Canada’s Immigrants

Canada is suddenly getting nervous. Trudeau threw open the door to any and all immigrants, but he didn’t consult The People, he didn’t create a cap, and he didn’t implement the finances needed to pay for the added burden on resources and manpower to deal with the influx. He simply acted on a whim of his own making. Much like a child who has no idea of the consequences of their actions.

The ultimate result may parallel that of Germany, unprecedented attacks, and increased crime and sexual assaults.   The choice will most likely cost Merkel her position as Chancellor, and could evolve into a spiraling of Trudeau fame in the coming months and years.

Reality is setting in and The Canadian People are becoming edgy, nervous, fearful, and concerned.  Rightfully so!   A train without brakes.


The numbers are daunting – but they do provide an interesting reality check. The US typically receives over half a million illegal immigrants each and every year. The inflow of legal immigrants is roughly 1 million per year. By contrast, Canadians are suddenly questioning Trudeau’s dictum given that a surge is putting reckless abandon to law. In Canadian terms, a surge is measured in the ‘hundreds’. For example, one facility is bursting at the seams because it’s normal accommodation of 20 illegal immigrants is now – 50.

While Canada would have us believe they are a welcoming, friendly, open borders country, their numbers prove otherwise. Canada welcomed about 270,000 immigrants in 2015, a quarter of what the US embraces, with the vast majority, 38%, coming from India and The Philippines, not the Middle East and Somalia.

Their numbers are a far cry from the US policy that has strained the economy to the brink, and destroyed our healthcare system.  But still, we are hailed the demon for not wanting – more.

Suddenly, Trudeau’s policy o f open arms and open doors is being met with skepticism. Canadians are dividing much like they divided in the US and Germany. Much like the division in Hungary and Poland and Greece and Italy wherein the people suddenly said, WHOA!

The same questions always arise. What about the thousands upon thousands of our own homeless and children in poverty? If we can’t take care of them, how can we take care of more immigrants, illegal and legal?

According to the OECD, Canada has one of the highest poverty rates among the world’s wealthiest members ranking in the bottom for children. Because Canada does not measure poverty there is no official calculation and numbers have to be extrapolated.  But it is interesting that they ‘don’t want to know’…

For its aboriginal population, it is estimated that 40-50% of children live in poverty, while the ‘average child rate’ is considered to be 17%. It is estimated that 200,000 Canadians experience homelessness each year. A full 25% of Canadians spend over 30% of their income on ‘shelter’. British Columbia’s poverty rate is estimated to be 13.2%.  And yet, instead of tackling this problem, the government is manufacturing a Social Agenda of self glorification for their charity in taking illegal immigrants from the US…

Instead, Trudeau was more inclined to become excited at the prospect of teaching Hillary how much of a feminist he is.  Trudeau was even more enamored with Obama, with reports calling it a ‘Bromance’.  So, I imagine, when reality changed gears and Trump became the US President, the bromance feminism was replaced with a bit of fear.  But arrogance won out as he instead attempted to ‘warn Trump”, and give him advice, and act with a bit of disrespect…

Backed by the Soros cabal, Trudeau has assumed the attitude of the twenty-something invincibility, basking in his power given 89% of Canada’s land is owned by the government, aka The Queen.

Reality Check:  Mining is Canada’s primary source of revenue, with the US representing 80% of its exports. It’s next largest trading partner is the EU which imports about 10% of what the US spends.

So for all its arrogance and bravado, Canada is completely joined at the hip dependent on the US, and by default, Trump.  

FYI:  The media continues to talk of people ‘DETAINED’ at US airports.  My son was ‘DETAINED’ and harassed and demoralized by Canadian Border Guards for TWO HOURS.  Where’s the outrage? 

Townhall Nightmares – Paid Pro’s

A trip down memory lane – Obama’s Press Conferences!

The first one he gave wasn’t until February 9, 2009. After giving a rather lengthy discourse in which he blames everything on Bush, vows to create 4 million new jobs, save homeownership, and make sure the financial system is ‘working again’ – whatever that means.

Obama job creation was right in there with George Bush for his first term, second term numbers not finalized.

