Germany – Tolerating Rape and Sexual Assault

While Merkel continues to post pretty pictures of young migrant families smiling and acting quite humble and polite, the sexual harassment, rape and brutalizing of young women continues unabated.

One woman who was brutalized at the NYE Cologne incident decided to take matters into her own hands when she was told by the police they could do nothing. She took self defense classes and had the opportunity to use them just months later when once again she was attacked.

A fifteen year old young girl visiting Spain with her family was hospitalized after being brutally beaten.

Her crime? She was wearing a skirt.

A 17 year old boy and his friends were walking home from a concert when Nicklas was attacked, beaten and murdered by 3 Moroccan immigrants.

In Vienna women are told to die their hair black, wear modest clothing and not go out after 8pm. It is the imposition of Sharia law by default.

Children can no longer use public restrooms for fear of attack. Women are told to avoid beaches. And even when in a group, the Muslim attackers post images and messages on Facebook which is a call for aggression. Typically upwards of 30 men will partake in these assaults – and the police are told to do – nothing.

And those wonderful Socialist countries that our esteemed Bernie Sanders would applaud so righteously, Sweden and Denmark? They now have the dubious honor of having the largest number of sexual assaults in the EU. And while ‘sex education classes’ seem to be the political agenda for these rebellious youth that range in age from 16 to 40, the women are doubtful this will have any effect whatsoever on a culture that is rooted in violence and woman as slave objects.

Germany has introduced their version of sex education with an online site Zanzu which depicts and illustrates relations of women with men, men with men and women with women. It provides guidance on proper use of prostitutes, casual sex and pornography use. It encourages abortion for unwanted pregnancies but does not condone female circumcision… apparently it does not discuss pedophilia which is also culturally acceptable to Muslims … and Bill Clinton. As in, ‘when in Vegas do as Vegas’.

Some critics claim the site is racist because it assumes Muslims don’t understand the morays that Germans understand… What? Other critics state that the Muslims know full well what is considered moral in Europe and simply choose to ignore it, therefore any sex education is wasted. The cost to EU and German taxpayers for the refugee crisis is now admittedly estimated to be over $95 billion by 2020, however that number could easily double as absorption into the mainstream may require creating completely separate facilities, housing, and transit given the record number of assaults by these ‘rebellious youth’.

And while the focus of the media would be on Muslim migrants joining ISIS, they negate the threat of culture shock, of non-ISIS terror, of bored, disenchanted, angry, rageful, arrogant people who have no intention of assimilating and adopting a new tradition of morality and ethic.

And still, the EU governments condone these actions and allow the girls and women to be targeted without consequence. While fear is gripping city after city across the continent, the governments tell the media to quash the attacks and instead further victimize the victims by calling them ‘racist’. Giving justice to the migrants, the media would have us belief they are just misfits committing rebellious acts – like children. And we must be tolerant.

Tolerance of assault and rape. A twisted mentality.

But it doesn’t end there. BOMB threats at schools across the UK have become a mainstay! Threats that claim children’s heads will be blown off are now terrorizing nationals across the country. To date, 21 schools in the UK have received bomb threats. And while each one proved unreliable, it will be the one, the one time when it was factual, that wreaks true hatred in the hearts of parents.  These robo threats are not just a product of UK fanaticism, they are occurring in Australia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, LA, Virginia, and all of – Europe.

Then what? Will it be racism or tolerance for these poor ‘rebellious migrant youth’, Merkel, Cameron, Obama?

UN Refugee Resettlement – Numbers Don’t Add

US Refugee Resettlement Program makes BIG BUCKS! There are nine government contractors who are authorized to help assimilate Muslims into the communities where they are relocated. Some of these contractors do not appear to actually do anything other than redistribute the money to other affiliates while collecting lucrative salaries for this redistribution arrangement.

The Hebrew Immigration Aid Society is one of the Big Nine. Their income was a mere $31 million. There cost for payroll and management services amounted to about $14 million representing about 45% of expenses. Occupancy was $2.2 million, travel was $3.2 million and office expenses were another $2.2 million. Most of their grants go to Jewish refugee programs…hmmm.

While the majority of the funding for the resettlement programs comes from the US government, a handful of private donors include: Patricia Bauman Foundation, Ford Foundation, Gill Foundation, Open Society Institute Foundation (Soros), Public Welfare Foundation, NEO Philanthropy, New World Foundation, Unbound Philanthropy, Tides Foundation, Vanguard Charitable Endowment, Reynolds, and Arca Foundation. Many of these are intertwined and can find there way back to Soros and even Clinton…It would appear that the refugee push is nearly 100% a liberal or Progressive Democrat initiative forged to create a new and  most lucrative business profile – Refugee Resettlement.

