The Shape Shifters of Ukraine… Losing The Battle

The Ukraine Ministry says its economy is growing!   But they haven’t sold grain, they have no exports, they have no production.   World Bank: Ukraine economy contracted 30% in 2022, 7.1 million additional citizens were added to the poverty cycle, and half of the total disbursements to Ukraine came through the World Bank – $38 billion.   This would indicate that the total amount disbursed is $76 billion providing wages, salaries, pensions, and social program costs – since the War began.  

Social programs is code for – NGO’s.   In 2015, Ukraine’s entire GDP was $91 billion supporting a population of 33 million, including expats. Before the mass exodus of 10 million to the EU, 1.5 million exodus to Russia, and the death of another 1.5 million.

Other math experts have determined 28 million people fled Ukraine during the war.   And because things were going so well in the war, 18 million Ukrainians returned via the underground train.~Center For Migration.    5 million people have returned to Ukraine since the war began ~ World Vision.  Ukraine has a unique means of calculating their population – they include everyone who resides out of the country permanently, and don’t keep records of deaths.   Their statistics rival the CDC and Johns Hopkins…

The point is that virtually 100% of Ukraine’s GDP is in the form of aide.   Few people are working because they are paid not to.   The Communist creed.

The other point is the fact that the US claims its aide to Ukraine to be roughly $120 billion, the EU claims their contribution is $85 billion, and another $55 billion has been wracked up by other state actors.   $260 billion dedicated, yet according to the World Bank where ALL funds must be laundered, only $38 billion was actually sent out. A discrepancy of $222 billion – 85% – lost in the melee…

Could that be the reason McCarthy, the democrats, and Biden are adamant for MORE?   Of course. Free untaxable laundered money.

The newest media frenzy is to claim that Ukraine is key to the World’s continued existence.   That Ukraine grains are the biggest source of food in the world.   That without Ukraine – everyone will die!

Fact:   Ukraine corn at peak production supplied 2.5% of the global output.   The vast majority of the corn was shipped to the EU and China.   Ukraine wheat production was ranked 7th in the world prior to the war at 33 million tons.   The six highest producers accounted for roughly 550 million tons = Ukraine 6%. In 2023, Ukraine claims it exported 725,000 tons – roughly <2% of previous output and .1% of global total.

These numbers bely the propaganda.   Ukraine’s value to the world was and is and might be – Trafficking. Pure and simple.

And the Beasts who REQUIRE that Trafficking are HUNGRY!   The human trafficking industry alone accounts for $150 billion – annually.   Ukraine has been denied that revenue for 2 1/2 years = $375 billion.   Leaving the Criminal Mafia still out of pocket $153 billion – THAT is why Ukraine MUST be given More and More Money – to replenish the lost revenue of the Criminal Mafia – The Deep State.  The Hungry Python.

We are being made to PAY economically and literally for these Lost Revenues.   Punishment.

And every single “expert” is paid to make the flagrantly false assertion that a corrupt, incompetent country that was a blip on the news before 2022, is the world’s largest supplier of food grains –   Pathologically – lying.

To support and perpetuate that collaborative false propaganda, I was sent a video to prove my idiocy via the Victor Pinchuk Foundation whereby celebrity panelists declared that Ukraine was indeed the breadbasket of the WORLD!

Victor Pinchuk is a jewish Ukrainian Oligarch worth well over $2 billion who founded the VS Energy International Ukraine – a fossil fuel, oil & gas extravaganza that has zero interest in solar or wind, owns multiple hotel chains and is headquartered in – The Netherlands.   The company is the subject of sanctions for corruption.

Victor also has ties to the HIV/AIDS/Malaria – Bill Gates agenda via the Global Business Coalition. In addition he happens to be a member of The Brookings Institute, The Pearson Institute, and was instrumental in establishing the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial honoring the Nazi Bandera within the Ukrainian Nazi slaughter of Jews and Communists during WWII.  He has worked extensively with the Clinton Initiative, Warren Buffett, Monica Crowley, Spielberg and McCartney.   Not to mention,  Michael Cohen – who was just called as an anti-Trump witness by Leticia James.

Solidifying the Nazi collaboration against President Trump.

The spider’s web of deceit and manipulation is heavily weighted.   But the weight is via the government and political pundits – AND NOT The People.   This is an important point of distinction when discussing ANY corruption.   TOO often we are called to hate an entire society, an entire People, a country, based on false allegations of corruption – and even evil.

In reality, The People, are for the most part, simply those wanting to exercise their own sovereign reality whether it is via religion, culture, or ideologies.   The governments of these people tend to mirror the coup installed agenda of western fascism disguised as “Democracy”.

Iranians are not evil.   Egyptians are not evil.   Syrians are not evil.   Russians, Ukrainians, Algerians, Turks, – they are not evil.   Any more than Americans are a representation of The Deep State.

The sooner we can realize and embrace this cosmic shift that the Shape-Shifters want to impose on our reality, the sooner we can defeat it.   The Ideology is to brainwash People’s across the globe into believing that everyone else is ‘evil’ – when in fact the evil is derived and lives within the few, the government Deep State Proxies –

We outnumber them by multiple thousands to one. 

UKRAINE & CIA Assassinations or Targeted Kill Lists

Today The Economist is promoting, advocating and likely supporting assassinations.   The only issue they have with Ukraine’s assassination ideology is that it needs to be more strategically initiated.   Under International Law, executions are verboten.   Under any circumstances.   Yet, The Economist in supporting these attacks, has openly and righteously crossed into the Nether World.

While most people understand that western governments have condoned assassinations privately, the very public admission via a Blog Post is rather implicitly daring. A provocative statement that removes all doubt for anyone including those living with their head in the proverbial sandbox.

The statement comes on the heels of a botched attempt on Russian former Customs Chief, Yury Afanasievsky.  The female suspect has been arrested.   But The Economist concern is not that Ukrainians and CIA ops in Kyiv would orchestrate an assassination, their concern is that the operation was botched.   Yury didn’t die.   Therefore, the agent(s) involved were deserving of being caught.   Better training is necessary.

The extent of evil leaching out of Pandora’s Box is astounding.   The CIA prefers to call their assassinations, targeted killings. In 2009, they redefined targeted killings as justifiable murder of terrorists, the same argument used by the DC Police when they shot and killed Ashli Babbitt.   The same directive Nancy Pelosi gave the DC Police when she ordered them to shoot to kill Americans inside the Capitol. The same police who are on video ushering the protestors into the Capitol knowing they are ‘targeted kills’.

