Merkel is Whining…

“Vladamir Putin has been longing to drive a wedge between the US and Germany.”   That’s the headlines. And that’s the take away. As though Merkel had absolutely no brain, no power, no heart – The Wizard of Oz won…

Really? Because doesn’t that make Merkel look like an idiot? A patsy? Someone who caved and is not a viable leader? Isn’t the press giving Putin the power by continuing to claim – He Won?

I’m sure he considers that press rather flattering… Merkel caved – Merkel Lost – and Putin Won. Is this the backdoor Soros – who never liked Merkel – actually bringing her down? Once again? Because, it sure sounds like the media is hailing Putin as being a much more savvy leader.

Today Merkel is quoted as saying, “…we Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands.” And my take is – why do you perceive that to be a negative? Isn’t that what every country is supposed to do – as opposed to letting someone else make all your decisions for you…? And maybe that is the rub. Maybe Germany has been run by someone else all these years and really doesn’t have a clue how to run itself.

The German Socialist, Schulz, is even worse claiming that Trump is an ‘authoritarian ruler’ because he won’t cave to their rule, which of course, is authoritarian… because Socialism is arguably defined by authoritarianism.

So, did Putin win? And if he did, what did he win?

The Democrats would like to infer that Putin won the US by the election of Trump. They would like to say that he won the UK by and through BREXIT. And now, they say he has won Germany by Merkel’s admittance of defeat.   And all these wins occurred after the US attempted to destroy the economy of Russia by tanking oil and levying sanctions.  “How’s that working for ya”…

What really went wrong?

Once again, it goes back to picking the wrong allies and the wrong enemies. In WWII, Russia was an ally. In battling the Middle East, we picked the wrong allies. In Brazil, we have now failed miserably as our choice for President to replace our choice for impeachment, is yanked from office in a mire of corruption and the country collapses into a death spiral. Venezuela – ditto. Syria – ditto. Ukraine – ditto.   Libya – ditto. Egypt – ditto.

The choices made have proven to be ‘wrong’ each and every time. And yet, we refuse to admit or accept these mistakes. That failure to admit merely serves to heighten the consequence, the lack of respect and the disillusionment of We The People.

Who made all these crazy choices?   Well, we actually can’t put all the blame on Obama, Bush was complicit, as was Billy, as was Bushy, as was even – Carter. It traverses both parties in a failed intelligence division that was either miserably incompetent, or planned our demise with intent. Either – is equally ugly.

And the ONLY way to mitigate this – DRAIN THE SWAMP!

Memorial Day Heroes; Veterans

It is interesting to look up the definition of “Hero”.   Classical definitions include ‘someone of extraordinary courage and strength’, or ‘a defender or protector’. It was used to hail knights and soldiers for the valiant courage in times of war. And then it changed.

Soldiers became sullied with the advent of the 1960’s. They were vilified and attacked. We need a hero, but with the classic military soldier now seen as a villain, there was no replacement. And within that void, more and more cartoon, fantasy heroes came to be created by Hollywood, Superman, Spiderman, Batman, etc… These ‘characters’ became our heroes as we desperately sought a demigod.

We put our faith in a comic book.

And our true heroes, our veterans who sacrificed everything, were shunned.

My father was a part of the Nevada Nuclear tests during the 1950’s in which officers were ordered to stand at attention as the bombs were detonated, washing them in massive amounts of radiation. Enlisted soldiers were told to take cover in the trenches.

Years later, all these officers found that their systems had been irreversibly damaged with various forms of cancer. They all died. My dad included. My father was career. He held to the loyalty of the military and honorably upheld the moral and ethical belief that he had participated in something that was beyond ‘self’.   He sacrificed his very life for the benefit of all Americans signing on for all the associated risks – which included WWII. He believed that it was his duty, and the ramifications were a part of the calling.

While his politics changed during retirement, his loyalty never budged a smidgeon.

I believe with all my heart that we have a duty, a responsibility, an ethic, and a heartfelt requirement, to take care of every single military veteran in every way we possibly can. But it seems that the true understanding of their sacrifice has somehow been obliterated. We honor super heroes that are a fantasy and demonize flesh and blood war heroes.

