Townhall Nightmares – Paid Pro’s

A trip down memory lane – Obama’s Press Conferences!

The first one he gave wasn’t until February 9, 2009. After giving a rather lengthy discourse in which he blames everything on Bush, vows to create 4 million new jobs, save homeownership, and make sure the financial system is ‘working again’ – whatever that means.

Obama job creation was right in there with George Bush for his first term, second term numbers not finalized.

Home ownership dropped by about 4-5%,

and Banks are posting enormous losses…

  1. His first appointed question came from Reuters about Iran relations. Obama’s response was to state that the previous president built up a lot of ‘mistrust’, and he was going to fix that.
  1. The next from Chip Reid, a liberal who had recently been appointed to CBS by NBC. He asked about Bipartisanship. Obama’s response? “There have been a lot of bad habits built up here…”.
  1. He then called on Chuck Todd, asking where he was, because he didn’t see him but knew that the question was most likely already staged. Chuck Todd was the iberal from NBC and MSNBC. He asked about the financial stresses of credit. Obama answered by blaming the banking institutions for tight money and claiming his solution was to loosen credit restrictions.  Which he never managed to do.
  1. His next question came from Bloomberg – a liberal publisher. The question was also directed at the financial crisis. Obama claimed to have averted the worst by passing TARP, which was actually passed by Bush – and Obama’s claim to WE was misrepresentational. He then deferred the questions to the Secretary of Treasury.
  1. Jake was the name of his next questioner, no reference to last name or news outlet. CNN was searched out, “Ed Henry, Where’s Ed Henry, CNN?
  1. Then Helene Cooper of the New York Times, who he also ‘searched out’, “Helene Cooper, where’s Helene?” Deferred the question to Secretary of Treasury.
  1. Major Garrett, whose affiliation is broad having worked for CNN, Fox and MSNBC. He too was “searched out for a question”. He asked about some secret conversation Obama had with Biden and would the President come clean. He said he didn’t remember the conversation.
  1. Then there was Michael Fletcher of the Washington Post who asked a question about steroid use by the Texas Rangers …what?

There was a question from Helen somebody, then the Huffington Post, “Where’s Sam”? His question related to setting up a ‘Truth Committee’ to investigate Bush. And last from Mara Liasson of NPR who asked ‘again’ about bipartisanship to which he ‘again’ deferred.

Hardly a snappy performance – and obviously a staged one in asking specific journalists whose question were most likely previously agreed to and thus staged answers.

And while it’s true that we have known for decades that politicians pay actors to show up at their events as rallying supporters, the dimension of the targeted attacks at the recent Townhalls is truly unprecedented and over-the-top. Hecklers are a dime a dozen, but it used to be fair game to also ‘have them removed’.   Sometimes forcefully, if necessary.

It is also interesting to note that in 2009 and 2011, The Washington Post and Huffington Post labeled these hecklers as “evil conspirators staging scenes for UTube”. They went on to say that these hecklers were crazies exploited by the elites during the bloom of liberal ascendancy.

Even more interesting is a report by The Washington Post in which it comments about the hecklers as being more ferocious and gang-like – at Republican Townhalls. So even when Obama was president, the voices were most vociferous at Republican events. Of course, WAPO suggests that these hecklers are more a nuisance and political theater, and we should not pay attention.  That was then – now, it is quite different…

It’s always fun to toss words back in the face of a media source that flip-flops it’s indignation so righteously.

Of course let us not forget all the times Obama went out on a limb to diss Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, and Republican’s on CNN, via the State Department, Politico, CNBC, and all major networks via his numerous appearances on late night television!

The BULLY just got BULLIED – and is whining…no fair.

A Failed Coup In Montenegro

The Telegraph is ‘Breaking A Story’ that is four months old citing evidence that they don’t reveal, people they don’t name as sources, and a headline statement that is most certainly deficient of anything but tabloidism.

A Little Birdie Told Me…

A foiled coup in Montenegro in October 2016 was levied by 20 Serbs including a ‘retired police officer’ – as initially reported by The New York Times. The President, who later stepped down, Milo Djukanovic, was a Communist layaway from 15 years prior, who was involved in Organized Crime, tolerated graft, corruption, misleading information and was even accused of fabricating the coup to suppress voter turnout.

Not exactly a cream of the crop kinda guy.

