Ann Coulter – Ethnic Terminology Gone Awry

While the media decries the valueless rhetoric that our candidates banter in this election campaign, they seemed fixated on terms Ann Coulter used to describe different ethnicities, as in; Mandarin and Hispanic. Instead of discussing the situation, the entire media rhetoric then became a blast of cynical spew regarding the outdated politically incorrect terminology… In other words, they became exactly what they were deriding in two seconds time!

And while we continually are required to ‘update’ our politically correct ethnic terminology on a constant basis as in; Negro, Black, African American, we have become the mud – sucked into a pit of quicksand.

A bit of history:

The term Negro literally means ‘black’ in Spanish, hence changing from Negro to Black was really one and the same and there was nothing derogatory intended at all. Given that Caucasians are called White, now and forever, is simply to differentiate skin color, the same as Blacks. And it hasn’t changed. Our skin color has not changed, and it is the ethnic category given to us by our government.

Mandarin refers to ‘Standard Chinese, which is often simply referred to as Chinese’. It was never a derogatory term, it was simply a single reference of ethnicity.   So no, a dialect is not an ethnicity, but neither is a skin color, white, black and everything in between!

If we have become so shallow that we become unraveled over an innocent term of ethnic origin, maybe we need to re-evaluate every person’s tongue. For example, ‘whitey’ is used by Blacks as a derogatory term, therefore it can be said to be inciting racial discrimination and riot and thus be cause for jail.

In addition, henceforth I propose that we create all new ethnic references. From now on we will have to categorize people by their true identity; Germaic-Irish-Swedish-American, Norwegian-Scottish-Germaic-English-Asian-American, Columbian-Germaic-Portugese-American… Given the perhaps hundreds of thousands of possible combinations (you do the math), I imagine the paperwork alone would be a true government-unbiased-politically-correct- avalanche when offering the ‘box to check’ on any application!

And the term Hispanics vs Latinos – well hey, there is not one application that I know of that makes that differentiation. I was not aware that it was considered a derogatory term, and apparently the government has not been made aware either given it is the census term and application term used exclusively.  Hello – earth to Mz Reid…

So I suggest Joy Reid get a life and discuss the issues, instead of badgering over ‘inconsequentials’. And for the record, Mz. Reid, you are not African American you are Congolese-Guyana-American. Or, in government terms you are; African-Hispanic-American. But since Guyana was colonized by the Dutch and British, and since Guyana has ethnicities that include Indian, Black, Amerindian and Other, to be absolutely politically correct we would have to refer to you as: African-Indian-Amerindian-Dutch-British-Hispanic-Other-American.

WHEW! I hope we got that one settled.

Now – what were you saying about the pathetic rioting children instigating racial discrimination?

Memorial Day – To My Daddy

Dear Daddy,

I wanted to thank you for sacrificing your life, your health, your honor, your emotions, your heart, your limbs for this country that we call the Land of The Free. I wanted you to know that everything you did ‘mattered’, it made a difference, it gave hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions the chance to live when you had to die.

I wanted to say that the burning hole that filled your heart was not in vain and that despite the vagrancies of a few self consumed children, there are many, more than many, who truly appreciate that you gave your life so that we could live. Do not be grieved. Do not be fearful that we are a fallen country, that your sacrifice was in vain, for even if you saved one life, it was more than anyone else can claim. What we seem to have forgotten is that to save even One, is worth the consequence of that action.

I wanted to say that even though you had such a short life, and you had such high spirits to find salve for the brokenness inside you, you made a huge impact on one life – mine. When I am down, I think of you. When I am in trials, I think of you. When I am melancholy, I look at your picture and I find peace. You were an amazing dad. An amazing man.

You were stricken with multiple cancers. You suffered miserably. Your heart was broken by the terror you witnessed, and yet, you were able to try and put it behind you, more pain, more suffering, more violence than most experience in twenty lifetimes. Thank you daddy. I wish I could soften that pain.

I think of you every day even though you passed nearly forty years ago. I think of how you were my personal savior, my hero, my strength, my rock amidst the storms. I miss you terribly and wish you could help guide me through my own trials, but take comfort in knowing that you are still with me in spirit, if not in the physical form.

Thank you daddy.

I know that sometimes you had fun while serving this country, sometimes you found humor, and sometimes you found death and hardship, but you persevered – until God took you while you were yet so young, I know that you watch over me every single day of my life. I want you to know that your sacrifice means everything to us even if some of us don’t see it – but have patience, one day, I believe they will come around and see how much you gave for them, for me, for all of us. One day, they will come to understand that each man is unique to his calling, and that while there are the few who fail, there are many more who are so incredibly self sacrificing, so giving, so focused on making this world a place of good, that the Hillarys and the Obamas and the Bills and the Nixons and the Jacksons, and the Johnsons, well they are just a fly to be swat in the scheme of things. They are nothing. The proverbial specks of sand…

I wish you could be here today with your grandchildren and great grandchildren and even great-great grandchildren! What a legacy you have created, a vine of love, and of honor and of respect, that I can not ever be anything but humbled by your heart.

