The World Order of Soros: Flashmobs, Chaos, Riots & MONEY

Today is international Tourism Day – according to the UN.   “Targeted tourism investments can generate jobs, bolster local businesses, and reduce tourism’s environmental impact while empowering communities and celebrating their cultures.”   In celebrating cultures, a flash mob of blacks took to Philadelphia to decimate high end stores including Apple.   In celebrating cultures, Target has announced the closure of stores in flash mob cities;   New York, San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, and Portland.   In 2020, tourism in NYC tanked 67% and the economy reflected a 75% drop in revenues.

How’s That Working For You?

But that doesn’t even begin to provide the true picture.   In NYC, a tourist is anyone who has traveled more than 50 miles to visit and lodges there for one night – including the illegal immigrants staying at hotels. They would be dubbed, International Tourists. In 2020 alone, 10% of hotels shut down permanently.   Despite the flashmobs, the crime sprees, the assaults, NYC claims crime is down. Ask the tourists and the residents, and the answers are completely upside down – as in New York has descended into anarchy!   The government is desperate to encourage more people – more tourism to return.   And thus the crime sprees don’t go on the books.

Over the last 3 years, 781 chain stores have closed in NYC.   This doesn’t begin to touch on private and small businesses forced out.   Homeless shelter populations have nearly doubled since May 2022.   And this doesn’t begin to account for the homeless on the streets, or the ‘refugees’ in vogue hotels.   This is how illusions are created – ignore or give partial reality to truth.

Over $1 trillion in Wall Street Business alone – is gone.   300,000 residents have fled.   Most having upper level income. Tourism is in the toilet. Along with the UN headquarters – and their inane call for the importance of tourism!

Ignoring these facts, the UN goes on to tell the world ‘how tourism should invest to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals’.     As though cities are sitting on piles of unspent revenues just waiting to invest an arbitrarily construed amount of $24.7 trillion in ‘emerging market cities’.  

So where are these fabulous ‘emerging market cities’?   McKinsey & Co seems to have the answer listing 440 from a few different countries:   China, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, Egypt, Indonesia and India.   In other words, the US, Europe, and all western nation cities are being destroyed to give rise to ‘emerging cities’.   Why?  Money.

But today’s global dynamics have changed – and along with it the list of emerging cities has somewhat dwindled as alliances continue to be less enthralled with the Cabalist motivations.   According to a 2022 UN Tracker – tourism in Asia was down 77%, Americas & Africa were down 35%, EU down 21% and Middle East down 17%.   Not a stellar picture for advocating a $24 trillion investment given the UN simultaneously wants another pandemic wipeout. But logic no longer prevails.

California is experiencing a stagnant economy with 12% of the population on food stamps and annual deficit spending of $144 billion. The demographics are even more stellar – California whites now represent just 35% of the state population heavily concentrated in elite neighborhoods. In New York, whites represent 40% of the population.  Texas 40% white.   The New World Order of America.

The entire point of bringing into the US and Europe – droves upon droves of illegal unemployable immigrants would be to create the antithesis of urban touristy megacities.   The reasoning?   In the early 1990’s Soros declared that the US and Russia were the two countries left that needed conquering because The People were patriotic nationalists – difficult to break.   We were simply a challenge.

But in order to continue to create wealth, Soros needed to   a) find alternatives to the dying Western elite, b)   create new markets that he could manipulate – such as emerging market cities…   So he began the process of selling himself to gain celebrity status.   That status would inherently make others follow his lead promoting his investments and thus make him more money.

A simplistic equation, but one that he developed in the hedge fund world of money movement – which included money laundering, trafficking of all forms, and NGO circulars.   To break America gave him two opportunities;   1. If America became a pariah, money would move to other countries where Soros was waiting,   2.   When America ultimately falls, Soros would see the opportunity to scrape and rebuild – for pennies on the dollar.

There really is no other goal in his brain other than destroying in order to recreate. To win thru detachment. He understands that emoting and emotion are killers of monetary success.   So he not only enforces this mantra on himself but on every person that his within his sphere.   His successes brought in like minded money hoarders; Morton Abramowitz, Strobe Talbott, & Aryeh Neier,

When understanding Soros Jewish Heritage he said this in 1995: “In response to a suggestion that he has a fundamental philosophical difference with Israel, Soros replied, testily, “I don’t deny the Jews their right to a national existence—but I don’t want to be part of it.”

Abramowitz went on to have an illustrious career outside of his Ambassadorships, including with: National Endowment for Democracy – the coup and revolution sorcerer.   Carnegie Endowment – an adjunct of the UN promoting globalization. The Crisis Group – working to destabilize the world for colonization.

Strobe Talbott went on to slither his way into the Clinton circular earning him a directorship at the Brookings Institute – which laid the foundation of the FDR New Deal.

Aryeh Neier worked by Soros side creating Human Rights Watch and being named president of the Open Society.   A supporter of NeoNazism his ideologies splintered the ACLU.

ALL THREE work in a tether field with the Clinton Cabal.

World Economic Forum: Urban Cities of Tomorrow

The World Economic Forum is extending its reach taking over the coastline of The Netherlands in a TriCity purge.   The outcome will displace the Dutch people in order to bring in immigrant slaves to build a European NEOM. The ports being sacrificed include Antwerp and Rotterdam.   Slave quarters on the outskirts of these ports will house the worker-bees similar to Johannesberg.

In the US, control over the ports is relegated to blue state governments and include: New York City, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Houston, Savannah, Oakland and Charleston.   The destruction of major port cities such as LA, San Francisco, and NYC is the means of ultimately razing these cities to the ground in order to rebuild the WEF “Cities of Tomorrow”.  

The global economies built by western governments are collapsing at hyper-speed.   The inability to sustain the over-burden of debt has long passed.   Do you renovate or do you rebuild.   When looking at a dilapidated house – this is often in the mindset of a house-flipper.   The obvious decision comes down to cost and the value of the finished product.   Evaluating the western markets, the WEF has chosen to rebuild as the easiest means of recreating a marketable economy via the RESET Urban Cities of Tomorrow.   Meaning the economy is NOT fixable.

