of their expenses actually went towards grants and ‘other transfers’, while the remainder of expenses, $5billion were utilized to maintain the UN staff, consultants, and office, resulting in a deficit of about $330million.

Impressive?  Hardly!

The Development Program is only one agency/subsidiary of the UN and names four inherent duties: poverty reduction, sustainable development, peacebuilding and climate and disaster resilience. They don’t actually spend their budget to do anything other than to ask for more money for everyone else to do – something.

I’d say they had failed on all fronts – massively. In addition, as a ‘charitable’ organization, why do they need to hold $6.5 billion in cash and investments? But then they do provide annual leave, pensions, full medical benefits during and post employment, home-leave benefits, termination benefits, repatriation grants and ‘other lump sum payments’.

Its more perverse failures have included Somalia, Bosnia, Rwanda, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Congo, Sri Lanka and Haiti. They are so bloated that they have now adopted ‘advisory committees for ‘indigenous people’ for ‘sustainable forest management’, and ‘coordinating efforts of NGO’s’ (that would include Soros Open Society), as well as promoting abortions, vaccination overseers, agriculture overseers, education overseers, World Bank, WHO, and a host of agencies that ‘DO’ nothing but watch over those who are ‘DOING’ utilizing revenue from alternate sources.

In other words, they are The Middle Man taking a hefty cut to bully more money from countries in order for them to do the hard work.

And now they are demanding $4.63billion for Syrian people and for subsidies for host countries, aka, Germany, Sweden, and Turkey. Will the money go towards rebuilding Syria? No. That is a completely separate BILL which is estimated to reach between $180 and $200 billion, not including loss of economic wealth, and the decades it will take to re-emerge as a viable economy – after a failed coup that ushered in ISIS, displaced millions, and murdered hundreds of thousands – in the name of PEACE.


Hitler Lesson: He was a Socialist

Setting The Record Straight. Hitler is more aligned with the Liberals and Socialists parties in the US and Europe. Hollywood would seem rather uneducated, but the politicians are simply streaming propaganda:

First: Hitler was a member of the Socialist Party. German FM Steinmeier represents the “Social Democrats”, making him more closely aligned to Fascism and Hitler than Trump.  When Steinmeier speaks of the open trade TTP Agreement, he speaks for himself and politicians, the European People aggressively opposed it, and thus it was tabled!

Second: Hitler attempted to gain power through revolutions and coups – which is what the Liberals and the Hollywooders are supporting and instigating; Madonna, Judd, Michael Moore, who I guess identifies as a woman, Sansour, a Sharia Law proponent who organized the Women’s March, want to see America as a peasant state following the lead of the Bolsheviks who ushered in “Communism”.

Third: Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in which he sought to create a ‘single/one society’ that promulgated his views. That would correlate with the ideals of the Liberals claiming they represent All Americans, and US Values when in fact they represent ‘their view’.

Fourth: Hitler rescinded parts of the German Constitution – the Liberals have advocated for a new US Constitution claiming the old one is ‘outdated’.

Fifth: The Reichstag Fire Decree, was an order set in place by Hitler in which anyone who didn’t agree with his dictums could be imprisoned. In addition, publications/propaganda would be suppressed if they were not in line with the administration… sounds a lot like our “Media”.

Sixth: Hitler advocated for all powers over the people to rest with the government – an agenda that is most obviously Liberal Democrat.

Seventh: His exclusion of the Jewish people is somewhat similar to the Democrats anti-Christian stance. It would also align with the IRS in their refusal to grant conservative business’s charitable or political status while simultaneously pushing through Democrat/Liberal applications.

Eighth: Both the French and British Prime Ministers signed The Munich Agreement with Hitler, in alliance with his ideals.

Ninth: A wave of violence against the Jews escalated as rioters broke shop windows and desecrated property… much like the liberal rioters in the US.

Tenth: Hitler believed in ‘invasion’, much like coups and military takeovers that are commonplace today.

Eleventh: Hitler attacked the Soviet Union…

Twelvth: In order for the world to win the war, we needed the massive army of The Soviet Union which became our greatest ally against Germany.

Thirteenth: Hitler was an atheist.

Fourteenth: The “World Order” that Germany’s Socialist and the US’s SocialistProgressives decry has been the same order that created massive welfare and the near end of the Middle Class. They also are the same Socialists rioting and destroying and creating chaos in our streets and in our business’s. They are the same Socialists who have embraced Sharia Law, and elitist political wealth…

Fifteenth: The Bolshevik Revolution ushered in Communist Russia under Marx, Lenin and ultimately Stalin. Initially, the US and UK supported Stalin…

This would indicate that the revolutionary Marchers and Naysayers, and Hollywooders, are actually the ones ushering in the Hitler division of the US as they call for bombing, chaos, and rebellion.