Thank you daddy.

I wish I had been older and wiser and could have asked you more questions, and listened harder, learned deeper and held your hand more often. I wish I could have you near me now in my trials and ask for your advice. I will forever hold you as my hero, and will try to honor your name through my children, their children, and for generations beyond. I will pass on everything I know in stories and anecdotes and hopefully, your memory will be passed for eternity to come.

Dear Daddy, I really wish you were here with me today, because I’ve made so many stupid mistakes and I think maybe I would have been better if you had been there to guide me and set my path straighter. Because right now it really, really sucks.

I wish the military had been brighter and more compassionate toward their people. I wish that you had not been a guinea pig in the Nevada nuclear tests. I wish that I could have learned more than the whisper of time I was given. I wish you could have had the wishes you wished for in your life and that maybe I could have shared some of those with you.

But most of all – I wish you were here with me today to take away the pain and make it right like you always did – because you were my – hero. And I miss you so terribly.

Election Mudslinging – Routine

We act as though this election is unique, as though peaceful and polite elections have always been the norm. As though candidates speak with genuine concern and kindness, lauding their opponent for their great experience and compassionate loyalty to America. We act as though this time – it is different – when in fact, it is no different than every time.

We act as though Democrats will suddenly be respectful toward Republicans and visa-versa. We act as though the media will be unbiased… and truthful. We point fingers at the elections of other ‘third world’ countries and mock them and deride them for being corrupted all the while politely ignoring the fact that we routinely have 125% turnout in Florida… and 100% voting for one candidate in a number of counties. We lose hundreds of thousands of ballots –  and shrug.

And yet, this time, it is all different.

We have thugs rioting against a candidate and the media trying to claim the candidate is at ‘fault’?    But this time it is different. Every other time in the history of elections when the mudslinging, and screaming, and defaming, and pandering, and lies and pathetic behavior was being exalted, those times don’t exist – only this time – now.

The grand and glorious election for London’s mayor was mired in election fraud, hundreds of thousands of lost ballots, polling places that were strangely shut-down, machines that oddly voted for only one candidate, candidates names omitted from ballots, people turned away from voting – and yet this election was ‘not corrupt’, this English system of elections and democracy…

When has anyone loved the candidate? Nixon got 61% of the votes – Bill 43%… but Bill is a Democrat hero and Nixon a crook. Remember who was running against Billy? Gary Hart, who dropped out when it was discovered he was having an affair… Ironic, isn’t it?

Andrew Jackson arranged for a hooker to frame his opponent, John Quincy Adams called Andrew Jackson a murderer, Lewis Cass was a pot-bellied, mutton headed cucumber, Federalists claimed Thomas Jefferson was dead, Martin Van Buren was portrayed as a perfume smelling effete peacock, McCain was accused of fathering an illegitimate black child, Grover Cleveland was a leche that rivaled Bill Clinton, and Abraham Lincoln put out a very tacky handbill about his opponent claiming he was lost and his mommy worried, and stating that he was called the Little Giant (he was 5’4”), talked incessantly about himself and was very loud. The handbill got quite a laugh – at Stephen Douglas’ expense, and ultimately won Lincoln the election – who on his second term only garnered 39% of the votes.

This is democracy and diplomacy at it’s best.

So next time you see a bunch of wilies who obviously don’t have a job and don’t have a life, out picketing and screaming and throwing rocks and glass bottles at the police – for anti-Trump funzies, remember, this is the US election system. Where tabulations are done in Spain by a Soros organization, where polling machines are bought from Venezuela where Hugo Chavez laughed at how easy it was to manipulate machine votes, where people/citizens think that lying and cheating is just ‘the name of the game’ and everyone does it, where illegals can vote twenty times and no one cares, and where a President can be President after a history of being a cocaine dealer, a fraud, and a nobody who writes a fake book, uses ten different Social Security numbers, has a fake Birth Certificate, promotes radical Islam, refuses to produce one iota of his college records, decries transparency for all – but himself, and has the gall to claim another candidate knows nothing about ‘foreign policy’ when he couldn’t find Cuba or Vietnam or Bolivia, or Guam on a map if his life depended on it.

Ear-Mic… help me out cause I don’t remember the question, I was too busy pruning myself and trying to figure out if that white chick in front is coming on to me…

So step back, have a beer, and watch the Games. Cause it’s all rigged anyway.

ANYONE? ANYONE? Where is Bueller when you need him?

