Soros Out-Maneuvered by China

The Tortoise and the Hare – guess who is who?

How is it that the US can’t seem to clarify and identify who would be a good ally and who is a true enemy? We consistently make the wrong choice as in – Looking For Mr. Goodbar… We act like a child raised without parents to help guide us on a path of virtue, ethic and integrity. And instead we continually make the same mistake over and over again.

While the US is busy dithering all its resources into failed coups and bombing campaigns that have little to no true success, initiating strident sanctions that backfire, and bankrupting our medical and social security insurances, our supposed ‘enemies’ are busily revamping their economies.

The US choice for creating a friendly relationship is to instigate a coup, create chaos, and install a US backed leader. China’s methodology is quite different. China extends a hand. Period. As a result, China is gaining and we keep trying the same campaign – and failing. Instead of judging the country, China accepts their sovereignty and looks to see how they can be mutually beneficial economies. That is the China game plan – and it is working. The US game plan? Not so good.

China’s threat – is that they won’t engage and continue to move forward in the economic campaign. Most recently, China’s extended hand of financial assistance for infrastructure has extended to Brazil, Venezuela, Chile and Peru, countries that have continually fought off CIA backed attempted coups. As such, the governments are not to keen on the US and see China as an ally. Why? The same reason you or I would thank someone for extending a hand instead of beating us with a lead pipe!

Russia’s threat – is that they are realigning their economy internally and externally by alienating the US and EU partners.

Middle East threat – Saudi Arabia is repositioning away from oil and into religious tourism.

India’s threat – is that they have been bullied by the US and are now realigning with the BRIC’s.

South America threat – is that they prefer the policies of Russian and Chinese hands-off and want to do business.

The ‘threat’ is that these countries will succeed and we will fail!   What these nations can accomplish as a pool, is continuing, it just excludes the US and EU from that profit potential.

So what will happen when the debt overwhelms the US and the UK and the rest of the EU implodes beneath the welfare and terrorism they now embrace? A new world does rise, just not the one that Soros anticipated. Could it be that he is being out-maneuvered?

While Soros vainly attempts to demonize China and Russia, they simply ignore him. He has become a fly on the shin of an antelope – easily swatted, and of little threat.

The Zika virus was simply another Soros maneuver to attempt to destabilize South American countries by creating a tourist fear that would effectively crumble economies. But the world is moving on despite the aging dementia of Soros. And while he has a coalition of backers and supporters, they do not share the absolute consuming hatred that drives his desire for destruction. His defeat will usher in a new world, just not the one he glorified.

The new world is one that actually abhors Soros and his self imposed kingship. Soros has one form of coup – currency manipulation. He has been working to bring that about in China, India, and Russia without the success he is hailed for in his breaking the bank of his new best buddies – the UK. While he continues to try and deceive The People through media disinformation, the mechanisms continue to churn without him overseas.

And in the end, he will be dust and the world will move on…

Trump Campaign Manager Smeared

Listening to the mainstream media weigh in on the possibility that Trump’s campaign manager is or is not guilty of ‘assault’ on a female reporter and I am actually appalled. While I certainly do not advocate ‘assault’, when the news anchor stated that they were going out to the people to see how they reacted to the allegations, they went to – Hillary…! Hillary! Really? She is now the personna that represents The People!?

Hillary weighing in on potential assault charges with her litany of ‘above the law’ charges that include placing the entire US into a breach of security is like Stalin weighing in on the death penalty…


No bias in that reporting – and when I changed channels, there it was again, the same weighted, biased reporting that sheds so much antagonism among The People. Hillary is NOT our spokesperson thank you!

Did Hillary divorce her infidel husband? Did she fire him from office and house? Did Hillary fire Huma when it was discovered she was affiliated with The Muslim Brotherhood? What is more important?

I have a personal disgust for hypocrisy. It is the Pharisee phenomena that has given Christianity its fault lines that we still try to separate. A Pharisee is a fake, a hypocrite is a fake, Hillary is a fake, and it is this very inauthenticity that has created the climate of aggression that The People are decrying as FOUL!

Given all the lies perpetrated by Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Lawyer, First Lady, Secretary of State and Clinton Foundation officer, just imagine how far she will use her power to deceive and divest and destroy if she is elected? It will be Hillary to the ‘nth degree’. Like an earthquake, the magnitude is multiplied infinitely within the nth degree. A 5.0 quake compared to an 8.0 quake is not 3 points greater, it is infinitely more destructive!

That is the Hillary.