Rebuilding means the debt on the books is wiped clean.   A new start – within a wholly different economic ideology to replace capitalism.   A hybrid.   A possible return to ancient Egypt – pyramids – kings and queens – laborers – and the aristocracy.

The adage that you will own nothing and be happy is of course inane.   We derive happiness from our accomplishments.   Those accomplishments provide us with special gifts – a house, a car, etc…   The human brain is built on these tenets of worth.

While the future cities concept could have huge beneficial ramifications – instead the purpose is to purge rural and suburbia living so as to be able to control populations within a smart city urban controlled environment.   A Company Town ideology.   This is why mayors and governors ignore the destruction across major US cities and promote crime to more quickly advance the exodus leaving only the criminal element to be eliminated.

The key justifications are:   ‘urban transformation’, ‘systemic injustices and inequities’, ‘a crisis that can be used by civil society stakeholders to drive change’.

Change.   This is how the digital currency can be employed – and realistically the only way.   A closed environment wherein every individual is monitored for their speech, their work, their productivity, their value to the Greater Good, and their footprint.   Those that do not keep up – will be removed.

World Economic Forum – Future City Planners:

  • Co-Chair
    Carlo Ratti, Director, SENSEable City Laboratory, MIT – Department of Urban Studies and Planning
  • Maimunah Mohd Sharif, Undersecretary‐General of the United Nations; Executive Director, UN Habitat
  • Council Manager
    Charlotte Boutboul, Lead, Urban Transformation, World Economic Forum
  • Giovanna Antoniazzi, Specialist, Urban Transformation, World Economic Forum

These are the people appointed by Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum who are tasked with creating the perfect city state.

The architecture of these cities is actually quite remarkable and in any other context would be considered a phenomenal ambition for the future.   It is the unfortunate means of achieving this dream and the ensuing mandate that make them prisons.

NEOM’s price tag began at $500 billion. Within an estimated time frame of 8 years, that target objective is likely more closely double or more and the price is rising rapidly despite – slave labor.

Soros and Klaus lives were shaped by Nazi Germany.   They both grew up aligned within a theology of an elite super race in which they would be central.   Hardened by war, their brain development became assimilated within this combination of terror and race theory.   This manic psychosis enabled them to pursue their shared dream without conscience.   The bodies were simply ‘removed’.

However, their offspring have grown up privileged and safe within an idyllic world.   As such they will not have the degree of hate with which to wreak death and chaos.

They will fail.

This is what war does. It changes everyone involved.   Some people use war as a justification for perverse means – but others use it to compassionately help humanity.   If we look at the brain as a composite holding facility for switches – it is easy to understand what might happen if a particular event caused a switch to turn off.   War can have this effect as a sort of ‘survival’ switch. Klaus and Soros have numerous switches turned – off. But their children don’t.

Ultimately each of us have the power to choose what switches to turn off and leave off. As we also possess the power to turn them on.  This is Soros and Schwab.

At this point, most people understand that our global debt and trade is ‘unsustainable’ in its current mode of fiat money.   However, collapsing economies BEFORE the WEF has even built one city is more than simple ignorance – it is born within an evil that doesn’t even care about their own families who will be left with literal pieces.

You don’t quit your job until you have another lined up – basic logic.

This oversight is the causal factor in pushing for immigration – slavery.

Carlo Ratti is one of the existential creators of the Reimagine Urban Cities.   He sees issues that require solution now instead of later;   1. Political autonomy, and 2. Financial self sufficiency.

Technically despite all the planned destruction – none of these Elitists have discovered a viable alternative.   How will these cities be financed? How will they be self sustaining financially?   How do you build these cities when you’ve caused near civil war?   How do you quash civil war outcomes?   How do you find a means of maintaining this new order?

THEY DON’T KNOW!   Because Ownership Is What Drives Prices For Everyone…including THEM!

UKRAINE: A Colony Of The US Since 1991

How Ukraine came To Be The Property of US GOVERNMENT:

With the splintering of the USSR in 1991, the concept was to devalue Russia to such an extent, the western powers could easily colonize the country under the western backed leadership of Yeltsin.   The US then set about to pour billions into the collapsed region to support the various NGO’s and Industries waiting in the wings to envelop Russia.

Ukraine became a stickler point.

Nunn, Bush, Cheney, NED, AFL-CIO, Carnegie, Ash Carter, Baker, Colin Powell, were instrumental in the ‘forceful passage of Ukraine’ to western powers and ultimately – Soros.   But the people of Ukraine did not support this western ideology.   Like Greta Garbo – they just vanted to be left alone!

The MYTH presented to Congress and the Media was that if Ukraine was not completely absorbed by western powers the threat of nuclear war was a potential.   President Yeltsin of Russia was still in the pockets of the US Cartel, and he was a necessary insert.   Like Assad was to the CIA – until he wasn’t. Assad’s punishment? The absolute annihilation of his country and all antiquity within.

Gorbechov was uncertain as to the extent of weapons Ukraine now possessed.   The western takeover members didn’t care – they wanted Ukraine and that was that.

Bush had also recently been linked to the Franklin Scandal and needed a distraction.

The Franklin Scandal revolved around a child prostitution ring in Omaha.   Children were forcibly removed from a boys home and spirited away on jets to various Texas Ranches for pedophile parties.   It was alleged that on occasion, Bush would bring a child or three through the backdoors of the White House to party and Nancy Regan was aware. She hated Bush.

The Scandal paralleled that of Jimmy Savile in Britain thus forever uniting the British governments and their spy organizations.   Blackmail became the norm.

The denuclearization of Ukraine was paramount.   The government was unstable.   The corruption was rampant.   And real fear began to develop.

