BRAZIL ELECTION: UPDATE – Bolsonaro to Audit Election – Looking Like Brandon

UPDATE:  Bolsonaro has stated he will use the military to audit the election tally given massive discrepancies

The Socialist win of Brazil’s Lula is a game changer for the Cartel Cabal.   Brazil is a member of the BRICS+ – and will likely now renege on that membership in favor of NATO. Brazil’s top exports include; soybeans, oil, iron ore, corn and sugar.   Top partners are: China, US, Argentina, Netherlands and Chile.   Trade had grown significantly under Bolsonaro.   And then they had a Biden moment – an election with record turnout and 77 year old Lula having received more votes than any other presidential election.   In Brazil a win is identified as receiving over 50% – Lula won with 50.9%.

In Brazil, voting is compulsory for those between the ages of 18 and 70. If someone is found to not vote a fine of 65cents is imposed.   Electronic voting machines have been in use since 1996.

Brazil uses Diebold’s electronic hardware system.   Despite MSM claiming there is NO proof the voting machines are anything but perfect, according to an analysis by Princeton, “We found that the machine is vulnerable to a number of extremely serious attacks that undermine the accuracy and credibility of the vote counts it produces.”

Their main findings include:

  1. Malicious software running on a single voting machine can steal votes with little if any risk of detection. The malicious software can modify all of the records, audit logs, and counters kept by the voting machine, so that even careful forensic examination of these records will find nothing amiss. We have constructed demonstration software that carries out this vote-stealing attack.
  2. Anyone who has physical access to a voting machine, or to a memory card that will later be inserted into a machine, can install said malicious software using a simple method that takes as little as one minute. In practice, poll workers and others often have unsupervised access to the machines.

The GNU/Linux software that is used was ‘updated by Microsoft in 2008 to eliminate errors”.   Of course Microsoft is completely apolitical and unbiased and would never ever do anything to compromise our election integrity…  The software is designed to check itself for errors. All city tabulations are sent to a single central tabulation entity.

Brazil’s population is estimated to be 214 million. The UN claims 155,557,422 registered voters amidst a population of 162 million over the age of 18.   Of the 123 million votes cast, 5.7 million ballots were tossed as ‘invalid’ or roughly 5% – 60 million were given to Lula and 58 million to Bolsonaro.   In order to maintain the 80% voter turnout Brazil claims historically – the 5.7 million ‘invalid votes’ would need to be counted.   There is no paper audit available – so the 5.7 million votes were trashed without explanation.   However, according to the left media, Brazilians frequently spoil their ballots purposefully.

Free & Fair Elections.

Bolsonaro has yet to concede. The leftist media in the US and UK are quick to claim Bolsonaro is pulling a “Trump”.

In Lula’s first election in 1989, before voting machines were implemented, he lost with 47% of the votes and an 88% turnout.   Voter turnout declined dramatically with the introduction of machine voting. Brazilians felt the voting machines highlighted the political corruption.   With 87% of Brazilians identifying as Christian/Catholic, Bolsonaro won the 2018 election with over 70% of the votes.  A huge contrast to this election – but similar to Brandon’s.

Lula is a member of the Union Party Workers – a socialist progressive ideology.   His running mate is a member of the Brazilian Socialist Party. Lula was the favorite of The Rothschild Economist, Politico, WAPO, and every MSM outlet abroad.   He served time in prison for embezzlement. His release from prison, allowing him to run for President, was manipulated by the US and the UN claiming human rights violations.   While Lula claimed that he would not stomp on religious freedom in Brazil – he has no religious affiliation of his own.

An oddity indeed in a country that is 87% Christian/Catholic.   But then the US has a contingent of leftist Christians.

Bolsonaro is likely in consultation with various conservative dominion partners as he decides whether to accept the election results or face the same fate of the US wherein radical extremists will be deployed to destroy the country from the inside out and MAGA’s are labeled insurrectionists that should reside in gulags because we don’t bow down and submit to the Marxist Regime.

Paul Pelosi Assault – A Hyped Medi Spin – Detail Spoiler

I don’t ordinarily enter the MSM fray of gossip, but today I thought I would make an exception over the David DePape and Paul Pelosi ‘fallout’. The inconsistencies, the added after-the-fact factoids, the altered accounts, are so obviously damage control, with a bent on distraction, that the air needed clearing:

  1. The released Dispatch states that DePape was a friend.
  2. The unknown third party who opened the door for the police to enter casts a light toward a possible tryst exchange.
  3. The fact that the police did not intervene immediately indicates that they did not see an immediate threat.
  4. The glass door shards are all on the outside on the patio indicating the door was smashed ‘from the inside’.
  5. Initial accounts stated both men were in their underwear.
  6. A url – redirects to NBC News.
  7. The temperature at 2am was in the high forties – so David did not enter the house only wearing underwear and no shoes… he undressed in the house.
  8. DePape is a known liberal who was living in Berkeley – a very liberal city and officiated nudist weddings – himself a nudist.
  9. There was one hammer – it belonged to Pelosi.   It was in Pelosi’s hands when the police arrived.   It was likely the cause of the smashed glass door – from the inside.   Making Pelosi the perpetrator.
  10. Pelosi’s August DUI included 5 days in jail and 3 years of probation meaning he was not allowed to drink alcohol.
  11. Photos of Pelosi’s crashed Porsche show the passenger door open. The passenger airbag was deployed.
  12. The Internet has been scrubbed.
  13. FRIDAY, the media was reporting that DePape was a far right wing MAGAhat Q supporter.   They claimed blogs set up by DePape as evidence. Those blogs no longer exist…
  14. DePape was taken to the hospital with absolutely zero account of his injuries.
  15. DePape has not been allowed an interview.
  16. A woman has come forward claiming she was DePape’s ‘partner and they never married but had 3 children. Her name is Oxane Gypsy Taub. She claims she and DePape were together 13 years and then he disappeared 7 years ago.   She adores Nancy Pelosi.
  17. None of the ‘mentioned blogs’ exist any longer although The Gateway Pundit does claim the blogs were created Friday and Pulled Saturday…
  18. The san Francisco Chronicle claims they have a picture of Taub and another man getting married and DePape officiating in – 2013.   The other man was Jamyz Smith who was 20 at the time.   She already had three children – their last name is Gonzalez
  19. In 2017, Gypsy and a George Davis filed an appeal in a case brought by San Francisco Police for public nudity.
  20. On Aug. 26, 2021, a jury found defendant Oxane Taubguilty of 20 counts– from felony charges of stalking, dissuading a witness, and attempted child abduction to misdemeanor counts for violating protective orders and child molest.” The boy was 14 and she was sentenced September. She is currently in jail.   The Media claims she is Russian.
  21. Gypsy moved to the US in 1988 at the age of 19 to become a pornographic actress and stripper.
  22. Her birth name is Oxana Chornenky although other accounts state Chornenky was her first husbands name whom she married in Los Angeles.

Deductions:   Gypsy is lying about her entire relationship with DePape.   DePape has no children by her.   Her testimony is likely for one purpose – ‘get out of jail free’. DePape will likely never be allowed to testify. The Media will announce a plea deal and he will disappear with an undisclosed sum of money.   The Media will continue to claim that DePape is a right wing conspiracist in order to deflect away from the inaccuracies of the Media hype and to protect Pelosi and the third party player in the game of ‘underwear’.  

The Left has no platform, no party, and the Midterms Will Advance with this story used as some means of anti-Trumpism.   Trump supporters do not believe a lick of the stories, that have changed frequently since initially broken.  

US Taxpayers Footing The Bills For Europe Since WWI

Poland wants Nukes on its Territory. Poland wants NATO military on its Border. Poland wants $1.3 trillion in reparations from Germany for WWII Nazi’s.   Poland wants reparations from Russia for WWII – but Russia was an ally??? Maybe Russia should file a lawsuit against Germany as well – demanding reparations for the Bolsheviks instituting Communism and death.   Whatever Poland Demands!   Oddly, the President is sounding an awful lot like Zelenskyy…  

The Soros NGO, Human Rights Watch, has condemn Poland as an ‘authoritarian state’ due to their stance on abortion and homosexuality. In addition, HRW claims that Poland handled the CoVid lockdown horribly and that Ukrainian immigrants have been treated inappropriately.

Not to be outdone, Amnesty International has joined the anti-Poland fray in highlighting their violations of fair trials, the erosion of judicial independence and illegal tribunals.   All of which indicate that Poland apparently needs a coup.   Via Soros Style

Andrzej Duda has been the seated president of Poland since 2015. He was with the Law & Justice Party, a right wing nationalist organization before switching to ‘independent’ immediately after being elected president. He has bucked the European Commission on numerous occasions claiming their over-reach.   He was initially supported by Trump.   Now the Biden Regime is inserting their pawns.

Today the Biden WH announced that we are sending Poland upgraded nuclear weapons and building their first nuclear power plant.   Over 72% of its energy is derived from coal.

Poland has some odd hypocritical relations:   Their largest trade partner is communist China, followed by Italy, and third – Russia.   The same Russia that was a WWII ally.   The same Italy that was a WWII belligerent.    Poland is a Lost Child.

They have recently garnered the ire of Israel which claims Poland is a Holocaust denier.   And seem to be on a path of zero allies.   Perhaps when the money dries up for Nazi belligerent Ukraine, Poland will assert reparations against the US…  Who the heck knows!

At the end of WWII, Germany was divvied according to Churchill, Stalin and FDR.   As PARTNERS.   Poland’s assertion that Russia was a belligerent is thus wholly inaccurate.   Yet they continue to make this assertion.  Germany won’t even address the reparations and rolls their eyes in disgust.   Russia already rebuilt and instituted trade reparations.   But Poland wants MORE – GIMME SOME MONEY!

The Marshall Plan was created in 1948 to fund the reconstruction of ‘certain’ countries in Europe: UK, France, West Germany, Italy and Austria, the main inheritors of US money were thus rebuilt by American Taxpayers. The value at the time was $17 billion – plus additional aid packages all in the form of US goods and services.

Given Us Taxpayers foot the bill – shouldn’t we have individual ownership interest in our ‘investment’?