Before, After and While Billy was President:

  1. Hillary was tagged with using the FBI and IRS to illegally ‘target political opponents’,
  1. She accepted the multiple sexcapades of her husband and allowed the behavior,
  2. There was ‘travelgate’ chinagate, filegate and pardongate,
  3. The couple were considered to be theiving when they attempted to confiscate furnishings from the White House upon the conclusion of Billy’s second term…,
  4. They were slapped on the wrist for illegally obtaining FBI files on perceived adversaries,
  5. There was no media concern for the fact that Hillary’s right hand – man – Huma Abedin was implicated as affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood,
  6. There were the House of Cards style conspiracy theories of Vince Foster’s death just before he was going to reveal very controversial information…regarding the Clintons.
  7. The now ongoing – Emailgate Scandal
  8. The now ongoing – Benghazi Scandal
  9. The White Water Scandal when she was an attorney
  10. The Chinagate Scandal in which secrets were exchanged for donations to the Clintons.
  11. And the sse of federal funds for travel and entertainment of extended family and friends as well as the promise of jobs and positions…
  12. The impropriety of funds and bribes in the White Water scandal – in which everyone – but the Clintons – served time
  13. The ‘Sniper Fire’ complete lie.
  14. And the missing documents and billings form Hillary’s law firm that were never recovered…that may have proven her fraudulent practices.

The list goes on and on ad nauseum – and yet she has the audacity to judge Trump’s campaign manager for an ‘alleged’ assault.


And still The Cruz attacks Trump instead of Hillary! It is absurd and drags Cruz into the garbage that he claims to detest. Creating – Hypocrisy.

Mr Cruz are you advocating for Hillary? Because I have heard very little from you in that regard, in The Bern regard, and instead, you focus your attention on a fellow. Where is the loyalty? Where is the integrity? Where is heart? Because even if Trump’s campaign manager is implicated, at least Trump gave him the benefit of the doubt, his friendship, his support, his loyalty, his integrity.

And today, in a world gone to chaos – THAT means a LOT!

Federal Government – Rocks World Debt and Deficit

According to the World Bank, their total outstanding loans and credit as of 2014 amounted to about $268 billion. The Account Balance of various world economies (sum of net exports, net primary income and net secondary income) showed some troubling statistics. While Germany had the highest positive score of over $290 billion, the US and the UK had the greatest negative figures at about; $390 billion and $174 billion respectively. As in – ‘in the hole’…twalette…

Our finances are a failed state.

And yet the Federal government has a website,, in which it purports to tell people how to ‘manage their finances’. Because, of course, they manage ours so well! It talks about the value of saving, how to create a manageable budget, using coupons to buy groceries, it talks about financing your car, your home, scams and scammers, and even how to properly use a credit card. What it doesn’t mention is the National Debt created by the Federal Government in mismanaging our money.

I think I want a refund with compound interest…a class action lawsuit waiting to happen.

Our infrastructure is still a mess, our weapons are outdated, our nuclear weapons are on the fringe waiting to malfunction, corruption is rampant, and healthcare is in the twalette.

The Constitution gives the federal government the power to print money, declare war, create an army, and make treaties with other nations. Most other powers that are not given to the federal government in the Constitution belong to the states.”

IF our esteemed Constitution only allows the Federal Government the right to ‘Declare War’ and makes no mention of indiscriminate bombing, then would our government be in violation of our Constitution when we bomb Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and every other country where we have attempted to initiate coups? While the Feds have the power to make Treaties – as in arbitrating a win/win solution, it appears there is no Constitutional authority to bomb other countries when we are not at war. Not only has the US failed to designate Syria, Iraq or Yemen as a country at war, we can’t even declare war on ISIS.

After 9-11, Congress passed the “Authorization for Use of Military Force’. It established the limited right to defend our country against ISIL and any associated persons or forces with a stated termination date of three years after the enactment which would have been 2004, and repealed the authority to act against Iraq. It required a re-authorization for the AUMF to remain in effect after the three year period. Has it actually been re-authorized?

It would appear not as Congress has been arguing over provisional changes for over three years – well past the deadline.

But the Federal government has stretched its arms to such grandiose lengths that its powers far, far exceed anything the Constitution might have anticipated from; healthcare to welfare, to pensions, to transportation, to so many laws that no one even knows how many! Estimates state that there are over 20,000 laws pertaining to gun ownership alone! And perhaps over 300,000 laws on the Fed books – many out dated, many ridiculous.

A few of the more absurd include:

  1. It is a crime to harass a golfer on any national park in Washington, DC.
  2. It is a federal crime to allow your pet to make any noise in a national park that might scare the wildlife…
  3. It is a crime to ride a moped into Fort Stewart unless you are wearing long trousers.
  4. It is a federal crime to skateboard at NIH.
  5. It is a federal crime to say something so annoying to another person that they are forced to hit you while in a national forest.
  6. It is a federal crime to attempt to change the weather without first notifying the Secretary of Commerce.

I wonder how much time and money is spent making these laws, some estimates state that nearly 900 new laws were passed just last year…  Maybe that’s why Congress isn’t doing anything else productive…

While China is spending hords of money on its infrastructure, the US is spending hords of money fighting an organization that we are not ‘at war with’ in multiple countries that don’t want us there.

