The West is Wile.E Coyote & The BRICS are The Road Runner

Zelenskyy thought he was protected.   He thought he could do or say anything and still be the ‘head honcho’.  He took his war spoils and bought villas, houses, apartments, all while his wife, Olena, spent lavishly on – clothes and jewelry.   All while murdering their populace, the peoples they were tasked with bringing into the modern world.  The last statement in Zelenskyy’s presidential speech 2019:  “Now I will do all I can so that Ukrainians at least do not cry any more.”   Everything the West promises never comes true.

Like Syria, Ukraine will become the enemy of the same people who demanded No Peace.   Zelenskyy thought he was different.  Surely, the western Ashkenazi’s, Soros, would make sure Russia lost and he, Zelenskyy, would emerge a hero!   But Soros is on his deathbed.  Alex Soros doesn’t care about Ukraine.  He cares about money and Ukraine is the Money Pit of all time.   Without Soros, Ukraine has nothing.

Ukrainians that fled to Ireland and have lived on freebies paid for by the US and EU will no longer be leaches.   They must work, according to the Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar.   And thus the Ukraine War will die off, Ukrainians will return to a homeland their government destroyed, and life will be set back decades.   Like Syria.   The ally that was and then wasn’t.

What these Wars have distracted from is the global economic failure of western economies.

Failures that can be directly attributed to the suffocation of freedom and wealth by governments mired in blackmail, corruption, fraud and lies and ruled by a Mafia Cabal that would seemingly be stuck in a mindset and intelligence quotient of The Dark Ages – the 900 years of war, famine, desolation, murder, and anarchy.

Zelenskyy has proffered an invitation to come to Ukraine upon – Trump.   The lure?   Zelenskyy declares that even the compromised incapacitated Biden came to Ukraine and saw what was shown…   Perversion of words.  Zelenskyy wants to blackmail Trump in order for Trump to then come to the pulpit of Money for Ukraine.  Maybe he’ll try to transfer a few pounds of gold to Trump.  Or maybe he’ll try the leverage used against Congressional members – a little girl or boy for pleasures.   But the Lure is no different than the snake luring Eve…

This is the depravity our world has sunk into.  And a good Arc and Noah flooding is what we need.  Of course, in reality, the flood would be a nuke, and Noah would be Zuckerberg.   Sort of like those Leslie Nielsen movies – hilarious!  Probably not exactly the outcome The Master’s sought – but then their acumen has been righteously questioned.

The true Handlers behind the White House Red Curtain will likely never reveal themselves given they would be taking credit for an abject disaster!    But names are there:   Bloomberg, Holden, Rice, Soros, Rothschild, Morgan, Fink, Obama, Jarret, Axelrod, etc…  Personally, I think too much credit is given to Obama, he was a figurehead just like Biden, only Hollywood trained.  Smooth talker, smooth liar, in love with accolade.   His first love.   To come out of the closet and take credit for The Fall of America?   No.   He thrives on applause.

As the protests against the Israeli War continue unabated, the protestors are labeled communists, Hamas sympathizers, traitors, and worse.   Peacemakers are now communists.   Does that include the 13-20 UN peacemakers killed by Israeli bombs?   Were they communists according to Netanyahu?   After killing the UN peacekeepers, Netanyau went on a rampage against Amnesty International for not agreeing to go into Hamas tunnels in search of people to kill.

The IDF was more important, mustn’t put them in harm’s way, better to use Amnesty shields…

According to the UN, Palestinian casualties 2008-2020 amounted to roughly 120,000, compared to Israeli casualties of roughly 6,000.   Netanhayu has declared via video that he doesn’t care about the outcry of violations of International Law, he doesn’t care who or how many he kills and wounds, he only cares about making it hurt as much as possible so that all Palestinians will disappear forever and he can own the LAND and its resources 100%.   The ante is up and given a deal is not likely to be considered by Netanyahu, we have another Zelenskyy moment of death.

Oddly, these numbers, stats, and videos do little to disway those who blindly support a secular Israel which is technically a rogue terrorist state.   The Handlers behind the Red Curtain were caught off guard.   Bloomberg is Jewish – he has to support the Ashkenazi statehood.   But Obama wasn’t sure what side he was supposed to take – so he took both, just like US and UK funding – BOTH sides.  Just like WWII, just like WWI.   A betting game of sharks vs seals.

The ultimate fallout?   Those remaining Palestinians who have lost everything, whose psyche is damaged beyond repair, who cannot cope, will radicalize.   Who is to blame?   CIA, US, Mossad, MI6, and our esteemed military which oddly cannot find anyone willing to enlist.

While the idea of a ceasefire is not even discussed, Biden’s Handlers have attempted to leverage a ‘pause’.   A Pause.   As in, take a breath, and continue indiscriminate killing.   Just make sure that before you kill the women and children they have some milk in their bellies.  But the ‘pause’ is an obvious ploy to allow the Ohio nuclear submarine the ability to travel into a more strategic position.

Meanwhile the MSM ‘distraction of war’ is ignorant of the fact that Canada is now in a recession.   The Eurozone is in a recession with a hard winter approaching.   The US continues to falsify its data – but we are likely in or near a recession.   And despite leveling hundreds of sanctions on Russia, its economy continues to grow!!   The BRICS are pulling ahead of the Hare as he runs screaming off the proverbial cliff bouncing off rocks as he falls into the pits of fire.

Maybe the West thinks they are more like Looney Tunes Wile. E Coyote who miraculously recovers every catastrophe in order to once again chase the Road Runner, The BRICS, beep-beep.   But that’s just a cartoon…   RIGHT?

The Shape Shifters of Ukraine… Losing The Battle

The Ukraine Ministry says its economy is growing!   But they haven’t sold grain, they have no exports, they have no production.   World Bank: Ukraine economy contracted 30% in 2022, 7.1 million additional citizens were added to the poverty cycle, and half of the total disbursements to Ukraine came through the World Bank – $38 billion.   This would indicate that the total amount disbursed is $76 billion providing wages, salaries, pensions, and social program costs – since the War began.  

Social programs is code for – NGO’s.   In 2015, Ukraine’s entire GDP was $91 billion supporting a population of 33 million, including expats. Before the mass exodus of 10 million to the EU, 1.5 million exodus to Russia, and the death of another 1.5 million.

Other math experts have determined 28 million people fled Ukraine during the war.   And because things were going so well in the war, 18 million Ukrainians returned via the underground train.~Center For Migration.    5 million people have returned to Ukraine since the war began ~ World Vision.  Ukraine has a unique means of calculating their population – they include everyone who resides out of the country permanently, and don’t keep records of deaths.   Their statistics rival the CDC and Johns Hopkins…

The point is that virtually 100% of Ukraine’s GDP is in the form of aide.   Few people are working because they are paid not to.   The Communist creed.

