James Comey: Death of a Salesman

In the play, Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman vacillates between different perceptions of his life. After confronting his boss and demanding a better situation, Willy gets angry and finds himself fired. Caught in a series of lies, debt and a downward spiral, Willy ultimately kills himself enabling his wife and sons to reap the benefits of his life insurance policy.

There seem to be parallels in the life of FBI Director, Comey and Willy Loman. His testimony revealed a weak, unethical, small man unable to take a leadership position, which ultimately resulted in an anger vent that resulted in his getting fired. Now caught in a series of lies, leaks and unlawful actions, Comey is spiraling.

Hillary’s hacked emails and personal server, opened up ‘an investigation’. Former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, meets with Billy Clinton on his private plane, has a private discussion, and then apparently tells Comey to back off, don’t call it ‘an investigation’, but refer to it as a ‘matter’ so that Hillary’s run for President won’t be impacted.

The Swamp is coming apart at the seams.

Comey got caught in a lie: Comey declared that his ‘leaking’ was a consequence of Trump’s tweet, but in fact the tweet came after the leak.

So we now have a man who was in the position of one of the US government’s highest order and power, admitting that he succumbed to pressure/blackmail in the Hillary email scandal, and just now lied before a Congressional Committee.

During Comey’s short tenure as FBI Director, the department is said to have fractured and as a result of his actions the FBI and Comey are now subject to investigation.  Their reputation in the twalette, and turmoil prevails.

What happened?   It is no coincidence that Comey was appointed as FBI Director in 2013 by Obama, and the same year appointed as Director of HSBC bank holdings. In fact, HSBC created a new committee just for this position, Financial System Vulnerabilities Committee, whose primary focus was ‘risk management’, i.e., preventing money laundering, terrorist financing, and ‘intelligence’. Whoa Nelly – OUCH!  Conflict of Interest?

  1. HSBC is a British company, having shut down it’s US finance arm in 2009
  2. HSBC was heavily involved in the Clinton Foundation.
  3. Theresa May’s husband works for a US investment fund, Capital Group, which closely advises HSBC.
  4. Capital Group lists one ‘private client’ – the US.

In 2012, HSBC was under a US Senate Investigation for money laundering, failure to conduct due diligence, suspicious activity reports, and inadequate and unqualified staffing and leadership.   Their hand was slapped and they were fined $1.9 billion which represented roughly 10% of their 2011 profit.  Shortly thereafter Comes is appointed to Director of FBI and simultaneously as the Director for HSBC ‘risk management’.

In 2016 two HSBC executives were charged with a $3.6 billion currency scheme which defrauded HSBC clients and manipulated the foreign exchange market.  These executives had clients who contributed generously to the Clinton Foundation.

Today HSBC is involved in an investigation brought by Belgium authorities again for  money laundering through their support of clients in the lucrative and unsavory diamond business involving numerous mega-wealthy individuals.

It would appear their new and improved risk management Committee with Comey as Director was not terribly effective…  Or maybe it was.

Obviously, the Swamp has extended its tentacles across the Atlantic into a UK partnership.

What is the Soros HSBC connection?

In 2003, with a shove and a push from Soros, Tony Blair created EITI, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, which monitors all the resources in Africa – including the diamond industry.  In 2006 Soros was appointed as governing secretariat.  Under the Soros arm of Global Witness, Soros basically took control of the diamond industry, and is thus the Kingman behind ‘blood diamonds’ creating massive wars, deaths, and resource grabs in Africa.  In 2011, Soros backed, RITC Syndicate Management, bought the insurance division of HSBC.

Just prior to the appointment of Comey as the Director of the new HSBC risk management committee, HSBC and the Clinton Foundation were discovered to have profited upwards of $81 million in ‘donations’ that flowed from money laundered accounts at HSBC to the Clinton Foundation, which included the Chagoury family of Nigeria who purportedly pledged $1 billion.  Chagoury fled arrest in Nigeria for purported implication in bribery, and helping the former President of Nigeria and his family stash solen funds from the government in the amount of $66 million.

The Clinton Foundation was never charged in the HSBC money laundering scandal, while the two HSBC executives were arrested.

Where was Comey?

Most likely cutting a deal to become the wealthy co-conspirator…2013.  Presently, Comey’s net worth is estimated to be in the $15 million range, although given his tenure at USBC, where money laundering “was” historically flagrant, his true worth is questionable.


