AG Garland Circumventing Terrorism Law To Weaponize Ukraine

The US government, via Merrick Garland, is claiming Civil Forfeiture Laws and International Sanction Laws to legally justify sending “Alleged” Iranian ammo and weapons confiscated in January 2023 to the victim – Ukraine. Except Ukraine isn’t a victim of Iran terrorism and the weapons were in transport “supposedly” to Yemen.   They were on a unidentified wooden ship in the Gulf of Oman.   The US Navy boarded the unmarked vessel crewed by Yemeni sailors. The sailors were NOT identified as Houthi.

A United Nations arms embargo has prohibited weapons transfers to the Houthi rebels in Yemen since 2015.

The Navy CENTCOM statement declares the weapons were seized in The Gulf of Oman – which is considered territorial water – not International Waters.

Yemen is a member of the UN. While the US was a supporter of the Civil War on behalf of the government, Biden declared the US would no longer be involved as of 2021. The confiscation took place in January 2023 in territorial waters and the weapons were determined to have been made in China and Russia according to CENTCOM.

REALITY:   an unidentified boat in territorial waters within the Gulf of Oman crewed by Yemeni’s was illegally boarded by US Navy operating in said waters and cargo was seized and confiscated by the US Military.   That seized cargo is now being transferred to Ukraine, which is not a party to Yemen or Iran.

“The U.S. Attorney’s Office has again taken action to prevent Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from spreading violence and bloodshed across the world and threatening the security of our nation and allies,” said U.S. Attorney Matthew M. Graves for the District of Columbia. “As proven before, where we have jurisdiction, this office will use all the tools available in our power to prevent criminals and terrorists from threatening global stability.”

There is absolutely no evidence the weapons came from Iran – there is only speculation.   Therefore, the terrorist clause would not exist. In addition, International laws used to govern international waters are based on the country where the ship is registered and the flag it is flying. Territorial waters are governed by the border countries.

In determining what defines terrorism and terrorist activity, the US adopted:

Section 212(a)(3)(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Wherein, “terrorist activity” means:  any activity which is unlawful under the laws of the place where it is committed – in this case, The Gulf of Oman.

Terrorism is defined as:

  1. to commit or to incite to commit, under circumstances indicating an intention to cause death or serious bodily injury, a terrorist activity;
  2. to prepare or plan a terrorist activity;

Terrorism means may involve the use of:

(b) explosive, firearm, or other weapon or dangerous device (other than for mere personal monetary gain), with intent to endanger, directly or indirectly, the safety of one or more individuals or to cause substantial damage to property.

** Section 140(d)(2) of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1988 and 1989 defines “terrorism” as: “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents.”

Yemen:   Firearm ownership is a right. It is allowed without any license or permit and carry is unrestricted.

US Civil Forfeiture Law requires that the international individual, entity or organization be planning or perpetrating an act of international terrorism.   Once the property is seized it is held by the Department of Treasury until such time as an arrest warrant has been issued pursuant to Maritime Claims via The Attorney General, Garland.   The rules for disbursement of any property confiscated state that reimbursement is to ‘those who are claimants or creditors of the property’  – ‘victims’.

Ukraine was/is not a victim of Yemen or Iran.   And the entire parade of sending these assets to Ukraine is illegal and a violation of US and International Law.   No procedure or arrest warrant was every conducted.

It is also of interest as to why the Attorney General, Merrick Garland, who is tasked with preserving the assets did not file a criminal forfeiture claim if in fact terrorism was involved in International Waters… ANSWER:  Because Criminal Forfeiture would require an actual conviction of the person(s) charged.   Which was not performed.  And because under UN law, such seizures must be destroyed or stored.   They may NOT be transferred to anyone.

Manipulating the Laws, altering the official account of the entire confiscation, making the unfounded claim that the weapons came from the IRGC – a terrorist organization as listed by the US, create greater and greater caverns for the Military, State Department, and Attorney General who are purposefully overriding US and International Law to suit an agenda – Ukraine.

It also puts US military positions across the globe in perilous insecurity given the law is distorted and devolves us further into global chaos.   IF International Law is abridged by the US – the law is no longer enforceable against anyone – it has been breeched.   In that vein, the US Military will be viewed as Pirates on the Sea.  

ISRAEL Supreme Court – Balance of Power Lies in Weaponry

160 Jewish Actors, along with Alex Soros, have sent a detailed letter to “Joe Biden” to adopt a more US Cartel approach toward Netanyahu.   Alex Soros claims he represents all American people who have united behind him in horror as the Netanyahu government ‘assaults democratic norms and institutions’.   As a result, they declare that a separate US Embassy in Jerusalem to represent the West Bank, Palestine, in order to force compliance with the American Cartel.

The Conservative Treehouse refers to the liberal mania as The Great Pretending.  Suddenly actors with 8th grade educations are climate tzars – war tzars – moral tzars – and ethic tzars, and Alex Soros is all too willing to defer to them.   By comparison, his daddy, Gyorgy, aligned himself with the military and banking Industrial Complexes.   Not a good look.

These secular Hollywooder Jews, not surprisingly, side with Palestine.   What Netanyahu is attempting to deter is a government parallel to the US.   He has watched how the judicial system in the US has been completely eradicated and replaced with unelected ‘dorks’,     He sees the rule of dictatorship take hold and has taken means to assure that won’t be the future of Israel. He changed the rules and the US Cartel immediately sicced their internal proxies into a frenzied, massive protest mania across Israel – for months.

The protests didn’t work in the Cartel’s favor, so they called upon their benign Hollywood puppets to write a nasty letter of demand to Biden, The Puppet.   Logical.

