White Male Supremacy

Black male supremacy in Africa has subjugated whites and even considered them an inferior race! That is why the first white president in Zambia since apartheid, has been given the cold shoulder…he wasn’t elected, he was simply an interim president due to the death of the elected President and he was roundly criticized and shunned. Despite a white population in Africa topping 22% in the southern hemisphere, and about 8-9% elsewhere, black supremacy remains.


Anyone rolling their eyes yet? Because this is the exact same rhetoric being taught in our schools and universities claiming male white racism/supremacy in the US.

Tucker Carlson recently interviewed Matthew Hughey, a white sociology ‘Associate’ professor who argues that race and heteronormativity and ‘other factors’ have led to the fact that all American Presidents with the exception of one, have been white male. He claims that whites have faired better due to ‘certain advantages given to them’…

What advantages?

  1. The black population in the US is about 12% and has been roughly 12% since the mid 1800’s when slavery was abolished.  They are a minority by fact..
  2. One spectacular advantage is that children being raised in a single parent household shows the rate for blacks at 67% and whites at 25% – a very dramatic disadvantage that has absolutely nothing to do with – white males. Some statistics put the percentage even higher…
  3. Blacks are allowed to have all black universities, black caucuses, black organizations, black history, black NGO’s, black dating sites, black grants, black scholarships, black job education, black testing, black awards – and they STILL claim they have no advantages and that White’s have it all. DANG!

The advantages seem to be cherry picked based on an attempt to sway opinion.

But wait!  There have been no white Prime Ministers in Japan. And despite a white population in Mexico topping as high as 16%, there have been no white Presidents. There was one black President, in 1829. And Europe? Nope, no black Prime Ministers there despite their robust claim to diversity, tolerance and Socialism. India? Nah.

The argument is ridiculous.

But his absurd statements did earn him a television spot and a lecture to support his rhetoric that has no purpose other than to incite hatred and anger. While he is a published author, his ‘books’ have no popularity, are apparently university published, and if there is a review it is from another a fellow professor, journal or colleague. The books are more about enhancing his lifting to full Professorship which requires publication, than about any actual readership or popularity.

But the point is, each country has a degree of nationalism or patriotism which is upheld by the majority populous. In the case of Africa it is black and in the case of Europe and the US it is white.   Canada also criticizes the US for racism, yet has never had a black Prime Minister.   Hello?   Of course they argue that none have run for office… an irrelevant argument that could be asserted everywhere.

So this whole American racism agenda is really just propaganda aimed at demonizing and guilt tripping the populace into handing over their heart, their soul, their shame, and their money, to fund more black elite agendas that would seem to have absolutely no impact despite the billions spent.

Why don’t we put our attention on Canada? Hey guys – ante up your black female Prime Minister! Germany? France? UK? Australia? Where is the outrage? Where is their shame? Oh, and let’s not forget – Africa. Why don’t we harass them for their prejudice in not electing a white Prime Minister? Uganda? Sudan? Somalia? Rwanda? Ivory Coast? Etc……………………………….?


But that’s neither journalism nor is it science.  And that would seem to be the path that our media has chosen.  It is not grounded in Truth, fact or imperial statistics, it is grounded in an agenda to support a desired outcome.

C’mon Africa – ante up your white Prime Minister!




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