HALF The World is under Satanic Control… do not be naive

The US Treasury is transferring $3.5 billion in previously frozen Afghanistan funds… to Switzerland.   The remaining $3.5 billion is sitting in limbo supposedly as compensation for 9-11 victims although nothing has actually been disbursed to anyone.   Afghanistan people are not happy – after the deplorable withdrawal from the country by the US military the economy has left the country in abject poverty and destruction. Biden has declared it is “Russia’s Fault’.

The totality of the funds were seized via an Executive Order pushed through by Biden Handlers in February.   The EO’s issued by the WH Handlers are rarely reported and are likely not in the best interest of the American people.   Given the military equipment left in Afghanistan courtesy of American Taxpayers amounted to $6-$7 billion – it would seem the frozen funds should be rebated.

Instead, we are robbed by the thieves of Biden Handlers once again.

Despite 22% of Americans in poverty and on Medicaid, despite $60 billion now funneled to Ukraine’s Zelenskyy, Despite the Pentagon paying Mercenaries to fight Russia, we are essentially now supporting Afghanistan to the tune of $14 billion in lost inventory and lost frozen funds.

According to Brown University, the War against Afghanistan cost the US $8 trillion and over 900,000 lives.   When/if books are ever audited – the Ukraine war will likely come in second.   A war to preserve the rise of Nazi’s.

And still, we taunt a war with China.

While many US Christians are fearing we are living through the Bible’s Revelation, Russia’s former president, Medvedev, would agree.   Citing western government insanity, Medvedev has stated that a nuclear Armageddon could unravel:

“Everything will be on fire around them. Their people will harvest their grief in full. The land will be on fire and the concrete will melt,”

The fact that the EU and US are fully engaged as Proxies in the war between Russia and Ukraine begs for retaliation.   But then, that would be the plan.   Satan hates God’s children – and thus Satan has designed a means for destroying all that God created.

When the EU’s von der Leyen declares that the EU will prevail – she is a spokesperson for death.   San Francisco has fallen.   LA has fallen.   Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, Chicago, NYC, Detroit, and Philadelphia are now under the control of meth and fentanyl addicts.     Illegals are now descending on Arizona.   People report their dogs being killed for food!   Their daughters being raped.

And Bill Gates has the audacity to show up at a “Climate Summit” via helicopter and gas guzzling SUV.   Zuckerberg looks more and more like a lizard.   Fetterman has massive alien living in his neck.   And Bezos is desperately attempting to build a rocket to take his family to another universe.   He failed.

When Biden Handlers announced a debt forgiveness, he was proclaiming the first of many yet to come.   In 2021, global debt was estimated to be $303 trillion, tripling since 1970.   The US portion is roughly 11%.   This could only occur as a result of ‘governments’ purposefully pushing the Big Bang when its unsustainability means money is completely worthless –

While the world has seen civilizations collapse before – the most damaging occurring by the Roman Empire, the difference is the advances in weaponry that could literally destroy Earth.   It is worth acknowledging that historians and scientists have no idea ‘where the Romans came from’ – where they originated. They can only speculate.   Perhaps a good speculation is they originated from the same force that is now in control of half the globe. Their motive then is the same as now – destroy everyone who is not them.

We are confronted with a choice. I believe that choice does not necessitate explanation.   However, I would say that “JUSTICE” as we know it, logic and reasoning no longer exist.


US Embassy in London – Blunderous

The US Embassy in London is making headlines for a two reasons;   1)   Trump has denounced it as a bombastic waste of taxpayer funds, and 2) It is a gauche representation of American pompousness… replete with moat, indoor gardens, and exquisite flamboyance more befitting a Qatari 5 star resort.

The embassy at 24 Grosvenor Square was originally built in 1960 with a very utilitarian design befitting post WWII and a representation of government economy of need.   It has 600 rooms. And while it is true that in London, the land on which nearly every building is constructed is leased, the US government lease was for 999 years. We had 931 left…

In October 2008, Bush declared that the US embassy in London was not secure enough against terrorists and sought to list the property for sale. But it was after Obama assumed office that Obama renigged on the anticipated deal to sell to real estate developer Ballymore Group, an Irish developer who has won numerous awards, and instead sold to a Qatari firm, Qatari Diar.