And so we are led down a path of lies, leaks, fraud, money laundering, and more, with James Comey appearing to follow in the footsteps of Willy Loran – while Comey is quite alive, his reputation, his integrity, his respect and his leadership have seemingly come to a very dark death.

Sharia Law: Guilty Until Proven Innocent

There is an epidemic in our country of false accusations. It is so prevalent that even attorneys are jumping on the band-wagon in defense of those falsely accused whether it is harassment, sexual assault or homicide. What makes this so devastating is that in many of these cases, the accusation isn’t simply a misunderstanding or an undefined law, it is instead a malicious, brazen attack that has the potential to absolutely eradicate a life.  

In these cases, the life is the purported aggressor, and in fact the victim is the perpetrator. Knowingly, and with malice.

Little attention is given to the false claim when it is proven inaccurate, instead, the ‘victimhood’ has swung to a fierce pendulum – something like ‘feminism’.   Everyone is convicted of their supposed crime before any evidence is provided. We see it on college campuses, middle schools, in communities, gyms, cliques, and even in our military.

But it starts in an infancy of agenda that allows it to metastasize.

When it happens in society, too often Chicken Little has no idea the enormity of the accusation, no clue that it can gain momentum and have devastating effects that even result in suicide. But ignorance is never a justification.

Recently, a college was provided with an accusation, and before any evidence was produced, they assumed they criminality and took immediate action. What this embraces is the antiquity of justice in which a person is considered guilty – until proven innocent. A complete trashing of our judicial system.

But nonetheless, we embrace it.

Where is it’s origins?

Communism supports the axiom that a person must prove their innocence. So when the US adopts this precept, we become closer and closer aligned with the Communist agenda. As the US unconsciously moved closer to Socialism and thus Communism by default, a variety of societal morays followed course.

Feminism in particular advocated for all men to be considered guilty immediately upon the accusation of sexual assault so as to embolden women to come forward when they were afraid.   While rape in it’s truth is never condoned, false accusations for vengeance have become a spiraling atrocity that society has chosen to ignore. And as such, false claims of harassment and even homicide have become the nouveau bourgeoisie.

In an attempt to bow to the whims and wills of the feminists, the courts have spiraled into bully pulpits that sentence innocent 19 year old boys to life in prison.   It is a far larger epidemic than we know, and the number of defense attorney’s entering the field are fully aware that this is far greater a disease than we can imagine.

It is an uphill battle to exonerate these ‘victims’ given that most cases are decided on he said – she said evidence, which shouldn’t be evidence at all except that the Communist Feminism Movement changed all that.

Unfortunately, when our own government and media adamantly support guilty claims the sway on The People is that this is normal – albeit the ‘new normal’. The ethical and moral implications are never considered, because revenge, vengeance, retaliation, is more important.

Today, when I hear people defending the Trump bombing of Syria, the justification is always, “Well, he had to show them who is boss” or ‘He had to show he was more powerful’, or “He puffed out his chest and now everyone knows he is for real”… Really? Is that what it takes? Because that’s who we call the bully in school, the abuser in a family, and the hawkish sloth in government.

That is not respectful, judicial, or Christian. How many died as a result?

In essence, the US has tossed aside it’s judicial humanity in favor of Communist or Sharia preference. And while waiting is never easy, no one ever said – law is easy – but they did say it was Just – as in, Innocent Until Proven Guilty.

I don’t support it in harassment, in sexual assault, in homicide – or in government. Because when we shelve our law – we embrace – Chaos.

Pedophiles in Public Bathrooms

There are 400,000 “convicted” pedophiles in the US. How many have never been convicted? Too many to count. The average number of children that a pedophile molests in their lifetime is 260.

Why isn’t this a priority? Why isn’t this the focus instead of Bathrooms?

Again! It isn’t about Transgenders, it isn’t about gays, it is about paedophiles who will use any opportunity to support their mental illness – as in the Bill Clinton/Epstein airbus of pedophilia. It is a sickness and we are opening the door to the potential for even greater attacks on children! Why?

-A convicted child molester was arrested in Indianapolis for fondling a 7 year old boy in a public restroom.

-A 1st grade special needs student with vocal cord paralysis was molested by three boys in a school bathroom.