And despite ‘stepping down’ he handed the baton to his closest ally while he pulls the strings in the shadows.   Sound familiar?  Not exactly the gasp coup that The Telegraph is headlining. Obviously, they didn’t do their homework.

And lest we forget, these are the same nationalist Serbians who have been implicated in all kinds of historical malfeasance, including instigating WWI. Oddly, the Serbs aren’t mentioned at all in the Telegraph article.   DANG!

In fact, the entire article is upside down topsy turvy in that it claims the attempted coup was to sway the alliance of Montenegro toward Russia instead of the EU. While The New York Times claims that Milo Djukanovic withdrawing as Prime Minister actually helps Montenegro’s bid to gain EU status or citizenship.  So the coup would have benefited the EU – not Russia.

Why did he need to go?  Because he was a Communist and linked to Organized Crime, not a good resume for an EU integration!

Which means that the entire Telegraph story is basackwards.   In fact, it is sounding eerily similar to the Trump Dossier that backfired so badly.

Trump’s REAL Friends and Allies

While verbose Liberal media outlets continue to peddle news that is regurgitated as journalism, there is always Truth hidden somewhere in the basement that is much more interesting… The newest levy of hatred is to conjure up a relationship from 40 years ago and classify it as something pertinent. When impertinence is the rule.

Roy Cohn, a lawyer, a cynic, a deeply disturbed man who was involved in the McCarthy era trials, who had no compunction about who he would represent as an attorney – is being hailed as Trump’s best friend and mentor…

Why? Because it is tabloidish news. And it fuels more hatred.

Roy Cohn was disliked by most everyone, but he had a cut-throat reputation as an attorney, and as such was hired by Trump at the ripe age of 27 to represent him in a lawsuit. From the media’s standpoint, they would have us believe that thereafter Trump and Cohn were best buddies… But they weren’t.

The “news outlets’ running with the story are all printing the same verbiage under the headings of; The Washington Post, Politico, New York Times, Huffington Post, Salon, etc… All targeting an ‘agenda’ without bothering to give any facts.

The real friendship that they ignore, is one that truly comes from respect, heart and loyalty. Tom Barrack. Thomas Barrack is of Lebanese descent, married, and a man who believes in helping others in need. A steadfast, grounded man who together with Rob Lowe bought Miramax Studios, helped a failing Michael Jackson save Neverland from foreclosure, has visited Syrian refugee camps, and amassed a fortune in real estate through his company, Colony.

Having spent some 35 years as friends, they share commonalities that created a rooted and genuine friendship. Most importantly, a friendship molded in trust and loyalty, values highly respected by both Trump and Barrack.

It’s easy to understand why Mr. Trump has few friends when their loyalty seems so precarious that they fly at any given whim showing that their true friendship never really existed, it was only created for some self righteous ‘benefit’. Cases in point; Joe Scarborough and Russell Simmons.

These men all turned on a dime, their friendship removed because they didn’t agree on a policy or a perceived policy. Russell Simmons audaciously wrote an ‘open letter’ so that the world would know – a rather narcissistic celebration of self appointment. Joe Scarborough is a rabid Liberal media pundit who works for one of the most Liberal outlets; MSNBC. He simply jumped ship because the bandwagon was moving on without him.

As the saying goes, ‘who needs enemies with friends like these’?

Although Roger Stone has been media lashed and bashed as going anti-Trump, his new book would indicate a quite different appraisal of the events, the circumstances, and the craziness that exists within every campaign, Trump’s no exception to the rule.

And while Trump may not have a few hundred friends, like the Hollywood cabal believe is appropriate, he does have some incredibly close friends who number few, but whose loyalty and respect is more worthy than a thousand Hollywood elitists who haven’t yet distinguished between an acquaintance and a friend and whose loyalty is only as good as the $$$$$ reaped.

And lest we forget, Bill Ayers, is and was Obama’s closest friend, supposedly wrote Obama’s Book, and advised him on national and international matters.  The same Bill Ayers who professed Communism, Black “Nationalism”, routinely bombed government buildings and killed three of his own members while accidentally detonating a – bomb.  Now there’s a real friend!

Amnesty International – A Propaganda Machine

Amnesty International’s, Salil Shetty, has taken a scathingly political position against Trump. While Amnesty claims impartiality, and usually references ‘a country’ as opposed to it’s President, they have decided to abandon that rule and attack Trump.

