VOA: The Global Voice of ALL MSM Propaganda

Across the Mainstream establishment media from Germany to the UK to the US, the topic of Iran’s Morality Police enforcing the wearing of hijabs dominates. Many are under the misconception that a hijab is a burka – when in fact it is simply a headscarf.   And it is none of our business.  

The vast majority of information coming from Iran is thru various NGO’s including US Agency For Global Media. The journalist is Masih Alinejad.   Born in Iran Masih was privileged to attend Oxford in the UK. She took the name Masih as a young woman (it was not her given name) – in Persian it means Messiah.  She is a feminist who actively protested against the government of Iran in 1994 and later in the US when she relocated here. She has met with Mike Pompeo and Jake Sullivan who promote her ideologies. Masih attempted to seek presence before His Majesty Obama, denied, and won an award from the American Jewish Committee…

According to The Guardian – Masih has been front and center in organizing Iranian protests. With the help of the US Global Media and Voice of America. Effectively, she helps the US initiate coups. She is also used as a source by The Gateway Pundit to promote Iran rhetoric. I assume – unintentionally.

The American Jewish Committee was established in 1906 as the Bolsheviks began organizing their tender under Lenin. During its early years, the organization was led by four prominent businessmen including banker Jacob Schiff. Schiff was an Ashkenazi Jew whose father worked with The Rothschilds. Jacob married the daughter of Solomon Loeb…   and the Jewish Banking Cartel was thus solidified in the US.

The US Agency for Global Media was formed in 1994 originally as the Broadcasting Board of Governors – its name was changed in 2019.    It is tasked with supervising 5 different stations including Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Middle East Broadcasting, Office of Cuba Broadcasting, and the Open Technology Fund. Their purpose is to incite the youth in various countries across the globe to rebel, create chaos, and allow for the NED/CSIS Regime Change – COUP.

Despite The Global Media claiming they are separate and distinct they are funded by the US Government, Affiliated with the US Government and operated under the auspices of Hillary Clinton who founded the Open Technology Fund. Its budget alone is $15 million.

Journalist, Eli Lake, stated that these Media offshoots incited – The Green Revolution Iran 2009, as well as the Arab Spring in 2010 and 2011. The Agency for Global Media asserts that it promotes uncensored unfettered media across the globe – just not on Facebook and Twitter, apparently.

Voice of America was established in 1942 to promote various disinformation campaigns surrounding WWII when it was taken over by the Office of War Information. In 1945, VOA became a subsidiary of The Department of State. Their annual budget is $252 million.

VOA is to the US what the BBC is to the UK and DW is to Germany.   They are government propaganda agencies that feed fake and false information in order to shift perspectives and alliances.   A classic Soros/Nazi tactic – they target the youth market across the globe – including but not limited to The Hong Kong riots, The Ukraine Orange Revolution, riots across Chile and Brazil, etc…

These media platforms use the same techniques employed by the CIA in such projects as MK Ultra wherein mass hypnosis is parlayed into regime changes via MSM propaganda.   And as usual – the US is front and center in this global information hypnosis.

What VOA and US Global media will not tell you is that because of their actions in inciting youth across global countries many thousands die in the protests.   Kamikazes’. Martyrs.


Ukraine:   Samantha Power is in Ukraine pledging $250 million for farmers… Given the Black Sea Deal was rejected by Russia which will cause a global famine as Ukraine’s ‘trafficking fleet’ is docked..

Russia:   “Russia Attempts to Erase History Following Decades of Russia Expansion into Europe!”   VOA makes the claim that Russia has expanded exponentially into Europe.   As proof – VOA cites Russia establishing clandestine military operations in Ukraine 2014.   And again in 2023 when Russia deployed nuclear weapons to Belarus.

The VOA Propaganda fails to note the reasons for these actions.   As though nothing exists with regard to the riots, the revolution, the bombing of Donetsk, The Minsk Agreement, for 8 years!

The VOA fails to address the riots in Iran incited by VOA activists including The Gateway Pundit’s ‘source’ – Masih Alinejad.

This is where MSM headlines originate.   Where they are written.   From whence they are distributed in a uni-party parity.   They are the source of every Alice in Wonderland upside-down perverted information. They will take irrefutable FACTS and twist them into an attack on US Press Freedom;   US Bioweapon Labs in Ukraine – Nuland confirmed – over 52 – VOA calls it ‘fake news from The Kremlin’.

VOA uses what they call their “Polygraph.info” to write disinformation sometimes without a ‘writer’.   As though AI is generating the reports based on the input of false algorithms.   Other times, they employ specific opposition persons to support their ideology, such as Leonid Martynyu.   An activist from Kyiv, Leonid writes the VOA position for Russia.   He studied at the Open Russia Foundation.   The Open Russia Foundation was created by Khordokovsky, a Clintonite with Soros money. Their stated goal or ideology is ‘anti-Putin’.   Its board included Kissinger and Rothschild. They were ‘expelled’ from Russia in 2017.

Normando Hernández González is NED’s Cuban anarchist journalist stoking riots in Cuba while living in the US.

During the latter part of Trump’s tenure, he attempted to reorganize VOA and its parent US Global Media.   A new board, a new Director, they sought to eliminate the propaganda and coup incitements.   All for not as Biden repealed the entire staffing and the propaganda platform is amped to the nth degree.