There is a very real difference between a target kill and a defensive kill.   But the CIA has always found a way around the liability and the International Law as codified by the UN.   The same UN that is owned by the CIA.

Yevhen Yunakov was not so lucky, his car was blown up in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine and hailed as a great accomplishment by Ukraine and their Bolshevik collaborator, The Economist. Yet the International Court, the UN, and governments across the globe were eerily silent.   Making the International Court of Justice, the World Court, as they prefer, a junket of evil.

In 1974, The Church Committee began an investigation into CIA, FBI, and NSA assassinations between WWII and present day 1974.   The Committee blamed Nixon.   As a result of the Church Committee findings, 2 additional Committees were formed – Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.   Their direct agenda was to make sure these assassinations would not be allowed via ‘checks and balances’.

Instead of prohibiting assassinations, these committees simply took them underground and hired black book mercenaries – contributing to the missing DoD $3 trillion uncovered and destroyed in the 9-11 Tower.   The Senate Committee is chaired by democrat Mark Warner and co-chaired by hawk rhino Rubio.   This is the same committee which allowed hundreds of assassinations, yet decided to create the “Russia Did It” mantra in 2016.   They have yet to deter or condemn ANY assassinations.

In fact, every minority Republican on the Senate Select Committee today is – a hawk rhino anti-Trump dufus.

Expanding the assassination agencies within the US government is the IRS.   Armed and trained by the FBI and CIA in Virginia, these new guardsmen of evil are directed to shoot and kill US citizens if they refuse to allow an armed IRS Agent to come into their home.

The Warren Commission was in charge of determining who shot JFK in 1963. And like all other US assassinations, an innocent man is blamed, jailed, or worse, shot.

Valentin Nalivaichenko, former head of Ukraine’s SBU, claims the Zelenskyy regime has a reserve unit assassination team. Their mission is to eliminate suspected Russian collaborators in Ukraine – and political opponents inside Russia. The team members are composed of elite fifth counterintelligence directorate. An individual will be ‘targeted’, and eliminated with authority directly from Zelenskyy or a higher up in his government.

Given the CIA has been an active force in Kyiv since 2014, they likely work in conjunction with this assassination squad.   There are six known targets that have taken a hit, including Darya Dugina, the daughter of Russian philosopher, Aleksandr Dugin and Maxim Fomin, a Russian blogger. Not exactly volatile military targets. It appears, this latest represents the only failure.  Wagner Boss and six of his associates were also likely “Targeted Kills” – assassinations.  I was informed via Ukrainians on Twitter that I have been added to this “List”.

Tucker Carlson has predicted that the US will launch a direct war against Russia within the year.

WARS Cause Climate Damage – Ukraine Wants Compensation

The very erudite Politico is suddenly concerned about the ‘climate impact’ of the Ukraine war.   Who better to determine the amount of carbon output from the war than Lennard de Klerk, a degreed electrical engineer who is running an ecolodge in Hungary.   Not to worry, he claims his top skills include: military climate change • Carbon Footprinting • Greenhouse Gas • Low Carbon Technologies • Green Building.   None of these top skills are a degreed program.  Climate Tzars typically study biology, chemistry, statistics, and environmental economics.  

Not Lennard.

How are carbon emissions calculated?   “Countries report their emissions through a ‘bottom up’ approach, where national emissions are estimated by combining data on types of activity with the emissions typically produced by those activities.” The International Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) ‘Task Force’ developed ‘guidelines for measuring activities’.   Their first report was developed in 2006, revised in 2014, and revised again in 2019.

In the presentation report by the IPCC, they provide reporting guidelines to the experts wherein they tell them how to spell chemical compounds, how to abbreviate units, and how to abbreviate a factor into a power.   I don’t think they are talking to ‘scientists’.   The four categories include:   1. Energy, 2. Industrial Processes, 3. Agriculture, forestry and other land use, and 4. Waste.

What is not in any category is War and War exercises.   In addition, there is no accounting for volcano eruptions, home appliances, cow farts, and race. The means for measurement is a small sampling of soil and an expert created set of predetermined emissions measurements.   To top off the cake, they add a dollop of creamy estimates and a pinch of guestimates to make an expert calculation sound plausible! VOILA!

Obviously any measurement stats prior to 2006, are completely fabricated because the methodology was not developed yet.  So the comparables would have to originate with a start point of 2006 – not 1850 when temperatures were first measured:  A man would board a ship and hoist is mercury or alcohol based thermostat in the ocean.   Reading the temperature, he would write it on a piece of paper.   And that is our historical evidence.

When reviewing the list of authors for the 2019 expert IPCC report, a few have been out of commission for years, some as long as 8 years.   Selecting another random name, I found William Irving of the EPA. Claiming to be an environmental specialist, his masters at Columbia in 1996 is listed as ‘Environmental Policies’.   Only Columbia did not begin offering such classes until 2002.

Despite all these inconsistencies, experts have determined that the US has warmed by 2.6’ since 1970.

March 2023, the deputy assistant secretary of the U.S. Army for sustainment, said the service branch is moving forward with plans to acquire Electric Light Reconnaissance Vehicle prototypes as part of its efforts to adopt electric vehicles. Expected to be in production in 2025 for delivery in 2027, the vehicle fleet will represent roughly 10% to 20% of all vehicles, the remainder being diesel. An electric mobile microgrid will travel with the fleet.   This vehicle grid can generate up to 100 watts per vehicle despite the fact that most small EV cars require 250 to 400 watts.

But the Army is determined that this transition is sustainable and will have a yuge impact on the climate by 2035 or 2050 – whichever estimate fits the schematic.

Clean Technica is working with the Army. Their website claims their content is for “entertainment purposes”.  WHAT?

Lennard’s ecolodge in Hungary emits 1744 kilograms of carbon dioxide annually in a town with a population of 59. This is explained by Politico as the result of his expertise.   Working with a colleague in Kyiv, they estimate the number and type of projectiles, tanks, planes, etc… that are in Kyiv on any given day.   Their report as submitted to the UN found that the Ukraine war emits 120 million metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.   The report includes the explosion of the Nord Stream pipelines by the UK and US militaries. It is rife with assumptions – and vacant of data.

The purpose of the report is to hold Russia globally accountable for climate change.   Both Zelenskyy and expert Greta Thunberg were behind the initiative to hold Russia accountable. The purpose? To raise the monetary war compensation reparations.   The means would require bringing charges in the International Court claiming Russia broke the law wherein the ICC states’, “every state has a duty to prevent significant transboundary environmental damage”.

