WACO TEXAS – A Botched FBI Siege: Cleanup In Aisle 47

The MS is condemning and/or taunting Trump given he chose Waco as the site of his latest rally.   Waco on the anniversary of the Waco Siege of 1993 between the Branch Dividians and the ATF/FBI.   Given the span of time, the changing dynamics, and a greater insight into our government, the Waco Siege takes on a different story.   

The account that Koresh had no education but memorized the entirety of the Bible is an important notation.   It would indicate that perhaps he had Asperger’s.   The account that there was child sexual abuse was completely obliterated by medical professionals who examined all 25 surviving children.   The ‘underage bride’ discreditation has also been quashed given the legal age of marriage in Texas is 14 with parental consent.

Therefore, what we have is a cult living as a cult doing their own thing that would appear to be legal within the state of Texas.   Except for the STASH of weapons, they might have remained under the radar.   But Koresh and the other 40 males of the property legally bought quite an inventory as defense in the event of a government insurrection upon his property.

The ATF felt the weapons might be used to harm civilians.   As they declared after the fact.   The ATF felt that raiding this compound despite there having been no previous harm – was justified.   Bringing tanks and gas cylinders that ignited upon contact was approved by newly minted AG, Janet Reno.

At this point, Reno was working under Bill Clinton, and alongside Eric Holder, Bill Barr, and Jamie Gorlick.   The Rascals…looking to initiate the Soros World Order.   The Waco massacre was a MEDIA MESS.   The FBI fabricated stories, lied and attempted to redirect the events.   Sound familiar?  Should – because this is what the FBI CONTINUALLY does.

Unfortunately for the 80 children, women and men who were shot and subsequently burned in the incendiary furnace that consumed their compound the apology from the FBI that maybe they could have done things differently – doesn’t sit well.    The tanks expelling those gas incendiaries – well we didn’t think they would cause a fire…     

This is not Jim Jones – this is an off-the-grid group of anti-government, anti-control young people seeking to live life as they see fit without breaking the law.   The child assault allegations were found to be frivolous and everything above board when physicians examined the surviving 25 children found them healthy and perfect.   In other words this was an off-cult of less than 200 who chose a lifestyle that was a bit 60ish.   If they hadn’t chosen to stash themselves an arsenal of defensive weapons … history might be different.

I am reminded of the ‘commune children of the 60’s’.   No one sought to burn them at the stake…

Waco was Clinton”s introduction into chaos, disorder and blackmail.    At this point of Clinton’s presidency he was already embroiled in three different sexual assault accusations.   What better way to deflect and detract than the creation of a false allegation of child sexual assaults and polygamy against a small unknown cult.    I doubt even Clinton believed the ultimate outcome of his handler’s recommendation would result in one of the most explosive Crimes in decades.   The government just assassinated over 80 American citizens including children –


Theodore Olsen, an attorney for Gibson Dunn & Crutcher, lost his wife in the 9-11 Pentagon hijacking.    A member of The Federalist and a Paul Ryan advocate, Olsen once commented that he felt that it is morally acceptable for the government to lie.   Lying is for the Greater Good: 

Lying is good.   Lying is to protect the feeble American Patriots.    Pledge Allegiance is simply – another lie.  

Yet, he revealed then and now and every moment in-between, exactly what the American People are fighting – LIES.

9-11 was created to cover for the Pentagon’s blackbook missing $trillions in ‘taxpayer money’.   After 9-11, the missing money agenda was buried.   Just like Clinton buried his affairs in a Waco Siege.   Just like the botched Waco Siege required CLEANUP after the FBI and ATF went off all prevailing dictums of protecting human lives.   Just as the FBI and Ray Epps are busily trying to bury the photo and video evidence that reveals the real insurrection was our government against The People.


James O’Keefe video/audio reveals Pelosi giving the orders to ‘shoot to kill!”.   Reveals AOC telling ‘fckng’ Pelosi to do her job and round every last Magat up and put them away forever!   The Insurrection is our government against the American People.   The complete destruction of America as we know it in favor of a secular NEOM pod city for the elite – think Hunger Games.

