Morality, Ethics, and A Dying Society

For years, there have been numerous explosive discussions about how numbed children are to violence as a result of video games, movies, and even sitcoms. Bombarded with images the sensory development of compassion and empathy are muted. Death and casualty invoke no emotion because its reality has been quashed.

But there is another perverse numbing that has taken hold of society, and it involves adultery, affairs, sexual hookups and pornography.  It is now so pervasive, it is estimated that over 50% of spouses engage in one or more venues.   And yet the consequence of their action, doesn’t seem to reach a value surface. Everyone does it. I deserve happiness. I am entitled.

Left in the wake of these behaviors are a pool of victims – not just the spouse – but children, neighbors, friends, colleagues, business associates and of course, entire families.   The incredible selfishness is waved, and the entitlement is embraced.

Of course the catastrophic snowball can include the possibility that both individuals partaking in this ‘relationship’ are leaving a wake behind them.  And the snowballing of tragedy grows.

Sometimes the affair is the extension of a friendship, sometimes, a vengeance ploy, and other times it is an addiction. Instead of nurturing a marriage, a spouse may be addicted to the high of the ‘honeymoon’.

The morality of society has evolved to accept adultery just as we have accepted violence. Neither have benefited our culture, and both may be our ultimate demise. The ramifications have been and continue to be the dissolution of ‘family’. The legacy that is taught is one of the all important “Me”.   The same “Me” generation that therapists encouraged.

And the consequences are a trail of destruction and a next generation of children immune to marriage and fidelity, wanting no part of the hurt it invokes. Why should I – my father/mother was a serial adulterer?

The same therapists who adamantly encourage selfishness, are now attempting to resolve non-commitment issues.   When in fact, this causal/consequence was actually perpetrated by the idea that society must ‘accept everything’, even those ethics and moralities that cross boundaries. Tolerance means that porn and adultery are commonplace and therefore a normal part of our culture.

Get over it! Don’t be such a Child!

The mantra of an addict.

But our ethics have devolved even more. Inciting assassination is now considered acceptable behavior, and to some, it is even funny. What happens to the upcoming generation that embraces this ideology as well? There are no boundaries. There is no morality. Law is tossed and chaos rules.

Everything created on this earth was created in ‘Order”, there are rules for everything from how a tree grows, to when a flower opens it’s blossom, to how every miniscule particle of our ecosystem is dependent on another. So it is also with humans. When we disrupt this ‘Order” and devolve into chaos, our ecosystem collapses and humanity collapses.

Our bodies are vast creations of “Order”, but they’ve been disrupted by man’s desire to change what is natural and recreate it in an unauthentic environment. As a result we sit numbly and watch as chaos slowly takes hold – an inch at a time.

These three societal collapses are probably our greatest terror threat. They are about disunity. They don’t come from any place of goodness or compassion, and typically leave a trail of death as they numb our senses, devour our heart, and create a new generation of even colder, more detached children.

And yet, we continue to focus on the few, instead of the many…

From Macron to Grenfell Tower – Real News

While the media has continued its unabated, unabashedly tiresome, laborious focus on Russia, Mueller, Sessions, and Trump, the World has subtly shifted.

According to The Economist, a Rothschild magazine, Emanuel Macron, France’s new President is slated to become the Savior of Europe! The cover of the magazine depicts him ‘walking on water’ with the legs and high heels of his opponent, Marine le Pen, stoically sticking out of the water as she has obviously drowned. The purpose of this oblique image is to liken Macron to Christ.

I guess that pretty much sums up the views of The Economist on just about – everything…

Macron belongs to a movement that has shed the traditional Liberal and Socialist parties and renamed his La Republique en Marche. Translation: To move forward the republic (France).

He won because he was bought by Rothschild, groomed by Rothschild, and prepared by Rothschild like a toy. He is told what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and where.   He has been emptied and refilled with the propaganda and the objectives of his Handler.

What transpired is about to bring about a similar shift in the US. It is a warning. The Republican and Democrat traditional parties are being destroyed. While the rhetoric against the GOP is obvious, the parallel fall of the Democrats is a bit more shadowed.  But they too will fall in a pit of flames, like the Grenwell Tower.  So entrenched in self, the Liberals can’t imagine anything could possibly destroy them – except, of course, themselves.

