US Constitution Fourteenth Amendment

Clinton wants Biden to assert the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution in order to override Congressional approval of a budget without a debt ceiling.   Clinton, a former lawyer would seem to NOT be versed in the exact wording of the Amendment’s articles and their meaning.   Section 4 of the Amendment is the clause they feel leverages this right. It Reads:

“The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned. But neither the United States nor any state shall assume or pay any debt or obligation incurred in aid of insurrection or rebellion against the United States, or any claim for the loss or emancipation of any slave; but all such debts, obligations and claims shall be held illegal and void.”

The budget proposed by Biden is not ‘debt’ because it hasn’t been authorized yet. It is simply a request at this stage.   Debt refers to obligations by law which would have accrued already such as Social Security, Interest and Pensions.   But there is another stickler to Biden/Clinton’s 14th Amendment assertion – Section 5 states:   The Congress shall have power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

There is absolutely no statement that gives the acting President the authority to override Congress or omit them from budgetary law.

The Fourteenth Amendment is thus not a valid means to force a PORK budget with discretionary spending that is NOT debt at all.   The point is scare tactics.   The point is a legal nightmare of misinformation being used to illegally hijack Taxpayer Funding.

Budget cuts are not on the liberal table – they want instead to INCREASE spending to ever higher levels despite each increase simply increasing the deficit for the next brawl.   IF you gave our esteemed government a $13 trillion budget – they would overspend it.   They are children at a lollipop store.

McCarthy continues to declare that he speaks privately with Biden – which is of course a nontruth – LIE.   Biden can’t speak a coherent sentence much less negotiate deals and Bills.   When the entirety of Congress continues to pretend that Biden is our WH representative, they reveal the fact they are ALL complicit in the coverup.

The obvious backstage handlers include: Rice, Bloomberg, Clinton, and Obama.   But they are the shills for the largess hands of the opaque Masters who hide like thieves and mercenaries.

When The Pentagon, whose own budget record can’t account for $Trillions in LOST $$$$, suddenly determines a $3 billion accounting error freed up those monies to send to Ukraine, we know the Military is defunct.

According to the Treasury departments last public Balance Sheet dated September 2022, liquid assets amount to $2.668 TRILLION.   The interest on debt stigma that is being parlayed is ugly, but it would NOT break the bank: interest liability on debt is roughly $600 billion.   That would allow spending of over $2 trillion to cover remaining mandatory expenditures.

Aide to foreign countries is NOT a mandatory expenditure, neither is the PORK spending on NGO’s. The same NGO’s which rely on massive taxpayer funding such as National Endowment for Democracy which now has a number of subsidiaries all squealing for MONEY.   Or CSIS which has also created additional baby mouths to feed!   The CIA Fund Q-In-Tel would also be considered non-mandatory.   Of course, funding for the CIA, FBI, and IRS are already on the table for defunding given the internal corruption has become ‘unsustainable’.

Various economists and media pundits with degrees in equity and inclusion have made their opinions known as to what would happen should there be no hike in the debt ceiling.   The scenarios provided have been thoroughly researched and studied with conclusions stipulating –   ‘it’ll be bad’ or ‘it’ll be really bad’…

But the reality is an unknown.   Speculation provides theories, and theories provide guesstimates.   We are in the height of tax season, so a fresh incoming stream of taxes is replenishing the cash assets.   What the pundits don’t particularly like to discuss is truth.   What they don’t like to do is present calm and analytical observations.

Chicken Littles Screaming The Sky is Falling.

The synopsis provided by the left is that the Treasury would stop writing ALL checks.   That synopsis would have to be based on the principle that the Treasury has no money at all in reserve.   That would mean they spent money for obligations that were not recognized.   It would mean that the Treasury is already in default.   It would mean the entire system of payments is fake and corrupt.   It would mean our entire government has defrauded the American People. And THIS would be what they are afraid of –

Reuters claims that missing one payment on debt would trigger a collapse of Wall Street, and cause interest rates to go up pushing out housing, cars and small businesses.   The economy would implode – and we would all starve and die. The basis of ALL the dire warnings is that the Treasury is broke and has zero CASH.

IF that is true, then funding for Mandatory payments could easily be a temporary resolution.   But the liberals need the fear mongrels to intensify the allusion.     Because Discretionary Spending is NOT DEBT!

The Wealth of Nations – Mercantilism

Bankers, Wall Street Capitalists and Elite Businessmen are like Mercenaries – they have no country, no allegiance, they have no morals or ethics, and they operate on one principle – MONEY.   Traditionally, Money is made through peace, trade, and a prosperous society.   The Minoan’s were a perfect study for this equation. However, in the world of elite businessmen, Money is made by maintaining a level of instability.   The instability creates polarity wherein only the ‘select’ make money while draining society.

The US Trade Deficit is expanding as imports increase dramatically while exports cringe.   The 2022 data reveals an increase in the goods and services deficit of 12.2%.   According to US Treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, this is good news!   The US economy is stable, no signs of a potential recession, and the global economy is improving!

Yellen’s advisor was Stiglitz, and she was influenced by Krugman.   What exactly do economists do?   The role of an economist is to study data and note trends.   Some economists make future predictions – or forecasts.   Like scientists, the end result of an economist’s forecasts is based on ‘theory’.  

John Maynard Keynes developed theories in the early 20th century that the Federal Reserve still uses to manage monetary policy today.   However, it was Scottish Adam Smith who is widely credited with creating the field of modern economics.  In 1776, Adam published The Wealth of Nations.  The major premise of his book detailed the Division of Labour:

“When labourers bid against one another for limited opportunities for employment, the wages of labour collectively fall, whereas when employers compete against one another for limited supplies of labour, the wages of labour collectively rise.”