When my Green Beret brother returned from his third tour of duty in Vietnam he was pelted with tomatoes as he disembarked the plane. The attitude of the 1960’s and 1970’s, our very own generation, lives on today. Now, Hollywood provides us our heroes and too easily we get caught in their web.

I share the belief of peace. I share the belief of tolerance… albeit within logic. But I believe our media has helped to portray our soldiers, our military, for their failures, instead of their honor and accomplishments.

As with the woman at the well, ‘who can throw the first stone’?   Are we not all guilty of heinous grievous hurts?   So how can we absolve ourselves and not absolve others? Truly, there exist degrees.  Meaning the concept of equal responsibility in hurts and guilts just isn’t reality. Sometimes it is quite lopsided.

In that light, whether you agree with the various wars that our veterans have fought is not important, what is important is recognizing that their heart, their conscience, and their ideal, was directed at a much larger picture; protecting you and you and you. And in that, they were willing to die for – you…!  Not on a movie screen, but on a battlefield, desperate, in agony, leaving behind their family, and their life.

This fundamental ethic applies not just to our military acceptance, but to our lives in every aspect that we pursue each and every day.   My brother, who was pelted by his compatriots, is now spending his retirement years helping Christian women who are being wrongfully divorced and/or demonized by their soon to be – ex-husbands.

He continues unabated to do what is right, what is noble, what will bring help to those in desperate need.

My brother deals with the hypocrisy of hearts daily.  But his house is built on rock, and the grass that holds the water of life is rooted in deep rich soil.  Without that rich soil, the shoots and blades of grass haven’t the ability to absorb the nutrients and water, and instead the essence of life pools on the surface never penetrating, never being.  The grass wilts, and dies no matter how much water is continually added.

Talking the good talk is worthy only if one walks the good walk too. God knows this, and thus asked of those judging the woman at the well, who among you are without sin?

This Memorial Day, I honor the talk and walk of my father who gave his life, and my brother who offered his life, and all those I have known throughout my life as an Army brat. Lastly, I would add, the son of my friend Brian who recently sacrificed his life as he fought for ours in the war against ISIS.  He gave everything he had – for us and should be hailed a hero.


Thank You So Much For Giving Everything – For the sins of us…

A Military Honor

A few years ago I had the privilege of being invited by my very good friend to a spa event for insurance attorneys. I was quite excited, looking forward to a long weekend of foo-foo pampering, all being paid for by my sweetest of sweet friend!

One evening at a dinner, the conversation somehow riveted to politics. And I quickly learned I was the lone conservative among a thriving ambush of Liberal attorneys. Their voices rising exponentially, their fingers pointing, they stood over the table and literally screamed at me because my views were contrary to theirs.

Despite the fact that it was fifteen against one – they felt threatened enough to make it clear that they were hyena’s and I was a squirrel.

Actually, I left the table in tears and attempted to find a flight out of this ‘paradise’ as quickly as possible. To no avail.

I would say it was my very first experience being attacked by what I would call ‘ a coven of witches’. I was amazed that while advocating for tolerance and goodness and sweet kindness towards all, that they would convene in such a vicious way against me simply because – I disagreed.

The experience obviously remained with me because of its intensity. But worse, my good friend who had invited me, remained a mute fixture, and refused to defend me or come to my rescue, leaving me devastated. When I left the room at a run and immediately got on the telephone trying to find a means of escape, she didn’t come to me, console me, and give me a supportive arm, instead she chose to remain with her colleagues, afraid and embarrassed that she was associated with the – enemy.  And thus, she aligned her priorities.

Years later, I slowly, came to realize exactly the extent to which our friendship was so very superficial. Why did it take years? Because I have a slew of friends all embracing different ideals, but I did believe that friendship was a core value. And unfortunately, I was proven otherwise.

To blame this disparity on Trump is so false. Why? This instance occurred during the Obama administration.

To be sacre-religious, at that point Trump was only a twinkle in God’s eye.

