Climate Change Won’t Change a Thing ~ Bill Gates

After all the rhetoric, the hype, the fear mongering, the screaming, the Greta’s, the cloud and atmospheric seeding – Bill Gates said yesterday, “The climate is not the end of the planet, the planet is going to be fine.   The world will not be able to meet its agreed-upon goal to limit future warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial temperatures, but it won’t hit the 3-degree Celsius mark either”.  

WHAT the fark?   Don’t worry – be happy!’

Apparently, Bill Gates has completely flipped his moniker and decided its really not that bad.   So we can stop calling every catastrophic event a climate change disaster and use critical thinking methodologies?

Not to be outdone, another nonscientist has provided her astute opinion, “The climate crisis has propelled a massive economic shift,”   Janet Yellen pronounced excitedly as she fumed that she wasn’t allowed to hike interest rates again.   As such Yellen has decided that banks and institutions should only support those investing in zero carbon clean energy – like Bezos and Bloomberg.   Does that mean Exxon, Chevron, BP etc… will no longer have access to bank funds and loans?

Bill Gates almost seemed to have landed on earth, only to have old lady Yellen unwind the “don’t worry – Be Happy” slogan.

Prince William was also there to offer is nonscientific knowledge and unearned money – 5 awards worth $1.2 million each to companies with new ways to ‘save the planet’.   WAIT – didn’t Bill Gates just say we don’t need to save the planet because it is just fine?   These three were palsing around New York having flown in on their private jets and driving entourages of gas guzzling limos to stay at the Plaza and decide what to do about planet Earth.

Of course this all comes within earshot of Zelenskyy on the UN stage demanding more billions for Ukraine’s climate change needs – while simultaneously asking for more weapons and gas guzzling F-16’s in order to meet the requirement that the war continue until 2030.   György told him so.

The Looney Tunes are on full exhibit as nonscientist, non inventor or anything – Bill Gates is called to the AI summit to help lawyer Schumer determine how best to make sure AI is not used ‘inappropriately’.   As in destroy the world. Of course Schumer is well versed in nothing AI, yet somehow was selected to Chair the panel of Stakeholders in Control;   Musk, Zuckerberg, Pinjai whatever his name is… amongst other nonentity humans.

In true Kindergarten classic, Schumer asked everyone to raise their hands and agree that the US Government should officially be the overseer of all things AI.   And like obedient kindergarteners – they all raised their hands.   Inside sources claim Zuckerberg raised his hand higher and waved it around for dramatic effect before they agreed to sit on their hands for the remainder of the Summit and zip their lips.

At the last minute, Musk’s 10 children decided they wanted to join daddy and came crashing through the doors running in circles around the group until Musk told them to take turns sitting on his lap.  While so doing, one child pointed to Zuckerberg and whispered something to Musk at which point he burst out laughing, “Yes R2DTwo, he looks like a lizard brain”.  

Because AI is tipity top secret, the meeting was held behind closed doors and no one was allowed to eavesdrop except WAPO and CNN. They alone were chosen to be the official leakers. A responsibility they take very seriously.

You see, the US Government and it’s allies have determined that most everything must be contained within the vacuum ‘tipity top secret’ because that makes them feel bigger and stronger than the peasants they lord over.   Surely, if any secret were to be revealed, the peasants would all die of horror, their brains exploding like the Road Runner, leaving no one to pick up the garbage and build yachts and jets for the Masters.   So the peasants must be protected from reality and live in a hole while given a feeding tube of information.   Say Ommmmmm.

Meanwhile, Pop Francis has decided he will personally look into the allegations that a Priest who has been dead for a decade, might have committed rape or sexual assault on a number of boys.   He’ll make a decision in 2050 when the climate suddenly stops acting so dang erratic!   You see, climate rattles brains and makes them unusable. And according to all the nonscientists this erraticism will come to a screeching halt in 27 years, only to be met with another ice age.

Ready Set GO!

Alex Soros who stands a solid 5’2” was in attendance given all his honorary degrees make him so super dooper smartmatic.   He squeaked, “I am much much more evil than my daddy! So you better do what I say or you are suicided!”.    Zuckerberg stuck out his tongue.   Musk laughed.   Bloomberg rolled his eyes.  Gyorgy snored in a seat in the back, fast asleep after a hard day of eating.  But that’s why Bloomberg likes his picture taken with Alex, because Bloomberg is 5’ 3” and looks like a veritable giant with his shoe lifts in comparison.   An optical allusion.

Soooo, the UN Climate Summit is coming to an end, but don’t you worry your pretty head, because they have one every month going forward. Always in a different location.   Always requiring a couple cases of caviar, rum, vodka, scotch, Bourbon, Champagne, Brandy, and Port – flown in from Portugal on a private jet.   And always clearing out the most expensive hotel available so that no riff-raff can rub their soiled hands on the walls, doors, or furniture and possibly cause a disease outbreak.

Surely, Doctor Bill has a cure somewhere in his twenty four travel trunks?

Of course, wives are never permitted to attend these events because the prostitutes don’t want interference.  And frankly, neither do the male attendees who are just looking for a break from their abject boredom while they concoct another form of terror to eradicate unwanted peasants.

Que Sera Sera – Whatever May Be, May Be – The Future’s Not Ours To See – Que Sera Sera – What Will Be, Will Be!

WARS Cause Climate Damage – Ukraine Wants Compensation

The very erudite Politico is suddenly concerned about the ‘climate impact’ of the Ukraine war.   Who better to determine the amount of carbon output from the war than Lennard de Klerk, a degreed electrical engineer who is running an ecolodge in Hungary.   Not to worry, he claims his top skills include: military climate change • Carbon Footprinting • Greenhouse Gas • Low Carbon Technologies • Green Building.   None of these top skills are a degreed program.  Climate Tzars typically study biology, chemistry, statistics, and environmental economics.  

Not Lennard.