Smith saw labour as a commodity.   The gist of his thought was based in his absolute denouncement of all things  ‘mercantilism’.   Developed in the 16th century, mercantilism believed in a slave labour state.   Economic oppression stated that labourers should not be educated, and should lead a life of bare subsistence never garnering any extra money.

The policies associated with mercantilism included:   sanctioning, high tariffs, monopolies, limiting wages, subsidies, and restricting domestic consumption.   As a direct result of these policies, warfare was the only means of expansion.   Take from another state and then eliminate its ability to compete.   Fueling Imperialism.

The concept of Imperialism is Colonialism.   Colonialism is the US doctrine of ‘democracy’.   When a nation is not applying the mercantilism system then it is not a democracy and must be re-educated.   Or destroyed.  Syria.   Russia.

Democracy is defined as a government wherein The People have the authority to define legislation.   But that doesn’t exist – not in any nation.   Democracy is an illusion.   It is a word used to invite regime change, coups, war, isolation, sanctions, and economic turmoil.

In reality Americans are living within the ‘economic system’ of mercantilism.

The theory of democracy is to dangle a carrot in order for the people to work harder for the enjoyment of the Masters.   While the wealth remains attached to the Master the labourers are given appeasement funds in the form of ‘paper’.   The concept of ‘Debt’ was created to erase assets and thus any degree of labour wealth.

Immigrants escorted into the US are additional labourers.   As a result, the market has a surplus of workers. Thus immigration keeps wages low.   And inequality expands exponentially.

Education in the US is steadily declining.   The Pandemic helped to fuel this downward spiral.   Math, Science, and Reading skills – the most basic subjects – are plummeting.  Overall, US students will not join the entrepreneur club of growth and instead be retrofitted for manual labour further skewing the income inequality agenda.

The US is the world’s largest economy with household consumption being the biggest driver.   According to ‘economists’ the health of the US is predicted to change drastically with an estimated GDP growth outlook for 2024 dropping to a mere 1% according to the IMF. By comparison, the IMF predicts India’s economy will grow 6.3% in 2024 and China’s by 4.5%.  Reality or Illusion?

The hard reasoning behind these drastic predictions is the source of GDP.   For the US, agriculture and manufacturing account for less than 20% while China and India are roughly 50%.   The US is NOT producing goods – it is producing labour.   Labour is the secondary class with limited education and free time = mercantilism.    

The Banker Mercenaries are now busily consolidating.   Stakeholders will become the New Government.    And more banks are slated to declare bankruptcy.   Warren Buffett sates that is normal. Yellen states that banks are all stable.   And Federal Reserve economists have declared that the banking ‘crisis’ will usher in a recession…   Who to believe?

Debt Default Among Poorer Countries – Another Banking Spiral…

Poorer Countries across the globe are beginning to face ‘debt default’.     Ukraine, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, Argentina, Kenya and Zambia are in an economic crisis and the US is calling for more restructuring and forgiveness.   The vast majority of the debt is owed to China and the IMF.   1)   Despite demands from western nations that China follow the rules based mafia, China is no longer bowing to these whims and has declared they will make their own decisions. 2)   The IMF is nearly broke sitting on a 5.8% Net Equity Ratio.   They have no leverage for restructuring.

Politico:   “Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and other officials are growing adamant that what they view as China’s hardline approach to lending is squeezing countries and threatening to deepen poverty in Africa and elsewhere.”

The issue with the version presented by the far left Politico is that it is focused exclusively on China instead of the IMF whose inability to provide relief is a paramount concern. By contrast The World Bank would appear to be relatively healthy.   The bias places unequal weighting on the scales and thus precludes a whole picture presentation.

According to Politico, China made loans with the expectation of receiving oil and minerals while the US/IMF were simply above board in their backhanded stipulations and pinky-swear motives in just trying to lift countries out of poverty.

You see, according to Politico, the IMF has been helping to build infrastructure such as bridges, roads, and railroads so as to unlock these rich farmland commodities to be consumed by the individual country’s citizens… That would be the pitched riff.  

China’s loans and influence have interrupted the Cartel’s true intention of colonizing Africa and absorbing all their resources while Bill Gates performs his magic depopulation religion.

Land Grabs have been the infrastructure reasoning.   Land grabs have been commonplace for 2 decades. The vast majority of the land purchased for pennies on the dollar was sold to US, Saudi and China interests.   But US hedge Funds and Banking Cartels such as JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs have tucked away African Land for a ‘rainy day’ as well.

In addition, many US venture firms form offshore status to surreptitiously buy up the land and are much more difficult to confirm.   For Example: A)   Petrotech-ffn Agro Mali which is a subsidiary of Petrotech-ffn USA. B)   Sierra Leone Agriculture (SLA) is actually a subsidiary of the U.K. based Crad-l (CAPARO Renewable Agriculture Developments Ltd.), associated with the Tony Blair. 

The local squatters who were fending off the land were expelled without a dime. The farmland was lacking in infrastructure so the Green Fund, USAID, and the IMF have been redirecting US Taxpayer funds to build infrastructure. Not for the squatters – but for the interests of the Western Nation Cartel.

Africa has over half of the world’s arable, unused land. An estimated 500 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa depend on 3.46 billion acres of community held farmland.  As of 2010, 261 million acres of this land belonged to ‘investors’.

