Germany’s Recession Translates To Ukraine’s Growth

Germany is traveling at warp speed toward a complete spiral into an economic collapse reminiscent of the 1930’s.   The US intelligentsia has declared that the sanctions imposed on Russia, and in particular Russian oil, have had zero impact on Germany’s economy – and they just can’t get it together.  Yet, these barnyard hens and rooster clucks fail to mention that as of December 31, the fuel subsidies will end. Germany has been subsidizing electricity and fuel costs for its citizens thru price limits.   Price fixing was the brainchild of FDR – and failed stupendously! 

Price fixing is wholly illegal unless you are the government.   Under the socialist, FDR New Deal plan, involving several federal agencies in addition to the OPA, he called for heavier taxes, price control, stable wages, stable farm prices, war bond buying, rationing, and less consumer credit.  What FDR got was poverty, bread lines, and death.

Germany’s PM Scholz appears to be following this New Deal Protocol and is about to untether the previously instituted price controls in the middle of winter.   Since 2019, Germany has been forced to borrow to meet its budget which is in violation of its Constitution mandate, ‘Schuldenbremse, or debt brake’.   Unlike other EU countries, Germany has yet to revitalize its economy and has been operating within a recession for the most part of 2023.

Facing an $85 billion deficit for 2023, Germany’s skid marks on the autobahn are due to irresponsible spending on a worthless military, Ukraine, and subsidies to counter the lack of cheap Russian Oil.   With hopes to reduce its oil imports from Russia to zero by 2024, Germany is ramping up imports from Kazakhstan.   Kazakhstan imports its oil from – Russia.  As such, Germany will pay a higher middle man fee to get the same oil it could get directly from Russia – and German citizens will suffer the consequences.

In the midst of Germany’s failure to balance their budget, and manage fuel subsidies for its populations, Scholz has declared that they will spend $8 billion on Ukraine in 2024 which should maintain their entire economy for one year… Apparently, Schulz is unaware that the Ukraine War has virtually ended!  As in CRASH landing.

According to Deutsche Welle, Germany committed 17.1 billion Euro for Ukraine since the war’s inception in January 2022.   According to their source, Kiel Institute, the US committed 42 billion Euro military aid and another 24 billion in financial aid… = $72 billion US Total.   Interesting.

According to The Pentagon White House Media Spin – the US allocation from all departments is closer to $200+ billion…   According to a report issued by US Congress, the figures are even more compelling:   Total Presidential Drawdowns = $24.5 billion on committed funds of $46.7 billion:   $25.93 went directly to the DoD to buy new equipment from Boeing, Northrup and Lockheed for their profit margin.   $18 billion for Ukraine’s Security Assistance Initiative.   $4.73 billion for Ukraine and any countries impacted by Ukraine for Foreign Military Financing.  And $300 million per year for good measure.

The Formal Dictum:   “The United States has committed more than $46.7 billion in security assistance “to help Ukraine preserve its territorial integrity, secure its borders, and improve interoperability with NATO”.

Ukraine also has received assistance pursuant to DOD’s security cooperation authorities, notably Building Partner Capacity (10 U.S.C. §333) and Defense Institution Building (10 U.S.C. §332), as well as International Military Education and Training, which has provided professional military education at U.S. defense institutions for Ukrainian military officers. Other State Department- and DOD-funded security assistance has supported conventional weapons destruction, border security, law enforcement training, and counter-weapons of mass destruction capabilities.”

Translation:   $26 billion went to the Pentagon to buy new military equipment while they sent Ukraine all the outdated weapons that are useless during Russia’s Winter.   And the rest was siphoned via the black book accounting method.

According to CSIS, the US drawdown has been $113 billion which includes such interesting campaigns as;  disinformation, energy, and refugee assistance.  That’s a heady amount spent by the CIA to create BOTS.   Of that, $61.8 billion was given to the DoD.   But they can account for less than 10% of the funding.  SURPRISE!  USAID got $34 billion of which 2/5’s went to Europe, Eurasia, and Central Asia (including – Moldova – find Moldova on a map).

Funny Money.  Funny Numbers.

Germany states that their contribution of $8 billion will fund Ukraine for one entire year.   ODD.  In 2019, Ukraine’s supposed GDP was $153 billion.   But the World Bank would have us believe Ukraine’s GDP rose to $200 billion during the Pandemic – an increase of 30%, whereupon by the end of 2022 its GDP tanked the exact same percentage – 30% – leaving Ukraine completely flush despite the WAR and a Pandemic that destroyed the Global economy!

In addition, despite the War – the population of Ukraine has decreased by just 7 million to 36 million despite 5 million refugees in Russia and 3 million in Poland, Germany and Czech Republic and another 2-3 million diaspora in the US and elsewhere.   But hey!   Ukraine’s GDP PP is now significantly higher since they have 10 million fewer people …

Just in time – The Economist has pronounced that GDP is not really a good indicator of a nation’s economy and we shouldn’t put stock in growth rates.   Which is gob speak to reveal that US, German and global growth will be far less than anticipated.  Germany’s 2023 growth is -.05% and the US is unknown given every published number is an estimate that must be revised twice before a real number can be modified for public consumption, and an election year approaches.  But bombed out destroyed Ukraine is expected to have GDP growth of 5% in 2023… 

Go Figure –

OIL is the Primary Driver of Inflation Not Resources

Germany wants Africa.   I wonder if Africa wants Germany?   Scholz wants more investment ties in African resources.   I wonder what Africans think?   It is like people fighting over Palestinian refugees – did anyone bother to ask them where they wanted to go?   Short answer – no.   Oddly, Israeli refugees are going to Russia.   To re-Bolshevik the country?   Seems an odd choice.  Wouldn’t they want to come to America – the Land of the Free and the Brave?   Where money is dripping off every lamppost…  Or is Russia the new Old America?

Of course the real reason Germany wants more of Africa is because the west lost its foothold and the BRICS have taken advantage of policies that don’t involve constant ‘punishment’ via sanctions.   Sanctions which are levied for the sole purpose of destroying the country’s ability to rise economically.   In particular, Germany and its West are fearful of Iran, China and Russia moving into ‘their territory’ or colony.

Instead of a mentality of fixing what you have, the mentality is to break it and rape/steal from your neighbor.

The new BRICS RESET is somewhat different than the one touted by the World Economic Forum and UN for The West.   Its focus is on teamwork – a concept foreign to western agendas of control and conquer.

