The Nation of Israel is a Zionist Corporate Operation of Mossad



Despite the Israeli War, the Ukraine War, and failing economies, CSIS (Center For Strategic and International Studies) is still triggered by – China.   “Tracking China’s Navy Modernization…”, “Rethinking Technology Transfer Policy for China”, “What The Sunnylands Statement Means for US/China Climate Relations”.

The Sunnylands Statement was first negotiated in 2021, and never implemented.  After 2 years of further nonnegotiating, CSIS has determined progress is being made.   Apparently, the US disinformation campaign has determined that China agreed to parallel the US strategy in reducing methane and fossil fuels.   The Reality?   China went home from the San Francisco Summit and began construction on 300 new coal plants.

Why is it that 2021 targets became 2025, became 2030, became 2045, and are now 2070?   Because everyone delineating the ‘targets’ will be long dead and their fruition isn’t about fruition, it is about money.   The money laundering pool in Ukraine is dried up.   The Israel pool is redirected to Israel’s Slush Fund, and the Green Fund is redirected to the Banking Cartel’s usury microloans.

2024.   Chaos is being planned in wake of the 2024 election and Americans are being warned it will upend America in nearly every corner from the reoccurrence of BLM and Antifa Riots, to mass layoffs, to bankruptcies, to unprecedented fear mongering – ALL of which will be amped via AI across social media and our decrepit news entertainers.

And according to the esteemed Economist rag, it will be China’s fault.   The Goal Is To Place China in a Firm Second Place.

“…as China’s rulers prepare for an age of division and great-power competition, they will present their country as a defender of global unity.  To advance their first goal, Chinese leaders will accuse America and its allies of stoking a new cold war. They sense an opportunity to dislodge the West from the centre of world affairs. Their criticisms will have an economic component, too. With global growth slowing.”

Setting the stage for the next reel of media entertainment, the dialogue has been established – attack CHINA.   The reason?   BRICS.  The US is petrified that the BRICS power movement will intensify in 2024 leaving the war mongers destitute, depleted, and sitting atop a $40 Trillion Bonfire of the Vanities.

Russia is offering Americans a chance to save ourselves by moving to their country.   China is temporarily opening their free VISA program to encourage European travel.   Klaus Schwab is hiding while the WEF wants to cover our waterways with – solar panels.   Yes – really.  What could go wrong?   Here fishie fishie…

While the WEF attempts to create the illusion that everybody is happy happy, The Economist has declared that 2024 will see a global recession.   Somehow, these two tied at the hip organizations are not gob speaking and haven’t got their stories straight.

The illusion that the US and UK are global peacekeepers working toward democracy has been shattered.   The Hologram has revealed an incomprehensible evil bent on disorder thru starvation, death, and constant wars led by governments engaging in pedophilia, satanic rituals, and trafficking of money, children, and slaves.  There is no way to say this other than at face-value.   Only when we recognize what these people have done, can we dissolve and eradicate the tyranny.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  We have only one candidate willing to go thru the desert – Trump.  Robert Kennedy, Jr., is NOT the target.   He has pronounced his awe and pledge to Hillary Clinton.   A perfect VP choice for Trump would be Sarah Huckabee Sanders; level, balanced, female, insightful, highly intelligent, and above reproach.   Her loyalty and her word are solid 99.9% gold.

The CIA has a venture capital fund called, In-Q-Tel.  The Mossad has a venture capital fund as well – Libertard Ventures – founded in 2017 to invest in high-tech start-ups.  Both agencies are funded by their respective governments via taxpayers.   But Taxpayers do not share in the profits from these Funds.   Nor do they pay taxes because they are, well –  secret.

MOSSAD/Israel –

According to the Mossad’s Libtard (yes, I know) Fund, they invest in entrepreneurs and startups.   In return, “they do not require shareholding in the company but are granted a non-commercial, non-exclusive license for the use of the company’s IP, developed at the time of engagement with the fund.”   This is basically the road map for how the CIA ran Twitter.

The Mossad has now been linked to 9-11, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Jeffrey Epstein and The New World Order.  The collaboration between the US CIA and Mossad would seem well trenched in every nefarious event in the world to catalyze a constant realm of chaos from which to paralyze countries.  Epstein and Maxwell were their pimps tasked with creating blackmail via acts of filmed pedophilia to OWN Western governments.

The entire 9-11 task was to create a common enemy – Islam.   ISIS was formed to eliminate the Shia’s.   And Al Qaeda was formed to enhance a terrorist mentality so as to establish a sharp division in the Middle East with Zions maintaining a victimhood propaganda position justifying War.

Mossad is NOT our friend.  They and the CIA are The Cabal.  The media and political fray of Rhinos and Liberals are erupting because they fear the truth will be realized.   Their blackmail will be made public.   And their treason will fill Guantanamo. 

The Zionists and The False Prophet Pope have worked in conjunction with each other to destroy the common denominator that has the Power to upend their entire Agenda – God, religion, belief.  Francis was tasked with destroying The Catholic religion.   The Zionists were tasked with destroying the Muslim religion.   Because faith in God is Satan’s Last Hurrah wherein he will be cast to the sea of fire.

Verse 8 &9, Psalm 72:

He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth. 9 They that dwell in the wilderness shall bow before him; and his enemies shall lick the dust.

The verse used by Palestinians to designate God’s Israel is literally a fragmented version from The Bible.  It cannot and does not apply to secular Zions because they don’t believe in religion or THE BIBLE.

IF Zionist Israel is not a valid land, then what is it?  

In 1968, Israel Corporation was founded with Shaul Eisenberg and the Israeli Government whose PM at the time was Levi Eshkoll a Zionist who established some of the first ‘settlements’, succeeded PM Ben Gurion, and with the extol of President Johnson, precipitated the Israel 6 Day War against Palestinians.

Israel Corporation, Ltd, is the holding company of Israel Corporation which spun off multiple subsidiary ventures in 1999 and 2007 including:

Kenon, based in Singapore, Tower Jazz based in Israel in partnership with China, Zim, the largest Jewish NGO in the world – founded in 1945 by the Jewish Agency For Palestine, Israel Chemicals, Oil Refineries, LTD, Tower Semiconductor, which owns 51% of Taiwan’s Nuvoton, Qoros, founded in China, and IC Power, operating in Latin America and The Caribbean.

Idan Ofer, an Israeli billionaire, took control of the Israel Corporation from his father.   He sits on the advisory boards of Harvard and Council of Foreign Relations, co-founded The Carbon War Room for climate change which became The Rocky Mountain Institute with offices in China.  RMI’s CEO is Jon Creyts who came from McKinsey & Co.   The Israel Corporation works in conjunction with Lockheed Martin, which was a powerhouse for Nazi scientists post WWII via the CIA.   Ofer is a member of the liberal labor party.