Home ownership dropped by about 4-5%,

and Banks are posting enormous losses…

  1. His first appointed question came from Reuters about Iran relations. Obama’s response was to state that the previous president built up a lot of ‘mistrust’, and he was going to fix that.
  1. The next from Chip Reid, a liberal who had recently been appointed to CBS by NBC. He asked about Bipartisanship. Obama’s response? “There have been a lot of bad habits built up here…”.
  1. He then called on Chuck Todd, asking where he was, because he didn’t see him but knew that the question was most likely already staged. Chuck Todd was the iberal from NBC and MSNBC. He asked about the financial stresses of credit. Obama answered by blaming the banking institutions for tight money and claiming his solution was to loosen credit restrictions.  Which he never managed to do.
  1. His next question came from Bloomberg – a liberal publisher. The question was also directed at the financial crisis. Obama claimed to have averted the worst by passing TARP, which was actually passed by Bush – and Obama’s claim to WE was misrepresentational. He then deferred the questions to the Secretary of Treasury.
  1. Jake was the name of his next questioner, no reference to last name or news outlet. CNN was searched out, “Ed Henry, Where’s Ed Henry, CNN?
  1. Then Helene Cooper of the New York Times, who he also ‘searched out’, “Helene Cooper, where’s Helene?” Deferred the question to Secretary of Treasury.
  1. Major Garrett, whose affiliation is broad having worked for CNN, Fox and MSNBC. He too was “searched out for a question”. He asked about some secret conversation Obama had with Biden and would the President come clean. He said he didn’t remember the conversation.
  1. Then there was Michael Fletcher of the Washington Post who asked a question about steroid use by the Texas Rangers …what?

There was a question from Helen somebody, then the Huffington Post, “Where’s Sam”? His question related to setting up a ‘Truth Committee’ to investigate Bush. And last from Mara Liasson of NPR who asked ‘again’ about bipartisanship to which he ‘again’ deferred.

Hardly a snappy performance – and obviously a staged one in asking specific journalists whose question were most likely previously agreed to and thus staged answers.

And while it’s true that we have known for decades that politicians pay actors to show up at their events as rallying supporters, the dimension of the targeted attacks at the recent Townhalls is truly unprecedented and over-the-top. Hecklers are a dime a dozen, but it used to be fair game to also ‘have them removed’.   Sometimes forcefully, if necessary.

It is also interesting to note that in 2009 and 2011, The Washington Post and Huffington Post labeled these hecklers as “evil conspirators staging scenes for UTube”. They went on to say that these hecklers were crazies exploited by the elites during the bloom of liberal ascendancy.

Even more interesting is a report by The Washington Post in which it comments about the hecklers as being more ferocious and gang-like – at Republican Townhalls. So even when Obama was president, the voices were most vociferous at Republican events. Of course, WAPO suggests that these hecklers are more a nuisance and political theater, and we should not pay attention.  That was then – now, it is quite different…

It’s always fun to toss words back in the face of a media source that flip-flops it’s indignation so righteously.

Of course let us not forget all the times Obama went out on a limb to diss Fox News, Rupert Murdoch, and Republican’s on CNN, via the State Department, Politico, CNBC, and all major networks via his numerous appearances on late night television!

The BULLY just got BULLIED – and is whining…no fair.

Doomsday Seed Vault – Comedy Relief

Has anyone considered the idiotic comedy of having our planet’s ‘doomsday seed vault’ located in the Arctic?

Today the vault holds nearly a million seeds intended to be available should earth experience a catastrophic event leaving our planet decimated of organic life… Of course if that were the case, then any remaining soil would be contaminated, there would be ozone and pollution at levels that could not sustain life, and waterways would be minor streams filled with various contaminants.

So where are they planning to plant these seeds? And if they are all housed in the Arctic, how would someone get there? How would they transport the seeds back to an area supporting life? Where are the greenhouses? How will greenhouses function if there is no power? Who will tend the ‘seeds’?

The idea seems a bit comical when considering the events that would trigger the need.

The vault is located on an Arctic island where access is considered ‘secure’. It’s funding comes from the Norwegian government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.   It claims to have ‘robust security systems’ in case anyone is thinking about looting their seeds.