Within the BRICS, the realization is that everyone requires sovereignty.   Everyone is responsible for their own choices.   Leaders are respected and intellectually savvy.   There is no ‘military’ head honcho (NATO), there is no judgement of government and cultural choices.   And there are no coups.   Every coup precedes the country’s economic collapse as we witness today in America and Canada.   Capitalism didn’t break the bank, elitist power did.

Oddly, instead of learning a lesson from the BRICS format of mutual respect, the West continues to try to upend what is a much more clear rationale of cooperation in favor of chaos –   Riots have become the playbook of such chaos.   And the Israel/Palestine war has become fodder for internal factions to attempt to implode cities, states, and governments from within.   IF the West were to recognize this ‘mature’ philosophical means of mutual growth as inspired by BRICS, populations could aspire for peaceful coexistence on their own land.

Instead, the forcible indoctrination of culture clashes is utilized to destroy and bring down  an economy.  As though the West is being led by minions of low two digit IQ’s playing checkers instead of 3D chess,

For Example:   The IMF boasts 190 member countries each granted a percentage of total votes.   The US gave itself 16.50 votes compared to every other nation (assuming Europe as singular states) allocated 6.14 or less.  While the bank claims to represent 190 members, in actuality its voting system is existentially a US-EU construct.   African and South American countries – are members with zero voting privileges.  A Quota system that has been challenged but will likely never change.

Based on a graph produced by the IMF as of April 2023, the price of foods and oil took off during the end stages of the Pandemic when the Biden Regime took control of the West, and has only subsided since the Russia and Ukraine conflict began.   Still 50 % higher than the baseline  of 2014 and the end of Trump’s presidency.   The ‘transportation’ of food is generating the highest inflationary instigator.   A barrel of oil has tripled in price since Biden was elected.   Therefore, in order to bring down food prices – bring down oil.  In order to bring down oil, repeal all sanctions and drill baby drill!

Funny how simplistic it all really is.   The Federal Reserve Biden Regime would have us believe that unemployment will bring down inflation…   Destroying retail businesses will bring down inflation…   Raising wages to untenable amounts will bring down inflation.   When the reality is it is all about – oil.  As proven by the Wests own proxy – the IMF.

Instead, the IMF Economists have determined that food prices drove inflation.   Culling our food sources was the means.   Chicken and egg shortages abounded in the US because a duck at a sanctuary got sick.   Therefore, to stop the spread of bird flu our government called for the culling of 50 million chickens.   Not sick chickens – but healthy chickens that ‘might’ get sick.  Farmers comply because otherwise the FDA will shut them down.

But the IMF doesn’t want to speak truth, it wants to speak an agenda and claim that the culling is a necessary evil.  And, of course, it was Russia’s Fault…

A similar propaganda deployment used via the CoVid Vax – cull the healthy with a vaccine that kills people.  The medical community, Big Pharma, knew they were causing the chaos, knew how it could be cured, but pushed the toxin anyway.   Scientists know that climate change is an earth and solar system phenomena, but create the chaos – anyway.   Bankers know their economic propaganda is false – but exercise it anyway.

Why?   Because most of their jobs are superfluous.   There are over 8.8 million scientists in the world – all doing research or teaching.   There are roughly 35,000 economists in the US and over 2 million bankers in the world. The vast majority of these ‘experts’ produce absolutely nothing for the economy.  They are paid postulators!

In the US, the largest employer is the public school system at over 7 million at a total cost of $800 billion.   Each year, states pay out $50 billion in teacher pensions.   Nationally, the average cost per year to ‘educate’ a child, K-12, is over $17,000 surpassing the average annual cost for college tuition by 300%.  Perhaps some of those 35,000 economists could find a way to get public schools back to a $3000-$5000 cost.   Put the scientists to work as farm laborers…

Germany doesn’t need more resources pillaged from Africa.  Neither does the US.    We don’t need ‘depopulation’.   What we need is a team of architectural accountants to create a model of pure capitalism capping the highs and the lows of salaries. Thus people can choose their employment based on merit and desire, instead of money.  Enjoyment would be an exponential end product.

The old fashioned farmer;  work and toil the land because it is in their blood, it is what makes them feel good about the world, their contribution, and the maintenance of God’s great earth!   Every toil should be this.  

US ECONOMY: Federal Piglets Declare US Economy is GRRRREAT!

ALL The King’s Piglets Claim The Us Economy Is Just Fabulous, Darlink!   For whose Bell do they toll?  

Retail profits hover at roughly 3-5% Net.   Oil Company profits are down significantly.   Food Distributors profits are collapsing.   Banks are raking in net profits over 30%.   Military Industrials are losing their grip.   Shipping companies are profitable but have lost significant trade in the past year. Pharma is an anomaly with many major companies tanking while others are profiting rather well – into the 20% range.   According to our esteemed, Janet Yellen, this all means the US economy is vibrant and strong and we should definitely support two wars – maybe three!!

Where exactly is the money going? The infamous $6 trillion Budget…?

According to the US Treasury, “The U.S. government has spent $5.50 trillion so far in fiscal year 2023 to ensure the well-being of the people of the United States”:   This would be up from the $5.35 Trillion the previous Fiscal Year on a total spending of $6.27 Trillion.   Up a mere 43% over 2019 expenditures.

The Treasury states that of the $5.5 Trillion spent so far, an additional $2.8 Trillion is scheduled to be paid by the end of the fiscal Year, ie, $8.3 Trillion obligated expenses have been noted as of August 30th – a near 90% increase since 2019 – despite no Pandemic.   On revenues of $3.97 Trillion – 10% lower than the previous year.   Leaving a Deficit of $4.33 Trillion which will require more debt.   But don’t worry – everything is just great!   Says Yogi Bear…

The largest categories of expense include:   SS – 23%, Health – 15%, Defense 13%, Medicare 13%, Income Security/Welfare/Pensions 13%, and net Interest – 11%.   Net Interest:   11% of $8.3 Trillion in Net Debt is $913 Billion annual payment.   We will need to increase our debt by 12% to keep flush with deficit spending.   Given we are not paying down our debt by one dime – hyper-inflation is the likely end result.

The manipulated black book account of our Federal Government is likely to reveal that true inflation has already reached hyper-effect, and the numbers are severely manipulated to preserve the illusion. Citizens see this – Citizens know this – yet the Government SPIN is to protect the illusion.

Revenues DOWN – Spending UP.   Yet the economy is in great shape according to the desk jockeys who have evolved from compulsive lying to pathological lying.  Kings and his Piglets applaud.

