FBI Exposed on Twitter – Internal Corruption Targeting The People

The FBI’s excuse for why they were so deeply entrenched in Twitter is that they were collaborating as advisors only…   According to their Website, the Duties of an FBI Agent are as follows:  

Special agents bring their skills, compassion, and integrity to stay ahead of threats, uphold the law, defend civil rights, and protect innocent people. They seek out cybercrime, infiltrate organized crime rings, and investigate terrorists.

In order for that definition of duties to apply, the thought would follow that everyone the FBI flagged to be censored on Twitter was a ‘terrorist’.   Including, Donald Trump, among hundreds of thousands of others.   If the FBI were to state they were acting in any other capacity it would be akin to their admission of going “Rogue”.   Going rogue means they are now operating outside the parameters of their authority allowing everyone to ‘sue’ them.

So, they are quietly maintaining a vow of unholy silence!

…..Until a lawyer can twist some voodoo wands and conjure black magic. For now, mum is best so they can agree on a story and make sure everyone gets it right. Until that ripe moment, all press, Hollywood actors, all concert –media-hypers are told to keep their effing mouths shut or pay the price.

This ovation of material being downloaded by Twitter’s Musk merely tips the surface of corruption.   According to the FBI ‘spokesperson’, 80 agents were working inside Twitter.   How many are working inside Google? Gettr? Facebook? Gab? Parler? Instagram – etc…?

The FBI has roughly 7800 special agents working the field.   According to a Wired report issued in 2013, Google revealed that the FBI had issued 16,511 National Security Letters requiring Google to provide all pertinent information on a person without obtaining a warrant in one year – 2011. “ The National Security Letter provision of the Patriot Act radically expanded the FBI’s authority to demand personal customer records from Internet Service Providers, financial institutions and credit companies without prior court approval.”

The misuse of FBI authority was originally brought up in 2007 when the FBI was requiring AT&T and Verizon to station employees inside the FBI so that they could access accounts verbatim.   Using this same insider access the FBI were able to identify people who were walking around the Capitol and those inside.  Always without a warrant.

According to Charlie Hurt at the Washington Examiner, FBI agents were creating fake platforms that then opened backdoor portals to social media companies.   Their banning at Twitter included satire accounts they deemed interfered with their dissection of conservatives.

Lists of accounts were provided that the FBI recommended be turned off..   According to Director, Chris Wray, everything they did at Twitter was legal, above board and was done across all social media platforms.   Simultaneously, porn and pedophilia were NOT targeted…  ODD.

Suppressing information is NOT listed in the FBI manual of protocol and duties. Inserting propaganda – is not listed in the FBI manual.   However, ‘protecting civil rights’ is in the manual.   Civil rights such as right to privacy and freedom of speech.

It was the FBI that convinced the world that the CIA was not involved in the assassination of JFK and Oswald acted alone.   This line has been debunked as impossible given analysis of bullet trajectories.   But they needed the story to be killed. FBI agents were planted throughout the capitol grounds January 6th to incite riots. FBI agents ignored attorney access and raided Trump’s home.   They routinely tip off the press of coming raids for media hysteria.   And make a show of armour, AR’s and and intimidation when arresting conservative figures.

So who owns the FBI?   Likely, the same organization that owns everything – BIS.  All these organizations were created within a short span of each other in the early 1900’s.   BIS being the Banking Cartel took ownership of agencies which perform on behalf of BIS.

In 1975, Senator Frank Church gave a speech about the fact that the ‘intelligence community’; had perfected a means for listening to every conversation on airwaves. He warned that this insider ability meant that the government would know everything about everybody and use this power to create total tyranny.   The People would NEVER be able to fight back. Because any effort to combine together to resist the government would be known – no matter how privately it was done.

When saying this – logically, that would mean criminal activities could be known and deterred…   But they aren’t.   Does this mean the FBI actually allows crimes to happen?   Or worse, the FBI creates the crimes.

Edward Snowden.

After working for the CIA and subsequently NSA, Snowden revealed mass surveillance tactics used by government agencies internally and abroad.   At the time, Eric Holder was the Attorney General who charged Snowden in violation of the Espionage Act of 1917.    September 2020, a U.S. federal court ruled in United States vs Moalin  that the US intelligence’s mass surveillance program exposed by Snowden was illegal and possibly unconstitutional. Yet Snowden was never pardoned as a Whistleblower. WHY?

Wrong side.   Snowden was tasked with investigating the mass surveillance of the CCP – instead he found the US.   At the time, General Keith Alexander was running NSA.   He retired 3 months after the Snowden revelation.   Subsequently, Alexander created a cybersecurity agency providing services to private companies.