A new Party is most likely being created right now, beneath our noses, and we blindly focus instead on the tear down of the GOP while that is only half the agenda. These parties are dead.  People are seeing mass exodus as the ethics, the Swamp, the corruption  –  is so pervasive we want out.  Unfortunately, it is the Soros Democrats creating the new and improved Party while the Republicans continue to whine.

While the news continues to bore and boar on and on ad nauseam, The Economist has also instituted a hate platform against Theresa May blaming her for the fire that destroyed the Grenfell Tower in London. Why? Because they claim that she has been lax in initiating proper building and fire codes that would have prohibited the use of a particular siding material that is very flammable, and possibly a major contributory factor in the spread of the fire.

But that actually isn’t her job.  Those regulations fall on the Building Regulators and the Secretary of State and the Local Authority – mayor Sadie Khan.  Why Theresa May?  Because the Rothschild agenda is to have her expelled and vacate BREXIT.

Facebook is alive with propaganda hailing Muslims as being the greatest heroes in helping the injured at the scene of the Grenfell Tower, it should be noted that Muslims were the dominate tenant of the Tower, and thus were evacuating and tending to their neighbors and friends. The neighborhood outside of the Tower is predominantly upper echelon, the only Muslim population was from the Tower itself.  While this does not diminish the fact that Muslims were helping their friends and families, it does provide a perspective of why and where they came from… Grenfell is Public Housing amidst ritzy enclaves.

In the UK, the Local Authority is responsible for approvals and compliance with statutory regulations, including building codes. That would mean the responsibility for London’s fire would defer not to Theresa May, but to the mayor, Sadiq Khan. The Economist is a backer of Khan and therefore shifting blame to Theresa May serves a profound purpose not unlike the blame game played by both Hillarygate and Obama.

Corbyn is using the tragedy to create a Socialist name for himself as he calls for any vacant apartments to be immediately seized by the government and distributed to the tenants who lost their housing in the fire. Taking a tragedy and making a larger tragedy will not solve the problem. It will create chaos and derision as landlords react to their property being seized without consent.  This is a typical Communist move.

The Local Authority or Council was created in 1963 by the “London Government Act”. Not the UK Government. Council Leadership was elected in May 2014 by The People. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea manages the property and is run by 13 tenants. Therefore, if blame is to be rendered, render it where it belongs.

But instead the media is fervently bent on making the Grenfell Tower fire the sole responsibility of Theresa May.   Khan is somehow exempt and the Local Authority is somehow exempted – at least by the press. Blaming does nothing to solve the problem for now or for the future. The siding used on the Tower was highly flammable and barred from use in both the US and Germany.

The Building Committee for Regulations reports to the UK Secretary of State. The Office for Secretary of State For Communities and Local Government is currently held by, Sajid Javid.

World News has been snuffed in the US as belabored dollars are ravaged on Committee after Committee proving nothing except the fact that the Swamp Lives and Breathes!

US Crumbling Into Chaos

Any more, when reading the news, it appears as though the US is a third world country spiraling into the factions and fractions of the Tutsi and Hutus.   While many journalists would claim that their animosity stems from religion, in fact it is a class warfare that has escalated to ethnic cleansing. It is the same ‘class division’ envisioned by Obama in creating a separation of Americans in a war of entitlement, hatred, and death.   And it very well may erupt into an ethnic cleansing as ‘Democrats” up their war-anti and begin to literally kill Republicans.

Like in Africa, there is a beating drum, a rally to violence that is stoked and fermented by the desire for chaos. Ultimately, that chaos could actually spiral the US into a third world stratosphere leaving two major countries defending their sovereignty; Russia and China.

Even more disturbing is the fact that this is not even being orchestrated by China and Russia, but by internal forces looking to up end world order. I imagine these countries are looking on in amazement and shaking their heads as they watch the clear destruction of our world as we know it all the while accepting it, prodding it, and spiraling in the wickedness it embraces.

I watch it not just on the scale of countries and cities, but it has seeped into homes and families. This prevalence of hate has stained people that profess innocence, victimhood, and even Christian ideology.   And they defend it. Justify it. Only to have their spiral gain momentum.

The news of destruction and death and mayhem is no longer the subject of only third olrd countries, it has become the mainstay in the US and Europe. London’s mayor, Khan, simply shrugs his shoulders as he can’t understand why people don’t accept this transformation willingly. “It is our way of life.” He is quoted as saying.

