African Delegation Held in Poland 26 HOURS…Arrives in Kyiv

The African delegation to Ukraine to offer a peace deal to President Zelenskyy didn’t exactly go as planned. Poland’s government decided that despite all the necessary arrangements being made months in advance the delegation lacked proper documentation. As a result Poland detained the plane and its passengers on the airfield for 26 hours – confiscating all weapons from the security detail tasked with protecting President Ramaphosa.

Reuters claimed that once the African delegates finally arrived in Kyiv, Russia began bombarding the city with air raid sirens blaring!   According to Reuters, the entire delegation was immediately hustled into an air raid shelter until Russia stopped its incessant unrelenting attacks!

Problem: Reuter’s entire story was debunked by Ramaphosa.   Reuters completely fabricated everything according to those on the ground – President Ramaphosa and his entire delegation claim there was no air raid, no bombs, and life was rather ordinary.

Reuters falsified their report and as a result looks like a malt shop teenage version of Westword.   Damage done.

The last time Kyiv set off their own sirens was when Biden was filmed walking peacefully in the courtyard and no one sought shelter.   Because the sirens were fake. This is the mentality of childish antics – NOT intelligence officials presiding in Ukraine, aka the CIA.   Of course the green screen was visible…

Fort Leavenworth Kansas has been the current training ground for Ukrainian soldiers as well as generals in tactical intelligence ~ according to The Pentagon.   The training began in 1992 and included Russian soldiers who also attended training at Fort Leavenworth until 1999.   But the Ukrainian attachment has been ongoing for decades.

In 1954, Khrushchevs unilaterally deeded Crimea to Ukraine despite the region being predominantly Russian.   At the time, the two states were allied as soviet Russia and soviet Ukraine.   Economies were integrated.   And future rivalries not anticipated. The main purpose was to share the cost of construction of the North Crimean Canal that benefited both Russia and Ukraine. The Decree has been deemed illegal under both USSR and Soviet Ukraine’s Constitutions at the time.

Ukrainian Weekly 1992:     TAIPEI, Taiwan – The shipment of medical aid sent from Taiwan to Ukraine on April 7 included 100,000 condoms valued at S33,000 (U.S.) and donated by Taiwan Fuji Latex Co. The condoms are longer than regular Taiwan condoms. The company decided to donate the “American and European” size to meet the needs of Ukrainians, a spokesman said. The condoms flew to Ukraine in boxes marked “Friendship from the Republic of China” in the first direct flight from Taiwan to the former Soviet Union since 1949. The USSR and Taiwan were bitter enemies until the late 1980s. (Reuters)…

It was in 1992, immediately after the Reagan apportioning of Russia that Soros set up shop.   He is discussed with prominence as the great benefactor of Ukraine along with James Baker and George Bush.   Shortly after Japan and Germany began funding projects in Ukraine.

In 2014, the NeoNazi/NeoFascist paramilitary battalion Azov was formed.  

Given that the CIA has been operational within Kyiv since 1992, and Fort Leavenworth has been training Ukrainian troops since 1992, it is likely Azov was trained in the US.   On 11 June 2015 the US House of Representatives passed amendments blocking any training of Azov by US forces, citing its neo-Nazi background.  The Amendment would not have been necessary unless the Obama administration had allowed US training at Fort Leavenworth.

In 2016 the Pentagon stripped the Amendment allowing the US to train NeoNazi Azov. At that point, Soros had already spent $2,760,000,000 of US Taxpayer funds on Ukraine and he feared Russia would upend his Mafia Headquarters.   At that time, an Azov Battalion Commander gave an interview to The Daily Beast: “He speaks of his battalion’s experience with U.S. trainers and U.S. volunteers quite fondly, even mentioning U.S. volunteers engineers and medics that are still currently assisting them.”

It appears the Soros Pentagon may have been concerned that a Trump Presidency would NOT allow this stripping.

The Nazi Azov Regiments commander is Andriy Biletsky who is also the head of two additional neo-Nazi political groups; the Patriot of Ukraine and Social-National Assembly.  In August 2014, he was awarded a military decoration, Order For Courage, by Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, and promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of the Interior Ministry’s police forces.

Today, Germany’s Finance Minister announced Germany is broke and will remain broke until at least 2027.   Speaking to the EU, FM Christian Lindner declared that the drain was a result of money and aide sent to Ukraine.   Despite Germany’s ability to kick in funding, the EU declared an additional sum of $79 billion to be awarded immediately….   As soon as it can find the money.

The African Delegation met with Zelenskyy – and declared a nothing response stating Zelenskyy is unable to compromise on anything.   Peace is a moot point.   And Ukraine is willing to sacrifice every one of its citizens to honor President Soros.   Tomorrow – on to Russia where Lavrov has declared that the west globalization scheme is DEAD>  

Too busy creating chaos and death marches and riots across the US – the shadow Cartel Mafia failed to achieve the oldest tenet of The Art of War – Know Thy Enemy.  Ukraine Will Lose.