Within this diaspora of spending, The Economist is chastising Western Economies for not writing off more debt of African nations.

Africa’s debt has doubled since 2010 to $2 Trillion.   Yet the US sitting on $34 Trillion, plus the $4.33 for this year = $38.33) – is supposed to increase that further to accommodate – Africa.   Our debt to GDP will be 165% as of FY End 2023. Africa’s is 60%.  Who has the biggest problem?

According to the International Monetary Fund – Africa’s Debt is a “Crisis”. A good ratio is considered to be below 55%.   Yet the US is not mentioned as being in crisis on a 165% basis. WHY?

According to the IMF, Africa can not reduce expenditures, so therefore it must raise revenues via taxes in order to bring them in compliance with the below 55% mandate.   In the US that would translate to a 150% tax increase, a stagnation of expenses, and ten years to pay down the debt.   Of course, 150% tax increase would send the US into a depression and revenue would no longer exist at all.

But we don’t have CPA’s running the country, we have Lawyers. Lawyers without a whit of intellect when it comes to finances. Lawyers who can’t see forward beyond 60 days, much less five or ten years.

Unfortunately, the very erudite Economist Magazine doesn’t discuss actual financial economics – instead it focuses on Climate Change, China, Diversity & Equity, China, Eating Less, China, and other nonsensical idiocies that will not bring a solution to – anything.

AI is a topic within this spiral of economies.   While it can be used to better graph business profitability providing more intensive budgets, that does not translate to government.   WHY?   Simply because government doesn’t want to.   Government doesn’t want to balance the budget or pay down debt.   That would entail a reduction of government itself.

Since 1982, the US government has expanded from 12 million to 20 million employees – an increase of 58.3%.   When Company budgets become unsustainable, they layoff employees.   When the government budget becomes unsustainable they create MORE Departments and Committees ostensibly to analyze why government is spending more.   These new agencies are typically given a five year span for their analysis, extended due to unforeseen circumstances to seven years… only to find the final report ‘outdated’.

That is the Lawyer solution.   I’m obviously not much of a fan.

January 2021, the Biden White House signed an Executive Order aimed at “protecting, empowering, and rebuilding the Federal Workforce” – effectively unionizing the federal government.   The EO rescinded every EO or Memorandum issued by Trump to this regard, including ‘merit system principles of employment’ and eliminating “disciplinary and unacceptable performance policies.”

What this attains is a Federal Workforce of idiots who can never be disciplined or fired for gross incompetence.  When this occurs, additional employees are necessary to pick up the slack of those who are abjectly incompetent but will never be fired.

At some point in time, the Great RESET will require the elimination of Government and their 20+ million employees.   The Lawyers will demand their pensions – and the till will be empty.   Social Security, Welfare, Medicare, will evaporate.   This is why the Lawyers running the show frantically need to boost their subversive black book money laundering back to politicians who are aware that their role is finite – via Ukraine and now Israel.

Department spending on education, transportation, and pharma will no longer exist.   The elderly will likely be offered the alternative – euthanasia.

Enter “Logan’s Run”:

Made in 1976 – “young residents enjoy an idyllic, hedonistic lifestyle within the protective confines of a domed underground city. The general belief is that when each person turns 30, they are reincarnated for another blissful life cycle and must submit to the gas chamber. Those who know the much darker truth become “runners” and flee to a hidden sanctuary.”

The purpose is to protect the limited resources having calculated that a certain number of people may exist simultaneously.

The Revelation?    The Great RESET of depopulation and population control was conceived in 1976.

US FEDERAL GOVERNMENT Balance Sheet – 2022

According to the Treasury Department, the Assets of the Federal Government as of September 2022 total $4.962 trillion on Liabilities of $39.022 Trillion for a NET Deficit of $34.061 Trillion.   Imagine using this balance sheet to ask for a Loan? Despite the Ukraine War – inventories held for sale actually increased from 2021 by $7 billion.

Student Loans Receivable account for 25% of the entire stated Assets. Buildings account for 50% of the value placed on Furniture & Fixtures which they declare to be worth $1.442 Trillion.   Furniture & Fixtures!   Giving rise to nearly an additional quarter of the value of ALL Assets. The infamous “Other” which accounts for an additional quarter of assets – is NOT delineated at all.

Treasury Note debt increased by $1 trillion from 2021 to 2022. When listing Liabilities – federal employee pensions and Veteran pensions are listed as debt – Social Security is NOT. But $6 TRILLION is owed to Veterans.

WHY isn’t the Federal Government in Court defending their Balance Sheet debacle of insanity!?

Putting forth Trump’s supposed overstatement of assets – is the point of his ‘corrupt investigation’… yet the Federal Government Balance Sheet is an absolute FARK CRIME of unfathomable proportions!   And the Trump trials are a distraction.

The US Government is so underwater – there are not enough trade deals that can even dent the debt.   And printing more money to sustain Ukraine has likely pushed the value of the dollar since the advent of our esteemed Federal Reserve established in 1913 into negative territory! Our dollar is worth negative cents.   NEGATIVE. Debt to Fake GDP numbers is 125%.

By comparison, our supposed ‘arch enemy Russia’ debt as of 2022 was US estimated to be $335 billion or 15% of their GDP. Within those sparse figures, the US NGO Government states this 15% is ‘unsustainable’ and Russia will default.   The US is in even deeper failure than we can imagine given the numbers presented are likely well overstated for assets and well understated for liabilities – with absolutely zero SOLUTION proffered.

Instead, we are given the privilege to listen to Crispy Crème Christie scream Trump is the destruction of America!   We are privileged to listen to FBI agents demanding the gulag appointment of 85 million American Trump supporters – and the prevalence of an ADDITIONAL 7 million illegal gangland mafia members who do NOT give one dollar to the US Economy, but do TAKE their “Fair Share”.


Meaning – when the shiitake hits – we are paying. And the Agency holding the vast majority of T-Bills in our taxpayer government?   Social Security! That’s why Rand Paul wants to extend the age for social security benefits – because they have been dry for sometime – and are simply another money printing scheme.  Trust No One.

And nobody wants to tell the truth.   Not even – the good guys.

Even worse, the Jesters running America now have to acknowledge that governments such as Russia can outpace, outperform, and out prosper at a congenial rate.   Such an EGO blaster.   Their immediate reaction was to hit oil & gas on the markets driving the price down $3.   Big accomplishment – in their brains.