Really? Because it didn’t use to be! So why should it be now?

Hoodwinked. With the drug induced sixties generation, we created a generation of mottled intellect. It was not a coincidence. It was carefully planned so as to keep control. While the hippies and flower children protested, the stage was set in motion and played like a lyre. Without any intervention, with and antipathy toward voting, doing, or knowing what was truly happening.

And here we are.

What is the solution? When chaos rules, order must be sustained. It will require an immediate and conclusive consequence for actions to stabilize what has run amuck. We are witnessing the absolute rebellion of law in our government – and I’m not speaking of Trump, but of those that ruled before and instituted this mayhem mess.

That would mean that Hollywood does NOT have a greenlight to instill hatred. Comedians do NOT have an out clause from the Constitution. And the mainstream media is NOT permitted to instigate and defile without suffering consequences.   It means reorganizing ‘public’ schools which are funded by taxpayer dollars to eliminate political bias, environmental bias, and teach the fundamental basics. It means everyone has the same right under freedom of speech – including Christians.

When my kids were in middle school, the new Principal created a rule; any student or teacher who said ‘Merry Christmas’ was automatically suspended for three days.   Christmas cards were not allowed to be exchanged – or suffer suspension.  What happened to that Freedom of Speech? It was squelched behind a misinformed interpretation that applies to a select few that are never subject to consequences for their actions.

What we cannot do is to curl up and cry.

We are not alone. The battles are everywhere, throughout our homes, our schools, our cities – everywhere. Each one of us is fighting for our life in a different vacuum of chaos. Myself included.  Each of us has a story. But if we give up, then we will be slain and the wolves will simply seek another victim.  

Comedians Want Free Speech?

Bill Maher, Kathy Griffin, and a host of other ‘comedians’ believe they should be given special privileges to offend, malign, and slander. But of course, those privileges should not extend to anyone else. Why? Because they are elitist. They are ‘special’.   Because they ‘deserve’ to be immune. Kathy Griffin came out publically after berating the President, maligning him, and then implying she was ISIS beheading him, and cried because Trump was a bully…

So how would this notion of entitlement play out?

I imagine we would suddenly have a plethora of people claiming they are comedians when charged with lible and slander in court. “It was a joke…” Much like the ‘Twinkie Defense”. The Twinkie made me do it.   Now it would be “Can’t you take a joke?” Everyone jokes a bit, does that mean everyone is really a comedian?

According to various sources, the definition of comedian is: “A person who makes people laugh by telling jokes and acting foolish for an audience.” Charlie Chaplin was an amazing comedian. Then there was Abbott and Costello, Sid Caesar, Dom DeLuise, and thousands more. What made them funny was not how they maligned and slandered other people, but how they made their own character the brunt of comedy.

Comedy was about making fun of one self.

I’m not sure when it became a gun show with everyone else the target, but too often that comes across as simply arrogant and petty.   I have walked out on a few supposed comedians because they were all about pointing a finger, all about look at that stupid person, instead of poking fun at their own errs in life.

It is actually the same in church. When a Preacher starts by pointing a finger and railing on about how sinful the congregation is, people start to shift, lose focus, and their thoughts will typically go to – “Well you are too…”   By contrast, when a Preacher creates his sermon around his own perils and hiccups, people are more likely to relate and take a deeper look into themselves.  It is reflective instead of accusatory.

This bizarre entitlement of speech is highlighted in many liberal newspapers as well. The Washington Post and New York Times went so far as to create tag lines claiming they were the Truth, they were the only source for real Truth. And yet, their Headlines are riddled with defaming our President. That’s not Truth, that is defamatory.  Finding an article that is positive, or unbiased, – ever – is like “Where’s Waldo”. There might be one, but it takes a lot of detailed eyes to find it within the plethora of look-alikes.

Another notable advocate of free speech is Reza Aslan who was recently fired from CNN for his Twitter tirades in which he liberally defamed and cussed various politicians and Trump.

While The Freedom of Speech is a Constitutional right, there are limitations that seem to be ignored, including :

“Libel,  slander, obscenity, pornography, sedition, incitement, fighting words, classified information, copyright violation, trade secrets, non-disclosure agreements, right to privacy, right to be forgotten, public security and perjury.”