While Russia is reconfiguring it’s economy and boosting the manufacture of war planes and weapons, the US is depleting it’s entire inventory and scrubbing projects after spending billions while arguing whether new spending is necessary…

While Cuba now boasts some of the best doctors in the world who work to cure as opposed to medicate, the US has poured billions into a failed healthcare system that is bankrupting the government and the people at the same time.

While the US continues to frack for more and more oil when the market has tanked, Saudi Arabia is going for Mecca tourism revenue setting up booths and stores including the likes of Paris Hilton boutiques, and stands to make more revenue on this trade than oil ever created.

Who is a better money manager?

ISIS -The New Europe, the New America

The New America Foundation has reported that the ‘terror threat from ISIS returnees to the US is low and manageable’. Of the estimated 250 Americans fighting alongside ISIS, the number returning to the US is considered low enough that New America scoffs at them being an issue…


Let’s see, in Brussels, there were – three attackers. In Pakistan today there was exactly ONE reported suicide bomber. He took out over 65 and wounded hundreds. I guess the New America Foundation just doesn’t think that will make enough of a dent in world population to – yawn – be considered a threat. Unfortunately, one life is not worthy, only thousands upon thousands would thus earn the right to be labeled terrorism. So let’s put some math to the calculations: if one can take out over 365, then 250 returning ISIS sympathizers could take out 91,250. Is that enough for us to take notice?  And let’s not forget, the 250 number is simply a vague estimate with little to no assurance – it could be double or triple that number.

The New America Foundation. Jonathon Soros is on the Board of Directors… chaired by Eric Schmidt, Executive chairman of Google… and it’s top donors include Bill Gates, Eric Schmidt, the Lumina Foundation and the US Department of State. Interesting bunch!

The Lumina Foundation is one of the largest in the US. Its CEO is Jamie Merisotis whose credits include membership in the Council on Foreign Relations, a highly controversial government and privately funded organization with massive One World Order links. It is considered to be a part of the shadow government ruling party and the most powerful organization in the US. Its elite cross borders of parties, and hold to one common agenda – global power.

Jonathon Soros: Son of the infamous George, and next in line to succeed when the father passes. His politics, ethics, and morality are shared in, Soros Open Society Foundation, New America Foundation… Democracy Alliance and Roosevelt Institute.

Bill Gates: Well nothing new there on a desire to rule the world.

Eric Schmidt: Die-hard Democrat raised in Virginia, member of the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission, his quotes emphasize his disparaging view of people as puppets, easily ruled, easily led, sheep to the elite.

And these guys believe that American ISIS returnees – no problem!

Still, while the Foundation states that many of those ISIS returnees are a part of the ‘visa waiver program’, we shouldn’t be concerned, because well, they represent a handful of the total… Ahh, but WAIT –

The Visa Waiver Program includes people not considered a risk and lists 38 countries – including Belgium. For those geographical challenged, Brussels is the capital of Belgium. Belgium as in the Brussels carnage, Brussels as in the Paris attackers, Brussels as in a hotbed of ISIS.

So the US Visa Waiver Program allows fair passage for those Belgium residents – including ISIS terrorists…

So why, why would this New America Foundation, Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates, and Jonathon Soros state that Americans returning from fighting alongside ISIS are not a risk? Because they are a threat – and that is – the agenda.

Obama has stated that the number of refugees slated to be approved for 2016-2017 is 100,000. That would be – legal refugees. That would include a vetting process that has obviously proven less than perfect.  That would include how many ISIS potentials?  More than I want to accept.  Period.  This is NOT Obama’s country, it is mine and yours, and your friends, and friends of your friends.  It does NOT belong to Obama.

So, what exactly does a One World Order promise?   We hear their mantra, but what is their agenda?

NO more wars, no more poverty, no more disease and hunger, a perfect Utopian existence wherein the governing body will create ‘global peace’. Heaven on earth. It includes – one global currency, one unified government (the UN, NATO, etc…), one religion and unified morality. It is the dangling carrot of Heaven within the guise of Hell because it does not tell you what you would have to give up. What would you lose for this ‘universal peace’? And the resounding, overwhelming, absolute answer is – you would lose FREEDOM. Because peace and freedom can never co-exist in this world – ever. They are not compatible – as much as we might wish they were. Tolerance isn’t tolerance – it is mind control. Mind persuasion. Mind manipulation.

Are you willing to forgo Freedom for Peace? Are you willing to live like a sheep, like cattle in a stockyard, in order to be ruled free of poverty and war? Do you understand what such a life might look like?

Do you realize that education is a part of freedom – not peace?

Do you realize that food on your table is related to freedom – not peace?

A car in your garage?

A house for your garage?