We are dealing with Neanderthals who took over banking.

It is why the next thing I was going to say I had to delete for I knew it would garner me a few more negative points.   On the LIST. On a point system, I am pretty far down the LIST.

The Twin Tower assault was rumored to have been orchestrated to cover up some severe Pentagon ‘lost money’ – I believe $11 trillion.   All the paperwork was destroyed.   The Bush’s were thought to be central.

IF The Pentagon was concerned about missing trillions, imagine what the rest of the government was hiding? It isn’t as though the corruption is singular to one department or the other – it is highly likely it applies throughout.   And the Twin Towers – extinguished a portion – but the remains are seeping into reality. And THAT is the Game – How Deep Does It Penetrate And Who Is At The END?

McCarthy was a good revelation of deception.   He was a pretty boy charmer who smiled and promised and swore – AND YET – never did a dang thing. And in the end was hoping to rely on his fellow Democrats – to save Republican him. Not exactly a Brownie Point!

SO What’s Next?   November Elections are upon us and they will need to switch gears pretty quickly to local propaganda.   Read before you Vote.   Ask Questions?   The Last Local Vote Here misguided residents into a 60% increase in property tax and insurance. BUYER BEWARY….

Que Sera, Sera.

The Silent Depression: Unraveling Economic Illusions

THE SILENT DEPRESSION:   No one wants to say it out loud for fear the realization will cause anxiety and chaos and the shuttering of the Biden Regime’s illusion.. The illusion must be maintained at all costs. Algorithm disparities are ignored.   ADP Payroll claims new private jobs for September were 82,000, while the Federal Labor Board claims 336,000 – a discrepancy of over 300%!   The unemployment rate is a similar catastrophe.   But the pretense is collapsing and the Silent Depression is the Result.

During The Great Depression, the ‘average annual salary’ was $1500 -$1800.   A car cost $300-$575, a house cost $3900 down from a high of roughly $7000 in 1929.   From a simple mathematical view, a house cost 260% of a household salary at the height of the Depression.

The median household income in Denver County, Colorado for the Gen Z’ers aged 25-44 is roughly $87,239 – take home pay after taxes is $64,600.   The average cost for a home is $649,000 or 745% of annual Gross Income a 7.5:1 ratio

The cost of living in Colorado for a single person is now considered to be $53,374 – with rent accounting for the greatest cost – $24,000 to $30,000 per year.   The average monthly car payment is $716 or $8600 rounded.   Groceries are $7000.   But affording to buy a home at a price point of $649,000 with mortgage rates hitting 8%?   Including Taxes and Insurance – the monthly cost in Denver is $4680, annual $56,160, with a downpayment of $130,000 cash.    Obviously, the cost of living does not include – ownership.

Pricing people out of purchasing homes across the country means the housing market comes to a standstill, because the vast majority of occupied homes were bought when interest rates were just 2.5% and values were $550,000.

The largest differential in the comparison of today vs The Great Depression is that prices across the board tanked upwards of 60%, including the basics, food, housing, gas, and cars.   Today, prices continue to rise superficially. And as a result, people are getting pushed into insurmountable debt.

The fact that housing and material goods have far outpaced salaries has nothing to do with the mantra of supply & demand. There is no shortage of houses.   In Denver, the vacancy rate for apartments is 5.6%.   There are roughly 3500 homes for sale with buyers sitting on the sideline and sellers coveting what they have.

The illusion that all is well with the economy is to keep people overspending.   As long as people are led to believe everything is good despite 25% – 50% inflation, the hypnosis belies reality and people continue to spend themselves into debt.   Don’t worry – Be Happy!

It is the exact same mantra employed by the Federal Government in their own spending spree!   With debt now standing at a whopping $33 Trillion – 123% of GDP – monthly interest rate 2.92% = which results in a NET Payment of $745 billion in 2024.   All of which hinges on The Federal Reserve.   The same Federal Reserve tasked with balancing the budget and maintaining a noninflationary economy… The same Federal Reserve that has reduced the purchasing power of a dollar to just 4 cents since their inception in 1913.

The same Federal Reserve that gave us The Great Depression and should have been dissolved on the spot for gross mismanagement.   And the same Federal Reserve that supports The Great RESET to cover for their massive Ponzi Scheme that has broken the back of the US economy.

Put in smaller numbers;   imagine only ever paying the interest on your credit card while continuing to spend more on your credit card and never paying the principal?   Your entire lifetime times 3 generations.

In essence, the Federal Reserve redistributed that 96 cents on the dollar to them self, which is how the elite of today were created and the income discrepancy became so vast and the power became more collectively communist.   In Bolshevik USSR this led to famine, particularly among urban dwellers who produced nothing.

The only means for this disparity to not occur would be for every aspect of the economy to move at the exact same rate increase, or not move at all.  

Never going to happen under ANY form of government.  Because, government by its very definition is a power vacuum built on greed. Leading to boom-bust societies and civilizations.

The concept of the RESET or Omidyar’s Five Pillars or Protocols of Value, are utopian on paper and fail to take into account the sloth of greed which corrupts every society from societies beginnings.   Certainly abolishing the military industrial complex would mean that the efforts to build rather than destroy could be harnessed to focus on prosperity.   But prosperity means income inequality. Always has – always will.

The price of gold since 1930 has risen roughly 6,300%.   But the price of a house has risen 21,667% over the same time frame.   FDR artificially levied a fixed price on gold at $35 per ounce where it flexed to $45 until 1971 when all hell broke loose.   At this point, the dollar was clearly becoming worthless and commodities became the only means of preserving some wealth at all.

In 1960, the average wage was $5300 and the average home could still be bought for $11,900 – a ratio of 2:1. The upward trajectory of price increases in housing took off in a complete vertical linear by 1971 with Nixon unleashing the gold index from the dollar, and the dollars value spiraled precipitously downward.  And Commodities ROSE.

As a direct result, home ownership in the US has dropped from a high ratio of 68% in 1960 to 43% in 2023 with 3 million Americans facing the potential of losing their home today.

If wages had followed the same 2:1 linear, a person in Denver, Colorado should have a salary of $325,000 just to be on par with values in 1930 or 1960, ie no wealth increase/accumulation.

All in All, the economy is in fact far worse today than during The Great Depression. Suppressing reality does not change reality.   Creating fake manufactured statistics via artificial algorithms does not comply with reality and perpetuates the illusion.  So YES We Are experiencing a Massive Silent Depression!