THIS is the SOURCE For ALL MSM Media Regurgitations…

Reporters Without Borders: The Media Cartel of Journalists

PRESS FREEDOM:   Everyone talks about it. Everyone points to crackdown on ‘opposition’ journalists.   And here’s a doozy – The Press Freedom Index Warns Disinformation Poses Major Threat!   Reporters Without Borders is tasked with the annual ranking based on its own ‘personal’ assessment of 180 countries.   According to their scrupulous non-propaganda platform they rank all western nations as ‘satisfactory’ and all other nations as ‘very serious’ – difficult – and ‘problematic’.   China, Russia, India, Pakistan and a slew of Middle Eastern countries come in at the lowest level.   SURPRISE!

There are seven criteria for ranking each country:   pluralism (measures the degree of representation of opinions in the media space), media independence, environment and self-censorship, legislative framework, transparency, infrastructure, and abuses. 

Reporters Without Borders is a French NGO whose aim is to guarantee ‘freedom of information’   – after prerequisite censorship.   According to their in-depth research across the globe they have determined that certain factors grossly contribute to press freedom failure:   “political control of the media, subjugation of news and information to private interests, the growing influence of corporate actors, online mass disinformation and the erosion of quality journalism.”

Prize winners hail from China, Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, etc…   Not one came from the USA. Funders of Reporters Without Borders include;   Open Society, MacArthur Foundation, EU Commission, the Ford foundation, the Rothschild Societe Generale, National Endowment for Democracy, American Express and others. Quickly they counter – but none of our funders impair our impartiality and independence…

Freedom of speech isn’t exactly free, it comes with caveats.   Those caveats are determined by a select group of people who determine what is fake, what is disinformation, what is misinformation and what is propaganda. Free is continually redefined.   Other more prominent words replace free – reliable, human rights, and ‘ethics’.

But the website frames something much more fearsome:

“a collective work spirit”

Instead of high-lighting collaboration and team work – they specifically chose the word ‘collective’ which typically embodies communist ideology as in ‘the collective good’.

The ranking system is equally bizarre when denoting self-censorship – infrastructure and media independence.   Given it is righteously known that nearly all MSM media outlets can be identified as a subsidiary of the five major non-independent Media Conglomerates.   The ONLY Media Independence comes from ‘nonaffiliated journalists’.  Government Speak.   Government/CIA/MI6 sponsored BBC, DW, CNN, WAPO, NYT, NPR, the list is a dirt laden, pothole extension, of a back road leading to nowhere.

The FEED – is dependent on your ability to pay for subscriptions.   The Feed is regurgitated across visuals and will soon be an intravenous feed based on your predetermined class and social credit ranking. Your position in society will determine the information feed extent.   Some may only receive 5 minutes of the FEED, while others will be privy to the 2-3 hour opaque version.  The purpose?   Inequality.   Non-inclusiveness.   And inequity.

The tongue tied version of press freedom also likens itself to the role of punisher and censor when these self declared Cartel Members determine what is truth and what is a lie.   Even when the lie they assault later is revealed to be true – aka. CoVid, PCR tests, inflation, supply chain, oil and gas… every aspect of our daily self analyzed critical thinking dispersion is an activated algorithm in the determination of ‘FREEDOM’.

For Example: The Soros/government owned Deutsche Welle headlines states that:   Zelenskyy didn’t attack Putin.   Blinken claims the US had no involvement and did not encourage assassination.   Both men routinely lie.   But Reporters Without Borders doesn’t mention DW, Blinken or Zelenskyy in their Pinnocchio nose rantings!

Today there are 538 journalists imprisoned~ Per Reporters Without Borders.   Of those roughly 100 are Russian journalists in US prisons ~ according to Russia.   But the Report claims there is only 1 detained journalist in the US… ; 111 in Turkey, 88 in Russia, 49 in Saudi Arabia, 160 in Myanmar, 121 in Egypt, 192 in China, and 227 in Belarus, among others.  Who are they targeting?   Obvious.

There are two rather largess problems when assigning oneself as the Monarchial Ruler over Global Journalism… 1.   It’s none of your business and, 2.   Reporters Without Borders is lying.   

ONE lie obliterates all supposed truthisms.  

Who is Fact Checking Reporters Without Borders?   Soros?   Personally, I am not a fan of fact checkers or polls – they are both rooted in emotional response, opinion, bias, and fake algorithms.   EXAMPLE:   When ranking changes in press freedom, Ukraine was given +27 points compared to Germany -5 and US -3.   So while Ukraine has imprisoned the Orthodox Priests and shut down ALL Media with the exception of their Kiev Post owned and operated by the Nazi government – its freedom index ROSE 27 points!


The annual report of Reporters Without Borders pointed to Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter and his “arbitrary, payment based approach, to information to the extreme, showing that platforms are quicksand for journalism.”   So subscription news is considered communist suppression now.   What news outlets require a subscription?   MOST:   Bloomberg, NYTimes, WAPO, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Atlantic, The Economist, etc… ALL Left wing disinformation campaigners!

Amazing how even the annual report by Reporters Without Borders is mired in disinformation and slander while claiming to support Freedom…   Most of us are weary unraveling the constant drivel of hypocrisy parlayed by western media, which is now synonymous with Soros and The Great RESET.   The drivel embedded in eating worms and crickets.   The drivel that trees cause climate change…

Transparency is the bulwark of Reporters Without Borders. Transparency would indicate they are proficient at lying and bias, while funded by Communists and Marxists, and inescapably DEVIANT in their attestations. Yet like every other hypocritical Gob Speak lying is the new normal of MSM.

Fox News: Tucker Carlson – Soros – Dominion – and Abby Grossberg… A Tangled WEB

In 2022, Rupert Murdoch was considering merging Fox Corporation back to News Corp control.   Lachlan wasn’t fond of the idea – so it was dropped in favor of Fox Corp aggressively pursuing mergers and acquisitions.   Suddenly, in the midst of the Dominion Lawsuit, Fox decides to settle.   A week later, Fox fires two hosts and a producer without warning.

