War Mongering Liberals…

I don’t think most people understand how devastating war is on human life, our planet, and even animals.   WWI was launched after one Serbian man executed the heirs to the Astro-Hungary Empires’ throne. As a result, about 20 million people died and another 20 million suffered heinous injuries. Was the trade-off worth the astronomical horrors?

I don’t think so. And I think pictures confirm how truly heinous was the trade. FYI – these figures do NOT account for the 50-100 million who died from the H1N1 flu as a result of the dire quality of life that consumed the world as a result of this depraved war.war

As NATO, the EU, and various US military personnel and politicians casually toss about threats of yet another War, is it really about saving anybody, or is it about something else? WHO will be the casualties?  NATO?  I think not.

How is it that a small contingent of radical Islamic terrorists cannot be defeated by the combined efforts of ALL other countries of the world?   If we can barely dent an offshoot group of radicals after four years, how can we possibly believe that instigating a war against a major economy or empire will result in anything but massive deaths?

And lest we forget, Russia was instrumental as our ‘Ally” in both WWI and WWII, suffering more catastrophic deaths than any other nation. We could not have won either war – without their assistance.   And now our esteemed military and politicians want to wage a war against Russia? And/or China.

There is no logic. Unless you research exactly who and why this agenda is being promulgated.

Unfortunately, this root, this agenda links back to Soros, the Rothschilds, the Gates and the belief that our planet is imploding with a population it can no longer sustain as a result of the activities of these same people. In other words, the planet that has been destroyed is now at risk and the elite are running scared that they don’t have a plan B to sustain – themselves from extinction.

Creating a villain, gives cause to the agenda of a world war which could conceivably cut the global population by 20% or more.

Asking The People who is trustworthy, who is lying, who is a good guy, who is a bad guy, reveals that question/fear to be one of the perverse that dominates our society today across all countries.   The deception has been so perverse, so widespread, so corrupted, that there is little room for an unbiased opinion.

However, it does appear that those who scream the loudest are most likely to be the ones who speak with a forked tongue. It appears that the ‘hawks’ are rooted together in a nest of deceit – and that the political party affiliation is of no consequence.

Today, Nancy Pelosi suffered extreme humiliation for ranting excessively before Congress over a Twitter account that she believed to be that of General Flynn – only to learn that it was a fake account. WORSE: It is probable that the fake account was created by the Liberals in order to discredit Flynn – and no one bothered to fill her in until it was too late – and she made a fool of herself.

What this highlights the extent of the fakery – fake Twitter accounts, fake trolls, fake gmails, fake news, fake stories, fake history, fake accounts, fake agendas, fake masks, fake people, it provides no solace!

How do you wade through the massive fakery that permeates both the Republican and Democrat agendas?

  1. Know that if the agenda is or was – ever – rooted in Hillary’s political dictum – and you are a conservative – that it is a lie. You can not cherry pick …
  2. If the agenda is rooted in hawkish and destructive and war – it is rooted in the New democrat agenda of destruction – even if the charge comes from a Republican.
  3. Parties are no longer distinct – Soros has infiltrated both sides.
  4. Basic values should dictate.
  5. Even conservative news sites are subject to bias – let’s not forget, that Fox News is majority owned by the Saudis… promoting Wahhabism, Sharia Law, Jihad, Ethnic cleansing of Shia’s, and the abomination of women and gays.
  6. Don’t lose sight of what you know as fact.
  7. Make sure you are surrounded by individuals who can ground you when the media infiltrates your very soul with their manipulation and lies.
  8. And when you listen to a commercial that states some guy’s life passion is to find the perfect no-tuck shirt – recognize, this isn’t a ‘passion’, this is about $$$$$$$$. And nothing else. Passions are rooted in helping – others, not your wallet. Ewwww!

FYI: Geraldo just got annihilated by O’Reilly for promoting FAKE NEWS without any evidence at all. Just SPECULATION… Because if they released their ‘evidence/source’ they would be subject to criminal investigation… just like what they decry for Conway, Flynn, and Trump. And when the pendulum swings back to them – they scatter like mice.

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