THUS, Israel and China are intertwined in the Israel Corporation that defines Israel as not a nation – but as a Corporate Entity.  Which is why the China Bad syndrome is a deflection from China/Israel partnerships.   The deflection is victimhood – The Power Grab behind The Red Curtain is the Zionist Cabal – and the ‘rethinking’ of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion…..

The World Economic Forum via Basel is The Protocols of Zion

In 2003, George Bush created PEFAR to address the global HIV/AIDS epidemic.   Overseen by the Department of State, the initiative has been awarded $90 billion to date.   According to someone within the agency – 25 million lives have been saved…  Except there is absolutely no evidence or factoid to support this claim – but it looks good on paper.

According to ResearchGate, the global and sub-Sahara case trends have steadily increased.  Yet PEPFAR funding has steadily increased despite statistics showing the initiative, the $110 billion, have really done nothing.   In fact, PEPFAR and the State Department decided they would be the Global Aids Coordinator led by Deborah Birx as of 2014.  In 2023, given the statistics were so incredibly poor, Anthony Blinken announced the launch of the Bureau of Global Health Security and Diplomacy to be led by John Nkengesong.   Money was poured into the “Sustainable Control” of the epidemic.  So where did the money actually go?

Bill Gates Global Fund is the primary beneficiary.   Given that HIV/Aids continues to rise exponentially according to testing that is not done, given that there is no viable connection between HIV and AIDS, in 2022, PEPFAR announced they would really, really make an impact this time by – 2030.  The Magic Year when all information and disease end simultaneously.

Kary Mullis, the same Nobel winner who developed the PCR Test that he declared could NOT EVER isolate any virus, including CoVid, is the same Virologist/Biologist who stated that HIV does not lead to AIDS – and HIV doesn’t even really exist.

Nonetheless, these astute chronic government officials have determined that they know more than Mullis and ART treatment must be ramped up across Africa given the success rate is nil.  In fact, ART doesn’t ‘cure’ anything, it supposedly extends a person’s healthy life cycle.  What is ART?   ART destroys T Lymphocyte cells.  It is given to people with HIV, and has severe side effects including;  diabetes, heart disease, kidney, liver, and nerve damage, and osteoporosis.  By contrast, HIV symptoms are similar to ‘the flu’.  And according to NIH, ‘most people with HIV will never get AIDS’…   The risk of HIV is most pronounced among people who inject street drugs & share their needle with you while living in squalor, ie opioid addicts.

According to WHO, roughly 500,000 people die each year from opioids.   According to NIH, in the US 3 million people are opioid addicts, representing 1/5th of the global addiction crisis.  Since 1999, opioid deaths in the US have risen 500%.   But no less than four US Agencies receive funding to curb/stop/treat opioid addiction.

The Point?   Not One Agency actually achieves what it claims to target.   Instead, American taxpayers continue to shell out billions upon billions to no effect – for decades.  Heart Disease remains a constant algorithmic number every single year despite billions spent on combatting ‘heart disease’.   Cancer treatments remain relatively benignly constant despite 70 years of funding and charity.

Disease is NOT eradicated – it is fostered in a home of infinite spending with little to no effect.  And yet, we focus on the money laundering of “WAR”.   Imagine the money laundering of “Disease”.  

In the US we have the: CDC, NIH, Health & Human Resources, WHO, Centers For Disease Control, Trust For America’s Health, Individual State Health Departments, National Foundation For Infectious Diseases, Department of Agriculture (Disease Research), The Global Fund, American Kidney Fund, Red Cross, American Heart Association, Maternal & Child Health Bureau, National Organization For Rare Disorders, etc… etc… etc…   All working to eradicate disease in alliance with over a MILLION NGO’s.

Yet we still have heart disease, Cancers, HIV, AIDS, lung disease, etc…  Odd.

A money laundering propaganda scheme with a continuous flow of unimpeded Taxpayer Funding!   Achieving Nothing.   Created by the same megalomaniacs who have driven the value of the US dollar into negative territory within the last 100 years.  The same maniacs who want a Great RESET because not ONE of their initiatives did anything but expand death, poverty, and environmental disaster.

2030 is utopia – they claim.   By 2030 we will all drive electric cars, live in urban hostels, own nothing, work 24/7, eat crickets, and climate will miraculously be ‘normal’ based on a new and improved version of what is ‘normal’.   All disease will be officially eradicated, money & debt will not exist, school grades will no longer exist, we will exist on prescribed drugs, white will be black, and time will stand still.

And all of this has been created by the same people who devised the economic and political ORDER of the 20th & 21st century – that FAILED.

An Order ill-prepared for other than to spend more and more money so that it can be laundered back to the Elite Monarchy which envisions their rule over a Global Empire.  Despite;  no smart cities being built, a BRICS alliance that currently has zero interest in this Order, no eradication of disease, and no foundational support within the masses.   And just six short years to bring it all together en masse…

In 1905 the Protocols of The Elders of Zion was published.   Since then, every media, every intelligence bureau, every western government has declared the protocols a hoax, antisemitism, a Hate crime, a forgery…

The Protocols originate in Basal Switzerland – which happens to be the central location for:  The Bank of International Settlements, World Economic Forum, The Basel Accords, a Roman Military fortification, and was incorporated by The Holy Roman Empire in 1032 and the source of the First Crusade.  In 1897 the first World Zionist Congress was held in Basel with the majority of delegates, 38%, allocated to Israel – which at the time was “Rothschild”.  Their goal was to settle Palestine with Zionists.

The Protocols of Zion was published five years later.

Jews and Freemasons were said to have made plans to disrupt Christian civilization and erect a world state under their joint rule. Liberalism  and socialism were to be the means of subverting Christendom; if subversion failed, all the capitals of Europe were to be sabotaged.


20;   elimination of the Gold Standard

21;   take advantage of non-Jewish governments to get our moneys twice, thrice and more times through money lending that were not at all needed

23;  a King has no place for an angelic spirit; he needs only force and power; for he will be obliged to kill off  existing societies.

Those named as the Axis include:  Eisenhower, Rothschild, Warburg, Straus, Morgenthau, Einstein, Baruch, Frankfurter.  The concept was that the Zions were the chosen ones – and all others were to live in slavery.   Much in parallel to the World Economic Forum’s destiny for today.

These people were not a part of God’s Israel, they were Zionist Khazars who felt they were superior to all other sects of society and were destined to be the only race to exist on Earth outside of slaves making up the 500 million global population.  Meaning the Zionists were the racists, the antisemitics, without religion.   And society today is proof we are living out the aspired Protocols.  