Is Fox strapped financially?   Since 2019, Fox Corp has been buying back shares. That buyback totaled 70 million shares as of 6/30/22.   As of April 2023, an additional 10 million were bought back.   The earnings per share dropped 41% between 2021 and 2022 despite the buybacks.   With a $787million write-off to Dominion, the EPS will likely tank.

Carlson isn’t the only one fired, producer Justin Wells was given the boot based on a lawsuit filed by Abby Grossberg against the two claiming a hostile environment and anti-Semitism.   Grossberg’s attorney has stated that the fact that Fox fired the two is tantamount to a testament of ‘guilt’.   Grossberg has also claimed that Fox executives withheld evidence from the Dominion lawsuit, which she promptly gave to Dominion leading to an additional hundreds of millions in the settlement.   In other words, due to her actions alone – Fox News payout was $200million to $500 million MORE!

But its her job performance that matters…

Media Matters, the Soros led organization, has joined the bandwagon to declare that Tucker, Bartiromo, and Wells (Tucker’s producer) repeatedly used sexist slurs to refer to women and anti-Semitic discrimination.   One such discrimination cited includes having a Christmas Display that Grossberg felt was too large given she is jewish.   Misogyny – the left wing term that encompasses every conservative across the world was apparently heavily used in Grossberg’s 79 page discrimination lawsuit:
1. The basis of the claim is that she suffered ‘anxiety’ under Tucker’s team which was not remedied.

  1. She claims Fox’s ‘attorneys’ coerced, intimidated, and misinformed her in preparation for her deposition.
  2. Fox news retaliated against her after she filed defamation lawsuits against the company and various employees by illegally firing her.
  3. She claims the written warning given to her by HR was ‘bogus’.

The full filed lawsuit cites as relevant to Grossberg’s claim various historical claims brought against Fox beginning in 2004 – 15 years BEFORE Abby applied for the job.   A legal mistake given she would have had prior knowledge of Foxes internal mechanisms.   In fact, the vast majority of the vitriol claims in the lawsuit attach to Carlson whom she didn’t work for at the time.   In fact it was Grossberg who sought to work for Carlson in August 2022 after being unable to work with Bartiromo!

So why would she choose to be reassigned to someone she felt was a white supremacist misogynist sexual deviant?

The declaration states Grossberg was The Producer for World News Tonight with David Muir for 3 years prior to jumping ship to Fox.   However, according to ABC she co-wrote exactly 7 stories for ABC – and published/produced these 7 stories.   There is no mention of her working for David Muir of World News Tonight – in ANY capacity. And the seven sotries seem to be the sum total of her 3 year career at ABC.

What do Booking Producers Do?   Booking producers produce guest segments lasting 4-5 minutes.   They will vet and book the appropriate guest for a segment, conduct a pre-interview to gather talking points, and help the guest prepare.

The Lawsuit states that Grossberg ‘wrote’ Bartiromo’s guest segments. Grossberg frequently confided to Bartiromo of her need for help, of her inability to get the work done, and of the toxic male behavior.   She, Grossberg, wanted Executive Producer title and more money.   She was passed over.

The entire gist of the allegations are based on what Maria Bartiromo and Grossberg discussed as though Bartiromo is part of the Lawsuit?   After voluntarily leaving Bartiromo’s show, Grossberg applied for the Tucker Carlson booking position.   Having full knowledge of his style, his past and his present according to the Lawsuit – she applied for the job.

But the real bomb is the fact that Grossberg is claiming this toxic atmosphere at Fox forced her to give false testimony in the Dominion settlement. She was fired from Fox a month ago for failing to perform her duties via a previous writeup by HR.   Grossberg denies she is acting out of vengeance…

In an interview with NBC a week after her firing, Grossberg claims that everything she did wrong was due to ‘coercion’.  She does NOT detail what that ‘coercion’ might have been.   Coercion, by definition, is the use of force or threats. Typically coercion implies extortion, blackmail, torture or sexual assault. None of which transpired.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, also a sidekick of Soros, has called out Carlson as a ‘fascist’.   Soros and Carlson have had a hate filled relationship that has spiked some most recently.   Could Grossberg have been approached by a Soros Handler to help initiate her Lawsuit and subsequent reiterations of her claim?   The boot may have been ultimately orchestrated by Soros.  Tucker was Targeted!

Grossberg’s biography reveals some interesting details – the most standout of which is that the vast majority of positions lasted just one year which could explain her mental and emotional waves.   Other factors include that she worked for liberal outlets including CNN, NBC, and CBS working exclusively with far left celebrities in bookings.   She was NOT a producer.   While her title has been somewhat vague – her job was twofold to write content and to book interviews.

Her job may have involved a toxic atmosphere.   But her bio and the deposition of her lawsuit reveals she is not nearly as competent as she infers – and instead whines incessantly about deserving more than she is given.   She was seeing a therapist and her issues likely stem from a long list of failed jobs. She had the option to leave Fox. She had the option NOT to request and apply for a job with Carlson.   YET, she chose this course and is now completely unhirable…

BBC DISINFORMATION Trolling Twitter’s Elon Musk

The State Owned, Soros operated, BBC, is trolling Twitter Trolls.   One such Troll is apparently – Elon Musk.   Apparently, Trolls have taken over Twitter since Musk took over and fired the vast majority of staff members. Those staff members were found to be superfluous, their jobs irrelevant.   Angry and needing a safe place to grieve and find vengeance, the staff turned to the BBC. The Soros Media outlet was more than happy to demean, demote, and desanitize Twitter AND Musk.