Hollistic Doctor Deaths –

GcMAF. Ever heard of it? Nor had I. But it’s efficacy claims as an immuno ‘cure’ as opposed to a ‘treatment’ for cancer, HIV and autism, were squashed when it was found NOT to be patentable.  Without a patent, the Big Pharma wouldn’t stand a chance to make mega-profits…  and therein lies the story!

Because GcMAF is considered a naturally occurring molecule in the human body – it is not patentable unless it is modified.

Enter Big Pharma:

It made headlines when a doctor in Georgia who was using the protein for a variety of patients had his office raided by FDA Agents who confiscated all the material – and then the good doctor turned up dead four days later, June 19, 2015. A former Christian pastor, it was concluded that he committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest and then jumping in the Rocky Broad River. “The gun” was found nearby. He was also on the Board of Medi-Share, a Christian health insurance exchange which holds to the values and morals of Christ centered living – i.e., suicide is a sin.

The controversy over GcMAF is rooted in the UK and Big Pharma. GcMAF was discovered in the early 1990’s, and first publicly introduced in 2007 by microbioilogist Nobuto Yamamoto as a potential cure for various forms of cancer, HIV and autism, the research was rejected by cancer institutes who made no attempt to investigate further. The findings were claimed to be fictitious and the medical journal that advocated for the protein was labeled junk journalism. But the journal was actually the International Journal of Cancer, a widely accepted prestigious medical journal. And it would appear, the molecule has simply been re-named.

In 2014, seven years later, the article was retracted. But not before Dr. Bradstreet cultivated quite a following.

A Washington Post article published about a month after the death of Dr. Bradstreet, attempts to vilify the use of GcMAF and Dr. Bradstreet with a statement that ‘nearly all doctors’ agree the drug is investigational … and tout the statement of Peter Jay Hotez, dean of Baylor’s National School of Tropical Medicine as an independent source who claimed that there is no evidence that modulating the immune system would have any benefit on ASD.

Peter Jay Hotez specializes in vaccinology, is President of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, and is funded by the Gates Foundation. A bit of a conflict of interest … It would also appear, he is not keeping up with the medical ‘break-throughs’ that are now circulating.

Dr. Bradstreet was offering a series of the shots for $50 each and had over 600 patients making positive claims about their treatments. The series was for a period of 3 ½ months and thereafter labeled a cure never to be needed again. Recently, an Israeli company, Efranat, attempted to duplicate the shots at $1000 each.

The company that worked in conjunction with Dr. Bradstreet was First Immune who marketed the protein online. Their laboratory in Cambridge was shut down by the government citing “concerns over sterility”. But those ‘concerns’ were never formally addressed. The raid on the company was conducted by 10 agents, 4 of which wore bullet-proof vests. They raided the wrong lab, thought the head scientist had a degree in ‘ale-brewing’, had no knowledge that the lab used government approved testing facilities for sterility, claimed they had no backup research, and while they acknowledge there are ‘no side effects’ from the use of GcMAF, they recommend all users see their local doctor. Odd? It gets worse.

Enter Nadeera de Silva, a researcher at a cancer institute in Cambridge. At the ripe age of 34, he suddenly disappears from the MRC Cancer Institute where he worked as an up and coming microbiologist and turns up dead in a nearby field – no known cause, but it is determined to be a ‘suicide’.  MRC Cancer Institutes website claims their mission is:  We aim to improve the early detection of cancer, to help identify individuals who are most at risk of developing cancer, and to create more effective treatments for cancer, through the invention of innovative technologies. Early intervention in cancer through improvements in prevention, detection and treatment offers tremendous promise in combating the disease.”   But more importantly, they claim to work closely with GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca, major powerhouse pharmaceuticals.

Connection:  It was GlaxoSmithKline’s MMR vaccine that Bradstreet claims caused his own son’s autism and brain damage and that led to his research and advanced use of the GcMAF molecule to cure autism and cancer.

Nowhere on their site does MRC  advocate a ‘cure’, instead the focus is on pharma enhanced treatment.  Why?  because ‘treatment’ generates a continuous flow of profits, while cure – has an end.

2016 rolls around and suddenly all the research and medical journals and biotech labs and cancer research centers are claiming the discovery of a ‘new cancer treatment and potential cure – immuno-therapy’!

A newly published article by MRC dated January 2016, advocates a new and emerging class of warfare against cancer – immuno-oncology – which is projected to create $35 billion in annual revenues by 2024 – conservatively. According to their blog, this method of therapy seeks to harness the individual anti-bodies within the immune system to attack cancer by releasing a ‘protein’ which acts as an inhibitor… Interestingly, it would appear that this is nearly exactly the same process that was inherent in GcMAF.  The same GcMAF that they claimed was worthless.