The other point is the fact that the US claims its aide to Ukraine to be roughly $120 billion, the EU claims their contribution is $85 billion, and another $55 billion has been wracked up by other state actors.   $260 billion dedicated, yet according to the World Bank where ALL funds must be laundered, only $38 billion was actually sent out. A discrepancy of $222 billion – 85% – lost in the melee…

Could that be the reason McCarthy, the democrats, and Biden are adamant for MORE?   Of course. Free untaxable laundered money.

The newest media frenzy is to claim that Ukraine is key to the World’s continued existence.   That Ukraine grains are the biggest source of food in the world.   That without Ukraine – everyone will die!

Fact:   Ukraine corn at peak production supplied 2.5% of the global output.   The vast majority of the corn was shipped to the EU and China.   Ukraine wheat production was ranked 7th in the world prior to the war at 33 million tons.   The six highest producers accounted for roughly 550 million tons = Ukraine 6%. In 2023, Ukraine claims it exported 725,000 tons – roughly <2% of previous output and .1% of global total.

These numbers bely the propaganda.   Ukraine’s value to the world was and is and might be – Trafficking. Pure and simple.

And the Beasts who REQUIRE that Trafficking are HUNGRY!   The human trafficking industry alone accounts for $150 billion – annually.   Ukraine has been denied that revenue for 2 1/2 years = $375 billion.   Leaving the Criminal Mafia still out of pocket $153 billion – THAT is why Ukraine MUST be given More and More Money – to replenish the lost revenue of the Criminal Mafia – The Deep State.  The Hungry Python.

We are being made to PAY economically and literally for these Lost Revenues.   Punishment.

And every single “expert” is paid to make the flagrantly false assertion that a corrupt, incompetent country that was a blip on the news before 2022, is the world’s largest supplier of food grains –   Pathologically – lying.

To support and perpetuate that collaborative false propaganda, I was sent a video to prove my idiocy via the Victor Pinchuk Foundation whereby celebrity panelists declared that Ukraine was indeed the breadbasket of the WORLD!

Victor Pinchuk is a jewish Ukrainian Oligarch worth well over $2 billion who founded the VS Energy International Ukraine – a fossil fuel, oil & gas extravaganza that has zero interest in solar or wind, owns multiple hotel chains and is headquartered in – The Netherlands.   The company is the subject of sanctions for corruption.

Victor also has ties to the HIV/AIDS/Malaria – Bill Gates agenda via the Global Business Coalition. In addition he happens to be a member of The Brookings Institute, The Pearson Institute, and was instrumental in establishing the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial honoring the Nazi Bandera within the Ukrainian Nazi slaughter of Jews and Communists during WWII.  He has worked extensively with the Clinton Initiative, Warren Buffett, Monica Crowley, Spielberg and McCartney.   Not to mention,  Michael Cohen – who was just called as an anti-Trump witness by Leticia James.

Solidifying the Nazi collaboration against President Trump.

The spider’s web of deceit and manipulation is heavily weighted.   But the weight is via the government and political pundits – AND NOT The People.   This is an important point of distinction when discussing ANY corruption.   TOO often we are called to hate an entire society, an entire People, a country, based on false allegations of corruption – and even evil.

In reality, The People, are for the most part, simply those wanting to exercise their own sovereign reality whether it is via religion, culture, or ideologies.   The governments of these people tend to mirror the coup installed agenda of western fascism disguised as “Democracy”.

Iranians are not evil.   Egyptians are not evil.   Syrians are not evil.   Russians, Ukrainians, Algerians, Turks, – they are not evil.   Any more than Americans are a representation of The Deep State.

The sooner we can realize and embrace this cosmic shift that the Shape-Shifters want to impose on our reality, the sooner we can defeat it.   The Ideology is to brainwash People’s across the globe into believing that everyone else is ‘evil’ – when in fact the evil is derived and lives within the few, the government Deep State Proxies –

We outnumber them by multiple thousands to one. 

GERMANY Anticipates Expanding EU w/Russia Land

Sparking multiple caustic responses, Germany’s Foreign Minister speculates about ‘taking Russian land and making it part of the EU’. This on the heels of The Economist decrying the need to expand Europe exponentially.   While the comment was met with not a small degree of vitriol from Russia, it was likely made for exactly that reason – to taunt Russia.   To attempt to arouse greater destruction of Ukraine in order to achieve what the West really wants:   genocide of Ukraine for American colonization – as evidenced by the fact that Ukraine’s flag is flown alongside the American Flag.

The same American flag that has been conspicuously absent from the GOP debates.   Giving rise to the query – who are these debaters representing? Because, it certainly is NOT Americans.   The riff is purposeful.

Politician after politician defends Ukraine as though the country represents the last man standing.   “If Ukraine goes – so doth the world”, is the mantra.   But when asked why – there is deafening silence. Some politicians even go so far as to announce that if Russia wins the Ukraine war, Taiwan will be next, and then all of the eastern bloc!

Ukraine just celebrated the day the Bolshevik Nazi’s in Ukraine slaughtered the jews.   Failing to mention that over 35,000 Soviets (according to the CIA) were also slaughtered and buried simultaneously.   Bandera was born in Austria-Hungary, collaborated with the Nazi’s, and was held responsible for the slaughter in Ukraine jews and Communists from the USSR.   He took refuge in Germany where he was ultimately assassinated.

This Is Ukraine’s HERO.

Celebrated by American politicians and European politicians who no longer represent any of their citizens and now sit completely enraptured in their Self-Conceived Power.   Pathological Liar:   a form of borderline personality disorder wherein the person sees no difference between truth and lying.   The inability to not tell lies on a daily basis.   Complete disregard for other people. Noncurable.

The US has between 750 & 1000 military bases spread across 80 different countries across the globe.   This appears to be an ‘estimate’ because oddly – no one really knows how many.   Despite this, our soldiers on US bases are living in squalor – toxic waste dumps not suitable for rats.   Ignored.

The CATO Institute credits Joe Biden with seeing this global base military power vacuum as cause for the shut down of a military presence in Afghanistan.   They hail the commander and chief as a miracle of successes because we left Afghanistan, we indiscriminately allowed the murder of 13 US soldiers, and handed over nearly $20 billion in equipment.   CATO sees that as a success story. Only 749 bases to go…

TRUTH BOMB: By contrast; Russia has less than 10 military bases established across the globe – yet Russia is The Aggressor.   China has ‘one’ military base outside of China in Djibouti. But China is an existential threat and might, maybe someday, build another base – somewhere… that will be viewed as a threat.

The parlay of disinformation is rife.   And X’s truthersquad just called out Anthony Blinken for his disinformation campaign on the jewish holocaust in Ukraine.   The US Secretary of State is lying to the American People. Pathologically.

