BRAZIL ELECTION: UPDATE – Bolsonaro to Audit Election – Looking Like Brandon

UPDATE:  Bolsonaro has stated he will use the military to audit the election tally given massive discrepancies

The Socialist win of Brazil’s Lula is a game changer for the Cartel Cabal.   Brazil is a member of the BRICS+ – and will likely now renege on that membership in favor of NATO. Brazil’s top exports include; soybeans, oil, iron ore, corn and sugar.   Top partners are: China, US, Argentina, Netherlands and Chile.   Trade had grown significantly under Bolsonaro.   And then they had a Biden moment – an election with record turnout and 77 year old Lula having received more votes than any other presidential election.   In Brazil a win is identified as receiving over 50% – Lula won with 50.9%.

In Brazil, voting is compulsory for those between the ages of 18 and 70. If someone is found to not vote a fine of 65cents is imposed.   Electronic voting machines have been in use since 1996.

Brazil uses Diebold’s electronic hardware system.   Despite MSM claiming there is NO proof the voting machines are anything but perfect, according to an analysis by Princeton, “We found that the machine is vulnerable to a number of extremely serious attacks that undermine the accuracy and credibility of the vote counts it produces.”

Their main findings include:

  1. Malicious software running on a single voting machine can steal votes with little if any risk of detection. The malicious software can modify all of the records, audit logs, and counters kept by the voting machine, so that even careful forensic examination of these records will find nothing amiss. We have constructed demonstration software that carries out this vote-stealing attack.
  2. Anyone who has physical access to a voting machine, or to a memory card that will later be inserted into a machine, can install said malicious software using a simple method that takes as little as one minute. In practice, poll workers and others often have unsupervised access to the machines.

The GNU/Linux software that is used was ‘updated by Microsoft in 2008 to eliminate errors”.   Of course Microsoft is completely apolitical and unbiased and would never ever do anything to compromise our election integrity…  The software is designed to check itself for errors. All city tabulations are sent to a single central tabulation entity.

Brazil’s population is estimated to be 214 million. The UN claims 155,557,422 registered voters amidst a population of 162 million over the age of 18.   Of the 123 million votes cast, 5.7 million ballots were tossed as ‘invalid’ or roughly 5% – 60 million were given to Lula and 58 million to Bolsonaro.   In order to maintain the 80% voter turnout Brazil claims historically – the 5.7 million ‘invalid votes’ would need to be counted.   There is no paper audit available – so the 5.7 million votes were trashed without explanation.   However, according to the left media, Brazilians frequently spoil their ballots purposefully.

Free & Fair Elections.

Bolsonaro has yet to concede. The leftist media in the US and UK are quick to claim Bolsonaro is pulling a “Trump”.

In Lula’s first election in 1989, before voting machines were implemented, he lost with 47% of the votes and an 88% turnout.   Voter turnout declined dramatically with the introduction of machine voting. Brazilians felt the voting machines highlighted the political corruption.   With 87% of Brazilians identifying as Christian/Catholic, Bolsonaro won the 2018 election with over 70% of the votes.  A huge contrast to this election – but similar to Brandon’s.

Lula is a member of the Union Party Workers – a socialist progressive ideology.   His running mate is a member of the Brazilian Socialist Party. Lula was the favorite of The Rothschild Economist, Politico, WAPO, and every MSM outlet abroad.   He served time in prison for embezzlement. His release from prison, allowing him to run for President, was manipulated by the US and the UN claiming human rights violations.   While Lula claimed that he would not stomp on religious freedom in Brazil – he has no religious affiliation of his own.

An oddity indeed in a country that is 87% Christian/Catholic.   But then the US has a contingent of leftist Christians.

Bolsonaro is likely in consultation with various conservative dominion partners as he decides whether to accept the election results or face the same fate of the US wherein radical extremists will be deployed to destroy the country from the inside out and MAGA’s are labeled insurrectionists that should reside in gulags because we don’t bow down and submit to the Marxist Regime.

Iran Battling a National Endowment for Democracy COUP

IRAN is under the siege of a Revolution – reportedly inspired by the death of a young women while in the custody of the police.   Her charge – incorrect hijab.   And suddenly everyone on ALL sides of the spectrum are applauding the brave women of Iran fighting for their FREEDOM!   Except, like the Hong Kong protests that turned into riots, this is another staged event by National Endowment for Democracy, CSIS, USAID, DL Piper and the National Democracy Institute to invoke a COUP.

Parlayed as a woman’s protest to be free from the wearing of the Hijab headscarf, the alliance between Iran and Russia was deemed untenable – and organizing and infiltrating Revolutions is the AGENDA.   Divide and Conquer.

Over the last five years, NED has used over $3million of US Taxpayer funds to prick the skin of Iran.   These NGO’s include Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch among many others.   Human Rights Watch is the moral police watchdog of Soros.   NDI’s Board includes: Tom Daschle, Madeleine Albright, Stacey Abrams, and a host of Clintonites.

Roughly two weeks ago Xi Jinping warned China’s territories and the BRICS nations of potential Orange Revolutions and Coups.   Soros has been vocal again about the ‘need for a regime change’ in China.   The liberal pundit media are busily claiming that the recent shutdown of China’s airlines is because of a military coup in China.   A more likely reason for the shutdowns is that the CCP got intelligence that infiltrators would be coming into the mainland via NED.   And they are actively erasing the possibility of a China Coup.