There are two flagrant errors in this distraction:   1) it was Ukraine which broke the law by refusing to uphold the Minsk Agreement of 2014.   2)   Pandora’s Box would open claims against the US military in every incursion throughout the middle east and Africa.

One thing is certain global militaries don’t give a fark because war is business. And business is money, including all those war exercises which dilute inventory requiring more spending.   Still, the UN is considering the proposal of allowing this to proceed.

Geoengineered Climate – Disease – Dictators – and Propaganda

Ukraine will be liberated by the allies.   Just like Syria was liberated from its Dictator.    Just like Europe was liberated from Hitler.   Via mass casualties, an even greater number of disabled, and an entire country reduced to rubble.   Soldiers coming home to nothing.   Disease rampant. Brain trauma, PTSD, rehab, drug overdoses. Loved ones dead.   For what kind of liberation?  

After a likely geoengineered earthquake devastated a huge portion of Turkey killing over 50,000, Erdogan was given no choice in suddenly allowing Sweden to be absorbed by NATO.    He was blackmailed.   Mere weeks later Sweden announced they would allow Koran burning – which has now embroiled Sweden in riots.

War could not exist if not for stoking hatred thru propaganda.

One commonality of war is that The People being bombed – and the people doing the bombing rarely hate each other.   It is a mindset form of hypnosis.   It has become so common that to track times of peace is a much smaller research effort than times of war.

Sometimes it feels as though earth is in some minutia bubble and sitting at a large circular table are giants watching as we entertain them with – War & Hate.   Certainly peace and prosperity are not nearly as entertaining.   Just watch the Hollywood movies…

Everything on earth appears to operate in a constant circular pattern. Trees losing their leaves and regrowing every single season – a circular.   Farming crops, tides, wind currents, natures way.   But then there are manipulated circulars;   inflation, war, rebuilding, death to birth, the creation of hate, even ‘rebirth’ is a circular.

In my lifetime, I don’t think the US has ever NOT been at war.   Wars are much longer now, protracted by greed within the abject lack of anything resembling compassion.   Evens these evils are circular – framed in a constant within antiquity.

If we go back to Adam and Eve, we find a circular of hate as some postulate that every aspect of evil in our world today was – Eve’s Fault.   If Eve had resisted Satan would have lost – or some such nonsense.   These same blame sayers will also pontificate that God is the singular source of everything that happens.   In that context, God caused created and caused Eve to sin.   Blame –

I listen to Zelenskyy being described as a ‘hero’ for standing ground and literally decimating his entire countryland and his people, for an ego driven, greed driven villa in Italy.   He could have ended it before it began – and he chose not to.   The US and EU governments declare they want a ‘forever war’.   But The People don’t.  Yet the people are the ones who suffer while the governments rejoice in death.

Today Germany’s economic minister warned Modi that unless he disavowed and demonized Putin, he could forget trade with Germany and the EU.  WHAT?    It is more like an elementary school playground than a system of Leadership.   And what happens when their money is gone – their legacy is spoilt – their fame deteriorated?  And Prosperity rules?

They start over with the same end game rationale. Circular.

Imagine what could have been achieved if these evil mindsets had instead focused on building – creating – solutions – farming – you know, that which is our sustenance for living.

What gives me faith are those who are weary and yet still gather the strength to fight a verbal and legal right of passage.   This strength has been there for every single war fought by every single country.    It exists today.

Syria’s President Assad was a victim of the war worshippers.   A war fought in the guise that we were ‘liberating’ Syrian peoples from their evil dictator.   But we didn’t liberate anyone – instead we spent years completely obliterating antiquity – beautiful historical treasures – under the prefect of Hillary’s words of wisdom that apply to every such situation, “What difference does it make – …they are dead.”

Two wealthy music stars created a video wherein they asked every American to put up their money for Ukraine’s citizens.   Why did they make the video?   Why don’ they just hand over their wealth to Zelenskyy?   Why don’t they call for Peace?   Why don’t they call for peace….

Maybe the reason the elites want to depopulate us is because we have multiplied like bunnies and are uncontrollable.   The reason MAGA is their Achilles heel is because it is a united front. A front that could extend across borders.   A front that can dislodge the contempt and replace it with something good and positive.   That would not be very entertaining to the mind embroiled in chaos.

Today Germany and the UN declared that they won’t send aid to Syria any longer because the bad dictator Assad would misuse it.   SO people must be punished and incited to believe Assad is evil. The tactics come from the bully pit yet they are reformulated each and every time in a manner wherein they believe these Peoples will suddenly thank the US for liberating their country and reducing it to rubble.  Bow and scrape…

I am reminded of the picture of white people on their knees kissing black peoples feet – begging for forgiveness.   But they don’t want our forgiveness they want money!   And NYC is proud to announce they will be paying BLM rioters millions for unjustly arresting them…   The same NYC that is broke.

I just read the Lew Rockwell blog ‘Is climate engineering real?’   It’s worse than real, it is worse than we can imagine real.   Because not only have the ‘experts’ been busily playing with our climate – the reason they are so desperate now is because they can’t fix the damage they have done – so they need to deflect and BLAME The People via Climate Change.  The article is absolutely stupendous!!!   Perhaps why I am so melancholy today.

Maybe God needs to blow up earth and just start over.   These people are beyond evil – evil is too tame to describe them.   They must be another Species…


Pre-Earthquake, Erdogan was adamant that he would not approve of Finland and Sweden joining the NATO ascension throne.   Post earthquake, Erdogan has given his approval for fast-tracking.   In addition, despite a contractual agreement with Putin, Erdogan allowed five Azov Battalion Nazis free from their Turkish prison. The agreement with Russia stipulated that once the war was over, the five Nazis could be freed to Ukraine.

Is the Russia-Ukraine war over?   No.   But the obvious threat to Erdogan was a repeat of the earthquake multiplied by ten.   And the threat-makers are likely at their desks in Langley.

From Russia’s standpoint, Sweden and Finland were already well entrenched in the socialist Marxist ideology.   And the award ceremony is mere pomp and circumstance. While Finland borders Russia, Sweden does not.   Typically, the reason by western mobsters would be to use Finland as a human shield for the front of an EU war.   A Sacrificial Lamb – if they embraced God. But they don’t.