Fighting Words? The legal definition has morphed since it was first introduced making cuss words permissible. Incitement? I imagine holding a decapitated head of our President is most definitely a form of incitement… I imagine demanding someone be ‘raped’ or ‘shot’ is most definitely a form of incitement and clearly crosses the line of legality – but also ethics and morality.

Bottom line. Many in society seem to have lost the concept of integrity, defined as having strong moral values and honesty. Everyone believes they are honest, but moral values are bit more subjective. So I thought I’d see how the New York Times might see this.

According to an article published in 2015 by The New York Times, morality is subject to relativism and cultural differences. Which basically means that it is completely up for grabs and there are little, or few, absolutes.

In essence, society has broken down into an ‘anything goes’ without boundaries of ethics, moralities or even legal absolutes. And in that mantra, entitlement abounds.  And so we are left with a bizarre concept that comedians be given special rights to malign, slander and incite hatred…, newspapers be allowed to malign and incite hatred, and boundaries are simply a puritan ideology of the past.

Leaked Manchester Photographs? How About Nuclear Scientist Mother…

The New York Times is making headlines again for their release of images which they claim came from law enforcement officials which were distributed by British authorities.   There is no mention of US officials being a part of the release.

The BBC and Theresa May are now claiming that Trump, the White House, and Five Eyes officials are the source of the illegitimate release, and as a result she has stopped all intelligence sharing with the US.

If this were a traditional ‘press briefing’ as Theresa May is claiming, then the photographs would have been available to all those in the briefing. Given the Post, Times and CNN have been nixed by Trump of late, even if there was a press briefing, chances are the New York Times was not represented.

The British Police claim that the name of the suicide bomber had been purposefully withheld from the media so that they could utilize the element of surprise in picking up accomplices.   That makes sense. But while a name is one thing, a slew of photographs is quite another.  That entails more than a phone call.

That means someone with access to the entire file sent the photographs to one media source, The New York Times.  And that indicates that the Leak is within the British intelligence.

The story also indicates that they had the photographs analyzed by a ‘disposal technician’, and an independent analyst, Michael C. L. Johnson, who appears to have no profile presence.

The photos and story were released the day after the bombing. They had been thoroughly analyzed.  So the photos had been in the possession of the Times for a while.

The more likely leak is classic media. The New York Times knew someone in the UK police department or intelligence department who had access to the file and emailed the photographs. Which is basically what the New York Times report states.

Trying to create a Trump drama, is ridiculous at best and serves no purpose whatsoever except to take away from his trip abroad and swing a pile of cow mud so as to divert the focus. The fact that Theresa May doesn’t see through this given she too has been the target of similar mud attacks, may be the opinion of the media, or ignorance.   Or it may be because she herself is nervous this could discredit her in the upcoming election and so she needs to take a strong stance.

In any event, the UK got their men and then some. The fact that according to The Telegraph Salman Abedi’s mother is a nuclear scientist living in Libya seems to have somehow alluded the mainstream press… I would think that to be a rather important item to investigate further…

Because according to a quick street address lookup, she is registered to live at the same address as Salman in Manchester. Mixed reports seem to say that while Salman’s parents previously reported him to the police as a potential risk, his father and brothers have been arrested and implicated in the crime. His father is/was a ‘security officer’.  As a security officer, I would think his employment information might be of interest…

Did he work at the Arena?  Was he there?

The fact that Abedi’s brothers and father have since been connected to a large ISIS and al Qaeda cell has also been diminished as the focus on the real story takes a backseat to the leaked photographs and discrediting Trump.

And what of the nuclear scientist mother?   Is she in Libya or Manchester?  Who does she work for?  Does she have ties to ISIS?   Where are her loyalties?  Seems a bit worrysome to me.

But these details seem insignificant compared to the leaked photographs and the blame game…


Soros Bringing Down Fox News?

Fox News is under siege by Soros. The last bastion of a major conservative media network, the attacks in the form of lawsuits, demonizing and advertising revenue are widespread.   They began in 2010 during the Obama administration and have been ramped up as of late to take down Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly and Ruport Murdoch.

In June 2011, Soros penned, “Those in charge of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, have done well in identifying me as their adversary. They have done less well in the methods they have used to attack me: their lies shall not stand and their techniques shall not endure.”

In 2010, Soros launched an operation called, “Color of Change”, in which the target of the attacks was Glen Beck. He then gave Media Matters, his own media outlet, $1.1 million to be used to cut Fox News down to the core.  The methodology was the same, and 30 advertisers left the show ultimately leading to Beck’s early retirement.