To their credit, they adamantly state that no GMO seeds will be stored.

Lufthansa offers an expedited flight from Seattle to the Svalbard Airport, 49 hours, should Bill Gates need to make a quick getaway to grab some seeds. Of course he would still need to rent a boat to get to the island and once there, given there are no roads, transportation is via a snowmobile. All during massive global crisis…

So in a global crisis, hundreds of snowmobiles would trek across the terrain hauling seeds to waiting boats that would gruel through a raging ocean to Norway where planes would be waiting at the airport to evacuate the seeds all across the world – as the planet is dying…

But then they chose the island because for its balmy temperatures ranging from about -20’ to a high of 39’, not factoring wind and humidity which drop the ‘feels like’ 10 or more degrees.

Good intentions not withstanding, due to the cost of the structure, Norway has a law that provides artwork must be present and thus commissioned an artist who created a stunning light display on the face of the vault.

Just a little comedy relief for the day – Smile!

Harvard’s Fabian Society – Socialism Regrouping…

Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, was an avid diehard Socialist. Prior to being a Socialist he dabbled in Marxism and Communism, educated in these philosophies at the same place and at the same time as Mr. George Soros;

The London School of Economics.

Whether his Communist roots simply morphed is debatable, but it would appear he adopted all three philosophies into one big Gumbo Stew. His legacy was considered a disaster site that took 30 years to clean up.

While Soros modeled Karl Popper, at The London School of Economics, Trudeau’s mentor was even more dubious – Harold Laski. Laski’s own legacy from 1946 to 1950,(when he died), was considered incoherent, and marred in contradictions. Raised a Jew, he denounced God, embraced eugenics, and claimed to identify with Zionist Jews and the Bolsheviks who conquered Russia giving rise to Marxism under the Lenin regime. Not exactly a soft sell…

Last was considered a prominent member of the infamous, Fabian Society, as was Pierre Trudeau later. The circle that aligns the school and the Fabian Society is intertwined given that in 1895 four members of the Fabian Society pooled their intellect into the construction of the London School of Economics. Their philosophy is rooted in Socialism, the Keynes view of Economics, and most importantly, the ‘control’ of the production and supply of money and credit, which in the US translates to The Federal Reserve.

Additional factions were called The Milner Group, The Royal Institute of International Affairs and eventually, The Council on Foreign Relations (whose founders are a who’s who of banking and oil). They considered themselves to be superior, gifted, the intellectuals who held a common belief in the Empire of Britain which was destined to become the global empire – with their influence.

They produced dossiers upon dossiers on how to create that power through manipulation of belief, through manipulation of Truth, through manipulation of the media and through the illiteracy of their subjects. In addition, control of the world’s resources was preeminent; gold, silver, oil, diamonds, etc…

Mass immigration was a necessary component as a modern day replacement of slavery, and a centralized global government was convened to maintain control – the shadow government. Indoctrinated throughout Europe, the Middle East and India, this Socialist reform ultimately levied war in a massive coup within Russia with the Bolshevik Revolution which ushered in Marxism under Lenin and Stalin – Dictators that were initially embraced by Churchill, Rothschild, and Roosevelt.

Today, The Royal Institute, or more commonly called, Chatham House, is alive and well, and is considered the 2nd most influential NGO in the world supporting a Liberal Progressive agenda. Headed by Stuart Popham, former vice chairman of Citigroup, in 2013 they honored – Hillary Clinton for her great contribution to society – Benghazi massacre.

When Russia broke free of Communism, the Fabians lost control over this country,.  Unable to reroot, their NGO’s expelled by Putin,their need to demonize and discredit Putin, Russia and everything associated with it became paramount.

Trump taking the US from their Socialist agenda has been a tremendous blow that put a massive dent in the machinations of their dream. Brexit further alienated their carefully crafted plan, leaving Canada, with their groomed, suave, mini-me Obama, Justin Trudeau. He is a charmer, much like Obama.

In France, Macron is the groomed charmer.

Back to the drawing table, ‘charmer’s work better than bitter screaming ladies.  But charmers typically are interchangeable, they wear masks, they love the camera, they are glorified by self, and they are easily manipulated by dangling an audience.