If anyone was deserving of reparations and a return of investment, it would be the US!    The stance that government supplied the money is ludicrous.   Governments don’t have ANY money. Their only source are Taxpayers.   The People.   I think a certificate of ownership shares of the EU should inure to all Americans whose heritage existed at the time of the Marshall Plan thru 1951.

The initial investment of $17 billion would be worth $200 billion adjusted for inflation alone. But the GDP of the EU is $16.6 trillion for a profit of $16.4 trillion to be divvied up amongst about 200 million Americans. Of course, ownership shares would be salable on the market like any other investment.

Poland was rebuilt by the Soviet Union – so technically, Russia owns those shares of Poland. Reparations are a different matter – but the death toll enacted by Germany in WWI and WWII would be enough to obliterate theirPoland Wants MONEY

entire GDP. Poland’s share alone of $1.3 trillion represents 25% of Germany’s total GDP.  Reparations based on death would inure to Russia first and foremost given they lost 24 million civilians and soldiers!   By comparison, Poland lost roughly 9 million.   On a statistical basis – Between just Russia and Poland – Russia lost 88% to Polands 12%…

True Capitalism doesn’t exist.   Otherwise, these initiatives would have been instituted and Taxpayers would be the beneficiaries.   Again – America is NOT a True Capitalist country.   It is and has been a Totalitarian Regime that confiscates the earnings of plebes to fund the Monarchy.   A Monarchy that rules the UK, the largess recipient of the Marshall Funds, and all it’s colonies.

WHY were US Taxpayers responsible to rebuild Europe for a war that was initiated by Germany, Italy and Hungary/Austria?  

The SAME reason America of British Monarchial Rule of Order must now bomb Ukraine in order to establish a Marshall Plan to Rebuild Ukraine – BOTH FUNDED BY THE US TAXPAYERS>   How’s your Pocketbook Fraying?  

Evangelical Pastors Aligned With WEF & UN WOLVES – Tell Republicans – Don’t VOTE!

American Thinker posted an article today in which the author is asking specifically where are all the Pastors?   Why are they silent amidst the storms?   Why are they not fighting against this conversion to a Communist America?   Why is their ONLY indictment – of Trump.   Without denouncing the abortion propaganda, and the communist delusion of utopia, Pastors have been silent.   WHY?

Just in time for the Midterms, two Pastors have come out of the proverbial woodwork to taut their new book, Truth Over Tribe.   Obviously they want to promote the book to make money, but even more deceiving is they are promoting NOT VOTING!   Because we need to let the elections be in the hands of God only.  A Manipulation.  The concept is that the elections will be decided by God.   And we are instead making former President Trump an idol. Therefore – these self proclaimed morality police are encouraging the political statement of disinvolvement.

Pastor Keith Simon and Pastor Patrick Miller both began their ‘careers’ with Cru. Historically, it bears mentioning that Cru, of Crusades for Christ, was formed to combat Communism following WWII.   Cru ultimately grew into a more Universalist Movement embracing diversity and inclusion ideologies espoused by the World Economic Forum.   They are now an affiliate of the World Evangelical Alliance embracing Pope Francis, Salvation Army, Associates in China, and various media outlets.   Other affiliates include The Sojourners.  

Sojourners CEO Wallis was a member of Obama’s Advisory Council and work in conjunction with the sustainability agenda to radicalize Christian evangelicals into a TRIBE.   That tribe would be the globalist WEF.

These two Pastors would prefer we embrace the transformation of Socialist America into a full fledged communist regime.   And as we realize a potential veering away from the abortionists, they are encouraging voters to NOT VOTE.

Apparently, Simon and Miller do not know the parable of the tenants.  God does not tell his Children to sit quietly subdued and do nothing with what wealth He has endowed upon them.   He does not say to bury tenants and your head – in the sand.   By advising Christians to NOT vote these Pastors are declaring their embrace of Communism.

The Crossing Church which was founded by Pastors Simon and Miller does not publish any information about their finances which is required for all 501©(3)’s by IRS code.  A Red Flag turned Blue.

MUCH MORE TROUBLING:    The World Evangelical Alliance is an alliance organization of the UN.   They claim to be a religious voice of the UN with a team of experts including: Dr. Janet Buckingham whose degree is in law.   Gaeton Roy who leads the Partnership on Religion and Sustainable Development.  No one on the team is a Pastor or Minister.  But they are aligned with Klaus Schwab.

The UN has hijacked Christian Evangelicals in a fray of NGO’s that ultimately are in alliance with the UN and WEF.

Pastor Miller’s Twitter bio claims bylines in Newsweek, a far left liberal magazine, and Christian Today Magazine which has recently been denounced by Billy Graham as having become a voice of progressive liberalism.     Using their power to attempt to defray the Red VOTES in the upcoming election using Biblical phraseology and Biblical quotes they are the LIARS.

They Are The Wolves.

In the 2020 election cycle it was John Piper who advocated for the same anti-voter turnout because in his esteemed opinion Trump was not moral enough.   As a result Piper used his power as a Pastor to tell his followers and congregation to STAY HOME – do not vote.