It’s estimated that each refugee costs about $65,000 to $70,000 to resettle in the US, that does not include medical care and welfare entitlements after their arrival, it includes airfare and charitable assistance through the nine programs we fund as taxpayers.

The organization which would appear to receive the greatest amount from our esteemed government is the International Rescue Committee, headed by a former member of the UK Parliament, David Miliband, whose annual compensation (not including benefits) is $600,000. Boasting an annual revenue of $562 million, payroll amounts to $211 million, travel and conferences about $36 million, ‘Other’ unidentified expenses are a healthy $10 million, and Occupancy and Office are about $38.5 million. The majority of its grants and support go to Sub-Sahara Africa which does not include Syria, Iraq, Myanmar or Nepal where the majority of refugees originate. Odd.

According to the Resettlement Support Center of Africa, the majority of Sub-Saharan refugees looking for US entrance come from Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and the DRC. According to a report issued by the RSC, it is recommended that ‘psycho-social’ support will be necessary in order for these people to assimilate. Problems encountered include;   they are not educated even at a basic elementary level, many are illiterate, they have no skills, they have little to no English language capabilities, and their culture is vastly different with respect to women and children, ie rape and beatings are acceptable.

While we ignore and attempt to stifle the fact that rape and child abuse in refugee settlement camps is rampant, we can only begin to see what happens to non-Muslim women subjected to their different ‘cultural’ ideologies. Germany is not alone in this, rapes in Norway, Denmark and The Netherlands have spiked as well. Who is protecting these women and children? Obviously NOT the governments, instead they attempt to claim the old school vulgar notion that these women and children asked for it or were simply too ignorant to get away from it. An incredibly dispassionate view of – life!

I am reminded of the atrocities of rape committed by Muslims under the command of US and Canadian military personnel. Our Leaders allowed the violence to perpetuate telling soldiers to ignore the atrocities under the justification that ‘it’s a cultural thing’ – raping and sodomy of young boys…, setting women on fire…, beating children senseless with sticks…, burying women alive… It’s ‘cultural’.

~In Norway 3 Muslims brutally raped a 14 year old girl orally and anally – 1 got 344 hours community service, the other two were sentences to 10 and 17 months in jail.

~In Oslo, 100% of violent rapes are committed by Muslim immigrants, 50% of all rapes are committed by Muslim immigrants

~Sweden has dubious honor of being the rape capital of all Europe. Of the cases that go to court, 70% are rejected

~An 18 year girl in France was abducted and raped by 3 Muslims for two hours – arrested, one of the youth stated that all French are sons of whores.

~5 Muslims from Eritrea were arrested for gang raping a woman in Israel

How will we assimilate ‘that’ culture into our society?

According to UNHCR, in 2014 they submitted the files of 103,890 individuals for resettlement; 12% female – 88% male, they are from Syria, Myanmar, DRC and Iraq. In addition, 73,000 were actually resettled from Turkey, Lebanon, Thailand, Kenya, Malaysia and Nepal. That means no Syrians, Afghans or Iraqis or Yemenis or Somalis went through the UN assimilation process in 2014…at all. In addition, ALL training and integration for resettlement is under the auspices of the new country – the UN does not provide this assistance.

Odd… that’s not what Obama and the White House are saying…

While it is true that refugee resettlement is not knew, it used to be called “Alien Reintegration”, at least in New Mexico it was. A friend and I accidentally drove through a restricted site years ago. Suddenly, the dry dusty agriculture gave way to a picturesque forest, bunnies, flowers and a bubbling stream. “You Are Entering An Alien Reintegration Zone” was our first clue we had messed up! Signs abounded warning against picking up random hitchhikers. We were the only car anywhere in sight and it was eerie! Suddenly four or five helicopters were buzzing all around, sirens wailed and police vehicles zoomed past. “An Alien Got Loose!” I screamed. And while we laughed, we were scared.

In 2014, according to the US government, we took in 69,986 refugees from the Middle East and Africa. So if the UN only sent out to the ’28 countries in the world that have agreed to accept refugees’, 73,000 – that would mean we accepted 96% of all approved resettlement refugees… But wait – according to Eurostat, Europe accepted 104,000 refugees in 2014. Someone is obviously not very good at math.

But that’s what the White House says...cross my heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye kind of promise.