Because when Socialist/Communist rule shines, these basic necessities – disappear. Just ask my neighbors who fled Communist Poland in the 1980’s. If they wanted an apartment, they needed to prepay thousands of dollars and wait ten years. If they wanted a car, they had to prepay and then wait – for ten years only to pay more for the inflated value. Food shelves were barren. Talk was forbidden. This is the reality.

This is the Bern – the Hillary – the Soros agenda.

Are you ready? Is this the future you want for yourself, your children, your grandchildren? Because this is what is happening – and it may already be – too late.

Just ask someone who has lived it.

Trump Protestors – Shifts to Leftist Anarchy

Although the media prefers to blame Trump for the protests, the rioting, the angry violence of mobs attacking his presidential election running, they have forgotten – the perpetrators.

US Code, Title 18 states: the term “to incite a riot”, or “to organize, promote, encourage, participate in, or carry on a riot”, includes, but is not limited to, urging or instigating other persons to riot, but shall not be deemed to mean the mere oral or written (1) advocacy of ideas or (2) expression of belief, not involving advocacy of any act or acts of violence or assertion of the rightness of, or the right to commit, any such act or acts.”

Trump is clearly not the organizer or promoter. Nor has he urged or instigated other persons to riot. However, those portions of the law can potentially be attributed to Hillary Clinton, Bill Ayers, Bernie Sanders and George Soros. Obama – he’s too busy trying a lame version of the Argentine tango to really care anymore.

So how is it that the perpetrators and the promoters skate?

We have college students acting like spoiled, entitled, ignorant brats who have no responsibility or blame. They focus on Socialism – which they know nothing about – and changing street names and building names of institutions that have displayed their heritage for decades and centuries. And worse –

they are given a – hall pass. Pathetic.

Vandalism, destruction, hate in the name of – peace. I am well versed in the hippie generation, in the youth/flower child movement for drugs, unadulterated free sex, and abortions on demand. But I was taught to respect property, life and liberty. These brats are reminiscent of the Ferguson riots in which blacks inadvertently torched other blacks businesses and businesses who supported their cause destroying entire livelihoods.

It is as though they lack a fundamental compassion for humanity. A switch turned off in their brain. Maybe it is derived from the notion that everyone earns an award even if they lost. Entitled. Maybe it is the inability to connect after having twenty different nannies try and raise them because their parents were too busy. While the media likens them to the sixties generation, I think they are far different. The sixties was about being free of the oppressive law of government and society morality. It was based on a cause, albeit a horrible evolution of one. But these kids simply want, demand, and have no boundaries in harming – others.

That was NOT the sixties.

These are the rioters, the protesters, the immature that advocate for dissension, radical anarchy and Communism in the guise of Socialism. And some of our esteemed politicians would seem to revel in their domestic terrorism. I doubt there is any other country in the world that has this extreme of bratiness. I am embarrassed as a US citizen.

But it is even worse.

Our adult dictators would seem to have quietly instituted an oppressive intolerance of ‘everything’ to the point of sending 12 year old girl to jail/ juvenile hall for pinching the butt of a football player. And the mom wants to press charges… Ewwwwww!  Six year olds are confronted by police for playdough guns that look more like rocket ships or just mud… And these esteemed ‘adults’ decry this as anti-bully intermediation. EWWWWWW…

The hypocrisy of intolerance in the vein of anti-tolerance – in the respect of tolerance – is so discombobulated, no one even knows what is up or down, right or wrong – including – our kids. We’ve morphed from letting bullies ridicule a student into committing suicide with no repercussions to terminating a student for making a gummy gun the size of a pea.

So let’s continue to blame Trump for the actions of the protestors who have threatened death – who have destroyed property – who have violated individual rights, who have trampled individual freedom, who have decimated security – let’s protect them and blame Trump instead. That’s logical…

And that ILLOGIC is exactly why these others – are losing ground each and every day. There still is a vein of intelligentsia. We are NOT as stupid as the media would like to convey. And the protesters? They are pathetic losers trying to create some legacy when they have no cause, no future, no unbiased philosophical education, no knowledge of history, and continue to show their vacant intellect with each and every action.

Hillary, Bernie, Georgie, Billy – you have no excuse – you are simply corrupted by an ideology that is rooted in self above all else, and that is called – narcissism. Not a good thing…

GOP Vote Rigging – Smartmatic Running the Show

Why hasn’t Hillary run scared? Despite an opponent she didn’t anticipate, she has something more important, a guarantee from Soros that the counted votes will override actual votes.

Smartmatic is running the show. They boast using their machines in elections from The Philippines to Venezuela, to Belgium, Brazil, Argentina and the USA. The problem? Every time, their arises the cry of fraud. And it dates back to 2004, just four years after Smartmatic stepped up to the plate.

How is the fraud perpetrated?