Taking back the US in 2020 means these Progressive Socialists will be rooting out a new ‘charmer’. Which would obviously exclude Lizzy Warren, took an ax and gave her father 40 whacks, charmer.

Julian Castro is a frontrunner; young, ambitious, groomed within the Soros cabal, sporting a big smile, wearing his cockiness like a brooch, and sporting an infinite desire to be the main man on the Big Screen!   Oh, and he’s a diehard Socialist. Interestingly, like Obama, despite his meager funds and upbringing, he managed to go to both Stanford and Harvard… hmmmm.

There are a number of schools that fit into the Socialist craft, Harvard is one of them. It is considered the core unit, the stepping stone, the building block and the catalyst for Socialism/Communism and Fabian philosophy. Oxford is another, and of course, The London School of Economics. Why? Because they convey prestige and quite simply because they were bought out a century ago.

Like Socialism, the tentacles of education are far reaching, creating and shaping the new generation of elites and superiors, as the dust settles on the aged – Soros, Kissinger, Clinton, Rothschild, Albright, Powell .. the grooming is essential.

US Coups – Failed Regime Changes

Once upon a time, Iran was our friend, our buddy. It was when the Shah, the Monarch was in power that we cooed and wooed. And then we changed our mind, instigated a coup with the help of the UK and it went terribly array. Khomeini came into power, hated the US and the UK, and history was changed. Kissinger led the revolt against his ‘dear friend the Shah’ and what was a prosperous if not somewhat corrupt monarchial regime was decimated.

Once upon a time, Syria was our friend, our ally, our good buddy and Assad gave the US valuable intel. And then we changed our minds, and decided he had to go. A coup was instigated with the help of the UK, war broke out, the entire country was devastated and taken over by rebel factions and ISIS. What was a prosperous, if not somewhat corrupt regime was decimated.

After the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in which a coup was attempted, a pro-western President was ultimately elected, Victor Yuschenko. He served two terms and was defeated by Yanukovich. But Yanukovich was not pro-western and a coup was instigated with the help of the US and UK. It went terribly wrong, massive fighting, brawls, devastation, annexation of Crimea by fearful people facing annihilation by Keiv forces. And a new President is appointed who is – pro-western again. Only they continue to fight, brawl, squabble and act like degenerates while portions of their country have been decimated and tens of thousands killed and wounded.

Egypt. A 2013 coup deposed Morsi and put in power el-Sisi, a pro-western who trained at The Army War College in Pennsylvania where I was born. So not only is he pro-western, he is in fact western. He also trained at the Joint Services Command and Staff College in the UK.   Obviously, he is ‘our man’ and the Morsi coup – well most likely a collaboration of US and UK intelligence.

Turkey – failed coup as Erdogan’s alliance becomes questionable and his lean toward Russia appears threatening. The man we wanted in? Fethullah Gulen, who is currently resting in his massive compound surrounded by hundreds of security guards in Pennsylvania. A former CIA agent secured Gulen’s green card application when he immigrated to the US in 2001.

Two coup attempts in Libya in 2014 were said to be initiated by Khalifa Belqasim Haftar, a pro-western officer who aligned himself with the National Front For The Salvation of Libya, a US supported opposition group.   August of 2016, he refused to support the UN Security Council leading to the US proclaiming his influence a threat to the stability of Libya. November 2016 his allegiance seems to have changed as he looks to Russia for alliance.

A Pattern?

I guess so!

You are only our friend as long as you do our bidding, and become a puppet of the US shadow government that operates outside of The People, our knowledge, our truth, and our rule. Because it would seem that US government is not about The People, it is about a shadow design, agenda, whose aim has nothing to do with The People. And everything to do – about something we are not privy to. But most likely is rooted in power, global dominance, and One Open Border Supreme Power.

The good news? Time after time, these coups have been failing miserably. Time after time, the truth has emerged that forces working outside of The People are making decisions and acting on agenda’s outside of The People.