Like the world over, there are good cops and bad cops, good FBI agents and bad FBI agents. The FBI is rife with controversies for decades.

COINTELPRO was such a controversy: “tactics have been alleged to include discrediting targets through psychological warfare, smearing individuals and/or groups using forged documents and by planting false reports in the media, harassment, wrongful imprisonment, and illegal violence, including assassination.” Their defense? They were maintaining the existing social and political Order.

Officially COINTELPRO was disbanded, unofficially it was never disbanded. And All The Kings Horses Scrubbed Humpty-Dumpty.

TWITTER: New Musk Partners Are Clinton Donors

October 4, 2022, the European Union quietly passed the Digital Services Act.  Online platforms will have to comply within 4 months and service providers have until January 2024 to get in line.   It is a means for setting the stage for globalized content censorship and Big Brother.   Further it makes infractions a criminal offense.  While the US initially sought to create a similar agency, Ministry of Truth, headed by the wannabe stage actress, Nina Jankowicz, it shut down within a month amid ridicule.   And YET….

Ministry of Truth was the George Orwell Dystopian chronicle of the future – 1984.   In the novel, 1984, Emmanuel Goldstein is portrayed as a former Party member who has been evicted from the Tribe.  His image is now a telescreen dissenter whom all must hate.  Although Orwell claims that Leon Trotsky was the traitor whom he modeled into the character Emmanuel, who was expelled from the Soviet Union by Stalin who ultimately had him assassinated, The Rothschild Economist, would have us believe that Goldstein is – SOROS.   Martyr – Soros.

2022, Trump is Emanuel Goldstein and within Homeland Security, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, CISA, has already been operating a defacto censorship scheme to portray Trump on the Big Screen as a Traitor.

CISA has been busily working diligently behind the scenes of social media platforms to regulate information and speech.  In particular, they are the shadow regulation agency targeting Facebook and Twitter – with their permission of course.   To manipulate, Disinform, and Purge.

Created in 2018 under President Trump, the purpose was specific to the wording – infrastructure security – as in our grids and nuclear power plants.   But rogue has a way of recreating Government Agencies.   In 2021, Jen Easterly was assigned as Director by the Biden Handlers.   A military officer, Easterly worked within both the Bush and Obama administrations in cyber security – and within NSA.

It was during this era that Edward Snowden revealed the far reaching Big Brother effect that Easterly’s cyber operations had created.  Nearly a decade later we are awakening from a very long slumber.

Snowden, “change in global awareness” is underway and the balance of power is beginning to shift.”   Snowden warned us that the internet censorship and manipulation was a by-product of NSA.

And for this revelation – he was rebuked and wanted for arrest. In order to secure his ‘life’ Snowden took refuge in Russia … And only now do we come to understand the extent to which the far reaching hand – infiltrated.  And how real Snowden’s escape from assassination was.

The Intercept obtained meeting minutes from CSIA which detail attempts to redefine  “critical infrastructure”  as threats of “disinformation” – or rather, “mis-, dis-, and mal-information (MDM).”    The meeting notes describe telecommunications infrastructure, ie the internet, and public healthcare infrastructure as in need of protection from wrong-speak.

When Musk originally stated his intent to possibly buy Twitter the link to CSIA became a notable issue given that the very platform itself was entwined within government databases that aided in the infrastructure of Twitter’s capacity.   The buyout became a skeptics gamble of betting odds.

Now that Musk has finalized the deal and taken Twitter private, the government, aka CSIA, no longer is in Control.   And Big Brother is quite angry.   Under the auspices of claiming Twitter is violating ‘something’, an investigation has been undertaken.   Musk’s partners are deemed foreign national undesirables:   Prince Alwaleed, and Qatar.  

An interesting assertion.   You see, Prince Alwaleed and Qatar were The Clinton Foundation’s largess benefactors.  Prince Alwaleed was one of 320 Saudi’s confined to a ‘hotel’ by Prince Bin Salman as a result of his nefarious dealings!   He was fined $6 billion before his ultimate release.   Bin Salman was an ally of Trump.

Alwaleed has had a lucrative history in purchasing massive shares of AOL, Time Warner, Fox, News Corp, and various US Banks.  So, an investment in Twitter would hardly garner a second glance – unless it was ‘a distraction’.   And our Clintonite Friends have captured Twitter while deflecting – the truth.

The regular naysayers and Twitter provocateurs have included AOC trying to lure Musk into a romantic parlay,  Stephen Spielberg deriding Musk to the tune of hundreds of tweets per day – to the Justice Department mumbling and fumbling the possibility or the perhaps or the maybe’s…of an investigation.   To former co-founder Dorsey suddenly advocating for freedom of speech after regulating Twitter speech for a decade.