In it’s most recent diatribe, it lists numerous infractions of Human Rights at the behest of Trump.  In contrast, when discussing atrocities committed by Ukraine, Amnesty references ‘the rebels’ and ‘Kiev’, when discussing UAE, it references the ‘authorities’, and in Belgium it is ‘Parliament’.  This attack on Trump is a personal agenda ordered by Soros.

One of Shetty’s accusation against Trump states that by not funding international NGO’s who perform abortions, Trump is denying the human right to abortion. OUCH! When did ‘abortion become a human right’?

The UN attempted to unify the right to abortion as a part of International Law. However, International Law is specifically confined to treaty’s among states. Imposing it’s own moral obligation on the world is more than a bit ‘over-stepping’ their boundaries. It would be no different than requiring all women to wear Burqa’s. Morality is NOT an International Law.

In addition, Amnesty’s Salil Shetty attacks Trump for the Mexico border wall, for the temporary halt to Syrian refugees and the temporary ban on refugees from 7 terrorist countries in the Middle East and North Africa. All violations of human rights according to Mr Shetty. Is immigration a Human Right?

The argument for immigration contests it is a ‘moral right or moral obligation’. Whereas the opposition claims that states have the right to set their own laws within sovereignty. Given there is no universal conclusion one way or the other, it is a deference to sovereign nations to make their choices without any ‘body/person’ denouncing such. The laws of each state are thus free to govern themselves.

We have yet to elect a King of the world, or a moral court of the world whose job it is to govern and restrict and apply global laws upon nations. In fact, it was this ideology of Obama/Hillarygate/Soros that The People rejected.  That rejection has brought about a Soros War.

Amnesty has sparked outrage by making another radical statement claiming that Syria unjustly killed and tortured 13,000 prisoners at the hands of Assad. However, when reading the ‘fine print’, Amnesty has somewhat fabricated a conclusion based on an interesting jumble of information, including using evidence from the Syrian Network of Human Rights, SNHR.

Like the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, the SNHR is a one man show. One man who lives in the UK, who has no background, and who adamantly and openly hates Assad.   Neither of these ‘organizations’ list their funding although it is widely believed to come from the UK’s GCHQ.  

BOTH organizations claim to have ‘a network of spies on the ground in Syria with whom they converse daily for information’.   Like SOHR, Fadel Abdulghani, the Director of Syrian Network of Human Rights, lists absolutely no previous background or history on social media sites. He never existed prior to becoming an expert…and Chairperson of his one man show…

But it gets worse:   Fadel Abdulghani is aligned with the National Council of Resistance of Iran, which the US and Australia consider an alias of MEK. MEK, headed by Maryam Rajavi was considered a terrorist organization by the US as of 2003 and was delisted in 2012.

It gets worse: The delisting of MEK as a terrorist organization was made by then Secretary of State – Hillary Clinton!


Thus it would appear that one of Amnesty International’s prime source for their claim that Assad tortured and murdered 13,000 comes from one man who is affiliated with a former terrorist organization who has no background or previous experience and who would seem to have been ‘created’ from thin air…and possibly funded by GCHQ!  Wow!

Apparently, Maryam Rajavi openly declares that she is the leading advocate and voice to ‘violently over-throw the government of Iran’.   Which oddly coincides with Hillary’s latest speech a few days ago in which she declares that women are the future government of the world…  Elizabeth Warren would agree.

It should not be overlooked that MEK sided with Saddam Hussein, strongly supported the Iran hostage crisis, played an active role in the downfall of the Shah of Iran, and has been viewed as treasonist. But now – according to Hillary, they are just a bunch of peaceful activists. And Amnesty bought it by aligning as their source against Assad, an organization affiliated with terrorism.  Not cool.

And while the media has run with the 13,000 figure, Amnesty admits that the number is simply a calculation based on unverifiable numbers from unverifiable sources… most of whom don’t live in Syria, and are adamantly opposed to Assad.   Sound biased?  Well it should – because it is.

Three organizations provided all the ‘witnesses’? The Syrian Network For Human Rights… The Syrian Institute For Justice and Accountability… and Urnammu For Justice and Human Rights.

The Syrian Institute for Justice lists their phone number having a prefix of +90 53 – which is registered to originate within Turkey.  Oddly, it was founded in 2011, the same as SNHR.  It has no website presence, little background, a Facebook page with very limited information, and a lot of radicalization.