In addition to inserting a US/Palestine embassy in Jerusalum without proper authority, the letter demands that Biden; “appoint a new U.S. ambassador to Israel and ensure Israel meets all requirements before considering its admission into the visa waiver program.”   The most damning point of contention in the letter is to require the UN to hold Israel accountable for war crimes.

Simultaneously, the US is attempting to force a US, Saudi, Israel Tripartate agreement wherein Saudi Arabia would recognize Israel in exchange for US Taxpayer MONEY and security guarantees.   In other words – a bribe. In the quagmire, the US labels both Bin Salman and Netanyahu as the LEAST trustworthy leaders in the world…

How to NOT make friends.

The reality of the tripartate is more about driving a wedge between these two Middle East governments and China & Russia in line with US Cartel Dictates.   The US desperation to block China and Russia from having any trade alliance has been Blinken’s focus as countries across the globe splinter.   The entire Middle East initiative is aimed at the destruction of economies.   Bin Salman and Netanyahu have both ground in their heels and see no need to hurry.

The Military complex in Israel is nearing a ‘game changer’.   An iron-beam or laser system that can cook rockets, missiles, drones, jets, etc… from a distance is in its final stages of development.  The point of the laser is to cook its target. This interception beam defense system is expected to be launched as of 2024. It’s retaliatory capabilities are phenomenal.    The Cartel is NOT happy.

The impact of these “Directed Energy Weapons” or particle beams is along the lines of a nuclear warhead in the destruction capabilities.   Just look at the US Military’s showcase in Lahaina!   A spectacle to scare US enemies into submission and bring them to their knees.

April 2023, the US Army began soliciting customers who were interested in testing their directed energy systems at the US Army laboratory in Alabama.   The facility claims that customers can have their directed energy efforts modernized and customized to specifications.  Fun!   So any ‘partner’ aligned with the US military Cartel is being offered the ability to own their own COOKER.    And like nuclear bombs – they have the capacity to destroy earth as we know it.   Share and share alike!

The entire overhaul that Netanyahu is slated to enforce which has brought to the table The Letter – is to curb excessive power of ‘unelected judges’.   The irony is that these same unelected judges will hear petitions against the new law that affects them… the police policing the police.

Netanyahu claims the current supreme court has the power to overrule government decisions based on the term , ‘reasonableness’. A word that is clearly subjective.   In the US, reasonableness is based on The Constitution. Israel has no constitution, leaving the word in a veritable state of limbo legality.

In Israel:

Judges are selected by the Judicial Selection Committee which is composed of nine members: the Minister of Justice (Chair), another cabinet minister, the President of the Supreme Court, two other justices of the Supreme Court, two Members of Knesset, and two representatives of the Israel Bar Association.

They serve until they are 70.

Given Israel’s election history – a stacked court is a fatal flaw. Witnessing the chaos in the US, Netanyahu wants to assure this will NEVER happen in Israel.   The Cartel is desperate and has declared this law disrupts the ‘balance of power’.   As we have come to realize, there is no balance of power in any government.   It is simply another carnival mirror affectation.

And the Balance is Based on Weapons – NOTHing Less.

EVERYTOWN USA – Bloomberg Taking Your GUNS, Supreme Court & Constitution

As summer approaches NGO’s are already busily staging student protests against guns – all guns – as in they demand the confiscation from all legal legally authorized citizens.  The NGO paying the students o puppet their script is Everytown For Gun Safety founded by Mike Bloomberg.   One of the Back Room White House Handlers.   Everytown is composed of lawyers and lawyers of lawyers and directors of lawyers.     These guys could likely grind up Ghandi.

Each group of protestors is made up a small committee of trained script readers.   A hierarchy of three is all that is necessary to lead the paid crowd and deal with reporters.   And suddenly you have a bunch of teenagers protesting for – money and wearing their logo shirt to proclaim their alliance with Everytown.  Every media runs with the story…

Behind the distraction of children protesting, this hefty group of lawyers at Everytown are working on ONE issue – targeting Gun Control via courts and laws and judges.  They work alongside the ATF.   The purpose?  To take every conceivable court action against all the small dealers and bleed them dry of money so that they go bankrupt.   When the Big Five are left with control over all sales the CEO’s and Boards will be instructed to consolidate to three.   They will not have a choice – they have a directive.   Once each industry is monopolized they will be able to inflict the Control necessary to achieve their Agenda – limited to the US…

Everytown’s website states:

“30 percent of guns recovered by ATF in California have no serial number on them, making it impossible for law enforcement to trace.”

~Everytown Law

Meaning 30% of guns recovered in California belonged to criminals.   And another unknown percentage of guns also belong to criminals who have stolen guns with serial numbers.   The statement is a stumble bumble down into Alices Wonderland and is a filler.

Some of the lawsuits Everytown has litigated include:  victim lawsuits against gun manufacturers in Texas and Illinois, a victims settlement against an online ammunition seller, and working in Ohio to scrap the Stand Your Ground law.   This is the same method of usurping independence and freedom of rights that has already overtaken our judicial offices, DA’s, and courts.  The intention is to quirk the system to have hearings before prejudiced judges and wipe out the Gun Industry.

And the Supreme Court?  The conservative judges are being verbally, illegally, and physically assaulted to force intimidation.   But Everytown lawyers are working to eliminate the Supreme Court entirely.   IF there is no Supreme Court, when gun manufacturers lose a case, there is no higher court to overturn the injustice.    Any trial would be severely trampled without the Supreme Court apparatus to provide an unbiased opinion on a federal ground.

Simultaneously, The Cartel is attacking the Electoral College as another avenue to manipulate control to a singular entity.   And so the web is expanding.   Guns are certainly the largest hurdle for them to be able to Win.