How are carbon emissions calculated?   “Countries report their emissions through a ‘bottom up’ approach, where national emissions are estimated by combining data on types of activity with the emissions typically produced by those activities.” The International Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) ‘Task Force’ developed ‘guidelines for measuring activities’.   Their first report was developed in 2006, revised in 2014, and revised again in 2019.

In the presentation report by the IPCC, they provide reporting guidelines to the experts wherein they tell them how to spell chemical compounds, how to abbreviate units, and how to abbreviate a factor into a power.   I don’t think they are talking to ‘scientists’.   The four categories include:   1. Energy, 2. Industrial Processes, 3. Agriculture, forestry and other land use, and 4. Waste.

What is not in any category is War and War exercises.   In addition, there is no accounting for volcano eruptions, home appliances, cow farts, and race. The means for measurement is a small sampling of soil and an expert created set of predetermined emissions measurements.   To top off the cake, they add a dollop of creamy estimates and a pinch of guestimates to make an expert calculation sound plausible! VOILA!

Obviously any measurement stats prior to 2006, are completely fabricated because the methodology was not developed yet.  So the comparables would have to originate with a start point of 2006 – not 1850 when temperatures were first measured:  A man would board a ship and hoist is mercury or alcohol based thermostat in the ocean.   Reading the temperature, he would write it on a piece of paper.   And that is our historical evidence.

When reviewing the list of authors for the 2019 expert IPCC report, a few have been out of commission for years, some as long as 8 years.   Selecting another random name, I found William Irving of the EPA. Claiming to be an environmental specialist, his masters at Columbia in 1996 is listed as ‘Environmental Policies’.   Only Columbia did not begin offering such classes until 2002.

Despite all these inconsistencies, experts have determined that the US has warmed by 2.6’ since 1970.

March 2023, the deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Army for sustainment, said the service branch is moving forward with plans to acquire Electric Light Reconnaissance Vehicle prototypes as part of its efforts to adopt electric vehicles. Expected to be in production in 2025 for delivery in 2027, the vehicle fleet will represent roughly 10% to 20% of all vehicles, the remainder being diesel. An electric mobile microgrid will travel with the fleet.   This vehicle grid can generate up to 100 watts per vehicle despite the fact that most small EV cars require 250 to 400 watts.

But the Army is determined that this transition is sustainable and will have a yuge impact on the climate by 2035 or 2050 – whichever estimate fits the schematic.

Clean Technica is working with the Army. Their website claims their content is for “entertainment purposes”.  WHAT?

Lennard’s ecolodge in Hungary emits 1744 kilograms of carbon dioxide annually in a town with a population of 59. This is explained by Politico as the result of his expertise.   Working with a colleague in Kyiv, they estimate the number and type of projectiles, tanks, planes, etc… that are in Kyiv on any given day.   Their report as submitted to the UN found that the Ukraine war emits 120 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.   The report includes the explosion of the Nord Stream pipelines by the UK and US militaries. It is rife with assumptions – and vacant of data.

The purpose of the report is to hold Russia globally accountable for climate change.   Both Zelenskyy and expert Greta Thunberg were behind the initiative to hold Russia accountable. The purpose? To raise the monetary war compensation reparations.   The means would require bringing charges in the International Court claiming Russia broke the law wherein the ICC states’, “every state has a duty to prevent significant transboundary environmental damage”.

There are two flagrant errors in this distraction:   1) it was Ukraine which broke the law by refusing to uphold the Minsk Agreement of 2014.   2)   Pandora’s Box would open claims against the US military in every incursion throughout the middle east and Africa.

One thing is certain global militaries don’t give a fark because war is business. And business is money, including all those war exercises which dilute inventory requiring more spending.   Still, the UN is considering the proposal of allowing this to proceed.

Geo-engineered Fire Bombs = Directed Energy Weapons not Climate Change

As war drums beat across Africa, as China cleans up after devastating floods, as Maui searches remains, a tsunami is scheduled to hit Japan Tuesday with predictions of 20 inches of rain in 24 hours.   Climate is changing patterns both naturally and thru geoengineering with bomb like consequences.   And Niger’s military coup has sparked a western reaction – WAR!

It is playing out like a 4th of July fireworks display with the finale being a ratcheted torrent of bombs bursting in air!   Ordinary people are on edge, their tongues quick to lash out with anger and even rage.

Are we in the midst of a geoengineered tit-for-tat war?  

The media overwhelmingly claim the Maui fire was caused by climate change.   Why?   Because the topsy-turvydom world claims everything nefarious is now caused by climate change.   Vax deaths are because of – climate change.   Plane crashes are – climate change.   Citywide chaos is caused by – climate change.   All because The Media says so.

The concept that a hurricane south of Hawaii caused the ‘climate change’ fires in Maui is preposterous!   According to a past weather graph, the temperatures in Maui were normal, peaking at 88’, the wind speed was NE peaking at 25 mph at noon. This is normal. Hurricane Dora never made landfall and was tracked 500 miles ‘south’ of Hawaii amidst Northeasterly winds blowing southwest.   Maui is north of Hawaii.

A normal ‘fast fire’ can travel up to 14 mph.   The Maui fire was stated to be traveling at 60 mph.

According to government officials, the vast majority of the recent fires in Greece and Italy were arson. These coordinated blazes also spread across Croatia, Portugal, Spain, and Algeria. In each scenario, the respective governments blamed ‘arson terrorists’.   NOT Climate Change!

Therefore, what if Hawaii was a tit-for-tat weaponized reaction to the China flooding? Or, what if it was a US military exercise using Directed Energy Lasers – gone awry…?

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) use electromagnetic energy via energy lasers and high power microwave rays.   Sonar is used to hone in on a target.   They are being developed and/or are already in use by:   US, China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, UK, Germany, France, Iran and Turkey. Their impact is somewhat akin to an atomic bomb.

