The UN is Obsolete – The Cabal & Their NGO’s are Mental Cavemen

For over Seventy Years the UN has self declared it is the global peacemaker.   The global soothsayer for human rights.   The global climate Tzar. The UN is The Future!   But the tin foil hat blew off into the wind ravaged GMO seed field and revealed nary a root, a sprout, a speck of green – no brain beneath.  

The UN Seeks Solutions! The UN is the world’s global Flagship!   Ad nauseum, the UN self lauds.   The wheel of fortune spun and this time the payload came up China.   China is brokering peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Iran and the UAE, Palestine and Israel, Ukraine and Russia.

A tectonic plate shifts.   And the Mafia is pissed.

Are Western Nations purposefully creating a New BRICS Empire?   Do they envision themselves as a vassal of China?   The US and Canadian governments are clearly supporting communism. Bought by China money.   Beholden with Blackmail. Is the West thus pushing for a globalization based on a China Revolution Order?

The question is – who exactly will run this communist globe? Obviously China is being led to believe they will become the new Global Empire. IF America and the EU are envisioned to become 3rd world African nations – a China/Russia New Empire would most definitely unfold.

According to CSIS, the motto is: Deny, Deflect, Deter.  

The West is operating on two dimensions. Superficially, we are given a reality that is honed in chaos, murder, crime, pedophilia, and a Mad Max authority.   Beneath this superficial surface a maze of NGO power frames are asking AI to tell them what to do…   They have lost their footing, lost their direction, and are desperately attempting to find a means of regaining top tier Reign.

Their Problem:   Western NGO cultists are operating on a barbaric ideology that is rooted in ancient history – CONQUER!   They have yet to evolve beyond the pursuit of creating an ally by first destroying him.   Their perception of the 21st century is still rooted in caveman philosophies. And their fatal errors are increasing exponentially as a direct result.

Xi Jinping played the Tortoise.    The Mafia Cult thought they were invincible.   They did not anticipate the twist in allegiances. Their strategic ploy of installing incompetency into the various offices of White Houses across the globe has backfired!   Instead of giving them the desired space to rule – they have found themselves busily cleaning up mess after mess utilizing precious time! All while losing their footing.

The UN website looks like a Hollywood printout – glowing photoshopped faces – and highlights of money spent to achieve no solution.    NY is hosting UN Members to discuss Water:   We are draining humanity’s lifeblood through vampiric overconsumption and unsustainable use, and evaporating it through global heating.”    Of course EVERY agenda within the UN is discussed to the point of beating a dead horse because no one wants to take action!

Ultimately, what Guterres is calling for at the UN is for ALL FRESH WATER to be owned by a global government and doled out to countries based on equity and sustainability metrics.   But there is a hitch –

Russia happens to have the largest reservoir in the world, Lake Baikal.   At an average depth of 744 meters (maximum depth of 1642 meters) and encompassing 12,300 sq miles – this ancient massive body of water is a precious resource!   Yet, out of reach to the Greedy Cultists.   They desperately WANT this water at any cost.   As such, it is not a coincidence that control of Russia is considered a primary goal.   Fatal Flaw?   The West sought control from the wrong angle.   Instead of making Russia an ally – the West sought to make Russia a demon.

Strategy is everything – and the imbeciles running the NGO’s blew it!

This month and forward countries will come together for the Water/Climate Summit, the Democracy Summit, the Security Summit, the World Bank Summit, the Hollywood Summit…   Each Summit guarantees a promise.   Each promise is matched by pinky swear testimony.   And nothing is EVER actually accomplished.

While all these Summits declare End of World issues, the Tortoise is busily making ‘friends’.

Our illustrious CSIS defends the western modus of chaos and division by declaring the brokered peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran by China as worthless.   Citing previous attempts at a reconciliation between the two Middle Eastern Countries, each time the friendship was foiled by riots in Iran…   The same riots initiated by NED to divide Iran from ANY Middle Eastern country.

