Western Governments Surrounding Russia Amidst Promises of MONEY

With Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, too busy launching his music diplomacy initiative, USAID’s Samantha Power visited Armenia to provide ‘support’, more aid, and a right hand undercut to Putin.   A Russian ally and trade partner, Armenia has ingratiated itself into the colony fold of the west and now claims they will uphold the laws of the ICC – in particular the arrest warrant for Putin.   The problem?   Russia and China are the largest trade partners – and USAID bribery can’t replace trade.

On the heels of Power’s trip, the USAID department released this statement,  All told, the United States has provided $3.3 billion since 1992, to support the people of Armenia, and we are committed to deepening this partnership every day.”   Translation; Powers was authorized to pay Armenia’s president a sum of money for his backstabbing of Putin.

The situation in Armenia has been an ongoing conflict with Azerbaijan over the disputed territory, Nagorno-Karabakh.   Last week fighting broke out – this week the territory was absorbed by Azerbaijan.  And Armenians fled to – Armenia…

Nikol Pashinyan, the current Prime Minister of Armenia was a journalist by trade, was convicted of libel, expelled from university, led the 2018 Armenian Revolution in which he forced the previous Prime Minister to resign allowing for Pashinyan’s ascension.   But he just loves US MONEY!   He surrounded himself with western NGO liberal activists and VOILA – hates Russia.   Pashinyan is to Armenia what Zelenskyy is to Ukraine –

The move by the US is to essentially surround Russia with western allies.   Unlike Armenia and Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan shares the largest border with Russia.   It was yet another splinter from the Soviet Union during Reagan’s era wherein The West effectively sliced up Russia.   Just like WWI.  Just like WWII.

Since 2022 the US has attempted to insert cracks into the relationship between Kazakhstan and Russia.   The rhetoric is classic;  Russia wants to absorb Kazakhstan just like Ukraine.   The reality is the same as Armenia and Azerbaijan, China and Russia are their largest trade partners.   The US is NOT!

February 2023, Anthony Blinken visited Kazakhstan to offer ‘more aide’ – as in FREE Money.   Then in April, US Treasury Department officials, UK officials, and EU officials jointly traveled to Kazakhstan to deliver and threaten retaliation should compliance be crossed. If Kazakhstan continued to support Russia and help aid in the evasion of sanctions – the money would not be forthcoming. FREE money provided not by the US government – but by US Taxpayers!

While currently Kazakhstan is aligned with Russia, this arrangement could become volatile at any time given the determination of the West’s ideology;   West or Die.   Armenia has resolutely turned pro-west and agreed to hold military exercises with NATO on their border with Russia.   Despite the affirmation of sovereignty, NGO’s have already infiltrated Armenia including; Armenia Open Society, Ukraine Fund, Oxfam UK, Eco-Globe Environmental, World Vision, CARE, Democracy NOW, Transparency International Peaceful Change, – 3400 in total now operate in this country with a population of 2.8 million – roughly the size of Chicago.

There are over 1.5 million operational US NGO’s.   None of them pay taxes.   They work to destabilize and own governments.   And US Taxpayers fund these NGO’s thru USAID, US State Department, The Pentagon, National Endowment For Democracy, Americorps, Department of Agriculture, and the United States Institute for Peace.   Meanwhile, we are now upping the funding for Russia border countries –

Khazar Nazi’s vs Soviet Russia: A Battle Since 600 CE

A chilling account by a whistleblower reveals the monstrosities that were being committed in Ukraine labs before the Russian divesture.   Body parts from live children were packaged and sent to Europe buried in grain shipments.   When the UN brokered the Ukraine Grain Deal struck in July 2022, the pivot to allow transportation thru the Black Sea was signed and sealed.   But the grain never reached its African destinations and instead went to Poland and eastern Europe.   Poland declared the grain was tainted –

April 2023, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia suddenly banned Ukraine grain imports into their countries.   The EU Commission threatened the countries for overstepping their EU authority on trade.   A deal was made that the imports throughout the eastern bloc would simply be transit lines and not destinations.  “It is also a success for other countries effected by the situation in the grain market and, I think, a success for the European Union.”

The EU also agreed to pay Poland $40 million euros for their trouble.

The media continually praise the agreement and efforts as the only means of preventing a ‘global food crisis’.   As of 2021, per the US Department of Agriculture, grain exports from Ukraine went to China – 48%, EU – 25% and Turkey – 7%.   Africa, is not in the mix.   Somehow, Africa’s starvation was not considered – while China was the main import partner.

Substitute ‘grain’ for children’s harvested organs.  

For the person looking to buy an illegal organ: a heart averages $1million, a liver – $557,000 and kidney’s – $262,000.   It is Big Business among those with the wallet.  But it is Business for those whose definition of the Rule of Law is – eenie meenie miney moe, catch a…

To understand the Nazi elemental infiltration in Ukraine, one must understand WWII from a non-propaganda perspective.  That means The Western intelligence apparatus was anticipating a General Patton failure.

Initially, FDR and Churchill lauded Hitler for his economic successes.   When FDR began to come under scrutiny for his politics and failures in the US, war was his distraction choice.   General Bradley and General Patton had different opinions on ‘winning’ – and fought vehemently.   Patton’s military organ was – Win The War.  But Bradley kept deflecting Patton’s tactics.   WHY?  Because that isn’t exactly what the Shadow Government had in mind.

At the end of the war, the US installed thousands of Nazi’s throughout the military industrial complex – in Colorado and Washington, DC.   Included in this bizarre alliance was Adolf Huesinger.   Huesinger was the general staff of the High Command/Hitler of the Wehrmacht from 1938 to 1944.   In 1961 Huesinger became the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.   The first Chairman was – General Bradley.  The same Bradley who had General Douglas MacArthur FIRED for not towing the line on behalf of the Shadow Government.

The duties of the Chairman of the NATO Military are: “advises the North Atlantic Council on military policy and strategy, and is the senior military spokesperson of the 31-nation alliance and principal advisor to the Secretary General.”

Quite a heady responsibility for a former Nazi General, Huesinger, to Command…   but of course, it was purposeful.