Working with Soros, NED stepped in and orchestrated a pro-western coup despite Gorbechev’s refusal to allow Ukraine to be a part of the splintered referendum. McConnell led the referendum to recognize Ukraine’s sovereignty and ability to receive USAID funding.

This action precipitated the animosity between Russia and the US in its refusal to uphold previous agreements wherein Crimea and Donesk would remain attached to Russia.

The western inserted economist, Yegor Gaidar and American Jeffrey Sachs, incompetence led to the fast track of Russia’s economic collapse. This led to a fallout between the NED/Soros masters and the Russian President.

Returning to Washington to regroup these actors then wrote the Soviet Nuclear Threat Reduction Act. $$Millions were assigned from the DoD budget to denuclearize Russia and Ukraine.

In order to sway Congress’ concerns regarding misappropriation of these funds, Nunn and Lugar, the Acts co-authors, declared that – all moneys would go through US NGO’s and Agencies, such as USAID and NED.   Soros was pleased.

During the entire Ukraine disassociation process from Russia, Soros worked with all the US Government actors openly – as an advisor and a conduit between Washington and the Cult Handlers.   His Open Society was embraced by Governments across the globe –

Candidate Bill Clinton suggested:   The US will offer new aid in the form of $1.1 billion in Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) credits to the NIS ($600 million for Russia – $400 million for the Big Guy) and by mandating a $12 billion increase in the U.S. contribution to the IMF. This would be used to support a $3 billion U.S. contribution to a Russian stabilization fund while giving the Big Guy another $9 billion.

Everyone was happy.   Russia could now be colonized.   Ukraine could become a vassal of the West, and there was a bounty of money to be laundered!

In addition to USAID, Ford Foundation aid, Carnegie Corporation aid, the Soros Foundation stepped into the fray bolstered by 100’s of his NGO’s.   At the time – and still today – NGO’s garnered little oversight.   Soros Power across global governments was crystalized.   The Bush and Clinton Administrations were completely couped and the future began to look brighter for a global government.   At this point Soros was an integral part of the US Government.   Democratizing Russia meant absorbing it into a US vassal.   Yeltsin, the Assad of Syria, would soon find himself on the wrong side of the stick.   Once an ally – now an enemy.

Clinton pretended that he supported a Russian sovereign state.   Over time Soros NGO’s spread throughout Russia and Ukraine.   More aid was sent to Ukraine via Clinton’s instructions.   Isolating Ukraine from Russia was now a priority.   Russia was not willing to allow their country to be ruled by and absorbed into the Mafia Cartel.   Thus Russia became a pariah.

Soros focused on Ukraine and brought in NGO’s, labs, US government agencies and established a foothold.   A port country with no viable government, Ukraine was a free-for-all!

But Ukrainians still fought the western takeover. When the pro-Russian Yanukovich was seated as the president of Ukraine in 2010, the western forces needed to dig in.   Soros saw the alliance as a detriment to his creation of a country that could be used as a global trafficking port.   Putin was thriving, Ukraine was back in the hands of Russia, and the west’s entire agenda had been foiled.   Failure did not guarantee a seat in the Cartel.

A Coup was orchestrated in 2014 by all the same parties that had initially been chosen as Ukraine’s Cartel Leaders. The Major Players in Russia and Ukraine were/are:

Mitch McConnell, Jerry Hough, Ford Foundation, Carnegie corporation, AFL-CIO, Brent Scowcroft, George Soros, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Sam Nunn, James Baker, Chuck Hagel, Harvard, NED, Stanford, Brookings Institute, George Shultz, Rockefeller Foundation, Cyrus Vance, Helsinki Watch and CCNY.

TODAY – Putin has maintained control over Russia, expelled foreign NGO’s, and waged an incursion in the western owned Ukraine..   Those original Players are backing the Ukraine Military to unseat Putin.   Control over the entire region is the GOAL.   Globalization CANNOT occur without Russia.

But – the Cartel lost it’s footing and the rise of BRICS has severely dented their authoritarian Regime. Hence they will not give up ‘until every last Ukrainian is dead’…

UKRAINE: The Propaganda War is Exponential!

In 2019, Lt General Ben Hodges gave an interview bragging about the military support delivered to the US military so as to infiltrate Ukraine.   Yes – I said that correctly…   According to; Mykhailo Samus, the deputy director of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies in Kyiv;

“We never see this money. This is American money getting processed inside the U.S.,” he said. “The Americans are buying goods and services in the U.S. and transferring them to Ukraine.”

  1. The US is buying goods and services at US rates and then ‘transferring’ them to Ukraine – after the NGO’s and Departments take their ‘fair share’.  
  2. According to Ukraine – 30%+ is immediately lost in internal government corruption.
  3. The US taxpayers provide 90% of ALL Ukraine’s military aid – Poland and the UK make up the remaining 10%.
  4. Trump was ‘impeached’ for delay in US Taxpayers donating $391million in one aid package to Ukraine based on his intel of ‘corruption’ which is a truism.
  5. In 2019, Bloomberg wrote an article declaring the corruption, graft and scandals in Ukraine could be “too much for them to ever recover”.
  6. The ‘scandal’ involved Poroshenko’s good friend whom he appointed to office upon his presidential insertion via the US NED coup of 2014.
  7. General Ben Hodges currently sits on the Board of Spirit of America, an NGO that operates in Afghanistan, Iraq and Ukraine. According to their last Form 990 – 2020 – 114% of their revenue went to salaries and the major recipients of their very limited grants went to – Africa.   (Does the IRS REALLY exist?).   The CEO is a WEF honoree for … being a WEF person.
  8. Poland’s PM has stated that they have not yet actually received any aide for the Ukraine refugees – but soon – they will because it was pinky swear ‘promised’!!
  9. UN estimates that roughly 10% of Ukrainians have fled to Russia.   Will they be eligible for 10% of the billions in humanitarian aide?   Why NOT?

AND:   despite none of the ‘aide’ actually having been dispersed, Billions more is needed because none of the aide has been dispersed! AH!