Urnammu For Justice and Human Rights would appear to have no social or web appearance at all…

Given these are the primary ‘sources’, I’d say they were pretty lame and hardly reputable.

In the report, citations routinely include Amnesty itself and Human Rghts Watch (the open Society Soros organization).  In the real world, such citations would never be considered authoritative.

This isn’t the first time Amnesty International has been called out for questionable reporting:

In 1990, Amnesty reported on the dramatic testimony of a Kuwaiti girl making claims that hospitals were leaving babies on the floor to die! Upon further investigation it was found that the story was a Washington PR contrivance and the girl was actually the Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter. Her testimony led to the Gulf War.

In 2011 Amnesty paved the way for a no-fly zone in Libya and the demand for a ‘regime change’.

And in 2015, Amnesty cited The Institute for Justice and Accountability in its statement that the Syrian government was targeting civilians. It was confirmed that this organization/witness was based in Turkey which was aiding the rebels and ISIS.

While Amnesty’s report claims that over 13,000 were executed, they claim to have the names of 36, and refuse to release this list because it is private and confidential. Why? Their calculations are based solely on extrapolations of how many could have been killed on any given day based on statements from nameless sources.

Whatever the Truth may be, Amnesty has clearly demonstrated an agenda in collaboration with Soros which, as tragic as it may be, is not a viable representation of Truth. Unfortunately, it would also indicate that GCHQ works in collaboration with Open Society and Soros.

Now, Amnesty is calling for an “independent review” of their allegations by the UN Human Rights Council whose current members include; Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Iraq, Rwanda, Cuba and Egypt. Not exactly the cream of the crop on human rights…

Worse:  The UN Human Rights Council is heavily represented and governed by Soros, Human Rights Watch.

And the circle is complete.

Trump Bashing – an entitlement

While the mainstream media defend their ‘reporting of news, aka Trump bashing’ as their job, it is interesting the news they seem to have missed:

1)   Kiev continues to bomb Donetsk relentlessly leaving the country in abject shambles reminiscent of Syria.

2)   It is official that the Saudi’s have led the destruction of Yemen in their attempt to ethnically cleanse the Shia and institute a Sunni government. The US and UK are complicit in this devastation that has taken over 10,000 lives and put upwards of 3 million in displacement, aka refugee status…

3)   Mall closures are rippling through the US as more and more shoppers opt for online convenience.   Jobs and commercial real estate will suffer. And no – it isn’t ‘anyone’s fault, it is simply the evolution of online shopping.

4)   The French Presidential election is heating up with Marin Le Pen in the lead, in line with Trump approval ratings.

5)   If you haven’t followed the back story of the Australia refugee deal made by Obama, it ain’t good, and the immigrants are not ‘friendly’.

6)   Massive wildfires in Chile that are considered the worst ever in history have claimed entire cities! Russia is assisting Chilean officials to put out the fires utilizing specially fitted fire control planes.

7)   The US education system is till failing miserably despite the disproportionate funds designated compared to other countries around the world. The US ranks behind such countries as Latvia, China, Korea, Vietnam, Spain, UK, Germany, Russia, Estonia, Finland and Poland (to name just a few) coming in 36th place…

8)   Why isn’t the Pope visiting Muslim countries and asking them to respect and love Christians?

9)   Jews who hold Israeli passports are banned from travel to Muslim countries – where is the outrage, the press – the tribulation?

10) US Universities and Community Colleges now teach anti-Trump white racism as a mandatory English course.

11) Government workers now earn nearly 55% MORE than their counterparts in the private industry

12)   British Speaker making news is vocal about not allowing Trump to speak before UK Parliament despite a) Trump never said he wanted to, and b) this particular Speaker is sworn to be – nonpartisan…

13)   Hungary is reinstating alliance with Russia in defiance of Germany, refugees, and anti-control issues.

14) Chile’s economy showed the worst economic growth since 2009 – under Obama’s watch… logging in at 1.2% for 2016.

While these headlines just barely touch on the events today, they don’t even begin to reveal the business news, the mergers and acquisitions in the making, the corporate lawsuits, the medical trials coming to the US, the human rights violations that even the UN would seem to be silent to, with the exception of a demand for billions $$$$$. These are simply a bullet point of what these esteemed ‘journalists’ could be researching if they really wanted to report on the world issues that are affecting us.

But apparently, these media stories are pre-empted by Hollywood gossip, see-it naked pics, and Trump bashing…

Yeah, I guess, journalism has made their statement. They prefer to join the likes of the National Enquirer, Cosmo, and People as their mentors.  And to Hell with the “World”.