General Wolfgang Altenburg – allegiance = Nazi Germany – became Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.   General Hans Spiedel, Rommel’s Chief of Staff, became Supreme Commander of NATO’s Ground forces.   Johannes Steinhoff – Nazi fighter pilot – held NATO assignments including the Military Committee.

George Bush’s father assisted the Nazi power platform and helped Hitler rise.   While propaganda tools attempt to make the connection benign – it isn’t.   He aided and abetted a regime with which we went to war.

The directive to infiltrate Nazi’s into the US was approved by Truman under Operation Paperclip. Nazi Generals and Scientists were considered the superior race. Their talents far exceeded US counterparts.   But most importantly, their psyche.   Psychiatrists who evaluated these Nazi war criminals found them to be highly intelligent and devoted to their allegiance to Country.  Psychological assessments that contributed to the CIA’s massive psychological experiments, including Operation MOCKINGBIRD.

The CIA Office of Policy Coordination under Frank Wisner and Alan Dulles were integral in spiriting Nazi’s out of Belarus providing them with visa’s allowing them to infiltrate the US.   At the time, Belarus was a part of the USSR.   According to John Loftus, the scheme was to raise guerrilla warfare against the Soviet Union using the Nazi collaborators.   Wisner was said to have committed suicide in 1965.

NATO was formed to fight the USSR.   Eighty years later, NATO Nazi’s are fighting Russia.   And the vast majority of European countries are ruled under this ideology.   The Ukraine Nazi’s were trained by the CIA.   The concept of Hitler’s supreme race never died.   It simply moved around.

The Potsdam Conference negotiated new boundaries and countries at the end of WWII for Europe and the USSR. The western portion of Europe was designated to the US and the eastern bloc was designated to the USSR.   Today, most of that eastern bloc has been absorbed by the western bloc via Reagan’s botched agreements.

In other words the Nazi’s have been fighting Russia since WWII.   Under the banner of Khazars whose empire included Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, and Kazakhstan in the 6th century.   The animosity between Khazars and Arabs has existed since the 8th century.   Today the vagrant leaders of this Jewish Khazarian caliphate include: Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Morgan, Fink, Oppenheimer, Ellison, Page, Brin, etc…


African Delegation Held in Poland 26 HOURS…Arrives in Kyiv

The African delegation to Ukraine to offer a peace deal to President Zelenskyy didn’t exactly go as planned. Poland’s government decided that despite all the necessary arrangements being made months in advance the delegation lacked proper documentation. As a result Poland detained the plane and its passengers on the airfield for 26 hours – confiscating all weapons from the security detail tasked with protecting President Ramaphosa.

Reuters claimed that once the African delegates finally arrived in Kyiv, Russia began bombarding the city with air raid sirens blaring!   According to Reuters, the entire delegation was immediately hustled into an air raid shelter until Russia stopped its incessant unrelenting attacks!

Problem: Reuter’s entire story was debunked by Ramaphosa.   Reuters completely fabricated everything according to those on the ground – President Ramaphosa and his entire delegation claim there was no air raid, no bombs, and life was rather ordinary.

Reuters falsified their report and as a result looks like a malt shop teenage version of Westword.   Damage done.

The last time Kyiv set off their own sirens was when Biden was filmed walking peacefully in the courtyard and no one sought shelter.   Because the sirens were fake. This is the mentality of childish antics – NOT intelligence officials presiding in Ukraine, aka the CIA.   Of course the green screen was visible…

Fort Leavenworth Kansas has been the current training ground for Ukrainian soldiers as well as generals in tactical intelligence ~ according to The Pentagon.   The training began in 1992 and included Russian soldiers who also attended training at Fort Leavenworth until 1999.   But the Ukrainian attachment has been ongoing for decades.

In 1954, Khrushchevs unilaterally deeded Crimea to Ukraine despite the region being predominantly Russian.   At the time, the two states were allied as soviet Russia and soviet Ukraine.   Economies were integrated.   And future rivalries not anticipated. The main purpose was to share the cost of construction of the North Crimean Canal that benefited both Russia and Ukraine. The Decree has been deemed illegal under both USSR and Soviet Ukraine’s Constitutions at the time.

Ukrainian Weekly 1992:     TAIPEI, Taiwan – The shipment of medical aid sent from Taiwan to Ukraine on April 7 included 100,000 condoms valued at S33,000 (U.S.) and donated by Taiwan Fuji Latex Co. The condoms are longer than regular Taiwan condoms. The company decided to donate the “American and European” size to meet the needs of Ukrainians, a spokesman said. The condoms flew to Ukraine in boxes marked “Friendship from the Republic of China” in the first direct flight from Taiwan to the former Soviet Union since 1949. The USSR and Taiwan were bitter enemies until the late 1980s. (Reuters)…

It was in 1992, immediately after the Reagan apportioning of Russia that Soros set up shop.   He is discussed with prominence as the great benefactor of Ukraine along with James Baker and George Bush.   Shortly after Japan and Germany began funding projects in Ukraine.

In 2014, the NeoNazi/NeoFascist paramilitary battalion Azov was formed.  

Given that the CIA has been operational within Kyiv since 1992, and Fort Leavenworth has been training Ukrainian troops since 1992, it is likely Azov was trained in the US.   On 11 June 2015 the US House of Representatives passed amendments blocking any training of Azov by US forces, citing its neo-Nazi background.  The Amendment would not have been necessary unless the Obama administration had allowed US training at Fort Leavenworth.

In 2016 the Pentagon stripped the Amendment allowing the US to train NeoNazi Azov. At that point, Soros had already spent $2,760,000,000 of US Taxpayer funds on Ukraine and he feared Russia would upend his Mafia Headquarters.   At that time, an Azov Battalion Commander gave an interview to The Daily Beast: “He speaks of his battalion’s experience with U.S. trainers and U.S. volunteers quite fondly, even mentioning U.S. volunteers engineers and medics that are still currently assisting them.”

It appears the Soros Pentagon may have been concerned that a Trump Presidency would NOT allow this stripping.