Finland’s membership in the Cult is not even 3 months old and the US is putting together a contract for multiple military bases and fultime deployment of US troops.   The official briefing, “The presence of US forces will help strengthen Finland’s defensive potential”.   The unofficial commentary – A)  the US spends anywhere from $80 billion to $160 billion annually (Pentagon Math) to maintain current overseas bases.   B)   the military is short-staffed to the tune of 25%   C)   the military weapon stash is depleted.   D) the cost to build a new base is roughly $800 million – and the US is proposing multiple bases in Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

Sounds eerily like a military takeover of three European countries simultaneously.

It also wreaks of US allowing Ukraine to completely fall to Russia while they reconnoiter efforts to the North for a future offensive. That would mean Soros and the Cartel have been sufficiently compensated for their various trafficking enterprises that were stalled by the Russian incursion via aide packages that never went to Ukraine.

On that note:   Today Biden opposed an independent audit of Ukraine aid to date.   Surprise!

ALL of these northern European base maneuvers are hardly a defensive move, the offensive is preparing for a long war with Russia to the tune of decades.   Only the next time the US and Europe will be the invaders.   Soros, Biden, and most of the aging pool of neocons will have hit the bucket by then – making what they do now dependent on the same evil existing forever.

The strategy is stagnant.   Germany never needed US bases.   Nor is it the responsibility of the US.   A now seemingly ‘broke’ US.   So where will The Pentagon ‘find’ the money if Yellen keeps telling us we are moving toward a recession while using fake employment numbers to justify raising interest rates to 1970’s levels?   If the government caves employment, they cave tax dollars, they cave Pentagon expenditures.

Who the Fark is running the show?  Because they apparently have a combined IQ of 50 and the military strategic analysis of a poolboy.

Finland and Sweden currently spend about $15 billion per year for their military expenditures combined.   Under the NATO 2% guideline, Sweden would need to nearly double its current spending on defense. Assuming that NATO actually upholds the 2% requirement, which it hasn’t since its inception.   Of course, this time is Different – every NATO member has ‘pledged’ – pinky swear, to make the 2% sometime within the next decade…or two.

After 70 years, only 7 of the 30 NATO members have actually spent 2% of GDP on defense – 23%.   How can that be?   USAID.

The US gives Foreign Aid to 172 countries.   There are a total of 195 countries on the globe counting The Vatican.   That means the US is footing the bill for 90% of the world! The Brookings Institute states that Foreign Aid in 2019 was only $38 Billion or less than 1% of The Federal Budget.   Another source states the aid in 2019 was $47 billion. Still another put the figure at $33 billion and another at $51 billion.

The problem with fudging the books is that you need to make sure everyone spits out the same answer.

The US Constitution Article 8, Clause 3, regulates the power of Congress to spend money on foreign nations for the purpose of ‘Commerce’.   As in Trade.   Using taxpayer dollars for Foreign Aid is NOT Constitutional!

Between 1945 and 1953, the US government illegally gave nearly $6 billion to Asian countries – the vast majority going to China/Taiwan (given that Taiwan was given to China post WWII).

In 1961, Congress enacted The Foreign Assistance Act, which was signed as an Executive Order by JFK. The Act was written by James Fulbright, a democrat hawk who supported US integration into NATO, UN, Marshall Plan, and a European Union. He also supported President Truman’s firing of General McArthur over his anti-Communist stance. Fulbright declared that communism was not our enemy – The Soviet Union was our biggest threat.   Lost on him was that the Soviets were Communist.   However, Fulbright’s advocacy against McCarthy leant clarity to Fulbright’s embrace of communism.   Fulbright’s entire tenure in the federal government was the preservation of communism in the US.

The Foreign Assistance Act enabled the formation of USAID.   The Act declared that no assistance would ever go to a communist country, nor to any country that violated ANY Human Rights.   Which would basically eliminate nearly every country on earth from aid today!   However, it was this Act that Biden used as justification to give aid to Ukraine – illegally – given the human rights violations in Ukraine have been documented by Amnesty International and in numerous UN Reports for decades.

AND NOT One Congressman considered a vote of violation.

Sending troops abroad has also been a point of contention given that the US Constitution would take precedent over a NATO agreement.  The US Military now has 750 bases spread across 80 countries.   This represents 80% to 90% of ALL Foreign bases across the globe. The main tenets for overseas bases include:   1. Deterrence whether real or imagined,   2.   Reassure allies.

The CATO Institute, The Brookings Institute, Foreign Policy Center and others have all challenged the entire concept of foreign bases.   There is no Constitutional or legal basis for the precedent.   In fact – the US Government takes it to extreme by having a base in northern Syria WITHOUT permission of the government.   Not to mention theft of Syria’s oil.

It is no wonder aid to Iraq last year increased exponentially given the oil taken from Syria is sold on the Iraqi black market. And booked as Foreign Aid by The Pentagon.

Always looking out for the Cartels:   Trafficking, Banking and Military Industrial, The US Government is apparently RingLeader personified..

As Ukraine takes a nosedive following their non-integration into EU Membership the US is already in Plan D mode creating a trafficking route on the northern spectrum of Europe via Finland, Denmark and Sweden.   With ALL that this implies.

Klaus Schwab: “Prepare For An Angrier World”

Klaus Schwab, “We must prepare for an angrier World.”   “Young people have a right to be angry.”   Klaus Schwab lives in Cologny Switzerland where the black immigrant population is – zero.   In fact the black population in Switzerland is under 1%.   The country in Europe with the largest immigrant black population is the UK followed by France.   Rioters tend to be emboldened when they see no true consequence.   The UK is next.

An Imam has provided contextual analysis that provides perspective.   While All Muslims are being held accountable as a result of the French Insurrection, these radicals are not coming from the Middle East, they are coming from Africa.   The men are not vetted, they have no employment skills, they don’t speak the language, they bring new diseases, and western governments are doing this in compliance with the WEF.

These radicals are brought into western countries wherein the white populations are told to assimilate.   We are all equal.   But these are the rejects from society.  Because the imported Muslim blacks just want to ‘kill people’. Contrary to our western elite media conglomerate, the vast majority of immigrants from Africa are men, young men. Young blooded angry men.

Dubai’s FM also confirmed the non-vetting argument – Muslims don’t go to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UAE, because they would not be tolerated. Instead inane western governments invite them in without concern for the diseases being brought, the violence being brought, and the desire to live on welfare while pursing blond women with blue eyes.

Western nations do not quarantine the immigrants.  Their cultures are violence. We are taking in the worst of the worst for one purpose – to destroy ourselves.   We are to blame for this choice!   We – our governments.