Lockheed Martin:   “At sea, in the air and on the ground, Lockheed Martin is developing laser weapon systems ready to defend U.S. and allied forces. Combined with our platform integration expertise, these systems are designed to defeat a growing range of threats to military forces and infrastructure across all domains.”

Lockheed, Northrop, Raytheon are in various stages of testing Directed Energy Laser Weapons. It is NOT a conspiracy.   Their websites are rife with bravado regarding their ability to target our ‘enemies’.   Certainly, it would not be the first time the US military ‘accidentally’ destroyed a city/town.

The 2010 earthquake in Haiti was considered by ‘conspiracy theorists’ to have been caused by a HAARP experiment causing tectonic plate shifts. The recent earthquake in Turkey was a ‘threat’ to Erdogan to obey and abide by Western Cartels.  OUR Government is a Conspiracy – incapable of providing anything remotely parallel to Truth.

The power and control these DEW weapons can yield is considered much more efficient than nuclear. Yet governments continue to parlay the effects of climate change as though the military industrial complex is nonexistent.

The Jet Stream:   Jet streams are narrow bands of strong wind currents that occur in the upper atmosphere around 30,000 feet. The jet streams roughly follow the earth’s rotation. The speed of rotation is fastest at the equator, and slows to zero at the north & south poles. Typically these air currents flow west to east and when cold air collides with warm air, the jet stream moves north or south creating curvature blips.

Jet streams cause changes in weather, affecting high and low pressure systems – and shaping the weather.   Climate enthusiasts assert the opposite – that climate changes cause jet streams – a scientifically proven false assertion.

According to Science Alert, today jet streams are chaotic and undefinable. The current fragmentation of the jet streams are fueling catastrophic weather patterns.   Scientists are baffled.   As a result, they are calling for more geoengineered manipulation – which will likely cause more chaos.

The flooding in China is damaging crops.   The western media is fueling claims that China’s flooding could result in Xi Jinping’s government being blamed causing a collapse of faith in his power.  And once again, the point of the accusation is to undermine Xi Jinping in order to insert a western proxy. The secondary point is the creation of a global food shortage.

The reality is that earth’s weather is comprised of complex atmospheric and subsurface ecosystems that interact in a completed cycles.   Like a rain forest, if any singular interruption of the eco-balance occurs, the entire system begins a slow death. When we pound particles at CERN, seed clouds, manipulate climate, and block the sun, we are forever destroying the natural balance. And no amount of $$$$$$$$$$$$ will reverse the course SCIENCE has crippled.

CLIMATE CHANGE – Manufactured Viruses & CERN’s portal to dimensions


Canadian wildfires are now contributing to 30% of global pollution and warming.   70,000 to 100,000 wildfires burn every year – the vast majority human caused or arson, which accounts for about 90%.   Upwards of 40-50 volcanoes are erupting every day.   There are roughly 55 earthquakes every day globally. Every military exercise includes detonating bombs in our oceans, atmosphere, and underground.   Every aluminum particle put into our skies by globalist experts kills plant life and animals like a poison. Yet fossil fuels are the culprit in Climate Change/Warming.

Yesterday in the middle of Chile’s winter the temperature soared to 100’.


A biolab owned by the Chinese was ‘discovered in Fresno California.   According to the CDC they found over 800 chemicals and the production of 20 viruses including; CoVid, Hep B & C, strep, pneumonia, Herpes 1 & 5, Rubella, and chlamydia. The lab was given a $360,000 tax relief credit by governor Newsom. The purpose is to infect mice with the viruses and then release them into cities.

How many of ‘nature’s viruses’ have nothing to do with nature? We know HIV is a scam, AIDS is a scam, flu’s are scams including those determined to be infecting chickens because of ‘ducks’, maybe the aliens are really significantly evolved humans living inside earth?   Maybe there are more than one form of humanoid species inhabiting earth?

Because, the lies seem to be revealed every day instead of every decade. Unraveling.

Do whales mass beach themselves after their sonar is damaged due to windfarms, or due to military exercises?   Are lawns dying because of chemicals in the rain?   Why are there so much fewer squirrels and bunnies?


Because, if the Cartel destroys the planet they destroy themselves too.   Maybe the aliens are forcing them to destroy earth.   Who the heck knows? – Yet. We will find out eventually.   Seems cleaner to just reveal all the truisms including the puppet Masters.


“Their large Haldron Accelerator propels bursts of 200,000 billion protons around a 27km ring at a rate of 11,000 times a second. Beams of protons hurtle around the ring in opposite directions until they collide with such force that they generate myriad sub-atomic particles – including the Higgs Boson. A set of gargantuan detectors then crunch some of the data from 40 million collisions a second.”

In the midst of this kaleidoscope of reality, CERN has claimed they have opened portals into other dimensions since 2016.   CERN makes claims about their particle smashing Collider, but their true ambitions and experiments are carried out with no oversight whatsoever.   Stephen Hawking was not a fan of CERN.   He said they were grossly reckless and could quite easily accidentally cause Earth to be consumed by a Black Hole.

The attached picture represents the effect the activity at CERN has on the atmosphere.   A video taken by a tourist depicts the formation of a thin vortex shortly after the Haldron Accelerator initiated the particle collider.  It appears to show a vessel/UFO traveling into the central point of the vortex before it disappears:

It becomes rather obvious that CERN is affecting/impacting our atmosphere, our tilt, our axis, our climate, and our presence in the universe.   And science experts have no concern for the consequences.

Elon Musk stated that CERN was demonic.

The Mandela Effect (a government psy op) postulates that masses of people can have the same false memory. Some postulate that it is akin to mass hypnosis.   Mass hypnosis is the more common term, and is used to manipulate you with false memories and emotions predominantly thru media and dream modulation.    Others have postulated that there are an infinite number of parallel universes wherein people have inadvertently stepped into this portal and arrived on a parallel planet in which events are the same – but not the same.   As such this would account for false memories shared among divergent groups.

CERN has stated that these parallel universes are actually alternate dimensions which are – infinite.