While Koresh was not a messiah, he was not a threat either.   The Davidians had never harmed anyone.   They abided by the tenets of Texas Law at the time.    FBI … Pre-emptive.   The same justification given for the assassination of Ashli Babbitt.

It likely is no coincidence that Trump chose Waco for his rally in Texas.   But if Americans were to research their history with a bit more disassociation bias, one might actually learn some valuable lessons.   One source I used was Encyclopedia Britannica…   remember them?   When I was a youngin, a friend actually read the encyclopedia from A thru Z.  

Anywho.   We are now privy to ‘improprieties’ (to be kind) – within our illustrious security agencies.   We know they lie.   We know they cheat.   We know our CIA wants all MAGATS imprisoned.   We know the Cult Mafia has created the global recession/depression purposefully.   We know the Pentagon colluded to assassinate us via an MRna poison.   Our children have died.   We bury our brothers and sisters.

And yet – we lay comatose in our recliners watching TV and telling others they need to DO SOMETHING!   Pointing emphatically.   Until one day, we look out the window and the landscape is a desolate mass of blackened fallout.  


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  1. Helena,
    I’m glad you did this post. Someone else posted the other day that we have gotten here because of all the precedents of blatant government bald-faced lies were met by ho-hum reactions from the people who knew better, like Biblical Christians, as I call them.


    (1) The local sheriffs had already executed similar warrants twice before on the Davidians based on anonymous complaints. Both times they found there was NOTHING AT ALL illegal there, and that all the firearms were legal. (For background, some members occasionally sold them at flea markets.

    (2) The sum total of firearms they had on hand sounded like a big number, but in truth the average number per adult there was no higher than the national American average.

    (3) The 911 call recording had David Koresh asking desperately why they had started shooting the day of the attack, they would have just been invited in just like the other times cops came with search warrants. “Why did you just start shooting?!” That was quickly suppressed. Try to find it on the Internet today!

    (4) His mother was interviewed shortly after and she blasted the authorities and said she was sure they were going to try to kill them.

    (5) The local sheriff that had served warrants twice before blasted the ATF and complained that now, they were “going to have to burn the place to the ground” to cover up the crime. Not must repored.

    (6) In the background the feds were “cult experts” feeding the worst possible perspective to authorities and the press.

    (7) My (Pentecostal preacher) Dad told me afterward that he heard on one of the networks play a voice recording of Koresh saying “They think I’m God!” I was able to explain to my Dad that that they censored the rest of that where Koresh goes on to say “But I’m NOT!”

    (8) The “tear gas” that the military tanks on loan from the military forces (or National Guard?) was CSX gas, a gas that was used by American forces in the Vietnam War. The Viet Cong regularly used tunnels to move place to place. The Americans would pump the CSX gas into those tunnels. It knocks its victims out quickly and so any “enemy” in the tunnel would fall unconscious, then they would throw in a lit match. It is a VERY flammable gas.
    CSX gas was later listed as one of the items on the list of chemical warfare weapons banned by international law.

    (9) The jury that heard the criminal case against the survivors, returned a not-guilty verdict but then the command came down from “somewhere” to get a guilty verdict.

    (9) I am a libertarian and anarcho-capitalist and Bible believing Christian. Reason magazine claims to be a libertarian organization but recently featured a video that takes a perfectly neutral point of view on the attack that day, repeating the unfounded story about Koresh abusing underage girls. There is no evidence of this at all, any more than there was of it at the camp of a breakaway Mormon group in East Texas that state authorities raided some time back.

    • I am a Christian as well, though I don’t sit well with either the ‘Left’ or ‘Right’. To the Left I’m a hard-core, Bible-Thumping Fundie, but to the Right, I am a Black Sheep of near Heretical Proportions. My Goal, since I was Saved at the age of 20 in 1991, I have learned to be content with such things. As long as I live in a way that is pleasing to the Ancient of Days, the rest matters little to me.