Where did the Insurrectionists in France get their weapons, their guns?   Most French Police are not supplied with guns.  Their weapons include flash bombs, bobby sticks, stun grenades, tear gas and water canons.   When the French Nationalists showed up to fight for France with baseball bats.  The police tear gassed them!   Bobby sticks and baseball bats against AK’s – who wins?

Where did the weapon arsenal deployed by the young rioters come from?   The black market that was just infused this past year+ with American weapons sold by Ukraine on the black market. American weapons.   Over and over The Pentagon was told the weapons were sold on the black market.   So The Pentagon sent – more.

Macron has done absolutely nothing for six days – although he did go to an Elton John concert…   Why does Macron refuse to deploy the military?   Because, as Klaus Schwab stated, the young people have a right to be angry – just not in Switzerland.

Julian Assange, “…the goal is to have an endless war, not a successful war.”    That includes WWII, Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Syria, etc…  He was speaking of Afghanistan in this quote, it is just as viable in response to Ukraine.   Zelenskyy the  ‘hero’  is Zelenskyy the man corrupt enough to sacrifice his people, his land, the resources and animals of Ukraine to this war agenda.   Blood.

While France is burning, the Klaus Hawks are cheering on playing a lyre… while gleefully planning their next assault.   On Syria. The Arab unification is a threat to the Mafia Cartel.   Instability is their only goal.   With Iran and Syria being welcomed back into a united Middle East, the CIA saw this as a provocation against NATO Power.   As a result, Russian intel states, “The US is preparing Syrian jihadists for possible chemical weapons attacks in order to derail Damascus’ diplomatic reengagement with other Arab nations.”

The media will claim that Assad ordered the attacks anticipating the Middle East is too ignorant to know the truth.

NATO countries are claiming they will spend $1.3 trillion on defense in 2023. Russia spending for 2023 will be $56 billion and China – $224 billion.   In 1948, Us Defense spending was $9 billion – adjusted for inflation, today that would account for $154 billion.   But the defense budget is over $880 billion.   WHY?   Because The Agenda required it.   The money was not actually spent on weapons or our military soldiers who live in squalor on pittance salaries – the money was diverted to NGO Think Tanks in Langley.

Ukraine is drying up. The sentiment has shifted and a new enemy must be created in order to justify raising the Defense Budget.    In a twist of fate will the governments turn against the props they employed to destroy?  Obviously the Klaus Schwab Cartel is NOT color friendly.   But they do know the adrenalin factor in your black and muslim rebels, the drug factor, the money factor is HIGH.

Local Police in France have declared, “This is NOT a Riot, they want to kill us!”

Italy’s new PM allowed 2500 illegal immigrants, 28 boatloads to come ashore in a 24 hour period – with an additional 500,000 waiting…  Is Italy next or London?

THIS is anarchy.   It is solicited by Klaus Schwab and approved by states and countries.   In the US we watched the BLM riots implode our major cities into this same anarchy.   Entire cities reduced to rubble.   Fires.   Businesses lost.   London is poised for the next civil war with an immigrant demographic reaching 40% of the population.

It was 64 AD when Rome burned.   Classic history claims Nero ordered the devastation while he shacked up in his villa in Antium 35 miles away.   Groups fighting inside the city claimed they were ordered to set fires.   Sound Familiar?   The riots lasted nine days.   When it was over, Nero blamed the Christians who thus became fodder for dogs and for crucifixion. Ultimately, reconstruction of the city was made possible thru increased ‘taxation’.

By all accounts, Nero was a tyrant, narcissistic, force of evil.  He had children through his slaves and consorts. Male offspring were sent to Greece, Spain and The Balkans.   The ones remaining in Italy are said to have settled in either Sicily or Calabria ~ home to the Mafia.

Destroy and reconstruct on the backs of The People. Nero’s methodology employed by the minions of Klaus Schwab.   Black Lives Matter – paid with US Taxpayer funds to destroy cities across the US.   The idea was to rebuild in the vein of Smart Urban 15 minute city prisons.   But Russia interfered with the plan.

Losing the war in Ukraine, NATO and the Cartel are humiliated.   And as Schwab reiterated – it is a much angrier world.   Importing fanatical rebels, the Cartel has ordered them to DESTROY.    To Rape.   To Murder.   Because Civil War is yet another coup for the Military Industrial Complex.

UKRAINE: The West Great RESET Illusion

The EU’s Ursula Von der Leyen has announced when the Ukraine conflict will end – December 2023.   In anticipation of this momentous moment, von der Leyen has also gleefully stipulated that all EU taxpayers will be footing an impressive $55 billion bill to begin the reconstruction/renovation process.   BlackRock and JP Morgan will be the beneficiaries of $500 billion once they open the Reconstruction Bank in Kyiv.  How exciting! Ukraine is poised to become a new statehood just as soon as there are no breaths still in existence within its borders – Riff-Raff…

While von der Leyen is making taxpayers foot their fair equity share, BlackRock and JP Morgan work is to establish a bank for investors wherein they can trade Bitcoin for a proportionate share of Ukraine.   Ukraine will thus become a corporate vassal. A technical ‘first’.

CEO’s Fink and Damon don’t give a fark about Ukraine – but the investment potential for rebuilding after destroying a nation has always amounted to a frenzied mania of greed.   Syria’s Assad was not so forgiving and refused any investment or support from US conglomerate Pacmen – despite feverishly sitting on the sidelines with bags of gold outstretched… Assad vehemently denied ANY Western money!

Ukraine represents desperation for those lost War Profit Margins.

The new and improved estimate by The World Bank for the reconstruction is $411 billion.   An odd number, but then perhaps the $11 billion portion is a front loaded fee payable to BlackRock and JP Morgan off the top.   However, it is more than likely the true cost is double the estimate and the EU doesn’t want to scare off investors.

Once again, Zelenskyy is propped up in London for a ‘conference with the British government’ to discuss their visions of the New Ukraine.   Architecture drafts…   Given Bill Gates dropped his dream for a Smart City in Arizona it is likely Ukraine will be the recipient of this vision instead.   Albeit free from law and regulations.   Not to mention – Free Money!

I imagine the project will be similar to the Saudi venture, NEOM:

“On January 29, 2019, Saudi Arabia announced that it had established a closed joint-stock company named Neom.[8] The company is wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund and is solely dedicated to developing the economic zone of Neom.”

This would be the roadmap.