While it appears Everytown is currently concentrating their legal crackdown in cities and towns this is not a federal directive – YET.  Without a Supreme Court there would not be any purpose or means for a Federal Constitutional appeal because there would no longer be a Federal Constitution.   Another domino – elimination of The Constitution since we have no Supreme Court.

As states became the sole means of judicial consequence – Reds would not survive in blue states.   Red vs blue division would force the redrawing of new lines and borders as the entire US territory is recreated and states are demolished.

Meaning the Reds have all the guns – and I’m missing something… 

The World Economic Forum has calculated that AI will replace 85 million jobs by 2025.  While exclaiming that millions of new jobs will be created with the advent of mass AI – WEF failed to define what those millions of added jobs would entail.   The vast majority will be to take care of the machines and AI bots.   Humans will become their maintenance workers, their servants, their slaves.  Work for the BOT.   Amazing transformation of humanity.

Humans will willingly agree to become slaves of AI given AI now controls war, air, water, sustenance.   Was this the real conversation between Musk and Schumer this past week?   How would this play out?   Are they ready?   Can the agenda survive with only a fraction onboard?   Russia?   China?

Seems like the Cartel is still stuck on a two dimensional war stage while the opponent is playing 3D.   Seeing the Big Picture – before the next Act instead of booing at the conclusion is only a small aspect of a good offense.    What we lack is a republican base that aggressively supports the The People.  Instead, our uni-government has joined the ranks of a rogue CIA and we have no representation.   Without representation all the illegal actions will continue without consequence.  

Talk is just…   TALK.      

Fox News: Tucker Carlson – Soros – Dominion – and Abby Grossberg… A Tangled WEB

In 2022, Rupert Murdoch was considering merging Fox Corporation back to News Corp control.   Lachlan wasn’t fond of the idea – so it was dropped in favor of Fox Corp aggressively pursuing mergers and acquisitions.   Suddenly, in the midst of the Dominion Lawsuit, Fox decides to settle.   A week later, Fox fires two hosts and a producer without warning.

Is Fox strapped financially?   Since 2019, Fox Corp has been buying back shares. That buyback totaled 70 million shares as of 6/30/22.   As of April 2023, an additional 10 million were bought back.   The earnings per share dropped 41% between 2021 and 2022 despite the buybacks.   With a $787million write-off to Dominion, the EPS will likely tank.

Carlson isn’t the only one fired, producer Justin Wells was given the boot based on a lawsuit filed by Abby Grossberg against the two claiming a hostile environment and anti-Semitism.   Grossberg’s attorney has stated that the fact that Fox fired the two is tantamount to a testament of ‘guilt’.   Grossberg has also claimed that Fox executives withheld evidence from the Dominion lawsuit, which she promptly gave to Dominion leading to an additional hundreds of millions in the settlement.   In other words, due to her actions alone – Fox News payout was $200million to $500 million MORE!

But its her job performance that matters…

Media Matters, the Soros led organization, has joined the bandwagon to declare that Tucker, Bartiromo, and Wells (Tucker’s producer) repeatedly used sexist slurs to refer to women and anti-Semitic discrimination.   One such discrimination cited includes having a Christmas Display that Grossberg felt was too large given she is jewish.   Misogyny – the left wing term that encompasses every conservative across the world was apparently heavily used in Grossberg’s 79 page discrimination lawsuit:
1. The basis of the claim is that she suffered ‘anxiety’ under Tucker’s team which was not remedied.

  1. She claims Fox’s ‘attorneys’ coerced, intimidated, and misinformed her in preparation for her deposition.
  2. Fox news retaliated against her after she filed defamation lawsuits against the company and various employees by illegally firing her.
  3. She claims the written warning given to her by HR was ‘bogus’.

The full filed lawsuit cites as relevant to Grossberg’s claim various historical claims brought against Fox beginning in 2004 – 15 years BEFORE Abby applied for the job.   A legal mistake given she would have had prior knowledge of Foxes internal mechanisms.   In fact, the vast majority of the vitriol claims in the lawsuit attach to Carlson whom she didn’t work for at the time.   In fact it was Grossberg who sought to work for Carlson in August 2022 after being unable to work with Bartiromo!

So why would she choose to be reassigned to someone she felt was a white supremacist misogynist sexual deviant?

The declaration states Grossberg was The Producer for World News Tonight with David Muir for 3 years prior to jumping ship to Fox.   However, according to ABC she co-wrote exactly 7 stories for ABC – and published/produced these 7 stories.   There is no mention of her working for David Muir of World News Tonight – in ANY capacity. And the seven sotries seem to be the sum total of her 3 year career at ABC.

What do Booking Producers Do?   Booking producers produce guest segments lasting 4-5 minutes.   They will vet and book the appropriate guest for a segment, conduct a pre-interview to gather talking points, and help the guest prepare.

The Lawsuit states that Grossberg ‘wrote’ Bartiromo’s guest segments. Grossberg frequently confided to Bartiromo of her need for help, of her inability to get the work done, and of the toxic male behavior.   She, Grossberg, wanted Executive Producer title and more money.   She was passed over.

The entire gist of the allegations are based on what Maria Bartiromo and Grossberg discussed as though Bartiromo is part of the Lawsuit?   After voluntarily leaving Bartiromo’s show, Grossberg applied for the Tucker Carlson booking position.   Having full knowledge of his style, his past and his present according to the Lawsuit – she applied for the job.