Maybe Kerry and Soros and Gates have come thru a portal where there is no God into our dimension where there is God.   CERN already claims this is not just possible but they have proof it exists. It aligns with the concept of The Matrix as written about extensively by Jon Rappoport, and the perception that we are living inside a ‘concept’ as opposed to a reality.

Except, now we have a portal to prove it – CERN.

Of course, stepping between parallel universes thru portals would have a constant disruption to the universe as a hole, possibly degrading its stability and causing disruptions in climate, sonar, and even behavior.   As evidenced by the atmospheric pictorials of CERN particle collisions.  At some point, some dimensions would die while simultaneously others are created.   Each parallel is comprised of energy – the human constant is the differential given we react conversely.

The constant is the events, the outcome is the variable. Given an infinite number of variables substantiates the ‘theory’ of the infinite parallel universes.

While this information is corroborated by scientists, like all truisms and shared knowledge – it is already old when we are made privy to its existence. Therefore, what is reality in the present tense has already infinitely surpassed what we are told… Meaning, Climate Change is relative to millions of years ago… as is the Universe. And what we are seeing is billions of light years past – as is our ‘present’.

EARTH IS BOILING: Bring on Climate Pandemic II

The UN’s foremost ‘expert’ on Climate Science, Antonio Gutterres, an avowed Socialist, has declared that earth is boiling.   “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”!    Having earned a degree in physics, Gutterres spent his career teaching before working for the Socialist Party.   That would be the extent of his career history before joining the UN in 2005 as High Commissioner for Refugees. He has accomplished nothing.

The goal of the Climate Alarmists is to reduce CO2 levels to zero.   In fact everything must be net zero according to our Mafia Cartel.   Including people.

Current CO2 is 422.17 particle per million.   The optimum amount of CO2 for plant life is 1000-1200 ppm.   The point at which plants suffer is 10,000 ppm.   The point at which all life begins to die – plant, animal and human – is 250 ppm.   Therefore a net zero CO2 would mean a dead earth devoid of any life whatsoever.

The global elite scientist experts did not start monitoring CO2 levels until 1959.   Everything before that date is a guess.  And everything to date is also a guess.   Guessing is the new Science.

The UK would have us believe ‘July is possibly the hottest it has been in forever’.   That forever began around 1859 when temperatures were first recorded.  Unfortunately, the methodology of measurement was wholly inaccurate – but never mind.   A woman on Twitter put it succinctly by stating Climate Change is a $1.2 Trillion business – annually – and filled with hypocrisies, including;   child labor, prison labor, diesel fuel, silicon land mines, and lithium land mines – all of which contribute excessively to the manufacture of poor energy.

So what is the real goal?   Money?   Will these same Cartel members repair earth when they have efficiently destroyed it?   Is the goal to destroy earth so as to create a new Industry to rebuild earth?   Like Ukraine needing to be ‘rebuilt’ after the Military Industrial Complex destroys it?  Maybe that would explain why Scientists are trying to grow embryo’s in labs and bring back the Hairy Mammoth – which means all scientists and labs would have to be ‘underground’ to survive.

That might require some help from God.   Of course, their pledge to lie, coerce, kill and steal might get in the way…

Climate does change.   Historically it was not human caused, however, currently the cause of change is human – just not the ‘general population’.   The human cause is geoengineering that has gone awry.

Methane gas is the newest hazard to Climate. Methane gas is a primary component of Natural Gas.   In the EU, natural gas is considered a ‘green energy’ – unless the methane comes from cow farts.   Then it is bad.   According to the EPA, sources of methane include: landfills, oil and natural gas systems, agricultural activities, coal mining, stationary and mobile combustion, wastewater treatment, and certain industrial processes. 

Estimates of methane emissions are subject to a high degree of uncertainty, according to the IEA.   In other words we have no idea how much is produced, how much is in the atmosphere, or how much it was a billion years ago. Therefore, if you cannot measure how much is released how can you know it is having any climate impact?   Methane gas emissions were first non-measured in the 1980’s.   Despite not being able to measure the amount of gas, science experts have determined the amount released is rising exponentially.  And we need to eliminate it immediately.

I can’t believe any ‘scientist’ would allow their name to be associated with any of this mess!

One solution to the cow fart contribution is a ‘feed additive’.   Bovaer is the name of the additive.   It’s safety has not been determined because the manufacturer failed to provide all the ingredients or any data information.   The one study commissioned by the EU was conducted using Beagles. They were fed partial ingredients, killed and then examined to see how much of the product harmed their organs. It is unclear why they just didn’t GUESS.

Methane is a nontoxic gas which has common uses in various production capacities, including:

  • automobiles, ovens, and water heaters as a fuel.
  • the generation of electricity.   So much for EV cars…
  • rocket fuel in its refined liquid form. – Dang Elon will be peeved!
  • an antifreeze ingredient in industries.
  • a common ingredient in fertilizer.   Nazi Soup Kitchen -no more crops for you
  • used to sanitize products. Dirty, dirty everywhere 

Newest Fear Tactic:   A vital system of ocean currents could collapse within a few decades if the world continues to pump out planet-heating pollution, scientists are warning – an event that would be catastrophic for global weather and “affect every person on the planet.” ~ according to a singular pamphlet written by experts…

The article, was written by Peter Ditlevsen and his wife Susanne from Denmark.   Peter is a theoretical physicist.   The article actually stipulates that IF the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation were to collapse, climate would be subjected to a radical change.   He notes this is unlikely to occur in the 21st century.   All science seems to end as of 2100.   Their analysis is based on mathematical models, abstractions, and estimates in line with his theoretical evaluations.   What they do NOT state is that this will happen – ever.

What all these fear tactics are supporting is what the UN and WEF have already determined to be the 2024 impending DOOM – Climate Change Pandemic Lockdown.    Ramping up fires, tsunami’s, earthquakes, storms, flooding, droughts, and aliens… the promise is The Dod and HHS and WHO with their newly coveted power to declare a State of Emergency, will use that power to enslave. 