ZION KHAZARS: Returning to Reap Vengeance

An overriding question is why don’t other Middle East countries take in the Palestinian refugees?   The vast majority of Middle East countries don’t take in any refugees from anywhere.   The exception would include Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.   Paid for by the US and EU.   The vast majority of refugees in Turkey & Jordan are Syrians bombed out of their homes by America.   They stay in their camps until they decide to go back to their country – a sad situation. The US pays Turkey and Jordan to maintain the camps via USAID and Mercy Corp.

The remaining Middle East countries simply don’t take in any refugees – it has nothing to do with Palestinians.   It is just ‘their way’.   However, the concept of bringing them to the US is beyond absurd. The US and Israel collaborated on a war to destroy their homes and kill their people and now want to bring a million displaced Palestinians to join the 7 million illegals sitting in luxury hotels in the US.   Social Media is in mass overload debating this agenda when no one has bothered to ask the Palestinians!

Given Rothschild owns Netanyahu, it is likely he gave the order for the massacre.   Israel now wants the US to give them $10 billion… to start, and once again US taxpayers are on the short end of the stick financially.   Rhino’s are screaming from rooftops that We must pay up because Israel is our ally!

Of course the irony is that Israel’s government is Cabal – so in essence the US is funding the Cabal through Ukraine and now Israel.

The Economist (owned by the same Rothschild) is underjoyed as they anticipate Russia and China will assist the Palestinians to rebuild and profit from the war.   Their underjoyment is due to the fact that this was their intention – via more funding from the US and EU in the vein of compassion and humanity…

Simultaneously, the Rothschilds have been busily selling off assets and privatizing businesses and banks. Buying outstanding shares valued at $4 billion. Their top holdings include; Apple, Nvidia, Microsoft, Chevron, and JP Morgan.  However, selling off their personal antiques, paintings, and collectibles is quite another oddity altogether.

Rothschild is not the only Cabalist elite selling their assets, Getty has also been matching the pace since at least 2022.   Alex Soros has taken the baton and is selling out of most of their offices in Africa as well as a few in the US.   Rockefeller began its selling spree in 2018, with auctions, a 20% stake in their Capital Management group, and real estate.

Bezos began dumping Amazon shares in 2019, and continued through 2022.   And suddenly the selloffs look very coordinated.

A monumental shift is taking place.

One possibility is the Klaus Schwab Phase 4 of the World Economic Forum. Despite claiming that 2030 will revolutionize urban smart cities, no one has even broken ground.   Shares in electric vehicles have been sold from these fund managers and bank holdings.   Wind and solar are stuttering in a stilted unpopular death march and typically – war means those with cash win, ie buying the spoils of war for 5 cents on the dollar.

Today Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza killing 500 patients and doctors. A purposeful taunt to provoke a response from neighboring Middle Eastern countries; in particular, Iran. In addition, Israel’s declaration that they would bomb northern Gaza ordering 1 million Palestinians to evacuate within 24 hours was a lure. Instead, Israel bombed civilians fleeing to the south.   This is NOT about Hamas.   This is about leveling Gaza and eradicating every Palestinian in Israel.   At the behest of The House of Rothschild which hates all Muslims and Christians.

The purpose is to elevate Zionist Jews as the last race of intellectual capacity so as to gain complete control of the Patriarchal Global Colony – earth.   Despite the BRICS.   Ruled by ONE race – the Khazarian Ashkenazis.   Potentially, drawing Russia and China into their war against the Middle East.

However, Russia still has one of the most precious assets on earth that is necessary to their survival – Lake Baikal. Otherwise they would have nuked the entire nation by now.

The Ashkenazi population is roughly 5-6 million.   The Sephardic Jews are religious, pro-Palestine, pro-peace, and condemn this war.   Given the population must be pure, Bill Gates, Bezos, etc… won’t qualify.   And the remaining inhabitants of earth numbering 495 million will be the peasant workers.   The bees that keep the hive productive while dying for the queen.

While this is their vision – they have made some powerful enemies in their wake.   In that vein a Holy War would be the irreligious Zion Khazars, against Muslims, Sephardic Jews, Christians, Hindi, and Buddhist. The atheists, China, don’t have guns – and certainly given China presents an intellectual competitor that would feed manure into their purity factor.    So China was cultivated and tossed.

In this spectacular Agenda being laid bare, The Protocols of The Elders of Zion, gains emphatic importance.   Billed as anti-Semitic, the Semites included not Jews but Hebrews and Muslims. The Hebrews and Muslims were both direct descendants of Abraham.   The Turkic Khazars are not.

Ancestrally, the Khazars are of a Turkic descendancy, believed to be the Huns who invaded and destroyed the Roman Empire.  Known historically for their ‘reign of terror’, the Huns originated in southeast Asia – in particular Mongolia. Their reign included stipulations for tithes of gold from their enemies to assure they would not be massacred…   Like the Mafia – or Rothschild.

The aristocratic Huns were described as: short of stature, small eyes, tanned skin and round and shapeless heads. They are said to have pastured during summers in Crimea. Winters were spent further north along the west coast of the Sea of Azov.

And thus the importance of Ukraine as an historical habitat becomes pronounced.

Israel is not an ally.   Ukraine is not an ally.   The Khazars have come to reap revenge.  

The Vatican – The New World Order – The Vatican’s Military

In preparation for Election 2024, movements are being made across the globe.

While we are distracted with the media, protests and social media frenzy about stacking the Supreme Court – Pope Francis has been busily stacking the Vatican!   And his latest visitors, including Billy the kid Clinton, likely helped in Francis’ pronouncement of 21 NEW and improved Cardinals.   Francis has already inserted 2/3rds of the 130 cardinals eligible to elect the next Pope.   His focus?   Churchmen who align with his values.  

For Example:

  • Bishop Stephen Sau-yan Chow:   He was just appointed Bishop of Hong Kong in 2021, and is now an inserted Cardinal.   He, like Francis, is a Jesuit.
  • Monsignor Pierbattista Pizzaballa of Jerusalem:   His appointment as a Biship is also new – 2020.   He is a member of the Order of Malta.   The order claims continuity with the Knights Hospitaller led by a Grand Master.   The Knights are part of a sovereign military order. It was the Knights Hostelier that annihilated The Knights Templar.

The Order of Malta is funded in part by Malteser International whose auxiliaries include: Military Corps, Air Force and Navy.   Based out of Germany, they were a part of the military battles of the Crusades for 9 centuries.   Their 2021 budget was 91.9 million euro. Additional funding for The Order is derived from Partnerships which include the UN, Bill Gates, USAID, The German Society for International Sustainable Development, WHO, WEF, governments – and others.

Despite being housed at The Vatican, despite the Order being a designee of The Pope, despite the vast resources of The Vatican – it does NOT fund The Order’s $2.3 billion annual budget.  