But the real bomb is the fact that Grossberg is claiming this toxic atmosphere at Fox forced her to give false testimony in the Dominion settlement. She was fired from Fox a month ago for failing to perform her duties via a previous writeup by HR.   Grossberg denies she is acting out of vengeance…

In an interview with NBC a week after her firing, Grossberg claims that everything she did wrong was due to ‘coercion’.  She does NOT detail what that ‘coercion’ might have been.   Coercion, by definition, is the use of force or threats. Typically coercion implies extortion, blackmail, torture or sexual assault. None of which transpired.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, also a sidekick of Soros, has called out Carlson as a ‘fascist’.   Soros and Carlson have had a hate filled relationship that has spiked some most recently.   Could Grossberg have been approached by a Soros Handler to help initiate her Lawsuit and subsequent reiterations of her claim?   The boot may have been ultimately orchestrated by Soros.  Tucker was Targeted!

Grossberg’s biography reveals some interesting details – the most standout of which is that the vast majority of positions lasted just one year which could explain her mental and emotional waves.   Other factors include that she worked for liberal outlets including CNN, NBC, and CBS working exclusively with far left celebrities in bookings.   She was NOT a producer.   While her title has been somewhat vague – her job was twofold to write content and to book interviews.

Her job may have involved a toxic atmosphere.   But her bio and the deposition of her lawsuit reveals she is not nearly as competent as she infers – and instead whines incessantly about deserving more than she is given.   She was seeing a therapist and her issues likely stem from a long list of failed jobs. She had the option to leave Fox. She had the option NOT to request and apply for a job with Carlson.   YET, she chose this course and is now completely unhirable…

Tucker Carlson Unraveling the Jan 6th SPIN

Tucker Carlson is front and center portrayed as hero for his release of the damning evidence of the SHAM January 6th DC Guantanamo. Simultaneously he needs some quick thinking for the release of emails in which he claims his contempt for all things Trump.   But then his Twitter account has some liberal notations:   Fully Vaccinated, Part of the deep state Aspen Institute, Pro-Ukraine, and She/Hers.   This is the bio he chose to represent him as a ‘conservative’.

After a Huge episode on Fox News detailing the LIES imposed upon hundreds of American citizens languishing in a CCP/DC criminal system, Tuesday’s release was viewed as a dud, and McCarthy has declared – Move-On!

But the public has now been exposed to one of the Biggest Lies – there is no Republican Party and there is no Democrat Party – they are one and the same.   Was Carlson’s one night hurrah a ratings ploy or was it motivated by compassion?   Is Carlson another Rhino Hannity?   Of course, the obvious fallout of this would be the death of ALL Fox News hosts via ratings collapse: Gutfeld, Ingraham, and Waters.

Given Fox is run by Murdoch’s son Lachlan, a diehard Clinton fan embroiled in all things liberal, allowing the outing of Carlson as a rhino would destroy their ratings. Which is all they really care about given ratings = advertisers = money.

The MSM ruled by The Economist is now doing everything in their power to discredit Fox News and demand they be forcefully eliminated!   As in complete Censorship shut down. A Communist tactic by a Communist government.

One such organization is Vote Vets.

Vote Vets considers itself nonpartisan because it claims to support both Republicans and Democrats.   Those Republicans would belong to the rhino platform held by McCain. The rhino’s who dress as elephants but are really ‘asses’. The rhino’s bent on war and making money off war. Ad Infinitum.

Despite democrats pretending to be conservative and rhino’s pretending to be republicans, the media continues to disgorge the collectivity of the Uniparty Communists who represent themselves and no one else. As such they have been fed scripts to blast in order to maintain their membership in the Mafia Cult.

Americans are tired of these fools.   We are tired of the buffoons!   The idiots elected by fraud whose degrees and bios somehow don’t seem indicative of the intelligence displayed.   Everyone is a Harvard grad Summa Cum Laude.   This ridiculous academia would seemingly produce political morons and liars – with law degrees that were never used…

The video evidence provided to Carlson reveals the insidious desire to eliminate from earth any and all MAGA’s.   Don’t do anything – for fear of jail.   Stay in your home – for fear of Guantanamo!     We are coming to get YOU!   We will destroy YOU!   As the UK Health Minister detailed – FEAR is the prime ingredient to societal collapse.

What the video does NOT present is a Legal Insurrection:   “insurrection, an organized and usually violent act of revolt or rebellion against an established government or governing authority of a nation-state or other political entity by a group of its citizens or subjects; also, any act of engaging in such a revolt.”

And the Legal Definition of a Revolt:   1. : a renouncing of allegiance (as to a government or party) especially : a determined armed uprising. : a movement or expression of vigorous dissent.

Armed Uprising is a Key Definition because the ONLY people armed January 6th were the police, the FBI and the Anarchists hired by the FBI. Therefore there was NO insurrection.

True to Form, Today’s Headline:
“Intel Community Warns of Complex Threats From China, Russia and North Korea!”

Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence, was a lawyer who never lawyered.   Obama appointed her to his staff and her status was solidified. She became deputy Director of the CIA – and fate followed.

Haines latest Intel Report Claims:  

“The U.S. is expected to face a “complex” security environment and will need to work to confront two “critical” strategic challenges: rising powers, like China, seeking dominance in the global order, and challenges like climate change, which could “intersect” and intensify their national security implications, the U.S. intelligence community assessed.”

The threats posed by Haines include all the rhetoric possible.   And absolutely nothing new.   China and Russia want to be global powers, military equipment is being bolstered, and cyber concerns are high…   A worthless document.   But reflective of obsession to be The World Power.

What is The World Order?

World Order: “a preferred arrangement of power and authority that is associated with the realization of such values as peace, economic growth and equity, human rights, and environmental quality and sustainability.”

a)   ‘preferred’ is subjective as it must be unanimous –

b)   ‘the realization of values’ – on a global scale – this is an impossibility.   Values are also subjective for some it revolves around religion, for others it is segregation, and for others it is honor.