I wonder if Pfizer is creating a vaccine for Climate Change?

“Oh No The Sky Is Falling!” ~ Chicken Little

Geoengineered Climate – Disease – Dictators – and Propaganda

Ukraine will be liberated by the allies.   Just like Syria was liberated from its Dictator.    Just like Europe was liberated from Hitler.   Via mass casualties, an even greater number of disabled, and an entire country reduced to rubble.   Soldiers coming home to nothing.   Disease rampant. Brain trauma, PTSD, rehab, drug overdoses. Loved ones dead.   For what kind of liberation?  

After a likely geoengineered earthquake devastated a huge portion of Turkey killing over 50,000, Erdogan was given no choice in suddenly allowing Sweden to be absorbed by NATO.    He was blackmailed.   Mere weeks later Sweden announced they would allow Koran burning – which has now embroiled Sweden in riots.

War could not exist if not for stoking hatred thru propaganda.

One commonality of war is that The People being bombed – and the people doing the bombing rarely hate each other.   It is a mindset form of hypnosis.   It has become so common that to track times of peace is a much smaller research effort than times of war.

Sometimes it feels as though earth is in some minutia bubble and sitting at a large circular table are giants watching as we entertain them with – War & Hate.   Certainly peace and prosperity are not nearly as entertaining.   Just watch the Hollywood movies…

Everything on earth appears to operate in a constant circular pattern. Trees losing their leaves and regrowing every single season – a circular.   Farming crops, tides, wind currents, natures way.   But then there are manipulated circulars;   inflation, war, rebuilding, death to birth, the creation of hate, even ‘rebirth’ is a circular.

In my lifetime, I don’t think the US has ever NOT been at war.   Wars are much longer now, protracted by greed within the abject lack of anything resembling compassion.   Evens these evils are circular – framed in a constant within antiquity.

If we go back to Adam and Eve, we find a circular of hate as some postulate that every aspect of evil in our world today was – Eve’s Fault.   If Eve had resisted Satan would have lost – or some such nonsense.   These same blame sayers will also pontificate that God is the singular source of everything that happens.   In that context, God caused created and caused Eve to sin.   Blame –

I listen to Zelenskyy being described as a ‘hero’ for standing ground and literally decimating his entire countryland and his people, for an ego driven, greed driven villa in Italy.   He could have ended it before it began – and he chose not to.   The US and EU governments declare they want a ‘forever war’.   But The People don’t.  Yet the people are the ones who suffer while the governments rejoice in death.

Today Germany’s economic minister warned Modi that unless he disavowed and demonized Putin, he could forget trade with Germany and the EU.  WHAT?    It is more like an elementary school playground than a system of Leadership.   And what happens when their money is gone – their legacy is spoilt – their fame deteriorated?  And Prosperity rules?

They start over with the same end game rationale. Circular.

Imagine what could have been achieved if these evil mindsets had instead focused on building – creating – solutions – farming – you know, that which is our sustenance for living.

What gives me faith are those who are weary and yet still gather the strength to fight a verbal and legal right of passage.   This strength has been there for every single war fought by every single country.    It exists today.

Syria’s President Assad was a victim of the war worshippers.   A war fought in the guise that we were ‘liberating’ Syrian peoples from their evil dictator.   But we didn’t liberate anyone – instead we spent years completely obliterating antiquity – beautiful historical treasures – under the prefect of Hillary’s words of wisdom that apply to every such situation, “What difference does it make – …they are dead.”

Two wealthy music stars created a video wherein they asked every American to put up their money for Ukraine’s citizens.   Why did they make the video?   Why don’ they just hand over their wealth to Zelenskyy?   Why don’t they call for Peace?   Why don’t they call for peace….

Maybe the reason the elites want to depopulate us is because we have multiplied like bunnies and are uncontrollable.   The reason MAGA is their Achilles heel is because it is a united front. A front that could extend across borders.   A front that can dislodge the contempt and replace it with something good and positive.   That would not be very entertaining to the mind embroiled in chaos.

Today Germany and the UN declared that they won’t send aid to Syria any longer because the bad dictator Assad would misuse it.   SO people must be punished and incited to believe Assad is evil. The tactics come from the bully pit yet they are reformulated each and every time in a manner wherein they believe these Peoples will suddenly thank the US for liberating their country and reducing it to rubble.  Bow and scrape…

I am reminded of the picture of white people on their knees kissing black peoples feet – begging for forgiveness.   But they don’t want our forgiveness they want money!   And NYC is proud to announce they will be paying BLM rioters millions for unjustly arresting them…   The same NYC that is broke.

I just read the Lew Rockwell blog ‘Is climate engineering real?’   It’s worse than real, it is worse than we can imagine real.   Because not only have the ‘experts’ been busily playing with our climate – the reason they are so desperate now is because they can’t fix the damage they have done – so they need to deflect and BLAME The People via Climate Change.  The article is absolutely stupendous!!!   Perhaps why I am so melancholy today.

Maybe God needs to blow up earth and just start over.   These people are beyond evil – evil is too tame to describe them.   They must be another Species…

Magnetic North Shift – It is The Journey Not The Destination

Germany’s Nature Restoration Law:

Degraded Peatlands.   Ever heard of them?   Few have.    Including me.  But Germany is bending over backward to re-sustain them because they can absorb carbon dioxide and when agriculture farms drain the peatlands, it ummm makes climate bad.   According to no study ever done, across Germany, drained Peatlands account for 7% of greenhouse gas emissions.   In order to ‘rewet’ Peatlands, Germany needs to confiscate farmland and potentially raze entire villages. Greta is singing hallelujah…

Food security is now secondary to ‘protecting nature for future generations’.   Of course if everyone starves there will be no future generation.   But alas I tinker.   The law would allow 30% of all ‘former Peatlands’ exploited for agriculture, you know food, to be restored by 2030 – The Bingo Year – and 70% by 2050 when everyone is dead.