China is not responsible for the rising debt problem in these countries.   Because of the disingenuous actions of Treasury Secretary Yellen raising interest rates, the cost of debt paid in dollars has become insurmountable. The basis for Yellen’s larceny has been ‘employment’ stats.   The employment stats have been fabricated.   And thus the entire interest rate hike scenario is a farcical fantasy.  When compared to ADP payroll processing, the Bureau of Labor numbers are wholly inconsistent!

March ADP:   145,000 jobs added                                   March BLS:   236,000

February ADP:   242,000 jobs added                              February BLS:   311,000

January ADP:   106,000 jobs added                                January BLS:   472,000

The discrepancy is MASSIVE!   It is also – ignored.   And the BLS numbers continue to be the source for Yellen’s hacking interest rate hikes which have created an explosive debt default spiral.

As a result, the devaluation of the dollar will continue to splinter the US economy as more countries move to ‘safer’ coin.   Countries holding US Debt will likely refinance with better terms.   And the Western Cartel will find themselves with nothing but paper.   In addition, Sanctions imposed by the US have contributed to the destructuring of the American Empire.   Sanctions have rarely been beneficial to the US, however they played a pivotal role in other countries demise, including Syria.

As a result, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries are being befriended by their own while the US continues to parlay an enemy motif.   “The Common Enemy” was George Bush’s response to 9-11 in the destabilization of the Middle East.   Give people a common enemy and they will come together.   This hawkish ideology led to a host of assassinations across Africa and the Middle East. Detangled from this illusion, these same enemies are now being befriended as allies growing alternative empires.

Politico’s distraction of blame is easily deconstructed.   Africa and South America continue to be the greatest recipients of climate change funds somewhat mitigating debt collapse.   Should they move to a different currency would The Green Climate Fund still play footsie?

American Empire shifting Toward a BRICS/China Empire

Within the auspices of each Empire there are certain shifts in economic power, societal ideologies, wealth transfer, and stability.   With the destruction of America and her allies, western dominance wanes, ebbs, and trickles until a new ‘Super Power’ rises to replace the old worn and ragged.   The global sovereign powers have grown weary of Biden’s WH – pretending Biden is a worthy adversary – and the façade has crumbled.

Aligning with a Chucky the horror doll character who represents America and preys on children is over the top.   The BRICS are more concerned with actually making Earth a evolution of mankind instead of the Lizards who rule over the Western Governments.   More and more US allies are defecting.

And WHO would blame them?

With the passing of the American Empire, the dollar that is pegged against a false monetary system is likely to crash and burn.   The Ottoman Empire was considered quite successful.   Existing for nearly 700 years, it’s true power did not evolve until it absorbed Europe.   The decoupling weakened the Empire in the 18th and 19th centuries, but it was officially deconstructed after WWI by Western Powers who decided it was ‘time’..

What was left was a small shell of itself in the form of Turkey – constantly struggling – constantly inserting itself for even basic recognition.   If the US were to fall to China, the power vacuum held by the BRICS would withstand for 1000 years.   Their KEY?   Make Friends – Not War.

The Ottoman judiciary had three court systems: one for Muslims, one for non-Muslims, involving appointed Jews and Christians ruling over their respective religious communities, and the “trade court”. Because Christians and Jews were not afforded the same rights as Muslims, many of them converted to Islam.  

By the time the Ottoman Empire came to an end in 1922, half of the urban population of Turkey was descended from Muslim refugees from Russia.  Refugees.  

When the ‘Allies’ Divvied up the Ottoman Empire, Turkey became a mere speck of what it once was and has struggled ever since.   The Power shifted to the UK and US with Russia and China mired in internal economic and social deviances via; Mao and Stalin.

China recovered via the lifting of trade embargo’s.   Making them a friend – an ally – of the US.   Human Rights violations have occurred globally for centuries.   Not one country is immune.  These violations were ignored in order to bring about trade – and so as to not intervene in a sovereign nation’s system.   Human Rights violations continue today – albeit in deserts, concentration camps, and gulags- governments and the UN discuss the violations routinely – they do – nothing.  Why?  Because it would impact trade.

When Empires have fallen historically they become absorbed into a uniquely different form of societal ideology.   Those willing to alter who they are – survive, and those who cannot are eliminated… permanently.   This is the Democrat Party of today demanding the elimination of all persons who do not bow, scrape, and comply with piety to their singular way of thought and means.

The Liberals advocate for a New America and will soon introduce their New Constitution.   It is short-sided to think that The Constitution will save us!   Yet even within the US Fall there is a schism:   1)   The western nations support China despite their meager attempts to create a China Bully. China is their model of the New World.   2)   But another schism reveals that the purpose of the US might simply be to become a playground.   A land filled with deviant behavior separated yet accessible.   A sort of ‘relief valve’.   China will maintain its decorum, its level of education, its industrial nationalization – while the US will be parred demonstratively into fawns and frolic, porn and pedophilia, jokers and jesters.

Was it coincidence that the playground of the Roman Empire, Pompeii, was leveled to volcanic ash simultaneously?   Pompeii – which is not mentioned in the Bible… Pompeii where brothels had a menu of services and relevant pricing… Where nothing was deviant.

The notion that the Fall of the Western Empire is any more ‘natural’ than the fall of the Ottoman or Roman – is naïve at best.   These Empires follow a creation and a Fall as orchestrated by the same multi-generational Cult destroying the Western Nations today.   Almost as if they are a sub human species of universal beings playing with Earth.