The US has not even achieved value #1 listed – in fact it hasn’t achieved any of the aforementioned values at all!   IF the US was ‘utopia’ then perhaps it could influence others with its version of governing. Inciting violence, using communist tactics, devolving the economy into crumbles, and dividing every ethnic, social and societal construct – is NOT Utopia.   America’s Uniparty Government is Obsolete and needs to be razed.

Viktor Bout – Russian Arms Dealer Framed by DEA & CIA?

Brittney Griner was traded for Viktor Bout. Bouts entire history as an arms dealer is contrived and unproven.   Every allegation is preceded by ‘allegedly’.   Because there is absolutely no evidence, no proof.   His ‘biography’ does not exist with the exception that he was a pilot and fluent in five languages.   It appears, his entire story is a creation of the CIA.   And the charges ultimately used against him were a result of a sting operation conducted by the DEA in THAILAND…

In 1998 Clinton began funneling money to the Colombian government in the guise of the CIA “Plan Colombia’.   The purpose was billed to American Taxpayers as the ‘’Fight Against Drug Trafficking” – in particular, Cocaine.

As result of Clinton and the CIA’s actions, aide to Colombia rose from $115 million in 1998 to nearly a billion in 2000.   Between 2001 and 2011, US “assistance’” exceeded $650 million annually – always under the auspices of The War on Drugs!

TODAY, Colombia’s cocaine production is at record highs with a 42% increase in 2021 alone.   While spraying of Monsanto and other noxious pesticides continues unabated, the coca plant has evolved and is now considered immune to the toxins.

According to The Institute for Policy Studies based in DC, the CIA has been involved in the trafficking of arms and drugs since 1947.   First in France, then Asia, Indochina, Australia, Panama, and finally in Central America.   Costa Rico and Guatemala were routes used by the CIA to fly arms and drugs to the contra’s in Nicaragua.   They had their own airlines, Air America, and later Southern Air – both owned by the  CIA and Pentagon.

Every CIA Director since its inception was involved in the illegal trade.   Hearings were led by John Kerry…  

In 2006, the CIA ran the illegal arms trade, ‘Fast & Furious’, again ostensibly to control the illegal purchase by Drug Cartels.   Instead they arrested a few US citizens who belonged to a car club.  Most of the guns were never recovered.

In 2007, it was revealed that the Colombian government was working with the rebel groups in funneling cocaine out of the country.   The US at that point was providing the Colombian government over $650million annually.

In March 2008, the US DEA set up a sting operation and pretended to be FARC, one of the rebel groups of Colombia that is a designated a ‘terrorist organization’.   The target of the operation was Viktor Bout.   The sting operatives claimed their Leader was in Bangkok – and Bout traveled there where he was arrested by the Bangkok Police based on an Interpol Warrant issued by the US Department of Justice, Eric Holder.

For 2 years Thailand refused extradition to the US stating that the charges were ‘politically motivated’. Under pressure from Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder, Thailand relented and sent Bout to the US.    

The charges levied included: “conspiracy to provide material support or resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization, conspiring to kill Americans, conspiring to kill American officers or employees, and conspiring to acquire and use an anti-aircraft missile.  Additional charges against him were filed in February 2010. These included illegal purchase of aircraft, wire fraud and money laundering.”

According to the judge in the trial, the only evidence for the entire conviction was The DEA Sting. ALL the charges for ‘conspiring’ were actually thus ‘opinion’ of what might have happened and the basis for previous actions used to discredit his character bore absolutely no evidence.

What was the political motivation that Thailand had declared and 2 years later lifted?

“The Merchant of Death” label attached to Bout was instituted in 2005 by writer Nick Kochan whose writings have appeared in The Economist, run by the Rothschilds, and a British Trade Magazine, The Banker. The Banker ranks the top ten world banks – China holds 4 spots including #1.   Kochan also regularly appears on the UK government owned radio station BBC.

Why was Bout targeted?   Was he simply a distraction from the CIA guns and drug trafficking scandals?   Was he set up? Given the entirety of evidence is the word of the Sting agent(s) did they have audio and visual recordings?   Apparently they did make a list of the weapons which they gave to the prosecutor.

The DEA Head coordinator of the takedown of Bout was Thomas Harrigan.   Harrigan had only just been appointed to the position DEA’s Chief of Operations by Bush in 2008, less than 1 month before the Sting.   His degree is in education.   Harrigan was subsequently promoted to Deputy Director of the DEA by Obama in 2011 – after Bout’s trial.

Preet Bharara was the NY Southern District prosecutor in the Bout case. Bharara was chief counsel to Schumer and nominated to NY Southern District by Obama. When President Trump took office, Bharara was dismissed from his position after he refused to resign.

None of the charges included drug trafficking.   So why was the DEA even involved?

Why wasn’t Viktor Bout sting by ATF?   Why is Bout’s entire bio a mish-mash of ‘allegedly’, ‘supposedly’, ‘maybe’, could have’?   How can the Department of Justice uphold ‘allegations’ without evidence regarding Bout’s past activities?   Was the entire STING a message to Putin?

The Trial Exhibit of Bout’s transcript with the DEA Agents – has been scrubbed.


GLOBAL STATE OF EMERGENCY:   As long as a state of emergency is in effect – governments are not bound by typical jurisdiction law and can rule by Executive Order.   CoVid deaths are now nominal, but if the government lifts the State of Emergency then the PCR test and ALL vaccines will no longer be approved.   Therefore, vaccine cards would also be worthless.   Masks, restrictions, everything would by ‘law’ return to normal.