The Nazi Azov Regiments commander is Andriy Biletsky who is also the head of two additional neo-Nazi political groups; the Patriot of Ukraine and Social-National Assembly.  In August 2014, he was awarded a military decoration, Order For Courage, by Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, and promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of the Interior Ministry’s police forces.

Today, Germany’s Finance Minister announced Germany is broke and will remain broke until at least 2027.   Speaking to the EU, FM Christian Lindner declared that the drain was a result of money and aide sent to Ukraine.   Despite Germany’s ability to kick in funding, the EU declared an additional sum of $79 billion to be awarded immediately….   As soon as it can find the money.

The African Delegation met with Zelenskyy – and declared a nothing response stating Zelenskyy is unable to compromise on anything.   Peace is a moot point.   And Ukraine is willing to sacrifice every one of its citizens to honor President Soros.   Tomorrow – on to Russia where Lavrov has declared that the west globalization scheme is DEAD>  

Too busy creating chaos and death marches and riots across the US – the shadow Cartel Mafia failed to achieve the oldest tenet of The Art of War – Know Thy Enemy.  Ukraine Will Lose.

REBUILDING UKRAINE: Confiscating Russian Assets

The US Treasury is ramping up calls for Russia to be responsible financially for the reconstruction of Ukraine.   But of course, Janet Yellen doesn’t want to go through procedural means and methodologies, but instead is talking about forcibly confiscating Russian Assets…   Once again setting a Pandora Box Precedent that will surely backfire.   Standing in the wings is Assad, Sudan, Yemen, Ethiopia, and Palestine – waiting – hoping….   International Law would bury the US in reparations!

According to Nuland, the US Congress granted the Justice Department authority to use “illicit assets seized from Russian oligarchs” to help rebuild Ukraine.  But Congress doesn’t have the authority!   The Justice Department doesn’t have the authority!   Desperate for external funding to rebuild their biolabs and racketeering setup, $300 billion in Russian assets is at stake.

The irony of these two women, Yellen and Nuland, is the fact that their parents were directly affected by the Nazi Holocaust – Yellen in Poland, and Nuland in Ukraine.   Yet both support the neoNazi’s who destroyed their families.   And give them vast sums of taxpayer monies without Congressional vote.

Undeterred over the illegality, Nuland is threatening the EU to make it happen!

Once again it appears the western Cartel has been so fearless in ignoring rules and regulations that they think a little more blackmail might help sway their allies in Europe.   But they seemingly are again ‘overestimating’ their alliances and power and find themselves in a quagmire of pig dung.  Many foreign companies set up in Ukraine are ROYALLY PISSED!

Poland is fuming after volunteering to buy all of Ukraine’s wheat with the pinky swear promise to deliver it to Africa sometime – sometime – soon…given Africa is ummm in sacrifice.   Only to find that the grain is tainted with a pesticide chemical that is banned across the EU and US.   As a result, Poland has been forced to destroy their entire Ukraine wheat inventory.   The cost?   Loss to Polish Taxpayers.

Wall Street profited over $55 billion in the aftermath of lost Ukraine grain as the price of commodities skyrocketed with wheat bumping nearly double in just one year.   Falling off its high, wheat from Ukraine has been paused as local European farmers demand their priority in the markets.   Zelenskyy is fuming and will likely threaten the Polish PM in a classic temper tantrum designed to shame him into agreement.

The rebuilding of Ukraine will be a war of its own as companies vie for the privileged dollars and ratchet their bids accordingly.   The outlying towns will receive little to no funding as the restitution will be awarded to those American companies that suffer losses in Kyiv and Lyiv where the munitions and biolabs flourished.  

There are 237 US corporations operating in Ukraine including every major defense manufacturer; Raytheon, Northrop, and Lockheed.   Pfizer has operations in Ukraine.   The largest oil and petrochemical companies listed have operations in Ukraine.   What they don’t have are WINDMILL and Solar Manufacturers…

Obviously, profiting off oil has overcome the impact the pretend greenie-weenies have instilled via western hypnosis.   I imagine these 237 US companies are not too pleased at the loss of profits and assets that the Ukraine conflict has incurred.   They are most likely the ones pushing Nuland and Yellen for reparations.

The media is already onboard the rebuild mission declaring that a new and modernized Ukraine will be built on the backs of Taxpayers in the West.   They want to take the opportunity to turn Ukraine’s poverty laden century old brick and mortar buildings and turn them into the Saudi blueprint of NEOM.  

Coincidentally, NEOM has a price tag of exactly how much Yellen and Nuland want to expropriate from Russia – $300-$500 billion.   However, the Saudi project has been stalled.  Curious whether the fallout of the US spying, the US sanctioning, the US inciting war with China and the US admitting Western and NATO involvement in Ukraine is ongoing… could cool the jets of Bin Salman as he distances himself and Saudi Arabia from Western Cartel countries.

Apparently the BRICS countries have opened their eyes wider and acknowledged the fact that coal and oil and gas are NOT going out of favor – and we’ve wasted an entire decade playing patty-cake.   Russia continues to set records on oil sales, China is buying everything it can and more!    India and even Japan have begun relying on Russian oil to lift their economy out of the doldrums and meet demand.

Products made from oil and coal number in the thousands.   None of our manufacturing facilities have an alternative source.   Not one Greenie has addressed this differential.   Not one government official has brought this up to the windmill advocates.   The cost to retrofit any factory with steel machinery made from coal and oil, or the process for making upholstery, helmets, shaving cream, windmills, solar panels, parachutes, asphalt roads, wheels, tires, etc…etc…etc.. has ever been discussed.

Ukraine should be written off the Balance Sheets of these companies.   Rebuilding would take half a decade.   But the Power Cartel has already announced a new Pandemic – much more deadly – will be released in 2024 – their deadline for Kyiv biolabs to be operational.

With Sudan once again embroiled in clashes and bombings, oil is set to jump!   Do you think the ESG companies will jump on the profit potential or buy?

DEEP FAKE Imagery, Video and Audio – A CIA Application

Photoshop.   A photoshopped picture used to be the focus of exposing fake media.   A greenscreen could easily drop Queen Elizabeth into the bombing of Syria.   Or a child actor might be injured in a strike 3-4 times before social media pointed out the fakery.   It has been asserted that the CIA is responsible for many of the DeepFake war shots using their Hollywood set in North Carolina.  