Notable members of The Order of Malta have included: Prescott Bush, George Bush Jr., Erik Prince, founder of Blackwater, Rockefeller, two of the Kennedy family – Joseph and Ted, Queen Elizabeth II, Charles, Duke of Castro, Mussolini, and an odd outlier – Jimmy Savile, convicted pedophile.

George Bush Jr. Order of Malta:

Their goal is the elimination of Islam.   ISIS. Al Qaeda.   9-11.

Erik Prince Order of Malta:

The Military auxiliary of The Malta has been described as Mercenaries.

In 2013, Academi subsidiary International Development Solutions received a $92 million contract for State Department security guards. That would be Hillary Clinton. In February 2022, Erik Prince visited Zelenskyy in Kyiv. Prince is backed and funded by Lloyd Austin and Avril Haines of the DoD.

The link between The Vatican – Blackwater mercenaries – Ukraine – and The Pentagon is The Order of Malta.

Pope Francis Vatican Order of Malta:

In 2022, Francis fired the entire board of The Order amidst ongoing sexual assault claims and internal divisions that had splintered the members.     Francis and Marco Luzzago, Lieutenant of the Military Order, then rewrote the Order’s Constitution wherein ultimate power over everything they do now resides entirely in the Pope and not the Lay Members.   The newly appointed board consists of lawyers, pediatricians, and bankers.   Luzzago died in 2022 of sudden cerebral hemorrhage.

According to their website, The Order makes grants to its own 21 ‘subsidiaries’ which then spend it on administration while volunteers perform the work. There are no tax filings as it comes under the umbrella of The Vatican.

The Vatican and it’s numerous appendages are funded by global governments via taxpayers.    The Vatican is rooting its establishment as a cornerstone of the Global Order via military and monetary means housed within the ideology of The Jesuits  and the Protectorate of Vatican City.

It was under this ancient tutelage of Catholicism and ultimately Christianity that a key Biblical word was retranslated: Magisterium.   Biblically, Magisterium means ‘teacher’. But sometime in the 12 century, in order to assert Power over Monarchies, the Pope redefined magisterium as “Religious Authority”!    At this point monarchies were beholden to The Pope and his administrators.   The moment it all went awry.

The Appearance – is that the New World Order will proceed without its former allies including the BRICS and all forthcoming BRICS members in waiting. Business as Usual.

HOW?   How can the West put together a New World Order & RESET when they only own 40% of the global governments?

Short Answer – They Can’t. But they can project an illusion – via AI.

WEF Order of Malta:

AI is in the medium stages of perfecting the projection of arbitrary individuals who speak and look like their ‘character’ yet are invoked via Artificial Reality.   Artificial Reality is programmed with the analysis and data restrictive to the ‘Programmers’.   Therefore, we could essentially have 5-1000 different AI programmers of the same person evoking completely different personality agendas.

Right now there are subtle means of identifying an AI person vs. reality – eye movement, emotion, mouth deformations, and critical thinking analysis.   It is Critical Thinking that is key to the survival of America.   Without this particular avenue, the next generation will be lost – unable to discern reality from AI.

The main targets of the WEF align with the targets of the Vatican’s Order of Malta – Africa and China. The propaganda tool is different.   For them it is ‘disease’; Ebola, Dengue, Malaria, Zika, anything and everything that can be blamed on Mosquitoes.

But what if this theory, just like the Bat Theory – is WRONG?

UN – Permament Status Order of Malta:

Integrated in all things global, the Order of Malta has become a permanent member of the UN and organizes events and debates with 40 International Organizations and 750 NGO’s. Between 1997 and 2004, the Open Society Foundation formed a partnership with the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta.

In 2005, Bill Gates was knighted by Queen Elizabeth as overseen by the Pope.   The knighthood guarantees protection under The Holy See.

Rockefeller Order of Malta:

The first mosquito theories of disease were pronounced in the early 1900’s just as the Rockefeller Institute was creating its first vaccine.   The same vaccine that ultimately caused Bacterial pneumonia and killed hundreds of thousands.   Before the Rockefellers, it was worldly accepted that disease was caused by polluted water contaminated by waste and the vapors from decay and rotting vegetation. The word ‘Malaria’ translates to ‘bad air’. The word for diseases of this nature was “Miasma”.

Nearly all diseases were borne of fetid air and water.  The medical solution or cure for miasma was cleanliness and eliminating potential sources of vapor rot or ‘sewer gas’.

Pope Francis is well known for his penchant for Hollywood – even if the visitor is secular or atheist.   Hollywood the Land of Sin.   June 2021, Pope Francis met with Anthony Blinken.   Pelosi paid a visit June 2022.   May 2023, Pope Francis met with Zelenskyy. Last Week, July 5th, Pope Francis met with Bill Clinton, Marc Mezvinsky and Alex Soros.   Clinton thanked the Pope for all his service and handed him a note.

The GREENs, The Nephilim And GOD

The GREENS have discovered that trees emit carbon and are busily trying to figure out how many trees need to be cut down in order to reach a full methane fart free, tree free, agriculture free, animal free, landfill free, grass free, human free environment wherein nothing is ALIVE.   So a number of them donned their fake fur coats made from oil and chemicals to warm themselves due to excessive cold fronts from ice melts that have regrown ice, and have moved next to volcanoes to keep warm while they figure it all out.

But the volcano erupted on them emitting massive amounts of carbon and lava catching their synthetic coats and pants and shoes on fire enveloping them in flames and dispersing their remains back into the bowels of earth from which they were born in carbon.

Within the hollow earth, the Nephilim who survived the great flood and evolved into satanic lizard people resurrected the Greens and sent them back out to the earth’s surface where they infiltrated large enclaves of opioid addicts and convinced them that guns and death were just a video game.   Arming these addicts, they exhaled blue blood from their nostrils in defiance to the idiom that we all have ‘red blood’ and are thus cinqo de mayo relatives.   But the chicken eggs in the mayo protested and rioted and killed all the chickens to prove that eggs are not viable.   So the chickens were slaughtered to protect them from being eaten by humans.

And The Greenies were happy.

The GREENS felt they had made great progress in transforming earth back to its roots of utopia and in good faith died a rancid death of starvation to show solidarity with their comrades – the Grass Blades and the peaches.

Soon, the lizard peoples began to crawl out of their Hell in earth and surface looking for food and water.   But the Greens had destroyed the vast majority of viable vegetation so the Lizards, looking for sustenance, returned to their hollow earth dwellings and boiled the Greens.   Adding a bit of spice preserved from the methane atmosphere, the Greens were delicious, albeit a bit bitter.   Undeterred, the Lizards found a healthy peat of undiluted methane rotting on the soil and mixed it into the Green Brew.

It was perfect!