Amidst this vein of corruption plaguing Ukraine for over a decade as reported by both Amnesty International and the UN, US and EU politicians presume to have never heard of such information. Gosh Darn.   Nor do they intend to hear this now; a monkey covering his eyes and ears – unfortunately not his mouth.

In the midst of US corruption unveiled within President Biden and President Obama, the US has chosen to give Ukraine a Corruption Ultimatum: go 45 days without a scandal or ‘else’ – without identifying ‘else’.   In military/government lingo, this means ‘corruption is still ok – just don’t be stupid enough to get caught’.

Brawls are a common occurrence in Ukraine’s Parliament. Videos dating from 1997 thru the present provide a clear picture of how the government works out its issues:

This is NOT disinformation – this is video acknowledgement of reality.  By contrast, the US version of corruption has taken to simply throwing every conservative MAGAT in jail without justice, or cause.   One and the same – different methodologies.

Hungary is demanding Ukraine account for every penny it has received from the EU.   But they can’t.   Soldiers don’t have uniforms.   Soldiers are given weapons that jam, weapons they don’t know how to use, ammo that is pilfered, and rations that are starving them.   Yet Kyiv is abundant in money.   Money that is flaunted by its residents. The EU response?  Kyiv must send their youngest to the warzone.   Too many pregnant women and old men dying.   Time for the young people to die…

“Former UK defense secretary Ben Wallace has claimed that Kiev is succeeding in its counteroffensive, but to “finish the job” President Vladimir Zelensky must throw more and younger Ukrainians into battle…”

WHY? Because, Ukrainian genocide fills a purpose.   Once the vast majority of Ukrainians are dead or in refugee camps across other EU states, Ukraine is set to be bulldozed by the Elite. Bids are already being taken.   A fund is already viable.   Architectural plans are being drafted.   And the riff-raff, Ukrainians, are being expunged. The plan is to remake this Trafficking Hub of Europe into a global sanctuary for every criminal activity, including pedophilia, aka Jeffrey Epstein style.

In order to comply with western money, Zelenskyy is charged with fulfilling this genocide agenda. And he is more than willing to meet the demands. But only if he is given a cut. Selling peoples lives for money, so that drugs – child sex trafficking – slave trafficking – organ trafficking – can THRIVE!

What the Western Deep State did not anticipate in its flagrant taunting of Russia to invade Ukraine, was the fact that Russia’s military and weapons industry had been resolutely upgraded and expanded – the Tortoise, while the West has now severely depleted its stock – the Hare. A Fatal Flaw.

Flaws reveal cracks.   Cracks reveal weakness.   Weakness leads to chaos and self annihilation.   We The People – remain resolute despite every weapon unleashed.

Ukraine War Realities of Conscription and Death

You are six months pregnant. Kyiv is fitting you with a padded vst to ‘protect you when you are shelled’.   Zelenskky requires you to model this innovation as some sort of PR stunt for the media so that the other thousands of pregnant women called into Kyiv’s suicide battles to die… will be protected by some cotton.   You know it is a lie.   You know you and your baby are going to die.   But you must stand there, stoic, while your “President” Zelenskyy orders this so.

But the pain in your face is visible.   The sacrifice of not just you but your womb, your baby.

You are seventy years old, your eyes are shot, your hearing is problematic and your knees are killing you – but Zelenskyy calls you into battle. He hands you a gun, a handful of ammunition, and dresses you in camouflage.   Maybe you get a week’s worth of training. Maybe not.

Your grizzled face tells the story – you know you will die.   So you pray silently. Hoping beyond hope that a miracle will stop the insanity.

Mercenaries don’t even look them in the eye.   Emotion is akin to death.   The old will be sacrificed first.   But a pregnant woman can be a liability. So the foreign warriors know that she too – will become a sacrificial lamb.   All that they can ask is that these deaths be quick and that somehow God will forgive them despite or because of – the circumstances.

Many mercenaries have died, their promised bounties never paid to the women and child they left at home.   And an anger builds.   Rage.   They were lied to.believe in an illusion.   And now the one of ten that survives knows they must go home to what is important. Without the wage that gave them purpose.

The War beneath the War.   The wounded.   Those who lost limbs.   Those who can not make the images go white.

Yet somehow amidst the bombs and war and strikes, Zelenskyy is able to traverse to his villa in Italy, his house in Paris, his condo in London unimpeded.   He flies to New York on private jets, to Saudi Arabia, to Africa threatening consequences if he doesn’t get more money – because MONEY means he can buy another villa on Lake Cuomo.   Where his wife and children will be safe.

Today Zelenskyy is threatening the EU.   The ‘grain transports’ must be allowed.   Why?   The EU doesn’t need Ukraine’s grain – until September 15th, its transport to Poland and Hungary was banned.   Why, because he isn’t transporting grain and corn – he is transporting stolen children, stolen women, and drugs.   All of which provide over 45% of Ukraine’s GDP.   Like the “Other” category on an NGO’s financial statement.

Suddenly, Zelenskyy’s wishes are demands.   Ursula von der Leyen bows and scrapes to Zelenskyy the god of evil. He tells the EU what they will do – how much they will give him and when.  NAATO has declared that the Ukraine war will turn into a forever war like Afghanistan draining economies of every last dime.   3.5 million troops are on standby via NATO.   The greatest source would be that of the US surpassing 1.3 million or 1/3 of NATO’s entire brigade.   Turkey is second with 461,000 the remaining 13 NATO countries with troops make up the difference.   Whether they are battle ready is an unidentified query.   Whether Turkey would fight against Russia – is highly unlikely.

However the NATO announcement was simply to create fear.   Getting the support of The People in any of these countries is doubtful given the extent to which social media plays in the hearts and minds. At best the Military industrial complex would need to create a ‘deep-fake’, something that would unite The People – like a Twin Towers.

A Twin Towers that they could falsely determine via the intelligentsia apparatus of the corrupt CIA.   Utilizing photoshopped video and audio AI as justification.   Something much more compelling than the hyped Syria greenscreens.

The hypocrisy is rampant.:

  • Germany is taking a right leaning AfD politician, Bjorn Hocke, to court for using a Nazi phrase 2 years ago.   The phrase was, “Everything for Germany”.    For uttering this, Hocke will spend time in jail and be fined heavily.  Yet the same Germany sends money and weapons to Ukraine’s Azov Nazi Battalion.
  • The US military has laxed the weight requirements and strategic acumen of its troops, yet flexes a limp fist at Moscow.
  • The British Army claims it is the premier active force in Europe with 77,000 ‘active personnel’ – which includes secretaries, drivers, bookkeepers, and desk jockeys. At the start of the war, Ukraine claimed it had 700,000 active personnel or 10x that of the UK.   The budget was $30.5 billion from Ukraine and $145 billion from NATO states.