Since then, naively, and with much ‘stupidity’, I slowly came to realize that my friendship was built on a foundation of sand, and however hard it was to recognize, it needed to be – accepted and I need to – let go.  So hard.  We had known each other for decades.  Since junior high.  And yet, there was so very little – else – in common.

I think the point is the fact that this chaos is most certainly NOT a newly created agenda, it has been in the making for decades if not more. I was talking with another friend about the focus of the hiring in the work force and how that age preference is between 28 and say 36. Her immediate response was ‘no’ because look at the lazy millenialls.

In fact, the ‘lazy millenials have been a source of discussion since 500BC when Plato lamented at the immoral, unethical, youth generation who talked back to their parents and had no respect…

In other words, this is a complaint of each and every generation for thousands of years. What make each successive generation different, what makes the Liberals strike out at the solitary figure amongst fifteen? Degrees.  Anarchy.

The sexual revolution is measured in ‘degrees’. Today, a woman enters the this or that festival wearing a sheer drape. Or nothing. It is the same. A woman is measured by how young she looks despite the fact that she is quite – old.   It is the same as thousands of years ago, it is only the degree’s that have changed.

Everyone has a story. But sometimes it is very difficult to see beyond our own and see the devastation wreaked upon others…

Don’t shutter yourself inside your self.

Imagine the story of the veteran?  Imagine the imagery day in and day to, the nightmares, and then think of you own pity and compare…  Your life will be transformed…

As will theirs, if you are willing to take a moment…

Manchester Bomber Abedi Family Dissected

Salman Abedi’s mother, Samia Tabbal is a nuclear scientist. She received her degree from the University of Tripoli in Libya. Today she is 50 years old. Such a degree would take approximately 9 years to obtain. Assuming she entered college at 18, she would be 27 when graduating meaning she was still living in Libya in 1994. However, Abedi claims to have been born in Manchester New Year’s Eve 1994.

Salman’s father worked as a security officer in a UK airport.

The family claims they fled Libya and came to the UK as refugee’s escaping the regime of Gaddafi.  During this same time period, the EU had a deal with Gaddafi whereby he would take in refugees from other African countries, like Algeria, and act as the holding center because the EU didn’t want them. For this, Gaddafi was paid handsomely by the EU.

So how could the Abedi family be considered refugees if at the time the EU was paying Gaddafi to quell the flow of refugees into the EU from other countries?  Hmmm.

And why would Samia Tabbal even get a degree as a nuclear scientist when Gaddafi had been ordered by the US and EU to rid Libya of all nuclear weapons?  Odd choice of a career move.   Unless the UK specifically wanted her talents to work in their nuclear facilities… and thus solicited her to the UK, thus they weren’t refugees.

Whether Samia Tabbal is currently in the UK or Libya depends on which report one reads, because it would seem she has residency in both places simultaneously. When the bombing occurred, she was in Tripoli.   So if she’s living in Tripoli which has no nuclear facilities where she might find employment, and we know dad isn’t working because he’s been assisting al Qaeda, then how were they surviving?   And how are we supposed to believe that the father and all the sons are rogue, but the nuclear scientist mom is just a real nice lady who smiles a lot?

And why would the UK hire a “refugee” to work security in their airport?

It is stated that the father returned to Libya in 2011 ostensibly to fight alongside the rebels trying to oust Gaddafi from power. Who were the rebels? According to Gaddafi they were led by al-Qaeda. While the US denied this, according to a report and analysis issued by the Combat and Terrorism Unit at West Point in 2008, Gaddafi’s claims were supported. In addition, a 2005 Wikileaks release verified that one of the top rebel leaders was a former Guantanamo Bay detainee – was a Taliban member and probably al Qaeda member as well.  Which means the rebels were predominately al Qaeda supported by the US to assassinate Gaddafi.

Gee, it’s real clear now???


That would mean that Abedi’s father enlisted with al Qaeda to fight Gaddafi, a former friend and ally of the EU and US – once upon a time.


