Manchester Arena Bombing

A concert arena in the UK has been the target of a terrorist bombing. Specifically, young people were considered as the best mark for the most emotional damage. Sounds cold, because it is cold. ISIS, Sunni terrorists routinely mark their aim on young girls, the youth, to maximize their media coverage and heighten their fear quotient.

How best to quantify that goal than to set off bombs inside a concert venue, a football venue, a sports arena, in order to maximize the carnage.

Simultaneously, explosive devices were discovered inside a bag in the terminal at a Swedish airport requiring its evacuation. This would coincide with ISIS strategy of hitting multiple targets simultaneously so as to maximize the emotional devastation. It would make sense that these were not the only pursuits, and that smaller scale attacks will become the focus, much like the softer fireworks within a barrage of the main event.

Why Manchester? Because it is vulnerable. They have acknowledged that there are no controls in place to secure events, no pat downs to speak of, no electronic devices or scanning deices. Leaving the arena vulnerable to whatever could be. And in hindsight, they now know what vulnerability – means.

What this does highlight, is the ridiculous agenda our press has chosen to mediate – at the cost of real news. And so, while spending an inordinate amount of time focusing on profiles that most Americans have no interest in whatsoever, the press is now facing a real story.

The fact that a large venue was targeted almost seems short-sided, given it would have the most impact with the least amount of effort.   Again – cold. But reality. And that is the message.

Unfortunately, the branch of Islam is important. It is not Iran. It is not Shia. It is Sunni. And while the media would rather not make reference to that reality – point – it bears investigation given that the US is a backer of Sunni Muslim ideologies, including apparently, genital mutilation of young girls.

And so, we are left with a vacuum in which we as a country are supportive of a regime that is rooted in ethnic cleansing. It is NOT Iran that is ISIS. It is NOT Iran that is Al Qaeda. It is NOT Iran that is Boko Haram. In fact, it is NOT Iran that supports Sharia Law. It is Sunni. Period.

Does that mean Iran is some pillar of goodness and Godliness? NO. It simply means that we need to wake up to REALITY!

Does this relate to Trump specifically? No. The Saudi’s, the Sunni’s, have been the favored corruption for decades. It has nothing to do with a party affiliation. It has nothing to do with a religious affiliation. It is nothing more than power and greed at its most basest of levels.

This time – we are witness to the brutal death of teen-agers out for a concert. We are witness to the heinous injuries that somehow get minimalized despite their enormity on the quality of life. And in the end, the media still harbors the agenda to somehow make this a Trump “Fault”, no doubt. A Thersa May fault. A Brexit fault. As the true terrorism was so grossly minimized by the Obama administration and the Hillary campaign who claimed that Putin was the real threat…

Really? How many children has he killed? How many girls raped? How many throats slit? Let’s look at the actual statistics.  

Statistics do have value when analyzed from a point of truth.

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