The result of these denouncements have given us a government that approves of abortion up until and after birth.   Massive division and hate among polar extremes. And the advancement of a society that embraces communist ideals. All in the name of morality.   A morality that will destroy the very foundation of ALL Christian churches.

When Pastors Miller and Simon tell you to trade in your Tribal Elephant vote for Truth – they are advising you to denounce God’s Word.   They are doing so to sell books, to make money, and to promote a false religion aligned with Progressive Liberalism – so as to sway the Wave Of Red – TO BLUE…


Congress/Doctors/Cities – High On Psychotic Drugs Including Ketamine

The EU’s Von der Leyen has declared that instead of ‘freezing’ Russia’s assets, they were going to SEIZE them.  While the legality under International Law would not normally support any such matter, they are silent because the International Justice System and Community have cracked – and their INSANITY opens up the gory wounds for all to see…

Failing in their determination to take control of Russia, the Gamet is in the hands of psychotic psychopaths.   Despite attempts to calm and defray issues, it has only seemingly caused their hideous delirium to intensify.   Zelenskyy has no problem putting the entire population of Ukraine in graves.   Pathological liars are a breed.   Perhaps even a species.

The psyches ruling all western countries could care less if civilization is destroyed.   Suffering is a mandate.  

Shootings throughout the US have escalated exponentially.   Crime has no consequence.   Even murderers are set free.   And The People continue to believe and hope that somehow our police and security apparatus will intervene and save us from these monsters.   We hold onto our sanity by not giving into their insanity.   Knowing in our hearts that their psychosis is NOT fixable.   It is likely heightened by a concoction of pills they are ordered to take daily.  

Ketamine is such a drug known to cause hallucinations, disassociation, and cognitive or thinking deficits.   According to the FDA, its use is approved only as an anesthetic during surgery.   ALL off label uses are illegal and yet doctors prescribe it regularly.   It is linked to date rape.   It is a street drug.   Its overuse has become a world wide health problem.

And instead of discussing these hazards – our medical community at large wants it legalized.

The Economist has stated that very soon – Ketamine, Ecstasy and Psilosybin will occupy everyone’s ‘medicine cabinet’.    Inducing complete insanity and chaotic psychosis worldwide.   The Economist calls this psychotic delirium as ‘expanding minds to heal brains’.

When used in date rape, Ketamine can make your victim immobile but fully aware that she is being raped.   This lends to the high the rapist feels because fear is his adrenaline rush.

Law.   Order.   Opioid addiction.   School shootings.   Being High.   The intoxication of fear.   A state of PCP wherein you are invincible!   Just like Von der Leyen.   And likely countless others ruling across the globe. They seem immune to death or emotion.   Nuclear War appeals to them.   As long as they WIN.

Inducing fear – a Pandemic.   Inducing fear – WWIII mongering.   Inducing fear – cities turned into Crime Havens.   Inducing fear – to attack children… who will forever bear the scars.

How is it that doctors are prescribing ketamine without FDA approval?   Because there are no consequences. Doctors have become part of the psychosis.   The same doctors that murdered thousands upon thousands with their ventilators and Remdesivir WITHOUT consent.   They got paid.   And fall into their drug addictions sto numb away that they became murderers.

Estimates detail that 10%-15% of physicians have drug addictions – 17%-20% of nurses.   They have the opportunity – they have the means.   “Congress Can Act Now To Reduce Drug Costs”.   Why?   Because they are addicts.   They are held together with drug concoctions that have debilitating side effects – including – psychosis.

Historically, Hitler’s manic descent into insanity is believed to be the result of ever increasing concoctions of drugs.   Hitler was stoked on cocaine, opioids, and steroids.   WWII Nazi’s were blitzed on Meth.   LSD was used as a therapeutic in the 1950’s on many in Hollywood – including Cary Grant.   It is highly likely that Meth is predominant among mercenaries.

Congress is mute about their usage, and instead wants a reduction of price – to accommodate their vast addictions.   They justify their addictions because the prescriptions come from ‘doctors’ people we have been told to trust without censorship.  

The drug marketing is evident in our current dissociative, dementia riddled president unelect.   It is relevant in the fact that after 50 years of War On Drugs – it has become exponentially Greater!   According to Columbia, there is and never was a US war on drugs – in reality the market has increased significantly.   Money knows Addiction.  And the phrase was delivered to create an illusion.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s trial revealed the extent of their illegal drug fueled assaults…   yet they were never prosecuted for this…

Because there is NO WAR ON DRUGS. There is only a War on The Drug Profits.  

Congress is complicit. The EU is Complicit.   And Von der Leyen is likely a victim of her own ambivalence and disassociation psychosis.

The vast majority of school shootings are instituted by persons under the age of 21 who have behavioral issues and drug associations.   And yet – the ‘government’ focuses on guns as the ghost perpetrator.   Failing to address the cause – is Science after all.   Instead, they focus on the means – knives and guns.   And call it Science.   While our medical professionals remain for the most part – mute.

This Muteness causes them anxiety which fuels their own drug addictions and decadence into a murderous cycle of some bizarre justification.

And NOW we have the ever prolific crystal ball predictor, The Economist, projecting that these same psychotic drugs will soon be in everyone’s medicine cabinets to “heal the brain”.   Because in reality, the brain can not absorb the reality of murder without drugs to alleviate and dispel – reality.   And the War in Ukraine is about the annihilation of PEOPLE.