And given this less than proficient intelligence on the part of M15, we are to assume that they were not complicit in leaking photographs to the New York Times? Not terribly logical.

Unless, mother dearest was working for possibly, maybe, the UK government?  And they are trying to protect her?

So we have a family of refugees, who weren’t really refugees, and a son who was their 3rd child of 4 claiming to be born in the UK despite the fact that the time frame doesn’t add up given Samia likely got her PhD in Tripoli most likely the same year as her Salman was born.    But even if the time frame is cleared, in the early 1990’s Libya was working in conjunction with the EU to stem refugees.  In order to be a refugee you have to flee persecution…   We have a mother who got her degree as a nuclear scientist in a country that has no nuclear facilities, and a father working in airport security before and after 9-11 who disappears to join the al-Qaeda rebels in Libya fighting Gaddafi in 2011.

And if that wasn’t enough – we have a very controversial election taking place June 8th in which Thersa May and Brexit may take the heat as Corbyn declares that the only reason the bad Muslims are doing anything in the UK is because of all the wars the UK has participated in.

Which kinda sounds like Katy Perry declaring that they all  just need a big hug – no borders, no barriers!   Yeah!   Except that her own house was considered a ‘fortress’ – just to keep out the riff-raff, you know…

Duck Duck Goose…

Leaked Manchester Photographs? How About Nuclear Scientist Mother…

The New York Times is making headlines again for their release of images which they claim came from law enforcement officials which were distributed by British authorities.   There is no mention of US officials being a part of the release.

The BBC and Theresa May are now claiming that Trump, the White House, and Five Eyes officials are the source of the illegitimate release, and as a result she has stopped all intelligence sharing with the US.

If this were a traditional ‘press briefing’ as Theresa May is claiming, then the photographs would have been available to all those in the briefing. Given the Post, Times and CNN have been nixed by Trump of late, even if there was a press briefing, chances are the New York Times was not represented.

The British Police claim that the name of the suicide bomber had been purposefully withheld from the media so that they could utilize the element of surprise in picking up accomplices.   That makes sense. But while a name is one thing, a slew of photographs is quite another.  That entails more than a phone call.

That means someone with access to the entire file sent the photographs to one media source, The New York Times.  And that indicates that the Leak is within the British intelligence.

The story also indicates that they had the photographs analyzed by a ‘disposal technician’, and an independent analyst, Michael C. L. Johnson, who appears to have no profile presence.

The photos and story were released the day after the bombing. They had been thoroughly analyzed.  So the photos had been in the possession of the Times for a while.

The more likely leak is classic media. The New York Times knew someone in the UK police department or intelligence department who had access to the file and emailed the photographs. Which is basically what the New York Times report states.

Trying to create a Trump drama, is ridiculous at best and serves no purpose whatsoever except to take away from his trip abroad and swing a pile of cow mud so as to divert the focus. The fact that Theresa May doesn’t see through this given she too has been the target of similar mud attacks, may be the opinion of the media, or ignorance.   Or it may be because she herself is nervous this could discredit her in the upcoming election and so she needs to take a strong stance.

In any event, the UK got their men and then some. The fact that according to The Telegraph Salman Abedi’s mother is a nuclear scientist living in Libya seems to have somehow alluded the mainstream press… I would think that to be a rather important item to investigate further…

Because according to a quick street address lookup, she is registered to live at the same address as Salman in Manchester. Mixed reports seem to say that while Salman’s parents previously reported him to the police as a potential risk, his father and brothers have been arrested and implicated in the crime. His father is/was a ‘security officer’.  As a security officer, I would think his employment information might be of interest…

Did he work at the Arena?  Was he there?

The fact that Abedi’s brothers and father have since been connected to a large ISIS and al Qaeda cell has also been diminished as the focus on the real story takes a backseat to the leaked photographs and discrediting Trump.

And what of the nuclear scientist mother?   Is she in Libya or Manchester?  Who does she work for?  Does she have ties to ISIS?   Where are her loyalties?  Seems a bit worrysome to me.

But these details seem insignificant compared to the leaked photographs and the blame game…


Soros Bringing Down Fox News?