In order to build such a vast city-state, slave labor will be necessary to control costs.   The model for this portion of the venture would be Dubai. Harness poor men from Africa, India and Pakistan and offer them an opportunity to work. Slaves, their wages will be doled out amidst stipulations for food, water and rent.   Just like the US Okies.

Amnesty International will be obliquely silent and Human Rights Watch will laud the brave investors for supplying thousands of jobs to the ‘needy’ while building a carbon free Ukraine.   The UN will occasionally issue a distress warning over the deplorable conditions, but ‘do’ absolutely nothing.

Bill Gates et al, were convinced that building a massive city complex wherein everyone worked 24/7, and paid the vast majority of their wages to The City, was the perfect model of the Great RESET.   When the Saudi’s brought forth NEOM, jealousy was only matched by greed. But the cost would be unsustainable.   Ukraine provides the answer:    free land, abundant reserves to colonize, uneducated people living in dire poverty, a corrupt government that would do anything for $10, and a level of ethic that would rival Stalin or Mao.

The Biden Handlers will likely attempt to embezzle large sums from US Taxpayers under the guise of human rights and climate change to fund the New Ukraine which will be populated by The Royal Cabal and their minion servants.

In line with this push for reconstruction the World Economic Forum has declared that cities account for 70% of all global warming…  A Brand New Finger Pointing!    And Smart Cities?   The Klaus Answer for everything. The purpose of this unfounded declaration regarding the source of climate change is to vacate large US cities.   The purpose of the inclement rioting and chaos within these urban cityscapes – separate the productive from the nonproductive, ie, the large scale dunderheads committing horrific crimes. Once a city is operating mostly on dunderheads, they can be vacuumed.

The Green Climate Fund is sitting on $10-$15 billion in unspent funds.   Therefore those funds could easily be allocated to Ukraine to justifiably build the West’s First NEOM according to Garp. In fact the Biden Regime just announced another allocation of $600 million – for The Green Fund.   From Taxpayer coffers. Collectively, The Green Fund hasn’t actually spent any money on Climate Change, instead they pay salaries, accumulate cash, and use the IMF and World Bank to issue micro-loans at 30% interest.  Hence, the unspent funds and the largess revenues on ‘investments’.

While the Cartel Powers that be have noted that the conflict will end December 2023, they have not delineated how.   Nor do they suppose Russia will be a threat at that point.

Under what circumstances would the Western Powers assert that Russia is no longer a threat:

  • Putin is no longer alive.
  • Moscow & St Petersburg will be reduced to rubble. Just ask Assad or Erdogan.
  • While that may be their goal – it does not equate to actuality.   Nor does the fallout.   A takeover of Russia would hardly unite the globe to the Cartel.   No matter how hard they try to parlay and/or lavish upon such members as – India.

Modi has graced the front page of The Rothschild Economist near daily as of late;   “America’s New Best Friend – India”, aka Modi. Or this doozy:   “Modi is the Most Beloved Leader in The World”.   Drawing on my more tender years, “GAG me with a spoon!”

The illusion is The Propaganda.   A cosmic psychedelic version of the truth that has Matrix diaspora written all over it.  

Unraveling.   Climate Change is a universal natural condition.   Russia’s nationalism is 10fold stronger than the enemy asserts.   The Cartel is flailing and failing. The NEOM Project has been halted due to massive overruns in cost!   Ukraine is and always will be a colonized vassal state.   Modi has expanded its trade outside of America 100fold.   And Klaus Schwab and his AGENDA will not be immortalized – he is 85+ years old and has no viable successor –

Soros has presented his entire Empire to his near youngest son Alex – drawing the ire of the older 4 siblings.   Alex has none of the inherent brain damage suffered by Gyorgy during WWII which recreated his conscious.   Alex may WANT to be evil, but his genetic structure is silver spoon…

The Russia-Ukraine conflict being waged as another western agenda is not materializing despite inserting BILLIONS$.   They have no Plan B.   And the Belarus Nuclear Initiative is – a massive security blanket for Russia.   Lukashenko will have no qualms about retaliation should Russia suffer a Western coup.   The Red Button has likely been thoroughly discussed.  

GLOBAL DEBT DEFAULTS: The Next Phase of Cartel Chaos

As global inflation/stagnation/recession envelops less developed countries, the likelihood of them having the ability to pay their debts is diminished to – zero.   The largest debt holders of these African, Asian and Latin America nations are China and Japan.   But middle east countries are also on the line for massive debt agreements, including Iraq.  In 2020 before the ravages of the WHO induced Pandemic, outstanding debt of developing countries topped $11 trillion.   The debt service is roughly $4trillion and growing.  

Debt relief means a country is absolved of its obligation and the countries or institutions holding the debt write it off as a permanent loss.   In that context, it is not unlike the student debt writeoff – the end result is further devaluation, further inflation, and further poverty.  A cycle that is created every few decades as a sort of Cartel RESET.  

Micro-loans were the newest instrument used to collateralize countries into default given interest rates as high as 40%.  A Cartel Arrangement – albeit legal.   The Green Fund created for Climate Change is such a micro-lending scam.   The funds absconded from various country’s taxpayers are deposited into international banks which use the funds as regulatory deposits to make micro-loans.

Countries facing default today include:  Ukraine, Sri Lanka, El Salvadore, Ghana, Egypt, Tunisia and Pakistan.   In total 40 countries are facing this potential.

While the purpose of the ragland sanctions against Russia was to initiate their debt default, the sanctions backfired horribly.   Exploding gas prices and alternate buyers in the wings proved a massive win for Russia and a further angering point to the Cartel.   In retaliation, the Cartel doubled down to advance their RESET more quickly.

Defaults have a number of consequences:

For some countries it means a transfer of ownership – as in the spoils of the country now belong to the debt holder.   Or it means internal chaos and a warlord mentality similar to The Dark Ages.  Sri Lanka.   During the Obama Regime – the Federal Cartel purposefully kept interest rates at 0% to entice developing countries to borrow.   It was also the recipe for a recession recovery – LOW interest rates!

Because interest rates are now up 2.5 basis points with more next month the recession has created shortages some real and some manufactured.  Tourism, which is the basis of many countries recovery from Lockdowns has defaulted given the rise of airfares hotels and related costs.  These countries are frantic to reconfigure their debt.   Too late.   Because this is the exact stage the Cartel desired.

With the US Federal Reserve Cartel ramping up interest rates they exasperate the global debt defaults while devastating US industries, most specifically the Construction Industry.   

The US Construction Industry is a $1.5 trillion annual revenue source employing 7-10 million workers.  When this industry falls the related dominoes are mind-blowing!   The manufacturing and mining segments are dependent on construction.  