Qatari Diar has released plans to renovate the embassy into a five star 137 bed hotel with five restaurants, six shops, a spa and a ballroom.   It isn’t the first Qatari investment in London, and wasn’t the last. In 2007, they bought Chelsea Barracks from the UK government for 1 billion pounds. They own the Berkeley Hotel, 50% of One Hyde Park, 1, 2 and 3 Cornwall Terrace, 10% of the London Exchange, a shared percentage of the 97 acre Financial District, Canary Wharf, a 20% stake in Camden Market through a share purchase of Chelsfield Group, the Connaught Hotel in Mayfield, a percentage of the UK’s athletes village, the Shard, Harrods, and the Claridge Hotel, a city landmark.

Whether the initial ‘decision’ to sell the former embassy was made by Bush is irrelevant, the decision to quash the sale to the Irish and give it to the Qatari’s was Obama’s. The decision to turn a conservative government building into a lavish Las Vegas style extravaganza – was Obama’s. And the decision to spend $1.2 billion was also Obama’s.

Qatari Diar is owned 100% by the Qatari Investment Authority; aka the Emir. It is estimated that holdings in Britain aggregate 30 billion Euros, in France 10 billion and in Germany 5 billion.   This does not include ownership interest in banks such as Barclays and Credit Suisse. Their goal is to invest $35 billion in US real estate and $10 billion in China.

Since 1985, foreign ownership of US Treasuries and equities has climbed significantly, rising from roughly 20% to 65%.   When the US allowed private citizens to sue the Saudi’s over their involvement in 9-11, they threatened to divest their upwards of $750 billion in holdings which could have devastated our economy until we were able to reabsorb the assets. But according to the Federal Reserve, the Saudi holdings of US Treasuries is minimal, with China and Japan being holding the largest percentage. In fact they don’t even rank in the top ten…

During the Obama administration, US debt virtually doubled to roughly $20 trillion. As a percentage of GDP, debt rose from 67.9% to 103.4% as spending outpaced. The interest rate was halved thereby creating a level interest payment over the same period. But should the Federal Reserve start raising rates back to pre-Obama terms, the government could see an annual interest expense of nearly $1 trillion.

Given the numbers, spending $1.2 billion on a lavish building in the UK may seem trivial, but if Dave Ramsey were budgeting the checkbook, it would have been red-lined and nixed without question.   Not to mention that the entire purpose of a new building was ‘security’ and the exterior architecture of the US Embassy is now 100% glass. Glass exteriors typically cost about 5 to 6 times more solid facades such as brick, stucco, or stone.

And while the media trenched Liberal UKers have made themselves quite clear regarding their opinion and grace for Trump, their attitude is matched only by the Liberal denouncers in the US.    It is an abomination of a building that serves no purpose other than lavish  extravagance.  For Trump to make an appearance to cut the ribbon on the US embassy in London would be rather hypocritical and truly without point.

President Obama – A Hawk in A Wasteland

For a President who was given The Nobel Peace Prize before he ever did anything, during Obama’s reign this country has engaged in wars involving: Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan and Pakistan. We have been involved in destablizing coups or attempted coups in Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Turkey, and Egypt. And we have perpetuated the growth of ISIS for the purpose of genocide of Shiite Muslims and Christians in the Middle East. In addition, we have sanctioned the following countries: Belarus, Burundi, Central African republic, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Russia, Ukraine, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Burma, Libya, Lebanon, Somalia and the Balkans.

I’d say for a Democrat, that’s pretty Hawkish!

We are in the midst of world chaos and instead of noting this eruption, the media is disjointed by the prospect of a ‘wall between the US and Mexico’. The UK is building a wall to protect them against the migrants and we are silent. But they aren’t alone, since Obama’s term walls have been under construction in Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Greece, Bulgaria, France, Ukraine, and Estonia. But the media is silent…

Those walls are ‘good’ and Trump’s wall is ‘bad’.

China’s claims to the South China Sea are bad, but Australia’s claim to the Timur Sea is okay.

The percentage of blacks living below poverty in the US has consistently risen since Obama took office with rates standing at about 28%. Racial tensions are at rates not seen since the 1960’s. And the proliferation of gangs and gang related crimes has virtually exploded.