Fox News is under siege by Soros. The last bastion of a major conservative media network, the attacks in the form of lawsuits, demonizing and advertising revenue are widespread.   They began in 2010 during the Obama administration and have been ramped up as of late to take down Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly and Ruport Murdoch.

In June 2011, Soros penned, “Those in charge of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, have done well in identifying me as their adversary. They have done less well in the methods they have used to attack me: their lies shall not stand and their techniques shall not endure.”

In 2010, Soros launched an operation called, “Color of Change”, in which the target of the attacks was Glen Beck. He then gave Media Matters, his own media outlet, $1.1 million to be used to cut Fox News down to the core.  The methodology was the same, and 30 advertisers left the show ultimately leading to Beck’s early retirement.

Think Progress, a blog put out by the Soros organization, Center For American Progress, was the hitman.

This time, Ailes, O’Reilly and Murdoch were the targets utilizing sexual harassment claims and racial discrimination claims to unravel more advertisers and lance their bottom line profit.

In 2017, the New York Times released a story in which they claimed that O’Reilly and Fox had settled some $13 million worth of lawsuits brought by five women.  Problem.  As a condition of the settlement, the women were barred from speaking publically about their claims and awards. If they did, they would be in violation of their court order. Apparently a lot of money exchanged hands in order for someone to forfeit their claim against Fox.

Suddenly Roger Ailes dies after falling and hitting his head. O’Reilly is fired, Kelly and Susteren both get hired by NBC and cut ties with Fox, and the National Organization For Women, funded by Soros, fires up a feminist rant targeting – Fox News.

What is omitted from most of the news networks is the fact that an enormous class action lawsuit against CNN for racial discrimination is in the making involving not 2 or 5 people, but upwards of 200… Murdoch?

So is the Soros agenda to take down Fox News possible? He definitely bought out Kelly and Susteren.  He destroyed O’Reilly for now and Beck some years ago.  Hannity is running scared, and rightfully so.

Color of Change is a Soros backed and funded organization that advocates for civil rights, mass media focus and political activism. Rashad Robinson is the executive director and sits on the board of another interesting organization, DEMOS.

One of the original Board Member founders of DEMOS is Barack Obama and currently, Elizabeth Warren’s daughter is Board Chair.   Small World!

Founded in 2000, DEMOS was ‘conceptualized’ by Charles Halpern, a lawyer and follower of spiritual mindful meditation and healing as well as social activism. He also is credited with the founding of The Alliance For Justice, a Soros organization, which works to appoint federal judges, and was instrumental in the defeat of Reagan’s nominee. The Alliance is connected to a plethora of Member Groups. (the list can be found on Wikipedia).   DEMOS is also funded by Soros.

This would indicate that Obama had been slated by Soros well before his Presidential appointment or book deal.


Muroch vs Soros. Soros has painstakingly worked hard to bring Fox to it’s knees. It is personal. Diametrically opposed politics is one reason, but influencing media and by default The People will determine who rules and the transformation of the EU and US and the global economic stratification.   Soros is a Socialist with leanings toward Marxism.  Destroying both the Democrat and Republican parties could usher in an Obama Green Party Movement uniting the youth, blacks, disillusioned Democrats and Socialists with one fell swoop.  At this stage of the game, Soros has vamped more power with his takeover of major media outlets; CNN, NBC, CBS, NPR, Washington Post and New York Times, to name a few heavies.   And he directs and dictates their opinion.

Thriving on chaos and war, Soros most likely rather enjoys Murdoch as a worthy opponent.  But Murdoch doesn’t stand alone, he has John Malone, and the Koch Brothers taking his back.  And the fight could have a number of victims before a new King is elected.

Soros, backed by Buffet and Gates, has armed himself with quite an arsenal as well.  It is ultimately a matter of who can manipulate more minds with propaganda and usher in either a Marxist regime, or a Capitalist regime.

Bringing down political appointments is critical. Bringing down Fox is just gravy.