US PUBLIC Education – Grade F – A Pension Nightmare

While US schools are fumbling along with LGBTUVXYZ cues, porn filled libraries, drag shows, and CRT, students are failing math, science and reading!     IQ scores are disintegrating down the kitchen sink and teachers demand more money!   Just gimme MORE Money and everything will be different…   NOT Better, just different.

The ‘average’ IQ in the US is now a paltry 100 to 105.   But what value is an IQ?

IQ’s are a measurement of comparison.   Not a standardization.   If 5 students answer 50% of the questions correctly and 5 students answer the same questions incorrectly at 25% – that is the means of measurement.   Therefore if historically the same questions were answered by 5 students who answered 75% of the questions correctly vs the other 5 answering 37.5% correcting – the measurement would calculate the same IQ for the 75% and 50%. MAJOR FLAW>

Standardized testing is also continually modified to accommodate what is perceived as applicable to a mean of students in current time.     Schools across the US are reporting that students are failing standardized test in massive numbers.   We can thus anticipate the tests will soon be modified to dummy down to the new level of intelligence.  I remember when Firemen were subjected to physical and intellectual testing scores to qualify.   But Blacks kept failing.  The Solution was to dummy down the written portion of the testing to allow more blacks to pass.

This is how public schools justify themselves.

A college professor was recently fired because his class of students said he was ‘too hard’.   The solution?    Fire the professor and dummy down the class.   All while promoting gender and equity as new curriculums.

HOMESCHOOLING:   There are some state controlled countries that have adopted a communist approach to education wherein homeschooling is ‘a criminal offense’.   Germany outlawed home schooling because the state wanted to have full indoctrination control.   Germany is not alone. There are now 21 countries in Europe that ban homeschooling for various reasons.   Germany claims it is socialization. Sweden claims a ‘science based curriculum’ by professionals is paramount.   Other countries claim there are not enough ‘regulations’ to support homeschooling.

Unfortunately, like every other statistic in the US the number of homeschooled children varies from 3% to 17%.   Meaning statisticians must have a low IQ …   Public schools in the US spend upwards of 40% of their salaries on Pensioners.   Pensions are paid at an exorbitant level in the public K-12 system.   A teacher is eligible to gain full pension at 55 having taught for 30 years.   Yet in the ‘real world’ no one retires at that age given Social Security doesn’t kick in until 67.

The discrepancy is huge!   It is hugely unfair to students as they are required to be the brunt of this lacking.   Class sizes must compensate to cover the cost of Pensions.   Homeowner Property Taxes are raised over and over – to cover the cost of pensioners.    School funding accounts for roughly 75% of every homeowners taxes.

The argument that teacher’s don’t make a living wage compared to other professionals is absurdity. An old argument that was first eschewed 50 years ago and has been the mantra justification.

For example: In my county, the starting pay for a teacher with a bachelors degree and zero experience is $45,000 not including benefits.   Teachers work 180-190 days per year.   Most other fields work 260 days per year. Meaning a regular employee works 44% more days yet has no pension status.   To simplify, let’s assume a 55 year old retires and lives to be 85 – thus 30 years of work and 30 years of retirement.   That $45,000 a year translates to a pay of $90,000 for simple comparison purposes.   Before calculation of the time deviance.   In other words a work field that is 44% more but stretched to 67 vs 55 …   The pay equivalence becomes a complete chaos of numbers that obliterates every argument of the ‘teacher’ and reveals a bachelors equivalency with zero experiecne of $130,000 salary !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basic Homeschooling materials run between $500-$1000 per child.   The property tax allocation of the cost for public schools is now averaging in the $14,000  per student range at the low end to the high end districts that cost upwards of $30,000 per year….  A college education equivalent without the EDUCATION.

TO mandate that cost is truly obscene.  

IF – public schooling was a cost of the parent – what would be the choice?  Imagine the cost per parent if it were by child and not by homeownership?

This is the perversion of taxes that was supposed to defer the costs over a wider range so as to create the illusion that it was affordable – especially if you OWNED NO PROPERTY!

Home ownership in the US is approximately 64%.   So 36% of the population pay nothing toward schools.   That’s called subsidized education – a communist ideology.

In my District this election cycle, they are asking for a huge increase in school funding because they claim the neighboring district has higher salaries.   In actuality, the neighboring district’s base salary is roughly 5% less based on the scale of education and tenure.   But their salary cost – which includes pensions – is higher as it thus produces a higher ‘average salary’.     WHY?   Pensions and Tenure!

The numbers play is a statistical play.   And the Politician play is a false – fake – lie.

As Mark Twain Noted:  

“There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”.

The Cabals Have No CHOICE: WWIII is Their Only Option For a RESET

Vestas Wind, the largest manufacturer of Wind turbines is in deep doodoo.   June 2022, net revenue down 245%, net income -3.6%, YTD shares down 40%, can’t find parts, and buying has all but stopped – so they decided to raise the price.   SGMA Wind Turbine manufacturer, year over year revenue down 10%, net revenue down 42%, shares down 30% and net profits down 57.7%.   Renewable Energy is a joke.   Land destruction for lithium, steel graves for dead turbines, and silicon mines turn earth into land waste!