In 2012, the Mexican government contracted with Smartmatic. But the results were abysmal as they transmitted only 30% and 45% of the actual ballots in two elections. Making the results weighted in favor of particular candidates, officials were more than livid!

In the 2013 election in The Philippines, they transmitted only 76% of the actual ballots.

In 2014, Smartmatic has been charged with fraud in the Brazilian election.

In 2003, Sequoia election Systems, a subsidiary of Smartmatic, was implicated in a bribery scam with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. In 2005, Smartmatic bought Sequoia Voting in an attempt to gain access to the US market. But Sequoia had its own reputation of fraud and corruption. In 2010, after being bought by a small Canadian voting system, Dominion, the machines were hacked and the system replaced with a Pac-Man game. The hackers claim the machine was opened with a screwdriver without effecting the ‘tamper resistant seals’.

Having bungled votes in Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, California, and Virginia Sequoia is now authorized under it’s new and improved ownership – Dominion. Dominion then bought another noteworthy voting system, Diebold which was at the time involved in a SEC investigation for fraud and corruption and anti-trust suit, thus putting Dominion in charge of 70% of the US voting systems.

The US is now completely relegated to voter system fraud. So why would the Republicans even allow Smartmatic? Or Dominion?

An adage comes to mind, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” While we all accept that Hillary is deeply embedded in the Soros debacle of voting ‘mishaps’, there may be others… Kasich? Cruz?

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Soros Fund Management is behind Kasich. But WAIT! The Center for Responsive Politics is FUNDED by Soros Open Society Institute… So the spin continues and the media is lapping it up without doing due diligence!


However, it is verifiable that Smartmatic happens to have a rather definable link with Soros through it’s Chairman of the Board Malloch-Brown, who previously served as Vice Chairman of Soros Investment Funds and The Open Society Institute. Malloch-Brown also happened to write a book, The Unfinished Global Revolution, in which he advocated for greater UN control, greater NGO (Soros) involvement, and the failure of individual governments. He thus advocates for a Global Society. Sound familiar?

Listed co-owners of Smartmatic, a private company, include Antonio Mugica and Roger Pinate. It’s origins are Venezuelan and muddled within a maze of holding companies and unknown ‘true owners’.

Their history wreaks of elections that are decried as ‘landslide victories’. Obama may have been one such victorious winner in his landslide win over Repulican Keyes in the Chicago Senate election of 2004. It was noteworthy that Keyes referred to Obama’s win as “a culture of evil enough to destroy the very soul and heart of my country”. The number of counted votes was reported to be 70%, including millions of ‘absentee votes’. But voter fraud in Chicago has been a mainstay for decades, with indictments that barely slap the wrist (probation) and bribes commonplace.

The company that was utilized in counting the Chicago 2004 Senate election – Sequoia.

In 2004 county elections 25 counties reported failures by Sequoia including; security failure, failure to count votes, source code failures, track counting of vote failures, data read failures, failure to record votes, failure to index votes, machines simply not working and left in ‘test mode’, software ‘glitches and bugs’, crashed machines – votes wiped out, jammed smart cards – votes wiped out, undervoting reported – as low as 9% of total registered…, crashed machines with frozen screens, failure to print absentee votes, etc…. ad nauseum!

YET. It is these intertwined companies with offshore holdings and unnamed owners and private opaque investors that control our US Election system!

Wakeup. Hillary isn’t scared of losing when she has THIS behind her – so why did the GOP approve them as well because obviously someone is rigging the GOP vote as well?

Brussels and Violent Crime – a statistic

With all the protests and chaos and stampeding in the media , with all the support for criminals and terrorists – I got hit. And nothing changes an unbiased opinion as quickly as being the victim of a violent or heinous crime. In my case, it was my home, my house, I was defiled by burglars. Not only did they take items that were in my family for hundreds of years, they left a calling card – they peed on my carpet. A nice brazen, large, spreading stain.

Maybe they laughed and thought it was a nice calling card, a send off, a &^k you because I had more and they wanted – what I had. They were entitled to what I had. The new Socialist way of thinking … If you don’t have it, just steal it!

Little can express my feelings except that I find myself more angry than sad, more outraged than weepy, although the weeps do take hold. I’ve been robbed before, but then it was a stupid idiot robbing another poor person, and I just felt – what an idiot. This time, I had something to lose, and they emptied it all.

Unfortunately, it’s not like television or novels where the police and sheriff are all over the case and spend wakeful hours upon hours researching who could be the culprit, the MO, the footprints, the case! In reality, they spend diligent hours taking notes and yet in their heart they know it’s gone – it’s all gone. And there is no way it will ever be recovered. In reality, you lose and life moves on for everyone else – including the burglars. Because the police have literally thousands upon thousands of cases to cover. And you are just a pin-prick in the miles of paperwork.