-A child molester was accused of fondling boys in an arcade bathroom in California

-A man is arreste for fondling a boy under the age of 12 in a restroom in a Bingo Hall

-Two ten year old boys molested in a Dave and Buster’s bathroom

-Jacksonville, Florida a man sexually assaulted a 6 year old boy in a McDonald’s bathroom

-A man grabbed a 9 year old girl inside a Michael’s store and ripped her clothing while fondling her

-University City, a man entered the ladies room fondled and exposed himself to the female worker who was cleaning the bathroom

-A 5 year old and 11 year old came out of a ladies bathroom at Taco Bell where two women and men were having sex

-TSA Agent allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in the LaGuardia bathroom

-A volunteer at the Lowry Park Zoo in Florida followed a nine year old into the bathroom and fondled himself and the boy.

-School custodian charged with fondling two elementary age girls in the school bathroom

-In a casino in Nevada, two men followed a 7 year old girl into the restroom where they fondled her and after attempting to kill her by strangulation, when that didn’t work he twisted her head until he heard a pop and she was dead

-A Walmart employee molested a 9 year old boy in the Walmart bathroom

-Man chokes 8 year old girl unconscious in a bathroom at a Chicago restaurant then takes her into a stall and locks the door.

-A tutor at a Cleveland school for developmentally disabled was charged for sexually molesting a dozen boys at the school – in the bathroom

-Karate instructor found guilty of molesting girls in public bathrooms

Statistics?  These are just a grain of sand.  But why isn’t this the focus?  Why isn’t this more important?  Why don’t they have a voice?


UN Warns Qatar…A Mirror of Corruption

Qatar is given ‘one year to stop abuse of its migrant labour workers or face a UN commission inquiry. WOW!   I bet they are really scared now.

Although the abuse was relayed back in 2015 and has been going on for years, the US has decided that as of now the one year transition to being nice will commence. Of course a UN ‘inquiry’ could take another five years, enough of a lag to fall short of the deadline for the Qatari based World Cup matches slated for 2022. Surprise!   In the meantime, I imagine their plan of action is to ramp up the abuse to accelerate the completion of the overhaul to the stadium before the UN yawns and flexes into action. Maybe they’ll send over some of their rapists to investigate.

Imagine telling a rapist he had a year to stop raping before he would be investigated? Or a banker given a years notice before he would be inquired about embezzlement? A Meth dealer – “we know you are dealing but we are putting you on notice that one year from now we will look into your ‘dealings’…”

That’s like being guaranteed a year of unabated crime without recourse or consequence.

In Qatar the migrants make up 90% of the population! Talk about an inequality of wealth! The country has THE highest per capita income in the world… yet that capita is apparently consumed by the 10% of the population that identify as Qatari’s while the migrants are paid monthly wages of about $200. They are beaten. Their passports and papers confiscated so they can not escape. They are deprived of wages at all – sometimes for months. They are charged a fee for the right to work. And they live in squalor. Gee whilakers, better not do that anymore…or else.

But hey, this country is given high fives and koodo’s! And they are allowed to host the World Cup. And who decides which country will have the honor of hosting the World Cup? FIFA, of course. The same rigged, corrupt, fraudulent FIFA that has been mired in bribery charges, money laundering and racketeering. Of the 35 Managers employed part time to determine which country may have the privilege of Host, they were paid $30 million plus $4 million in bonus’s – not to mention how much they put in their Offshore Luxembourg account as bounty from bribes.

These same Managers within the UK have arrogantly demanded that countries boycott the Russia hosting, because well, they believe Russia is militarily aggressive. Ouch! Talk about a Log in the eye…

But I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised by the dire warning that gives Qatar a heads-up advantage to continue abuse, Germany has adopted the same attitude but in reverse – allowing migrants fair game to rape, loot, burgle and pillage without legal consequence. “Please don’t rape that 9 year old boy again…”.

The same Germany that is investigating a national comedian for hurting Erdogan’s feelings and possibly putting him in jail for 4+ years.

Why do we allow the Qatari human rights abuse?

Because at their Al-Udeid Air Base they allow/host the US Central Command and the US Air Force Central Command where we have most recently deployed B-52 bombers capable of holding 20 nuclear warheads and deploying air launched cruise missiles in a bid to ramp up the game against ISIS.

So what happened to the Syrian cease-fire? They US has continued unabated bombing from facilities in Jordan, Djibouti, Italy, Iraq and Turkey. Exactly who was supposed to ‘cease fire’?

Simultaneously we have the Hillary avidly declaring that she will NEVER be prosecuted, because of course, the law only applies to those without power and has nothing to do with Law.