  1. AirBnB is waiving fees on tourists booking homes in Ukraine for vacation!    Others have ‘announced or pledged money’ that has yet to leave the wallet.   A common European trend adopted by corporations in America. It looks good, the media gives them a recommendation – but the money never is delivered.

Where do you think the multi billions of money will go?

Like ‘Spirit of America’ – perhaps it will all go to Africa per their IRS 990 Form. Surely there are millions of Ukrainians fleeing to Africa… and they will be well compensated by the humanitarian aide… or perhaps Ukrainians are ONLY deserving of aide if they go to anti-Russia countries?

Which follows the same logic of US democrats who proclaim that blacks are entitled as long as they are BLM anti-Trump Marxists.   And compassion is suddenly a political device – and not a true humanitarian one.   OR – illegals don’t require vaccination but every American 2 year old does…?

Today an argument ensued on my Facebook page wherein a man used as his citation of truth –  CIT – The Conflict Intelligence Team – organized in 2014 by then 21 year old Raslan.   A Ukrainian anti-Putin Bellingcat type activist.   CIT is aligned with Open Russia which was founded by anti-Putin NED coup plotter, Khodorkovsky.   Board members include Kissinger and Rothschild.   How Convenient!  The entire stated purpose for both organizations is to destroy – Putin. Surprise.   But this retired Navy American felt compelled to use a Ukrainian propaganda globalist NWO site to defend his point of view???   Odd.

Somehow, this retired Navy serviceman believes that the usage of Ukrainian propaganda sites is conclusive evidence of the atrocities of war.   Even if those citations are in direct conflict with American military news.   Even when they are in alignment with the Soros diaspora of the New World Order.   Was General Hodges his commanding officer?   Is General Hodges a Soros tool?

While National Endowment for Democracy, the orchestrator of all coups, deleted every single reference on its site and all associated sites regarding their grants, support, and dialogue regarding Ukraine, like the Hunter laptop from Hell – it all still lives – in the Cloud!   It does NOT poof away into the stratosphere…. It hovers waiting for someone to grab it!   Not an easy task – but a doable one – which is why the world and each country have a department of “Hackers”.

And perhaps this is why Soros is preparing to conduct internet blackouts – to attempt to cleanse The Cloud of all information that could invoke criminal investigations.  Particularly if those criminal activities can be traced to Soros and his Comrades.

Today, while you can delete all your data from the cloud on your ‘devices’ – it does not delete the information from the Mother Cloud.   IF in fact data could be permanently deleted from the Cloud then every intelligence agency in the world would be secure from ever being hacked given they would simply – Delete.    Making every piece of intelligence from every country – unhackable.   And if that were true there would be no valid purpose for ANY Intelligence Agency Anywhere…

Ukraine is a hacked country. Their nationalism was usurped decades ago by Soros who then brought in the elite globalists given the extent of corruption made the country a perfect source for their Mafia trafficking and their biowarfare.   It would appear, their angst in winning Ukraine reveals there is much much more beneath the surface that has yet to be exposed!   And they FEAR the outcome.

“And All The Kings Horses…”

It isn’t over yet – Information is our Freedom!

WAR CASUALTIES: Sometimes we Lament – Other Times We Are Cold

I am likely not about to make a lot of ‘friends’ with this post, but I am over the top sick of listening to the rhetoric of countless bleeding hearts agonizing over Ukraine as though this is the very first time there has been war in all of history!   These hypocrites of humanity shed faithful tears for the poor children and mothers killed in Ukraine – yet never made a peep when half a million Syrians died – Afghans died – Iraqians died – Yemenis died… or the 24,000 Donbas Ukrainian residents who were tortured and murdered for 8 years!  

NARY – a peep.  Yet they pull out their miniature violins as though they were fighting the groomed atheism that had permeated the colony long ago.

Suddenly these souls are grieving for a nation that was built on Nazism by Soros dating from 1990.   Per Soros.  NO Conspiracy – statement made by Soros. They know nothing of the massacre of 24,000 Jews during WWII by Ukraine as they aligned with Hitler!   They refuse to even research what is – History!   Instead they want to pretend they are suddenly enlightened by War – and their hearts are over flowing with new found compassion!   Balderdash!

Apparently, war didn’t exist before Ukraine.   Apparently the fact that Soros has announced he owns Ukraine and has since 1990 – is irrelevant to these anti-Soros, anti-globalist pundits.   Because they need to portray themselves as ‘heartfelt’ in the current Ukraine deNazification.

And thus, hopefully inadvertently, align Themselves with Nazi and Marxist ideologies! All while pretending to be Trumper Conservative Christians.   What The Heck???   Was it Christian when the US funded el-Nusra which was affiliated with ISIS? And killed thousands of children and mums?   How about the last drone strike bombing by the US in Afghanistan wherein – oops – we thought they were terrorists – but apparently they were just 9 children…

Did you mourn? Did you vent? Did you fly the Afghanistan flag? To you raise millions of funding?   Did you say – anything at all?

While it used to be said by the Soros Cabal that the US would be the most difficult nation to take down, he, Soros has proven himself wrong.   Americans are not nearly as resolute as we thought.   Easily, the media was able to transform the evil into good, and the good into evil.   Not a Christian voice. But the voice of Satan.

And suddenly conservative Americans are actually ‘supporting’ Nazi’s, Bioterrorism, biowarfare, and Biden!  

Soros is laughing.   But I am not.

I doubt this blog will garner new friends.   But it apparently needs to be said!

While the liberal and conservatives in our government have invested in the Ukraine – they thus have money on the line – in the game. A poker match.   And their support goes wherever their money goes.   By contrast, most American’s who have become puppet symbols of the Pro-Ukraine Soros Mantra, don’t have a clue what is happening, why, wherefore, or how … Because they ‘choose’ not to read beyond the same Mainstream that they pronounce as abhorrent!