In my case, what they left is almost as interesting as what they took, not that I protest what they left behind! But the entire agenda converted a few around me, they suddenly took it all personally and they switched – on a dime – and saw that anger is the impetuous that is driving the bandwagon around Trump. But this time – this time – it isn’t black anger or illegal immigrant anger, or Islam anger, or poor me anger – it is I AM DONE anger. As in, enough. As in we have been the scapegoat punching bag for everything for way too long and I am done.  Anger.

As in – I didn’t do anything wrong and am paying for some bizarre prejudicial anger that has nothing to do with my everyday life. As in the hypocrisy is just over the top ridiculous, anger, and I’m not your punching bag! Anger.

The crime statistics are REAL anger. Terrorism is real. Hate and pain are real! And it wasn’t coming from ME! Anger.

My abode has been violated. They crashed through a steal entry, and a heavy wood and metal door – bolted and secured spent exactly 17 minutes ransacking the entire house and left through the front door – arrogant –  angry. After – someone thought it might be fun to pee in the middle of the living room – angry.

SO, once again, we see that our leaders are either living in a hazy fog of a netherworld, or they are doing it on purpose to bring down a global destabilization – angry. Depends if you believe they are stupid are simply conniving. Because there is really nothing in-between.

Responses to Brussels terrorist attacks:

Cameron – he is ‘concerned’ … really?  Now you are ‘concerned’?

Merkel – she says ‘free societies are stronger than ISIS…’ – really?  Because that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Hollande – he’s calling for us to all be ‘calm’ and ‘lucid’.

Obama – he just thinks that we all need to ‘unite’ to be friends and brethren – while in Cuba.

Gee guys, I just don’t think your attitude makes me feel all warm and cozy. Doesn’t make me feel safe. Makes me feel like I wish you could feel the violation like they do, like I did, like so many others have!  Makes me think – you haven’t a clue!

The boundaries have all been crossed. The values have spiraled into a “see it” version of soft porn on every media site. And nude selfies for the world to see are a yawn that put Playboy out of business.

So – all you mainstream – if you want to know why people don’t want a stereotypical politician – THIS is why. Get over it.

Footnote: they did not steal our guns…

Presidential Pension – a Corrupted Entitlement

It wasn’t until 1958 that a former President of the US was considered entitled to an annual pension package.  The purpose was to honor their service if they had no means of income.  And while there have been a few instances where a former president did not have personal wealth, since the granting of a pension, most presidents didn’t ‘need’ the taxpayer funds which are given for life. Today, that would mean supporting FIVE presidents who have served terms of office ranging from four years to eight years. In other words a FULL lifetime salary and benefits is afforded to a man who spent four years – working…

How much does that amount to?

The Presidential salary is currently pegged at $203,700 (although Obama is asking for a hefty increase before he leaves office). The First Lady gets another $20,000 annually. They get an additional $150,000 to cover the cost of ‘staff and office’ for 2 ½ years which is then downsized to a mere $96,000 for the remainder of their life. They get free Secret Service protection for all family members, and a ‘transition allowance’ to move out of the White House – which apparently has no dollar limit. But these payments seem to be more of a guide than an absolute as Mr. Bill received over $450,000 in 2014 for his ‘office space’ alone, and over a million in total benefits. Bush is no different, Carter, they all ravenously reap $$$$ for their paltry service. Poor Babies…

Of course the insanity of this is that we are subsidizing an individual a million plus dollars a year so that they can reap a private annual income of over $1.5 to $50 million – not including Secret Service detail which could easily double the value of their benefit and our out-of-pocket cost.

While some within the pundit media like to claim that the total amount is not large enough to be relevant to the entire Federal budget, there is this ancient concept called, ‘Principle’, wherein a person has integrity. The entire ‘entitlement’ is like a Ponzi scam. In the real world, anyone who is even in the small, small pool of a corporate pension package knows that the benefit is based on a sliding scale of time employed. Given a lifetime employment of 45 years, 8 years represents roughly a sixth of the sum total which means a person could be eligible for 1/6 of his/her annual salary.   In Presidential terms that would amount to about $34,000 per year. End of story!

If a President has outside sources of income exceeding say $250,000 they should be ineligible for anything! We have forgotten that the duty and responsibility of being President is to ‘serve the people’, not ‘benefit from the people’. It is supposed to be a job of humility and giving, instead it has become a gentleman’s club of how to defraud the people to make $$$$$.

The cost of Secret Service protection is another very non-transparent expense. The total annual budget of the Secret Service is $2.2 billion per year, but also includes protection for foreign visitors, albeit a very small portion of the kitty.   They are also tasked with investigating a small portion of the forgeries and fraud within the government, as well as providing detail for certain candidates during the election year.   Again a small portion of their overall time and expense.