Rules – Laws – the ambivalence is only as perverse as the information is falsified. Because – how can you possibly care when the disinformation forms your opinion and thought?

Brussels and Violent Crime – a statistic

With all the protests and chaos and stampeding in the media , with all the support for criminals and terrorists – I got hit. And nothing changes an unbiased opinion as quickly as being the victim of a violent or heinous crime. In my case, it was my home, my house, I was defiled by burglars. Not only did they take items that were in my family for hundreds of years, they left a calling card – they peed on my carpet. A nice brazen, large, spreading stain.

Maybe they laughed and thought it was a nice calling card, a send off, a &^k you because I had more and they wanted – what I had. They were entitled to what I had. The new Socialist way of thinking … If you don’t have it, just steal it!

Little can express my feelings except that I find myself more angry than sad, more outraged than weepy, although the weeps do take hold. I’ve been robbed before, but then it was a stupid idiot robbing another poor person, and I just felt – what an idiot. This time, I had something to lose, and they emptied it all.

Unfortunately, it’s not like television or novels where the police and sheriff are all over the case and spend wakeful hours upon hours researching who could be the culprit, the MO, the footprints, the case! In reality, they spend diligent hours taking notes and yet in their heart they know it’s gone – it’s all gone. And there is no way it will ever be recovered. In reality, you lose and life moves on for everyone else – including the burglars. Because the police have literally thousands upon thousands of cases to cover. And you are just a pin-prick in the miles of paperwork.

In my case, what they left is almost as interesting as what they took, not that I protest what they left behind! But the entire agenda converted a few around me, they suddenly took it all personally and they switched – on a dime – and saw that anger is the impetuous that is driving the bandwagon around Trump. But this time – this time – it isn’t black anger or illegal immigrant anger, or Islam anger, or poor me anger – it is I AM DONE anger. As in, enough. As in we have been the scapegoat punching bag for everything for way too long and I am done.  Anger.

As in – I didn’t do anything wrong and am paying for some bizarre prejudicial anger that has nothing to do with my everyday life. As in the hypocrisy is just over the top ridiculous, anger, and I’m not your punching bag! Anger.

The crime statistics are REAL anger. Terrorism is real. Hate and pain are real! And it wasn’t coming from ME! Anger.

My abode has been violated. They crashed through a steal entry, and a heavy wood and metal door – bolted and secured spent exactly 17 minutes ransacking the entire house and left through the front door – arrogant –  angry. After – someone thought it might be fun to pee in the middle of the living room – angry.

SO, once again, we see that our leaders are either living in a hazy fog of a netherworld, or they are doing it on purpose to bring down a global destabilization – angry. Depends if you believe they are stupid are simply conniving. Because there is really nothing in-between.

Responses to Brussels terrorist attacks:

Cameron – he is ‘concerned’ … really?  Now you are ‘concerned’?

Merkel – she says ‘free societies are stronger than ISIS…’ – really?  Because that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Hollande – he’s calling for us to all be ‘calm’ and ‘lucid’.

Obama – he just thinks that we all need to ‘unite’ to be friends and brethren – while in Cuba.

Gee guys, I just don’t think your attitude makes me feel all warm and cozy. Doesn’t make me feel safe. Makes me feel like I wish you could feel the violation like they do, like I did, like so many others have!  Makes me think – you haven’t a clue!

The boundaries have all been crossed. The values have spiraled into a “see it” version of soft porn on every media site. And nude selfies for the world to see are a yawn that put Playboy out of business.

So – all you mainstream – if you want to know why people don’t want a stereotypical politician – THIS is why. Get over it.

Footnote: they did not steal our guns…


The Apple vs FBI controversy is gaining momentum and deserves a better overview. It’s implications are not nearly as simplistic as the media is framing:

The San Bernardino case is being used as the catalyst to require that Apple provide a backdoor for the FBI on all iphones in order to combat terrorism. Apple is refusing, claiming that it would be a violation of privacy laws. The media is divided.

The iphone in question is ‘encrypted’. That means that unless you have the key or code you cannot access the data. The encryption protects your personal data, it protects you in the event of theft, and it protects the data on your phone from being hacked. Just as your computer has security features for hacking protection.

There is also available a security feature that erases the data on the phone if the password attempt is incorrect after so many tries. The FBI is demanding that Apple create software that will allow them to correctly guess the password within the range of tries before the security feature erases the data. This software would thus work on any and every iphone – everywhere.