I can’t tell you how many arguments are supported by CNN via a conservative purported Trump fan.   And yet, even more disconcerting is that when you point it out, they go on the defensive and refuse to see, hear, speak, or acknowledge what is reality. The Monkeys of Lore.

And still.   I refuse.   To give up.

There is a man I befriended via Facebook who is Pakistani.   We have developed a very mutually respectful relationship that certainly didn’t exist in the beginning.   But we share an overall common ideology – people don’t ‘need’ to integrate.  We each should be allowed to live according to our cultural values – and not yours.    Each of our cultures are unique to each of us.   When different cultures travel to a new country, they immediately search out ‘there own’. Whether it be Italian, Polish, Russian, French, they each have the burrow of preferred company.   Which is our Natural Way.   The rich play with the rich.   The poor with the poor.   It is a symbiosis that makes our endorphins rise – we feel good amongst our compatriots.

Whenever we are outside of that symbiosis, cellular fear is organized and we react.   The ONLY purpose of forced integration is forced divisiveness.   As our selves emerge.   This isn’t to say that a particular society or culture will ignore all other cultures, it is simply a preference like a scale of 1-10.   The entire stratum of the Soros WEF Agenda would be to ‘force’ a scale of thought and intellect as a dictum instead of the natural.

For Example:   Blacks complain, complain complain – but you don’t see a hard left exodus to Africa.   Hollywooders are notorious for whining, screeching, goading, and being so ‘unlikeable’ as they complain and shed tears while threatening a hard left exodus to Africa.   Still Here!

There has never been in the history of time where there were not the wealthy and the non-wealthy.   The closest might have been the Minoans.   But this division – though annoying – is what it is.   I believe the Minoan society lasted roughly 3000 years before disappearing.   Speculation is – the Science because science doesn’t know – in fact it has NO CLUE.   Funny thing when Science can tell us what was going on 3 trillion years ago – but get yesterday’s news wrong. Or on a more statistical point – Science ‘speculates’ beyond 1000-2000 years.   Beyond that, it is basically an ‘educated guess’, a ‘logistical theory’, a Ouija board crystal ball…

Ahhh, the Minoans, cool history research…   much there.

If I was a speculating, gambling woman, I might speculate that the Minoans were direct descent’s of Noah.   Cultivated a perfect society.   And would have been our forefathers if it weren’t for the wayward Pre-Roman Warriors that killed and murdered across continents – destroying much of the entire eastern hemisphere.

WHO – were these warriors from which so many are descended?  

And How Do We Find This Central Core Once Again?

Globalism is DEAD: but -Klaus Schwab’s Transhumanism Experiments Continue

Black Rock CEO claims that Globalism is officially ‘dead’.   Which would also mean the power of the World Economic Forum just diminished precipitously.   Klaus Schwab, the likely caricature used in the James Bond movies, has just lost control of over half his kingdom.   Lavrov and Putin are targeted for the fact that they embarrassed him – and efforts for retaliation are quite high!

Schwab’s dreamchild took a precipitous hit losing Ukraine.   The central European military had been raised in Ukraine from its infancy utilizing every aspect of Nazism.   Many of those soldiers are now dead.   And a cavern that was NOT anticipated has developed.

In their rage, the Blinkens and Nulands and Rothschilds, and Soros Cabalists are now on the defensive further widening the chasm while attempting to threaten any country that does not openly condemn Russia.   Threats that have only backfired grossly and created a stronger BRICS alliance.  TCH.

Despite Biden’s mumbling that the US will lead the New World Order, Schwab had declared otherwise in his manifesto summary of life post The Great RESET declaring:   “The US will not be the world’s superpower”.   In fact, every country that helped defeat the WWII Nazi’s are likely the Soros/Schwab targets for destruction.   Those countries which aligned with the Nazi’s will be the Kingdoms of Schwab glory and include:   Ukraine, Poland, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Estonia, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Argentina, Spain, Turkey, Slovakia, Switzerland, and Ireland.

In addition, there were several largess US companies that supported the ideology of Hitler, including: Coca-Cola, Metro Goldwyn Myer, Chase Bank, Brown Brothers Harriman (which included Bush’s grandfather), DOW Chemical, Woolworth, Alcoa, Ford Motor, General Motors, and IBM. These companies did not innocently collude but were quite supportive throughout the War.

The most basic ideology of Hitler was to create an unadulterated, pure race. The means included death camps and eugenics.   Today, the alliance of Soros and Schwab would include the means preferred by Gates in medical eugenics and transhumanism.   The same end result – with a more massive means of eradication.

While Soros is likely on his deathbed at age 91, Klaus, age 83, sees transhumanism as a potential means to live forever.    Albeit they are both at the end of their human cycle.

Transhumanism involves modification of those aspects of the human physicality that lead to death.   But minds can also degenerate – as in Alzheimer’s.   IF we were to follow the historical methodologies of these deigns of future perfection it could reveal that many supposedly incurable diseases that have no medically rational cause were actually created in order to levy a cure for the future evolution of transhumans.

This would potentially include not simply organ regeneration, but the ability to defeat Alzheimer and dementia related age.   It could also bring to light why Transgenderism is such a prevalent push.   The purpose within transhumanism would be to eliminate the need for gender definition in procreation.

The Future Transhuman Will Have No Viable Gender.

Thus every transgender, every Alzheimer patient, every cancer patient is simply another trial in their biologic experiment.   Just as we were under the vaccine experimental trial of CoVid – to determine what degree of DNA alteration could a human withstand and survive.

The Goal of Transhumanism:   To eliminate ALL physical and mental limitations.

I was confused as to why the massive gender destabilization.   It didn’t make sense.   And then…   BREATHE.   In essence, a transhuman would have no gender.   Thus the experiment on the mental capacity to accept that disassociation required point pushing – transgenderism.    The schools and organizations adopting this dehumanization are led to believe it is some form of freedom. They are also under a psychosis of aberration manipulated by the minions of Klaus and Soros et al.