Ukraine: AZOV Neo-Nazi Military Aligned With Soros

The AZOV Battalion is the right-wing extremist neo-Nazi militia incorporated into Ukraine’s Military. They are Antifa all grown-up, trained extensively, and willing to kill indiscriminately.   They rose as a consequence of the 2014 coup in Ukraine ousting the pro-Russian president, Yanukovych, and the insertion of pro-western president, Poroshenko. Many members of Ukraine’s parliament are also patrons of AZOV.

AZOV was initially trained by US and Georgian troops in 2014.   Former Democrat Congressman, John Conyers, introduced a Bill prohibiting arms and training for the Battalion due to their neo-Nazi ideology.   In November 2015, the Pentagon removed the block – under Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter.

The Battalion set up camps to train children and teens in military weaponry, tactics, and nationalism. Andriy Biletsky, Azov’s founder was a member of the Ukraine government until 2019.   He stated his goal was: “to lead the white races of the world in a final crusade”. 

Again in 2019, under the Trump presidency, a bill was introduced to recognize Azov as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

In essence, the EU, NATO, US, Canada, Japan, and Australia are siding with the Nazi Regime instituted in Ukraine. The final dream of Nazi Soros!   And all the world’s people are being led voluntarily into the re-establishment of the German Nationalist Socialist Party. Their primary focus was the elimination of ‘undesirables’ and the establishment of a Global Order through the Master Race.

This is what Russia is fighting against while our western governments support the reinstatement of Nazi Germany as the Global New World Order.

WWIII: Ukraine is the source of this Final Stage and is funded by Ihor Kolomoyskyi, leading partner of Privat Group.   He owns a 70% stake in 1+1 Media Group which aired the comedy series starring – Zelensky portraying Ukraine’s president!   Other Kolomoyskyi assets include steel production in Ohio and West Virginia, mining in Ghana and Australia, oil refineries in Ukraine, and founder of the European Jewish Union.   He resides in Switzerland and is a citizen of Ukraine, Cyprus and Israel.  He has VISA privileges in the US.

In a case brought before a London court, the judge stated that Kolomoyskyi had “a reputation of having sought to take control of a company at gunpoint in Ukraine”.   He has been accused of organizing murders and the use of prohibited methods of warfare.

Russia recently revealed that munitions used by Azov against Russian military forces contain the illegal agent, ‘phosphorous’.   Putin has also announced that a few Russian soldiers have been taken hostage in Kyiv and are being tortured. Torture allegations and war crimes have been rampant since AZOV’s initial formation in 2014.

In 2014, Kolomoyskyi and Zlochevsky were operating Burisma out of Cyprus under Privat Group.   Putin had choice words for Kolomoyskyi – none of them pleasant.   In an effort to gain security, Kolomoyskyi decided that he would appoint board members from the US including:   Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and David Leiter. All bundled under John Kerry.   Other bundled board members Kolomoyskyi appointed included:   Joseph Cofer Black – former CIA, Alan Apter of Morgan Stanley, and Aleksander Kwasniewski, former president of Poland.  

When the Obama administration learned that Ukraine’s newly appoint prosecutor, Lutsenko was going to open investigations into Burisma and Biden Obama demanded the investigation be shut down.   Lutsenko told reporter John Solomon, “he gave me a list of people whom we should not prosecute”.

One of the groups on that list to stop investigating was AntAc, the Anti-Corruption Action Center put together by Barack Obama and George Soros. 

The IMF requested the creation of AntAc due to Ukraine’s mafia style government. Antac predecessor, the National Anti-Corruption Committee, was deemed a failure. Western governments had funded NABU with backing of the FBI.

When Rudi Guiliani was in Ukraine to meet with a member of parliament, Durkach, who was being accused of being a Russian agent, Guiliani said after the meeting, “The only new piece of information he gave… is the report that $5.3 billion in foreign aid [to Ukraine] is unaccounted for, $3 billion of which is American money and a big portion of that went to nongovernmental organizations controlled by George Soros”.

Karen Greenaway, an FBI supervisor who was one of the lead agents in investigating Paul Manafort in Ukraine appeared at various Soros-sponsored events and conferences. After retiring from the FBI, Greenaway joined the supervisory board of AntAc. 

Firtash was a pro-Russia Ukrainian in the cabinet of the former president Yushchenko.   Firtash was accused of laundering money from a gas scheme thru New York real estate.  Firtash made his fortune brokering Ukrainian imports of natural gas from the Russian firm Gazprom.   Joe Biden had urged the Ukrainian government to eliminate middlemen such as Firtash from the country’s natural gas industry, and to reduce the country’s reliance on imports of Russian natural gas.

This move would greatly benefit Hunter Biden’s investment in Burisma and thus line Joe Biden’s Pockets!

In September 2017, anti-corruption groups including Human Rights Watch (A Soros Organization), proposed that Firtash be placed on the Magnitsky List and sanctioned by the United States government.  Firtash currently resides in Russia.

Ukraine is deeply in the pocket of Soros, and a NATO incited non-negotiable war with Russia was the only way to bury the web of deceit and corruption while literally burning the evidence.  THIS is the Ukraine Western Governments DEFEND…

FYI:   Two Gazprom Executives were suicided in the last month!