What is interesting is the notion that this feature would only be available to the FBI when in fact, software hackers around the world would be then able to then duplicate – replicate the backdoor and have access to CIA agents, FBI agents, police, civilians and governments…

Given the NSA, cyberwarfare and a technology future, why wouldn’t the FBI simply write the software program themselves? Have other countries already developed the software themselves? While the FBI claims that it is only interested in this one specific iphone (the San Bernardino terrorist’s), Apple has offered to hack the phone for the FBI for free – and still the FBI refuses, because in reality, what they want is access to all.

While Apple continues to state that it will personally hack this one particular phone and the FBI continues to state that it doesn’t want an all inclusive ‘backdoor’, no one seems to be moving forward. If in fact the FBI is not looking for a backdoor then why wouldn’t they accept Apple’s compromise to specifically hack this one phone?

Because words are being played.

According to CEO, Tim Cook, Apple does not have the capability to hack the erase feature of its security. Thus, in essence the FBI is asking for Apple to create a new piece of software that would disable this feature. While the FBI adamantly denies that is their intent, it would be the outcome.

This is not the first time the FBI has requested greater access to privacy. Currently, the FBI is required to obtain a warrant to hack a computer, but they have been attempting to steamroll that security as well.

The argument being misapplied is, “if you don’t have anything to hide, why would you care?”.

I care because it is a violation of our Constitutional right to privacy… The IV Amendment to the Bill of Rights states:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

This is the basis for obtaining and issuing a warrant. Apple has stated it will hack into this one phone on behalf of the FBI to the best of their ability, but abridging the rights of all persons could actually subject Apple to lawsuits as being in violation of the IV Amendment.

Software is like an A-bomb – once created, it can be used for good – and it can be used for evil.

Giving the government unprotected access to everyone’s privacy without a warrant, or probable cause, is Big Brother, and I already have one, his name is Bobby.

Slavery – UN Demands – America Pay Up

The UN is recommending that the US make payment reparations for every descendant of a “black” slave. If we do a simple extrapolation based on population; 330 million people, 12-13% black – that would amount to 42.9 million blacks. No one has suggested a $$$ amount, but let’s just throw out $100,000 each for round numbers (the death benefit for RECA payments to military members subjected to radiation poisoning that resulted in death was $75,000). That would mean we would hand out $4.29 trillion in slave benefits. Given our current deficit is close to $19 trillion – that would mean a fell swoop of an additional 22.6%!

Of course we could always just tax every white person in the US for their fair share… With non-Hispanic whites accounting for 62% of the US population, that would mean 204.6 million people, including children, would ante in about $22,000 each – for the average household of four, that would mean $88,000…

What a ridiculously stupid idea? Who is the UN?

Of course, there would be a fraud calculation which would add to the government calculations and add to the payments in the vicinity of 10-20% as is typical, dead people would come alive, and a mass exodus of citizenship would occur among the more wealthy out of principle.

I think I want the UN to decree that ALL women need to be compensated monetarily for their treatment as property for hundreds of years at the hands of all men. I’m sure we can find a good payment method for the 49.6% of the 7.4 billion population – $37 trillion sounds about right.

Or maybe we should compensate all people for their respective inhumanities against each other for inhumane treatment throughout history – as in those who gave their LIVES during wars for a bunch of ingrates.

Or maybe we can sue the government for allowing these atrocities to occur and every government employee is responsible for the compensation as a result of incompetent management.

Oh wait – this could be fun! Let’s make every UN employee responsible for the compensation of every failed initiative, every rape, sexual assault, mal-treatment, mal-feasance, offensive language, inability to secure freedom and safety for every citizen of Africa, Asia, and South America! That sounds fair…

Each and every descendant of anyone who ever served in the military would be given a reparation for the suffering those fine men and women endured!

Maybe the Egyptians should make monetary reparation for all the slaves they used during the period 3000 BC to present.

Eghads, imagine how much money we would have to shell out to each other for our various heritages going back to the beginning of time? Of course, then we’d have to agree on when the beginning of time occurred, and that would most definitely present a problem within religious and strict science definitions.

Who is this UN authority? The UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent. The group was established in 2002. Of course, given that the US is not the only country to enslave slaves, all countries would have to comply. Who heads this group? A white woman, Mireille Mendes France. The agenda? Afrophobia.