And the rumblings are NOT adding up – and beginning to look like the Paul Pelosi Porky Pig Routine…   Something Amiss.   And the Ultimate Deception is on The Table.

ROGUE CIA and FBI: Whistleblowers

Speaking of Whistleblowers… There were quite a few during the Obama, Clinton and Bush administrations – their lives were made miserable despite the protections of the Whistleblower Act, and the consequences against those involved – nothing.

For Example:

Thomas Drake a senior executive formerly with NSA brought forth allegations regarding two controversial initiatives proposed within the agency; Trailblazer Project and ThinThread Project. Both involved spying but the Trailblazer Project was much more inclusive including spying on everyone, whereas the ThinThread Project which was considerably less expensive, while protecting individual privacy.

Drake favored the ThinThread Project.  

Going through the maze of internal government bureaucracy, he followed the rules and the fine print concisely, reporting to his superiors within NSA, the Department of Defense, the House and the Senate intelligence agencies, to no avail.  He did solicit the support of a Republican staffer in the House Intelligence Agency, Diane Roarke. She was considered the staff expert on the NSA budget.

Michael Hayden who was then head of NSA went through with the Trailblazer Project, hired Boeing, IBM, SAIC, and CSC among others to implement the project and ultimately spent $1 billion. Three years later the NSA Inspector General declared the project a total failure and it was scrubbed. NSA was declared to have wasted money, and their budget was restricted.

Two years later, Drake gave a reporter stories about abuse of spending at NSA making sure that all the information he released was not classified. In 2007, the FBI raided Roarke’s and Drake’s homes, taking computers, documents, books, and phones as evidence.   The government drafted charges against Drake for releasing classified information and conspiracy.   They pressured Drake to plead guilty and in 2010 he was formally indicted.

In 2011 prosecutors restricted proceedings to closed door, moved to restrict exhibits as hidden from the public, restricted cross examination of witnesses, and restricted jurors from reading the articles written by the reporter. May, all charges were dropped.

Drake lost his pension, lost his job, was responsible for $82,000 in legal fees, and was fired from his teaching position at Strayer University.

It was because of the 12 year harassment of Drake that Edward Snowden made the decision to circumvent the normal lines of procedure within NSA.

Drake has gone on to give speaking appearances in which he claims that the issues within NSA are so systemic and corrupt that dismantling the organization is the only solution.

Michael Hayden, the then head of NSA who instituted the failed, costly waste Trailblazer, was promoted to Director at the CIA. He receives full pension benefits, was awarded an honorary doctorate, and is currently a principal at Chertoff Group. He also serves on the board of Caliburn International, a group that operates temporary shelters for unaccompanied migrant children. Caliburn was awarded it border detention contract by Obama in 2014 for $97 million.   Caliburn is a private contractor receiving its funding from the Department of Defense. It is currently under investigation for bribery of Iraqi officials.

Chertoff Group was co-founded by Michael Chertoff whose experience includes Homeland Security under Bush, and Chad Sweet formerly Chief of Staff at Homeland Security as well as previous appointments as VP at Goldman Sachs and Directorate of Operations at the CIA.   Chertoff is essentially ‘Bush Men’.   All principles served under Bush, all came from Homeland Security in some capacity.

In 2013, it was reported that Chertoff routinely creates a market for a company with which they have a financial interest, fails to disclose this interest, and submits applications for funds from the Federal government – Department of Defense.   Michael Chertoff writes op-eds for the Washington Post and CNN in which he advocates for a new security to defend a crisis he foresees and then contracts with a company with which Chertoff has a financial interest.

Chertoff is considered a private NSA.

These agencies are rogue. It didn’t happen today or yesterday, it began in the 1950’s when Dulles initiated Operation MKUltra and Operation Mockingbird. It continued when JFK stated he would dismantle the CIA. He was assassinated. It ballooned when Bobby Kennedy went after the Director of the FBI and he was assassinated.

The mob has been in control ever since.

Judge Jeanine is correct in stating that these agencies, the FBI, CIA, NSA and DIA have collaborated to attempt a coup against President Trump.

Pelosi has admitted that her whistleblower who is asserting third party knowledge against Trump is inside the CIA. And she is utilizing the same rogue methods deployed ‘against Drake’ to defend the anonymity of this inside agent, and to keep the public at arms length claiming we have no rights.   She defends these measures by claiming that she fears for his ‘life’.

Of course one would wonder who might be the assassin given the history of murder by suicide rates…