But with the Secret Service mired in scandals and partying and sexcapades, it would appear their budget is a joke not unlike most of the government’s. As a result, they have expanded their base of agents… so they can raise their budget by another 16%…so they can have bigger parties… If that isn’t enough, black agents have filed two class action lawsuits against the agency claiming racial discrimination. (I wonder if that’s why they needed a budget increase – to pay off the claimant lawsuits?)   At any rate, the dollar value of the class action lawsuits has not been disclosed (as in more transparency). While their claim may be completely and totally justified, it merely heightens the atmosphere of a corrupted government NOT representing The People – and instead highlights the fact that taxpayers are now required to pay for government agencies inability to act with honor and integrity.  Maybe they need ‘corruption insurance’…   It also highlights the fact that the corruption comes from the top of the ladder given it was not properly dealt with despite numerous notifications.

That being said, personally, I don’t see why we as taxpayers are shelling out $5-$10 million per year for former Presidents (Democrat and Republican) who are privately making $50-$60 million…paying for their office space, travel, staff, etc…?  Why?

Seems rather absurd.

Trump Protestors – Bill Ayers and Bernie Sanders…

Everyone keeps asking the same question – “I don’t understand why the undying affection for Donald Trump?”

Well I have asked around a bit – different age groups, different religious affiliations, different ethnicities, and different political affiliations, and the answer seems pretty much the same:

Everyone is sick of politically correct, of being the whitey bad guy, of being lied to, and of being treated like a childish idiot… by a good ole boy network that is out for himself and only himself. That pretty much sums up the answer.

Everyone is weary of pandering, of a government that acts outside of the people, of censored media, disinformation, and a transparency reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz. The divisiveness that Obama set out to erupt is his most rebounding success while in office. He has created chaos here and abroad. His latest rant in the Atlantic Magazine was a put down of David Cameron and the UK government, a put down of Sarkozy and France’s government, and a threat to initiate war with China! I’m sure he has endeared everyone with these comments… And I imagine they were most purposefully initiated. These comments were not born of stupidity, they were planned and executed to create an international devisiveness.

And while the media frenzy targets the election campaign trail, Obama is free to execute – our country. As in guillotine style beheading. Remember those days? Yes, we were once just like the Saudis.

Now the media frenzy would have us believe that Trump is behind the protests – to drum up media attention. In fact, the culprits are more sinister as in former Weather Underground Terrorist, Bill Ayers, an Obama-Soros ally, and our polite Socialist, Bernie Sanders. Are you kidding me? No.

So now we have the GOP, Romney, Rubio, Cruz, Bill Ayers, Bernie Sanders and Soros all involved in a rabid defamation of Trump – and what else can we think but ‘support the victim’? Yet with all the conspiracies and fake information and disinformation and lies, who exactly is Trump? Is he fiend or friend? We can’t take the word of O’Reilly who’s violent temper has reportedly cost him his wife and children. But when friend Romney, turns foe Romney, on a dime, that turns ugly and begs conspiracy.

When the majority gang together to suppress and destroy, we are wary. But the shadows have become so perverse that it is difficult to know if this is orchestrated for Trump – or against. The people are divided. We are angry at being labeled the bad guy for everything. We are done. We are angry that the minority is ruling the majority. My neighbors are divided. My house is divided. And all I can think is that division is the mantra of Soros.

Obama is capitalizing on this with his rhetoric while no one within the US media dares to reveal the Truth. The shadow is the creation of a disturbance – Trump protests, while the news is that Obama is advancing to instigate war with China. That will most certainly catapult us and the world into a divisive chaos wherein choosing sides is tatamount to being labeled a terrorist. Right here in the US of A. We are done. Are you ready? This is the agenda that was the agenda from the beginning of the manipulation. Division.

How do you fight it?

You hold fort. You hold to your ideals. You pray! You ask for witness. And you realize the play, the stage, the Act V, is Shakespearian in it’s lack of integrity, honor and grace. DON’T believe the media! Is paramount. Close your eyes and hold to your truth – it does live, and it is real and it is the reality within the illusion presented.

BELIEVE – in what you know in your heart!


Nurses! I Applaud You~

I have had the privilege of knowing many nurses these past ten years as I became the patient of choice, not mine. And without much exception, I found them to be so amazing that I thought they should be commemorated for their love and dedication to their profession.

They make little, they are invaluable, and they push the limits when you would think they would drop from exhaustion. Just this past month I had the opportunity to have ‘back surgery’. What a treat. But I had this one nurse that was so amazing, she stood out like a Daffadil in a rush of thorny roses. Jennifer at Skyridge. One morning prior to surgery, I crashed. My pain level was thru the roof and despite the male nurse trying to liken it to childbirth – I informed him that my 30 hour labors during childbirth were a mere ten compared to my current 15 – on a scale of 1-10. He didn’t get it. But then, how could he?

But she did.

