US & EU Funding Palestine thru USAID & NGO’s Including Open Society

Through a fray of USAID funded NGO’s the US is funding the Palestinian conflict in the West Bank.   USAID funnels money to the National Endowment for Democracy which funnels money to CIPE – the Center for International Private Enterprise – which funnels money to the Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association.  

Thus USAID is funding both sides of the Israeli conflict in order to implode and destabilize Israel for a coup. Other funding sources of the Palestinian Businesswomen’s Association include: DCA Act Alliance – Funded by the EU, USAID, Soros Open Society, UK government, UN, Germany, France, and Norway, amidst a tangle of church organizations – all of which operate under the tutelage of Open Society.

Netanyahu recently called the White House and told the Handlers to call off their goons.   Protests have been ongoing for over 2 months disrupting the economy, the government, and every viable institution.   Mimicking the protests turned violent in Iran, regime change is the end goal.

In an odd topsy-turvy alternate universe, Netanyahu is now experiencing the exact same violence promulgated upon the Ayatollah’s Iran – an ‘arch enemy’.   By the exact same promoters.  Soros hitmen.  For the exact same purpose – regime change.

The vast majority of NGO’s list their goals as human rights, equality, and a world without poverty and hunger.   Oddly, despite over 80,000 US NGO’s working toward those goals for decades – nothing is ever actually achieved.   Human rights abuses are ignored, poverty and hunger have ‘risen’, and the equality index continues to grow cavernous.

The vast majority of these failed NGO’s are funded by agencies within the US government and EU governments, aka – taxpayers.   Taxpayers do not vote on the funding initiatives.   Taxpayers are not privy to the illicit use of funds.   But Taxpayers MUST ante.

In addition, all these agencies are inextricably tied to the World Economic Forum.

Netanyahu has yet to learn who are his allies and who are his enemies – and it appears he is quite ‘confused’.   Should he gather his wits about him, we could possibly see another BRICS member in the making.

In a post by the German government’s Deutsche Welle, they have pronounced Bolsonaro as the legitimate leader of Brazil.  When analyzing the BRICS as an alternative to the WEF New World Order, the DW article manages to equate their economies as blithely failing – with the exception of China.   A mangled attempt to confuse and distract from a GLOBAL SHIFT.

The propaganda of course is to mitigate and dissuade the concept that the BRICS represent a threat to the west.   As such, each country that is or could be a member is derided as a political and/or economic failure.   Unfortunately, that sway is an old and overused tactic that has only managed to incur greater animosity toward the west by friendlier nations.

Saudi Arabia is such a country considering membership in the BRICS association.   Unfortunately, the Saudi’s were reprimanded with a Credit Suisse devaluation that caused their largest shareholder, Saudi National Bank, to lose $1 billion in one day.   Brazil faced a coup with the installation of Lula.   Turkey was subjected to earthquakes killing over 50,000 and causing billions in destruction.   Iran was engulfed in protests calling for regime change – for weeks.  

Other countries which have intimated a desire to join the BRICS include:   Algiers, Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Egypt, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.   Further diluting western hegemony, these countries have refused to bow to the intimidation and blackmail… 

Countries within Africa are splitting as they watch and listen.   The power play of sanctions, punishment, and bombing has worn thin.   The Deep State Mafia players are losing ground.   They don’t know how to be an ally – it is a foreign concept.

Today, the US has sanctions against 38 countries across the globe!    The vast majority were issued under the Biden Handler Administration.   Within some of these Sanctions are sub-category sanctions against another 4 or more legal frameworks.   All while the IMF warns of a global financial collapse.

The Political and Economic implosions felt across every continent are reflective of Western punishments – including Ukraine.   Zelenskyy is calling for expanding military conscription because the military and guardsmen are severely depleted.   “Until the last Ukrainian” ~ A western call for the eradication of all Ukrainian citizens so that the country can be redrawn and repopulated within a NEOM ideology.  

Which means – Ukraine’s black soil MUST be preserved.   Just not for Ukraine.   But for the investors who claim more than 6 million hectares of land in Ukraine, including:   Monsanto, Dupont, Cargill, Dreyfus, Archer Daniels Midland, NCH Capital, Continental Farmers, Bunge, and Agrigenerations.

In 2018, ADM, Dreyfus, Cargill and Bunge created a partnership.   Bunge is an offshoot of ConAgra.   ConAgra sold Smithfield Farms to the Chinese.   They want Ukraine without Ukrainians.   Hence a peace deal will not be considered until every Ukrainian is ‘gone’.

These Stakeholders are behind the refusal to allow Russia and Ukraine to move into a peace deal.  With Russia reconfiscating land, the entire gamut has been foiled.   And suddenly, Poland has announced potential plans to absorb swathes of Ukraine into it’s own sphere – likely to preserve the land investments of the Stakeholders. 

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