The CDC has 26 jabs recommended for babies from birth to 15 ‘months’ and have now approved the unapproved Pfizer/Moderna jab as a school mandate.   According to the CDC, vaccine records are required for adoption, foster care, childcare, and extracurricular activities.

In November 2020, WHO declared that Remdesivir as a treatment protocol for hospitalized CoVid patients had no viable improvement.   April 2022, WHO declares Remdesivir as a suitable treatment for mild CoVid. Remdesivir was initially created in 2009 for the treatment of HEP C – it failed.   The Epoch Times has stated that Remdesivir is used on death row to cause renal failure and death.

EXCESS DEATHS:   In August 2022, the EU revealed the death rate for that month compared to 2016 thru 2019 was 111% higher overall which was ‘lower’ than the month of July..   According to WHO, excess deaths in the US are roughly 25% to 50% higher.   These published statistics are AFTER vaccination plus boosters.   And we are in a parallel plane with The “Spanish/nonSpanish Flu/ Bacterial Infection of 1918 that was eradicated by the Rockefeller vaccine….wherein 50+ million died.

In 2021, The Bill and Melinda Gates Trust grew by 3.2 billion to assets of $54 billion on liabilities of $740 million.   $53.1 billion of the funds are invested in equities and government securities.   Per their 2020 990 Form: On income of $6.8 billion – $1.17 went to operating expenses, and $3.8 went to contributions – leaving unexpensed untaxed income of $1.8 billion.   Total undistributed income over previous five years amounted to $18 billion.  This means they have expenses contributions that they never PAID!

Every year contributions PAYABLE increase, in 2020 by $1.5 billion to a whopping $7.75 billion – that they – Never Paid Never Taxed – but Managed to retain their IRS exempt STATUS!

The GatesFoundations highest paid employee is their Director of China – $1.39 million.   While the majority of Grants went to Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, as well as a host of government agencies and for profits… What it does NOT do is benefit Americans.

Guess which major fund families own -0- shares of this alternative energy company?   BlackRock, Berkshire, Bloomberg, JP Morgan, etc… In fact, the fifth highest Institutional Owner is West Oak Capital with 325 shares worth $45,000.

Recently Bill Gates stated that solar and wind will never replace fossil fuels in a “Transition” – and new innovations and patents need to be developed by inventors to find a solution. Despite the fact that western nations are willing to murder their citizens in refusing necessary oil and gas.

There is only ONE US smelter that produces aluminum, yet the WH has issued new sanctions against the import by anyone of – Russian Aluminum.   Canada and Russia are the top 2 Aluminum exporters.   Eliminating Russia destroys global economies trickle by trickle.

As a result, the US has decided to station our entire 101st Airborne in Romania to fight Russia.   While our US Navy has determined that China will undoubtedly assert military occupation of Taiwan any day now – and VOILA the US has Officially declaring WWIII.   ALL while Pelosi vehemently grins that the dems will NOT lose control of Congress…   Why would that be?   Should these forces attack Russia and China – Martial Law & lockdowns would be instituted with vaccine mandates and….

The mid-term elections would be effectively – ‘cancelled’.

America Is A FAILED Socialist Country With Capitalist & Communist Overtones

The GREAT RESET – The Fourth Industrial Revolution – A New America – built on dust…

New America is an NGO founded in 1999 by Ted Halstead, Michael Lind, Sherle Schwenninger and Walter Reed.   In 2020, Ted Halstead died in an apparent ‘accident wherein he fell 30 feet while hiking’.     NO other details of his death have ever been provided.   Today, New America is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, Bloomberg, and the US Department of State.   Form 990: 10% of revenue spent on Grants – 20% on Salaries, accumulated net assets of undistributed revenue is $30 million.

New America’s Board consists of;   McKinsey & Co, Harvard, The Atlantic ,and ‘Ashton Kutchner’ among others. Its CEO, Anne Marie Slaughter, was appointed in 2013. She was a member of the Clinton Klan while Hillary was Secretary of State.   Slaughter, wrote a book in 2004, “A New World Order”. The book details the fact that the Order was already in place for some time and governance was accomplished thru a complex web of government networks.

She describes it as, “a world in which government officials–police investigators, financial regulators, even judges and legislators–exchange information and coordinate activity across national borders.”

Oddly, she seems either to misrepresent the reality or be completely naïve to the fact that Elites – unelected elites – are the ones making decisions for the proletariat class citizens with the puppet enforcers, ie judges, financial regulators, police, etc… doing their bidding.

Sherle Schwenninger, founder of new America, went on to found the World Economic Roundtable, another NGO to launder the cartel money.

The New School was founded in 1919 by American & German intellectuals attracted to the ideology of Bolshevism.   Social Justice and anti-capitalism were the motto’s of these pragmatic thinkers, socialism was their ideology.   The New School’s core financing came from The Rockefeller Foundation.  This was the same timing as the formation of the Rockefeller Institute which created the very first mass vaccine agenda on soldiers.   The result?   A highly contagious bacterial pneumonia infection that wiped out 50 million people worldwide – as confirmed by Fauci in a paper written in 2008.