The article is written by: By Marianna Spring. BBC Disinformation and social media correspondent.   Attending college, Spring studied Russian and French. Her bio claims she wrote for the student newspaper at Oxford, Cherwell.   Unfortunately, Cherwell makes no mention of dear Marianne.   But then she has written a book due to be published this summer, Among The Trolls: Notes From The Disinformation Wars.

Obviously Marianne has absolutely no political, business, economic, or societal background to claim expertise in anything, but like her US counter part, Tzar Nina Jankowicz, she is an aspiring actor looking for fame.  And Book deals are the means.

Tzar Springs first incursion into disinformation came from her vaccine analysis… as a scientist and medical expert.    In 2021, the entire global MSM was busily delineating anything and anyone a conspiracy and fake information troll when discussing anything anti-CoVid Vax.   The BBC was front and center with then 25 year old Marianne Spring as their Warrior!

Oddly, Marianne’s bio claims her entrance into Oxford was based on her writing for Newsquest under their Young Reporter Scheme.   Unfortunately, the Alumni of Young Reporters does not include her name.  DANG – they forgot!

Her article about Twitter being unable to control Trolls got the attention of Musk who responded, “Sorry for turning Twitter from nurturing paradise into place that has… Trolls.”   Unfortunately, the humor was completely lost on Spring.

Declaring that Trolls unleashed a ‘torrent of abuse against her’, I decided to look up the tweet responses.   That ‘supposed’ abuse was rather a fabricated ‘disinformation’ campaign!   People disagreed with her.   People took to task the BBC.   One very concise Tweet in the form of a meme stated – “If you could focus on Journalism, that would be great”.  

The BBC is funded thru a government mandatory license fee imposed on all UK households having any type of equipment wherein they can watch television.   During the Pandemic Lockdown – those fees increased as television became the only source of entertainment.   It is not indicative of viewership, ratings, rankings, or any other demand source.   In the UK if you want TV you pay the government.

Nina Jankowicz was also given a ‘book deal’, How To Lose The Disinformation War as her introduction into the WH Disinformation circle.  The circle lasted one day!   A Record.   The book begins, “Since the start of the Trump era…”   Squarely placing Trump as the source of all things disinformation.   How QUAINT!

Ranking 833,738 among Amazon books – it was a dud. Her book is so unpopular that she has taken to begging for money to file a libel suit against Fox News.   Few Came. Fewer brought money.

But the BBC is ignoring the fallout of using failed young women to claim they are disinformation experts without ANY political or economic background from which to garner Truth!

According to these experts:   Trump is the beginning of disinformation.   It never existed prior.   Schoolgirls are qualified to be disinformation experts.   There is no education requirement to be an expert.   The narrative of said expert must follow the narrow path defined by the Deep State Cartel.  

In the wake of tweets responding to Marianne, the International Center for journalists has come to the rescue and decried that disinformation and trolls are at an all time high at Twitter under Musk’s leadership.   The ICJ was launched and supported by none other than; Bill & Melinda Gates, Soros Open Society, Knight Foundation, and NED (National Endowment for Democracy).  

The TROLLS calling out the Trolls.

Of course it is interesting to note that prior to buying Twitter, Musk’s politics were neutral to left leaning.   As he has come to know his adversaries his politics have migrated somewhat. This migration was due to Truth.   And the more breaches of Truth that Musk is privy to via Twitter, the more awake he becomes…   JUST like the masses.  

The Disinformation campaign is a dead horse.   Beating it will NOT revive it.   Conning it will not revive it.   It is dead.

Seymour Hersh Journalist Extraordinaire or CIA Whistleblower

Seymour Hersh.   Journalist extraordinaire or – The Feed for George Soros?   Hersh has come of light again via The Gateway Pundit for revealing he has knowledge supporting the fact that the US Navy, CIA and Norwegian Navy were responsible for the sabotage of Nord Stream Pipeline.   And we all ate it up like candy.   It may be true – it may not – but a bit of digging into Hersh’s background and affiliations attest to his being being an affiliate Soros Prop.

Hersh’s journalist career took off in 1969 with an expose about the My Lai Massacres and coverup in Vietnam.   His stories have broken the back of Presidents, the CIA, Mossad, Iraq, Iran, and even Ghislaine’s father, Robert Maxwell.   During the vast majority of his tenure, he wrote for The New Yorker.

While Hersh has written defamatory articles about Bush, Obama, and Clinton earning him a place on the conservative allegiance to truth, his alliance has been decidedly liberal for most if not all his career.   It is curious that he would choose a Party affiliation at all given his traversing from A to Z.

Yet – Hersh serves as a Board Advisor for Soros, Center for Investigative Reporting. And The New Yorker is listed as an affiliation of Soros organizations along with The Washington Post, Hearst Newspaper, USA Today, etc…   ~   According to Media Research Center.

Further confusing the matter, Bellingcat, a CIA prop for propaganda, has declared that Hersh represents ‘sloppy journalism’.   It is noteworthy that Bellingcat’s founder, Eliot Higgins, is a UK high school dropout who lost his job and began pretending he was an international intelligence expert.   Calling out Hersh would seem way above his ‘paygrade’.   Ultimately, the CIA picked up Higgins for use in their propaganda campaigns.

This would put the CIA at odds with ‘George Soros’… given Soros would be the source of the leaks via the media – Seymour Hersh.  Or – the leaks are pure CIA propaganda… So why would the CIA leak information about themselves that was to their detriment?