Soon All The Greens disappeared from earth while the Lizards took power and asked the Rhino’s if they were adverse to a bit of ‘mud play’.   The odds were 2 trillion 300 billion 540 million to one.   The betting commenced!   The Rhino’s IQ of 12 was certainly a deficit gamut, but the Cartel Crocs were convinced they had cornered the odds.   So the Lizards offered the Crocs a deal:   if we win, we scavenge earth’s surface freely, and you must dwell for eternity inside the earth’s core.

The Crocs thought this a hilarious gamut and sweetened the deal:   if we win, you become our slaves for life.   The Rhino’s Agreed.   Whereupon they ate the Crocs and deposited their remains in the landfills of methane.

Lo!   Out of the Windamere Forest, a human emerged, his skin was ravaged in blood and his clothes shred into dust.   He emerged and faced a RHINO – I have a brain – and you have plagued earth since it’s inception with slime and gore and ethereum.   I challenge you to a duel!

The Paul Ryan Rhino laughed and produced his Green Card.   You see this!?   This card guarantees me that I will win!   You are nothing, your God and earth are nothing!   I eclipse you and will shred your existence from this planet once and for all!  Ryan unshackled his sword and fumbled with it afraid it might prick him.

Unperturbed, the Human smiled – GOD created methane.   GOD created Cows.   GOD created earth.   YOU, sir Rhino, created a Black Hole thru which Erik Hawking has provided a list of recipients who will be extincted.   I give you The List.   You are now given a choice – you may save yourself and condemn everyone on this list – or you will be sentenced and perish in the Lake of Fire.   What say you?

The List was engulfed in FLAMES!   As were every name.

Social Credit Scores in US = ESG Metrics For Stakeholders: The Protocols

Social Credit Scores have already been implemented across US businesses. Budweiser became the latest victim required to promote specific CRT diversity training leading to an advertising campaign that highlights transgenders.   The Credit System ranks a business according to its diversity training and equity scores.   The more blacks and LGBTQ employees by ratio, the greater the score.   Two week CRT training camps are also utilized to measure a companies credit worthiness. Budweiser caved because if it didn’t the “SYSTEM” would shut down their credit and force them into insolvency-bankruptcy!

Nike, American Express, Budweiser, General Motors, Walmart, Target, etc… have become victims of the WEF  Executive Blackmail.   In 2020, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon went so far as to prostrate himself before CRT and BLM pledging $30 billion in shareholder funds to CRT, diversity and equity training.   But he isn’t alone, PNC Bank, Bank of America, Lowes, Truist Financial Corporation, Coca Cola, Disney, etc.. race to the inclusive credit ranking lest they be subjected to ‘the punishment’.

Scores are accredited via the International Business Council a subset of the World Economic Forum.  

In 2020, the IBC identified a set of core ESG Metrics which were delivered to major corporations and banks across the globe.   Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics were ‘required’ to be built into the operating mechanism and the solicitation of all employees to comply or be fired was implemented.   The IFRS Foundation is tasked with measuring each corporate score.   The standards are incorporated into the “International Accounting Board Standards” and audited annually. Trustees of the foundation make all decisions and include Chairs from Finland, China, London, and KPMG Accounting/Auditing.   Other trustees come from: Denmark, MIT, New Zealand, Germany, Nova Scotia, Japan, India, London School of Economics, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, UK, Moody’s, the EOCD and World Bank.

KPMG audits the credit scores.   Moody’s ranks the company accordingly.

Incorporated in the UK, IBC’s 2022 Revenues were $48 million with 64% going to the Staff, 3% to Trustee’s, 27% to operating costs, and activities … just 6%.   In other words, they exist to exist for themselves. They utilize Barclays to determine ESG investments in Blackrock, Jupiter Ecology, Janus Henderson Global, and the Royal London Sustainable Leaders Trust.   Luxury goods, lithium batteries, chemicals, pharma, electricity and natural gas are common investments and considered ESG friendly. The fact that these commodities ravage the landscape and utilize child labor and slavery would seem to be allowable ESG initiatives.  No one wants the Wrath of CHINA!

Companies that do NOT comply with the WEF Sustainable Development criteria per a KPMG audit are heavily fined, their Moody’s rating lowered, and their ability to garner bank loans is quashed!

Companies are required to state on their websites and all promotional materials their sustainable initiatives, provide CRT training, create a Diversity Director position, hire quota’s, offer a guaranteed minimum income – which is the federal minimum wage – vote democrat or rhino, and cater to BLM.

These entities still remain a test case of sorts before widespread forced compliance will be generated.   Smaller businesses and smaller banks are much more difficult to track, however it is ascertained that by 2030 all banks will be under the stewardship of the Big Five.   And ‘credit’ will be the only allowed viable means of purchasing.  In this scenario physical gold and silver are worthless.

MSCI Inc. is a finance company in New York City that provides analysis of a companies ESG Metrics so that it can achieve the required ratios and avoid ‘punishment’ via a KPMG audit and an IBC Blacklist.   In addition, investors who are aligned with the WEF can invest in companies that are in compliance – without getting ‘punished’.

Everything the WEF, the CIA, the NED, CSIS, USAID, etc… control is a feed based on reward – punishment.   If a country does not comply with their sovereignty being usurped thru western colonization, then their country is destroyed.   If they comply, their leaders are promised vast wealth as long as their citizens fall into dire poverty.

In essence this New World Government is a conglomerate of Marxism AND Communism AND Fascism – pulling those specific ideologies that will achieve the desired end result – a Global Mafia Monarchy.   Similar to The Protocols.


‘In order to keep the masses confused, not knowing what is in front of them and what is behind them, or what is planned for them, we will strive to divert their attention, by establishing means of merriment, entertainment, and play, as well as various types of sports and festivity. Then, we will make the press call for art and sports events.’

Certainly the NWO has repeatedly and savagely denied the Protocols as legitimate.   Claiming the Protocols a Russia Propaganda campaign against Jews and specifically George Soros, they remain infamous and highly researched.   Instead ALL MSM claim they are a forgery, illegitimate, fake, anti-Semitic, and/or a conspiracy theory. Yet mastiffs of the 24 Protocols have managed to come true – some more forcefully than others.  

Ultimately, The Parallel is Agenda 2030 wherein the Protocols will have been fully implemented.

The End Protocol Announcing – The Jewish Ruler; Kingship.  

US & EU Funding Palestine thru USAID & NGO’s Including Open Society

Through a fray of USAID funded NGO’s the US is funding the Palestinian conflict in the West Bank.   USAID funnels money to the National Endowment for Democracy which funnels money to CIPE – the Center for International Private Enterprise – which funnels money to the Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association.  

Thus USAID is funding both sides of the Israeli conflict in order to implode and destabilize Israel for a coup. Other funding sources of the Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association include: DCA Act Alliance – Funded by the EU, USAID, Soros Open Society, UK government, UN, Germany, France, and Norway, amidst a tangle of church organizations – all of which operate under the tutelage of Open Society.