And the government, Bankers, and Elite are desperate to hide that factoid because it would disclose the soddy, negligent, corruption perpetrated on Americans by The Federal Reserve and every esteemed government since which did NOTHING to alter this ‘unsustainable’ trajectory.

Pierre Omidyar: The Chosen One For A Reimagined New World

When looking for the boogey-man, too often one person in particular is overlooked, Pierre Omidyar.   An avowed Democrat, Omidyar has his hands in just about every nefarious NGO, decision, and left leaning cause in the US and EU.   The Washingtonian produced their list of the 500 most influential people operating in Washington.   Many on the list work for companies funded by Omidyar.   The vast majority are Democrats or Rhinos.   In the vein of racial equality, there does not seem to be an Asian or Hispanic in the entire list. Many have been appointed to positions with the Biden Regime. And they represent the circle of influence running the White House from Banking to black racial equality to agriculture, to retail mega-giants, to unions, to lawyers, the SWAMP is deep.

Like a military campaign on the battlefield, these NGO’s surround The Beltway and dictate the means and hows of America. The People be damned. We don’t elect them, or nominate them, they have simply moved in like a million squatters.  Their arrogance is matched by their ego as they assert their will of mankind without due process.

Working with Clinton, Soros, Gates, Rockefeller, etc…, Pierre Omidyar has been knighted as the next George Soros.   Alex Soros is just a pion, the bait in a dog race, a distraction – trying to be as evil as daddy – but acting more like a haughty, intellectually incapacitated Paris Hilton.

Omidyar holds citizenship in Iran, France and the US.   After founding Ebay, Omidyar surrounded himself with liberal/progressive politicians, heavyweights from the UN and World Bank, and the standard elite billionaires, including; King Charles, Buffett, Bloomberg, and Jeffrey Epstein. In 2014, he launched The Intercept with Glenn Greenwald.

Omidyar has his fingers, hands, and elbows knee deep in everything cartel. And has expanded heavily into – India where cheap pharmaceuticals are staged to put the Big Pharmas to shame.

A philanthropist in the same modus as Soros, Omidyar has significant impact on Washington, Congress, and the reimagining of America via his self grandiose godly influence.  The basic concept is that these billionaire elite are better equipped to determine what is best for the peasants and implement their Protocols via a monarchial rule.

Various Beltway investments include:

Open Markets Institute;   Funded by Foundation for an Open Society (Soros) and the Omidyar Network Fund, the Institute claims it is fighting monopolies with the intent of breaking them up – in particular, Facebook.   Soros has been antagonized by Zuckerberg since 2017 and has demanded the company spinoff various subsidiary projects so that they can be controlled by Soros, aka Omidyar.  Because currently Facebook does NOT answer to Soros.

News Media Alliance:   The news industries largest trade organization representing over 2000 news and magazine media outlets.  A conglomerate of ONE.

New America Foundation;    Focuses on a range of  issues, including public policy, national security studies, technology, asset building, health, gender, energy, education, and the economy.  None of which should qualify them as an NGO. The Open Society Institute is a brainchild of the New America Foundation.   Sponsored largely by Google, New America is funded by Bill Gates, Ford Foundation, US Department of State, Bloomberg and Rockefeller Foundations.

The Board of Directors includes; McKinsey & Company – the makeover artists for politicians – and interestingly, Ashton Kutcher of Hollywood.

One of their newest projects is the Future of Housing and Land wherein they declare that to solve the problem we need to create a ‘housing loss rate’ to measure how bad the housing crisis is…  Another committee for Biden to appoint.

Their forthcoming event October 12th is titled, “Global Governance In An Era Of Planetary Disruption”.   The Call is for a new reimagined global governance. Because the old “New World Order” failed.   And the BRICS are steadily rising!  Somehow in their vision og Global, the BRICS will comply … via promises promises.

American Economic Liberties Project;    Led by a former official of the Department of Treasury and funded by Omidyar, their agenda is the New neo-Brandeis Movement.    Neo Brandeis would imply a bastardized version of the Brandeis concept of decentralized power within an FDR New Deal scenario as espoused by Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker.

The Center For Public Integrity;    Funded by Soros, Omidyar and every far left Foundation, the Center states its mission is to use investigative journalism to counter the infidels of alternative media who endanger democracy.   As such the Center does not provide solutions, it does not provide assistance – it merely writes articles about inequality and climate change and housing… But they do have IRS NGO status and pay no taxes.

Where there is George Soros Open Society, the Omidyar Network is joined at the hip.   Their website claims their agenda is to build more inclusive and equitable societies thru ‘reimagined capitalism’ as espoused by Omidyar’s vision for the world… in driving corporations and capital markets toward The Common Good, ie communism via the neo-Brandeis Movement.

In essence, Omidyar and Soros proclaim that their ideal of a New Reimagined World means completely erasing the old;   The Constitution, the form of government, and the power of corporations operating vertically.  The current globe system will be replaced under a Value System with Five Pillars or Protocols: 1. redistribute all corporate wealth to the common people in the form of a communist/Marxist shared grid of corporate income. 2.   Guard against the tyranny of the majority via a standard humanitarian common wage no matter the level of intellect. 3. Unionize every business so as to protect against racism and rule collectively.   4.   Counter monopolies that stifle competition with government intervention.   5. Expand the government to encompass the new means of managing employees via compliance with the Protocols.

Of course, because these self-proclaimed Founders are better equipped with massive wealth and intellectual superiority, they will determine what is best for The Common Good – they will rule as an Elite Tiered Government micro-managing the expanded collective government and corporations.

In order for this to be executed, a system of unmentioned punishment would have to be implemented.   This would require the 1984 Big brother concept of surveillance to make sure the people adhere to the Values as espoused by the Reimagined World Elites who may continue to amass greater wealth because they are ‘better equipped to handle the responsibilities’.    Of course, there will be no elections –

Throughout Omidyar’s vision, he continually stresses, ‘we must’ because “we” infers to the fact that Omidyar sees himself and those he chooses as gods will rule as a Supreme Power while subjugating the masses of critical thinking, imagination, art, and freedom for – The Common Good of everyone but the Elite.  


The Value of Labor: A Marxian Dystopia of Thought

The Theory of the Value of Labor was constructed via 3 quite distinct men:   Adam Smith, Karl Marx and David Ricardo.   Smith was a proponent of competition to keep prices low. Marx leveled the value to be a matter of labor hours assuming all pricing equal.   Ricardo basically supported the Marx theory of utility fixing the price.   And then there are the very knowledgeable Facebook personalities who state that the value of labor is what someone is willing to pay – which derives from ‘fair and equitable’.