Scott Ritter is a former intelligence officer turned journalist who has also provided conservative information as a journalist.   Ritter and Hersh have both written for or been interviewed on Democracy NOW – an Open Society, Ford Foundation far left news media.   Ultimately, Ritter got on the wrong side of the Clintons and became the subject of a sting which cost him 2 years in jail.

Hersh’s career has been relentless in his scathing shutdown of MkUltra, domestic spying, and the US government’s chemical and biological warfare programs dating from the 1960’s!   And yet another oddity:   Geoffrey Cowen was one of Hersh’s sources in the breaking of the My Lai Massacre.   Cowen, a Clinton appointee to the CIA tagged Voice of America, and a Director at the Annenberg School for Journalism is hardly an unbiased pundit.   The Annenberg Foundation has been pivotal in its support of all things – Soros.

Caustic and arrogant, Hersh tipped the scales of conspiracy.   His shift from mainstream hits to a pro-Russia stance regarding Nord Stream sabotage and is breaking the bank of the military complex we call The Pentagon.   But it isn’t the first time.   Hersh challenged Obama’s claim of taking out Osama bin Laden, and denied the CIA narrative that Assad used chemical weapons, which sent the leftists into meltdown. Suddenly, their dream journalist was banished from the Cult.   Specifically; Politico, Slate, The Guardian, Vox, LA Times, and many others.

Hersh is the only journalist to have been the recipient of the Sam Adams Award which is given annually to former intelligence officials who take a stand for integrity despite the consequences, aka Whistleblowers.   Edward Snowden is one such recipient.     Does the award indicate that Hersh was actually working in the intelligence division of the military or CIA?  It would appear so.

Assuming Hersh and Ritter have decided that Truth and Integrity trump politics and bias, we have no reason to doubt Hersh’s contention that Nord Stream was in fact a US/Norwegian sabotage.   Given the illustrious career that the CIA has enjoyed as a rogue agency of deception it remains an odd couple of Soros vs the CIA or Soros rules the CIA.   In which case, Soros is purposefully leaking information to destroy ‘governments’ and their respective reputations.

A valid cause within an eerie cause for skepticism. Yet one that would fit like a glove in the World economic forum’s guise for the elimination of governments in preparation for a One World Stakeholder Investment – Earth.

MEDIA PROPAGANDA – Has Existed For Centuries!

China’s CoVid case count and deaths is determined by – Johns Hopkins.   John’s Hopkins relies on data guesses by the New York Times and Wikipedia.   Russia’s economy is failing and everyone hates Putin – declares every Soros imprint;   NPR, Wikipedia, New York Times, etc…   Russia’s oil economy has collapsed – so say the Soros Pundits!   Statista: Oil exports from Russia topped over 9.8 million per day in 2022…highest in 11 years!   That would account for 1.6 million higher per day than in 2021. Math:   584 million more barrels for 2022 = estimated average price $80 per barrel = $46.720,000,000 additional revenue…


According to Johns Hopkins CoVid data chart – there are zero cases in Africa, India, Pakistan, or the Middle East. In fact, the chart for China actually references zero cases and zero deaths given numbers are ‘unknown’.   Maybe the media forgot to tell Hopkins to update their zero cases before spouting millions of cases per day…

This is what happens when the powers writing the news don’t give their pundit, Hopkins, time to alter their data.

The Economist claims there is no reliable means of accounting for China’s CoVid statistics and therefore recommends using ‘online search engines’…   What The HECK?

What it does reveal is that ‘data’ in general is fake. ALL DATA.

Americans spend 50% to 100% more for gas, oil, meat, chicken, and all food stuffs, mortgage rates are up 300%, housing up 80%, transportation up 100% – and YET inflation is just 7.2%.

Educationdata.org provides a representative look at average costs for public and private colleges as of October 2022.   When I compared there data values to my home state – the discrepancy was understated by 33% and 54% respectively.

“Data” tabulation has become the new factchecker fakery.

According to the UN, Russia’s population today is over 146 million, according to Statista it is 145.5 million and according to MacroTrends it is 144 million.   The US is 335.9 million according to the UN – but variations exist from a low of 285 million to 339 million.   It would appear the stats are skewed by the word “resident”.   Which would include illegal aliens.

According to the US government census – the US experienced 4.4% fewer births and 12% increase in deaths in 2021 – yet that somehow translated to an increase in population…

Given our DATA is a convoluted creation means that every number presented is now likely false.   A fabricated venture to delude.   If Data is a fabrication – is our history too?   At what point do we accept that everything we think we know is – false?

Why do ancient pictorials from Egypt depict people of different colors including; white, red, black – and ‘blue’?   Scientists speculate that the color was used to denote the sun god and subsequent rulers depicted as giants.   But how much of ‘science’ is based on actual evidence and how much is based on ‘speculation’?   Roughly 75% is speculation.

FAKE NEWS has been perpetuated for centuries!

The Donation of Constantine:   In the 8th century, the Church produced a document in which it was claimed that Constantine transferred large swathes of land to the Church dating from the 4th century.   It took until the 15th century before the document was proven to be a forgery – at which point ‘the church’ declared it wasn’t Constantine, oops, it was Charlemagne… The land was never returned to its rightful owners.

In 1782 Benjamin Franklin issued a ‘fake newspaper’ in which he declared that a bag of money and scalps was found and was being delivered to the King of England.   The story incited animosity toward Native Americans and helped achieve the divisive anti- rant.

Jews did not build Egyptian pyramids, archeological finds now state Egyptians built the Egyptian pyramids.

Cleopatra was Greek – not Egyptian.