It is a fair warning given the BRICS are the mighty nations which stand in the way of the New World Order Reset.  

Iran’s Revolution today is not about headscarves, it is about the insertion of a globalist Banker Cult appointed PM.   Bolsonaro of Brazil is diligently in focus as he fights the coup of NED backed Lula with the election a week away.   Pelosi was recently in South Africa bribing officials with the wiles of $$$$$. And India should be very wary – they are next in line.

The Global War Is In FULL Sway.

The Economist, a Rothschild Parlay, has been busily calling Trump a Dictator, Bolsonaro a Dictator, Xi Jinping is now Mao, and Putin is Stalin.   The purpose of course, is to justify uprisings and regime changes in the name of “Democracy’.   Yet, democracy in their terms is in actuality Monarchial Totalitarian Rule – via a One World Government.   And King Charles is a heavy hitter in that global kingdom.

Amidst reports of mass exodus of students and young men in Russia in calls for conscription, the on the ground reports are coming in from – Amsterdam – according to Hindustan Times.   The Hindustan Times is owned by HT Media, a World Economic Forum ally.  They are thus stoking disinformation.

While the US is itself currently under an authoritarian coup regime, former US Generals warn of a 2024 coup and civil war. But of course, in that scenario Trump and MAGA’s will be the purported instigators!   The three retired generals making this assertion include: Paul Eaton – a former Clinton and Obama campaigner. Steven Anderson – A WEF sustainable development groupie.   Antonio Taguba – who was forced into retirement by his commanding officer.

Obviously, an AGENDA in the making as these Clintonites stage a civil war insurrection.

In the event Biden is propped up mechanically and doped into oblivion so as to make it to 2024, the election that was never rigged in 2020 will be rigged in 2024 as Trump wins by a landslide ~ according to liberal progressives.

Today, Italy is in the middle of its election and poised to elect a far right conservative woman.   Meloni.   The liberals are in melt down and the EU Commission von der Leyen vowed to punish all Italians if they vote in an improper party. Of course, the UK Government controlled BBC likens Meloni to Hitler.   Berlusconi, who is a part of Meloni’s coalition, believes that Putin was ‘pushed into the Ukraine war’.   Europe is tipping.   The energy crisis is their governmental doom. Households were told to stock up on firewood.   Now there is no more.

But a looming food crisis will wither any hopes of the liberals being able to hold onto their perilous posts.   And insurrection will follow.  And All The Kings Horses, And All His Men, couldn’t…

Brazil: Bolsonaro Victory!

Brazil has elected a new President after the US imposed Michel Temer, friend to Biden et al, who had a 7% public approval rating, was embroiled in scandal, fraud, bribery, and graft failed to do anything for the country.  Instrumental in the impeachment of former President, Dilma Rousoff, Temer was a US puppet.

The new President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, is being likened to Trump.  He is considered a nationalist with conservative opinions and goals including lowering corporate tax rates, expanding family values and supporting greater free trade, especially with the US and Italy.

This represents another shift to the detriment of the Global Swamp, and in favor of The People.

Simultaneously, the very Liberal billionaire globalist, Warren Buffet announced he was buying up stakes in two emerging markets, an IPO out of Brazil, and a payment service company out of India to the tune of $300 million each.   It is noteworthy because it is something Buffet has never done.

But it speaks volumes.

Buffet has always held to solid long term strategies.  Notable companies, IBM, Coca cola, Apple, etc…  He does so because research supports their longevity and growth.  In buying the Brazil company, it is as though he is stating that Brazil is the next boom – especially given it will be rid of the internal corruption and grow under a conservative, capitalist ideal.

CargoX is a relatively new company in Brazil that uses blockchain based bill of lading documents. Funded primarily by Goldman Sachs, Soros was also investing in the company.  Soros is quite familiar with investments in Brazil, formerly acquiring huge stakes in Petrobas which have since been pared, to agriculture through stocks as well as outright land purchases.   It was the parallel gold rush during the Obama administration when large swathes of hectares were being grabbed in Africa.

Like Trump’s affect here in the US, Brazil is already expecting violent massive protests from the Socialists who are funded and inspired by the same groups that propel such riots and destruction in the US.

Gaining a 55% majority, Bolsonaro narrowly missed death during a rally wherein he was stabbed in the stomach by an ‘activist’.  He has already spoken with Trump and they have arranged a trip to DC where trade talk will be the likely focus.   He also has plans to visit neighboring Chile and Israel.

Socialist fronts have rallied to label Bolsonaro a fascist.  Initially, Whatsapp was being utilized by companies backing Bolsonaro, but when the effectivity of the mass messaging became known and his lead an inevitability, the Labor Movement and The Socialists convened to demand Whatsapp censor pro-Bolsonaro conversations – which it did calling the conversations – “Fake News”.

Whatsapp is a subsidiary of Facebook.

Both of the original creators of Whatsapp, Jan Koum and Brian Acton left their positions at Facebook 2017 and 2018 and defied logic by announcing support for Trump!