Soros Out-Maneuvered by China

The Tortoise and the Hare – guess who is who?

How is it that the US can’t seem to clarify and identify who would be a good ally and who is a true enemy? We consistently make the wrong choice as in – Looking For Mr. Goodbar… We act like a child raised without parents to help guide us on a path of virtue, ethic and integrity. And instead we continually make the same mistake over and over again.

While the US is busy dithering all its resources into failed coups and bombing campaigns that have little to no true success, initiating strident sanctions that backfire, and bankrupting our medical and social security insurances, our supposed ‘enemies’ are busily revamping their economies.

The US choice for creating a friendly relationship is to instigate a coup, create chaos, and install a US backed leader. China’s methodology is quite different. China extends a hand. Period. As a result, China is gaining and we keep trying the same campaign – and failing. Instead of judging the country, China accepts their sovereignty and looks to see how they can be mutually beneficial economies. That is the China game plan – and it is working. The US game plan? Not so good.

China’s threat – is that they won’t engage and continue to move forward in the economic campaign. Most recently, China’s extended hand of financial assistance for infrastructure has extended to Brazil, Venezuela, Chile and Peru, countries that have continually fought off CIA backed attempted coups. As such, the governments are not to keen on the US and see China as an ally. Why? The same reason you or I would thank someone for extending a hand instead of beating us with a lead pipe!

Russia’s threat – is that they are realigning their economy internally and externally by alienating the US and EU partners.

Middle East threat – Saudi Arabia is repositioning away from oil and into religious tourism.

India’s threat – is that they have been bullied by the US and are now realigning with the BRIC’s.

South America threat – is that they prefer the policies of Russian and Chinese hands-off and want to do business.

The ‘threat’ is that these countries will succeed and we will fail!   What these nations can accomplish as a pool, is continuing, it just excludes the US and EU from that profit potential.

So what will happen when the debt overwhelms the US and the UK and the rest of the EU implodes beneath the welfare and terrorism they now embrace? A new world does rise, just not the one that Soros anticipated. Could it be that he is being out-maneuvered?

While Soros vainly attempts to demonize China and Russia, they simply ignore him. He has become a fly on the shin of an antelope – easily swatted, and of little threat.

The Zika virus was simply another Soros maneuver to attempt to destabilize South American countries by creating a tourist fear that would effectively crumble economies. But the world is moving on despite the aging dementia of Soros. And while he has a coalition of backers and supporters, they do not share the absolute consuming hatred that drives his desire for destruction. His defeat will usher in a new world, just not the one he glorified.

The new world is one that actually abhors Soros and his self imposed kingship. Soros has one form of coup – currency manipulation. He has been working to bring that about in China, India, and Russia without the success he is hailed for in his breaking the bank of his new best buddies – the UK. While he continues to try and deceive The People through media disinformation, the mechanisms continue to churn without him overseas.

And in the end, he will be dust and the world will move on…

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