In other words, this isn’t the US.   This isn’t the UK. It is a growing power force that has usurped our countries and our values and through propaganda created a false reality of fake news, fake video’s and even fake protests. Even the most recent protests that the US would have us believe include hundreds of thousands in Iran claiming death to America – are faked.

In fact, one photo includes a singular woman holding a sign condemning the US while the background shows passive people shopping in a market. Yet the headline reads ‘Hundreds of Thousands Protesting Wishing Death to America’. Ummm, noo.

The problem? The pictures don’t support the verbiage. In fact, they look rather sad when we try to disseminate fact from fiction. And the anti-trump effigies look amazingly like cut and paste fabrications – and not very professional ones at that…

What is the agenda?  Russia was an ally during the Napoleonic Revolutions, during WWI, WWII, and most other conflicts during the 18th, 19th 20th and 21st centuries. And yet, they are demonized as the ‘bad guy’ today.  Isn’t it time we take a hard look at why? What is reality? Who has consistently had our back? And what is the Truism Agenda?

Socialism, Communism; The Liberal Witch’s Brew

The History of Socialism might not parallel most beliefs, and could provide answers to the Truth of it’s tentacles, and why…

It began in the late 1700’s in France a century before Marx wrote his Manifesto. It was the rise of the ‘peasants against the monarchy. They wanted ‘rights and privileges’, and freedom from the suppression that a tyrannical monarchy levied.

Napoleon ushered in a series of Revolutions, conquering Belgium, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Italy, with ambitions for world dominance. He was a Socialist. He was also a Dictator. But the people saw him as their answer.

As his lust for power escalated, a coalition of forces to fight against his dictatorship was created that included; Britain, Russia, Austria and The Ottoman Empire.

The Revolution proved to have some significant social improvements, but costs were also sustained. Nationalism was forefront to Napoleon. In addition, the Catholic Church collapsed and all land, power and wealth was transferred to the government. It has been declared Napoleon’s rise gave birth to the Socialiist movement that began to engulf all of Europe.

A century later, the Russian Revolution adopted this same strategy within the Bolsheviks rising up against the monarchy and ushering in communist/socialist rule under Lenin.

With China under communism, the US was the laggard.

While many propenents of Socialism defend that it is not at all like communism, a simple definition would seem to squelch that view:

Socialism;   “Any of various theories or systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government that often plans and controls the economy.”

Communism;   “A system of government in which the state plans and controls the economy and a single, often authoritarian party holds power, claiming to make progress toward a higher social order in which all goods are equally shared by the people.”

The only difference between the two is that under Socialism, the government may determine what is a fair share for the people, and purportedly under Communism, shares are equally distributed. Within that context, a Socialist government may feel Hillary’s fair share was $10 billion, and yours and mine was $10.

Interestingly, Socialism would seem most closely aligned with a Monarchial government than any other system. So actually, ushering in Napoleonic thought replaced the Monarchy with a centralized government that ruled as a Dictatorship. While the peasants did gain rights, they simply transferred power from one King to another, albeit calling the other;   President, Prime Minister, or Directorate.

Given the over-reaching powers extended by the government under Obama and perhaps for the last century, the revolution that we are experiencing is really against the stealth of the suffocating rise of Socialism to the point where it has effectively choked every aspect of our society. It created the massive inequality of wealth that gave Government employees and Congress wrenching amounts of money gained while in political office.

In essence, Congress decided they should be the benefactor of the wealth that the Socialist economy reaped on their behalf.

Their current reaction to Trump and his declaration that he will ultimately return our country to a pure Capitalist society targets Congressional wealth and entitlements like never before. And they are running a bit scared. All their carefully conceived plans and games, and boy clubs are being targeted and torn apart.

In response, the heightened animosity is rooted in paid protests, fake news, and false accusations so as to invoke a chaos and attribute it to Trump when in fact it is the witches brew unleashed.

A Failed Coup In Montenegro

The Telegraph is ‘Breaking A Story’ that is four months old citing evidence that they don’t reveal, people they don’t name as sources, and a headline statement that is most certainly deficient of anything but tabloidism.