Vikings were relatively small – and not hairy as Hollywoodized.   Women were under 5’ and men were roughly 5’6” or less and considered quite handsome.

Napoleon Complex?   By today’s measurements which are different than centuries old, Napoleon was roughly 5’ 6” a bit taller than the average Frenchman of the time.

Einstein did NOT fail math as has been stated, in fact he mastered calculus at the age of 15.

The Spanish Flu wasn’t Spanish or Flu – but according to ‘experts’ including Fauci in a paper written sometime around 2006 – was a ‘bacterial pneumonia derived from the Rockefeller Institute’s first ‘vaccine’.

The number of Wall Streeters who actually ‘jumped to their death’ following the crash was – 4.

ALL of these embellishment fake stories were initiated by ‘journalists’ of the era.

TWITTER: New Musk Partners Are Clinton Donors

October 4, 2022, the European Union quietly passed the Digital Services Act.  Online platforms will have to comply within 4 months and service providers have until January 2024 to get in line.   It is a means for setting the stage for globalized content censorship and Big Brother.   Further it makes infractions a criminal offense.  While the US initially sought to create a similar agency, Ministry of Truth, headed by the wannabe stage actress, Nina Jankowicz, it shut down within a month amid ridicule.   And YET….

Ministry of Truth was the George Orwell Dystopian chronicle of the future – 1984.   In the novel, 1984, Emmanuel Goldstein is portrayed as a former Party member who has been evicted from the Tribe.  His image is now a telescreen dissenter whom all must hate.  Although Orwell claims that Leon Trotsky was the traitor whom he modeled into the character Emmanuel, who was expelled from the Soviet Union by Stalin who ultimately had him assassinated, The Rothschild Economist, would have us believe that Goldstein is – SOROS.   Martyr – Soros.

2022, Trump is Emanuel Goldstein and within Homeland Security, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, CISA, has already been operating a defacto censorship scheme to portray Trump on the Big Screen as a Traitor.

CISA has been busily working diligently behind the scenes of social media platforms to regulate information and speech.  In particular, they are the shadow regulation agency targeting Facebook and Twitter – with their permission of course.   To manipulate, Disinform, and Purge.

Created in 2018 under President Trump, the purpose was specific to the wording – infrastructure security – as in our grids and nuclear power plants.   But rogue has a way of recreating Government Agencies.   In 2021, Jen Easterly was assigned as Director by the Biden Handlers.   A military officer, Easterly worked within both the Bush and Obama administrations in cyber security – and within NSA.

It was during this era that Edward Snowden revealed the far reaching Big Brother effect that Easterly’s cyber operations had created.  Nearly a decade later we are awakening from a very long slumber.

Snowden, “change in global awareness” is underway and the balance of power is beginning to shift.”   Snowden warned us that the internet censorship and manipulation was a by-product of NSA.

And for this revelation – he was rebuked and wanted for arrest. In order to secure his ‘life’ Snowden took refuge in Russia … And only now do we come to understand the extent to which the far reaching hand – infiltrated.  And how real Snowden’s escape from assassination was.

The Intercept obtained meeting minutes from CSIA which detail attempts to redefine  “critical infrastructure”  as threats of “disinformation” – or rather, “mis-, dis-, and mal-information (MDM).”    The meeting notes describe telecommunications infrastructure, ie the internet, and public healthcare infrastructure as in need of protection from wrong-speak.

When Musk originally stated his intent to possibly buy Twitter the link to CSIA became a notable issue given that the very platform itself was entwined within government databases that aided in the infrastructure of Twitter’s capacity.   The buyout became a skeptics gamble of betting odds.

Now that Musk has finalized the deal and taken Twitter private, the government, aka CSIA, no longer is in Control.   And Big Brother is quite angry.   Under the auspices of claiming Twitter is violating ‘something’, an investigation has been undertaken.   Musk’s partners are deemed foreign national undesirables:   Prince Alwaleed, and Qatar.  

An interesting assertion.   You see, Prince Alwaleed and Qatar were The Clinton Foundation’s largess benefactors.  Prince Alwaleed was one of 320 Saudi’s confined to a ‘hotel’ by Prince Bin Salman as a result of his nefarious dealings!   He was fined $6 billion before his ultimate release.   Bin Salman was an ally of Trump.

Alwaleed has had a lucrative history in purchasing massive shares of AOL, Time Warner, Fox, News Corp, and various US Banks.  So, an investment in Twitter would hardly garner a second glance – unless it was ‘a distraction’.   And our Clintonite Friends have captured Twitter while deflecting – the truth.

The regular naysayers and Twitter provocateurs have included AOC trying to lure Musk into a romantic parlay,  Stephen Spielberg deriding Musk to the tune of hundreds of tweets per day – to the Justice Department mumbling and fumbling the possibility or the perhaps or the maybe’s…of an investigation.   To former co-founder Dorsey suddenly advocating for freedom of speech after regulating Twitter speech for a decade.

And the rumblings are NOT adding up – and beginning to look like the Paul Pelosi Porky Pig Routine…   Something Amiss.   And the Ultimate Deception is on The Table.

IRAN RIOTS: The Gateway Pundit Trolling for Regime Change?

The Gateway Pundit is an exemplary news site, however it would appear they have been misled regarding the events in IRAN.   Citing an online twitter personality, Masih Alinejad, as their source, she is a US Government employee being paid through USAID and the Open Technology Fund.  