Think Progress, a blog put out by the Soros organization, Center For American Progress, was the hitman.

This time, Ailes, O’Reilly and Murdoch were the targets utilizing sexual harassment claims and racial discrimination claims to unravel more advertisers and lance their bottom line profit.

In 2017, the New York Times released a story in which they claimed that O’Reilly and Fox had settled some $13 million worth of lawsuits brought by five women.  Problem.  As a condition of the settlement, the women were barred from speaking publically about their claims and awards. If they did, they would be in violation of their court order. Apparently a lot of money exchanged hands in order for someone to forfeit their claim against Fox.

Suddenly Roger Ailes dies after falling and hitting his head. O’Reilly is fired, Kelly and Susteren both get hired by NBC and cut ties with Fox, and the National Organization For Women, funded by Soros, fires up a feminist rant targeting – Fox News.

What is omitted from most of the news networks is the fact that an enormous class action lawsuit against CNN for racial discrimination is in the making involving not 2 or 5 people, but upwards of 200… Murdoch?

So is the Soros agenda to take down Fox News possible? He definitely bought out Kelly and Susteren.  He destroyed O’Reilly for now and Beck some years ago.  Hannity is running scared, and rightfully so.

Color of Change is a Soros backed and funded organization that advocates for civil rights, mass media focus and political activism. Rashad Robinson is the executive director and sits on the board of another interesting organization, DEMOS.

One of the original Board Member founders of DEMOS is Barack Obama and currently, Elizabeth Warren’s daughter is Board Chair.   Small World!

Founded in 2000, DEMOS was ‘conceptualized’ by Charles Halpern, a lawyer and follower of spiritual mindful meditation and healing as well as social activism. He also is credited with the founding of The Alliance For Justice, a Soros organization, which works to appoint federal judges, and was instrumental in the defeat of Reagan’s nominee. The Alliance is connected to a plethora of Member Groups. (the list can be found on Wikipedia).   DEMOS is also funded by Soros.

This would indicate that Obama had been slated by Soros well before his Presidential appointment or book deal.


Muroch vs Soros. Soros has painstakingly worked hard to bring Fox to it’s knees. It is personal. Diametrically opposed politics is one reason, but influencing media and by default The People will determine who rules and the transformation of the EU and US and the global economic stratification.   Soros is a Socialist with leanings toward Marxism.  Destroying both the Democrat and Republican parties could usher in an Obama Green Party Movement uniting the youth, blacks, disillusioned Democrats and Socialists with one fell swoop.  At this stage of the game, Soros has vamped more power with his takeover of major media outlets; CNN, NBC, CBS, NPR, Washington Post and New York Times, to name a few heavies.   And he directs and dictates their opinion.

Thriving on chaos and war, Soros most likely rather enjoys Murdoch as a worthy opponent.  But Murdoch doesn’t stand alone, he has John Malone, and the Koch Brothers taking his back.  And the fight could have a number of victims before a new King is elected.

Soros, backed by Buffet and Gates, has armed himself with quite an arsenal as well.  It is ultimately a matter of who can manipulate more minds with propaganda and usher in either a Marxist regime, or a Capitalist regime.

Bringing down political appointments is critical. Bringing down Fox is just gravy.

Carl Bernstein attacks the media – and then attacks Trump for attacking the media

Carl Bernstein attacking Trump is a pinch of pepper, a dash of salt, and a cupful of chili sauce.   A man well worn in his multiple marriages, brutal affairs, and arrogant boasting of sexual encounters is calling Trump a ‘liar’. Hmmmm.

Running low on fame he acquired in the Watergate era of Nixon some 45 years ago, Bernstein himself failed to reveal that he was raised by parents who wholly embraced Communism. Which amounts to – a lie. Still, he attacks Trump for being a racist ‘just like his father’ while forcibly admitting his own parents were Communists. So, is Carl Bernstein a Communist just like his father?