Today, belligerents simply claim this gender dystopia is a religious societal defabrication of morays and ethics.   But it is MUCH more.

The ability to create a human life in a bottle failed.   No one would volunteer for these experiments if they were made aware of the truth.   So fabrication required an alternate reality.   A hypnosis to scale that causes malleable youth to believe they are of no gender.   And thus they have become the Trial Experiment, which required a human subject who was neither man nor woman in order to experiment with a different means of ‘creation’.   Animals did not suffice.

Could chemicals bring about a female womb capable of birthing inside a man that would produce a viable child?   Could a chemical alteration in the brain be the singular cause of Alzheimer/dementia?   Regenerative organs via a photocopy machine?   Fetal tissue to create skin that does not age?

For decades these ‘experiments’ were conducted on unsuspecting poor people who had no Internet or viability to refuse; Africa, Indonesia, India, and Ukraine.   The Ukrainian labs were purportedly working on a means of using DNA of a sub sect – such as Russians – to see if they could be singularly targeted for genocide.  Boom!

Remember, the end race must be ‘pure’.   Everyone in the US is an amalgamation of various European and Asian and Indian cultures.   We are NOT pure. Which is why Klaus Schwab declared that the US will NOT be a superpower in the future.

This massive experimentation for transhuman future would also explain their need for live fetus parts.   AKA – Planned Parenthood.   Everything is connected.   And the End Game is a redesigned Human through technology and science which has the ability to be male or female and live for eternity…

While Soros Nazification history is readily available, Schwab’s Nazi history has been quashed purposely:

Schwab’s father ran the Escher-Wyss Factory in the 1930’s leading up to WWII.   During WWII, the company was a supplier for the Nazi German war effort, manufacturing turbines for Norsk Hydro, and supplying flamethrowers. After the war the company became a pacman of acquisitions from Germany, US, France, China, Canada, Switzerland, India, etc…   The company was ultimately bought by Andritz AG of Austria and manufactures biofuels, steel and equipment for hydro-power plants.

Contrary to Klaus statement that his family escaped occupied Germany, they contributed to occupied Germany under Hitler in producing weapons of war.

Escher Wyss Factory was instrumental in the design and technology for the Nazi Atom Bomb Project.   Scientists were developing isotope enrichment for uranium bombs.   These ‘Scientists’ were likely transferred to Argentina and the US after the War, in order to continue their research.   Colorado was one such destination.

They were considered the brains of the future for the recreation of the Nazi Empire aka The New World Order.   And Russia just put a blitzkrieg HOLE in their entire Agenda.   And a paradigm Shift emerges….

Ukraine: A Global Mafia – money laundering, child trafficking, torture…

There are two types of organ harvesting; voluntary & involuntary. Voluntary occurs among young men and women in middle east countries whose poverty is so immense selling an organ is aligned with quick cash and food on the table.   And then there is ‘involuntary’ which is Big Business throughout Europe, the US and China.   Ukraine, in its massive corruptness became a hub with the US Navy kindly building two seaports for drug and human trafficking.

The media loudly asserts otherwise, but the facts have been available and produced countless times over decades. Why do governments pretend it doesn’t exist?   Because the blood is on all of their hands.

Involuntary organ harvesting typically means that the child or adult is alive as the organs are harvested and then cremated to leave no trail. The Uyghurs of China have been the subject of allegations for years, and yet the EU, the UN, the US, and all western nations turn a blind eye and do nothing.  Why?  Because – it is Big Business – generating upwards of at least $40 billion annually. Rarely is anyone prosecuted.  But they are all complicit!

Sometimes the children are sold by their parents at birth. No birth records means the child is lost in the criminal melee. Once the child reaches four years old, they are either sold to a pedophile brothel or harvested.   Children crossing borders unattended by parent’s are easily subject to these mafia criminals.

Pedophile brothels are apparently rampant across Germany.   In Afghanistan, “boys are given to older men for the sexual gratification of the elder and the ‘sexual education’ of the child.”

According to a State Department Report, the US is the #1 country in sex trafficking with 60% of child sex slaves coming from foster care institutions.  

Where are the unaccompanied children that have crossed into the US?   In a report by the New York Post last October, they witnessed two planes arriving in Westchester, New York in the dead of night.   Their cargo was predominantly children and teens. When the White House was asked to explain the ‘secrecy’ – reporters were met with blank stares only providing the statement that the children were being taken to ‘foster care institutions’.

The market continues to grow exponentially in both pedophilia slaves and organ harvesting.

A Polish film producer published a documentary on this heinous global corporation that considers humans ‘merchandise’.   His film was too graphic for me – but the point was clear – this is an Evil beyond our comprehension!

Ukraine became a source of sellers charging $200,000 for one kidney.   Could this relate to Ukraine’s annual population reduction?   It is impossible to know Ukraine’s age demographics given they don’t conduct census and declare ex-pats as still living in Ukraine.

When Russia announced it was going to cleanse Ukraine of its nazification and militarism, it shelled airports, sea ports, and media towers.   Shipping companies have halted shipments to Ukraine’s ports given the value of their ‘merchandise’.   Humans.   Air transport has been halted without a airport for market and time sensitive ‘deliveries’.   Meanwhile, Zelensky was playing active role of the grieving patriot before the EU with tears in his eyes exclaiming that he wasn’t just fighting for Ukraine – but for the New World Order.  

That New World Order would appear heavily entrenched in the drug and human trafficking mafia.   In a series of five video’s published between 2017 and 2020, Ronald Bernard, a Dutch Banker entrenched in the globalist cabal revealed that the requirement for members to achieve the status of the upper echelon is to kill a child while being filmed.

Bernard talks about the Matrix – those that live within it and those that live outside.   An illusion vs Reality.   But his breaking point in this financial mafia was when he was asked into the echelon and what that entailed.