Today, the progression developed by the CIA in conjunction with Hollywood has far surpassed the simplistic photoshop. Deep Fakes can now interface with audio, video, imagery and reality.   Masks that put Tootsie and Mrs. Doubtfire to shame are being used for political and business manipulation.   The potential has little peace serving purpose – and significant warfare probability!

The technology is Mainstream:   Creating a DeepFake video is now possible using an iphone and a downloaded algorithm.   Silicon masks have enjoyed incomparable advancement that calls into question – President Biden.

The nefarious use of this form of AI technology has become much more prominent:   blackmail, identity theft, social engineering, hoaxes, reputation smears, extortion, etc…   But impersonating a high ranking military official or member of congress or foreign PM are much more likely the end point uses for the CIA.

In its infancy, DeepFakes were relatively easy to catch with a discerning eye.   Today?   Not so much. Many of the faults in the technology have been fixed.   While AI is used to simulate DeepFake video’s and audio’s, Silicon masks can be used to impersonate just about anyone without detection.

A recent video of Biden scratching the back of his neck left ripples in the skin – others have commented on the breadth of plastic surgery Biden seems to have undergone – including changing his eye color… competing with the likes of Joan Rivers.

Various means for detecting DeepFakes have arisen:   1)   lack of eye movement,   2)   skin tone discrepancies,   3)   lack of emotion,   4)   hair that is unnatural, no frizz or flyaway,   5)   lip syncing,   6)   teeth that are too perfect, or indistinct,   7)   edges of images are blurry or misaligned – awkward neck …

I tested myself on about ten video’s.   I was able to discern the fakes each time by the teeth and the skin.   But I have an ‘artiste eye’.  

The ability to authenticate the DeepFake can also translate to the inability to ‘de-authenticate’.   In other words, a video purportedly of Bill Gates doing something immoral or illegal would be difficult for him to ‘disprove’ to show his innocence.   This can disrupt our judicial system further.   A means of authentication would need to be invented.   While our esteemed CIA is apparently taken over this AI tool, it is the CIA that has surreptitiously used the fakery for warhawk benefits.

Most recently, Ukraine has levied a claim that a video has surfaced showing Wagner Group men beheading a Ukraine soldier.   The technology of DeepFake could be the source of the indoctrination – or Wagner Group is filming their atrocities.   The MSM has declared the videos were uploaded to pro-Russian media therefore that authenticates them.   Russia has stated that they will subject the video’s to authentication processes and will report their finding.

The fact that Zelenskyy’s entire cabinet is made up of his burlesque act cohorts including director, videographer, etc… has led to the conspiracy that all his interviews and appearances are within staged sets.  The involvement of the CIA, NED and Open Society in Ukraine has been documented countless times.

But Zelenskky is demanding World Leaders React – The video comes as funds for Zelenskyy have dwindled and his demand for more weapons has escalated.   The Guardian notes that the background used for the videos is green and lush – perhaps sometime last summer… just now circulating.

The Guardian also notes that the videos were uploaded on Telegram and Twitter.   Twitter is banned in Russia.   The upload would have to have been generated elsewhere… 

The point of the videos is to allege war crimes.   Given the CIA is fully invested in Ukraine, they likely have a hand in the video beheadings propaganda narrative.

End of March a slew of DeepFake shots were circulated showing Trump being manhandled by NY Police.   All the shots were fake.   But who created them?   One such video seemingly originated from the Daily Mail, a UK tabloid.   According to BuzzFeed, Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat uploaded over 50 FAKE images of Trump running from Police on Twitter.   Bellingcat is a CIA asset picked up to propagandize Syria and the evil Assad.   Higgins is a UK high school graduate who lost his job in admin and decided to stay home blogging while his Turkish wife supported him.

Bellingcat donations are sourced to: NED, Soros Open Society and Google.

According to various AI engineers, the commercial application to create these photos and videos is relatively simple and does not require specialized equipment.   An algorithm can be downloaded to your phone giving anyone the manipulation ability.   The psychology behind the technology is to completely void social media as a platform of reality or truth.

The same social media that has been instrumental in the takedown of the Mafia Cartel.   Their largess nemesis.

Superficially, engineers in the tech industry claim that DeepFakes need to be regulated.   How?   Complete censorship – which leads to the Big Brother concept of 1984.   Nothing is real except that which we tell you is real.   A perfect storm for someone like Jon Rappaport who believes we live in a Matrix.

WSJ NonWriter Arrested in Russia for Espionage. Russian Journalist and 12 Friends Blown UP By CIA

A Russian military blogger has been killed within a St Petersburg café which also wounded 12 of his associates and friends.   The implications point to Ukraine, MI6 and CIA in an attempt to escalate the war between Russia and Ukraine.   The attack comes just days after Russia arrested, Evan Gershkovich of the WSJ, having been caught seeking to obtain state secrets.   Blinken promised revenge.   Russia will likely respond ‘in kind’.

The Wall Street Journal is owned by Liberal Murdoch’s News Group.   All Liberal US Media are owned by the CIA.   All Liberal UK Media are owned by MI5.   The CIA reports to MI5. This is the reality since the conception of the CIA by Cesarian birth.

The reporter in question, Evan Gershkovich had only been with the WSJ a year.   He is Jewish and his parents fled Russia during the 1970’s as the end of the Bolshevik era in Russia was in its infancy.

After working for a ‘student newspaper’ at an obscure college in Maine, Bowdoin College, Gershkovich found himself ‘working for’ the New York Times… for a year.   The Moscow Times for 2 years and Agence France for 2 years before being picked up by the WSJ for no apparent reason whatsoever.   His degree is in ‘philosophy’.

Despite Russia claiming Gershkovich was caught ‘red-handed’ as in it was not a case of ‘maybe’ – the WSJ is suddenly a bastion of honor, respect and dignity in their unfailing demand that Russia immediately release the Russian Spy.

It remains unclear how a philosophy major at an obscure remote college could land gigs at the ‘most prestigious of liberal outlets’.   However, it may feed into the theory that he was indeed a spy.