In 1992, Bernstein wrote a story titled, “The Idiot Culture” in which he exposes the puppetry of people believing whatever the media manufacturers for them.  He writes, “…the American media is illusionary and delusionary—disfigured, unreal, disconnected from the true context of our lives…”

In 2002, his commentary of working for the Washington Post was less than complimentary claiming the paper was biased, sterile, and conformist. Sounds a lot like Trump’s comments…

Today, Carl Bernstein denounces Trump’s statements against the press stating Trump as being divisive and treacherous.   But a few years ago Bernstein was quoted as saying, “The lowest form of popular culture – lack of information, misinformation, misinformation, and a contempt for the truth or the reality of most people’s lives – has overrun real journalism,” Carl Bernstein has said. “Today, ordinary Americans are being stuffed with garbage.”

Huh.  So, which is it Mr. Bernstein? Because it would appear you have turned on a dime and become much like what you abhor. Hypocrisy on the Communist left is so commonplace today that we barely blink when we hear of it again.

Unfortunately, Bernstein’s hero status in breaking the Watergate story is now muddied by a Communist agenda against Nixon personally.   And what we have left is a man who sowed many lies and adulterous relations pointing a gnarly finger at our US President, when in fact these are the opinions of a Marxist extremist, biased, Hillary lover, hypocritical denouncer who fails to acknowledge the actions of Obama in his cabinet firings and hirings, and instead promotes a shill commentary about Trump all the while making the exact same allegations himself – in prior years.

Every article written by Bernstein, every statement that is quoted, has to remind us that this is the same Bernstein who unabashedly uncovered the Watergate scandal as though he is desperately attempting to reclaim some prestige to his name.  Or attempt to use the Watergate fame as a basis for his Trump bashing.  In either case, his own hypocrisy makes him appear quite comical.

In fact, as history goes, even the Watergate scandal is now dissected from a different standpoint as it is claimed Nixon was supposed to be a Rothschild puppet, and instead decided to go rogue.  And so the globalists needed to bring him down.

FYI: Bernstein had no background in journalism, never got a college degree, and was hired by the Washington Post anyway. Woodward had a BA degree, spent five years in the navy and was denied a position at the Post because he wasn’t “qualified”.  

While Woodward is less demonstrative and hypocritical in his evaluation of Trump, he too has been criticized for fabricating information, stretching the truth and ‘forgetting’ the actual lay of the facts. His usefulness in the Watergate creation was promulgated not on his journalistic flare, but rather his government ‘connections’, i.e., Deep Throat.

Like Bernstein, his career and respect floundered, his only real traction being Watergate despite having written numerous books – and ultimately fiction.  Suddenly, in his seventies, he has been trumped up to provide insight in Trump while being paid by Liberal sources.

He regularly donates to his personal foundation which gives to charities like “Sidwell Friends School”, the same $35000 to $50000 per year school in DC where Obama sent his girls. They must have one heck ofa budget!  Hello?

These are the men who declare that Trump’s mental capacity to serve should be questioned by the media… As they desperately try and reclaim their lost fame, as the truth about Watergate becomes more revealing, as their own prominence unravels to reveal they were used as puppets, it is easier to see that – they are simply puppeting what they are told to say like dutiful – well, puppets.

Some things never change.

Tucker Carlson vs Caroline Heldman – 90% Tax Bracket

Professor Caroline Heldman was on Tucker Carlson advocating for much higher tax rates on the 1%ers, claiming that Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations were examples of what it meant to ‘pay their fair share’.  

Eisenhower: In 1954 the adjusted gross income of all tax returns amounted to about $229 billion, with a total tax liability of about $26.7 billion or roughly 9% tax revenue on all income.

In 2015, the IRS raked in $3.25 Trillion in tax revenue, of that $1.54 Trillion was individual income tax. Total payroll in 2015 was roughly $16 Trillion. That equates to roughly 9% tax on revenue. The same as during the Eisenhower administration.

So what is a fair share?

What is the current distribution of tax revenue? The top 1% of all income earners paid 45.7% of all federal income taxes, but earned 17.1% of all income in the U.S. The top 20% paid 83.9% of all federal income taxes, after earning 51.9% of all income in America. The middle 20% of income earners paid 5.9% of all federal income taxes, but earned 14.8% of all income.

During Eisenhower, the top tier tax rate applied to those making $400,000 which converts to about $3.622 million in today’s dollars. The problem is the fair sharers are using $390,000 as the 1% measure. That would equate to about $38,000 in 1950 which was taxed at roughly 48%.