Brennan Testimony – Farcical

“I encountered and am aware of information and intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between Russian officials and U.S. persons involved in the Trump campaign that I was concerned about because of known Russian efforts to suborn such individuals,” Brennan said.

What this statement means… and what it doesn’t mean.

Head of the CIA during the Obama administration, Brennan claims he ‘encountered’ information. Odd choice of words, typically you encounter a person.   So he didn’t read the words, he didn’t create the words, he ‘met’ with the information. Which implies a third person making an assertion to which Brennan listened and nodded his head.

The information ‘revealed contacts and interactions’, well we already know that business dealings were conducted and made known during the course of the campaign. This has nothing to do with Trump or his campaign.  It involves business.  “…Russian officials and US persons involved in the Trump campaign…” Again this is information we already knew about and was revealed regarding Manafort and Bannon.

Brennan was ‘concerned’ but apparently not enough to say or do anything about it.   And then he makes a statement that bears no substance or evidence whatsoever, “known Russian efforts to suborn, (or induce to commit an unlawful act), such individuals”. Had that been the case, wouldn’t an investigation have been opened historically?  Isn’t that the job of the CIA?

“It raised questions in my mind…”. But apparently he quickly laid those questions to rest because he did – nothing.  Why?  Because pools of politicians have questionable business dealings.  It’s the called the swamp.

The testimony is meaningless. There is absolutely no substance. Brennan is merely stating that someone talked to him about contacts and interactions between Russian officials and US persons involved in the Trump campaign.  That’s not even admissible in court.  The someone could have been Hillary or Soros or McCain, and Brennan would be stating the truth.

What he didn’t say as CIA Director was that he was aware of proof positive evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians. Period.  In fact he said the exact opposite.

He did say that Russians were “rooting for Trump over Hillary”, which is not a crime in any judicial proceeding I am aware of.  Rooting for a win?  That’s pretty much what we all do!   Taking down governments in coups?  We do that too!  Like it or not, look at Syria.

Here’s the gist:

  1. Manafort had business dealings with Ukraine beginning a decade ago. No one raised an eyebrow until now.
  2. Hunter Biden had business dealings with Ukraine during Obama’s tenure. No one raised an eyebrow despite the obvious political connection
  3. Michael Flynn was hired to give a speaking engagement in Russia and worked as a lobbyist on behalf of Turkey. He reported the Turkey engagement, but not the speaking engagement.
  4. Hillary and Billy were both entwined in Russian money, selling American uranium rights to Russia, and accepted speaking fees from an investment bank tied to Putin.  Where’s the investigation?

No wonder the media reports Putin is laughing. He’s laughing at how ridiculous our judicial system has become, how cronyoid our media has become, and how corrupt our government has become.  This is pathetic.

Brennan’s testimony – insert Flynn and Manafort – and it’s old news, we already knew about that, he is simply playing word games. Or insert – Hillary and Bill – and we have the same outcome.

What Brennan did NOT do is 1) implicate anyone by name, 2) provide any source or evidence, 3) explain why he didn’t think it was worthy for him to report, 4) explain what was contained in the ‘information’. In fact, what Brennan really said is – absolutely nothing.

ISIS: To Fear or Not To Fear

ISIS has released a statement following the Manchester bombing praising their soldier in the midst of the “Crusaders” as an act of revenge for the transgressions against the lands of the Muslims. “What comes next will be far worse for the Worshipers of the Cross and their allies”.

The implication being that the next attack will target Christians.

Still the media continually tells us ‘do not be afraid’. As though fear is something that will heighten the power of ISIS. That concept elevates them to a supernatural being that feeds on fear, finds its strength in fear. ISIS may be evil in their soul, but they are still mortal in their flesh. Fearing them will not strengthen them – it will strengthen us.

Fear is not the emotion of a coward, ask any soldier. There is not a soldier on any battlefield who does not face fear, feel fear, and ultimately drive that fear as a means to act in courage.

Succumbing to fear is different than having fear.