Could it be that given GcMAF could not be patented, it was necessary to remove its scientific consensus and ultimately its market so as to replace it with one that is patented as in – ENTER:  PD-1 and PD-L1, the new and improved variant which will profit considerably? “Trials indicate the results last for years and for some – indefinitely” As in the exact same cure that was touted by Dr. Bradstreet. The coincidence bears scrutiny.

While there are numerous blogs attempting to claim there is a hollistic doctor death squad, these blogs may actually be clouding the real issue – GcMAF and its relationship to PD-1 and PD-L1.

PD-L1 was patented in 2010 by Genentech. But since then Bristol-Meyers Squibb and Ono Pharmaceutical have obtained royalty rights with GlaxoKline, Merck and Dana-Farber claiming they deserve a piece of the estimated $35 billion annual revenues.  SURPRISE!

Perhaps the ‘real’ conspiracy is planting stories that try to create a link between various doctor’s deaths, when the real story is about a patentable cancer cure/treatment…that should have gone to Nobuto Yamamoto and Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet and instead is being touted by Big Pharma … after the elimination of ‘those who present a potential barrier’.  



Trump – The Money Grubber…?

Elizabeth Warren, Pocahontas, how much does a person’s net worth have to be to be a ‘money grubber’?

Because in her opinion, Trump is a grubber and Hillary and Bill are not… Worse, apparently Mz. Warren has a net worth of over $14.5 million as of 2010, with no valuation attributed to her current wealth.

Compared to the average Joe, that would make her in the category of ‘money grubber’. In addition, when offered to option to pay a slightly higher wealth tax to the state, she decided NOT to comply. In addition, she apparently has -0- or less of charitable contributions.

So what makes a money grubber?

A person who cares more about accumulating than giving… and that definition would surely apply to Mz. Elizabeth Pocahontas. So while she is not in the realm of Romney or Trump, nor is she in the realm of Hillary, but she far outweighs the public at large and thus it becomes a simple matter of semantics. How much? A million per year apparently does not qualify. Tch. Is it a graph? What is the cap that defines ‘grubber’ vs liar?

How dare she attempt to align herself as a candidate of the women and yet lie, and slander, and make a hypocrisy of the entire agenda. I am outraged! She does NOT speak for me. And I AM woman.

And despite the absolute fact that she lied on her application to Harvard as having Indian heritage that qualified her for certain privileges and tuition breaks, she skates unscathed. How is it that we ALLOW this? How is it that she can skate – and Martha Stewart, of all people, goes to jail? How does that nuance happen?

How is it that such a woman can make such defamatory comments and not be taken to the mat? I am a woman, and I do NOT support liars. And as a woman, if it is the woman candidate who is lying, so much worse is the judgment. Because, they believe they are speaking for me.

And they are NOT!

I’m sorry, but when deriding someone else and calling them names and creating a national sensation, it would behoove tat person to take a look at the content of their accusations and how they might apply to themselves.

Between Warren and Hillary, we are acutely bereft of a candidate that would seem to have any viable value structure or honor, and it is this depravity that makes both democrats and republicans cringe when confronted with females whose behaviors and ethics would seem to be – vacant.

You are not Ghandi!

And while there are numerous countries throughout the world who have honored women as their Presidents and Prime Ministers, America still has not. And perhaps that is because the pickins just ain’t that sweet!

For the record, Sarah Palin, wasn’t a good choice either. While she might be a fun social guest, an intelligent debater, an interesting character, she was not a person who represented – me. Or many other women for that matter. And then of course, there was the Soros affiliation that became the McCain agenda, not a good neighbor. Too bad. A loss.

While I am stupified who could possibly vote for Hillary given her status as crook and traitor, I am humbled by the fact that my ex-husbands entire family are adamant supporters. How can they not know? Because like most, they are victims of a branded media that has created a virtual reality of politics and politicians. If this were a movie, it might be viewed as ‘interesting’ and ‘scientific’, but the fact that it is our reality, makes it horribly scary and infinitely manipulative.

In the end, it is up to each of our individual selves to try and rise above, to see the world for what it is, to create our values based on our heart, to disassociate ourselves from the media, from entertainment, and from the manipulative powers that will send us to eternal Hell. It is after-all that poignant. That imperative.

Just close your eyes and take a breath and – breathe.

Soros, Rothschilds and Rockefellers – On The Move!

Our Socialist sweetheart, Sanders, advocates for anarchy, terrorism, violence and fear. It would appear he revels in it. It would appear he believes that rioting is a right of passage. And the Democrat steamroller opponent, the Hillary, remains eerily quiet.

Revelations of a new protest organized by a former marine is scheduled to occur at Trump Tower. His beef, instead of Trump raising $6 million for the Veterans, he raised only $4.5 million… Instead of being grateful for the thought, the effort, the work, he is angry and advocates violence. Not cool.