Ten days ago, Credit Suisse was the subject of a hack in which 30,000 clients attached to torture, drug trafficking, money laundering, corruption and human trafficking were revealed and many published by a German newspaper. The largest clients in the leak come from Ukraine, Thailand, Egypt, and Venezuela.   The leak also includes the Vatican! The Swiss bank is considered a collaborator according to the hacker.

Credit Suisse is involved as a co-conspirator in this mafia criminal schematic and yet felt obliged to fire their chairman of the board last month due to his failure twice in following ‘CoVid mandates’.   Today, Credit Suisse is currently facing a criminal lawsuit for allegations it helped launder money from the cocaine trade on behalf of the Bulgarian mafia.

Like a good banker – they deny everything.   But the unraveling is occurring – and ultimately cyber warfare will be their bane.

The false narrative of CoVid spilled over every platform imaginable – and yet when the Ukraine-Russia narrative became the new matrix propaganda, those same anti-Mandate hallelujah preachers became fish bait for Ukraine.  Ignoring reality, ignoring the corruption, the trafficking, the poverty, the Nazi military regime – was manifested in media propaganda ‘hear no evil, see no evil’ – therefore there is no EVIL.

The US White House has been immersed in pedophilia since Daddy Bush became a known affiliate in the Franklin Scandal – 1988.   The UK has been immersed since the Jimmy Savile story broke same year.   Yet with the assistance and blackmail by the CIA, the stories were always quashed because the CIA controls the narrative. Globally.   In conjunction with MI6.

That is how Ukraine, a corrupt, debt default, Mafia, Human trafficking, Nazi country that is the poorest country in the entire EU with a GDP pp of $3,000, was able to merge itself into the EU – blackmail.   Sponsored by our global NWO Savior – George Soros. George Soros, whose greatest ambition would be to see the reunification of his Greatest Love  – The RISE of a Global Nazi Government. HEIL.

GLOBAL DEBT vs Global GDP – The Distraction Number

While the world loves to focus on US debt, which is a catastrophic mess, we are NOT alone.   Since 1994, China’s debt burden has risen 300%+ – much of which is tied to loans with low income countries. While the terms of the loans are relevant, they are opaque.   Likely those terms would be rooted in resources. Confiscating resources is a form of colonization.   Africa has a tendency to default on loans.   As does the new and improved western ally, Ukraine, which stands in sovereign debt default today.   What this ‘blackmail’ allows is akin to the gobbling of corporations, more politely called ‘mergers and acquisitions’.   However, when it is the hostile takeover over countries, it is called Annexation.

AND the only means of repair is The Great RESET.

The term is frequently used to describe Russia’s 2014 ‘annexation of Crimea’.   The realities beg clarification.

The number of coups and attempted coups of sovereign nations across the globe over the past two decades is of paramount importance in navigating the ‘information propaganda channeling’.  

For it’s eternity of existence, National Endowment of Democracy has/is/was the PowerPoint initiator of all things – coup, or Revolution.   These coup agendas expanded over the Middle East, Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia.   Few countries came away unscathed.   The blackmail was relatively simple, ‘abide by our takeover or watch your country be annihilated’.  

China’s coups were more stealth – involving an outstretched hand of money toward a corrupted government.   The West’s were much more inclined toward War.   But both achieved the desired results of ‘colonization’  for the purpose of globalization.

But then, as is the western ‘affiliates’ nom-de-pleu’, promises were worthless and broken easily, the false reality began to wilt, fade, and wither like the Wicked Witch of


The one nation that refused to be engorged was/is Russia.   Their history, despite propaganda journalism, has NOT been a coup demonstrative.   In fact, the WWII partitioner’s including Germany, the Brits, and US took a healthy chunk of Russian territory and established western internal governments. Despite Russia’s WWII alliance, they acquiesced at the behest of Gorbechev and lost massive volumes of land and equity.

And a weak Gorbachev claimed  their pinky swear promises archived in memorandums for History – as his fait accompli!

A Marxist/Leninist, Gorbachev is over 90 years old and still politically active albeit in a Western Propaganda means. Oddly, Gorbachev supported the Marxist ideology of Obama while discrediting the nationalist ideology of Putin. In other words he was a globalist corrupted by the Cabal Cult and a traitor to his country. He fought to destroy Russia.

Why all the ‘positive’ focus on Russia?   Easy Answer – Russia has YET to cave to the Cabalists.   And few countries are resisting.   Lest we forget, Russia is the ONLY country to forbid the activities of Soros and the Rothschild monarchy within its borders.

We in the US have been asleep at the wheel to be sure.   Even still, many fail to be prodded awake.  But the  EU certainly helped precipitate the run of the rail of the Marxist agenda.

We are in the grips of a globalist collapse of ‘debt’ and the only thing the Cabalist Cult can come up with as deterrence is War – Inflation – Depopulation – and Death from a biologic Toxin.  

Instead of an intellectual, rational deterrence, these supposed geniuses of global evolution rely on the basic fixation of Cain and Abel as their source of combative intelligentsia.   As such they reveal their primitive lack of true evolutionary brain power.   And their inability to rule anything higher than a camal.

There is no finesse. No strategic military acumen.   In fact, they put in power the LEAST to attempt to elevate themselves above.   Which makes them the second least!

What an accomplishment! Perhaps they should write home to mummy and daddy that they successfully beat a dementia riddled D student of greed and ethical depravity…

And in so doing have missed the entire legacy they strive to foment –

The minions they blackmail will be remembered as the deviants.   And they, the Cult Mafia, will be remembered as the purveyors of everything ‘evil’.   Although, perhaps their commitment to evil is their ‘good’ and revered.

But to most men – legacy, whether born of truth or fiction, is a paramount desire.

China’s debt is a prime example:   their motive was colonization.   But if the economy has been completely eradicated, the resources of the colonized debt ridden country has no value.   And thus the investment of debt is now worthless. Therein lies China’s debacle.

Within the war torn divisiveness – the fundamental crisis is ‘debt’.   Global Debt.