      No, Koresh was certainly not saying he was God. Though the entire event may have been a warning harbinger of what was coming for America. One of the Davidians actually said that if their plight was ignored, it would happen to the nation as a whole.

      Helena, this was a good article, but incomplete. I assume you are familiar with the two main documentaries on the subject, “Waco: The Rules of Engagement” (1997) and “Waco: A New Revelation” (1999). ‘A New Revelation’ made a very powerful claim that a Shaped Charge was used in the concrete block storage area where the Davidians had sheltered their Women & Children, mix-mastering them with the power of the blast. That storage area, like the rest of the facility, was completely destroyed in the aftermath. This 2nd documentary was so prodding to the Gubbamint that they created the ‘Danforth Investigation’ to look into this.

      It was, of course, just like the 9/11 investigation, only on a smaller scale.

      In 2000 C.O.P.S. productions released the most condensed (a half-hour) but powerful & scathing condemnation of what happened in Waco. They prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that while the media was held at the front of the Davidian Home a mile away, in the back, where no one could see, the Clinton-Loaned, Combat Applications Group (Commonly called ‘Delta Force’), was using automatic weapons & murdering the Davidians as they tried to escape.

      Using CAG was why the FBI could say with a straight face that, ‘They never fired a Single Shot.’

      One of the most chilling parts of the 1st documentary was at the end, where Senator Biden, on the Senate Floor in 1995, Boldly and Adamantly proclaimed that the Davidians Killed Themselves and the Government was guilty of nothing.

      Harbinger Indeed.

      • Replies to me vary widely – yours would want of me to be something else than I am. I write a Blog – NOT a Oxford Dissertation. In the vein of journalism – a blog or article should be of a certain length and breadth lest there are no readers and you have defeated your purpose! So. I am sure there is infinite data relevant to any moment in time within which I write – but I only have a sparse second of your attention before it is diffused into the channel changer of Iphone…

        • Oh, please don’t misunderstand me! What I wrote wasn’t a criticism. I apologize if it came across that way. Of course there are limits to how much & what specifically is included on a given topic. Especially with something with so much to it.

          For myself, I learned even before Waco how much murder the Fed held in its velvet glove. I graduated from High School in ’89 & a Buddy of mine went into the Army after that, devoted to becoming a Tank Commander. Last I had heard, he had made it & was deployed to the first Iraq War. (Y’know, the ‘legitimate one’, where we actually declared war.)

          In 1992 I bumped into him at a local grocery store & I didn’t recognize him. The Loud, Brash, Boisterous & Fun-Loving Guy I knew was a pale, quiet shadow. A Ghost. After a bit of small talk, he told me- “I’m not supposed to talk about this. Its classified, but someone has to know. YOU have to know.” (Why he thought that, I have no idea.)

          When he & his tank group invaded Kuwait, they installed these huge Ram-Prows on their Abrams Battle Tanks & had standing orders to bury the Iraqi soldiers in their trenches… *Regardless* of whether or not they tried to surrender. As I’m sure you know, according to the Geneva Convention, of which the U.S. is a signatory, if an enemy soldier tries to surrender and you ignore that, it is no longer war, it is Murder.

          “I must have killed thousands of them.” He told me. I believed it. This young man was shattered. I imagine his eyes were filled to bursting with the sight of those dead. It was heartbreaking & all I could do was pray for him. I hope that in the years since, he has found some measure of forgiveness & peace.

          After learning things like this, what happened at Waco was not a shock.

          Anyway, Keep up the good work. Your writing is good and worth the effort.

  2. Hear, hear! What a disgusting event. The most disgusting part was the majority of Americans that gave the Federal Bullies Inc, the Gun grabbing ATF and the military a pass. All the guns were… legal. The siege ended on April 19. A date which in 1775 Real Americans fired first shots for ‘freedom’ at a Lexington church to prevent the Red Coats from seizing guns stored in Concord. Gun Grabbers everywhere!

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