And while the Hillary is apparently behind the marine’s protest campaign and organizers, and Blacklivesmatter are also openly prominent in the ‘assemblies’. Both organizations are backed and funded by Soros who would seem to be in a panic. I am reminded of Obama’s first election when the youth were specifically targeted for his vote. My son was attending University of Colorado at Fort Collins and when he attempted to vote at the tables set up on campus, the only vote that was ‘allowed’ was for Obama. He was told to – moveon.

But there are other factions that are actively organizing against Trump – Answer Coalition is one that is demonstratively against both Trump and Hillary but calls for demonstrations against only – Trump. The organization that funds ANSWER is Media Matters, founded by David Brock and John Podesta, both Clintonites. It is staffed by members of the Marxist, Workers World Party, and specializes in anti-America rallies and immigrant rights protests. They have been accused of financially supporting Hezbollah and Hamas, and were instrumental in the Ferguson riots.

Donations to ANSWER are tax deductible as they are processed through their sponsor, Progress Unity Fund, a 501(c)(3).  So we have a US charity supporting Hamas …  They share the same address in San Francisco, a small house on Anderson Street in San Francisco and their funding is predominantly through The Alliance For Global Justice, a Soros backed organization connected to the Occupy Wall Street protests and supposedly – Hugo Chavez.  Chavez’ death in 2013 was mired in controversy and accusations of conspiracies with fingers being pointed to the US State Department – which coincidentally would coincide with Hillary’s tenure from 2009 to 2013.

Chavez was instrumental in the use of the Venezuelan electronic voting machines that purportedly helped rig elections. The same machines that the US used in the Obama election. But like Assad, Chavez made some very powerful enemies, including; Soros, Heinz, Bush, Exxon, Chevron, BP, Shell – and ultimately the Koch Brothers. As in – get into the Big Oil Business, and we will destroy you unless you pay us 99% of your profits. And so the price gutting of oil was triggered to destroy the competition, as in Venezuela you will die.

On 30 January 2009, George Soros said at Davos that “the main oil producing countries have been the enemies of the prevailing world order.” He also said of Hugo Chavez that “probably his days are numbered.” Those three countries would include; Iran, Venezuela and Russia. Bring them to their knees and the ‘world order’ will be given carte blanche to step in.  Chavez – assassinated.  Like other commodity trades, Soros would seem to have insider track…

In the meantime, the media is being instructed to create diversions so as to delude the populations what is really happening around the world and instead fill their minds with drivel – aka Bernie’s Socialism agenda, riots, protests, and entertainment/porn stories.

So while the media is paralyzed talking about Trump and Sanders and Hillary, the real mechanisms continue to wreak havoc:

Venezuela is on the brink of collapse.

Brazil is fighting a fake virus that will devastate the tourist economy

Europe is so over-run with refugees and ISIS their economy and society are perilously ready to implode

Poroschenko thinks that raging war on Crimea and slaughtering the citizens will bring peace to Ukraine.

Erdogan has stated that if the EU does not comply with his blackmail order he has ‘other options’

France and the US are digging into their oil reserves

And rumormill: The Rockefellers and Rothschilds are bitterly fighting each other for power and control, hence the Panama Paper Caper leaked Rothschild tax havens – the leak came from the ICIJ which is funded by both Soros and the Rockefellers.  UGH.  If these two powerhouses end up duking it out, we will be the forefeit pawns.  

And where is Soros?  Why he is busily betting against China, selling off US stocks and buying – gold.  Oh, in addition he bought shares in Gilead which coincidentally patented a zika virus vaccine and Novavax, whose new vaccine for all adults over 60 was – coincidentally – fast tracked thru the FDA…  Huh.  Gee Whillikers…

But hey, lets focus on a bunch of idiotic children rioting and acting like brats at campaign rallys…, Bathroom Bills, wage hikes, and flags and statues.

Germany – Tolerating Rape and Sexual Assault

While Merkel continues to post pretty pictures of young migrant families smiling and acting quite humble and polite, the sexual harassment, rape and brutalizing of young women continues unabated.

One woman who was brutalized at the NYE Cologne incident decided to take matters into her own hands when she was told by the police they could do nothing. She took self defense classes and had the opportunity to use them just months later when once again she was attacked.

A fifteen year old young girl visiting Spain with her family was hospitalized after being brutally beaten.

Her crime? She was wearing a skirt.

A 17 year old boy and his friends were walking home from a concert when Nicklas was attacked, beaten and murdered by 3 Moroccan immigrants.

In Vienna women are told to die their hair black, wear modest clothing and not go out after 8pm. It is the imposition of Sharia law by default.

Children can no longer use public restrooms for fear of attack. Women are told to avoid beaches. And even when in a group, the Muslim attackers post images and messages on Facebook which is a call for aggression. Typically upwards of 30 men will partake in these assaults – and the police are told to do – nothing.