What to do – What to DO????

Declare Climate Change a State of Emergency – thereby extending indefinitely the Dictatorship of Law and Order. Media outlets across the globe have now lost the CoVid narrative and are bracing to switch gears – hereafter Climate Change will be called Climate Emergency! Of course they cite the same ‘science’ that was useful idiot for CoVid to validate their new alliance.

Of course the fact that our jet stream has just switched from el Nino to la Nina – is wholly ignored!   And given ‘science’ didn’t even enter the climate fray until the mid 1800’s, when they cite, ‘hottest on Record’, that record would be for a mere 150 years at best within their 500million years of earth existence – .00003% of historical evaluation.   Although even that is fairly and flatly a lie because the initial means of temperature measurement was conducted by a lone ship in the sea and one man sticking a thermometer into the waters.

THAT is Science.

Oddly, the UN has determined a 7.53% reduction every year until the magic year, 2030, will solve all problems forever and ever – Amen. The US chooses NOT to reveal how they came to this declaration – but insist that a busy bee told them so!   Problem:   The only country to have actually reduced emissions would be – The US.   And that was under the Trump administration.

Nonetheless Nations across the globe continue to make pacts to ‘try’ pinky swear!

The UN states that if we do nothing Insects will die and thus plants will die – oops does that include Gates proposal for everyone to live on a diet of crickets?   The coral reef will die, the arctic ocean will have NO sea ice at all, and here’s the doozy – 10 million people would be affected by the end of the century… aka 2200.   Representing roughly a bit over .125% of the global population. The term ‘affecting’ is not elaborated.   Perhaps affecting would mean .125% of the population would become trillionaires…   Playing with words is – the game and the gamut. Lastly, the UN states that the ‘frequency of ‘intensity of weather is likely’.     LIKELY?   Is that a Scientific Term?

The “Goals” delineated by the UN to protect against Climate Emergency include: elimination of poverty, affordable clean energy, life below water, sustainable cities, sustainable consumption, climate action and life on land.

Life below Water would seem oblivious to the fact that Japan has stated they will be dumping all their Fukishima nuclear waste into the ocean…   Sustainable City crap is all about the complete scraping of major city infrastructure, business and housing, so as to subject these cities to dire Mad Max levels.   Thereafter, the land will be free and the Deep State Structure will confiscate such land. Sustainable Consumption is all about Bill Gates eating hamburgers while relegating the peasants to subsist on crickets and synthetic foods that have absolutely no nutrient value whatsoever.

The warning is that if you felt your freedoms quashed by CoVid, it will seem like a picnic compared to what they intend to enforce within a Climate Emergency status!

This time – the draconian laws will restrict food consumption given animals and birds are now apparently responsible for Climate Change.   Ranchers will be set to idle.   And the advent of crickets as the new protein source will be the gilded Troy.   Driving will be restricted and travel passports will be ushered giving people a stated number of miles they are allowed before a lock or boot will preserve your precious automobile from the dastardly service of mobility.   Utilities will become rationed. Ultimately, water will be apportioned.   And the drone will be – “Save Lives”.

All In The Name Of Climate Emergency.

I wonder how much pollution the riots are causing across the globe with fires, destruction, smoke, and damage to infrastructure?   Once Covid is revealed as suddenly noninfective, will the new riots be about people who continue to eat meat and chicken?   Will we be called heartless for not becoming a cricket eater?   Will schools have to shut down because of rationing?

Biden has stated that the next emergency will be executed in July when CoVid suddenly evaporates into the winds.   Will suburbs then fall into decay as all the money is now focused on rebuilding ‘smart cities’?   Paid for by the massive hike in property taxes?

The ONLY way to return to normal is to lift the State of Emergency Protocol.   Because every governor, every mayor, every political appointee, has been elevated to dictator status and thus able to arbitrarily declare citizens are criminals and criminals are citizens above the law.

Our police are complicit when they enforce these protocols.   Our FBI and CIA are truly devoid of Law and Order.   Our Courts are ruled by anarchy.   Our President is brain-dead.   And the Deep State Ruling Class is desperate to effectuate a 50-60% genocide of all superfluous humans – by 2030.

Law Enforcement; police, sheriffs, military, need to step to the plate!   You HAVE to realize that the ethics, the War, the riots, the shooting of officers, the conviction of officers – is NOT in defense of your Constitutional Pledge! It is about you becoming a target from ALL SIDES.

US & GERMANY: The Abolition of LAW and JUSTICE – A Prelude To Fascism

Does LAW exist any longer?   Has the US Constitution already been abolished and we weren’t told?  

The White House has sanctioned Russia for poisoning the coup cabal alliance, Navalny.   The evidence? Navalny says so – pinky swear.

The sanctions imposed by the White House froze the US assets of seven Russian officials, although no one seems to know if any of them actually have any US assets.   In addition, 14 companies associated with Russia’s biological and chemical production were sanctioned with unknown ‘punitive measures’.   The EU claims its sanctions are a result of Navalny’s arrest – not the poisoning.

According to Russia, a part of the restrictions imposed relate to Section 126.1 US International Traffic of Arms, noting that Moscow has not bought arms from the US since WWII. Ah!  And still, Secretary of State Blinken is hailed as a genius for his superb and fast actions.

The entire Navalny saga is old – but the Cabal doesn’t seem to have another tactic. As such Navalny will remain in the penal colony, and Russia will do business as usual.