A Peatland forms naturally over thousands of years via decayed plants – but Germany is convinced they can recreate them unnaturally by reducing agriculture output and filling man-made holes in the ground with water.   Germany imports a mere 7.8% of its food.   This self sufficiency is negatively impacting climate, so Germany will import more from other countries across the EU & China causing them to increase production on their agriculture land emitting more greenhouse gases…   And these people run the world.

In essence, every climate solution merely shifts the cause to another source like a shell game.   Windmills are killing our oceans and ocean life.   Lithium batteries require massive amounts of oil and gas and water to manufacture.   But the manufacturing is – over there… not here.   Therefore it doesn’t impact climate change.

From cow diapers to unsold and bankrupt auto dealers trying to sell electric cars, the chaos is embraced by the cluckers and cockadoodledoos.   Across the US the unsold inventory of electric vehicles now stands at nearly double that of the ‘gas-guzzlers’.   Because no one is buying the schtik!

Germany is in the midst of a drought.   We are still in La Nina.   La Nina has always translated to drought in some areas and flooding in others.   That’s what climate does – it changes. Daily.

According to National Geographic, magnetic north has never been stationary.   It is currently moving east from Canada toward Siberia.   Despite thousands of ‘science experts’ across the globe, not a one can say why this magnetic reversal happens, or what the consequences are.   But they do emphatically declare not to worry – it happens all the time.   Anywhere from every 20,000 years to every 200,000 years – give or take a hundred thousand.

Yet somehow, refilling Peatlands and Wetlands will change the weather…and stop magnetic north from moving.   Experts declare.

Earth’s magnetic field is generated within the inner core field of molten metals and the interaction of our atmosphere.   When the magnetic field shifts the earth’s magnetism depletes slowly. Scientists tell us not to worry because the shift could be thousands of years in the future. What they fail to address is – “The Journey”.

It isn’t the ‘arrival’ of the finished event that is of concern, it is the journey.   By actual experience science does know that satellite systems, electronics, and radar can all be disrupted by blips in our magnetic field. Whales and sonar mammals become confused. Other than those minutia of phenomena, mum is the word.

However, the journey would reveal that climate is most obviously affected. Our weather is created via interactions between earths core, space, the moon, planets and the sun.   For example:   this summer we experienced catastrophic rains and hail.   Uncommon for El Nino, more common for La Nina.   Trade winds in the upper atmosphere are directly impacted by earth’s magnetic field where they are essentially created.

Such a journey would also impact volcanoes, earthquakes and other weather events that no amount of windmills or solar panels will dent.   This summer I watched numerous times as two separate and distinct climate systems collided causing torrential rains and hail.   The fronts were typically moving quite fast and low before colliding like two bulls vying for a female.

The only reason the Cartel elite would have in pushing a climate agenda instead of the actual polar shift would be to create a secret buffer zone for themselves when the shiitake hits. Given the Climate Funds are not funding anything of consequence, perhaps the two-book accounting system is being employed.   It has been the mantra of The Pentagon since at least the 60’s when nails would cost $100 each. It is the same system used to create Ukraine Aid.

Depopulation would make sense in this scenario given the depletion of wildlife, crops, and sustenance in a chaotic polar journey.    To survive, people would likely need to move underground.   Bunkers are in style.   But the extent of damage is unknown and the time to regain magnetism as the field continues moving east and south is theorized to be at least 1000 years.

The bunkerites are afraid that if the truth were known on a global level – their plot would be foiled again ~ Dudley!   And commoners might confiscate a few bunkers.   Maybe Bezos thinks he can sail through the storm on his 450 foot yacht.   The solar impact is also considered an ‘unknown’.  But I would imagine the seas will not be kind.

Maybe the photos of UFO’s are simply asteroids?   Breaking through earth’s atmosphere …

The Gurgle on the street is that a UFO Event has been scheduled for sometime in August.   Courtesy of The Cartel.   Who The Heck knows.   What we can swear to on the Bible is ‘these lizard peoples’ in government lie pathologically.   And no amount of climate change is going to make them into ‘better people’ with a conscious and compassion.  

They are no different than the father running from his house during an earthquake leaving his wife and children inside….    

The FIVE Events That Will Destroy Earth & Humanity

UK scientists have declared that based on insurance data the US is losing an excess of 500,000 to 600,000 citizens each year due to the Vax.   After the elderly were the initial targets, the vast majority are now the healthy workers between 18 and 50.    Small businesses continue to need more employees while Big Woke Corporations are firing en-masse.   JP Morgan, one such Corporation, is actually hiring while simultaneously firing…  to the tune of 13,000 new listed job openings.    Simultaneously the Biden regime is importing hundreds of thousands of illegals,,, for maids and for agriculture work.   While the US and EU bemoan the lack of next generations as the population ages – the WEF demands depopulation…

The world is now unsustainable.   Not enough food, not enough water, not enough oil & gas, not enough housing, not enough enough…   Immigrants are supposed to fill the void of excess deaths in developed countries as we transition to AI.   Once achieved, the migrants won’t be needed any longer. So what happens?

The US unemployment rate is low because workers died.   In California, the vast majority were Hispanic.   In NY the vast majority were elderly.   Now across the US and UK the vast majority of deaths are among the working age group 18-45.   The only industry showing an increase in employment per ADP Payroll for May was Hospitality.  

Hospitality employs over 15.11 million.   This industry was hit the hardest by Pandemic lockdowns.  The BLM claims hospitality had lost 8 million jobs as of December 2022 and still had 1.3 million job openings for those remaining businesses.   Those openings are now being filled – albeit slowly.  Skewing the jobs report.  

The vast majority of laid off workers did not sit idly – they retrained into a different job.   As a result shortages of teachers, nurses, doctors, and hospitality workers were rampant.   What to do?   Bring in immigrants to cull the gap of employment numbers giving the Biden Admin leverage to keep raising the interest rates so as to celebrate the killing of the economy.