And those wonderful Socialist countries that our esteemed Bernie Sanders would applaud so righteously, Sweden and Denmark? They now have the dubious honor of having the largest number of sexual assaults in the EU. And while ‘sex education classes’ seem to be the political agenda for these rebellious youth that range in age from 16 to 40, the women are doubtful this will have any effect whatsoever on a culture that is rooted in violence and woman as slave objects.

Germany has introduced their version of sex education with an online site Zanzu which depicts and illustrates relations of women with men, men with men and women with women. It provides guidance on proper use of prostitutes, casual sex and pornography use. It encourages abortion for unwanted pregnancies but does not condone female circumcision… apparently it does not discuss pedophilia which is also culturally acceptable to Muslims … and Bill Clinton. As in, ‘when in Vegas do as Vegas’.

Some critics claim the site is racist because it assumes Muslims don’t understand the morays that Germans understand… What? Other critics state that the Muslims know full well what is considered moral in Europe and simply choose to ignore it, therefore any sex education is wasted. The cost to EU and German taxpayers for the refugee crisis is now admittedly estimated to be over $95 billion by 2020, however that number could easily double as absorption into the mainstream may require creating completely separate facilities, housing, and transit given the record number of assaults by these ‘rebellious youth’.

And while the focus of the media would be on Muslim migrants joining ISIS, they negate the threat of culture shock, of non-ISIS terror, of bored, disenchanted, angry, rageful, arrogant people who have no intention of assimilating and adopting a new tradition of morality and ethic.

And still, the EU governments condone these actions and allow the girls and women to be targeted without consequence. While fear is gripping city after city across the continent, the governments tell the media to quash the attacks and instead further victimize the victims by calling them ‘racist’. Giving justice to the migrants, the media would have us belief they are just misfits committing rebellious acts – like children. And we must be tolerant.

Tolerance of assault and rape. A twisted mentality.

But it doesn’t end there. BOMB threats at schools across the UK have become a mainstay! Threats that claim children’s heads will be blown off are now terrorizing nationals across the country. To date, 21 schools in the UK have received bomb threats. And while each one proved unreliable, it will be the one, the one time when it was factual, that wreaks true hatred in the hearts of parents.  These robo threats are not just a product of UK fanaticism, they are occurring in Australia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, LA, Virginia, and all of – Europe.

Then what? Will it be racism or tolerance for these poor ‘rebellious migrant youth’, Merkel, Cameron, Obama?

Pedophiles in Public Bathrooms

There are 400,000 “convicted” pedophiles in the US. How many have never been convicted? Too many to count. The average number of children that a pedophile molests in their lifetime is 260.

Why isn’t this a priority? Why isn’t this the focus instead of Bathrooms?

Again! It isn’t about Transgenders, it isn’t about gays, it is about paedophiles who will use any opportunity to support their mental illness – as in the Bill Clinton/Epstein airbus of pedophilia. It is a sickness and we are opening the door to the potential for even greater attacks on children! Why?

-A convicted child molester was arrested in Indianapolis for fondling a 7 year old boy in a public restroom.

-A 1st grade special needs student with vocal cord paralysis was molested by three boys in a school bathroom.

-A child molester was accused of fondling boys in an arcade bathroom in California

-A man is arreste for fondling a boy under the age of 12 in a restroom in a Bingo Hall

-Two ten year old boys molested in a Dave and Buster’s bathroom

-Jacksonville, Florida a man sexually assaulted a 6 year old boy in a McDonald’s bathroom

-A man grabbed a 9 year old girl inside a Michael’s store and ripped her clothing while fondling her

-University City, a man entered the ladies room fondled and exposed himself to the female worker who was cleaning the bathroom

-A 5 year old and 11 year old came out of a ladies bathroom at Taco Bell where two women and men were having sex

-TSA Agent allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in the LaGuardia bathroom

-A volunteer at the Lowry Park Zoo in Florida followed a nine year old into the bathroom and fondled himself and the boy.

-School custodian charged with fondling two elementary age girls in the school bathroom

-In a casino in Nevada, two men followed a 7 year old girl into the restroom where they fondled her and after attempting to kill her by strangulation, when that didn’t work he twisted her head until he heard a pop and she was dead

-A Walmart employee molested a 9 year old boy in the Walmart bathroom

-Man chokes 8 year old girl unconscious in a bathroom at a Chicago restaurant then takes her into a stall and locks the door.

-A tutor at a Cleveland school for developmentally disabled was charged for sexually molesting a dozen boys at the school – in the bathroom

-Karate instructor found guilty of molesting girls in public bathrooms

Statistics?  These are just a grain of sand.  But why isn’t this the focus?  Why isn’t this more important?  Why don’t they have a voice?