ISIS didn’t exist before Obama took office, it is now active in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Yemen, West Africa, and Chechnya with factions rising in France, UK, Germany, Italy and the US. But according to Obama, we needn’t worry because we have a bigger chance of dying in our bathtub…

US debt has risen from $10.6 trillion to over $18 trillion – and Obama isn’t quite done yet. In 2009 Obama promised to cut the deficit in half, and stated that if he didn’t accomplish this he would step down and defer as a ‘one term president’. Total Federal spending has risen from $2.9 trillion to $4.3 trillion, an increase of nearly 50%. The largest expense increases are in Pensions, Healthcare, Welfare and Interest, at rates nearly double what they were before Obama.

And then there is Obamacare, a debacle of astronomical proportions that has taken my healthcare deductible from $500 per year to $10,000 and raised my rates by about 150%. Well done great leader… Wages have stagnated while business profits are up and the middle class continues to shrink. Insurance companies are dropping Obamacare at record rates, and the projected cost is now expected to be nearly $1.4 trillion. Who will pay for that? We will when we see our deductibles double again and our premiums ratchet up yet another 50%.

GDP Growth is 1.2%, and while Obama makes the claim that he inherited all the problems in place by Bush, that would be the case for every succeeding president, including Clinton inheriting the Reagan legacy that stimulated our economy.

Whoever succeeds Obama, the chaos and sanctions and war mongering that has been put in place will be a voluminous bloated beast. And more hawkish notions will have one effect and one effect only – to line the pockets of the corrupt.

Trump? Putin? Fans of Truth…

So Putin and Trump are trading compliments and MSNBC is in a tizzy!

How dare Trump say anything complimentary about a President who has been “accused of killing journalists and political rivals, on top of invading neighboring countries.”

WOW – how heinous, our president would never, ever do such an awful thing… Oh wait… well he was a cocaine user and dealer, he has invaded Ukraine and ousted the then elected president, Yanokovich, which resulted in their economy plummeting into oblivion, their land raized by bombs, and their people dead and wounded, and he has offered asylum to peoples who were apparent terrorists resulting in multiple civilian deaths here in the US. Oops.

Let’s not forget the key term used even by MSNBC – alleged and accused – as opposed to verifiable as in our own President. Obviously this MSNBC character hasn’t read the Bible or he’d know that Matthew 7:5 states; “You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.”

Putin shared enthusiasm for the Trump stating he sees Trump as ‘bright and talented’ and thinks they would get along fine.


First, why do people like Trump when all the statistics support his less than stellar attitude and style? I have asked many this question and the resounding answer is always the same – they don’t trust anyone else. No one. Just because a politician can orate circles around another, doesn’t necessarily equate to ‘honesty or integrity or ethics’. We simply need to look at the smiles and rhetoric of Obama’s first campaign to realize this inalienable truth. And while he promised ‘change’, I doubt this is the change most Americans thought their vote would buy.

We end the year 2015 on a somber note of debt – $18.1 trillion to be exact – $8 trillion of which was added under the Obama regime. Sixty seven percent of our debt was added under President Obama. It wouldn’t be so awful if we had something to show for it like – an incredibly well stocked transparent military – authentically budgeted and secure, or an economy that was raging ahead ready to put the screws to that deficit, or an ‘affordable’ Affordable Care Act, or even a charitable powerhouse known throughout the world for our good deeds…. But we don’t have that, we just have – debt.

What Putin did give his country was a nationalism that we envy. He gave them his word and it means ‘his Word’. He gave them his unconditional support, his unconditional authority, a leadership that is powerful and meaningful and when people feel jealous – they attack. Obama doesn’t have Putin’s charisma or tactical intellect. Kerry doesn’t have Lavrov’s incredible leadership and insight and calm.

And while I was reading about the women in Libya, when I looked at their faces, when I read their words, I learned something very powerful – they support their country and have no desire whatsoever of leaving. There are immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, but if you were to ask, the majority would want their own country – not ours, not yours, but theirs. And when we meddle, and pin prick, and uproot, the result has not EVER proven positive.  So this meddling clause of the US in uprooting governments, coups and such so as to institute a ‘new and improved government’, has worldly, widely – backfired to the nth degree.

It IS NOT working.