In 2014, the military of Ukraine was considerably different:   159,000 troops of which 466 were deployed.   A budget of $1 billion.   They enjoyed minimal participation in NATO’s military programme “Partnership For Peace”.   Created in 1993, the programme called for military neutrality. Reality: The programme is directly responsible for every incursion, every war, across the Middle East, Africa, South America, Latin America, and now Russia.  

Each of these incited ‘programmes’ has caused the death of multiple millions, the destruction of countries, starvation, poverty, and the mutilation of many millions more.   Rhino, Tom Cotton, has now clamored aboard the global genocide and called for More War!

UKRAINE’S Defense Ministry: WWIII is Underway!

The Russia/China alliance was somehow not anticipated by all our three letter intelligentsia.   As such every major agency is obsessed with how to break up this strategic alliance so as to weaken the ‘enemy’.   When obliterating western economies, this alternate alliance has the power to supersede the efforts and gain a resilient traction. The players are deeply concerned this alliance will upend the western colonization of Africa.

Billions of dollars have been invested into Africa’s infrastructure to support the land grab farms.   The money comes from the Green Fund that does nothing green. Unfortunately our western three letters don’t have any strategy other than force.   Detante no longer exists. Which is why they must pathologically lie.

Despite the UK adamantly claiming they are not involved in the Ukraine war, elite special ops are on the ground in Kyiv. Mercenaries are on the ground in Kyiv.   What isn’t discussed is the fact that British ops and US ops and CIA and MI6 have been in Kyiv since 2014.   Running the show for the inept, incompetent, Nazi regime.

France has situated military entities on the border of Niger in Benin. The purpose is to bomb the Niger junta into oblivion.

Romania has put its citizens on notice after finding debris from a ‘Russian style drone’ on its Danube border.   The fact that Romania is currently hosting military drills for Ukraine, US, UK, France, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey at this location adds to the propaganda diaspora of pathologic lying.

Their next destination is Naval Exercises in the Black Sea.   Along Russia’s Border.   What could go wrong?

Mercenary groups have long been used by governments to pretend they are not involved.   When the CIA came under Congressional oversight for its assassinations in the 70’s, they pinky swore they would not engage ever again – promise.   That was the moment black books were created and mercenary companies arose as a Military Industrial Industry.

There are over 30 known mercenary groups, and countless smaller ones that fly under the radar.   Many US and UK groups have headquarters in Dubai, including; Aegis, Erinys International, and Defion Internacional.   The growth of mercenary companies is directly tied to a veil of pretense.   Their orders come from the applicable government. Their wages are quite high.   Their background is ‘special ops’.

Yesterday, Ukraine bombed the Sevastopol port on the Black Sea.   Two ships were damaged, and 24 civilian men were injured, 4 critically. The attack included the launch of 10 British missiles and 3 unmanned boats.   Given the quality of the remaining forces for Ukraine, it is more likely that the strike was a coordinated effort by well trained mercenaries acting on behalf of the UK and US.

Russia is well aware that they are not fighting Ukraine – but are embroiled in a full scale NATO proxy war.   Every single NATO nation has contributed to the war. The only option for Russia now is to destroy Kyiv and the underground railway system. The West will use the citizens as human shields – and cry wolf.

The desperation for Control is driven by the World Economic Forum and their recent statement that they were ‘accelerating 2030’. Why?   Because the Pandemic and Trump put them behind schedule.   And thus the Ukraine war is used as fodder.

In 2015, Operation Orbitol was kicked off by the British Military with assistance from Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Cyprus, and of course – the US.

Part of this Operation included the genocide of over 15,000 civilians in the eastern region of Donetsk over the course of seven years. When Russian forces attacked Ukraine, the NATO troops/mercenaries in Ukraine claimed to have left in order to comply with International Law.   But this was not the case.

Oleksiy Danilov of Ukraine’s National Defense Services claims in a video;  WWIII is now – it is underway.   The goal is the complete disintegration of Russia.   This is NOT about border disputes, it is about the failed Russian coups to take Russia for the Cabalist Mafia. This is vengeance.   Civilians are target practice – just ask Hillary. The entity state that is Russia is facing a Global Mafia takeover.  And the US and UK are at the HELM.

General Patraeus was in Kyiv when Danilov made the declaration.   He concurs.  We are in WWIII and regions across the globe have already pledged sides.

In July 2022, General Patraeus created the Strategic Advisory Council for Ukraine (SAC).     Generals – Dick Lodewijk, Rick Hillier, and Wesley Clarke joined Patraeus to act as the main conduit for oversight of the procurement of weapons for the war, advice, and strategic analysis, while enhancing propaganda public relations campaign – such as Russia has already lost, Putin is a dictator, and all of Russians are evil.

Patraeus gave an interview in which he asserts that the main objective of the SAC is to determine what weapons are needed and then ‘convince’ the respective governments to provide them.   F-16’s, cluster munitions, long range missiles, drones, whatever it takes to annihilate Russia from mother earth!

Patraeus does NOT indicate why the US, Canada, The Netherlands, and UK are involved in a non-NATO country’s conflict. However, he does reveal that he has been intimately involved in Ukraine’s shadow government since 2014 wherein the Petroshenko coup took place.

In the video, Patraeus acknowledges that development of weapons that can be launched from space and have an exponential kill effect is the near future for all wars.  And he can’t wait until they can be indiscriminately used to annihilate entire countries…  Kamala Cackle.

Patraeus expresses great pride and joy in the fact that US Taxpayers have been forced to shell out more billions of dollars for Ukraine than most country’s entire military budgets, including; Canada, The Netherlands, Germany and UK!  The man comes across like a James Bond villain on steroids!   All that is missing is the white cat.

What these Advisory Council Generals all have in common is a desire to kill and a liberal affliction.   Their goal in life is to kill as many people as possible.    And they have no intention of stopping.   A perpetuity of Medieval War.   It is a sad commentary when our military leaders define their legacy by the number of humans lives they have snuffed or critically wounded – gleefully.

Perhaps Plato’s concept is not far from truth:   a government led by a Great Philosopher learned in agriculture, history, economics, Math, Astronomy and Philosophy. Where our military is tasked only within our borders to mitigate riots, dissent, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, and other natural disasters.   Where our borders are secured.   And where NGO’s, shadow governments, Big Pharma and the military industrial complex are completely dismantled.   No stakeholders. No sharecroppers. No lawyers or politicians running the country. And the Leader and his appointed committee are salaried based on the average GDP PP.

UKRAINE & CIA Assassinations or Targeted Kill Lists

Today The Economist is promoting, advocating and likely supporting assassinations.   The only issue they have with Ukraine’s assassination ideology is that it needs to be more strategically initiated.   Under International Law, executions are verboten.   Under any circumstances.   Yet, The Economist in supporting these attacks, has openly and righteously crossed into the Nether World.