I beg to differ with them all:   recently I needed a repair to my air conditioner.   I was recommended a local family owned and operated business, lives down the street, pop does the repairs, mom does the books.  Support your neighbors kind of business. I was charged $175 labor for 15 minutes of work. This equates to $700 per hour for HVAC repair.   On an annual basis, that would equate to 4 times what The President of the US makes, 4 ½ times what an experienced doctor makes, and double what a lawyer makes – with overhead costs.

I paid because I had no choice – not because it was a fair and equitable exchange.

In 1759 Economist Adam Smith declared:   “he was wary of businessmen and warned of their “conspiracy against the public or in some other contrivance to raise prices”. Again and again, Smith warned of the collusive nature of business interests, which may form cabals or monopolies, fixing the highest price “which can be squeezed out of the buyers”. Smith also warned that a business-dominated political system would allow a conspiracy of businesses and industry against consumers, with the former scheming to influence politics and legislation.”

An example of forced payment vs choice:   every household must pay for their water (unless on well water).   But they must also pay for their water company’s ‘fixed charges’. Part of the fixed cost on my bills is a line item “renewable water’ – as in recycled waste cleaned and siphoned back into my house’s drinking supply for which I am charged an extra flat fee. The ‘fixed charges’ are typically 2-5 times higher than my cost for actual water use.

I don’t have the option to find competitive water companies.   I don’t have the option to search different utility companies that provide my electricity and gas   I don’t have the option to pay a different government.   Their VALUE of Labor is a totalitarian doctrine.  In these instances, labor is not based on value at all – it is based on price fixing.

Why? Because Competition has been eliminated by large Conglomerates which effectively and collectively own the vast majority of our corporations providing basic necessities.   They fix prices across their ownership brands and people quietly pay because we are told it is basic supply & demand economics of labor value. But it’s not.

Interestingly, these same people who accept without thought that an HVAC repair is worth $700 per hour in labor, decry the dastardly cost of gas, of food prices, housing prices, medicine or doctors etc.. as beyond rationale.   Somehow tradesmen don’t pump oil, don’t grow our food, and don’t build houses.   Because if they were counted under the same logic no one could complain about any level of pricing!   Would that fall under the Value of Labor?

The Art of Critical Thinking.  

Critical Thinking Definition:   “The intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, and/or evaluating information.”  The issue within critical thinking doctrine is the source of information you are analyzing.   As in – does it come from Mass Media?   Because Mass Media is fed by the Conglomerates and Cartel to tell their version of Reality.  Obviously that vacuum would completely obliterate to analyze.

Today, the value of labor is determined by The Conglomerates and The Cabalists.   This is why our government pulled us out of the gold standard. To allow this out of control upward trajectory of value without any real basis to support it.   Their are no gutters or barriers to quell the advance, as such the real value of the dollar is now 3cents. Much like building a house on sand.

Another argument of the Labor of Value Theory regarding my HVAC repairs posited by FB posters:   ‘that is valuable skilled labor’, therefore they can charge whatever they want!   That trade skill requires no college degree and takes roughly 9 months in a tech school and certification exams.   The purpose of tech schools is to train graduates in a trade that is marketable instead of a college degree in basket weaving.   I support that.   What I don’t support is the greed factor; a living entity that creates false standards of rates and markets.

For example: complaining about a burger flipper wanting $25 ph while heralding a Tradesman for making $700 ph ($1,400,000 annually) – a differential of 2800% wipes out economics and labor completely.   It also reflects exactly what Adam Smith predicted – a society squeezing out demand by the greed of mentality.

Retailers across the US are going bankrupt within the mentality.   Fast Food restaurants can’t make ends meet.   And doctors are quitting at an unprecedented rate.

When small businesses fall into the trap established by corporate America, they feed the demons.   One side of their mouth they vehemently complain about the rising costs of food, housing and gas, while the other side promotes the greed of their trade.

It is why Biden is bankrupting the Federal government. Spending us into an oblivion of unsustainable debt that can only be wiped if every government falls and corporate elites take over.   It is the World Economic Forum Agenda – A solitary global government of stakeholders.   States managed by corporate CEO’s who create their own means of ‘labor value’ based on the social credit score.   It is why blue governors allow crime.   Crime raises prices – causing less demand – causing bankruptcies – causing poverty.   It is a trajectory that too many people seemingly either don’t understand, or don’t try to understand – ie critical thinking.

It is a dystopia wherein our western culture is being trained to maximize costs under the guise of ‘value’.   

In the world of Hunger Games, we will accept that we need to be punished and all live like peasants licking bootstraps as we thank the Cartel for allowing us to exist.    Ultimately, this means of thinking will collapse the US economy.   And suddenly all our broken systems following an unlimited value of labor will be worthless requiring an ever advanced depopulation.

And You Will Be Happy – damn it!

It’s A Mad Mad Mad World – Built on Illusions and LIES

I was reading The Economist headlines and began to get dragged down the rabbit hole. Every headline was a ‘demand’;   Niger needs to do this!   Germany needs to do this!   America needs to do this… It is the same mantra on Twitter;   Trump should… Biden should…   Stop doing…   Everyone is suddenly a dictator.   Worse – an ‘expert dictator’!

It is almost as though we are being prepared for the next phase – a nongovernmental corporate coup. Apparently this coup is scheduled  to take place after the new lockdowns slated for December.   Merry Christmas…

Here is a good one:    “Fentanyl is spreading the opioid crisis into America’s big cities”:     1)   why is fentanyl only a crisis in America?   2) Fentanyl isn’t spreading the crisis – people are!   It is the same argument they use regarding guns –   The criminals will simply find a substitute!   Because what IS spreading is criminal conduct unabated.

In 2021, the EU reported a total of 140 deaths associated with fentanyl – including for medical use.   The Economist:   Horrifying numbers of Americans will not make it to old age.   

What is the EU strategy against drug use?   “dismantling of organised crime groups that are involved in drug production and trafficking, efficient use of the criminal justice system, effective intelligence-led law enforcement, and attacking supply.”  Almost sounds like a normal strategy – just not the one employed by the US.

By contrast, America’s strategy is to provide an unlimited supply of drugs, syringes, paraphernalia, etc… because these poor defeated people need them.  This logic is the corrupted illusion.  Every city that is run by a democrat is also run by the drug lords.