Netanyahu recently called the White House and told the Handlers to call off their goons.   Protests have been ongoing for over 2 months disrupting the economy, the government, and every viable institution.   Mimicking the protests turned violent in Iran, regime change is the end goal.

In an odd topsy-turvy alternate universe, Netanyahu is now experiencing the exact same violence promulgated upon the Ayatollah’s Iran – an ‘arch enemy’.   By the exact same promoters.  Soros hitmen.  For the exact same purpose – regime change.

The vast majority of NGO’s list their goals as human rights, equality, and a world without poverty and hunger.   Oddly, despite over 80,000 US NGO’s working toward those goals for decades – nothing is ever actually achieved.   Human rights abuses are ignored, poverty and hunger have ‘risen’, and the equality index continues to grow cavernous.

The vast majority of these failed NGO’s are funded by agencies within the US government and EU governments, aka – taxpayers.   Taxpayers do not vote on the funding initiatives.   Taxpayers are not privy to the illicit use of funds.   But Taxpayers MUST ante.

In addition, all these agencies are inextricably tied to the World Economic Forum.

Netanyahu has yet to learn who are his allies and who are his enemies – and it appears he is quite ‘confused’.   Should he gather his wits about him, we could possibly see another BRICS member in the making.

In a post by the German government’s Deutsche Welle, they have pronounced Bolsonaro as the legitimate leader of Brazil.  When analyzing the BRICS as an alternative to the WEF New World Order, the DW article manages to equate their economies as blithely failing – with the exception of China.   A mangled attempt to confuse and distract from a GLOBAL SHIFT.

The propaganda of course is to mitigate and dissuade the concept that the BRICS represent a threat to the west.   As such, each country that is or could be a member is derided as a political and/or economic failure.   Unfortunately, that sway is an old and overused tactic that has only managed to incur greater animosity toward the west by friendlier nations.

Saudi Arabia is such a country considering membership in the BRICS association.   Unfortunately, the Saudi’s were reprimanded with a Credit Suisse devaluation that caused their largest shareholder, Saudi National Bank, to lose $1 billion in one day.   Brazil faced a coup with the installation of Lula.   Turkey was subjected to earthquakes killing over 50,000 and causing billions in destruction.   Iran was engulfed in protests calling for regime change – for weeks.  

Other countries which have intimated a desire to join the BRICS include:   Algiers, Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Egypt, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.   Further diluting western hegemony, these countries have refused to bow to the intimidation and blackmail… 

Countries within Africa are splitting as they watch and listen.   The power play of sanctions, punishment, and bombing has worn thin.   The Deep State Mafia players are losing ground.   They don’t know how to be an ally – it is a foreign concept.

Today, the US has sanctions against 38 countries across the globe!    The vast majority were issued under the Biden Handler Administration.   Within some of these Sanctions are sub-category sanctions against another 4 or more legal frameworks.   All while the IMF warns of a global financial collapse.

The Political and Economic implosions felt across every continent are reflective of Western punishments – including Ukraine.   Zelenskyy is calling for expanding military conscription because the military and guardsmen are severely depleted.   “Until the last Ukrainian” ~ A western call for the eradication of all Ukrainian citizens so that the country can be redrawn and repopulated within a NEOM ideology.  

Which means – Ukraine’s black soil MUST be preserved.   Just not for Ukraine.   But for the investors who claim more than 6 million hectares of land in Ukraine, including:   Monsanto, Dupont, Cargill, Dreyfus, Archer Daniels Midland, NCH Capital, Continental Farmers, Bunge, and Agrigenerations.

In 2018, ADM, Dreyfus, Cargill and Bunge created a partnership.   Bunge is an offshoot of ConAgra.   ConAgra sold Smithfield Farms to the Chinese.   They want Ukraine without Ukrainians.   Hence a peace deal will not be considered until every Ukrainian is ‘gone’.

These Stakeholders are behind the refusal to allow Russia and Ukraine to move into a peace deal.  With Russia reconfiscating land, the entire gamut has been foiled.   And suddenly, Poland has announced potential plans to absorb swathes of Ukraine into it’s own sphere – likely to preserve the land investments of the Stakeholders. 

The Globalist Cartel – LOSING ALLIES

The Cartel has set its sites on Egypt and Turkey having reaped the spoils of the Czech Republic with their newest communist insert – Petr Pavel.   Erdogan has been a thorn in Europe’s deign for Sweden and Finland’s NATO bid.   Given Erdogan has shifted from a neutral Ukraine position to leaning a bit closer to Russia has leveraged his alliances too far for Cartelists. As such a coalition of six parties in Turkey are looking to destroy Erdogan’s reins.   Their goal?   Join NATO. Greater European alignment. Shake hands with Biden.

Never idle, the Cartel is also looking for a replacement to Egypt’s Sisi, and Italy’s Meloni.   Of course, the loose canon we dub, Brandon, would also seemingly be about to be impeached for various criminal activities involving Ukraine, China, Bribery, Pedophilia, Treason, Classified documents, and ‘dementia’…

Amidst the Israeli & Palestinian debate that has no viable end, Israeli & Iranian bombing that has no end, endless conflicts in Sudan and Libya, Sisi’s human rights violations, and Israel’s refusal to give the Nazi’s in Ukraine proper weaponry – Blinken is on the war trail of destruction as he embarks on a 3 day mission control.

Blinken’s role is on multiple stages – none of which give a fork about the Brandon Regime and her affiliate stooges.

Right now Turkey’s Erdogan is a bit peeved given a good faith deposit of over $1 billion was given to the US in exchange for the delivery of 40 F-35 Fighter Jets.   Manufactured by Lockheed Martin, the US operates roughly 435 F-35’s since 2011.   While Brandon considers sending F-16’s to Ukraine – while simultaneously snubbing Turkey, the West pushes Turkey into Russia’s arms…

Juggling alliances, Blinken’s visit will likely have zero affect on anyone.

Egypt’s el-Sisi is a western pawn.   He attended the military academies in the UK and US, helped enable the coup that ousted former President Morsi who was not US faithful, and won the vote with 97%…   a statistical impossibility.

Sisi, like Assad, like Brandon, seems to have lost his Cartel inspired throne and has become throttled by accusations, labels, and dictator oppression faults as the media touts the Cartel brandishing.  Woa be to Sisi should the Cartel decide to invoke the same punishment endured by Syria.  

Israel’s Netanyahu randomly bombing Palestinians and Iranians is not helping the Cartel secure their desired upperhand.   Adding friction to Erdogan and Sisi relations will only serve to further weaken Europe and NATO.   Hence, tossing around ‘human rights’ violations has about as much impact as it did in 2015 against Ukraine, or in 2017 thru 2022 with China. The fact that the US is now pushing the #1 global spot for Rights Violations is not exactly an MSM discussion.