There are different kinds and sources of fear. When on a battlefield, a soldier defies his fear and uses it to give him strength. That fear evolves into courage as his senses are toned, and the enemy is clearly in his sights.   If we are not afraid of ISIS, then we are allowing ourselves to become sheep at their whim for slaughter.

Succumbing to fear means we tremble and hide, and allow ourselves to become easy targets.

After 9-11, Israel’s Mossad was commissioned to evaluate the safety and security of our airports – after we had implemented Homeland Security and security checkpoints. Nearly all airports still failed the test. We can’t be safe if we under-estimate our enemy. We can’t be safe if we don’t properly understand and fear our enemy. That doesn’t mean we hide, or we act irrationally, it means we apply the intellect and the security measures of the Mossad. Their motto comes from Proverbs 11:14:

“Where there is no guidance, a nation falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.”

The Mossad is the world’s most elite intelligence organization incorporating a unit of assassins under the nomenclature, Kidon.   They perfected the double-agent classification of infiltration. The enemy battlefield today is quite different than previous wars. It isn’t a military unit that can be identified simply by their uniform or their insignia, because the enemy lives among us, basically utilizing the same ‘under-cover’ status that we use in our police forces and CIA.

The supply of battlefield martyrs is virtually endless. Killing them reduces the current defensive forces, but recruitment constantly reorganizes. And this is exactly where Obama seemingly purposefully failed in the fight against ISIS.

Tactically, he spent billions to destroy Syria thus leaving a breeding ground for ISIS to grow stronger. Our weapons stockpile was decimated. Our purpose was deliberately camouflaged. An immigration crisis was created. And ISIS proliferated, sometimes combining forces with al Qaeda and al Nusra.  Why do we even care about the Assad regime?   We shouldn’t.  But Syria was the decoy.  The purpose was to create exactly what we witness today.

Will Trump refocus? Will Mattis?

Yes we should fear. For fear will open our eyes and let us see the enemy, know the enemy, and not under-estimate their will and agenda.

ISIS will not simply disappear.  But if our most elite forces combined with Russia, Europe, Canada, and Israel can not defeat an army of less than 100,000, then we are doomed.

For now, ISIS has stated their next target will be Christians. Be alert. Be fearful. Be strong.

Manchester Arena Bombing

A concert arena in the UK has been the target of a terrorist bombing. Specifically, young people were considered as the best mark for the most emotional damage. Sounds cold, because it is cold. ISIS, Sunni terrorists routinely mark their aim on young girls, the youth, to maximize their media coverage and heighten their fear quotient.

How best to quantify that goal than to set off bombs inside a concert venue, a football venue, a sports arena, in order to maximize the carnage.

Simultaneously, explosive devices were discovered inside a bag in the terminal at a Swedish airport requiring its evacuation. This would coincide with ISIS strategy of hitting multiple targets simultaneously so as to maximize the emotional devastation. It would make sense that these were not the only pursuits, and that smaller scale attacks will become the focus, much like the softer fireworks within a barrage of the main event.

Why Manchester? Because it is vulnerable. They have acknowledged that there are no controls in place to secure events, no pat downs to speak of, no electronic devices or scanning deices. Leaving the arena vulnerable to whatever could be. And in hindsight, they now know what vulnerability – means.

What this does highlight, is the ridiculous agenda our press has chosen to mediate – at the cost of real news. And so, while spending an inordinate amount of time focusing on profiles that most Americans have no interest in whatsoever, the press is now facing a real story.

The fact that a large venue was targeted almost seems short-sided, given it would have the most impact with the least amount of effort.   Again – cold. But reality. And that is the message.

Unfortunately, the branch of Islam is important. It is not Iran. It is not Shia. It is Sunni. And while the media would rather not make reference to that reality – point – it bears investigation given that the US is a backer of Sunni Muslim ideologies, including apparently, genital mutilation of young girls.

And so, we are left with a vacuum in which we as a country are supportive of a regime that is rooted in ethnic cleansing. It is NOT Iran that is ISIS. It is NOT Iran that is Al Qaeda. It is NOT Iran that is Boko Haram. In fact, it is NOT Iran that supports Sharia Law. It is Sunni. Period.