Aliens have been depicted in hieroglyphics, in Minoan culture, sightings have been recorded for thousands of years.   Yet in this ultra evolved technological advancement that has occurred just over the last 130 years after sitting dormant for thousands of years – the concept of UFO’s is STILL ‘conspiratorial’.

Gates didn’t build a computer or computer system. Musk didn’t build Tesla engines.   The pyramids were not the technological prowess of the ancient Egyptians.  Easter Island?   Did Bezos really invent the Amazon concept?   How is it possible that 150 years ago in the mid 1800’s people still had outhouses, shacks, dirt roads, horse and buggies, slaves, poor hygiene, and dirty water?   How can we believe that ALL this technology was just suddenly and magically created by the same minds that existed in outhouses?

We are being told to push down our logic and rational thought processes. To bury what is obvious and embrace jesters and jokers instead.

The Liberals are not Rhode Scholars.   They don’t contribute to society -instead they light fires and commit heinous acts against children.   Tearing down instead of lifting up!   This is why countries across the globe have no desire to be attached to America. Because America is a flogged and dying horse – a manure pile in the wind.

ONLY The People can save it.   We have no more Allies.  

How The Gold Standard Elimination Led To: The Great RESET

The Great RESET in the making has a purpose, it just isn’t the purpose the World Economic Forum is spouting.   The collapse of our global financial institutions is eminent and has been an ongoing uncontrolled deviant spiral since its inception in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve, and again in 1934 when FDR took the US off the gold standard.     FDR’s “Brain Trust” advisors at the time were Raymond Moley, Ruxford Tugwell, and Adolf Berle.  But it was an agricultural economist trimming FDR’s trees who told him to abandon the gold standard, George Warren.

The decision by FDR caused such a riff within his closest advisors that many quit.  Some even declared that the move was the beginning of the Fall of America!

The 1933 New Deal wasn’t having the impact FDR sought.   Unemployment refused to budge.  Thus FDR began creating jobs that hadn’t previously existed within infrastructure construction.    But the jobs were temporary as was FDR’s ‘fix’.

Warren was adamant that the shift away from gold would fix the economy – and derail inflation, and despite objections from the Brain Trust, FDR forged ahead with two allies, BIS and The Bank of England.   The decision has been cited as the principle cause of the 1937 recession which saw a 10% contraction, industrial production falling 32% and 20% unemployment.

The Federal Reserve reactionary policies have also been cited as a primary contributing factor.

As a direct result, the now consolidated banks rose to prominence with excess reserves rising 600% to $3.3 billion. In 1938, the Feds reversed the vast majority of their restrictive policies and the economy expanded significantly.   Simultaneously BIS, which controlled the European economies, began shipping Europe’s gold to the US.   Over the course of two years, BIS managed to ship 140 tonnes of gold to New York – for safe keeping.

In 1938 and 1939 BIS transferred gold reserves to the Reichsbank from the Bank of England. At the time, the Director of BIS was also the Director of the Bank of England, Otto Niemeyer, – eliminating any obstacles in directives. In essence Europe was eliminating its physical reserves while giving Hitler an important value commodity with which to wage war while European citizens were stripped of their gold and bombed.

As the US was confiscating gold from citizens under FDR’s newly minted directive, the global banking cartels were propping up Hitler’s invasion.   Not with the minted paper money, but with what was still revered as the best monetary backing in value – gold.   Hitler was the favored winner by both England and the US.

Placing a price cap on gold at $35 per ounce, FDR managed to remove an appreciating asset from the mainstream and transfer complete control and liquidity to the US government and Federal Reserve.

It was the prelude to the US declaration of WWII.   Rockefeller was cashing in on another commodity – oil.   As Japan began making inroads on the resource, Rockefeller sought various means of curtailing Japan’s competition.   Pushing Japan to extremes financially, a secondary war erupted.   Somewhat similar to the proxy war against Russia while stoking dissension in China over Taiwan stoking WWIII.

Oil and gold became the two largest sources of market wealth for the industrialists during WWII.

Thus it can be said that the banking cartel knew exactly what the implications would be in the gold confiscation scheme which would ultimately become the first massive transfer of wealth while slowly impoverishing the middle class.

These monetary and fiscal policies implemented by FDR in expanding governmental control and manipulation within the banking cartel are the basis of the failed system in the US – and the source of most major depressions and recessions.  These Markets were built on a finite timeline giving America the preeminent position of world power.

The power is diminishing rapidly.   Using the BRICS as a distraction, the Western industrialists are divesting with a pre-orchestrated end timeline of 2030.  The smaller banks will be absorbed or allowed to fold.   The survivors will emerge as the RESET stakeholders.   Winner take all mentality.

Eliminating the gold standard allowed the US government to continually ‘overspend’ leaving the citizens with insurmountable debt.   Each year the budget became more untenable causing Congress to raise the debt ceiling and print more paper money.     Federal debt held by the public rose from 16% to over 100% as FDR led America into Europe’s WWII.   Government spending clicked into ‘on’ mode and taxpayers were tagged for more money further eliminating the class system from upper, middle, lower, poverty to upper and a lower/poverty.

Reinstituting the gold standard would be problematic.   The least of which is Canada which has divested itself of all gold inventory.   But there are questions as to the accuracy of accounting in the US – with audits failing to occur.   By comparison, both Russia and China have been stockpiling gold for a decade.

According to Mises, banks are not inclined to make the divestiture because a monetary backed gold is much more stable and reserves earn interest for the bank.   In addition, creatively raising interest rates, as they are doing now, creates more income for the banks while tightening the grip on lending to entrepreneurs and smaller businesses.  A calamity.