Evan apparently wrote ONE article for The Moscow Times which is now based in Amsterdam under the tutelage of Finland’s Sanoma Corp.   Sanoma recently purchased education businesses from Pearson which is the US public school curriculum MASTER.

The Founder of the Moscow Times, Derk Sauer is a ‘socialist Maoist within the left wing politics of The Netherlands’ – per his own admission.   Sauer is lauded for introducing Playboy and Cosmopolitan to Russia…. The concept leads one to conjecture that perhaps the introduction of proverbial anti-religious porn and pedophilia to the taut Russian society was a Soros Agenda bent on the destruction of society from ‘Within”.

As I attempt to research the prolific articles written by this Russian expert for the prestigious WSJ – I found one not two – wherein he ‘co-wrote’ – although their claim is he was a “Reporter on Russia for six years”.

The CIA has become quite lax in their biographies of spies.   Twitter just revealed that the esteemed David Hogg – aspiring journalist who was on the scene for the mass shooting in Florida – was denied college entrance to TWELVE universities before being reluctantly scooped up by Harvard.

Most recently, the anti-gun, anti-conservative, anti-life, anti-anti activist was shown holding an AK15 at a shooting range – for practice.   He admitted his family owned ‘guns’, he owned ‘guns;’, but claimed he was superior to those other weebles who had no business owning guns – including every conservative and/or Magat.   AHHH!

So a lower CIA asset, Gershkovich was caught.   And in order to escalate the animosity against Russia, the MSM is claiming him as their proverbial expert writer.   A possible college graduate – or not.

Triple Revenge Blinken hit inside St Petersburg to murder a Russian ‘journalist’.   Destroy property and severely injure an additional 12 associates – and we are supposed to believe there will be NO RETALIATION?

The War Games of Deviants.

On occasion, a military general will realize the plunder of their superiors.   General Patton learned this lesson too late when he was suicided for announcing he had fought the wrong ARMY!   He realized the true combatant was Communism.   The same Communism that then infiltrated into the US – the US government – Hollywood – Business – and the Military Industrial Complex.   The same Communism that is now eating away at America like Locusts on a SWARM!

Now the US citizenry must deal with the coming Russia retaliation for blowing up a café in St. Petersburg, the Winter Palace of Russia by our jewish resident of choice – Blinken..   This act would be considered Synonymous with Russia hitting Washington DC or New York City.   Of course, Russia would target the CIA/Blinken targets of propaganda MSM – albeit someone of prominence – in a highly populated arena. Tit-For-Tat.

How many US citizens have been sacrificed in this CIA Gamut?   Citizens assassinated.   Families and children assassinated.   The oblique friends and associates – assassinated – at the behest of the Department of Defense and the Secretary of State?

And then WONDER why the US has NO ALLIES!

Russia’s retaliation will be revealing.   Whether they choose to de-escalate, whether they understand that the game has NO victims, will impact Lavrov’s senses.   An interesting man – Lavrov would seem to be the voice of reason and calm in a temple of Cultists DOOM.                                                  

Yet.   He is learning Pragmatism.   The US Government is – the global Mafia.   And the Mafia Abides BY a Justice System of murder.

CSIS & CIA in OverDrive on Twitter Pushing Propaganda!

An article posted by CSIS (Center For Strategic & International Studies) is quite damning – not just in the acknowledgement that ‘regime change’ is the US intelligence main focus, but on their incompetence.    There are nine separate intelligence agencies that US Taxpayers openly pay for – yet their means for determining ‘an action’ is Laurel & Hardy reincarnated.  Strategy is co-opted by propaganda…

Lose over and over but use the Media to call it a win so thousands of incompetent agencies can continue to thrive monetarily.  In their board room self esteem is biopic narcissistic; the US won Afghanistan, Iraq, and – Ukraine.

“The Future of War – Rethinking Risk in Great Power Competition”.

  • War is simply a boys game of ‘competition’.
  • The ‘Future’ is War.
  • Risk is the fallout of their aggressive tactics – as in pushing an incursion with Russia caused a global depression, starvation, inflation, and a loss of alliances to BRICS+.

Oops.  What to do?

The authors  at CSIS propose is to modernize the strategic planning within the DoD.   Imagine this:

“National Military Strategy and National Defense Strategy, the Joint Staff prepares the Joint Strategic Campaign Plan, which outlines priorities for CCMD contingency plans, including what potential crises to focus on and how often to update plans. Since these plans are bets about hypothetical futures, they tend to be isolated, static, and deterministic “what if” propositions.”

After the DoD gets together with the relative agencies and they brutalize some plans of action at various locales across the globe, those plans remain in force for 2 years before another meeting is convened.   Contingencies are addressed periodically from a ‘shelf’ of options.  

“General!   The Ruskies have taken over all our biolabs in Ukraine…  what the Fuck are we supposed to do?”

General Phillips,  “Send out an AP  media blitz about Ruskie casualties!”

“But we don’t know what the numbers are – no one does!  What should I say?”

General Phillips,  “For Christ’s sake man, make it up!   If no one knows, they can’t challenge it.   Hell, tell them to claim it is 200,000 to 300,000.  Tell them We won, no tell them Ukraine has won the war!”

That would be Contingency #436 on the shelf.

Our entire military is essentially a ‘Green-Screen’.

The authors recommendation:   “…active campaigning requires a constant reframing of key assumptions that captures the temporal component of risks identified during planning as they compound, wane, or accrue to new stakeholders over time.”

Gosh darn, in other words, the authors have used all their expertise to identify that ‘circumstances change more than every 2 years’ – and a more dynamic approach is needed to be addressed…   In addition, it is noteworthy that risks associated with ‘CITIZENS’ being killed and maimed is replaced with the ‘Stakeholder’.    There was NO mention of civilian fallout, death, dismemberment.

Nowhere in the paper is death mentioned as a cause for concern to adjust risk criteria, instead it is simply the associated Stakeholders.   Those stakeholders would be the Defense Industrial Complex and Banking.   Upholding stakeholder interests is the entire point of War.  Rogue Whistleblowers and adverse media need to be quashed.