Does that mean Iran is some pillar of goodness and Godliness? NO. It simply means that we need to wake up to REALITY!

Does this relate to Trump specifically? No. The Saudi’s, the Sunni’s, have been the favored corruption for decades. It has nothing to do with a party affiliation. It has nothing to do with a religious affiliation. It is nothing more than power and greed at its most basest of levels.

This time – we are witness to the brutal death of teen-agers out for a concert. We are witness to the heinous injuries that somehow get minimalized despite their enormity on the quality of life. And in the end, the media still harbors the agenda to somehow make this a Trump “Fault”, no doubt. A Thersa May fault. A Brexit fault. As the true terrorism was so grossly minimized by the Obama administration and the Hillary campaign who claimed that Putin was the real threat…

Really? How many children has he killed? How many girls raped? How many throats slit? Let’s look at the actual statistics.  

Statistics do have value when analyzed from a point of truth.

The Swamp vs Trump

The old adage in business is to surround yourself with those people who are strong where you are weak. That being said, Trump’s supreme strength is securing business deals. On that front he has continually won the game since assuming office. The military, foreign policy, NSA, FBI, those positions were supposed to be managed by the best of the best without micro-management.   Trump gave each office their rein, some took it and ran, other’s seemed lost, and still other’s fell on their face.

Trump’s presumption that if a person is knowledgeable, educated, experienced, and acclaimed, then they also have integrity and are a valuable asset proved to be at fault. That presumption has proven to be his biggest weakness. Initially, that weakness was micro-managed by Steve Bannon, a powerhouse with seniority, maturity and insight.   The baton was passed to Jared Kushner, and since then Trump has consistently been on the defensive.

While defensive moves are important, they don’t win the game. Not in chess, not on the battlefield, not in football.

Kushner himself has maintained a low profile, but it is his job to keep Trump on task and out of the feuding frenzy. It could be that Trump is less inclined to be managed by his son-in-law, or by someone who is merely 36, but this was his choice and he needs to abide by that choice.

The mainstream media, most specifically, Washington Post, NY Times and CNN, have taken up the position that they are more qualified and astute as to how this country should be run. They have presumably taken over the role of governing the United States, telling us what we want, how we want it and when we want it.  As in now, this second.

Everyone; conservative, progressive, green, liberal, feel obliged to tell Trump and his appointees how to manage their duties and what they did ‘wrong’. I include myself in that fray of holier than thou.   Karl Rove…”this is what Trump should have done…”   Ann Coulter… “Trump isn’t the ruthless business man that we were promised…”

But he is!   He is when negotiating business deals with ‘business men’. But the Swamp isn’t a Board Room, it is a corrupted greedy swamp filled with misanthropic narcissistic alligators.   They don’t operate from a platform of logic or integrity or respect, they operate for exactly one purpose, getting re-elected so they can continue to live in the swamp.  Trump presumed they were better than they are in truth.

They love to talk about how little they are paid but oddly seem to leave Washington with bank accounts crammed with millions and homes well into the millions.   And of course their tax returns are a ‘private matter’.

So while Trump is negotiating more business deals, maybe a chill-pill is the order of the day for all of us.

I don’t agree with a lot of President Trump’s decisions of late, on the other hand, he is privy to information that I/we don’t have and it is safe to say that once a President is ‘briefed’, no matter their platform or policies or party, a shift takes place.

In that, Trump chose to focus on what he knows best – business. According to polls and the press on both sides of the spectrum, Jobs was the Number One agenda rated by The People for consideration – and Trump complied.  Everything takes time. Patience.  It took Obama 7 years to give us Obamacare – and it was and is a proverbial Mess.

The Wall? Tax Reform? New Healthcare? They were all a part of the Pill, but don’t forget, Jobs was first on the list of The People.   As a computer generation we are ingrained with the demand that everything happen immediately.  But in the real world, in business, that just ain’t so and never has been.  So stop complaining, we wanted a savvy businessman, and that’s exactly what we got.

The Swamp?  Vote them out.