For San Francisco, the Mexican Cartels hire Honduran immigrants to rule the streets.   Why did they pick San Francisco?   Because it has one of the most lax, nonexistent drug policies in the US.   As a result, Hondurans come to work every morning hawking their wares to the streets.   If, by any chance they are picked up by police, they are released by the DA within hours.  No charges.  The drugs are confiscated by police and sold back to the streets.  Nice little scam operation.

Over a million US citizens have died of a drug overdose in the last decade.   Of course, this is only an estimate given that actual statistics are not maintained.   In line with this guestimate is the homeless in the US which has reached roughly 600,000 – give or take a million.   And that’s the hit – they really don’t know shiitake.

Numbers and surveys are thrown around as though they have some relationship with reality when in fact they are completely fabricated.  ILLUSION.   Politico is loudly applauding at how the Inflation Reduction Act is working fabulously given it has ‘lowered energy costs, increased energy security, and created new jobs.

IT is a constant reimagining of reality

One year after the fact, The Biden Regime has announced that the Inflation Reduction Act really had nothing at all to do with – inflation.   Gosh, sorry folks, we had to LIE otherwise we would never have been able to pass the Bills. All the money is really being siphoned for ‘decarbonization’ thru electricfication.   Everything must be controlled by The Grid. Because the government controls The Grid.

Of the $370 billion allocated on behalf of Greenies, nothing has actually been spent.   Instead there are plans for future factories, plants and electric cars.   Just in time, Ford CEO declared the electric pickup was a bad idea, and the company making electric buses filed for bankruptcy.  So what is planned?  CHIP factories.   With outsourced employees.

The Infrastructure Law is also a rip-roaring success!   Why they have great ideas!   Pinky swear.   And buckaroo is busy reviewing applications as we speak!   Just no money and no action.

In contrast to empty statements, wind and solar companies are increasingly going bankrupt. Over the past decade over 750 solar installation companies went bellyup.   New York Times: Oil Companies are collapsing, but wind and Solar Energy Keep Growing.  A complete fabrication.  A Lie.

Are they borrowing from these Acts and Laws to funnel money to Ukraine?

Democrats are celebrating our vibrant and innovative economy – while American credit card debt has now surpassed $1 TRILLION.   What happens when a person doesn’t pay their debt?   The debt gets taken out of a paycheck forcibly.   No more Debt Nazi for you!   NEXT!  That is – unless you are “Government” – then debt means – Open The Printing Press!

The economy spirals further.   Collapsing the economies across the globe – IS the Game Plan.   If not by drugs, inflation, food crisis, water crisis, and job loss – then WAR.   A cycle they need in order to RESET the mess they have created.

Bill Gates has just announced, in all his climatology expertise wisdom, that even IF we reached net zero by 2030, it won’t change the weather – it won’t stop global warming – because according to his calculations the effects won’t actually be felt until – 2050!   Magic years!

And if we postpone the Gates initiatives, then 2050 becomes 2070, or not.   ILLUSION.

The only way to FIGHT the illusions and mass hypnosis is thru truth fact finding and reporting.   Each day more people are awakening to the fraud.   Each day we proceed like the Tortoise.   Each day we are called to strip away illusion after illusion.   The end product may not be pretty – but you can ONLY build on Truth

– while Chaos builds destruction.

Labour Shortages – Food Shortages – Critical Thinking Shortages

According to the CDC, in 2022 there were approximately 3,273,705 deaths. In 2021, the CDC provisional number was 3,458,697.   Over 61 million Americans have a disability representing 20% of the population. Despite the massive numbers for excess deaths and disabilities, the Labour Bureau claims that all pre-pandemic employees and an additional 300,000 have joined the labour force.   Obviously someone’s Common Core Math is in overdrive – because this is impossible.

As the middle class wanes and poor immigrants continue to invade, the impact on America’s businesses is completely restructured.   Tyson Foods shuttered four plants in the US claiming a significant loss in ‘demand’ and a need to lower costs.   Simultaneously, Tyson opened 3 plants in – China.   The decoupled China.

Various economists have speculated that Tyson shutting down is because the cost of chicken is too high – reducing demand. Shutting down plants means less supply – means higher prices.   Even economists seem oddly inept. A secondary factor for the shutdowns is ‘labour shortages’.   Yet, given labour is the most significant expense for a commodity, a shortage of labour would indicate lower costs/expenses?

As a direct result of less demand due to pricing, economists warn that pricing across the board will rise even more significantly.   We have entered an alternate universe!

In reality, fake chicken has been approved by the FDA with no analysis or testing.   In addition, the FDA has declared that markets and restaurants are NOT required to label their product as fake.

According to the FDA, ‘cultivated plant based’ chicken is real because it comes from chicken cells.   As a result, chickens don’t have to be killed – and chicken farms can all go bankrupt.   The meat is grown in steel tanks, coming out in large sheets and then cut into expected shapes.   YUM!   The price is excessively greater than real chicken, so it is only available in China to date.   WHAT?   Soon, it will be distributed to upscale restaurants ‘precooked’, because only the wealthy will be able to afford it…  WHAT?

EAT JUST is a breakout private company that first cultivated ‘food product’ eggs used in mayonnaise and scrambled eggs. They expanded to use their non-egg eggs in packaged foods such as muffins and breads.   Read your ingredients!   Already, Beyond Meat and Meatless Farm have filed for bankruptcy given sales slumped exponentially.  

According to Healthline: “Chicken is a good source of vitamin B6 and phosphorous, as well as a rich source of protein, niacin, and selenium.”   Fake Chicken product requires substitute ingredients such as wheat gluten, soy, and pea protein to create nutrient value.   It’s nutritional value is high in sodium, carbs, and sugars, and because of its deficiencies people will eat considerably more in order to feel full.  SO it’s lower caloric count is diminished.

One of the more problematic side effects of eating these proteins is – malnutrition – which can lead to death. Other side effects include intestinal damage, bloating, fatigue, and diarrhea.

The misnomer regarding the environmental implications is that ALL these added ingredients need to be grown and watered – after all they are plants!   All these plant products require labour, land, water, fertilizers, pesticides, and production facilities.  More trucking costs. When Tyson Foods shuts down over ‘lack of labour’, where will the available labour for the plants and chemicals derive?  Laid off employees of Tyson Foods…

The Chemicals need to be manufactured in more manufactured laboratories.   Ultimately you are left with a highly processed food product that is lacking in basic nutritional value which costs more than double the real product. For the past decade, the FDA claims overly processed meats are NOT beneficial sources of food and high in sodium and nitrates while low in potassium.    The effect?  Heart Disease – the number 1 killer in the US.