Who is Mireille? Her grandfather was a descendant of African slavery in Martinique (which is garble speak for her ancestory of slavery was many generations removed and since have faired quite well in a middle to upper financial zone – far removed from the pestilence and poverty of Africa that her ancestors live today). Her mother was the illegitimate offspring of African, Indian and European descent who lived a middle class lifestyle, which was considered – French?   Her father wrote numerous books and was considered a follower of Marxism and a great influence on Malcolm X and Che Guevara. He was instrumental in the formation of the Economic Freedom Fighters, a revolutionary Socialist movement in South Africa that advocated a Marxist-Leninist societal structure.

So lest you think there is an agenda to the sweet French something Mireille, be assured – there is. It is called Communism.

This is the very same UN that we support, that determines WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN and HOW we operate as a country –

Are you ready to be The United States of Communist Populace?  Because this is the AGENDA.

Obama as UN Secretary General?

So, Obama wants to be King of the World – as in UN Secretary General. General? Interesting given Obama’s only role in a military strategy was listening to the anarchists during his college days while smoking pot and snorting cocaine. Not exactly good resume qualities.

While the UN continues to put on excessive weight, leaning towards obesity, it’s success has fallen on an almost identical parity. It’s staffing has become so bloated that 75% of it’s funding simply pays for their salaries and benefits, which are apparently quite generous! It has been described as inefficient, ineffective, weak, fragmented and a total failure. It employs over 41,000 and easily spends through an annual budget in excess of $45 billion (the number is an estimate since they refuse to provide budget transparency).

And while its budget has been compared routinely as ‘only half’ that of New York City… NYC employs nearly 328,000, as of FYE 2012, – 8 times the staff! An obviously ridiculous comparison.

All of that changed January 1, 2016, while we lay sleeping.

Obama has categorically announced his intention of ruling this organization once Ban Ki Moon’s term is up as of December 31, 2016, coordinating with the day Obama hands the baton to his successor.  Why?  How could Obama’s rule undermine our core? The UN already oversees the World Court which is charged with deciding disputes between countries. But there is something else, something so insidious that has already transpired, while we lay sleeping, that will alter every aspect of our world – forever.

In 2015, a little reported document was signed by the UN and its Member nations; Transforming Our World; the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It took effect January 1, 2016 with little fanfare because our esteemed media chose not to inform us. You see, while we’re still talking about a One World Order. It is now a far gone conclusion, one our presidents and prime ministers agreed to behind our backs.  We were sold out:

The document purports to represent the Greater Good of all populations and states that they will act on our behalf to create a complete transformation of the world as we know it to one they feel is decidedly more fair, more socialistic, more equitable, ruled by and for our benefit.  As Secretary General, Obama would have the power to appoint ALL other heads of offices within the UN.  The POWER would thus be – over the world.  They refer to this design as the New Agenda where we will all live in conformity with their laws, or else:

Equitable education – as in they decide

Sexual and reproductive health care services – as in they decide

Shared wealth – as in what has not already been committed ie, the Gates/Buffett Giving Pledge which removes wealth from the individual into a Foundation controlled by the individual under the auspices of charity – these funds will not be confiscated

Fundamental changes in the way societies produce and consume goods and services – as in we will be told what to produce, when and for whom

Positive contribution of migrants – as in greater welfare recipients and more terrorists

States that do not comply – will be penalized – as in the mark of the beast

Climate Change mitigation – as in rammed down our throats

Rule of Law will hold any individuals not conforming to these promulgations as a possible criminal or terrorist – as in if you do not accept the mark, you will not be permitted to buy and sell.

The Third International Conference on Financing for Development, held in July 2015, outlined the means for sustaining the cost of The New Agenda – public taxes and ‘mobilizing public resources’. As in, your assets will be confiscated.

It has already begun, while we lay sleeping…signed, sealed and accepted for you, on your behalf.  Are you ready?

William Casey, CIA 1981:  “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

BIBLE:  “And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, 17and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.”

The Bundy’s, The BLM, and The Facts

I would like to start by saying that the current media are being rather slothful in their reporting.  It doesn’t take much sleuthing to look up the history and facts that support what is real – and what is media hype or agenda:

The controversy regarding Federal Land ownership has a way of spiking and dying, spiking and dying – and it would appear we are in the midst of a spike. Today it is estimated that 28% of the US, or 640 million acres, is owned by the Federal Government.