A Little Birdie Told Me…

A foiled coup in Montenegro in October 2016 was levied by 20 Serbs including a ‘retired police officer’ – as initially reported by The New York Times. The President, who later stepped down, Milo Djukanovic, was a Communist layaway from 15 years prior, who was involved in Organized Crime, tolerated graft, corruption, misleading information and was even accused of fabricating the coup to suppress voter turnout.

Not exactly a cream of the crop kinda guy.

And despite ‘stepping down’ he handed the baton to his closest ally while he pulls the strings in the shadows.   Sound familiar?  Not exactly the gasp coup that The Telegraph is headlining. Obviously, they didn’t do their homework.

And lest we forget, these are the same nationalist Serbians who have been implicated in all kinds of historical malfeasance, including instigating WWI. Oddly, the Serbs aren’t mentioned at all in the Telegraph article.   DANG!

In fact, the entire article is upside down topsy turvy in that it claims the attempted coup was to sway the alliance of Montenegro toward Russia instead of the EU. While The New York Times claims that Milo Djukanovic withdrawing as Prime Minister actually helps Montenegro’s bid to gain EU status or citizenship.  So the coup would have benefited the EU – not Russia.

Why did he need to go?  Because he was a Communist and linked to Organized Crime, not a good resume for an EU integration!

Which means that the entire Telegraph story is basackwards.   In fact, it is sounding eerily similar to the Trump Dossier that backfired so badly.

Macron – Groomed by Soros

France’s Emmanuel Macron thinks he knows how to rile the crowd! Declare everyone a criminal for the crime of ‘colonization’.   But wait – haven’t we heard that before?

In 2009, after Obama’s 1st election, he went on an apology rant, to France where he apologized for American arrogance, to the Muslims, “…America was not born as a colonial power…”, to the Summit of America where he claimed America has dictated it’s terms, to apologizing for all past US government decisions as being rooted in fear…

The agenda was to make America small, to make America weak, to make America the world bully pulpit. And for the Liberals, it worked. For the Liberals, they put their tails between their legs and are now attempting to make Americans responsible for all the wrongs of our ancestors, no matter how many centuries have passed and changes made.

It would appear, Macron has the same script writer.

France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain, have all at some point in history engaged in ‘colonization’, and Macron thinks its now time to make reparations.   Perhaps he wants to give Europe back to the Ottoman Empire?   Or the Romans? Or the Macedonians?

How far back in history does his agenda go?

Maybe he believes all Europeans should be flogged for this crime of colonization. But as we have seen in the US, once the guilt has been firmly instilled, suddenly you have an entire party of self-flagellation. Nationals will now be called ‘alternates’, supremists, racists, hated and defiled as unworthy of their very existence.

It is the same chaotic division that has gripped our country now being perpetuated in France and it will soon engulf and engorge everywhere – except Russia and China. Soros still can’t seem to gnarl his way through those walls.  George Soros was actually the root of the EU creation, and now he wants to create the divide. It is much like a family:   Create the union, make each dependent on each other and operational as a union – then slash them into division of divorce, watch them crumble and chaos take over. Alone, lonely, afraid, vulnerable, they will go with anyone, believe anyone.

According to Karl Popper, and thus by default, George Soros, history is simplistic. It is not rooted in societal or philosophical or political nuances and references of the era, and thus subject to what we would consider ‘wrongs’ today. Instead, he sees history as a pattern or trend that cycles continually and thus we today are just as guilty as our earliest ancestors.  We are them.

Where this fails abjectly is the notion that thus all mankind is evil and must be eliminated. And so, Soros created an out – whereby certain chosen elite are spared so that they can continue to punish the rest of mankind throughout eternity.

And of course, the elite are self chosen.

So what we are seeing in this Liberal agenda, in the agenda to instill guilt and condemnation is a form of subjugation. Because just as you can’t control without subjugation, you cannot punish without guilt.

France’s Emmanuel Macron is a photocopy of Obama, he exudes charm, a pretty boy without much substance, not terribly intelligent, easily manipulated, greedy, and one who likes to see himself in the Limelight.   The next step in the grooming will be to have Hollywood applaud and gush over him…

More than anything, Macron favors a centrist government over the EU – a globalist unit that has all power over each individual country, much like Obama usurping state power and giving it to the Federal government; education, healthcare, investments (Social Security), laws, marriage, etc…   Outside of that, Macron really has no position per se – on anything. No solution, simply empty promises – much like what Karl Popper advocated…

France – is this where you want to go?  