Losing Turkey to US snobbery would hardly benefit anyone with the exception of Russia.   Like Jinping, Erdogan is coming to realize that a Cartel alliance is Russian Roulette – just waiting for the bullet …   Honor is obsolete.

The fallout could extend to African alliances as well as Middle Eastern, furthering the splinter between NATO and BRICS and OPEC+.   The first potential victim has risen. Maduro is demanding ‘prepayment’ for all oil loading tankers. US default – it appears – is considered quite possible.   But then, Maduro has done what Bolsonaro could not – hold onto his country despite a Cartel Coup.

The Global Battle wages onward like a Tactics II Game Board.   In my day, the players were 6, 12 and 15.   Today, those players would be considered the equivalent of US Generals.   Including our illustrious Lloyd Austin who doesn’t seem to have a lick of sense about anything but how best to murder young military recruits and veterans.   His Legacy!

Of course, the Entire Satire portion of this Tactics II Gamut is the propaganda that derailing lifer Dictators in favor of lifer monarchial communists is preferential.   And this is where the Cartel Media has failed miserably.   At the hands of The Handlers.   Denigrating ‘supposed dictators’ in favor of ‘monarchial totalitarians’ didn’t exactly pass the sniff-snuff test.

IE, their Manifesto is flawed from its very basic core:

Maduro, Jinping, Sisi, Lula, Pavel, etc… etc… are all onboard the Regime – just not the Cartel Dictatorship.   They still believe in their Country!   They may align with Communism.   But they don’t want Cartel fools – in their faces.   THIS is the OOPS FACTOR>

And the Cartel Eugenics of global society don’t quite seem to understand.   It worked so well in destroying the global empire that ruled as Rome?   It worked so well in the installation of the Vatican god.   It worked so well in the rebranding of statehoods after the Ottoman Empire.   WHY doesn’t it work today?

Because some countries are not willing to brandish their entire civilization to the genocide and mutilation of a select few who feel they have the power and authority to dictate the course of every nation under gOD!   Only, gOD is in fact the satanic god of Bahl.

And even Dictators are not willing to submit their souls and those of their people to The Underworld destiny of murder and annihilation as a culture and species.   That Agenda is relegated to such esteemed uni-obese benefactors such as Gates, Schwab, Kerry, Soros, Gore, and the Gluttonous Twelve Disciples of Death.

This demonic Exorcism has NOTHING to do with Ukraine or Russia or Egypt or Turkey – it has exactly ONE Strategic Point – to overpower, control, and subservient the weak of mind.   

CHINA: The Davos New World Order W/O Jinping

Shortly after Brandon took office, the price of a barrel of oil was roughly $21 – today it pushes $80 as the US Administration attempts to destroy Russia’s oil rich country…   But oil isn’t the only commodity spiking – escort services for the Davos members starts at $2500 for an evening – a 100% spike. But apparently, those that didn’t make their reservations are sorely out of luck as the high priced agencies are completely booked for the entire Davos Event!  There are 20,000 registered sex workers in Switzerland.

In the World of Davos Elites – there is really only One Commodity – Money. And the entire Agenda is how to obtain more of that number one commodity.   Inside this enclave which functions much like the Vatican, there is no Law.   Nothing is illegal.   It is closed to most media with the exception of those owned by the government, such as BBC, NYT and CNN echelon chosen executives.

The Reported Agenda and daily briefs are superficial.   Parties, Suites, and Private Rooms are the true decadence.

Davos is a chosen destination given their limited crime, which is typically isolated from elitist view.   Ranked quite high in the ‘indexes’ which measure crime and peace globally, the rankings are a product. The product is paid for.   And The People offer no valid opinion.   The metric rules and those that create it are minions of the Power Cartel.

The index is created by The Institute For Economics and Peace which is collated by their partner The Economist Intelligence Unit.   The entire charade is owned by the Economist Group which publishes The Economist.   The group is owned by Rothschild, Cadbury, Schroder, and Exor NV (the Agnelli family in Italy).

The Economist Intelligence Unit is staffed primarily with Chinese and Indian economists whose expertise is ‘algorithms’.   Their latest analysis as well as most analyses involve China.   China is the focus. Why?   Because China does not have to conform to ANY dictums.   They are immune.  Thus they represent the CORE.

The Latest Opinion piece by EIU discusses the opening of China’s market again to Australian coal. The import had been banned since 2020.   While making no mention of climate change, Davos Agenda, and Green Weenies, the article simply emphasizes the capitalist boon that this will create for Australia.   The focus is wholly on MONEY.

In fact, their main focus of the global economy is centered around China.  Because every major Banking and Hedge Fund operation is a talent of China. And the demonization is simply to scare away investors while reaping the benefits in the closed Cartel.

Despite China continually declaring their alliance with the Net Zero philandering of the WEF, they have no intent of complying with ‘anything’. In fact, it appears China is staged to horde global supplies of energy including gas, oil, and coal.

But that is not all that is being hoarded. China and Russia now account for 47% of the global phosphate production, ie fertilizer which is driving up agriculture prices.

Biden’s plan? When Biden and Jinping met to discuss worldwide inflation and recession, Biden read from his note cards while Jinping sat laughing.

The cards told Biden that the US was considering $250 million to support American fertilizer production with the caveat that it is ‘sustainable’.    Sustainable fertilizer is defined as – the fertilizer production method must reduce greenhouse gases and be produced through renewable energy sources…   Is that possible?

The end all meaning is the cost of American fertilizer will be 300%-400% greater than anywhere else in the world.

And a pattern begins to emerge. The means for income redistribution is through sustainable vs unsustainable price deviations.   And China is the sole and largest country that will never comply while simultaneously ‘pinky swear promising to comply – sometime in the neverland of the “Future”.    Making them CENTRAL.

China’s greenhouse gas emissions are consistently higher than it’s supposed 2nd place winner – the US. In fact China’s are double the US.   Assuming we can even believe the ‘algorithm measurement’ supplied by the Elitest Rothschild!

According to the EPA the industry that causes the greatest amount of carbon dioxide is the electricity and heat sector.   Over 60% of our electricity in the US is generated thru fossil fuels.   When we deplete our fossil fuels – we are depleting our ELECTRICITY!   Which explains why rates are double this winter.  And explains WHY our governments want us to consume MORE electricity…

China is hoarding an array of other commodities, including food.   By the past summer 2022, China held in inventory 70% of global corn, 60% of global rice and 51% of wheat.   China is the world’s largest producer of wheat, rice, and potatoes. It is the second-largest producer of maize and the third-largest producer of sugarcane. When the Experts and Economists focus exclusively on Russia Did It – they fail to mention these tidy tidbits!