While most people understand that western governments have condoned assassinations privately, the very public admission via a Blog Post is rather implicitly daring. A provocative statement that removes all doubt for anyone including those living with their head in the proverbial sandbox.

The statement comes on the heels of a botched attempt on Russian former Customs Chief, Yury Afanasievsky.  The female suspect has been arrested.   But The Economist concern is not that Ukrainians and CIA ops in Kyiv would orchestrate an assassination, their concern is that the operation was botched.   Yury didn’t die.   Therefore, the agent(s) involved were deserving of being caught.   Better training is necessary.

The extent of evil leaching out of Pandora’s Box is astounding.   The CIA prefers to call their assassinations, targeted killings. In 2009, they redefined targeted killings as justifiable murder of terrorists, the same argument used by the DC Police when they shot and killed Ashli Babbitt.   The same directive Nancy Pelosi gave the DC Police when she ordered them to shoot to kill Americans inside the Capitol. The same police who are on video ushering the protestors into the Capitol knowing they are ‘targeted kills’.

There is a very real difference between a target kill and a defensive kill.   But the CIA has always found a way around the liability and the International Law as codified by the UN.   The same UN that is owned by the CIA.

Yevhen Yunakov was not so lucky, his car was blown up in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine and hailed as a great accomplishment by Ukraine and their Bolshevik collaborator, The Economist. Yet the International Court, the UN, and governments across the globe were eerily silent.   Making the International Court of Justice, the World Court, as they prefer, a junket of evil.

In 1974, The Church Committee began an investigation into CIA, FBI, and NSA assassinations between WWII and present day 1974.   The Committee blamed Nixon.   As a result of the Church Committee findings, 2 additional Committees were formed – Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.   Their direct agenda was to make sure these assassinations would not be allowed via ‘checks and balances’.

Instead of prohibiting assassinations, these committees simply took them underground and hired black book mercenaries – contributing to the missing DoD $3 trillion uncovered and destroyed in the 9-11 Tower.   The Senate Committee is chaired by democrat Mark Warner and co-chaired by hawk rhino Rubio.   This is the same committee which allowed hundreds of assassinations, yet decided to create the “Russia Did It” mantra in 2016.   They have yet to deter or condemn ANY assassinations.

In fact, every minority Republican on the Senate Select Committee today is – a hawk rhino anti-Trump dufus.

Expanding the assassination agencies within the US government is the IRS.   Armed and trained by the FBI and CIA in Virginia, these new guardsmen of evil are directed to shoot and kill US citizens if they refuse to allow an armed IRS Agent to come into their home.

The Warren Commission was in charge of determining who shot JFK in 1963. And like all other US assassinations, an innocent man is blamed, jailed, or worse, shot.

Valentin Nalivaichenko, former head of Ukraine’s SBU, claims the Zelenskyy regime has a reserve unit assassination team. Their mission is to eliminate suspected Russian collaborators in Ukraine – and political opponents inside Russia. The team members are composed of elite fifth counterintelligence directorate. An individual will be ‘targeted’, and eliminated with authority directly from Zelenskyy or a higher up in his government.

Given the CIA has been an active force in Kyiv since 2014, they likely work in conjunction with this assassination squad.   There are six known targets that have taken a hit, including Darya Dugina, the daughter of Russian philosopher, Aleksandr Dugin and Maxim Fomin, a Russian blogger. Not exactly volatile military targets. It appears, this latest represents the only failure.  Wagner Boss and six of his associates were also likely “Targeted Kills” – assassinations.  I was informed via Ukrainians on Twitter that I have been added to this “List”.

Tucker Carlson has predicted that the US will launch a direct war against Russia within the year.

The Economist: Ukraine War will Be A LONG War…

The latest casualty of the Republican Party, Chrispy Christie, is currently in Ukraine picking up his fair share while meeting with Zelenskyy.   Tomorrow, Zelenskyy will be traveling to Saudi Arabia where discussions will surround finding a political solution to the Ukraine insurgency. The mood might be more than a bit dense as it is revealed the ‘counteroffensive’ died before it started.   As a result, the Biden Regime is looking to divert funds from the US Taxpayer Pool from Ukraine – to Taiwan.

Never Let A Good War Go unfunded.

Spinning in circles, the US Military is now deciding on how best to go to war against Niger, Mali and Burkino Faso while juggling Ukraine and Taiwan.   Unfortunately, the US proxy inserted President of Niger was couped by his own military and needs “help”.   Help is code for war.

According to the deposed President, Bazoum, 40% of Niger’s budget of $2.6 billion comes from the US via USAID.   According to USAID, that is a blatantly false statement.

USAID NIGER:   Last year, the US thru USAID, Department of State, and Department of Agriculture declared obligations to Niger in the amount of $201 million.   In the first 6 months of 2023, the US obligated $87 million.   In fact the US portion has been steadily falling since 2018 when Niger’s obligated assistance peaked at $581 million.

The oddity is the key word ‘obligated’.   Because the ‘disbursements’ never seem to match the obligations – with discrepancy’s in the millions (upwards of 30%).   In 2020, $30 million obligated was never ‘disbursed’.  In 2022 the agencies paid $60 million more to Niger than ‘obligated’.

Where is the money really going?   There are no audits, no trails, no inventory, no oversight, to identify and track money from any government agencies –

USAID UKRAINE:   Ukraine’s Aid disbursements in 2021 were $420 million vs $11 billion in 2022. The 2023 disbursements amount to an additional $10.4 billion for the first half of the year.   This aid is in addition to The Pentagon weaponry and labor, the CIA weapons, training and labor, and the cost of foreign mercenaries.   The vast majority of aid description on the USAID website was ‘redacted’.  The only legal means for redacting under the Transparency Act would have to be approved by The Secretary of State and for the purpose of:   “protecting the health or security of an implementing partner or beneficiary.”

The possibilities of who those beneficiaries might be could include those politicians and Hollywooder’s visiting Ukraine, the CIA, as well as The Big Guy.   The amount subject to redaction is $316.26 million of the ‘top 10 activities’. However, the long list references 202 entries.   It appears the vast majority of the entries of funds were ‘redacted’ and included funding assistance that went to Europe & Asia – not Ukraine.   ODD.

Are We Footing the Bills of Europe too?

Given the revelations that the Big Guy and Hunter Biden are on the Ukraine take, it would appear there are numerous other recipients of the money laundering scheme via US to Ukraine scandal.   Given the redactions are obviously part of this sham, I would venture the recipients are in desperate financial conditions including Mikaelovich Pence.

When Pence left the White House in 2021 his finances were in such disrepair he claimed he had no home and was sleeping at friend’s houses.   Today that $-0- net worth has suddenly leaped to a range of $1million to $4 million, having not worked at all in 2-3 years.