FYI: Macron is the straight bar over a vowel to give it a ‘long’ sound. Which means he isn’t a word, or even a letter, he is a punctuation mark.

Federal Reserve Tyranny

The Telegraph is highlighting a story in which former Federal Reserve agent provocateur, Greenspan, denounces Trump, stating that he will return the US economy to 1970 levels, and stating that the EU has destroyed itself by supporting failing economies…

Of course this is the same Greenspan who was labeled the single handed catastrophe for a roller coaster economic joy ride during his tenure. To give him credit, maybe he feels he knows best based on the results of his abysmal failed decisions…

Specifically, Greenspan notes that ‘America’s huge debt pile’ can not withstand the Trump infrastructure policies. Well gee whilakers, has he been living in a vacuum? America’s debt was $2.34 trillion when Greenspan took over the Federal Reserve in 1987, rising to $8.5 trillion – an increase of just under 400% by the time he threw in his jacket – 2006.  After, during the reign of the Obama rule of order, the debt increased to $19.5 trillion – again more than doubling!

Why wasn’t Greenspan making any noise before? What policies led to an increase of 900%?  According to Greenspan it was all China’s fault…  Sound like a familiar game?  Blame?

According to some theories, the deficit as a percentage of GDP is more important than the actual debt, which measures the ability to payoff the debt. In addition, the Baby-Boomer generation was considered an economic boom as they created a Social Security Surplus from which the government borrowed to pay ‘other expenses’.  So according to the ‘government’, it ain’t so bad… really we promise…

But the age of the Baby-Boomers came to an end and government, for all their uncanny wisdom looked no further, didn’t plan ahead, didn’t think about their policies that would bring it all to a screeching halt.  And here we are – staring at a massive mess!

Over and over again we hear the reasoning Germany and Sweden give for allowing massive refugee’s into their hold – it’s to offset the diminishing population as childless couples became the norm after the Boomers and the economy is going to spiral and tank!   They need these young refugees to ultimately support their economies. Of course, they forgot to note that most of these refugees don’t want to work, aren’t qualified to work, have no language skills, and an agenda of ‘hate’.

As in – oops.

The Congressional solution?   Attack Social Security, of course!  Brilliant!   Increase the age of retirement, decrease the monthly payback of our money, and leave Congressional pensions alone and healthy.   YUM!   And a little icing is always in order –  give themselves a few raises as a pat on the back for their in-depth wisdom in coming up with this solution… while they whine that their meager salaries, benefits, pensions, and millions in assets cannot cover their day to day living…ta-da.

So what is Greenspan’s solution, this man of infinite knowledge?  He states that we should double or triple the capital requirements of banks so that they will be discouraged from making loans. Huh.  Isn’t that exactly what Obama did for eight years that created a vacuum of empty growth and the near decimation of the middle class?  Once again, the Wizard of Oz speaks behind the curtain of smoke and mirrors…

According to John Taylor, a former colleague of Greenspan, and a professor at Stanford, everything Greenspan did was the polar opposite of what he should have done. While Greenspan blamed China for his failed policies, Taylor blames – Greenspan.

According to Taylor, the boom-bust rollercoaster that Greenspan created could have been avoided if he had simply followed the methodology initiated by his predecessor.  Of course, there is the alternate theory that the Federal Reserve is really just a private boys club and should be eliminated altogether.

By comparison, the EU has the European Central Bank, which was only just established in 1998 to do what the Federal Reserve does in the US. As of today, their interest on reserves is -.4%, and their bank rate is 0%.   Sound like a winning strategy?

Despite it’s short life, the ECB is under considerable criticism for it’s lackluster performance, not to mention it’s controversial President, Mario Draghi. Previously from Goldman Sachs, a member of the Trilateral and Bildeberg group, a member of The Group of Thirty, and quite chummy with the Rockefellers, the cabal would seem to be a part of the shadow government, if not the leads.