While the terminology is subject to legal interpretation there are some clearcut areas. Federal lands are held in trust for mostly ‘preservation’.   A GOOD cause indeed!  That means conservation and sound land management are the primary factors. While disposal of federal lands is sometimes raised as a budgetary issue, there has been little change in the contiguous states of the western half of the nation where upwards of 61% of any given state may be ‘federally owned’. While it’s easy to understand the National Park Service, given they maintain the land for public enjoyment, there are other not so easy to accept agencies. The most controversial being “The Bureau of Land Management”, or BLM.

The BLM was formed in 1946 and presently holds approximately 247.3 million acres, 99.9% is located in just 11 states. Backlog maintenance of BLM land is estimated to be between .67 and .82 billion dollars. As of FY 2013, the total backlog maintenance for all federal lands was estimated as high as $22.19 billion. The annual BLM government funded budget for 2016 is $1.2 billion. This would indicate that tackling the backlog maintenance is a virtual impossibility given its value is nearly equal to an entire years budget.

In addition to the government funding, the BLM 2016 budget projects it will collect $681 million in other revenue, including $8.7 million in grazing fees. Given they have 18,000 grazing permits (according to their website), that would amount to an average of $483 per permit per year. So if the Bundy’s owed back fees for twenty years, and they were about average, the actual ‘value’ of their fees would amount to $9,660. A far cry from the $1.1 million the BLM and mainstream media outlets decry as blasphemous!  One site indicates that the Bundy’s currently have 900 cattle (unverified). According to the BLM – 1 cow and 1 calf = 1 unit at $1.35 – the 2014 fee value. Extrapolating the numbers is an educated guess based on past increases.  I don’t want to spend the time as it is not worth the effort.

What made Bundy suddenly decide to stop paying the grazing fees?

Well, in 1993, the Fish and Wildlife extension of the Federal Land Management program determined that the Desert Tortoise was a newly protective species, and it resided on the land that Bundy used for grazing. As a result, Bundy was being told he would have to reduce his cattle size to accommodate this turtle. And he became incensed. As a result, the BLM siphoned off his water use and closed down his access. Most of the ranchers simply folded and left, their rights gone, their land confiscated, and their livelihood lost. Without rights their land had no value. Without value they were destitute.

No one at the BLM has actually produced an invoice that delineates how the $1.1 million is derived – neither to Bundy or to the media. Perhaps because it would be a bit embarrassing to admit that all this energy, all this angst and publicity and punishment and strife is because they really want $10,000. And the rest is gravy. Unfortunately, we don’t know for sure, because the BLM is unwilling to provide the evidence of the fees, but given the simple math of 18,000 to $8.7 million, it is a relatively good educated guess that the range of true debt is about $10,000+.

And Bundy is fighting a principle.

Whether we like the man or not. Whether he is a racial bigot or not, should not be the point! The point is – principle – and Truth.

It should be noted that grazing fees represent a declining revenue for the BLM as more and more ranchers are denied grazing rights. In fact since just 2013, the fees are down nearly 30%! At the same time fees for Drilling, Administrative processing of grazing fees, and onshore oil and gas inspection fees and “other”, their third largest source of public revenue,have all gone from -0- or low numbers to a substantial portion of their total public revenue. In fact just since 2015, the projection increase of these sources alone represent about 18.6% increase. The other two incremental increases in sources include 1) sale of public lands and 2) earnings on investments.

Who have they sold lands to?

According to the government, sales were closed to: GHR Holding LLC, DR Horton, Dariush Hamani, Vision Commercial LLC, Nevada West Partners 5, LLC, Greystone Nevada LLC, Ramak Roohani, American West Development, Khusrow Roohani, Ronald Camacho, and Kimberly LLC. The BLM was asking about $60 million for the properties and settled for $32.6 million. A loss of 46% of ask.

Still, the focus is on Bundy and his $10,000.

And who are these buyers?

Google found NO result for Dariush Hamani – a Nigerian name. GHR Holdings, LLC is a Florida based company with Steven Hall as its officer, Vision Commercial, LLC does not exist on Google, Nevada West Partners 5 LLC has no existence on Google, Greystone Nevada may be connected to Lennar, but this is not verified as little to no information is available, Roohani is an individual who apparently was simply adding to his already vibrant estate, American West Development is a company with a median sized complaint list at the BBB, Ronald Camacho has a number of unidentifiable name possibilities …, and Kimberly, LLC is not per se listed although there is a ‘Kimberly Group, LLC’ which may or may not be affiliated.