Employment numbers CAN NOT catch up with pre-pandemic levels;  half a million excess deaths every year of working age citizens and millions permanently disabled is not sustainable. Catch Up – simply isn’t viable.   At least not if the numbers were truthful. Unfortunately, like everything else, government analysis shows the government lies about everything.   They create algorithms and call it science.   But algorithms are like polls – worthless manufactured data.

We are now being warned of five separate threats that could annihilate earth:

  1. A new, deadly pandemic created in NIH labs across Africa that will have a death rate of 40%
  2. Earth will be hit by solar winds wiping out satellites and the global electric grids causing widespread famine, disease, crime and death.
  3. The aliens are here and ready to make themselves visible for the general public.
  4. AI will turn on humans and destroy them
  5. CERN will create a black hole that swallows earth.

So what do our esteemed governments suggest we do to mitigate against these catastrophes?   Eat fake meat, drive electric cars, and be 100% carbon free.   Not too sure but I doubt CERN, the aliens, the biolabs and AI give a rats dang about these ‘nonsolution solutions’.

The fact is – solar winds have been a phenomena forever, aliens have been buzzing us for decades, and the pandemics are all man made viruses to boost Big Pharma Profit margins. So what are our Leaders actually doing to mitigate catastrophes? NOTHING.

Talk is cheap.

Somehow constant war would be their focus.   It benefits both Big Pharma while simultaneously boosting the military industrial complex – two of the three largess Mafia Cartels.

The Third Cartel is Banks.   How will banks survive when we eliminate money in favor of social credit?   Because technically social credit is not sustainable given credit is not a currency – it is an emotion. The value of credit is profits which are built on time.   Time is built on interest.   Interest on credit is the mainstay of Credit card companies.

Let’s say you go to the grocery store for meat and potatoes – but the AI scorecard at checkout says you don’t have enough points in your social credit for these purchases – even if you have the cash.   The store makes no sale.   When stores don’t make sales they lose money, they order less products, their inventory tanks, and food shortages develop.

Let’s say you find a house to buy, you have the cash on hand and go to closing.   But the banker looks at your social credit score and refuses to make the loan.   The bank loses because it needs to make loans to survive. You can’t buy a house because you haven’t earned enough emotional points.

The system is flawed.   It requires the creation of a scoring system that is in real time. What qualifies for points has about as much merit as the Nazi Soup Kitchen on Seinfeld.

In the meantime, actual solutions to potential environmental harm are ignored.

Earths core is a magnetic field of charged particles that are released into space and protect us from solar winds and the collapse of the ozone layer.

The magnetic field of earth can become unstable as it moves into reverse polarity.   That reversal causes extreme changes in weather.   Scientists don’t know much about this event, don’t understand this event, and yet make astoundingly ignorant theories of this event based on rock rings… claiming the reversal happens every hundred thousand years – give or take a million.

Rock Rings.   Since the mid 1800’s the magnetic north has moved from Canada to the North Pole and is now heading toward Siberia in Russia.   Its pace varies and is propelled by liquids beneath the core.  As it moves, weather patterns are gyrated.  Patterns become existential.   And weather goes awry through various knock ’em down bruises!   Winds turn from SW to NE on a dime – to West on a nickel to WNW on a quarter.  Predictability is nonexistent.

What is possible/probable – is this singular reverse polarization event recreates weather – altering animal, plant and humanity.   And no amount of Bill Gates weather seeding can alter the earth’s core!   But then Gates is neither a scientist or IT computer nerd or medical biologist. He just has the world’s largest ego and a death wish. So stop using those aerosol sprays and stop cows from farting and stop driving cars –  because the reality of weather is built into the universe NOT PEOPLE.

CLIMATE CHANGE: El Nino, La Nina, and Il Stupidio

The United Nations has effectively given up on “Climate Change” and is now focused on “Climate Adaptation”.   Climate Change meant money to throw seeds into the atmosphere to block the sun…   Climate Adaptation means money thrown at improved infrastructure, improved agriculture and mangrove protection and resilient water sources.   In actuality – improved agriculture and infrastructure have been the drop-down expenses for Climate Change – but then no one really pays much attention.

The Green Climate Fund still exists – is still in the business of micro-loans, and has now catapulted the Mangrove Protection initiative – in Vietnam.    Biden Handlers apparently authorized another $1 billion sent to the Fund this past April, and Germany, in the midst of a recession pledged $2 billion euros.   Where’s the money?   Still in the FUND!

The Fund was sitting on $10+ billion in assets as of the last financial report date of 2021 having spent just $2.3 billion cumulatively on project expenses.   The reason for the accumulation is simply that the fund makes loans while hording the cash contributions. The US is the largest donor.

Oddly, no one in Congress seems concerned that an additional $3 billion was just sent to Ukraine and $1 billion to a harvested fund for infrastructure in Asia and Africa while threatening US citizens with a bankrupt Treasury.

According to the UN, the bulk of funding needs to go to those countries which haven’t the means to provide for themselves.   An estimated $300 billion annually is necessary.   Wealthier countries have already contractually committed to $100 billion annually, yet actual receipts average about $2 billion a year.   A BIT of a shortfall.  The absurdity is lost by the fact that this extreme need the Gurus demand has only cost $2 billion total over the last 7 years.  

IF these NGO’s and Governments across the globe would actually bend a knee and speak truth, I doubt they would get the pushback and anger that is cumulatively now exponential.   Climate Adaptation is logical.   But eliminating CO2 – killing trees – causing fires is the same manipulative means that is used to incite coups, fraudulent elections, and war.   And the truth is a Biblical Revelation.   Because it reveals the real schism is Satan vs. God – the children of Satan, vs. the children of God.