Given the artificial system, the US still maintains its teetering place on the global stage. However, a return to gold when the inventory is disbursed among BRICS nations would mean relinquishing Power.   Two intertwined Cartels the Banking and Military industrialists, have no intention of leaving their assets or their power on the table.

Thus they devised the RESET and the fiat currency CBDC’s – still operating under the tutelage of central powers including BIS and the Federal Reserve.   This is their solution.   A new system of governing.  A system of corporate stakeholder rulers, aka bankers.   But in a global one world government, the military industrialists would be left behind…   And the schism of power is fighting itself.

INTEL Building Largest Global Chip Plant in – Ohio.

INTEL is opening up in Ohio.   3190 annexed acres, 8 chip factories.   “The new site will be designed and constructed with green building principles, and the new factories have a goal to be powered by 100% renewable electricity, achieve net positive water use, and achieve zero total waste to landfill in support of Intel’s 2030 sustainability goals.”

Apparently the sustainable goals do NOT address ‘water preservation’.   One chip making factory uses upwards of 4-10 million gallons of water PER DAY. That water consumption would be the equivalent of 300,000 Households.   Many plants have resorted to water recycling methods which can reduce consumption by as much as 40%.   Meaning instead of taking water from 300,000 households – they are now taking water from just 180,000 households.  It is NOT just Households – it is FARMS.  Food chains.

INTEL bought the Ohio land from MCVGCM Holdings LLC which was formed November 2021. MCVGCM’s ownership is unknown – however their agent is a lawyer for Bricker and Eckler, LLP.    Heavy on Diversity and Equity – sustainable development – Agenda 2030, Bricker & Eckler focuses primarily on ‘Healthcare’.  It is likely they are die hard democrats – in alliance with all things WEF.

The land was annexed from farmers representing half of the Jersey township.   The annexation was approved through the New Albany Township. Some of the annexed property came from MJB Holdings, LLC whose agent/officer is CT Corporation Systems – incorporated in Delaware. CT is a subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer, a Netherlands conglomerate.   To what extent INTEL is working jointly with The Netherlands is unclear.   Residents said they sold because they had no choice – but the rural Mayberry township is no more. Their agriculture is no more.   And all water rights will be redirected to INTEL.

What does this mean for Taiwan?  Our main supplier of Chips and our good Buddy against China?

Taiwan is the largest global producer of chips.   The US is dependent on Taiwan for imports.   When supply chains were disrupted, the lack of supply affected everything from electronics to appliances to automobiles.

The Biden administration declared the US would increase manufacturing as a result.   INTEL is on the receiving end of government funding including State grants of $600 million for the manufacturing process, $691 million for infrastructure improvements and $650 million in tax incentives.   The Federal Government has allocated $52 billion in grants for the Industry via the Chips Act, as well as a 25% tax credit.

Intel’s initial investment was $20 billion and they have committed to $100 billion for what might become the world’s largest manufacturing plant. Given the magnitude of INTEL’s blueprint they could qualify for the vast majority of Federal Grant money.

At this stage INTEL is hoping to be up and running sometime in 2025 – so maintaining a close alliance with Taiwan is a necessary agenda.  For the time being.

South Korean giant, Samsung claims they are working with the government of South Korea to expand their footprint and investing $260 billion into chip making plants.

In a classic over-reach, the Biden Handlers have declared that any chip company exporting to China in which any part of the chip is made using US intel would require a US approved license.   Thus cutting off China as a strategic partner with virtually everyone.   It is likely that shadow ban would include Russia and possibly any country doing business with Russia – making it problematic.

Of course, should the US have an actual legal election all of these sanctions and regulations could be completely repealed.

The chip industry will likely grow considerably with advancements in mandated electric usage.   For example a gas powered car requires roughly 300 chip while an electric vehicle requires upwards of 3000 to 5000.   Chips do come with their downside including smart grid cyberattacks.   But they also present control issues that align with the concept of ‘social credit’.

Of course, the entire strategy is built on a demand concept.   IF our governments continue to depopulate, demand will fall and these chip plants anticipating a 2030 BLOWOUT in profits, could find themselves beleaguered in inventory. If banks go belly up – so do loans to manufacturing.   The tenuous trail of supply is not unlike ‘nature’ – take out one of the species involved in the natural order and the entire order slowly dominoes into collapse.

In the meantime – these chip conglomerates need land and water.   Lots of both.   They need a steady stream of silicon.   All of which takes from another Industry – Agriculture!  

Biden Pushing Carter Economic Destruction

The US Labour market is stubbornly resilient despite excess mortality rate among prime workers 25-44 40% higher than ‘normal’.   The US Labour market is stubbornly resilient despite mass layoffs across the board of tech companies.   The US Labour market is a fraud.

The headlines merely justify the Federal Reserve Kill-Economy effect of raising interest rates that have increased inflation.   The federal government is doing nothing to curb inflation.   In fact, the federal government has never curbed inflation in its history of existence.

Has ADP or the Bureau of Labour Statistics revised their algorithm of the number of employable persons?   How did they account for the over 1 million people who left the market due to vaccine disabilities?

According to Statista, there are 131.18 million full time employees.   At the height of the pandemic January 2021, they reported 123.72 million full time employees.   So – after CoVid  deaths, Vax deaths, and layoffs – full time employees have grown by 8 million?     The Bureau of Labour Stats has a different take – they claim full time employment is 132.57 million. ADP claims job growth slid to adding only 106,000 for January – blaming weather for the dismal report.

Forbes brilliantly defies all the statistics and claims that 517,000 jobs were added in January.   Declaring that this is evidence enough to support the coming Federal Reserve rate hike… By BIS Member Jerome Powell.