Obama to Blame … Right?

If the protests sweeping the US are “Trump’s Fault” then I guess we can blame all the protests during the Obama administration on – well, Obama!



1) Massive protests smoldered in Cairo, Tunisia, Lebanon, as well as other Middle East and North African cities resulting in multiple fatalities as a result of the “Anti-US mentality which rose to levels of pure hatred”.

Obama’s Fault …


2) An anti-Muslim Film spurned massive riots in Benghazi resulting in the brutal murder of US Ambassador and three American Special Forces men!   Reports across the world reference the ‘innocent Mulsims’ who were called to riots in protest over this disgusting ‘film’.

Obama’s Fault.  Right?

3)     Gunmen staged a raid on peacekeepers in Sinai as anti-US sentiment continued to spiral out of control.

Obama’s Fault.

4)   Protestors clash with riot police in Greece fueled by anti-Obama sentiment on his final visit.

Obama’s Fault.

5)   Hundreds rally in Alaska protesting Obama’s hypocritical stance on Arctic drilling.

Obama’s Fault.

6)   Spanish organizations planning massive protests in anticipation of Obama’s upcoming visit.

7)   A student protest at the University of Mississippi turns ugly as they are angry at Obama’s re-election.

8)   Anti-Obama protests in Argentina…

9)   Gun rights activists in Oregon protest Obama saying, ‘he is not welcome!’.

10)   Anti-Obama protests at a Phoenix High School

11)   Ferguson Riots

12)   Baltimore riots

13)   Wall Street riots

ALL on Obama’s watch.  Therefore, he created the divide and they are ALL his fault. Right? Because that is exactly what the current Liberals would have us believe regarding their actions during Trump’s campaign and time in office – RIGHT?

Every cop that was killed or injured, every firefighter, every black man or child that died during the Obama administration – did so because of Obama. His Direct Fault.  Right?

Every deed of defamation, every scandal, every middle class citizen that fell into poverty – Obama’s Fault.

Every bomb that fell on Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, Somalia, Sudan – Obama’s Fault. Every life that was lost in those wars – Obama’s fault. Every displaced refugee – Obama’s fault.

The number of refugees is so massive, it has now closing in on numbers not seen since post WWII – Obama’s Fault!   In 2008, before Obama took office, the UN reported there were 11.4 million refugees worldwide. In 2015, they reported that figure climbed to over 63 million. Obama’s Fault!

These are facts, not alternative news, they are numbers and actual events. You can pretend history didn’t happen and bury your head in the sludge, but ultimately, the maggots will force you to come up for air…and you will have to face reality.

Trump Dress Code – Get Over it!

The Media is greedy to find anything negative to talk about – and the latest Cosmo Style gossip is his preference that his staff dress in conformity with standard business acumen.   Of course, the Media fails to put it quite like that, and the Media fails to note that Corporate America has mandated dress codes for women and men for decades – but then the Media isn’t about Truth.

With Twitter actively showing how ‘other people dressing according to their respective jobs’, the ridiculous comparisons are – well ridiculous!

1) two firefighters dressed in full gear

2) a military staff member dressed in uniform

3) a surgeon dressed like a surgeon…

Of course the obvious stupidity of the backlash is that they are ALL required to dress according to a code of ethics within each of their respective fields of employment. A surgeon cannot show up for surgery wearing clothes befitting an astronaut, and a firefighter cannot show up to douse a fire wearing flip-flops and short-shorts…  Trump is simply imposing a prerequisite of his choosing.  There is NO difference!

But these goofballs can’t seem to comprehend –

All of the posts provide uniforms as their defense without realizing that Trump is simply stating his own brand of ‘uniform’ that symbolizes White House decorum and integrity. It is his prerogative, and people need to take a hypocrisy chill-pill.

Insurance companies require women to wear gasp – stockings! So do most law firms! Banks, Financial firms, Department Stores, Retail Shops require a certain decorum! You can’t work sales at Nordstroms and be on the floor looking like a slob.  The concept is that employees are a reflection of the where they work.  Some companies require makeup!  There are rules. Airline employees wear a uniform. Teachers have dress codes! Gasp. Students have ‘dress codes’.

Bottom line – you wear what you are told given your job! Get over it.