Lamenting the fact that Ukraine absorbed our weapon stockpiles and our ‘personnel deployments’ – the authors point to the failure that Iran was left out of the equation and now they haven’t the resources to destroy Iran.  Apparently, these NINE agencies and NGO’s used their ‘instincts’ instead of actual strategic and intelligentsia ‘thinking’.   Because strategies are only updated every 2 years, there is no formal process to alter, update or rethink plans of action on a day-to-day basis!   Intelligence is thus processed on a ‘single dimension of risk’.

This would explain why the hype of propaganda is used instead to provide a ‘green-screen’ of the war as an allusion.   It explains the common rhetoric of ‘fighting Ukraine until every Ukrainian is dead’ promoted by western governments.   They don’t have a PLAN B!

The absence of risk assessment was obvious in the absurd US decision to blow up the Nord Stream without a proper EU resolution or legal precedent  The entire purpose was supposedly to destroy Russia’s economy – without any intelligentsia considering the consequences to food, power, and recession risks to the entire EU.  The secondary purpose was to set oil and gas prices for Big Oil.   Achieved.

Cleanup.   Cleanup means pretending it never happened?   Like a five year old playground bully?   How is it possible that Western military commanders are so ridiculously incompetent?   Could it be that the ones making these decisions have ZERO training in military warfare or “Peace” – and instead are winging it while the props have been drugged?

Incompetency explains the ‘passive-aggressive’ stance taken against China.   Create a boogey-man, incite rage, and when the economic reality is actually discussed as a ‘risk’ – the military complex backtracks.  “Pretending’ everything is fine.

WHY hundreds of Generals are unable to commit to peace is because they are under orders to create $500billion+ for the Stakeholder benefactors, annually.   The military thus focuses on the means to create the most money under orders of – nothing else matters.   When an operation is botched, the Media launches into cataclysmic mode:

  • Moscow’s Military Capabilities in Question After Massive LOSS
  • What Ukraine Means For The World
  • War Has TurboCharged the Green Transition
  • Putin Must Turn 360’
  • US Warns China About Providing ‘lethal aide’ To Russia

Daily hype.   It used to work.   When western citizens buried their heads in the sand.   But with more extensive social media – even censorship couldn’t bring down the TRUTH.   And Our Entire Military Complex Has NO Plan B.

TODAY, the CIA Tzars are in HYPER MODUS setting up a mass campaign to deluge Twitter with Fake News, Disinformation and Propaganda.   There are multiple potential reasons:   1.   To move the REAL topics into a different stratosphere,   2.   To sway opinion.   3.   To set up Twitter by later suing for not properly filtering dangerous propaganda.

Propaganda That is GEARED to distract from the news…

China… Russia… US – Where the Fark is EVERYBODY!?

I’m not too old to remember a threat made by the CCP after the Air Force shot down their balloon.   The Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that retaliation would occur.   I’m also not too old to remember the CIA initiating sleeper cells in Russia to begin acts of sabotage inside the country.  Specifically targeting munitions and warehouses with Fire Bombs.   The idea that sleeper cells are not also active in the US would be rather naïve but might explain why our Federal Government is MUM on the spate of train derailments.

“Where is Buttigieg?’    WHERE THE FARK IS BUTTIGIEG?    Is making the rounds across active media outlets.   Someone mentioned he’s in Aruba because federal workers are still on ‘remote work’ after 3 YEARS!   And who wouldn’t choose to be in an exotic warm climate while blizzards are bombing the global warming US?

Since the conflict began with Ukraine vs Russia, there have been a spate of fires across Russia numbering 85 resulting in the deaths of 39 individuals!     They have included warehouses, oil refineries, a mall, military facilities a transformer station, etc…

While train derailments in Russia and the US are fairly common – the spiked increase in short spans of time indicate a Cold War internally.

February 2022 an anti-war group called Stop The Wagons was formed for the sole purpose of derailing trains in Russia.   Their website claims 90+ trains have been derailed due to their brave fight via methods such as closing rails with wire, placing suspicious items on the tracks, destroying turnouts and relay cabinets, putting bolts on tracks and destroying traffic lights –   The monetary calculation is unfathomable!

It is unclear who organized the Movement however its timing would likely coincide with CIA operations and cells being  instructed to MOVE!.   Tit-for-Tat?   Warehouse fires in the US reached a record in 2022 resulting in 22 food facilities catching fire.   While industrial fires are a normal occurrence, the sheer number in 2022 is quite abbinormal.

Retaliation is a bitch.

During the US led war against ‘Daesh’, US troops declared ownership of the city of Raqqa in northeastern Syria – in particular an oil field. Defense Secretary Esper declared that the oil fields were US occupied so that Assad and Daesh would not profit from them.   The oil fields are IN SYRIA!   Imagine if Russia confiscated Alaskan oil fields….? Prior to the war 25% of Syria’s revenues came from the oil field.   After be bombed into oblivion, their oil confiscated, their history destroyed, Syria is supposed to nonexist –  and starve.

The US troops have been quietly transporting the oil to Iraq where it is sold to the Iraqi government which then resells it to the EU. Syria claims the US plunders 80% of its oil without compensation – contracts – or verbal permission.

November 2022 The World Bank announced that Iraq’s economy was ablaze rising 8.7% as a result of oil.   Record oil exports has lifted the economy!   VUNDERBAR!!   The World Bank report praising Iraq’s efforts was then somewhat toned down as they realized that oh right – we want to remove oil from the globe permanently in order to raze the land mining for lithium. Sustainability and all that rot…

There are currently 14 wars ongoing around the globe.   Most, if not all, occurred as a result of various coups supported by the EU or US. Ukraine and Russia were just fine before the 2014 coup initiated by the US.   The purpose of coups is to insert a globalist pro-west government who will bend to the whims and will of the New World Order, aka, Great RESET.

With the advent of information – countries are backing off.   Trust has been completely obliterated.   And the CIA, FBI, CSIS, NED affiliates acting as the Cabalist military have lost their mojo.   No longer revered, they are feared much like ISIS militants.   The media is ballistic over the use of the Russian Wagner Group in Ukraine – while silent about the Mozart Group of mercenaries.   There are dozens of mercenary groups in the US – all working under the same auspices as Wagner.     Some have left Ukraine only to reveal the Ukraine military is a joke!