FYI;  Bernanke, Greenspan, Volcker and Yellen were all chummy with the same cabal… ALL.



War Mongering Liberals…

I don’t think most people understand how devastating war is on human life, our planet, and even animals.   WWI was launched after one Serbian man executed the heirs to the Astro-Hungary Empires’ throne. As a result, about 20 million people died and another 20 million suffered heinous injuries. Was the trade-off worth the astronomical horrors?

I don’t think so. And I think pictures confirm how truly heinous was the trade. FYI – these figures do NOT account for the 50-100 million who died from the H1N1 flu as a result of the dire quality of life that consumed the world as a result of this depraved war.war

As NATO, the EU, and various US military personnel and politicians casually toss about threats of yet another War, is it really about saving anybody, or is it about something else? WHO will be the casualties?  NATO?  I think not.

How is it that a small contingent of radical Islamic terrorists cannot be defeated by the combined efforts of ALL other countries of the world?   If we can barely dent an offshoot group of radicals after four years, how can we possibly believe that instigating a war against a major economy or empire will result in anything but massive deaths?

And lest we forget, Russia was instrumental as our ‘Ally” in both WWI and WWII, suffering more catastrophic deaths than any other nation. We could not have won either war – without their assistance.   And now our esteemed military and politicians want to wage a war against Russia? And/or China.

There is no logic. Unless you research exactly who and why this agenda is being promulgated.

Unfortunately, this root, this agenda links back to Soros, the Rothschilds, the Gates and the belief that our planet is imploding with a population it can no longer sustain as a result of the activities of these same people. In other words, the planet that has been destroyed is now at risk and the elite are running scared that they don’t have a plan B to sustain – themselves from extinction.

Creating a villain, gives cause to the agenda of a world war which could conceivably cut the global population by 20% or more.

Asking The People who is trustworthy, who is lying, who is a good guy, who is a bad guy, reveals that question/fear to be one of the perverse that dominates our society today across all countries.   The deception has been so perverse, so widespread, so corrupted, that there is little room for an unbiased opinion.

However, it does appear that those who scream the loudest are most likely to be the ones who speak with a forked tongue. It appears that the ‘hawks’ are rooted together in a nest of deceit – and that the political party affiliation is of no consequence.

Today, Nancy Pelosi suffered extreme humiliation for ranting excessively before Congress over a Twitter account that she believed to be that of General Flynn – only to learn that it was a fake account. WORSE: It is probable that the fake account was created by the Liberals in order to discredit Flynn – and no one bothered to fill her in until it was too late – and she made a fool of herself.

What this highlights the extent of the fakery – fake Twitter accounts, fake trolls, fake gmails, fake news, fake stories, fake history, fake accounts, fake agendas, fake masks, fake people, it provides no solace!

How do you wade through the massive fakery that permeates both the Republican and Democrat agendas?

  1. Know that if the agenda is or was – ever – rooted in Hillary’s political dictum – and you are a conservative – that it is a lie. You can not cherry pick …
  2. If the agenda is rooted in hawkish and destructive and war – it is rooted in the New democrat agenda of destruction – even if the charge comes from a Republican.
  3. Parties are no longer distinct – Soros has infiltrated both sides.
  4. Basic values should dictate.
  5. Even conservative news sites are subject to bias – let’s not forget, that Fox News is majority owned by the Saudis… promoting Wahhabism, Sharia Law, Jihad, Ethnic cleansing of Shia’s, and the abomination of women and gays.
  6. Don’t lose sight of what you know as fact.
  7. Make sure you are surrounded by individuals who can ground you when the media infiltrates your very soul with their manipulation and lies.
  8. And when you listen to a commercial that states some guy’s life passion is to find the perfect no-tuck shirt – recognize, this isn’t a ‘passion’, this is about $$$$$$$$. And nothing else. Passions are rooted in helping – others, not your wallet. Ewwww!

FYI: Geraldo just got annihilated by O’Reilly for promoting FAKE NEWS without any evidence at all. Just SPECULATION… Because if they released their ‘evidence/source’ they would be subject to criminal investigation… just like what they decry for Conway, Flynn, and Trump. And when the pendulum swings back to them – they scatter like mice.