Instead of ‘preparing’ for this inevitable crisis, the Biden WH is busily spending more untold dollars on bailouts, military inventory depletion, Ukraine, green failures, and literally anything that has absolutely zero VALUE to preserve or reignite our economy.   2024, is too late.

If we look at the economy under Trump’s policies, the global condition was a positive.   But in a mere18 months, The Cartel has managed to destroy the US oil industry, US food industry, US auto industry, and now the US construction industry.   We don’t have 2 more years.

With a perfect credit score today’s mortgage rates are pushing 5.625% to nearly 7% – depending on your state.   Insurance rates have risen as well due to crime stats.   Rentals have gone up as much as 40%.   All while job cuts increase 10% to 20%!

As a result, Powell has declared Americans will “feel the pain”!  That PAIN will be caused by Gerome Powells adherence to the All Might Cartel dictatorial regime.

Comparing the economic effects to the Carter years is not a valid comparison.   The US productivity for the first quarter of 2022 was more than double the highest negative during the Carter regime.   Borrowing rates reached as high as 25% during the Carter years extending the recession into depression status.   The Federal Cartel kept raising rates as a means to stagnate and prolong ‘the pain’ reaching a 20% prime rate.  The same economic responses  a corrupted Powell’s employs on Americans today.

Carter’s recession lasted from 1980 until 2003 before GDP recovered to its 1979 levels.   And unemployment hit 10.6%.    When Powell and the Progressive economists say this recession will last thru 2023 – the reality is the recession is scheduled to last until 2030.

Like the Biden WH Cartel, Carter claimed the reason was an oil shortage – economists immediately tightened the money supply with the reasoning that high inflation would subside high unemployment.   It Did Not WORK!

Everything Carter did – failed The People.   And that exact same destruction is Gerome Powell’s blueprint.   Including the Regime blaming the entire global destruction on Russia and High oil prices despite available inventories being shuttered.

But Carter was a Cartel Elite.   One of the worst President’s in history – Biden is likely set to beat that Legacy.  Not just for his incompetency, his dementia, and his failures, but for his abject corruption within the frame of Hunter, China and Ukraine.

Zelenskyy, the Ukraine comedian bohemian, still believes that Soros is going to force the global economy to ‘rebuild Ukraine’ – demanding $1 trillion for the ‘project’.   But our money and weapons will be completely depleted.   And Ukraine will become ‘dust to the wind’.   Along with a host of debt riddled developing nations. 

UNLESS We Rise as ONE and awaken to the Chaos before it consumes us!

George Soros’ Eastern Bloc Nations – A Catalyst For Armageddon

The assassination of a daughter of one of Putin’s close allies will be used to justify a complete obliteration of Ukraine.  Reminiscent of WWI wherein the archduke became the catalyst, this is how world wars ultimately evolve.   Th west is tired of waiting and wants to initiate the next phase of Armageddon.    Those on the fence will find themselves forced to make a choice.   Retaliation is a human condition.

Ukraine is on the brink of complete collapse.   After announcing in July that 651 government officials were being charged with treason, Zelenskyy has made his first internal assassination.   The head of security in Ukraine has been suicided.   He was on Zelenskyy’s kill list.

And apparently western liberals are ready to die to support this Nazi Regime.   Because escalation has only one ultimate result – global tsunami.

ANY citizens still in Ukraine should consider leaving immediately.

There is a switch in a person’s brain that shutters off the resolve of patience and temperance when the assassination of someone close is experienced.   The mark of vengeance becomes focused.   It is what inspires men to battle.  It gives them strength of body and will united.   Making these men formidable militias.

Ukraine’s Independence Day celebration is the 24th.  It commemorates the day the US and UK agreed to give Ukraine to Soros as the spoils of the Soviet Union collapse.   While parades have been held to commemorate this day, the parades would appear to consist of military  vehicles driving down the street amidst bored onlookers.    In other words, Ukraine’s obsession with weapons and artillery is rooted in their leadership.

What the Ukraine ‘parade’ or military convoy does seem to reminisce is a fair resemblance to North Korea’s military adoration.  What it isn’t is – Fun.  While it is billed as an annual event, it has only been celebrated for a hodge podge number of years.    In 2001, Putin attended the parade.

In 2014, the parade was marred by the Odessa war in which Ukraine declared they were fighting ‘terrorists in Donbas’.    They were ‘terrorists’ because they were Russia friendly.  Not unlike MAGA’s friendly with Trump are now ‘domestic terrorists’.   It was because of this raid on Donbas that the Minsk II Agreement was signed with Belarus, Germany, France, Russia, and Ukraine.  A Peace Agreement.

The Agreement was never upheld by Ukraine – and for 7+ years, the people were systematically murdered, and the towns bombed to oblivion resulting in over 15,000 deaths.

In 2017, UK military soldiers participated in the Ukraine Independence event and then in 2018 a small contingent of US Army soldiers collaborated in the parade.   The purpose was to solidify the fact that the West had effectively colonized the country.

Despite these countries signing off on the ceasefire agreement, Russia was the only one attempting to protect them.

Today, one of the top UK Commanders has warned troops to prepare to deploy and say their ‘good-byes’.   Any such deployment would be an obvious admission of world war.    Similar to the Bolshevik Revolution which ushered in Marxist Communism.

As the US/UK coalition continue to attempt to corral SA, Africa, Indian and Latin American governments to rally against Russia, world war is NOT their preference.   They have politely declined.

In a move that is more ritualistic than effort, Germany and the US praise the courage of Russian dissident Navalny as he languishes in a Russian prison.   Navalny is the preferred president should the west initiate a coup.   But the message for the release of Navalny is weak and without much enthusiasm.   More symbolic.

A Europe at war may be the only means of disguising the coming revolts that will likely afflict every country begging for fuel and food this coming winter.    And may be the distraction impetus.   However, the number of People aligned with their extremist governments is significantly LESS than the media parlay.

The blocs that were cut off of the Soviet Union in 1991 became the political targets of Soros.   He gave them money.  Lots of money.  To claim title to their governments.   There are fourteen countries that the US/UK agreement siphoned from the Soviet Union.   Soros saw Russia and these eastern nations as formidable targets for his control.   Money was the means and at one point even Russia acquiesced.

When Soros gives money to a country, he considers that country – his.   If a reigning government does not do his bidding and become subservient to his will, that government will be eradicated.   The eastern bloc was an easy victim.   Money was their survival.