Because Ukraine’s ONLY strategy is –   ‘kill Russians’.  

While coups are the policy action, the New World Order is a talking point,  – BUT – resources tend to be the real end game.   Ukraine’s first coup in 2014 had US conglomerates on the sidelines doing heavy breathing at the abundant resource prospect of untapped Ukraine wealth.   Monsanto!   DOW Chemical!   Cargill.   NIH –   All dizzy with dollar signs bouncing about their heads.

When bombing Syria – extensive destruction of ancient sites preserved for thousands of years – was irrelevant.   When igniting the Turkey earthquake – there was no compassion for earths ancient history and antiquity.   Yemen is rubble. Somalia is rubble.   Syria and Turkey are now rubble.   Afghanistan is rubble.   NOTHING came from the destruction of these countries except a prolonged Military Industrial Complex of Profits.

The US has been COUPED.

China and its resources including inexpensive products is now moving over.   Jinping has come to realize that should he stay in alignment with our USCP government – he will be eliminated.

The gist of inflation is being blamed on Russia… by the globalists who caused inflation.   Inflation is tearing countries apart at the seams!   Food scarcity means starvation – not because there are too many people – but because the food supply is being destroyed.    The Russia Train Wreckers?   Are literally prolonging the war they claim to despise…   Because they don’t despise war – they get PAID!   And the longer they do the Cabalist deeds – their pocket books are bursting.   In essence – they are untrained idiot mercenaries …

Russia’s Chess Game of Peace … A Recreation of Nero?

CHESS GAME:   Putin offers an opening to Ukraine Peace … for the fourth or fifth time. Purpose:   International Law to make a public plea.   Establish the fact that the West is NOT looking for peace but for the removal of Putin.   Reinstate the narrative that Ukraine is/was/and always will be a massively corrupt Marxist/communist regime used as the drop point headquarters for all global means of trafficking including money, children, women, slaves, sex, and drugs. As was concurred by Amnesty International and the UN just 7 years ago –

While Ukraine’s handlers have stipulated a peace deal that reads;   concede everything including those portions of Ukraine that the government has been commandeering for genocide, pay for all costs to rebuild in accordance with the city NEOM in Saudi Arabia, tear up the Minsk Agreement, concede Lake Baikal to Soros, and we’ll call it even-steven…for now, pinky swear.

The West has so lost its hand in a sty of pig excrement that they continue to declare Russia is attempting a global coup – and therefore all people must hate Russia for such an Obama-ination:

  1. WWI:   Russia’s Tzar and his entire family were executed by Bolsheviks from Germany and held an anarchical uprising to take over the country. As a result of these mostly Germanic Marxist terrorists, Russia was submerged into a winter of communism that lasted 80 years.
  2. WWII:   Soviet Russia was a western ally during the war against Nazi Hitlerism.   Post War, Eastern Russia was annexed by the US and UK and divvied into Europe. All eastern states were thus abs orbed into the EU.
  3. Reagan:   Credited with toppling the Communist Soviet Bolshevik regime that had strangled Russia, Reagan proposed further annexations of various Russian territories including Ukraine, Poland and FInland.

In the 1800’s Russia was the largest country in the world hosting 23 different ethnicities and 14 million square miles.   Over the subsequent 200 years, western nations whittled away territories halving the country to a mere 6.6 million square miles today.   Hardly representing a nation obsessed with annexation.   In fact, Russia has lost the most amount of territory of any country in the world at the hand of The West.

Today Russia is coveted for two significant resources:   Black soil and Lake Baikal.      

As a previous adjunct of Russia, Ukraine is also known for its ‘black soil’.   The best agriculture land in the world.   Soros understood this and parlayed with Reagan for his personal annexation of Ukraine in 1991.   Reagan agreed.   And now, according to Soros, he owns Ukraine.

Agenda 2030 calls for the recall of 95% of the global population via whatever means available.   But Ukraine is a mere whit of Russia – and those two assets, black soil and Lake Baikal, are necessary for the preservation of the chosen 500 million.

So much so, that the entire survival of the elite is believed to be hinged on those assets.   Yet Putin is not willing to hand over control to the Cartel and has thus become the pariah.

Two additional continents;   Africa and South America, are also subject to the elite survival.   While North America, Europe, and a host of sub-territories have no useful purpose, they do present a problem in terms of ‘uprising or anarchy’ that could stall the Cartel.

Chess Game.

Africa and South America are abundant in vast untapped resources due to communist rule for hundreds of years.   Their industrialization is literally a mini-me version only enhanced by Western influence.   In contrast, Asian countries emerged in the mid-1900’s as the copycats.   They could not create – but they could duplicate, albeit with cheaper quality and defects.     Japan was the first Asian country to emerge from the western landfill.

Brazil too is considered fertile land. However, the government enacted a law restricting foreign ownership to 25% of any municipality.   This made the land more valuable to foreign investment and set in motion a need to install a corrupt communist, Lula, in order to alleviate restrictions.

Africa is rich in diamonds, gold, sugar, salt, cobalt, uranium, oil, etc… untapped, held in corrupt communist government control, thus necessitating coups in order to capture this amalgamate of wealth.   Reining in these resources are necessary protocols to the Agenda.

In these contexts, reining in and coup are synonymous with thievery.

However, the thieves liken it to survival of the most worthy.   And therein lies the justification – no means are beyond this ‘justification’.   Including murder, assassination, genocide, thievery, glutton, greed, and fraud. Law is denied existence.

Yet still, a faction of the people still think they can fight this Agenda via systems of justice and law and order that no longer exist.

The Reality:   Elections – don’t exist. Politicians don’t rule.   Money is worthless.   And Americans still think they can come to an atomic bomb fight armed with a kitchen knife! And when we lose – gosh darn, how did that happen?

Twitter fools post such significantly banal tweets as, “who else agrees so-and-so should go to jail’, or “so-and-so should be voted out”, or “next election Trump will win”…   NO.

THAT RULE – no longer exists.