For those who still believe ADP uses actual numbers in their report – guestimates are the lifeline of Science, Accounting, Health and Engineering data:

“The jobs report and pay insights use ADP’s fine-grained anonymized and aggregated payroll data of over 25 million U.S. employees to provide a representative picture of the labor market. The report details the current month’s total private employment change, and weekly job data from the previous month. ADP’s pay measure uniquely captures the earnings of a cohort of almost 10 million employees over a 12-month period.”

That would be Orwell Speak for – we cherry pick the data, morph the results, and make sure it aligns with the destruction of America per our Handlers, McKinsey & Co.

The problem with having more than one source providing data on the same event is that their data results invariably collide.   While ADP did shut down for three months last summer purportedly to upgrade their system to make it more in line with the BLS, they still can’t manage to match reports. However, the discrepancy would seem to correlate with the number of persons on Vaccine disability.

Given ADP has chosen an 18% representative sample to create their algorithm – one might ask – why not simply import the entire data – why cherry pick at all?

A computer algorithm that has to search the entire data for a pre-programed representative sample is more inefficient than simply providing the data over the reality picture. And the data is now biased and compromised.

The Real Agenda is Real Estate.

After pushing real estate prices into oblivion rising 50% or more over the last few years, the only way to cripple people would be to destroy the prices.   Bloomberg predicts devastation on par with 2008.   Personally, it is more like the early 1980’s after Carter destroyed the oil market, the housing market, jobs market, and the entire economy.

Carter’s reasoning was there wasn’t enough oil to go around.   Therefore he cut off Iran and dropped imports by 15%.   Carter’s oil embargo destroyed the US economy.   Lines for miles – angry people fighting for some gas so they could go to work!   Carter’s response – wear a sweater…

The US economy contracted quickly and concisely.   And the Housing Market felt the brunt of the ravages.   Homes were now valued well below mortgages – foreclosures sent the homes back to banks and households were forced into the rental market.

Interest rates were in the 20+% range.   The job market crashed along with the economy – proving once again that high interest does NOT equate to curbing inflation.

According to Investopedia: “The Great Inflation was blamed on oil prices, currency speculators, greedy businessmen, and avaricious union leaders. However, it is clear that monetary policies that financed massive budget deficits and were supported by political leaders were the cause.”

Biden is playing the Carter scenario while the media hopes to distract us with 2008. 

A Largess Difference!

This time, the rental market is The Agenda 2030 scenario.   Many of the home communities bought up by scavenger Hedge Funds converted the homes to rentals.   The price points are not available.   But Ownership seems the target.   Builders continue their pace of building – but apartments seem to be the focus.

It was a long haul back that took roughly 10 years before the economy was revived. The difference is we didn’t have the burgeoning NGO’s to contend with – we didn’t have our entire local and state leadership compromised by fraudulent elections – and we still had family.

In that regard, the only way to curb the influencers is to remove their Charitable status and Foundation status so as to impose a tax at a flat 30% rate.   In defense of legitimate charities, this ‘should’ have no effect given true charities don’t have ‘taxable income’…   Because their entire purpose is to give it away – right?

NET ASSETS:   Red Cross of America = $2.4 billion.   Wellcome Trust = $38 billion.   Gates Foundation = $50 billion.   Nova Nordisk Foundation = $320 billion.   THESE organizations are NOT charitable.   They are Tax Havens.   And the IRS has been hijacked at the EXPENSE of The American People.

Government Gluttony & Debt: The Root Cause of ALL Economic Failures

Economist jargon. The cause of inflation is threefold: demand-pull, cost-push, and inflation expectation.   Got it? Then there is this explanation: expanded welfare benefits and a labor shortage are driving inflation.   Then there is this whipit: Increasing costs are driving higher prices.   Or perhaps you prefer:   increasing money supply, devaluation and rising wages are the root cause of inflation. So who is right?

John Cochrane has a novel explanation – government debt causes prices to rise.

Why is the cause so important? Because the response to inflation is built on the theoretical ‘cause’.   Science loves this concept.   The cause of cancer was once determined to be mushrooms.   Or tomato sauce.   And the masses immediately tossed their mushrooms or tomato sauce diligently. Although neither foods caused cancer.

Jerome Powell claims to adhere to the economist jargon that wages and unemployment are the culprits that need to be abolished at all cost!   The means to reduce real wages is – inflation…   And unemployment is an algorithm – not a real number backed by – reality. Blithely, Powell raises the fed rate once again and promises pain and more hikes are on the horizon.

Powell answers to One Power – and that Power is NOT the US, it is Bank of International Settlements – BIS.   Powell is the Board Chair of not one but two BIS committees; Global Economy Meeting and Economic Consultative Committee. His term has been extended to January 31, 2026.

If we follow Cochranes explanation, then it becomes clear that ‘government’ causes inflation thru heady debt packages built on money laundering schematics.   Since 1960, the debt ceiling has been adjusted upward 78 times.   At some point that ceiling has absolutely no meaning whatsoever given that government simply raises it to meet their increased spending, ie debt.

As such, the only means of really reducing inflation would be to slash and reduce – government.   Everyone has their pet peeve agencies that seem wholly worthless, mine include;   Department of Education, Department of Commerce, Department of Housing, Department of State, Department of Interior…   But that is too simplistic.