In a winded article, CSIS explains why any alliances will be foiled; Iran is in economic turmoil due to US sanctions, and Saudi Arabia will find its hands full with maintaining peace with Iranian officials.   Therefore the alliance will fail – because success is not allowed.   Ancient military – Divide and Conquer – is worthy of a Caveman Tin Foil Hat

The western NGO’s handling global governance have thus revealed that peace is NOT their agenda.   Their mental acuity has sworn allegiance to the Caveman. Their strategic intellect is wholly flawed if not simply corrupted:   A)   Underestimating ones ‘enemy’,   and B)   Not engaging in peace deals.

What is revealed in these quantum shape shifters we liken to the Mafia Cult is that western nations are doing absolutely nothing to improve Life.   We are not building better cities, economies and societies.   We aren’t driving advanced education.   We are NOT mitigating slothful water usage and preservation and never have.   In fact, every aspect of the allusion drilled by Western governments has one purpose – to break Americans.

WHY?   Because these old-old men still think breaking a man will make him an obedient slave.

4 thoughts on “The UN is Obsolete – The Cabal & Their NGO’s are Mental Cavemen

  1. I always start my day with Lew Rockwell and link to other websites. I think I found you on LRC but not sure. Anyway, I am glad I found you and signed up for a monthly donation to get all of your articles. I will read them all. I am always reading to see how bad things are but also to see if there is any hope for any kind of future. I have two daughters and 4 grandkids aged 3 to 6 and I am sad to know how many poison shots they are given just to go to public schools, and I know my daughters and their husbands took the death shot without consulting me first. My ex-wife took the shots and had a mild stroke and an embolism so far. As for survival, I live in Phoenix where there are few places to hide. You can try to hide in the treeless “mountains” but will stick out like a sore thumb and anyway I am 77 and out of shape so that is out. I envy people who have wooded areas to hide in but with the technology available to the military I don’t think you can hide in the woods anymore either. I want to be near my family so I will have to take it as it comes. By the way, if anyone wants to know what the military/globalists are doing to our weather go to and watch “The Dimming” and the other videos and listen to Dane Wigington’s weekly broadcasts posted on the website. Also, read the articles on the use of DEW on Maui and CA (and many other locations) to see how the globalists are bringing about their 15 minutes cities to imprison us in death camps.

    • Sorry for the shots – we can only do what we can do… I am a follower of geoengineering watch! I wrote about Maui in particular – but also the paid arsonists…

  2. Strike at the weak says Sun Tsu. Well that is pretty much what chicken little America does.
    Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Yugoslavia, Serbia, Panama, Grenada and on and on. Not one equal peer in the bunch.
    And then we have a proxy (Ukraine) fight a peer that is equal or maybe more equal. 250,000 dead,,, a million disabled Ukies so far and were right there, johnny on the spot, ready to give them more weapons to continue the genocide until the last Ukrainian dies. Home of the brave? I don’t think so Tim!

    IMO Governments do nothing except suck up wealth that people somehow create in spite of the guv corruption. They kill more citizens than most wars. We’re not finished counting until the bio-weapon Covid shots makes its rounds. With ‘parents’ injecting their offspring this will go on for decades.

    Western fascist Neo Nazi governments are the worse. They earned the Neo Nazi title after the three years so far of absolute medical tyranny over a non existent virus and a deadly bio-weapon humorously (to them) called a ‘vaccine’.

    They wage their wars and our money on unproven ‘science’ like CO2 being responsible for Globull Warming which GW has been ongoing since the last Ice Age. Now the war is extended to Nitrogen which is over 3/4 of the atmosphere and anything else that can reduce the food supply.

    As for the evaporation of fresh water check Californika where it directs a hellish amount of fresh water to the Pacific Ocean creating said shortage. All of this gives them enormous power over the chattel they call civilians or citizens which apparently most of the cattle don’t seem to care. Colorado claims to own rain fall!

    As an anarchist (old definition,,, not governments definition) there is little we can do as the majority believe the propaganda of statism taught from conception to death where the theft of our earnings and wealth are stolen. The stolen money is supposedly in exchange for security and an even playing field. Today that wealth is given away externally for wars and internally for the lowest forms of life that are hired as thugs to control the masses.

    Does anyone really think 20 to 30 million thugs, scam artists, warriors and revenuers are needed? And we wonder why they cannot balance a budget!

    By the way,,, you made it again to Lew Rockwell. Climbing that ladder….

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