Viktor Bout – Russian Arms Dealer Framed by DEA & CIA?

Brittney Griner was traded for Viktor Bout. Bouts entire history as an arms dealer is contrived and unproven.   Every allegation is preceded by ‘allegedly’.   Because there is absolutely no evidence, no proof.   His ‘biography’ does not exist with the exception that he was a pilot and fluent in five languages.   It appears, his entire story is a creation of the CIA.   And the charges ultimately used against him were a result of a sting operation conducted by the DEA in THAILAND…

In 1998 Clinton began funneling money to the Colombian government in the guise of the CIA “Plan Colombia’.   The purpose was billed to American Taxpayers as the ‘’Fight Against Drug Trafficking” – in particular, Cocaine.

As result of Clinton and the CIA’s actions, aide to Colombia rose from $115 million in 1998 to nearly a billion in 2000.   Between 2001 and 2011, US “assistance’” exceeded $650 million annually – always under the auspices of The War on Drugs!

TODAY, Colombia’s cocaine production is at record highs with a 42% increase in 2021 alone.   While spraying of Monsanto and other noxious pesticides continues unabated, the coca plant has evolved and is now considered immune to the toxins.

According to The Institute for Policy Studies based in DC, the CIA has been involved in the trafficking of arms and drugs since 1947.   First in France, then Asia, Indochina, Australia, Panama, and finally in Central America.   Costa Rico and Guatemala were routes used by the CIA to fly arms and drugs to the contra’s in Nicaragua.   They had their own airlines, Air America, and later Southern Air – both owned by the  CIA and Pentagon.

Every CIA Director since its inception was involved in the illegal trade.   Hearings were led by John Kerry…  

In 2006, the CIA ran the illegal arms trade, ‘Fast & Furious’, again ostensibly to control the illegal purchase by Drug Cartels.   Instead they arrested a few US citizens who belonged to a car club.  Most of the guns were never recovered.

In 2007, it was revealed that the Colombian government was working with the rebel groups in funneling cocaine out of the country.   The US at that point was providing the Colombian government over $650million annually.

In March 2008, the US DEA set up a sting operation and pretended to be FARC, one of the rebel groups of Colombia that is a designated a ‘terrorist organization’.   The target of the operation was Viktor Bout.   The sting operatives claimed their Leader was in Bangkok – and Bout traveled there where he was arrested by the Bangkok Police based on an Interpol Warrant issued by the US Department of Justice, Eric Holder.

For 2 years Thailand refused extradition to the US stating that the charges were ‘politically motivated’. Under pressure from Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder, Thailand relented and sent Bout to the US.    

The charges levied included: “conspiracy to provide material support or resources to a designated foreign terrorist organization, conspiring to kill Americans, conspiring to kill American officers or employees, and conspiring to acquire and use an anti-aircraft missile.  Additional charges against him were filed in February 2010. These included illegal purchase of aircraft, wire fraud and money laundering.”

According to the judge in the trial, the only evidence for the entire conviction was The DEA Sting. ALL the charges for ‘conspiring’ were actually thus ‘opinion’ of what might have happened and the basis for previous actions used to discredit his character bore absolutely no evidence.

What was the political motivation that Thailand had declared and 2 years later lifted?

“The Merchant of Death” label attached to Bout was instituted in 2005 by writer Nick Kochan whose writings have appeared in The Economist, run by the Rothschilds, and a British Trade Magazine, The Banker. The Banker ranks the top ten world banks – China holds 4 spots including #1.   Kochan also regularly appears on the UK government owned radio station BBC.

Why was Bout targeted?   Was he simply a distraction from the CIA guns and drug trafficking scandals?   Was he set up? Given the entirety of evidence is the word of the Sting agent(s) did they have audio and visual recordings?   Apparently they did make a list of the weapons which they gave to the prosecutor.

The DEA Head coordinator of the takedown of Bout was Thomas Harrigan.   Harrigan had only just been appointed to the position DEA’s Chief of Operations by Bush in 2008, less than 1 month before the Sting.   His degree is in education.   Harrigan was subsequently promoted to Deputy Director of the DEA by Obama in 2011 – after Bout’s trial.

Preet Bharara was the NY Southern District prosecutor in the Bout case. Bharara was chief counsel to Schumer and nominated to NY Southern District by Obama. When President Trump took office, Bharara was dismissed from his position after he refused to resign.

None of the charges included drug trafficking.   So why was the DEA even involved?

Why wasn’t Viktor Bout sting by ATF?   Why is Bout’s entire bio a mish-mash of ‘allegedly’, ‘supposedly’, ‘maybe’, could have’?   How can the Department of Justice uphold ‘allegations’ without evidence regarding Bout’s past activities?   Was the entire STING a message to Putin?

The Trial Exhibit of Bout’s transcript with the DEA Agents – has been scrubbed.

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  1. ” How can the Department of Justice uphold ‘allegations’ without evidence……… ?” Helena

    Why? For the same reason they claim the mRna shot for fake covid is 95% effective and very safe. A prevarication degree is required to work for government.

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