For Example:   Within the Department of Interior there are twelve sub-agencies.   The Federal Consulting Group is one of the 12 sub-agencies. Their job definition states:   “specializes in organizational development, change, and strategy execution for federal organizations that are not doing their job”. Within this hierarchy, the Group has sub groups wherein every group requires 1-2 Project Managers.   The Coaching Manager is Fe Cheng who is native to China. With a degree in Accounting, her first job was with the DoD as a “Healthcare Specialist’…

Eliminating government agency girth would be a massive mission – albeit one that is a necessary good.   The percentage of our US labor working for the government is estimated to be about 15%.   It is an estimation because – no one knows!   No one even knows how many agencies operate within the government although ‘speculation’ puts the number at 438.

Then you have the NGO’s financed by the government, that are tax exempt.   Meaning our tax dollars are divvied among nongovernmental agencies based on their affiliations and power levied before they started their NGO.   Many of the NGO’s are stacked with executives and Board Members who were formerly government or CIA or FBI or NSA or….   Their funding comes from the government, but their employment status is deferred to ‘nongovernmental’.

The reasoning?   Because our government is incapable of actually governing, we need real nongovernmental agencies to govern and everyone gets PAID!   See how FUN it is?

According to the Department of State, these organizations need to be tax free, because it makes it easier for them to operate…

Some of the more prominent NGO’s that we pay for include: 1)   National Endowment for Democracy. Their job is coups.   2) Center for Strategic & International Studies. Their job is to conduct policy studies and strategic analyses of political, economic and security issues throughout the world.   In the vein of ‘transparency’ – the last time they reported their finances was in 2014.   3) There is The Cato Institute, The Carnegie Endowment, The Brookings Institute, Atlantic Council, Economic Policy Institute!  Etc…Etc…Etc…!

Our actual Government is a farcical Propaganda Headlamp.   They are bought in order to funnel more money to NGO’s which are running our country – into the GROUND!   While taxpayers funnel the money – and they pay no taxes… Brilliant!

Except, there is no longer enough money to go around – so Congress passes more and more pork to be refunneled to the money grubbers while demanding raises for the privilege.

IF we were to pass a flat tax – individuals 10% – ALL Charities, Corporations, and Foundations – 20% , the net effect would be that the NGO’s would slowly fade into obscurity.   In a previous blog I discussed the hugely negative impacts a Federal Sales Tax would have on the economy…

We are still left with Government Agency gluttony.

The first slices would be from the sub-agencies.   A hiring freeze for the next decade or two.   Elimination of ‘most’ committees.   And a spending freeze on any agency that is NOT part and parcel of the current Federal Government.   Including the CIA, among others.   We currently have 17 organizations tasked with ‘security’.

FYI: I am reminded of a man I knew who was taking 22 different meds daily.   When I looked up the meds, 3 were for blood pressure.   I asked why 3?   His response was indicative of our Federal Government:   ‘the doctor determined that the first 2 he prescribed were not working so he prescribed a third.’   Then why not drop the other 2 that were not working?   ‘Because the doctor said they might do something…’

17 Agencies ALL tasked with the exact same thing – all funded separately, all employing fools and idiots.

IF we abolished these agencies we would also no longer ‘require’ the false existence of The Federal Reserve – whose sole purpose is to prevent inflation, prevent a weakened dollar, prevent bank failures, prevent stagflation, recessions, and depressions.   NONE of which they have EVER ACCOMPLISHED!

California Economy : AN EXPORT DYSTOPIA

The Economy of California is $3.63trillion, largest in US and fifth in the world. The Government is California’s largest industry with 2.5 million employees.   The second largest industry is Healthcare & Social Assistance, aka, welfare.   In 2021, California exported $50 billion worth of agriculture representing 13% of all US exports. At the same time, California’s agriculture market in total was valued at – $50 billion.   Total exports from all sources are roughly $180 billion with $32 billion going to Mexico, $32 billion to EU and $80 billion to Asia.   It would appear California does not support the US – it exists to support Asia, Central America and the EU.

California expenditures for 2021 were $512 billion with the largest expense being ‘welfare’. State and Local revenue totaled $521 billion.   The largest sources of revenue included Federal Government. Followed by University Tuition and Highway tolls.   Followed by Income Taxes.   ~According to Urban Institute.

Debt Clock has different numbers entirely:   State Revenue is $618 billion and spending is $747 billion – with debt standing at $563 billion.   On a total population of 38.8 million.   The Census Bureau claims the population is 39.24 … but the last Census was in 2010 – so every number since is based on an algorithm. My pet peeve.

According to Urban Institute, California has a positive net budget of $9 billion, but according to Debt Clock it has a negative Net Budget of ($129 billion). QUITE a deviation of algorithm Math.

There are those who believe California would be better off sinking into the Pacific.   I argued their agriculture positive value to the US as a whole – I was wrong.

As of 2021, total agriculture imports to US were valued at $163 billion.   Quick Fact: California exports $50 billion in agriculture while the US imports $163 Billion in agriculture.   HOUSTON!

Despite the fact that Gavin Newsom has degraded California cities to levels of horrific scum, he is being considered as the Democrat elect for 2024.   WHY?   Because he looks like Macron and Trudeau – and flies on that – instead of actual accomplishments.   He’s a whore of sorts.   And unfortunately, that deviant character would be shared by his Harvey Weinstein couched – wife.

I lived in northern California for roughly seven years during the 1980’s. I left because the people were rude, ugly, mean, and cliquey – in a junior high school sort of way.   But the entire eastern front of California is completely different.   The farms and ranches are beautiful!   The people inviting!   I’ve been up and down the coast numerous times.

IF California were governed by those representative peoples who make up some 90% of the total land – California would be my choice state!  