YET without any trials, the FDA has unilaterally approved all fake meat products.

LOGIC seems to be the first death in critical thinking.

There are 59 million people in the US collecting welfare – 30% claim to be under 18.   That leaves 70% available for employment – 43 million!  Upwards of 7.6 million undocumented aliens currently work in the US. The US Labour Bureau includes them in their algorithm statistics. The numbers are NOT in alignment.

Why can’t Tyson Foods hire the 43 million on welfare without justification?

The Federal government is spending over $1.3 trillion on various welfare programs annually.

According to the Labour Bureau, 143.8 million people in the US are employed in ‘some private capacity’ representing $9.7 trillion in wages. Of course those wage numbers include every CEO and executive pay so an average is meaningless.   Unemployment Insurance claims this represents 94.7 of employees.   An additional 11 million work for state, local or the federal government.

In Colorado, a woman living in a million dollar home with a mortgage of $250,000, age 50, no disabilities, never worked, collects welfare subsidies.   Some states have work requirements – in Colorado the requirement identifies ‘unpaid work’ as work.


  • Government Assistance Lifts 45.4 Million Out of Poverty ~ Census Bureau
  • States Are Hoarding $5.2 Billion in Welfare Funds Amid Rising Poverty ~ Census Bureau

40% of Welfare Recipients Are Black. Perhaps Lloyd Austin could fill the military conscription requirements with those unemployed on welfare. A federal work requirement.   But the latest USA Today finding is that 40% of Lloyd Austin’s recruits were never interviewed for extremism.   Desperation over security.  And still the military is understaffed by 25%.

The US does NOT have a labor shortage – The US does NOT have a food shortage –

The US DOES have a shortage of wisdom and intellect to redirect the resources available to solutions using the people and commodities on hand.

ENERGY RESOURCES: Plundering Lithium While Exporting Oil & Gas

RESOURCES. Plundering resources is the amped up gamut parlayed by ‘intelligence operatives’ seeking means to take from others – and if they do not comply their government will be couped.   According CSIS, the newest plundering is focused on Chile, Argentina and Brazil. The resources: Lithium, gold, and copper.   The reasoning;   electric vehicle sales will become 60% of the global market by – 2030 – and lithium and gold are essential to that delivery.

The truth?   Electric cars are losing in the marketplace, auto manufacturers are sitting on devastatingly high inventories, and the burn factor is hitting insurance companies.

The Next Generation:   Science is testing 7 alternatives to the lithium battery after ignoring the grossly unethical and ravaging of the environment lithium induces.

  1. Aqueous Magnesium Batteries – very imperfect,   2.   Solid State Batteries – Toyota to begin release of EV’s using this technology in 2025,    3.   Sodium Atinomy Telluride Intermetalic Anodes – a technology that may collapse,    4.   Sodium Sulfur Batteries, – having some of the same problems as lithium,   5.   Seawater Batteries in top-secret development at IBM,   6.   Graphene Batteries – Australia – may revolutionize the industry,   7.   Manganese Hydrogen Batteries – too much instability.

This would indicate that the true resource that CSIS is diverting attention from is Graphene. The largest reserves of Graphene come from Turkey, China, Brazil and Mozambique.   Therefore plundering will necessitate some power manipulations.

Given China has become persona-non-grati, that would leave Turkey, Brazil and Mozambique as potential colonies.

The problem with graphene is the ‘finite reserves’ which are ‘scientifically predicted’ to be depleted by – 2030.   The magic number that is running the globe – 2030 when all things earth will succumb to the WEF Agenda.

Given the latest UFO release, and the fact that this has been an ongoing phenomena for 70 years, one would think that available technology in re-engineering its source of propulsion would have been conducted.   However, I would venture that finding a clean, renewable, infinite source of energy is a bit like cancer;   If it cures the problem, then there is a finite money source.   Therefore pouring infinite amounts of money into a research laundering scheme is more profitable.

Between 1920 and 1970, oil and gas production was steadily rising.   Production then steadily dropped reaching 1950 levels by 2010.   Manipulated Coincidence.  By May 2023, the US was producing 12,662 thousand barrels per day matching levels reached under Trump’s high of 13,000 in 2019.

So what’s the beef?

In 2013, the US began ramping up oil exports reaching 117,467 thousand barrels – per month as of May 2023.   That equates to a 31% depletion of US oil via exports.   In 2013, exports of US oil totaled 3705 barrels per month – realizing a 3200% increase.   At the same time, US consumption has reached nearly 12,000 thousand barrels per month.   IF we stopped exporting oil, we would have more than enough to meet our needs, the price would be flat, and everyone would be happy…

Except shortages create false price hikes.   And exporting creates those false shortages.

Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, had a conversation with China’s CCP Energy division days ‘before’ the release and sale of US reserves to China.   The firm buying the oil had links to Hunter Biden.   The conversation was initiated by Granholm.

The Regime sold roughly 180 million barrels with the stated intention of easing the inflationary impact of gas prices.   Yet we continued to export not just our reserves but also our production, further depleting supply.   An economic catastrophe.

Jennifer Granholm is a lawyer whose legal career spanned a brief stint for Michigan before being ‘elected’ governor of Michigan in 2002 and later picked up by Obama as a member of his transition team. Unemployed in 2009, she and her husband ‘wrote a book’.   She has absolutely no training either in university or in experience in anything remotely concerning ‘energy’.   What she does have is strong ties to Hillary and a Harvard backed degree.

What was China given in exchange for this deal?

Who really installed Biden into office?   Was it the Cartel or China?   Or Both?   The Cartel is classic Mafia – woo allies to do your dirty work then eliminate them.   The China Syndrome would seem to be falling into that schematic.   By demonizing China using propaganda terminology such as, thug, dictator, human rights violator, etc…, the Cartel has essentially established a brake whereby if China were to decide to tell the world the truth and extent of blackmail, the Cartel would use their previous propaganda to dismiss the allegations.   A Form of Censorship.

Blackmailing the blackmailer.

In a world where business management acumen in the US government is at a peak low, we are instead a government of lawyers with absolutely no viable talent.    With one exception – they will do literally anything for money.  They will sell their soul and destroy their country for that commodity.