When it comes to food stuffs, China outpaces all other countries including the US to the tune of roughly 3 to 1 ratio.

While Biden has been bleeding our resources dry, blowing up manufacturing plants, shuttering gas exploration, and looking to ban meat thru various culling means of livestock and fowl, China has been busily hoarding. With our permission. With our money.   And with our government’s assistance.

In order to create the Communist dystopia desired, China is a necessary integral component.   And the entire Disinformation Campaign is designed to temporarily propagandize China as the number one enemy – when reality would indicate China is the number one ally – until and when Jinping can be eliminated by the Cartel and a New Puppet Can emerge as The Master!   At which point CHINA will become our Manifest Destiny!

Russia’s Chess Game of Peace … A Recreation of Nero?

CHESS GAME:   Putin offers an opening to Ukraine Peace … for the fourth or fifth time. Purpose:   International Law to make a public plea.   Establish the fact that the West is NOT looking for peace but for the removal of Putin.   Reinstate the narrative that Ukraine is/was/and always will be a massively corrupt Marxist/communist regime used as the drop point headquarters for all global means of trafficking including money, children, women, slaves, sex, and drugs. As was concurred by Amnesty International and the UN just 7 years ago –

While Ukraine’s handlers have stipulated a peace deal that reads;   concede everything including those portions of Ukraine that the government has been commandeering for genocide, pay for all costs to rebuild in accordance with the city NEOM in Saudi Arabia, tear up the Minsk Agreement, concede Lake Baikal to Soros, and we’ll call it even-steven…for now, pinky swear.

The West has so lost its hand in a sty of pig excrement that they continue to declare Russia is attempting a global coup – and therefore all people must hate Russia for such an Obama-ination:

  1. WWI:   Russia’s Tzar and his entire family were executed by Bolsheviks from Germany and held an anarchical uprising to take over the country. As a result of these mostly Germanic Marxist terrorists, Russia was submerged into a winter of communism that lasted 80 years.
  2. WWII:   Soviet Russia was a western ally during the war against Nazi Hitlerism.   Post War, Eastern Russia was annexed by the US and UK and divvied into Europe. All eastern states were thus abs orbed into the EU.
  3. Reagan:   Credited with toppling the Communist Soviet Bolshevik regime that had strangled Russia, Reagan proposed further annexations of various Russian territories including Ukraine, Poland and FInland.

In the 1800’s Russia was the largest country in the world hosting 23 different ethnicities and 14 million square miles.   Over the subsequent 200 years, western nations whittled away territories halving the country to a mere 6.6 million square miles today.   Hardly representing a nation obsessed with annexation.   In fact, Russia has lost the most amount of territory of any country in the world at the hand of The West.

Today Russia is coveted for two significant resources:   Black soil and Lake Baikal.      

As a previous adjunct of Russia, Ukraine is also known for its ‘black soil’.   The best agriculture land in the world.   Soros understood this and parlayed with Reagan for his personal annexation of Ukraine in 1991.   Reagan agreed.   And now, according to Soros, he owns Ukraine.

Agenda 2030 calls for the recall of 95% of the global population via whatever means available.   But Ukraine is a mere whit of Russia – and those two assets, black soil and Lake Baikal, are necessary for the preservation of the chosen 500 million.

So much so, that the entire survival of the elite is believed to be hinged on those assets.   Yet Putin is not willing to hand over control to the Cartel and has thus become the pariah.

Two additional continents;   Africa and South America, are also subject to the elite survival.   While North America, Europe, and a host of sub-territories have no useful purpose, they do present a problem in terms of ‘uprising or anarchy’ that could stall the Cartel.

Chess Game.

Africa and South America are abundant in vast untapped resources due to communist rule for hundreds of years.   Their industrialization is literally a mini-me version only enhanced by Western influence.   In contrast, Asian countries emerged in the mid-1900’s as the copycats.   They could not create – but they could duplicate, albeit with cheaper quality and defects.     Japan was the first Asian country to emerge from the western landfill.

Brazil too is considered fertile land. However, the government enacted a law restricting foreign ownership to 25% of any municipality.   This made the land more valuable to foreign investment and set in motion a need to install a corrupt communist, Lula, in order to alleviate restrictions.

Africa is rich in diamonds, gold, sugar, salt, cobalt, uranium, oil, etc… untapped, held in corrupt communist government control, thus necessitating coups in order to capture this amalgamate of wealth.   Reining in these resources are necessary protocols to the Agenda.

In these contexts, reining in and coup are synonymous with thievery.

However, the thieves liken it to survival of the most worthy.   And therein lies the justification – no means are beyond this ‘justification’.   Including murder, assassination, genocide, thievery, glutton, greed, and fraud. Law is denied existence.

Yet still, a faction of the people still think they can fight this Agenda via systems of justice and law and order that no longer exist.

The Reality:   Elections – don’t exist. Politicians don’t rule.   Money is worthless.   And Americans still think they can come to an atomic bomb fight armed with a kitchen knife! And when we lose – gosh darn, how did that happen?

Twitter fools post such significantly banal tweets as, “who else agrees so-and-so should go to jail’, or “so-and-so should be voted out”, or “next election Trump will win”…   NO.

THAT RULE – no longer exists.

When quoting the famous nonquote, “ Nero watched while Rome Burned”, perhaps he was facing then what we are facing now – and it was completely out of his control. The infidels, the evil ones, captured the Empire and won. Nero’s attempts to prosper the Empire were usurped.

While we have recently come to understand the extent of conspiracy and fraud that has been perpetrated in enumerating our history – we still hold to the thread that our ‘ancient history’ was exactly as stipulated by the exact same corruptors…

What if – we are simply repeating the history of Nero’s Roman Empire defeat.   What if Nero was besieged by the same Cult Mafia we fight today?   What if – the Great deception is thousands of years old:   Though not mentioned by name in the Bible –  secular records identify him (Nero) as a ruthless man who began persecuting Christians.

“Secular Records”.   Creating a man.   Like modern men.   Did Nero really kill Paul and Peter or was that a Pagan insertion?   A Vatican insertion so as to create a demon and a saint?

The purpose? To recreate history to define good as evil and evil as good.

The Great Fire of Rome occurred when Paul was still trekking across the Mediterranean.   And yet – there is no mention in the Bible.   ODD.   Tacitus, born in 54 Ad was considered the source of information as to why and how Rome burned in 64. When Tacitus would have been 7.   And yet – no one questions the veracity.

We are NOT fighting a newborn evil.   We are fighting an ongoing Satan whose minions have proliferated as much as God’s Children have proliferated. The Great Deception is only in our MEDIA – which espouses evil as having control and the Fiefdom as King.  A Fake Propanda Perception of Reality.

REALITY:   We HAVE CONTROL should we wish to assert our King. The Choice IS a Matter of FAITH.