Are The Saudis Behind 9-11 and ISIS?

Saudi Arabia up for Grabs in opening possible litigation over 9-11?  Not really because there is no proof – so lawsuits would be based on presumption instead of evidence…  

The Saudi SAGA:

At the direction of the winner of the Pulitzer Peace Prize, President Obama, the US and the CIA has spent over $1 billion annually to arm anti-government rebels in Syria. Initially funding a group called Harakat Hazm, the group merged with the Levant Front which merged with a number of other groups and is currently headed by the commander of Ahrar ash Sham – one of the largest rebel factions fighting in Syria. But they aren’t fighting ISIS as much as they are fighting Assad. Their funding comes predominantly from Turkey and Saudi Arabia, and their aim has been to eliminate Assad and take over Syria so as to impose Sharia Law under a Sunni government. They are affiliated with Al Nusra which is an al Qaeda member, and until 2013, worked with ISIS. However, their former commander, who has since been killed, claimed that ISIS was a product of Iran and Assad….that’s a new one.

And if you aren’t confused yet – it does get more confusing…

The Ahrar ash Sham group was working in collaboration with ISIS to take over Syria but their leader became incensed when an ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, made a reference to him as an infidel. The Ahrar leader publically humiliated al-Baghdadi, so he had an Ahrar militant executed. Nanananana – tit-for-tat.  It was this pickle that caused the al Qaeda affiliate Ahrar ash Sham to sever ties with ISIS and make them a target of their war – in addition to  Assad.

So, essentially the US was supporting ISIS against Assad, until the US began supporting al Qaeda against Assad. Until the public at large said – HEY – and the US began to include ISIS in their targets, but not really, because the true agenda all along has not been ISIS or al Qaeda, it’s been the ousting of Assad so as to give Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, Sunni control and Sharia Law in Syria.

The US considers this group, Ahrar ash Sham, to be a ‘moderate rebel’.

Remember the recent cluster bombing in Syria that was being blamed on Assad? According to a report released by the Soros funded, Human Rights Watch, Saudi Arabia has been using ‘cluster bombs made in the US’ to bomb civilians in Yemen. And the US is – investigating the charge, while the Saudis are silent.  Given the Saudis are also fighting in Syria, and are arming the rebels, guess who has cluster bombs?

And while there have been a handful of bombings of mosques in Saudi Arabia by ISIS, they targeted Shiite mosques, the same Shiites that Saudi Arabia is attempting to ethnically ‘cleanse’.

Fast Forward:   The release of the 28 pages relating to the 9-11 attacks by Sunni Sauds has been tabled. It is considered in the best interest of the people… Perhaps because the Sauds own $117 billion of US debt and reneging on that debt could prove to be a financial holocaust. But China holds $1.2 trillion! And Japan $1.23 trillion. By comparison, the Sauds own a trickle. So there has to be something else.

The media focus is on two points:   Did the government of Saudi Arabia fund the 9-11 attack? And are the Saudis responsible for the rise of ISIS and al Qaeda?

Actually, the country of Saudi Arabia has been divided and devisive for quite some time. The royal family squanders the wealth while most of the citizens are unemployed, unemployable and have little distributed wealth at all. The median income in Riyadh is about $20,000 per year, but half the population live well below that, and 20% of the population live in dire poverty.  By contrast the Royal House of Saud is estimated to be worth $1.4 TRILLION.  And they have no desire to “share”.  So the Saudi people were miffed.

This drastic inequality led to the rise of disgruntled youth forming together a group looking for a country of their own that would be free of the corrupt Saudi royals. What to do… what to do?

These young rebels banded into factions and ultimately came to be known as ISIS and al Qaeda.  The House of Saud was free as long as they agreed to help these factions get their own country to lead, as in Syria and Iraq.  A win-win for the Sauds, but they needed help.  Enter the US.  Deals are cut, money exchanges hands, and the Truth is shredded.  Thus, in effect the formation of ISIS and al Qaeda was a form of blackmail and in return, the Sauds, Turkey and Qatar get rid of their enemy, the Shiites, and these ‘rebels’ get their own countries .  What did the US get?  Oil and investment to prop up our economy.   But as conspiracies began to leak, the US needed to back peddle which is why the bleak US attacks against ISIS and al Qaeda have been so minimal they are embarrassing, and why the US has to oust Assad – its part of the deal.

It also explains why no one in the Middle East wants the refugees. The refugees would make demands for such anomalies as jobs, food, housing and thus dilute the wealth that is doled out to the royals.   Something the Sauds refuse to – share.  Enter Erdogan who has somehow amassed  over $185 million (and growing exponentially) from a 50,000 euro per year salary. Not to mention the fortune one of his son’s has “earned” estimated to be over $80million.  Erdogan claims he made his wealth $185 million from smart ‘investments’ which is rather buffoonerist logic.  Suddenly, Turkey is on board fighting Syria, and what do they get for their efforts, the annihilation of their least favorite faction – the Kurds.  Tit-for-tat.  Which would explain why Erdogan supports ISIS – because he became part of the “deal”.