US Agency for Global Media is Alinejad’s actual employer.   They were formed by the Clinton Administration. The purpose of the media subsidiaries that act on behalf of USAGM is to target the youth and women’s markets across the globe.   Their aim is to incite insurrection and dissent.   Once protests have been established, National Endowment for Democracy hijacks the protests with agents from the Soros Pool and they become Riots.   Quickly escalating, fire bombs and incendiary devices are used to ‘heat up’ the situation and result in massive injuries and deaths.

These deaths and injuries are then fed to the public to garner sympathy for a regime change, aka COUP.

The exact same tactics were used during Trump’s entire Presidency to invoke mass rioting which ultimately destroyed major US cities and innocent businesses.   The same tactic was used in the 2009 Revolution in Iran, the 2014 Orange Revolution in Ukraine, and the Hong Kong Riots.   Regime change was thwarted in all but one of those – Ukraine!

Unfortunately, The Gateway Pundit has not done their research and is instead trolling on behalf of – The Bidenesque Cabalists.   The same cabalists who need to secure the regimes of the outliers;   Iran, Russia, China, Brazil, South Africa – and India.   Lest their entire Globalist Agenda becomes half a globe.

The Open Technology Fund was founded in 2021, when Hillary was Secretary of State. OTF openly admits that they were instrumental In inciting the revolutions in Iran and throughout the Middle East!   US Taxpayers are FUNDING OTF to create an atmosphere of anarchy in countries across the globe.

Alinejad was born in Iran but grew up in the UK. Her self-imposed first name means Messiah, which she adopted instead of her birth name. A bit narcissistic?   She has written for the Washington Post a well known CIA rag, met with Pompeo – a rhino, and debated with Linda Sarsour on CNN. Then in 2021, she met with the Obama, Clinton and Biden affiliate, Jake Sullivan, who currently works as the US National Security Advisor.

This is who The Gateway Pundit is now Supporting – albeit because they did not do their due diligence.

She is NOT a conservative looking out for women’s rights.   She is a hijacked member of the cultist media supporting regime changes across the globe.

While there are likely many women in Iran who feel oppressed, it is important to understand that cultures are NOT our business.   Inciting riots in order to change another country’s culture is illegal according to International Law.   Calling such agency a ‘charity’ with charitable IRS status is highly illegal.

For perspective:   imagine our delight if Chinese infiltrated our country, incited riots and called for a regime change …?     The changing of the guard they would install would be a member of the CCP.  

This focus on regime change and sanctions instead of on positive trade and economic alliances is exactly why our western economies are poised to spiral into oblivion.   All at the Behest of The Cultist Cabal and their ‘minions’.

The Wall Street Journal & CNN Propaganda vs Libertarian John Malone Ownership

The Wall Street Journal claims that Biden’s America is on track to ‘reshore 350,000 jobs’ this YEAR!   WOW!   Amidst growing layoffs…   Amidst numbers that are not published by companies…  Amidst the literal thousands of companies that moved to India and China…?   Amidst an Initiative that was developed in 2017 under – Trump.   However, the WSJ is no fan of President Trump and will re-create talking points fed to it by The Elite.

According to ReshoreNow, as of 2017 they estimated that the US had lost 4 million jobs to offshoring.   Organized by former IBM exec, Carl Carstensen, their goal was to return 1 million jobs to the US.  They now estimate the return of 5 million jobs.  By providing data analytics of the benefits in bringing back jobs from the 100,000 US companies that offshore, Carstensen details offshore costs such as inventory, shipping, and intellectual property risks.

The fact that US Companies have shuttered operations in Russia due to economic sanctions imposed by the Biden WH is NOT ‘reshoring’ – it is ‘profit reduction’.   Reshoring from China is a supply chain reaction that destroyed inventory due to time lags and shortages.    The vast majority is tied to:  EV battery production, semi-conductors, electronic parts, appliances, chemicals and medical equipment.

China’s decoupling has actually been as a result of Trump era tariffs that made Chinese products more expensive.   Biden’s WH is attempting to lift that 25% rate which would bring to a halt any additional reshoring!

But labor shortages in the US have hampered companies who would like to bring back more employee jobs.   According to ReshoreNow, employees in the US need training for these positions.   And the quality of training is abysmal.   But the labor shortage is a global issue.   WHY?

Given the insurance industry has claimed an increase in claims of working age employees by 40% – the impact of the Pandemic policies is the only possible causal factor that would align with global shortages.   Austria reports actuarials of a 15% increase in excess deaths.  And in the UK excess deaths are averaging 1000 per week.

The Wall Street Journal is claiming that the cause of the excess deaths is related to lockdowns wherein people chose to forego medical care…   Repudiating the claim that they are vax related…  Obviously we are NOT in lockdowns – so the justification is propaganda at best, or simply a Lie.

Rarely, does the Biden WH acknowledge that the BLS release of US productivity for the first quarter contracted at a rate more than double the rate during the worst pf the Carter recession crisis!   -7.7 first quarter (revised) and -4.1 second quarter.   Those numbers bely the unemployment numbers being manufactured by a BLS with zero credibility.

NOR are those algorithms being adjusted for the 40% excess deaths…among working age adults.  Which would obviously impact EVERY BL:S number.

Most of the media are relatively honest in their depiction of themselves as a liberal rag.  But when stalwarts like The Wall Street Journal fade into the abyss of propaganda, it leaves a sour taste.  The pretense of being unbiased and reporting facts as journalistic has apparently died a slothful death.

While the recent firing of Brian Stelter from CNN is on the surface a shrug, there is another story beneath.   In 2021, John Malone, a Trump supporter and libertarian bought Warner Media-Discovery which included CNN.   Malone is now calling the shots – and his view is a return to the centrist journalist who reports news instead of elitist scripts read in tandem to the hundreds of other stations.  