The Ukrainians, the people, want ‘their’ country, they don’t want ours. The Syrians want their country. The Yemenis. The Lebanese. The Iranians. And this would seem to be the lesson that MSNBC and it’s followers miss, the media in every other country around the world views ours as pathetic. They view us as idiots for believing the drivel. They view Obama as a puppet and his policies as idiotic and perilous. What countries? It is beyond that and now is ‘continents’, as in: Europe – Asia – South America – the people, not the media as in WE the PEOPLE.

We are so indoctrinated into believing the media and the politicians that we no longer understand – the people.

So when Trump takes the lead and all the intellects are confounded – understand that we have crossed the line, the boundaries, the ethic, the morality – and people are afraid. They are afraid at the ugly, ugly spiral that Obama has created for our Great Country, and the evolution of that chaos is growing uglier with every day.

Guns? That’s protection from the policies of our government. Anger – that’s reaction to the heinous lies of our government.

So next time MSNBC wants to attack Putin – wants to attack Trump – they had better take heed, because Matthew 7:5 is alive!

And we are NOT backing down.

US Foreign Investment – DEBT Rising

Every so often it’s a good idea to check who owns America.

While the Middle East spends about $15 billion annually on foreign investment, that is spread out between Paris, London and New York – predominantly. And while this may sound like a lot, it is projected to rise considerably as oil prices continue to lag and the money looks for alternate places to build wealth.

But that’s just a fraction of the true picture. US debt owned by foreign investors is not a new phenomena, it only becomes fearsome when the percentage begins to leave US internal investment in the proverbial dust… The greatest foreign investment continues to be held by – Japan at over $900 billion as of 2011.

As of 2011, America owned foreign investors $4.5 trillion in debt and Americans owed America $9.8 trillion in debt, which translates to a foreign ownership of about 31.5%.

Nothing to sneeze at. Nearly a third of America is owned by foreigners.

When it comes to real estate, the Chinese still lead the pack with the most foreign ownership. In just one quarter of 2015, Chinese real estate investment topped nearly $2 billion. They are followed by South Korea, United Arab Emirates, and Canada. And the top three markets have been the US, the UK and Australia. Anglo country.

The markets being tapped are not just housing real estate, but have exploded with office and commercial real estate as well as equities, treasuries, agencies and corporate bonds.

But this is just the crumb of information, the true fear is in Net Foreign Investment. The U.S. net international investment position at the end of the second quarter of 2015 was -$6,688.3 billion (preliminary) as the value of U.S. liabilities exceeded the value of U.S. assets (chart 1, table 1). At the end of the first quarter, the net investment position was -$6,801.4 billion (revised).”

For the unlearned, the number translates to 6 trillion 804 billion. In the hole. In case you don’t get it, this is NOT good.

And these are the numbers released by the Department of Commerce. Who knows how accurate they are given they come from the government, it may be safe to say that they represent maybe 75% of the true number…  BUt we can safely assume, that in either case, it is not a good number…

In their statistic, the US is nearly $7 trillion in the hole. Baddaboom!

The countries with the best statistic were Japan and Canada. But the statistics vary depending on what you are looking for. For example, Hong Kong came out on top when the parameters were Net Investment Position as a percentage of GDP. Using that same parameter, Iceland, Greece, Iceland Cyprus and Portugal came in last. Don’t like this record. Does not bode well.

AND this represents what has occurred in just the last … few… years, interestingly beginning in – 2008.

A steady, straight, crash.

BY comparison, the EU showed a surplus in excess of 212 ½ million Euros. China’s was an astounding $1.97 trillion – surplus! YES! As much as we vilify the country we could perhaps learn a few … Canada has a surplus of $231.7 billion, and while this is good for Canada, this is panning out really, really bad for the US.

To put some perspective to the number, Nigeria has a better structure than we do. As do Russia, Argentina, Venezuela and India. There is an adage, “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” I think the US might fit the alternate universe, “It’s broke, so you better damn fix it!”

And obviously the tactics that have been in place since 2008, in which we saw a continual plunge into poverty, is perhaps, maybe, not the right course of action…just a thought…

I don’t curse, but expletives are coursing my tongue right about now. How dare we put our country into this position! What the frickin…?

How dare we hide this information! How dare we manipulate the American people to such an extent that this would be considered the most devastating Ponzi scheme in the history of mankind! I imagine those that orchestrated this ‘shift’, are laughing hysterically at our absolute idiocy in accepting this – like sheep.

Just sayin’…