All of this would also explain why Obama keeps telling us not to worry about ISIS, Russia is a much bigger terrorist – because that would be in keeping with the “deal” which ultimately will give ISIS and al Qaeda Syria and Iraq – and thus all will be well with the world…

Of course, this assumes that all parties of the “deal” can be trusted to keep their part of the deal and not renege or go off course – as in, umm, the Paris attacks… and Brussels…and oh the US.   And then of course, there is Europe…    apparently they are ‘expendable’.

Trump’s Perfect VP – Paul Ryan

What if, there were no parties? What if, the Trump phenomena was to eliminate the party lines, the division, the divisiveness? What if, Trump’s VP pick were Paul Ryan? What if, the 45 minute meeting was simply to put that offer on the table?

One of the major differences between a politician and a businessman is the politician wants to surround himself with ‘yes men’, whereas the businessman wants to surround himself with ‘personalities whose strengths complement their weaknesses’. Paul Ryan embodies the extreme opposite of Trump, and together they could be a powerhouse.

The Democrat and Republican parties have both been disintegrating for years. Lines are crossed, and new definitions arise; Liberal Republican, Conservative Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, Centrist, Libertarian, on and on until there really isn’t a definition or distinction at all. Routinely, a politician changes party affiliation in order to secure an election. It is so accepted that we don’t even notice or care.

So what’s the point?

And maybe that’s the Trump phenomena. The media likens his stance as ‘not republican’, ‘not conservative’, not affiliated, and yet maybe that’s the entire principle behind the revolution. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, are all sick and tired of politicians. But what’s the alternative? A waitress? A horse trainer? A photographer? While we complain and lambaste, we fail to offer a solution. And while I am not endorsing Trump, I am observing, watching, and listening.

What would it mean to have a ‘no party’ system? A system of just platforms – as in this is where I stand on issues A through Z. It would eliminate the media being able to demonize a candidate for not conforming to a standard of definitions that don’t exist and instead allow us to learn about the stances.  And it would allow everyone to vote – a US Constitutional Right!

Hillary routinely refers to herself as a Progressive and yet can not define what that means. Bernie routinely defines himself as a Socialist, and yet those that support him have no idea what that means.  Despite these malformations of the Democrat Party, they both run under that platform.  It’s a farce.

To make it even more complicated, a hundred years ago a Republican held all the values of a Democrat and visa-versa. President Lincoln was a Whig, then a Republican, then a Unionist. Thomas Jefferson belonged to the Democratic-Republican Party. What the Hey?

But haven’t we been moving in the ‘no-party’ direction for decades? Today, 43% identify as Independents, meaning ‘no party affiliation’. And while the Washington Post would have us believe that the Independent affiliation is a myth because most lean toward a particular candidate, they have missed the point. The point is that there is no ‘affiliation’ per se, the point is that people are choosing a candidate based on the candidate and not their affiliation.

Even the notion of ‘leaning’ toward one affiliation is valueless because the lean could change at any given point in time depending on who is running.

To make the election more ridiculous is to deny the 43% the right to vote because they haven’t declared themselves Democrat or Republican. But denying that right to vote would be a violation of the US Constitution which is ‘the law of the land’ and supersedes states abridging that right. In fact, the Constitution states that if a state abridges that right then the state shall pretty much be precluded from having countable votes at all!  Veddy Interestink!

That would include; Arizona, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, etc… And it would mean that these states, their governors, and their senators are violating the US Constitution by making a law that abridges the right of “everyone” to vote. But then the basic laws of the Constitution are violated by our government continually without repercussion: requirements of declaring war for military intervention, adopting Sharia law, right to privacy, and of course, the right to bear arms.

That being said, the politicians of our states have corrupted the system, have crossed the lines of the Constitution and the defined lines of what constitutes a Democrat or Republican in the absolute sense.

So – we are back to Trump. A businessman who is most definitely imperfect, but who may have the savvy to sway Paul Ryan into his camp and give him the VP nomination. That sets up Ryan for a Presidential bid in 4 or 8 years, and secures his future. It gives Trump the integrity nominee value and creates a closer conservative base with a young face. But more importantly, it creates a powerful union that is not bent on chaos and destruction and divisiveness.

And maybe, just maybe we’ll lose the Democrat and Republican titles given they have little meaning left and are a farce at best.

FYI:   In Europe there 13 different legally recognized parties…In Australia there are 15… In China there are 9 recognized and 4 repressed… In the US there are 2 recognized with 1 repressed – the majority party or Independent. So which countries are free?