But it isn’t just the US that has completely forfeit its justice system, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has declared that they will investigate war crimes in the Palestinian Territory.   This comes after they held a meeting in February and determined they had the jurisdiction to conduct the investigation.  Of course they had to clarify that the investigation will be carried out “independently, impartially and objectively, without fear or favor.”   Which is Orwellian speak for:  Everyone knows the outcome is pre-determined, much like political polls in the US.

The International Criminal Court was only formed in 2002. According to their charter, they may only investigate and prosecute crimes committed within member states, crimes committed by nationals of member states, or crimes in situations referred to the Court by the United Nations Security Council.

Of course the fact that neither Israel or Palestine are member states seems to allude the very astute Judicial Government of the ICC.

It would appear, of their 30 cases, nearly all are against an individual within Africa.   And no mention of China’s genocide against the Uyghurs is made.  Selective Justice.

Six newly appointed judges of the ICC Hague Criminal Court were appointed this past December including: Ms Joanna Korner of the UK who is nearly 70 years old and was appointed for a nine year term, just in time for Agenda 2030 at which point she will be nearly 80!    Mr Gocha Lordkipanidze of Georgia proclaims his specialty to be ‘reparation rewards’ without offering to whom or for what.  Other appointees come from Mexico, Sierre Leone, Costa Rica, and Trinidad.  Seems a rather odd lot…

In the midst of a coming election in Germany as Merkel finally bows out, the federal party has decided to declare they have put the right leaning AfD party under surveillance. The claim is that it is for the protection of the German Constitution…

Of course the real reason is fear.   The Socialists in Germany are concerned the AfD will garner more support given the egregious lockdowns and economic devastation imposed by Merkel’s wundermörder. The AfD is anti-illegal immigration, anti-EU, anti-communism and pro-German nationalism.   Like President Trump the AfD has been labeled fascist, pro-Nazi, racist, Islamaphobic, etc…

In order to defame their true ideology, the German government has chosen to claim they are: “a right-wing extremist endeavor against the free democratic basic order” and as “not compatible with the Basic Law” .

Because of the sheer number of parties running elections in Germany, the percentage to win is hugely diluted. Merkel won the previous election with just under 33% of the popular vote.  And thus any defection would likely be similar to the Pro-Trump faction.

Does Germany even have the right to surveil the AfD?   It is not much different than the US declaring pro-Trump groups as terrorists while allowing Antifa and BLM to continue destroying entire cities unabated.  

These far reaching points of Law and Justice are fascist.   When a government usurps law and creates its own version it has essentially empowered itself as a dictatorship.

There was no evidence to support Navalny’s claim. And yet, because he is the Cabal’s intended ruler of Russia, and the EU and US have succumbed, law is no longer relevant.

The overreach of the ICC despite their own rules prohibiting investigations of nonmembers, means International law is no longer relevant.

And Germany’s declaration that AfD is essentially a terrorist organization because it supports freedom – means EU law is no longer relevant.

And it is only a matter of time before this form of fascism is either confronted or allowed to conquer our entire global system.

EPSTEIN & SOROS: Legalize Prostitution to Save Child Trafficking…

In the midst of the Jeffrey Epstein sexual assault and pedophilia revelations that ensnare hundreds if not thousands of high profile people, Soros and his NGO’s are busily advocating for decriminalization of sex work throughout Africa, the US and South America.

One citation used Rhode Island to support the idea claiming that rape had been lowered significantly.   Prostitution was legal in Rhode Island between 1990 and 2009. During that time rape hit an all time peak in 2003 topping 505 reported cases.

Like gun laws, there appears to be absolutely no correlation, nothing to prove that legalizing the sex trade will have any positive impact on rape – and certainly not sex trafficking.

In the US, the average age of a girl entering street prostitution is – 12!   Children account for 36% of sex trafficking.   1.5 million children are trafficked every year. In 2007, Germany identified 689…crumbs.   Germany is considered a hub for bringing trafficked children to be ‘redistributed’, and for providing sexual prostitution.  Why? Because prostitution is legal and thus provides backdoors.

The UN is continually found to be complicit and yet there is no ramification.

So how will legal prostitution change that?

Epstein and his entourage were prime examples. They did not seek out prostitutes. They sought underage girls. Pedophilia is what they want. No one wants an over-used prostitute – they want young nubiles, virgins!   They want the girl to cry, to be petrified, to fear!   The Epstein’s in this world, and there are likely millions, don’t want a rough prostitute, they want angelic, they want domination over someone who cannot say ‘no’.

Wake up!

Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador are prime locations for abducting girls and boys for trafficking. Why? Because their parent’s sell them. Because poverty precludes sanity.   Because they can. These children are then exported to the US, the EU, and Canada.  The younger, the more valuable.

Rani Hong was abducted from his home in India at the age of 7 and sold to a couple in Canada under the guise of an ‘illegal adoption’.   In reality, he was their slave for anything and everything they demanded.   He didn’t go to ‘school’.   He didn’t have a life.

Legalizing prostitution would have zero impact on his life or the 1.5 million children trafficked each year.

After Germany legalized prostitution, according to Dr. Kraus, it has been disastrous.   Men no longer have any boundaries, there is no line drawn, and the assaults have escalated against prostitutes who are now seen as chattel, or worse.  In her words, prostitution is not about ‘sexual liberation’ as the left would have us believe, it is about money, pure and simple.   She provides statistics that in Germany a prostitute must ‘serve’ six men a day just to break-even in expenses.

And just as the mass immigration from Latin America was largely predicated on providing children for traffickers in the US, Germany’s mass immigration from Africa was likely a similar agenda. The difference? Merkel encouraged it and little to nothing is done to mitigate it.

So what would be accomplished by the Soros agenda for legal prostitution?