The newest fear mongering initiated by the MSM is that our La Nina system is about to switch back to El Nino.   These are the two fronts associated with changing weather patterns identified and used as a base mean for determining future scenarios.   They were identified decades before the Industrial Revolution that is pinpointed as the eternal blame of all things Climate Bad.

Recognized as the drivers of global climate – these two systems routinely shift every two or three years.   Although we have only been in a La Nina front for the last year, it is not uncommon for the shifts to vary.   Even these events are subject to interpretation.

“According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association’s Climate Prediction Center, NOAA, there’s a more than 90% chance that an El Niño will develop from May to June persisting into the winter. And while it hasn’t been declared yet, it probably will be declared soon.”

There are two glaringly ludicrous statements  in the NOAA determination:   1)   90% chance must be based on scientific facts,   2)   NOAA is a self proclaimed ‘Prediction’ center.     The means for making this prediction is based on the surface temperatures of the Pacific Ocean between December 2022 and May 2023 – at the equator.   Accordingly, the US weather should see more rain and snow.   Yet, in California, they have been experiencing floods – during La Nina.   Colorado has 150% of water capacity due to heavy winter snows and rain.   Which would indicate that NOAA has a Houston Problem!

The Prediction Club has been hustled by the Media with headlines stating Catastrophic HEAT during El Nino… In other words, our esteemed Climate Expert Scientists still don’t understand climate, climate patterns, climate shifts, and the ensuing causes.   But they are more than willing to parlay Catastrophic Warnings…

At the end of the day, we have gone from a Chicken Little Ice Age – to Global Warming – to Climate Change – to Climate Adaptation in just a few decades within the spectrum of thousands of years of tree ring readings. IF Science can’t figure out the weather patterns after 200 years of research, thousands of members of the Expertise Club, and billions, if not trillions in “Funding” – I would suggest they find a different occupation to confuse and conflate.

Animals have done better.

Climate Change – WH Committee to Research Effects of Climate Manipulation

After Nigeria’s Climate expert told Bill Gates and Soros to essential fark-off, they managed to convince their puppets in the White House to comply instead.   A five year research project will study the ‘effects of geo-engineered climate’ around the globe.   That research means studying different means of shading the sun and then writing an analysis of ‘what happened’ next. 

The scientific concept is akin to ‘let’s give everyone an untested vaccine and see what happens’… That Scientific Expert research caused massive deaths and significant ‘adverse events’.   Playing with earth is apocalyptic.

The five year project includes: Spraying sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere despite the known harmful effects on the environment, animals and humans.   Scientists say it is worth the risk. Atmospheric sulfur dioxide is like volcanic ash. It will cause deforestation, acid rain, respiratory disease, toxic waterways, dead fish, dead birds, dead animals, and air pollution.   Its caustic characteristics will destroy the ozone layer protecting earth.

The atmospheric injections last for 6 months and require boosters at a cost of $10 billion each.   The supposed effect would reduce the temperature of the planet by 1 degree if employed continuously – forever. If the earth naturally heats up a degree – the net effect is zero and will continue to degrade as earth’s warming isn’t simply a reaction to the sun. But a reaction to our polar vortex movement.

Another hilarious method proposed is ‘cloud brightening’ which is achieved by spraying salt crystals in the air over all ocean masses.   The effect of this solution lasts – several hours. The aliens must have been on vacation the day scientists came up with that solution!

Every manmade solution in science comes with ‘side effects’.   Every Pharma Drug lists anywhere from 10 to 30+ side effects – including death.   Every action to alter climate comes with side effects including death to all life on Earth.   And scientists find this an acceptable risk.   A risk even Steven Hawking decried as insanity!

Historically, climate has impacted hundreds if not thousands of civilizations.   Their solution was always to vacate to a location that is habitable.   Adapt or move.   We have evolved since then to be able to mitigate – unfortunately we don’t spend money mitigating – we spend money fixing broken beyond repair.   A mentality lacking in depth solutions.

But this mentality mimics the Pharma concept of not curing – and instead pushes the inevitable a few years out.   When Climate scientists declare that we need to get rid of cows and pigs and chickens and replace them with water thirsty crops that don’t provide nutrients – Houston we most definitely have a problem. The problem isn’t the climate – it is the incompetence of science.

Western California is the perfect example:   Chicken Little has been screaming for 100 years and yet nothing has been done.   They didn’t build reservoirs, they didn’t clear forest debris, they didn’t ration water, they didn’t void Pepsi’s and Coke’s enormous water contracts that empty reserves for sale of bottled water across the globe.  

In 2021, 15 billion gallons of bottled water was sold across the US. Priced at $1.23 per bottle retail – consumers spent roughly $18.5 Billion for bottled nonsparkling – tap water. How many of those bottles were recycled?

Playing with weather is a power play and nothing more.   The power to control – the power to give and to take away – the power to give death or life… these are the reasons why weather manipulation is not about saving earth.   It is about the high these people feel.   The accolade.   And the money it generates.

According to ‘rainforest-alliance’, the frog population is indicative of our global warming as they are under threat of extinction…  

  • 2005 – heavy rains lead to frog population explosion!
  • 2013 – frog population decline more severe than what scientists previously reported!
  • 2022 – explosion in frog numbers!

What this tells me is that el Nino and La Nina are doing their dance.

A company called ‘Make Sunsets’ claims that for $50 billion per year they can return the world to its pre-industrial temperature.   Temperature records didn’t begin until 1880.   Therefore the time frame for comparison is 140 years in the entirety of earth.   But the means for measuring have changed dramatically making past estimates relatively useless:   “data were collected by inserting a thermometer into a water sample collected by lowering a bucket from a ship.”

According to the EPA measuring sea temperatures is not remotely accurate until 1971 and more accurate beginning in 2005. Everything prior was done using outdated methodology giving false results.   So now our baseline is just 50 years to 18 years.   Meaning the pre-Industrial period began in 2005!

Climate Change is real – but our global administrators are not concerned about evolving with the change and instead want to ‘fight’ Change…