When quoting the famous nonquote, “ Nero watched while Rome Burned”, perhaps he was facing then what we are facing now – and it was completely out of his control. The infidels, the evil ones, captured the Empire and won. Nero’s attempts to prosper the Empire were usurped.

While we have recently come to understand the extent of conspiracy and fraud that has been perpetrated in enumerating our history – we still hold to the thread that our ‘ancient history’ was exactly as stipulated by the exact same corruptors…

What if – we are simply repeating the history of Nero’s Roman Empire defeat.   What if Nero was besieged by the same Cult Mafia we fight today?   What if – the Great deception is thousands of years old:   Though not mentioned by name in the Bible –  secular records identify him (Nero) as a ruthless man who began persecuting Christians.

“Secular Records”.   Creating a man.   Like modern men.   Did Nero really kill Paul and Peter or was that a Pagan insertion?   A Vatican insertion so as to create a demon and a saint?

The purpose? To recreate history to define good as evil and evil as good.

The Great Fire of Rome occurred when Paul was still trekking across the Mediterranean.   And yet – there is no mention in the Bible.   ODD.   Tacitus, born in 54 Ad was considered the source of information as to why and how Rome burned in 64. When Tacitus would have been 7.   And yet – no one questions the veracity.

We are NOT fighting a newborn evil.   We are fighting an ongoing Satan whose minions have proliferated as much as God’s Children have proliferated. The Great Deception is only in our MEDIA – which espouses evil as having control and the Fiefdom as King.  A Fake Propanda Perception of Reality.

REALITY:   We HAVE CONTROL should we wish to assert our King. The Choice IS a Matter of FAITH.

The ECONOMIST Targets Russian Foreign Agent Journalists as Fighting Censorship…

The Economist and its pundits have recently begun utilizing 1984 idioms to describe Putin and Russia.   The ‘doublespeak’ idioms of 1984 have been used for the past 2 years by conservatives fighting the rising communism of Big Brother.   The comparison drew widespread applause and fear as we watched our freedoms dissolving and out justice system spiraling down the Rabbit Hole.   Oddly, The Economist has jumped aboard the bandwagon in an attempt to redefine Big Brother as Big Putin.  

Running out of weapons and running out of steam, the Cult Mafia is desperate and hasn’t a Plan D in place to counter the reams of TRUTH being spewed out by the Musk Twitter Files.   With Nothing left … the left uses the spin-doctor routine albeit too late.

Economist: “How Offshore Journalists Challenge Putin’s Empire of Lies”.   These offshore journalists would appear to be ‘foreign agents’ by definition. The same ‘foreign agents’ under the tutelage of Soros and Rothschild.   Which has left the Cult Mafia engorged at the bottom of a grand cavern of inability to incite their desired Coup.

These foreign agents include: The Insider, Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, VTimes, Meduza and others totaling 34.   Most of these ‘foreign agents’ are actually media outlets owned by the US government, or its offspring such as: CNN, BBC, Der Speigel and Bellingcat. ALL claim to be the ‘antifakes’ revealing the dictatorship of Russia.   ALL are monitored and applauded by Soros’ Human Rights Watch – as political prisoners of a sort.

ALL pretend that at least half the globe is now WOKE to their propaganda.   And The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend – seems to allude their critical thinking capability.

Most of these ‘supposed’ journalists worked specifically with the CIA and MI6 to plant stories of ‘poisoning’.   Russia was poisoning someone weekly!   And then suddenly – not at all.  The stories died.   Bellingcat was an out of work computer junkie who wrote articles from his apartment demonizing Putin & Assad, and detailing propaganda within these two countries.

Picked up by the CIA and reprogrammed, he now is granted solitary Reich status as a sole proprietor of one. The one, Eliot Higgins, is a high school dropout with no discernible talent other than creating spin.   But ‘spin’ is big business with the Cult Mafia, and Russia knows their ‘spin’ is an arm of the corrupt shadow Politzi tasked with protecting BIS and their ideology for a global government ruled by Communists.

According to Russia Law, a Foreign Agent is anyone whose funding comes from abroad and who voices political opinion, requiring them to register with the Russian Government.

The US has a similar law: Foreign Agent Registration Act of 1938 implemented to counter Nazi propaganda.     It was rarely used until the Trump Administration wherein the agency was used as a threat and pawn to demonize values and install censorship.   It has been disclosed that this broad-based censorship was infiltrated into Twitter via the FBI while Google and Facebook government interference has also been established.

In other words, the US/UK Cultists once again declare that Russia’s use of the same protocol as the US, UK and Australia violates human rights (HRW) and undermines democracy because Foreign Agent Laws can ONLY be a western construct!!

And somehow – no one will notice the abject hypocrisy!

In the aftermath of 9-11, the concept of a ‘common enemy’ was the Bush government’s call to the American People.   At the time, that common enemy was all of the Middle East.   And as a result, Bush was able to attack Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, North Africa and ultimately engorge ISIS into the middle countries of Africa with sprouts across Europe.   Funny thing, ISIS was never spotted in China, Russia, South America, Pakistan, or India.  The purpose of ISIS?   Death and Chaos.

The Middle East was/is monarchial rule, all of Africa is dictatorship rule, getting the seed into the pea-pod required some heavy handed demonization.   Every Muslim existed for the sole purpose of taking over western countries and the world. Remember?  Until suddenly Muslims were our friends… at least the ones supporting Clinton.

Now the exact same assertion is the fodder of propaganda against Russia and China.  Only their respective President’s refuse to cave to the Coup Takeover.

Today we have a skewed morph; 1.   the common enemy for The Global People is the WEF and the Cult Mafia that controls them and every western country.   2.   Skewed because the Cult is now attempting to claim that MAGA’s are the common enemy and must be destroyed.

The power blocks are Government vs The People.

The Government has shown they will do ANYTHING, murder, pedophilia, destruction of Healthcare, the economy, and livelihood to force their self-serving agenda against the Will & Freedom of every person who ‘doublespeaks’.   While The People fighting for Constitutional Rights continue to be usurped and imprisoned. Historically, someone will lose and someone will win…  KNOW THY ENEMY.