But even this isn’t a fair measure because it doesn’t account for all the revenue that is diverted out of the US in order to avoid/evade tax.   Income concentration today is roughly the same as it was post The Great Depression in the 1920’s when most of the wealth was held by the top tier elites.   Taxing them to death is not going to create a ‘redistribution’ of wealth, it only means they will ‘evade’ further through tax havens.

Taxing the wealthy is rather simplistic. It doesn’t solve income disparity, it merely means the government is potentially wealthier, thus expanding their already burgeoning expenditures and welfare. In addition, Mz. Heldman failed to note the economic, political, and social courses of the Eisenhower administration.

His cabinet was dubbed ‘eight millionaires and a plumber’. His policies were geared toward the annihilation of communism, securing Iranian oil, threatening China, demanding Russia agree to a reduction of nuclear arms, massive infrastructure spending, fighting the far right GOP good ole boys, promoting technology development, thawing the Cold War, balancing the budget, and putting America First.

He wasn’t the best, made blunders, and had failures, but he had successes too.

That being said, Mz. Heldman’s view is certainly not of the caliber of someone whose education includes a PhD given it was driven without any statistics, proven analysis, or in-depth thinking and deserved the response she got from Carlson – a laugh.

Interestingly, Mz. Heldman has a number of bio’s that offer different accomplishments including co-founder of New Orleans Women’s Shelter, co-founder of critical Response, leadership position with Common Ground, co-founded End Rape on Campus, and more. Oddly; None of these organizations mention her by name as having anything to do with their leadership or founding…?

Her bio also states she wrote a book; The War On Women’s Bodies in 2016 – but oddly it doesn’t come up in any Google search?

Her Occidental bio also states she ‘co-authored’ the book, Rethinking Madame President, when in fact she ‘co-edited’ the book. Oops. It’s important to truthful.

Syria; Chemical Weapons?

The Syrian war is such a universal mess it is completely unfathomable why. The list of countries bombing Syria includes: US, UK, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Qatar, Belgium, Bahrain, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, and UAE.   And yet – with all that in play – ISIS, comprised of about 100,000 fighters by best guess, has actually – grown…

Five years later, a country is completely destroyed, but ISIS and al Qaeda seem to be doing just fine. What kind of military intelligence is conducting this massive catastrophe?   In WWII, Hitler’s army was comprised of over 18 million.   In the Gulf War against Iraq we fought against 650,000 troops and it lasted one month.

We have fake videos showing faked casualties, faked attacks, and apparently a complete inability to determine who is doing what where because we don’t seem to know who is bombing whom at any given time and so the rhetoric is US vs Assad.

Adding to the confusion, weapons are being sold indiscriminately to all related countries by both the US and Russia. It used to be that we could verify who was doing what via satellite imagery, but those too have been doctored to present false information.   So we turned to witnesses on the ground. But they have no factual bearing either as each side presents their propaganda witness.

Recently the US press has begun a campaign of parading previous Syrian victims as their source of information. Hillary capitalized on this propaganda method during her campaign, and the media have recently jumped osn the proverbial bandwagon creating chemical weapon victims. One, used to work for the Clinton Global Initiative… and the other one claims to have escaped after the August 2013 chemical weapon attack, only to show up in the US in September 2013 and start a Twitter account in English…

It’s interesting to note who is retweeted on this Twitter account of Mr. Kassem Eid. It would include Kenneth Roth of Human Rights Watch, a George Soros organization. There is Liz Sly of the Washington Post. The Daily Beast who has on it’s board Chelsea Clinton. The Syrian Network For Human Rights, a UK based organization that was an offshoot of the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, both one man shows located in the UK. And the very shadowy Eliot Higgins or Bellingcat also from the UK , a stay at home dad married to a Turkish woman who suddenly rose to fame as a weapons analyst…

The information being parlayed is always the same, makes statements of fact without any corroborating evidence, and is continually restated, reTweeted, rehashed by the mainstream media. The idea being if you say it enough, if multiple sources say the same thing – then it must be factual and evidence is no longer necessary.

Now we have Fox News using the fact checker of The Washington Post against Rice, and the mire is so thick we cannot possibly know what is fact or fiction. It is no different than asking Hillary who’s on first in Benghazi!   All it proves is that Rice is going down and she is the Democrat’s scapegoat.