A market would be legitimized.   That would hugely expand the territory, and the $$$$.   But it would also open the door to lax oversight.   Twelve year old girls could be masked. And in reality it would likely increase sex trafficking, particularly of minors, given they represent the biggest money.  In reality, money is the only real game. In the world of Epstein, prostitution in ‘young people’ was justifiable.

When advertising legalized prostitution, the justification will remain ‘who is too young to matter’.     Given the market for young girls, and the fact that fake ID’s are a dime a dozen, and backrooms can easily house different tastes, given that the front door would now be ‘legal’, police would likely have little ability to even get a viable search warrant.

Decriminalizing prostitution has been shown to create an uptick in human trafficking given the age old phenomena of supply and demand. Demand would increase and the chattel would need replenishing.   Germany is a prime example. Prostitution was legalized and brothels needed slaves. They brought them in from India, Romania, and the Philippines.   According to a recent article in DW, “German customers can rent a child in the Philippines for an hour, who then has to do whatever they want in front of a webcam.”

It is estimated that modern slavery is a multi-billion dollar business ranking 3rd largest in the world and representing over 40 million victims.   And yet, somehow in the US we’re still debating and accusing white people of slave ownership dating 200-300 years ago by some possible distant relative – as in my fifth cousin 100 times removed. And in so doing, the real problem that exists today gets no attention, no grief, and no media.

Epstein and his entourage were pedophiles. But they could have simply gone to legal brothels… right?   They could have paid prostitutes.   But that’s not what they wanted.  

Mueller vs Deutsche Bank and Trump

The latest Mueller/NY Attorney General scandalous investigation is the relationship between Germany’s Deutsche Bank and Trump.  Apparently, Deutsche Bank made ‘loans’ to Trump totaling $2 billion over a period of twenty years, and Trump still owes roughly $360 million or 17% of the total.  Why is this worthy of investigation?   According to the lynch mob, it is because Deutsche Bank made the loans when no other bank would and 15 salesmen were given a tour of Mar a Lago in Florida. Very incriminating…according to the New York Times.

Deutsche Bank has been mired in catastrophic legal issues for over a decade including;  tax evasion, espionage, wire fraud, libor scandal, fraudulent transactions, sale of toxic mortgage securities, violating sanctions and money laundering.

Trump is a ‘client’, borrowed funds, applied the funds to his various business ventures, and made payments.

The NY Attorney General who has announced efforts to join the Mueller investigation is Letitia James, a democrat feminist who claims to be a specialist in ‘predatory lending’. However, her resume would seem to include nothing to that regard with one interesting exception.  In 2016, as New York’s Public Advocate, she attempted to force six financial institutions to end their practice of loaning money to gun manufacturers.   The current Public Advocate is Corey Johnson.

Deutsche Bank is hardly alone in its embroil of scandals.  For example, the list against Citigroup includes;  money laundering, deceiving investors, bond market manipulation, the rearrangement of global capital supply chains benefiting elites and immigrants, Terra securities scandal, theft from client accounts, futures market manipulation…etc – etc – etc.

JP Morgan Chase, the largest capitalized bank in the US has its fair share of controversies and corruption, including;  improper handling of ADR’s, discrimination, Asia corruption, Bernie Madoff fraud, bribery, securities fraud, extremely risky speculative trading, sanction violations, obstruction of justice, manipulation of energy market, breach of contract, etc – etc – etc.

In the last decade there have been 116 lawsuits filed against Wells Fargo.

In essence, it would appear that bank corruption is relatively commonplace and provides a rather lucrative, steady stream of income to the Federal Reserve in the form of fines, fee, and penalties.

In conjunction with the US Department of Justice, the major Plaintiff in lawsuits against banks worldwide is the Federal Reserve.  Suing banks for malfeasance the ‘profit’ is divided among the Federal Reserve and various state and federal agencies.  Typically, New York is involved in the action and thus the recipient of a pool of $$$$.

November 2018, the Federal Reserve portion of a lawsuit against Societe Generale S.A. was $81.3 million out of a total $1.34 billion.

The Federal Reserve is a private enterprise making insanely large profits.  With an Operation expense of roughly $6 billion, it routinely generates income of roughly $88-$100 billion – translating to a profit margin of 93% to 94%.  Excess profits are sent to the US Treasury.

The previous US Secretary of the Treasury was Jack Lew who worked under the Clinton administration as well as the Obama administration.   Between working in those two administrations, Lew was chief operating officer for Citigroup’s Alternative Investments working the Cayman Island, Bermuda and Hong Kong branches.   Of course these branches are notably offshore allowing tax avoidance havens for those who desire to hide wealth.   Coincidence?  Possible. But not likely.

While Lew was still at Citigroup, Obama announced a massive bailout deal for the bank after the stock price collapsed and insolvency was proposed.   Two months later, Lew was appointed to US Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources, then White House Chief of Staff and ultimately Secretary of Treasury.

He served a purpose.

What Mueller and Letitia James might not fully understand is the thicket of intertwined exchange of money, laundering, banks, and hidden assets that is historically inherent in the Clinton and Obama administrations.  Over his head, Mueller’s digging might actually let loose the buzzards and locusts from Pandora’s Box.  Only it won’t be Trump that is revealed, it will be The Reptilian Swampers, and Mueller will find that the calling card of the Cabal is Murder by Suicide.

In the meantime, taxpayers of all party affiliations continue to shell out/pay for this vastly expensive investigation that has unveiled – nothing.  Deutsche Bank will be taken down.   During WWII, the bank sided with Hitler and the Nazi’s confiscating jewish owned companies, firing its Jewish Board Members, financing Auschwitz and IG Farben, and supporting Turkey.  Shares of Deutsche Bank currently trade at $9.04.