Show up to basic training in your jammies or jeans – see what happens…

Show up to teach class with a midriff top and mini skirt… see what happens.

Budweiser Super Bowl Ad – A Wealthy Immigrant

Budweiser is pridefully airing an ad during the Super Bowl in which immigrants are praised for their American heritage – just like Aldophus Busch, who as a young German came to American and made a fortune!

“When nothing will stop your dream, this is the beer you’ll drink.”

While the ad might appeal to Hollywood, I doubt it will to the Muslim community who do not drink… But everyone wants to make a point – without actually inviting them into their posh homes.   I don’t see Ashton Kutchner opening his border door to – anyone. In fact his $10-$14 million home boasts ‘privacy’ and 9000 square feet which would be a wonderful retreat for maybe 100 refugees?

The problem with the Budweiser story is that Aldophus Busch actually didn’t create the American Dream from scratch. He was working as a ‘clerk’ when he learned his father died and he inherited a large portion of his estate. He then married into a wealthy family – Anheuser. And when daddy Anheuser died, Busch inherited Anheuser’s share of the business and bought out the remaining partner. So now he owned the entire business.

So the real moral of the immigrant story is: it’s wonderful when daddy dies and gives you a bunch of money so that you can now marry someone with even more money and be richer!

Budweiser would also fail to understand that illegal immigration and terrorist immigration are not exactly the same as coming to the states and serving in the Union Army which Busch did for six months.

Immigration to the US during the 1800’s was relatively open until 1875. Immigrants and refugees who escaped poverty and persecution were not welfare recipients, they bought land and farmed, they opened businesses, and they were productive members of society. But in 1882 The Immigration Act was passed in which certain individuals were barred from entry, including: idiots, lunatics, convicts, and persons likely to become a public charge.

Fortunately, it appears that Budweiser is the only company planning on making a political statement using the Super Bowl as a platform. Which is a good thing given most Americans are pretty much over the tantrums and drama coming out of Hollywood. Oh, but that’s what they do for a living…

Trump’s Attorney General – You Are Fired!

Isn’t it odd that the Democrats are fuming because the Obama Cabinet is being dismantled and a new one initiated?   When Obama took office, every single Cabinet member was replaced in 2009. Without exception. Including – the Attorney General. Yet Dems are screaming that Trump doing exactly the same thing is somehow Nixonian – fascist – a Coup!

Obama even replaced a ‘black woman’, Condoleezza Rice, with Hillarygate… No one peeped.   No Black Lives Matter protestors turned out to riot and vent and hate on him for not supporting a black woman.  Sigh.

Rep. John Conyers is raising his fist, his finger, and his condemnation calling the Trump Cabinet a ‘massacre’!   The thing is, under Obama ( a democrat if you didn’t know), not only did he change the entire Guard, he changed it a number of times while in office because, well, he didn’t like some of them because well, they didn’t do and say – what he wanted…

Bloggers and ‘journalists’ have even gone so far as to call Trump’s re-Cabinet a Coup. Of course, they could probably use a lesson in what constitutes a coup because their definition is more than a bit off the mark. But maybe that’s why they don’t understand that Yemen, Syria and Ukraine were all ‘failed coups’, that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths.  According to Hillarygate, that’s just the way it is…

So what is a coup? It is a sudden, illegal, seizure of power over an existing government. Given that Trump is the existing government, he cannot orchestrate a coup against himself… it would have to come from someone like – Hillary or Soros or Obama or a bunch of radical rioters or even Hollywooders.

Trump is picking his own Cabinet just like every President before him, nothing different, nothing knew, just business as usual.

They verbiage tossed around include, “dangerous precedent”, “Massacre”, “reckless”, and “incompetent”.   So why then did Obama fire Condoleezza Rice?

Quora had the perfect answer: “why give a plum position to a republican when you have just smashed the GOP in the elections?” Another liberal writer offered this perspective, “…she was a Bush era political operative”.  And yet another informed writer responded, “…it would make no sense at all to choose someone for that office who doesn’t share the President’s political philosophy”.


So what was the Attorney General marry-go-round under Obama?

He immediately fired Mukasey and instituted a temp, Mark Filipe, who he immediately replaced… Then we had Eric Holder, then Loretta Lynch, then “acting Attorney General”, Sally Yates.

Maybe all these aging Democrats have Dementia or Alzheimer’s, because their memory seems to be failing miserably.