We also now know that the riff between Bannon and Kushner was about Syria. Kushner won – and Syria was bombed without any verifiable evidence other than a statement made by the White Helmets, an organization created in and funded by the UK that ultimately shifted its funding to the US taxpayers. There are photos and videos linking them to complicity with al-Nusra. For their propaganda, they use the Aleppo Media Center to provide ‘pictures’ for release to US and UK media. The authenticity of these photos is questionable…at best.  And certainly completely and openly biased.

Tillerson blaming Russia for their failure to eliminate the chemical weapons in Syria is childish. The OPCW, a Norwegian organization, was tasked with the elimination. They work in cooperation with the UN. It’s latest news brief has declared that they are ‘investigating the claim of chemical weapons use in Syria’. Below is what the OPCW stated in 2016 with regard to the continued use of chemical weapons:

“At a time when the likelihood of states using chemical weapons has become distant, non-state actors – in Syria and Iraq – have not only sought to acquire such weapons, but have also used them. What this means is that chemical terrorism is no longer a theoretical proposition or even imminent threat, but a stark reality. It is also a reality that could affect many more of us across the globe over coming years as foreign fighters return to their homelands with experiences gained in Syria and Iraq.”

There are six countries known to house stashes of chemical weapons: US, Russia, Egypt, Israel, North Korea and South Sudan. However, what the OPCW acknowledges is that ‘non-state actors’, as in terrorists, have stockpiles that cannot be contained.  Recklessness was the Democrat and Republican war hawks agenda, The People are more concerned about the Saudi’s than Assad where Sharia Law, beheadings, human rights violations, war mongering in Yemen, ethnic cleansing, and genocide are all tolerated for some reason… could it be The Swamp back-scratching???

Fox’s Fake News: Syria by Russia Design

Fox News has headlined an article in which it claims; “In Syria there are more war crimes, more peace talks and more radicalization by – Russia Design”.   Huh. Where’s the proof?   Their primary source citation is The Institute For The Study of War. Sounds impressive – right?   Until, unless one does a bit of research and it is easily disseminated:

The CEO is a Kimberly Kagan. The first, most obvious foul is the fact that her husband’s brother is married to Victoria Nuland. The same Nuland advocating for war with Russia. The same Nuland deciding who should run Ukraine after the coup – Nuland.

The second most obvious foul is that this obscure little non-profit, The Institute for The Study of War, claims it gets all it’s funding from Raytheon, General Dynamics and DynCorp.   As in no conflict of interest there!   So for all the call to arms The Institute will pass the arms contracts to their funders.   Nice tight package.

Third foul, Fox News is using the very credible Institute For The Study of War which had within it’s bowels, Elizabeth O’Bagy.   A registered Democrat, she lied on her resume that she had earned her PhD from Georgetown, and was used by war-mongering McCain and Kerry to assist in evaluating the need to go to war with Syria. After she was disgraced and fired from The Institute, 2 weeks later McCain hired her on his personal staff as a ‘legislative assistant’.   Another tight package.

Jonathan Maunter of The Institute was used as a source for another Fox article in which the author claimed – “Russia and Assad Bombing of Civilians Continues as UN Peace Process Staggers”.   According to the website for The Institute, Maunter doesn’t even work there???   Oops.  In this article they also reference the Syria Institute as a reliable source.

The Syria Institute is run by 33 year old Valerie Szybala and was formed September 2015. They apparently get their funding by asking for donations via Facebook…  They claim to be aligned with the ever famous – Foundation For Justice and Development. This non-profit is so non-profit it doesn’t even have to file a Form 990 because they don’t make enough money. It refers comments to Ismael Basha, who is an unknown.

The man writing these incredibly opinionated and flagrantly unsourced, propaganda/articles is George Russell, described as an “Editor at-large at Fox News”. Outside of that his bio includes a recommendation by The Economist, the Rothschild media outlet.

Good Grief Charley Brown – Is that the best you can do Fox?

In conclusion: We have an aging journalist with not much presence other than Fox since 2004 and a probable link to Liberal ideologies via The Economist, who utilizes as his sources for articles weak, Liberal, agenda oriented, Nuland connected, war-mongers, and organizations that barely exist and have just recently been formed by people that appear to by Syrian or Saudi…

Given that Fox is partially owned by the Saudi’s, the Saudi connection to discredit Assad and demonize Russia via propaganda that is easily shred by anyone with five spare minutes, makes the entire fiasco rather pathetically childish.

FOX – shame on you! What a Sham.