Beginning tomorrow a number of representatives from global countries will congregate in Saudi Arabia to discuss Zelenskyy’s 10-point peace plan.   The plan is more of a comprehensive punishment and coup attempt than anything to do with ‘peace’;  Requiring Putin to resign, Russian exports to be valued at a stipulated price fixed by the West, a special tribunal for Russian soldiers, and for Russia to pay for reconstruction.   The Summit does not include a Putin invite which leaves the entire initiative rather baseless.

Late June, Copenhagen hosted their own peace plan summit in which Brazil, India, Turkey and South Africa representatives were in attendance.   The summit produced nothing.

Although Saudi’s MBS invited representatives from 30 countries, many have chosen not to attend for various reasons including the impracticality of the snub of a Russian invite.   The odd juxtaposition is the fact that MBS wants to join the BRICS and any snub by Russia could curtail a Saudi membership.   Nonetheless, Putin and Lavrov will link to the meetings.

Despite the failed counteroffensive, the loss of unimaginable life, the destruction of 1/3 of US weapon supplies at US taxpayer expense, The Economist has declared the war is not even close to ending… Making it appear as though another Afghanistan is in the making behind the Military Industrial Complex Curtain of Oz.

Ukraine Offensive Failed: Blinken on The Mafia Watchlist

IF in fact NATO and the West knew beforehand that the Ukrainian Offensive would fail, there are two explanations:   1.   The offensive was a distraction,   or 2.   Ukrainian genocide is the operative reasoning.     Then again, maybe these are both correct.

Why would the West think that Ukraine could win?   Their military is comprised of a bunch of vagabond non-voluntary recruits with less than a week of training, and the CIA mercenaries which have been severely depleted to 1/4 of their initial strength.   The US provided cluster munitions are leaving a trail of death upon their own citizens and landmines have made the Ukraine landscape untouchable.

When your commanders are reviled by troops – the battle is already lost.   

Are the Ukrainian troops being used the as guinea pigs to blow up the land mines for incoming Polish and German troops?   Knowing the west’s penchant for ‘guinea pigs’, aka the Vax, I’m liable to think the Loss of Ukrainian troops is an effort to safeguard the ‘more valuable’ incoming foreign troops.    Because in the end, the Eu and US don’t want the Ukrainian people – they want – Ukraine, its resources, and it internal corruption.

Then again – ‘distraction’ is their Plan A in just about every situation.

There is scuttle that Poland and NATO are considering annexing the western portion of Ukraine around Lyiv.   The strategy would appear to make a portion of Ukraine a NATO ally via Poland.    Thus any attack on Polish territory would justify WWIII.

If Russia then took control of the central and eastern portions stretching to Odessa, Crimea and the Black Sea, they will have the majority of the Breadbasket being touted by the Left.   Building a wall to demarcate the new annexations would become a necessity.   Given the speed at which Russia repairs bridges – they might be able to construct a wall within months – separating east and west Ukraine – a stalemate..

This would leave Poland holding a landlocked Ukraine that has suffered superficial damage compared to the East. But what would it really achieve?   Absolutely nothing.   Although perhaps they would have informational propaganda on their side and label the conclusion a ‘victory’.   But, Putin is a man of chess and strategy.   While the military intelligensia on the right seem to have no acumen other than informational illusions.

While noting that the f-16’s are months away, that bombs and ammo are nearly 2 years away, Blinken announced in an interview that the end of the counteroffensive is months away…   It was odd when Blinken et al provided the start date of the counteroffensive, but even more odd that Blinken is now providing an ‘end date’.

One very ignoramus ‘retired’ US General has suggested US warships escort Ukrainian ships in the Black Sea in order to assure the contents of the containers safely reach their EU destinations.   His point is also a pre-emptive WWIII scenario given any attack on the US warships would create an international event…   Even this tactic is old – used on the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.

Isn’t it odd that ‘the grain’ that doesn’t feed anyone is considered such an important shipment to the EU?

It is difficult to find what might be the distraction. The normal outlets – NED and CSIS are mum.   NED is busily hosting its Nobel Peace Prize Awards – in true Hollywood fashion. And the Peace winners are – laureates from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.   Obviously the ones from Belarus and Russia are leaders opposing the respective governments.   Promoters and analysts who will present the awards include CNN Bianna Golodryga ( a fill-in anchor for CNN), Dan Baer of Carnegie Endowment, and Aleksandr Cherkasov of the defunct NGO, Memorial that was booted from Russia.

Seriously, this is what the West is doing as they call for ‘endless war’ – award dissidents.

While Blinken hails the great success of the Ukrainian CounterOffensive in the media highlighting Zelenskyy’s assertion that Azov has taken back 50% of what Russia previously owned – they don’t release the details – ie, they have taken back ravaged land, ravaged villages, and empty cities.  There was no one there to “Fight”!

Ukraine Plan B, C, D, and E would seem to have failed.   On to Plan K = common core math.

The BRICS are now expanding at an incredibly rabid pace with nearly 40 countries asking to join.   The next Summit is in Africa where Bill Gates genocide, the British, the French and the US – have a lengthy rap-sheet.   Macron’s odd request to be invited to the South African Summit in August has been – denied.   Leaving the black man behind Biden fuming!   If Africa denies Western colonization in favor of the BRICS, the cabalists are losing their 15 minute city destination.

Tsun Tsu – Art of War = Deception.   In my father’s day, every military officer of rank was required to read The Art of War.   Now it appears they are reading Rainbow Warriors Have Safe Spaces…

In order to propel the West further toward their Nobel Laureate self adulation, Blinken has announced;   a) he has levied sanctions on China’s Military Leader which Blinken asserts will have zero impact on relations,   and b)   he has upped the ante against North Korea – with a threat, “either denuclearize or we will really really hurt you – pinky swear”!   Hurt NK with what?   The weapon stash that has been obliterated in order to relieve Ukraine from Ukraine and make it a Polish statehood?

It appears North Korea has given asylum to a US military nobody who was going to be court- marshaled in the US because he is ‘surprise’ an abject Looney Tune!.   Hence the lack of informational propaganda.

Blinken has now failed in revitalizing a China detente, he has botched the Ukraine war, and thinks that threatening North Korea will have any positive reaction to bolster his obtuse reputation.   In fact, my guess is Blinken is on the axing block and his usefulness as a stooge may be coming to near catastrophic close.   He is looking more frazzled and scared than his preferred  demeanor of Cool Hand Luke.

But then he faces The True Mafia at work – Cleaning Crew on Aisle 46!

IN the vein of envy, The Economist has now moved its focus on the relatively new President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele.

Nayib Bukele came into power in June 2019.   And he came in like a Trump on steroids!   Elected via a ‘third party’, his entire term so far has been about arresting gang members which has resulted in the reduction of the murder rate by 60%!   Despite the classic HRW and Amnesty International declarations of human rights violations, Bukele arrested over 71,000 gang members.   The West thrives on gang members.  Gangs dod their most inglorious work and given a free pass.   If El Salvador is cleansed of the gangs – this will negatively impact the outflow of immigrants to the US.