So why did Obama dump Mukasey? “By tradition, U.S. Attorneys are replaced only at the start of a new White House administration. U.S. Attorneys hold a “political” office, and therefore they are considered to “serve at the pleasure of the President.” At the beginning of a new presidential administration, it is traditional for all 93 U.S. Attorneys to submit a letter of resignation.”   Oh, I guess the Democrats just forgot…

When Eric Holder announced his resignation, he was facing a grill of issues including being found in contempt of Congress. He was consistently called out for playing “partisan politics” and the phrase ‘don’t-let-the-door-hit-you-on-the-way-out’ was the resounding response.

The there was good ole Loretta Lynch who was lynched for her clandestine meeting with Billy boy Clinton during the election.

So Rep. John Coyers of Michigan, Patrick Leahy, Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Steny Hoyer and Chuck Schumer, maybe you ought to take a look at reality or check into a memory disorder clinic…

Stupid is – as stupid does

Trump Travel Ban – Canada Worse…

The Trump Travel Order is so ridiculously over-stated it is almost laughable. Reports have emerged of travelers ‘inconvenienced’! Oh my Gosh – Imagine! According to a Reuters article, DHS claimed that 375 travelers had been affected by the Order.

On any given day, thousands of travelers are ‘inconvenienced’ by airlines canceling flights, missing connections, and/or losing baggage!

Starbucks is so incredibly incensed and outraged they have vowed to hire 12,000 refugees… Well if you were so concerned for their welfare why was a travel ban necessary in order to have encouraged that action? Couldn’t you have hired them – before?

Canada has stated it will open its borders to any travelers not allowed in the US. The PM, Trudeau tweeted this in response to Trump:

“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength”.

Awww Shucks!

Who are Canada’s immigrants?  BY the numbers – UK, China, India, Philippines, Italy, US, Hong Kong, Germany, Poland, and Vietnam rank as the top 10 – Iran is number 18 on the list, Iraq is number 39, and Syria is number 62…

Liberals are quick to gush!   But what is Canada’s True track record? What do they actually DO as opposed to what they ‘say they will do’?

HEADLINES:   “Canada is officially resettling more Syrian refugees than many other countries”.

TRUTH Dissect:   “Many other countries” could mean more than Iceland, Brazil, Columbia and Bolivia… It’s a stupid claim.

Canada – Go Stuff It!

Facts: Canada rolled out a program in 2009 that was supposed to take in 25,000 refugees by 2014. They pushed it to 2105. Then 2016. Now 2017. By February 2016, they had actually embraced about 14,000. The private sector embraced another 8500.

But even their tabulation is mired:

Between 2013 and 2016, 1500 Syrians that had already been in Canada and nationalized requested refugee status so they would be eligible for monetary relief.

In addition, Canada’s program did not consider refugees living in actually Syria or camps, instead they would only accept Syrian refugees who came from Jordan, Turkey or Lebanon…?  As in – already vetted – and no mention of ‘children’ at all…

They anticipate the program to cost $678million or roughly $27,000 per refugee.  By comparison, it is estimated that refugees cost over $60,000 each annually in the US.

Traveling to Canada?

My blond, blue eyed 23 year old son went on a three week excursion in December that included taking a train from Seattle to Vancouver. Upon arriving in Canada, he was ‘detained’ for nearly two hours during which time he was forced to strip to nothing, prodded, poked, and humiliated. They demanded he give over the passcode to his phone and went through all his texts and emails. They upended his backpack, removing everything that had been neatly rolled (military style) and even took out the metal frame.   They threatened him with jail if he so much as said one word and casually made fun of him repeatedly!

When returning to the US he mentioned this to a group of Canadians on the train and they just laughed and said it was typical behavior for Canadian Border Guards!  Reality Check Canada!

So much for Canadian Hospitality. More like Hypocrisy!

But even Reuters would like to continue amassing the horrors of Iranians and others who were gasp, ‘waiting for several hours’. When even Reuters goes into the chaotic world of DAFTNESS we know we are really quite screwed.

In 2015, approximately 1.3 million people from the Middle East traveled to the US. During the months February, March and April, that number was about 245,000 which included the entire Middle East. Of 16 countries in the Middle East, three are subject to the visa ban, representing a flat math of 18.75% or about 46000 from the banned countries of which DHS says less than 1% will be affected – 460.

Uh, a lot of Media HUBBUB and daftness over 460 people… don’tchathink?