At one point Soros even referred to all of Eastern Europe as his homeland.  As though he saw himself as theirUkraine Independence Day King.   His Empire!   But it was during the Clinton administration that Soros’ focus on Ukraine garnered attention.   Clinton was enamored with Soros and eager to do whatever the now financial giant dictated.   That included establishing Ukraine a new US charity.

The effect was a brainstorming event wherein Soros realized he could siphon US taxpayer money and funnel it to his newly colonized eastern slave states.  His communist allies – via charities and government aide.   They now owed him.   He was a Cartel in his own right.   And his philanthropy was actually funded by US Taxpayer revenues re-imagined.   He didn’t have to spend a dime of his own money!

‘Most’ of these eastern bloc nations, believing they were liberated, were actually simply recolonized from Soviet status to Soros Nation status.    His success at breaking the Bank of England heightened Soros confidence level to unimaginable heights and global governments began to view him as a worthy power denoting ‘savior’ status…

Emboldened by these Elite alliances, Soros simultaneously declared that he would actively intervene and interfere in US elections.   His declaration was met with – applause!   And the elite of the time simply glorified his bold and brash successes!  He was frequently cited as being an independent entity – a government to himself with his own foreign policy.

The Entire Life Story of Soros is of a man bent on owning every country across the globe – a challenge – a lark!   He adores the applause – like a stage actor taking second and third bows for a performance of fakery.  The hysteria of society today over inane ideologies is another Soros creation.   While it has no purpose, it represents a ‘win’.   And that’s all it is…

Amnesty International & NATO – Ukraine is Their Sacrificial Lamb

AMNESTY International, an organization in alliance with the UN and WEF Agenda’s has announced that Ukraine is the country committing War Crimes.   Ukraine.   They are turning on their OWN.   NATO announced that Ukraine was ‘used’ as a scapegoat between the West and Russia.   Ukraine.   The country, its citizens, were used as sacrificial lambs for the ‘bigger picture’.   The People.  The soldiers.   Pawns for extermination so as to take out Russia.   Demonize Putin.   And install their puppet Navalny.   But they ‘underestimated’ – and now they have to CLEAN loose ends.

The biggest loose end in this stage play is Zelenskyy.    

But there are others;  Joey and Hunter, Manchin who just caved to their threats, the Pelosi’s whose drunken self-indulgences could result in a word gone astray.   And Xi Jinping who has been privy to the entire Play – including his knowledge of their Russia Gamet.   What would happen if they told Putin that Xi was in on the entire attempted Russian coup?

The same Xi who became a subject of the Cleaners when Soros demanded a Regime Change.   The same Xi who realized he was ‘played’.   The same Xi who knows all about Gates, Clinton, and likely 95% of Congress.   The last chess piece… That Xi.

Pelosi has called on the Chinese Ambassador to explain the sanctions imposed on her by Xi Jinping.   Why?   To reiterate the power vacuum that they believe they still have.   But don’t.   Fauci is telling everyone to ’just get over it’ when referring to the Lockdowns and effects therein.   Players are running scared, adding to the ‘loose ends’.

Running on empty.  Sloppy.   The CIA and FBI have been verbally obliterated by Truths from every angle imaginable.   The problem?   When these “People” run scared, they don’t care who or how many die to save their arses.   If it means nukes?   Dementia Biden has his Handlers on the Red Button.

Desperate men will resort to ANYTHING to preserve themselves when unmasked.

Gates and Bezos have their mega-yachts.   The EU has no military.   And every move these government puppets make is in complete disregard of their citizen compatriots.   Because they long ago gave up on morality and ethics and values in favor of the carrot.

In the 1950’s homosexual men could be jailed in western countries.   They were reviled!   When Monkeypox was aligned as a ‘gay disease’, an interesting dichotomy was revealed.   Heterosexual men claimed that they sometimes partook in gay sex, but continued to identify as ‘heterosexual’.   Trudeau?  Macron?   Newsom?   Hunter?   Fauci?   Gates?   Clinton?

Ukraine was a hub for human trafficking.   Zelenskyy was the country’s governing agent taking – 10%-20%.   China has also been a sex trafficking hub.   Xi Jinping as taking his ‘fair share’.   But at some point the ante was upped.   Squabbles ensued.   When Soros declared Xi must abdicate his RULE – this was a moment of recompense.   And Jinping realized he was played.

So now we have loose ends…   Too many for the Global Coup to materialize.  Which persons are subject to the Ajax is simply a matter of time and finesse – should finesse even be considered any longer.   But I imagine many are desperately attempting to secure their viability.

The thing with those who are the ‘have’s’ is that Money and Power achieved is never enough.

And this is their ultimate Weakness.  While simultaneously – perceived by the pawns as their strength.

The House of Cards is simply paper and All the Evil that lurks behind the Curtain of Oz is about to be shred to its core.   We are NOT doomed.   And Satan has NOT won.   But he will attempt to destroy as much as possible – once again – before we are rebuilt once again as it has been done every  3,000 to 5,000 years.   The difference this time being that advanced technology gave us favor and everything was revealed in instantaneous fashion.

I doubt either Trump or DeSantis have the balls to tell the world the Truth – the extent of deception.   Given the psyche of man still believes that ‘he’ is able to discern while others can not.

Cities will implode.   Crime will become a cowboy world.   But, like Ukraine, the untrained will ultimately step down.   The bombs will be depleted.   And wars will wane.   When we can mourn again the abject death of man via the GLOBAL COUP unjustly and cruelly killed, we will begin to heal.   But for now, death is so prevalent that murderers have no conscience.   And the populace is frozen in shock.

So – we are now witness to the Cartel taking out its own in retribution and no one is safe.

The McDonald’s worker shot in the neck for ‘cold fries’ – died.   He was a child – a good man.   He was a black man/boy shot by a black man/boy who had previously shot another person in 2020 with NO consequences.

Did Ukraine actually transport ‘wheat grain’ in its recent enabling by Russia?   Or did they transport their first load of children since the incursion began?   Why do the Liberal Media pundits continually focus on plights within Africa while exponentiating those plights?   What is the point of Massive Money’s ‘donated’ to Climate Change when climate has changed since Earth’s existence?

Why did Manchin give in?   How can so many people be lured into depravity, deceit and murder?   Why is God taking so many ‘good’ people?   How can a person be bought to knowingly murder a child?    Because there are two different people’s inhabiting earth …

When Evil begins to eat its own tail, they are destroying themselves.   And when they are done – only good will SURVIVE!