Undeterred, Bukele fired the Attorney General and five Supreme Court Justices – for abject corruption.   The West went ballistic!   Then, shortly after declaring that Bitcoin was legal tender in 2021, protests erupted.   You know – the NED kind of protest/revolution attempted coup – protests.  Informational Propaganda:  Thousands took to the streets to protest Bukele arresting gang members…  Reuters, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty, NBC, Al Jazeera, PBS, LA Times bombed the internet with depictions of a Dictator.

They failed.

When Bukele announced that he took hydroxycholoquine for Covid – the US went ballistic again!   Transparency International declared that El Savador’s president was rogue and had not followed ‘protocol’.    Despite all their best efforts to denounce, demonize, and ridicule Bukele, The West Lost.   LOST.   At 42 today, Bukele is a prime example of facing the Demon head-on and Winning!

And the West is furious.   Yet another country LOST.   Now, having lost China, Saudi Arabia and Africa, and possibly Israel, Ukraine’s importance dwindles.   And Blinken is looking more and more distressed.

The Cabal’s military infrastructure, ie, the CIA, the FBI, NSA, MI6, etc… is precariously close to a Great RESET.  Just not the kind the WEF envisions.   The concept of CBDC’s as a social credit score singular monetary system cannot be initiated because there are no 15 minute cities and no globalization amidst no credibility!   Advancement required unity, an alliance, a sphere of circular corporate stakeholders.   Instead they achieved even greater global discord and the collapse of secrecy.

HOWEVER…   a caged snake is much more likely to strike venomously and lethally.   Which leaves NATO and the West at risk of inciting their next Pandemic Strategy – Global Lockdown for Climate.   Pertinent Problem:   In order to have a “Global Anything” one needs global – and the Cabalist Mafia have lost at minimum of 40-50 largess countries representing a greater percentage of total GDP than the weakened G7.

That means – at this point they have not figured out Plan K and keep managing to make YUGE mistakes that further define them as – well, you know Hillaryesque!   What Difference Does It Make If Millions Die!

Art Of War – Never Underestimate The Enemy…

Ukraine Black Sea Grain Deal: A Trafficking Hub

As the rhetoric goes, Russia publicly declared that they would not renew the Ukraine Black Sea Grain Deal.   The Deal was launched last summer with specific guarantees to Russia – as well as Ukraine.   Problem: The West didn’t uphold their side of the Deal and continued to levy sanctions on Russian fertilizer and grain including shipping and insurance issues.   Every major media in the West is tasked with promoting the same story – same verbiage – same dastardly notations.   Same Propaganda.

What they don’t inform is the fact that Ukraine’s entire cereal exports account for just $9 billion in total value, representing 19% of total exports.   Or 1% of its GDP.   In fact, Ukraine’s trade has been highlighted to show that cereals account for the majority of its exports.   However, according to UN Comtrade – of all goods exported – “Other” represents the largest category at 40%.

Headlines:   “The Needy Will Die!”   “We Feed The World”.   What needy, 90% to 95% of Ukraine’s cereal exports were actually sent to the EU.   Not Africa or Moldova, or Pakistan.   Poland declared the grain spoilt and agreed to allow livestock to consume it.   Since then, Poland has declared they will be a transit line – not a hub for Ukraine grain.

The Deal meant that Ukrainian ships could freely move about the Black Sea without restrictions. But there are numerous oddities about Ukraine’s and the West’s assertions:

  1. It is unknown what is truly in the shipping or railway containers. Given Ukraine was a shipping point for child and slave trafficking – could that be why the West is so incensed?
  2. The grain did NOT go to the nations in need – but was sent to transit points in the EU.
  3. The global trade of cereals represents just $159 billion.   Meaning Ukraine at its best accounts for roughly 5%.
  4. Top exporters of cereals:    US, Argentina, India and Russia.
  5. Russia called on the West, the UN and Turkey to abide by the Contract and relieve sanctions that target Russia’s ability to ship grain.   Not once – but every single time Russia agreed to extend the Deal, despite the West, aka US, not adhering to the Russian side..
  6. The amount of cereals exported by Ukraine has already been surpassed by Russia and Argentina –
  7. What’s The Grain?

Obviously there is something else afoot – and given the amplified concern over grain – it is much more likely that the grain housed something else much more profitable.   Something along the lines of Drugs, organs, Women slaves, and children.

Something is very amiss.

  • According to the World Integrated Trade, the category “Other” Trade is labeled “service” = $15.5 billion exported on $10.7 billion imported.
  • Farm workers have also become war conscripts, leaving farmers high and dry to tend what’s left of fields. Zelenskyy initiated exemptions for ‘some farmers’. Locals declare that doubling conscripts ignored the exemption. And training consisted of five days.

According to Ukraine’s agriculture calendar as provided by the US, Ukraine has only just harvested its agriculture products, ie winter wheat and corn and nothing has been exported since last summer and fall. Yet a row with Poland last April was about spoilt grain imports that were ‘subsidized’. Who is subsidizing Ukraine grain?   USAID.

And where did Ukraine get grain to export in April?

At the time of the row with Poland, the Minister of Agriculture, Henryk Kowalczyk, was criticized for accepting Ukraine ‘grain’ and profiting from its sale.   He was immediately terminated just hours before he was set to meet with Zelenskyy.   10% for the other Big Guy.

When the Black Sea deal was created Zelenskyy declared that Ukraine would serve the global good and export its grain to Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen.   Sudan received nothing from Ukraine but instead imported from Russia, Argentina, and Romania.   Somalia imported from Russia. Yemen’s wheat came from Canada, India, Russia and US.   Ukraine?   Nada.

So again – what exactly did Ukraine transport in those 1080 ships that left port last fall?

US Department on Trade:  “Ukraine is one of the world’s top agricultural producers and exporters and plays a critical role in supplying oilseeds and grains to the global market.”   In whose reality?

During CoVid, Ukraine’s economy ranked 119th.  Ukraine’s median wealth in 2018 was $40.   GDP PP was $3,881- estimated. given Ukraine has no bookkeeping.  During Covid Ukraine took a complete shutdown as a solution – destroying its economy. Grain output slumped by 40%.   Fields died.

Zelenskyy has adamantly proclaimed that Ukraine has received some $40 billion from the US in aide.   Yet Biden’s Black Book declares the US has spent $130 billion+.   Zelenskyy has declared that 70% of US arm shipments end up on the black market.   Yet the DoD does nothing, says nothing, hears nothing…   Now US Taxpayers are told that  money sent to Ukraine came from US Social Security Department… a department that routinely declares it is BROKE!