By 1933, the New School was predominantly endowed with Jewish scholars fleeing Nazi Germany.   And a common theme evolved – liberal intellectualism.

Self described as philosophically above others, these intellectuals had differing ideals of what and how a utopian society could be built and survive.

Plato was a socialist Marxist who believed in the communal ownership of family and property.   Aristotle believed in a polity designed around democracy and oligarchy wherein governors should be rich and virtuous. Machiovelli focused on initiative and a virtuous alignment with freedom – where arbitrary and violent measures were necessary to maintain control.

The main difference between historical socialist societies vs capitalist societies is incentive.   Socialism fails because there is a lack of incentive to produce or grow. It is the very reason that China slowly began to introduce capitalist means within a communist class system. To improve – to move forward – to make innovative gains.

Because Socialism leads to stagnation.

“Capitalism is defined as an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit.”   But that is not how western countries operate today.   There are roughly 27 million+ businesses in the US run on for-profit capitalist policies.   OF those 21 million have zero employees.   In fact only 18,000 US corporations have more than 500 employees.

By comparison, there are now 1.5 million non-profit NGO’s in the US, and an additional 120,000 Foundations paying $-0- taxes.   These nontaxable entities are given money by taxpayers through a twisted government system of socialist Marxism – taking from the proletariat by force, and redistributing those funds to cherry picked non-profits.   NGO’s advance their own accumulation of wealth as can be seen in the Bill & Melinda Gates 990 Form; despite being a US Foundation – almost all of the actual grant making goes over-seas.   As in, ‘nonvoluntary wealth redistribution’.  

Gates further uses the loophole of ‘undistributed revenue’ year over year to accumulate ever more value in the NGO – which now stands at roughly $53 billion NET. For Foundations to maintain their exempt status – they need only distribute 5% of net assets as qualifying distributions.

Our economy has been running a socialist agenda for a century.   IT FAILED.   We now have lost manufacturing, faked our statistical data, collapsed our economy into a hellhole of hyperinflation/recession, and accumulated $33 trillion in debt (IF we can believe these numbers!).   The extent of the fakery is unknown – because the socialist incentive of truth is no longer required, understood, or operational.

The Great RESET Revolution has exactly one motive – burying the TRUTH and the extent of the LIES.

World Economic Forum: Cyborgs, AI, Control – Fossil Fuels a Distraction

World Economic Forum releases list of countries making the top ten as the most progressive countries in attaining the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals:   Estonia, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.   ALL of these countries are entering a protracted Recession.   ALL have recorded 8% to 25% (Estonia) inflation rates.   ALL of these countries report excess death rates as high as 26%.   ALL had exceptionally high vax rates. Apparently, a chaotic, recessive economy is now a Sustainable Development Goal.

Bill Gates used one very explosive term when challenging fossil fuels – “Transition”.   In ordinary circumstances, transition would mean a viable shift from one account to another. But Gates also admitted that in the Fossil Fuel area – there is currently NO Viable Alternative.   So we are effectively transitioning to NOTHING.

Electric car batteries destroy the land mining for lithium.   The batteries don’t work in extreme temperatures.   Our electric grid is in failure mode already.   There is no other alternative.   And last I checked pea protein will not be used to build roads and manufacture tires…

Net Zero in 30 years?   What will be our mode of transportation?   The list of products made from oil is in the thousands!   Are we going to cut down more trees for wood floors because carpet is made with petroleum?   “Vegan Leather’ is made from petroleum based plastics.   Cell phones and computers use petroleum products.   Over the last hundred years we have replaced nearly everything ‘wood’ with petroleum so as to preserve our forests!

Aspirin and 97% of Big Pharma medications use petroleum because it is labeled, “…a plentiful source of ‘organic’ molecules that feed into the drug synthesis process.”   ALL synthetic fabrics are made from petroleum – including spandex! Ladies???

Are ANY companies that use petroleum in the manufacturing process looking for alternatives?   NO.   The cost to transition would bankrupt the manufacturer. And there currently is NO available transition alternative.

Transition:   Calling all scientists to find an alternative to transition to! Gates is looking for inventors and volunteers.   Because, ‘scientist’ Gates doesn’t exist and he has absolutely no idea what invention can be created that will not be unequal and cater to diversity…

While the carbon aspect of WEF is promoted widely as their motivation for existence, there exists a far deadlier and subversive agenda – The Internet of Bodies. The concept merges digital currency applications with implants, and AI to recreate humans into programmable androids or Cyborgs..

It is nearly identical to the book, 1984, whereby your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions can be unmasked with implantable devices.   Allowing for Controllers to Punish you.   The Managers of the implants can turn you off if you step out of line from the scripted Cyborg rules .   “All will be Happy” takes on new meaning when translated to Cyborg Humans.   You will be happy because NO Other behavior will be allowed or tolerated.

The Controllers will maintain profiles on every Cyborg.   Too Fat?   You will be denied access to food.   Women will be grouped according to their ability to procreate, their IQ, and their gene structure so as to maintain a high value line of birthers.   AI can be used to create false environments. You may believe you are living in a high dollar apartment when in reality you are living in a cave with 20 other cyborgs.