Insurmountable debt that could collapse every country’s currency across the globe.

Years ago, a male friend told me that if he knew he was dying he would max every credit card he could while making sure his assets were renamed.   Essentially, this is what our globalists are doing today. ONLY the assets – have no value in a globe where there are no consumers.

In this, these Cabalists reveal their inferior mental intellect.   And instead reveal a proclivity toward brutality – a caveman acumen.   The Lizard effect.   And ALL The Soros Humpty Dumpty’s couldn’t put back together ANY Men.

GLOBAL DEBT NOW STANDS AT $250 Trillion – Global GDP stands at half that number…The Distraction!

FYI:  Ukraine was required by the IMF to create a productive resource lineage.   Zelensky did NOTHING.  And Ukraine Defaulted on their entire Sovereign DEBT.   Poeple are Unhappy…

The Cabalist Bloodlines and the Battle for The Global Seat

Colliding Cabals.  Bankers vs Industrialists.  Infighting.

Marco Rubio, has joined forces with two democrats, Rep Pascrell and Blumenauer to once again denounce Tesla and Musk for opening a showroom in the Xinjiang District of China.   Xinjiang is the housing quarters for the ethnic Uyghurs.   And thus the Biden Administration has declared a moratorium on buying cotton from this District.   Others in the media have also opined their disgust with this move by Musk claiming he is in violation of the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.

The law ‘Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act’, is aimed at preventing goods made with forced labor in the region from entering the U.S. market. Though goods made with forced labor were already banned in the United States, the act established an assumption that all goods made in Xinjiang were made with forced labor unless certified otherwise by Customs and Border Protection.

Obviously someone failed miserably in their homework. There are 53 Fortune 500 US businesses operating in Xinjiang, including:   Amazon, Exxon, GE, Abbott Labs, Pepsi, Dell, Honeywell, HP, Cisco, Dow, Nike, Heinz, Boeing, Halliburton, etc… etc…

Not one of these other businesses have been called out except Tesla.   WHY?

When the Vultures took over Twitter, Amazon, GE, Instagram, etc…, there were two high value companies that wouldn’t cave:   Facebook & Tesla.   Immediately a demonizing campaign was instituted to terrorize these CEO Founders into stepping away so that the Vultures could secure the company.

The source for most of these campaigns is of course – Soros.   Essentially, in taking over these Fortune 500 companies they are nationalizing businesses in a Communist fashion.   Centralizing the force of money into a smaller and smaller circle of control. Communists liken this process as a ‘redistribution of wealth’.  

Pascrell Campaign Donations:   Nearly all Unions.

Rubio Campaign Donations: Largest came from Votesane PAC which supports democrats and Rhinos.

Blumenauer Campaign Donations:   Nearly all Union.

In the midst of these hypocritical politicians, their benefactor, Soros, has declared that Xi Jinping must go so as to install a ‘proper ruler’. Even more odd, is the fact that his speech regarding a regime change was made at the ‘conservative Hoover Group Institution’. His closing remark:

“This would remove the greatest threat that open societies face today and they should do everything within their power to encourage China to move in the desired direction.”

Although The Hoover Institute is described as conservative – it is more like a who’s who of warhawks and neoconservatives.

It becomes clear when reading the bio’s of The Hoover Institute Senior Fellows, they would be representative of One of the Cartel Cabalist vying for control. Advocating for a ‘free and open society’ within a ‘liberal international order’!   NOT conservative – GLOBALIST.

They are the Banking/Economist/political clansmen who would seem to be in a quagmire with the number Two Cartel Cabalists – the Industrialists. Both attempting to secure their absolute hierarchy on the Global scene.

Media Fellows at the Hoover Institute include:   Washington Times, National Review Online, Newsmax, and the Concord Monitor.

President Hoover was not exactly conservative.   During his tenure he increased the tax rate to 63%, doubled estate taxes, and cut personal and corporate tax exemptions – all during the Great Depression. His legacy seems quite parallel to that of Jimmy Carter.   He was a hugely disliked president – but had a humanitarian side that was noble.

Colliding Cabals. 

For everything white there exists black. For everything light there is darkness. And for everything good – there is evil.   As the Cabal expanded with marriages, so did a schism birth.   The United we stand became a front of division.   That division has been the crux of disunity among the Cabalists.

It is theorized that there are thirteen bloodlines that form the Cabal. Thirteen is derived from the Biblical reference of Christ as King being number 13 with 12 disciples.   If there is a relationship it would mean that ONE bloodline is Head of the 12.   And the notion that there is no ONE bloodline leading the rest would become a false premise.

Fully extrapolated, the ONE Bloodline would thus have to be Satan as the antithesis to Christ.   Meaning there can only be twelve Cabalist Bloodlines – and Satan.

Many well advised have painstakingly listed the bloodlines – but what if they are wrong?   For example, after the assassination of JFK, Jacqueline Kennedy flew into the protective arms of Onassis who is considered a Bloodline.   The only reason she would have done this is if she was Bloodline through Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut and Holland and House of Wittlesbach, a German dynasty.

The House of Windsor, the reigning royal house of the British monarchy, are descendants of Sophia of Hanover, a Wittelsbach Princess of the Palatinate by birth and Electress of Hanover by marriage, who had inherited the succession rights of the House of Stuart and passed them on to the House of HanoverIn following the lineage of Bouvier – she would be a descendant of this Bloodline that is now the House of Windsor.   Onassis also a Bloodline would then make logical sense for Jacqueline to run to following the assassination of Kennedy.

The person who introduced the par was Charles Bartlett, an advisor to daddy Bush – also stained with the Bloodline.  Was Jacqueline ‘installed’?

This would also explain why JFK’s and Jacqueline’s only surviving child, Caroline, became an Obama protégé.   And that even Bloodlines are NOT sacred given the conspiratol death/murder of John Kennedy Jr.

Revealing – a distraction.   TO have us follow persons who are NOT Bloodline at all….