And here it is before edits:   In 2017, according to World Bank, Ukraine’s shadow economy accounted for 37% of GDP.   That would translate to “Other Services” in imports and exports.  That would include child trafficking, organ trafficking and slave trafficking.

The fact that The US Department of Defense refuses to account for ANY of Ukraine’s funding, the fact that Biden signed an EO giving Lloyd Austin the power to declare a National Emergency, the fact that Ukraine’s shadow economy accounts for 40% of trade, the fact that Ukraine has been embroiled in Child trafficking, organ trafficking, drug trafficking – should IMPACT American People in the complete breakdown of the US Government and its NGO’s.

UKRAINE: The West Great RESET Illusion

The EU’s Ursula Von der Leyen has announced when the Ukraine conflict will end – December 2023.   In anticipation of this momentous moment, von der Leyen has also gleefully stipulated that all EU taxpayers will be footing an impressive $55 billion bill to begin the reconstruction/renovation process.   BlackRock and JP Morgan will be the beneficiaries of $500 billion once they open the Reconstruction Bank in Kyiv.  How exciting! Ukraine is poised to become a new statehood just as soon as there are no breaths still in existence within its borders – Riff-Raff…

While von der Leyen is making taxpayers foot their fair equity share, BlackRock and JP Morgan work is to establish a bank for investors wherein they can trade Bitcoin for a proportionate share of Ukraine.   Ukraine will thus become a corporate vassal. A technical ‘first’.

CEO’s Fink and Damon don’t give a fark about Ukraine – but the investment potential for rebuilding after destroying a nation has always amounted to a frenzied mania of greed.   Syria’s Assad was not so forgiving and refused any investment or support from US conglomerate Pacmen – despite feverishly sitting on the sidelines with bags of gold outstretched… Assad vehemently denied ANY Western money!

Ukraine represents desperation for those lost War Profit Margins.

The new and improved estimate by The World Bank for the reconstruction is $411 billion.   An odd number, but then perhaps the $11 billion portion is a front loaded fee payable to BlackRock and JP Morgan off the top.   However, it is more than likely the true cost is double the estimate and the EU doesn’t want to scare off investors.

Once again, Zelenskyy is propped up in London for a ‘conference with the British government’ to discuss their visions of the New Ukraine.   Architecture drafts…   Given Bill Gates dropped his dream for a Smart City in Arizona it is likely Ukraine will be the recipient of this vision instead.   Albeit free from law and regulations.   Not to mention – Free Money!

I imagine the project will be similar to the Saudi venture, NEOM:

“On January 29, 2019, Saudi Arabia announced that it had established a closed joint-stock company named Neom.[8] The company is wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund and is solely dedicated to developing the economic zone of Neom.”

This would be the roadmap.

In order to build such a vast city-state, slave labor will be necessary to control costs.   The model for this portion of the venture would be Dubai. Harness poor men from Africa, India and Pakistan and offer them an opportunity to work. Slaves, their wages will be doled out amidst stipulations for food, water and rent.   Just like the US Okies.

Amnesty International will be obliquely silent and Human Rights Watch will laud the brave investors for supplying thousands of jobs to the ‘needy’ while building a carbon free Ukraine.   The UN will occasionally issue a distress warning over the deplorable conditions, but ‘do’ absolutely nothing.

Bill Gates et al, were convinced that building a massive city complex wherein everyone worked 24/7, and paid the vast majority of their wages to The City, was the perfect model of the Great RESET.   When the Saudi’s brought forth NEOM, jealousy was only matched by greed. But the cost would be unsustainable.   Ukraine provides the answer:    free land, abundant reserves to colonize, uneducated people living in dire poverty, a corrupt government that would do anything for $10, and a level of ethic that would rival Stalin or Mao.

The Biden Handlers will likely attempt to embezzle large sums from US Taxpayers under the guise of human rights and climate change to fund the New Ukraine which will be populated by The Royal Cabal and their minion servants.

In line with this push for reconstruction the World Economic Forum has declared that cities account for 70% of all global warming…  A Brand New Finger Pointing!    And Smart Cities?   The Klaus Answer for everything. The purpose of this unfounded declaration regarding the source of climate change is to vacate large US cities.   The purpose of the inclement rioting and chaos within these urban cityscapes – separate the productive from the nonproductive, ie, the large scale dunderheads committing horrific crimes. Once a city is operating mostly on dunderheads, they can be vacuumed.

The Green Climate Fund is sitting on $10-$15 billion in unspent funds.   Therefore those funds could easily be allocated to Ukraine to justifiably build the West’s First NEOM according to Garp. In fact the Biden Regime just announced another allocation of $600 million – for The Green Fund.   From Taxpayer coffers. Collectively, The Green Fund hasn’t actually spent any money on Climate Change, instead they pay salaries, accumulate cash, and use the IMF and World Bank to issue micro-loans at 30% interest.  Hence, the unspent funds and the largess revenues on ‘investments’.

While the Cartel Powers that be have noted that the conflict will end December 2023, they have not delineated how.   Nor do they suppose Russia will be a threat at that point.

Under what circumstances would the Western Powers assert that Russia is no longer a threat:

  • Putin is no longer alive.
  • Moscow & St Petersburg will be reduced to rubble. Just ask Assad or Erdogan.
  • While that may be their goal – it does not equate to actuality.   Nor does the fallout.   A takeover of Russia would hardly unite the globe to the Cartel.   No matter how hard they try to parlay and/or lavish upon such members as – India.

Modi has graced the front page of The Rothschild Economist near daily as of late;   “America’s New Best Friend – India”, aka Modi. Or this doozy:   “Modi is the Most Beloved Leader in The World”.   Drawing on my more tender years, “GAG me with a spoon!”

The illusion is The Propaganda.   A cosmic psychedelic version of the truth that has Matrix diaspora written all over it.  

Unraveling.   Climate Change is a universal natural condition.   Russia’s nationalism is 10fold stronger than the enemy asserts.   The Cartel is flailing and failing. The NEOM Project has been halted due to massive overruns in cost!   Ukraine is and always will be a colonized vassal state.   Modi has expanded its trade outside of America 100fold.   And Klaus Schwab and his AGENDA will not be immortalized – he is 85+ years old and has no viable successor –

Soros has presented his entire Empire to his near youngest son Alex – drawing the ire of the older 4 siblings.   Alex has none of the inherent brain damage suffered by Gyorgy during WWII which recreated his conscious.   Alex may WANT to be evil, but his genetic structure is silver spoon…

The Russia-Ukraine conflict being waged as another western agenda is not materializing despite inserting BILLIONS$.   They have no Plan B.   And the Belarus Nuclear Initiative is – a massive security blanket for Russia.   Lukashenko will have no qualms about retaliation should Russia suffer a Western coup.   The Red Button has likely been thoroughly discussed.