The Malone move should give Elon Musk faith that revamping is possible and Twitter could still be a shot if they ante up some actual business facts and truthisms.   Obviously, the value of the stock is far less than its inflated gluttonous market price.   That being said, the largest shareholders to ‘overcome’ include:  Vanguard, Morgan Stanley and Blackrock.   Noteworthy Cartels in their own right.  Twitter shares are now poised at roughly $43.   Rising with absolutely no news to support the rise.   BOTS are coming out of the woodwork!

Perhaps Malone would be willing to coach Musk a bit – fatherly advice.   A potentially interesting coup – only this time it will be the Elite Cartel that takes the hit.


Germany is NOT being forthright in divulging the true impact of the Inflation Creation Agenda on its citizens.   According to a report by Bloomberg, Germany stands to lose their  entire industrialization given electricity prices are up 500%  since 2021,  and natural gas is up 1000%.  Those unsustainable increases threaten every industrialized business from machinery to autos to aerospace to appliances.   And the Leadership of this nation is doing so ‘purposefully’.  But Media Censorship is the New Norm.

While slamming China as the world’s greatest evil, investment funds are continuing to ramp up their buying spree  – in Chinese companies.   Why?   Because a takeover regime is waiting in the elevator as the demon of China is manufactured to be – Xi Jinping.   A staged coup.   Wall Street Journal, “China – is paying for the Communist Party chief’s policy mistakes.

Given the leaders of the Anti-Cartel, Putin and Jinping, are unwilling to toe the line, the script calls for the populous implosion from within.  The same means used to takedown the EU and North America.   Once the Cleaners are given the greenlight, they will not hesitate to cripple and destroy these economies too.

Because the RESET, the International Order, requires a global re-creation and cannot be half-assed.

Using energy as the means to drive economies into a recession too deep to recover from is their primary focus – now.   The purpose is to create an Eden without Adam and Eve, populated by serpents.   The ‘critical timing’ remains an enigma.  Why 2030?

The answer lies somewhere in the LIES.   But the extent of lies has become a beach of sand and we are supposed to find a seashell beneath.  Possible.   Luck and God are on our Side.

When the US took out Saddam Hussein, it was justified given the Media and Pentagon push to declare Hussein was ‘evil’.  Assad too was despised because he was deemed evil by the Media.   We now are told Putin is evil and Soros declares Xi Jinping is evil.   In the US this dystopian novel declares Trump is evil and every single person associated within the MAGA circle is thus ‘Evil”!

So, if Trump is being thus labeled, and we know he is not, then were/are any of these other men actually, ‘evil’?   What deeds have been confirmed outside of propaganda media and what is simply a Lie?  What is proven?   Did Osama bin Laden die or was he surreptitiously transported to Argentina like Hitler?  Where is the DNA evidence of Zawahiri’s assassination?

The Ukraine-Russia conflict is clearly another US-EU propaganda ploy to incite a coup whilst providing ALL weapons to Ukraine.  We know this and still rely on various media outlets to tell us what to believe.

Often governments defend their lying declaring that the people are incompetent idiots who need to be deluded from the truth…   UFO’s.   Jabs.   Global Warming.   Popularity.   Statistics.   But what about history?   As we are more and more aware of the daily propaganda lies, it is apparent, this is NOT isolated and has likely occurred for centuries.

Different ‘variations’ of the truth have been accepted as simply ‘the eye of the beholder’.   But that would imply there is no truth, only interpretation.    One thing is certain, we have been told that the amount of truths withheld by our government for centuries is only a drop in the bucket!

JFK assassination emboldened conspiracies of coverups and a rogue government.   The murder of Danny Casolaro in 1991 as he was breaking a story about a Cabal working in conjunction with DC journalists was deemed a conspiracy.   The Octopus involved a case handled by the DOJ vs Inslaw – over proprietary ownership of software.  After winning the original case and the forthcoming appeal, the DOJ found a Circuit Judge who would drop all charges and repudiate Inslaw’s case.   Inslaw went bankrupt.   George Bush was president when this case began.  The software?   DOJ took ownership – it is a form of surveillance.

The number of suicided people is another ‘conspiracy theory’ that has found a renewed interest given the internet provides vast information portals.   Weather manipulation.  CERN.   Or even the theory that Shakespeare used students to write his plays.   And Michelangelo had a staff of 13 who did most of the painting…   DaVinci’s drawings reveal thousands of inventions that were not developed until over 300-400 years later.

Of course with the advent of greater access to information, reigning in any truth was forever dismantled by ownership of the Media.   Time and again, loops showing 100’s of media outlets all providing the same evaluation of an event has put a log in their eye that has yet to be removed.

But it also reveals that there has to be an ‘Entity’ that writes the script and delivers it across news outlets.   One entity.   An entity that has a stake in the event being propagandized.   Today China is at the forefront of propaganda.   While investing in Chinese companies, and expanding operations in China, the Entity tells the people that China is evil and investors need to – stay away.    Why?  TO Covet ALL The Wealth Therein!

Still these same outlets decry the insanity of ‘conspiracy theorists’ – per the script – from The Entity.   The Cabal.  The Cult.  The Cartel.   The Great RESET does not exist.   Utopia is on the horizon.   Follow everything we tell you to do, say, and act.   In Fact – the Entity has now denied the WEF statement,  ‘You will own nothing and be happy’.   It has been effectively deleted from their anals.

This Winter is lining up to be deadly.   Not because of a climate crisis, but because western governments have conspiratorially colluded  to create mass shortages of every essential commodity including heat and food.   The purpose of which is The Great RESET by the Cartel Cabalists.