Men will be robust worker bees assigned tasks specific to their own medical, biological, IQ attributes.

Of course none of this is possible with a population of rebels – they will be eliminated.

While Bill Gates and Bezos had both declared they were going to build utopian cities structured in the vein of the Saudi’s NOEM, neither would seem to have acted on this idea. WHY?   There will be no need for elaborate city fortresses when AI can create a false visual.

In my unpublished sci-fi novel, Gideon Rises, cities will be formed within abandoned mall structures as we will be confined indoors due to the appeal that God’s landscape draws us toward ideologies of Freedom.   The Cave Dwellers below the surface will be the laborers tasked with maintaining all aspects of the City.   The Royals will live above ground in various levels of power – wealth will no longer exist.  

And Power will be The Money.   Until the AI stream – Breaks.  And ALL the fakery melts away revealing a very Ugly World.

Saudi Arabia: Making Deals With The Devil, aka Cabal

As the Media reveals that hundreds of ex-military officers have been working in Saudi Arabia under the regimes’ payroll, the Pentagon has quietly shut down military bases in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Qatar.   The reason cited is, “Force and regime change are unsustainable”.   Instead, these squadrons will now focus on force and regime change in China and Russia! A caveat, according to Stars & Stripes, is that the Middle East will continue to allow ALL vessels free flow navigation in the Middle East waterways…

To secure the Saudi’s continued support of the US, last month the Biden administration approved the sale of 300 Patriot missiles to Saudi Arabia in a deal worth $3.05 billion and another contract worth $2.25 billion to the UAE for 96 Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile rounds.

Apparently Saudi Arabia is strategically located for CENTCOM to build a ‘test center’ in the country that will counter ‘drone activity’ .   Odd.

The distraction that Washington was going to sanction the Saudi’s for not agreeing to an OPEC+ price cut – would seem odd in this scenario.   And begs the age old US CIA mentality; ‘our friend is our friend until he is our enemy and then we will destroy him’.   As in Syria and Iraq and Iran.

The price cap that the EU and US have agreed to impose on only Russian oil is the squeeze.   Any country that does not OBEY the Price Cap – will be sanctioned.   Any country that tries to sell Russia oil – will be sanctioned.   Any country that does not obey the EU and US will be sanctioned.   Until there is no one left…

Meanwhile Bill Gates claims that turning off Russia’s oil to the EU is good because it will force people to switch to renewables over the next three decades…   While undergoing massive shortages, power outages, and burning of wood and furniture to stay warm…   Gates claims he never promised the transition would be quick and people just need to suck it in.   According to Gates, ‘new technologies need to be invented scaled up in a ‘fair manner’ that doesn’t leave developing countries without’.

Meaning – We have NO VIABLE ALTERNATIVE TO FOSSIL FUELS –  MEANING:  Developing countries as in Africa – which has massive amounts of oil and gas reserves that are not tapped for Africa but are “Taken” from Africa to – the EU.

Obviously more and more people see Gates as the James Bond Evil Villain – who simply wants to murder people for funzies.

Another twist:   Saudi Arabia has recently given Ukraine $400 million for ‘humanitarian aid’, voted against Russia at the UN. and has announced plans to diversify into high-end industrial supply manufacturing for export globally.   ALL while supporting the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda.

Simultaneously, South Africa announced yesterday that Saudi Arabia might soon join the BRICS+!

Knowing the perversity of the EU/US upholding their ‘contracts’, it is looking as though a deal was cut.   The Saud’s, knowing the history of regime change, will work within the constructs of the WEF as long as the US military leaves, they get all the weapons they want, and the US will build Saudi’s Test Center for drone mitigation – as well as other industrial compounds.

These manufacturing compounds will be built by – 2030.

I am sure Bin Salman is of the mind that what happened to Iraq, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Eritrea, China and Russia – will Never Ever happen to him!   Contracts made, contracts broken.   Ordering the Prince and/or King around could backfire.   But then the Saudi’s are all about money. NOT people.

It would open the dam of trickling truth that perhaps the Saudi regime and OPEC+ cutting oil production was actually part of the agreed upon US plan by the Charges D’Affaire living in the White House.   Squeezing more pain from Americans, depleting the oil reserves to near zero, and leaving the US open to Armageddon with no military and no oil to defend its soil.

And the Crown Prince – took the bait. Likely because he thinks he has the upper hand.

While the rest of the world suffers under heavy inflation, Riyadh claims their rate has risen to 3.1% from 2.7%.   Insulated.   The IMF has raised their 2022 forecasts to a 14% regional rate for 2022 – meaning western nations.     IF in fact, the US is falsely pegged at 8% – we can anticipate a 70% increase…   Small businesses will cave – and people will literally die for lack of affordable basics.

While Bill Gates calmly announces he never promised it would be easy to transition to 500million global population.  

Seems to me, the fix is now targeting the Middle East economies having left China, the EU, South America,  Japan, Australia and Russia in supposed tatters..   And the stage of actors has been well trained to lie, cheat, and tap greed as their ultimate chess move.   BEFORE – disintegrating everything they created.