So… transparency would be the veil with which the BLM reigns. Information requires research. And while the mainstream would like to report on the top tier of others research – or non-research, when the facts are pushed to paper, it is not always as ‘reported’.

What we do know is that the BLM and EPA have pushed their governance and control beyond the limits of judicial and governmental law. What we do know is that there is a problem of transparency and control. What we do know is that the Federal Government has a history of over-reaching it’s empirical law and its legal tenants. And within this over-reach, we need to be – aware, take heed, and learn all the facts, before condemning and pointing a log of a finger! Amen.

NYE Sexual Assaults – Merkel – are you lying…

Which is it Germany? Which statistics and facts are manipulated and which are real? How to create Fake numbers:

According to reports issued by the German government, crime statistics are flat and decreasing, including sexual crimes. In fact, everything is really, really good… But then there are other reports, reports of a massive wave of spiking crimes in Berlin, Cologne, and Duisburg. A confidential police report reveals that 38000 refugees were accused of crimes in 2014, but they were not prosecuted and therefore are not counted in the formal statistics. The crimes were trashed and the criminals given reprieve to commit more.  And those are just the ones reported.

A number of German districts are controlled by Arab gangs. Police refuse to venture in these neighborhoods because they are fearful for their lives. The gangs typically create their own form of rule and punishment and if the government or police get involved, witnesses are eliminated, disappear, or simply beat up. It’s a form of ‘discouragement’. And it perpetuates the vision of a happy Germany with low crime. But it is a lie.

Stories abound but the German government quashes them, makes no arrests and makes no report of an incident at all. Merkel explains that she doesn’t want to unduly instigate fear in her constituency… she wants them to pretend that they are safe when in fact they aren’t.  Reality?  Merkel has completely lost control of Germany!  And in so doing she has basically stated that rape and sexual assault on women is open territory.  While they use the phrase “some crime does go unreported” as justification for their low stat counts, what they don’t say is that they are the ones NOT doing the reporting!

The massive NYE attacks in Cologne were only the tip of the iceberg. In Germany, similar attacks occurred in Hamburg, Freiberg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Bielefeld, Berlin and Stuttgart – NINE separate cities. In these attacks if the women did not submit to the sexual advances they and their male partners were savagely beaten. In one incident, a firecracker was put down a womans hood falling down her sweatshirt she suffered severe burning  that will leave lifetime scaring.  But these reports are being censored. Why?

Because Merkel would have to admit that you can not assimilate savagery into society… And so, she has sold out her people for the sake of protecting Muslims.

But it wasn’t even just Germany. The coordinated attacks against women also took place in Austria, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland and Norway as well. What caused the police and government to retract their censorship? Posts went viral on social media with graphic pictures and victim reports. Without social media, the mainstream press and the police under the jurisdiction of Merkel would have completed squashed the incidents as nothing more than ‘hooliganism’.  Do you think these reports will be accounted for in the criminal statistics for Germany?

I don’t either.

The reports all detail that the incidents were mob oriented, with twenty to a hundred Arab men attacking a small group of two to five women. Hardly a situation where the women can simply say, “No”, or block the attacker with an arm, as the esteemed mayor of Cologne, Henrietta Reker, so callously stated. Her solution? Fire the Police Chief.

A part of the issue is that Europe is accepting unaccompanied minors as refugees. They have no skills, no parents, no job, and are given social benefits for ‘life’. Bored, without morals, without ethics, they are allowed to do as they please, and the law is ordered to ‘stand down’ when Muslims are involved. The mainstream press are told to quash the news. And the world is fed a massive coverup and lie. While Merkel and her cabinet mull whether to drop barriers that disallow deportation of immigrants who have committed a crime, the obvious issue is that – they don’t convict them – so it is a non-sequitur.

And while Merkel continues to go before the media and claim that the ‘Cologne” incident will not go unpunished, she refrains from mentioning the Berlin incident, the Hamburg incident, the Frieberg incident…etc… As though they never took place. More and more she would seem to hold to the ideology of Hillary, Obama and Biden – deny, deny and deny until they forget.

Cautious news agencies across Europe are telling women and girls not to go out at night alone – at all.  That’s the solution.  The criminals continue to take over larger swathes without restriction, lawlessness is allowed a blind eye and even embraced.  This is the new Europe!

Even when a handful of these men are arrested, they are subsequently released, no charges filed, the statistics look good on paper, and the crimes are perpetuated.   Hush – don’t let the world know the Truth…in Europe Law has no value.