REALITY: LA is now so deviant that the county refuses to release crime stats to the FBI.   The population of this one country is roughly 10 million or 1/4th of the total of the entire state. Their entire economy is based on Hollywood and Fantasy, within 141 different Districts.

Illegal immigrant population in California is an ‘algorithm’ and states that it is 2.2 million.   They are included in all Census.   Meaning the population is a configuration of illegal estimates.   Given we have had 2.5 million illegals enter the US via California in the last two years, it is a good guess – that the numbers provided to The Public are significantly skewered.   Granted not all illegals who convene on the California border remain in California, many are bussed across the US to infiltrate such cities as NYC, Minneapolis, Detroit, Houston, and Miami.   All without a peep from the Progressive Democrat Compassionates.   Bussing is only an issue when it targets elite strongholds like Long Island….

Of course the main derivative of California illegal immigrants is to service the Wine Country – like Pelosi’s vineyard in Northern California.   IN fact, the main precursor to illegal immigration is to service serfdom.   So as to create greater capitalist profits by the Communists in charge d’affaire.   A classic definition.

Gavin Newsom has destroyed California.   Pelosi has capitalized on that destruction.   They are related by blood.   And they rule by blood.   IF California was actually to contribute to the US – instead of selling off to foreign countries – imagine the internal wealth generated – imagine the supply chain of inexpensive agriculture products, semiconductors, and machine parts that could actually RAISE AMERICA to a global self-sufficient economy…

California has much to offer – alas, it exports that talent, that production, that value to the detriment of the American People!

UKRAINE Economy – SOROS Dictum of Vengeance!

One nice feature of the FBI linked Social Media Wikipedia is that it saves ‘history’.     Thus it allows users to identify the corruption and manipulation of its pages.   For example:   In 2016-2017 Ukraine’s economy was listed as follows:   inflation 12.4%, GDP $93 billion, GDP per capita $2194, external debt $113 billion, labor force 22million, median wealth per adult $133, and growth rate 2.5%. It was Twalette Water!     This was considered their stellar time of economic growth!

By 2018, when Wikipedia pronounced Ukraine as a roiling victorious economy, per capita income rose to $2583 (+20%), inflation was over 13% and the labor force had shrunk dramatically to just 17.85 million – a nearly 20% drop.   Meaning income didn’t rise at all – because it was pegged against a falling labor force.

Other sources claim ‘household income’ for Ukraine was actually just $1693 in 2018 – a statistical deviation of 52%.  A Common Core Math probability.

IN 2020, The World Bank declared Ukraine’s growth was solid at 3.2% with agriculture being the ‘driving force’.   But agriculture represents less than 6% of the economy, so how could it drive anything?   The service industry has been listed as Ukraine’s major contributor to wealth generating 68%.   The GDP growth for the last two years is now in the hole over   ‘-50%’….

Today, The Economist declares that – Ukraine’s economy is ‘coping’ despite the war…HOW!?

To support this statement, The Economist created a profile of a Czech businessman who created Ukraine’s largest hedge fund, Dragon Capital. The incredible disrespect in using a hedge fund as the basis of a positive economic picture is not LOST.   Imagine using Warren Buffett’s wealth as a means of measuring the wealth of today’s working class Americans…

PUNCHLINE:  Dragon Capital has TWO investors; Tomas Fiala – and George Soros…

The assets of the fund are primarily real estate acquisitions throughout Kyiv.   Many of which are now destroyed – which may account for Soros’ ANGER.

Dragon Capital’s website provides a list of Ukraine charities for donors including United24 –   an account set up in Zelenskyy’s name with the National Bank of Ukraine.   Collections have supposedly totaled roughly $250 million.   In addition, according to the NBU, Ukraine just completed a bond debt of $225.7million thru auctions.   Why do they need War Bonds when the US alone has provided $140 BILLION?   In fact, total bonds sold to investors was $1,446 million of which 101% has been repaid.  HOW?

Does this explain where US taxpayer dollars are going?   Are we financing the debt repayments for investors thru war bonds? For which taxpayers receive NOTHING in return?

Dragon Capital is the singular source behind the Ukraine War Bonds.

US Mark Hamill is busily working for United24 raising money for drones.   Another United24 collaborative is Interchem – a pharmaceutical company pushing vaccines for malaria, HIV, AIDS and TB while simultaneously buying drones for Ukraine.

In 2013, the Open Society Foundation worked with InterChem to provide ‘oral morphine’ for citizens. InterChem partners include various UK, US, French and German biotech and pharma companies including Merck, 3M, Orion and others thru a complex spider web of affiliates.   Given Ukraine has no regulations for pharma – they are able to operate outside of normal procedures and precautions.

These vast networks would explain the biolab hysteria that Russia initiated back in February that was vehemently denied by the US, Pentagon, NIH, Fauci, etc….   While the Media portrayed this claim as Russian Propaganda for years, June 2022, The Pentagon said that it has operated 46 biolabs in Ukraine handling dangerous pathogens.

Despite the legal ramifications under the Biologic Weapon Convention, the US operated outside the formal agreement for decades.   While the Pentagon’s admission was made just this past June there has yet to be ANY formal inquiry as required under International Law within the auspices of the UN.

Global Justice does not exist.   The UN operates above LAW.   Ukraine was specifically chosen by George Soros for the purpose of amassing elite wealth, cheap labor, and complete unregulated industries – including the trafficking of children.   The UN is complicit in the distribution of Big Daddy moneys – and given Soros lost heavily as a result of the Russian incursion – the US is being made to PAY!