After an accumulation of morphine in my system that had done nothing to even dent the pain, I crashed. I think it must have all gotten blocked somewhere and hit me in one fell swoop. I crashed. And when I finally awoke, my angel nurse was very concerned that I hadn’t talked more with her as I had done the previous day. She stayed by my side past the hour when she could return home to her son. She stayed long past and when I mentioned this, she just brushed it off, she needed to finish some things with me.  It was past the 12 hour day she logged, and was quickly moving into the 14th hour.

And weeks later I began to think about Ronald Reagan’s kids. And about my siblings. (it’s a girl thing)

You see, a comment keeps coming back at me, “you can tell a man by his children.”

On the other hand I remember someone else telling me, “if you say you had a perfect childhood chances are you are either in denial – or you are lying.” This is unfortunately the basis for most pharmaceutical sales…

Nobodies perfect. But no one can say they don’t have some wishful thoughts of the love between this husband and his spouse. The children may have felt second place, and rebelled, had issues, succeeded and failed, but Nancy and Ronald had something still. Maybe it takes one to lose the other. I don’t know. And that begs the question – would you exchange the relationship of your children for the adoration of your spouse? I’ve known a few on both sides.

A nurse is someone who gives herself up for the love and compassion of making her/his patient better. And I have to say, a male nurse is different. Sorry. They just are. They have a different DNA. I don’t say they are bad, I simply say, that they have a different level of compassion that is simply more DNA inherent in women. And it’s no more prejudicial than preferring a man with the gun pointed at the enemy. It’s in our DNA. There are exceptions, but they are NOT the rule.

And it would seem to be ‘the exceptions’ to the rule that we have chosen to make our agenda. In all things. I found my Jennifer to be much less judgmental, much more nurturing, much more compassionate in me. She wasn’t thinking of the next room, the next patient, of her weekend adventures, she was focused on me. And that was amazing!

A legacy of the value of a NURSE.

I have had numerous experiences with nurses these past ten years, and I joke that I am on a first name basis. But the value they give is so incredibly immense, I think we take it for granted and owe them an applause!

I did have one nurse who gave me the paranoia itches, I was convinced she was going to suffocate me in the middle of the night with a pillow. I fought the Morphine, too scared to close my eyes. And then there was the nurse-in-waiting, the trainee, who put a bubble in my IV, failed to note that I almost passed because the pain was so great and they had told me how to self administer morphine while I was two sheets under – and so I heard/remember nothing. How smart is that. So, as I turned gray, no one seemed to notice until nearly too late.

But, they were the exceptions. And in looking back, a good story that has a happy ending. Most of my experiences have been phenomenal, not just good, but Great!

I have an absolutely amazing doctor story who I call an ‘Artiste’, and then I have the butcher. I think maybe, after a while, you just take the bad with the good. Enter, Obamacare! Shitake Mushrooms! You can’t imagine until it happens to you. A story is a distant phenomena, a yawn, an ‘oh’. And then wham! I mean I guess I didn’t ‘read the fine print’. I didn’t realize that all insurers now support a co-insurance clause. All of them. Even our esteemed Kaiser. And that little change is WAY good for the Insurer, and WAY bad, bad for you and I. Because it makes your deductible – worthless.  It creates a brand new frame of potential bankruptcies, it is too large to imagine.  My little two day surgery cost about $120,000 of which I am liable for about 10% in total.  Throw away the deductible, the co-insurance destroys you.

So what happens to our esteemed nurses as the healthcare system in the US begins to rupture and implode? In a Socialist agenda, they would actually get paid even less, and their would be no incentive to have an expertise! Let’s not forget the reality – in Europe they measure wait times in increments of annual quarters – 3 – 6 – 9 – 12 months – and greater than a year.

In the US we measure that time in terms of days and weeks.

Are you ready to absorb that change?

I can’t imagine it benefits anyone – except of course the Big Pharma Industry which is putting out all the temporary pain killers and relaxers, and anti-anxiety stuff, to get you through the year long wait before you can actually see a doctor, diagnosis or not your illness, and get a remedy. But to add to the dilemma, we have a business environment where actually curing is a detriment to big pharma which nearly rules the world, I might add, that the band-aid creates a lucrative and endless market. Like the Chiropractor, it is a fix that is temporary, but the actual underlying cause is not treated becaue that would mean a cured patient and loss of revenue.

Enter online self diagnosing and natural remedies. Ta-Da! The new way reminiscent of 100 years ago and 1000 years ago. And there are angels in Cuba. They have the mindset of curing vs money. And that makes them very desirable!

Maybe – an investment worth researching for your portfolio.

In the end, I can’t answer if I would be willing to forgo the amazing relationship I have with my children, for the adoration of a man… I wish they could be inclusive. But it would seem, that is not reality – it is simply a celluloid hero – ~ The Kinks.