Ukraine Peace deal or Nuclear War? Art of War = Deception

So the Cartel is becoming yawn bored with Ukraine.   Zelenskyy has worn out his welcome. Biden has enough cash and gold to bury every accusation against him and his family.   Not to mention the humility in admitting the Cartel is LOSING!   The Pharma Cartel got it’s money during CoVid. The Military Industrialists got their money fighting a lost war in Ukraine.   And now it is turn for the Building Industry to reap the rewards of ‘reconstruction’.

The West has been talking about reconstruction of Ukraine for at least six months.   Likely they have already hired on engineers and architects to draw the blueprints mimicking NEOM.   The only problem is where to get the Money!   Having tapped frozen Russia assets, taxpayers, and the sale of war bonds, the Cartel has NO intention of simply walking away from their investment.

But they don’t want to be pocketbook either.

NEOM is off-schedule.   Completion has now been pushed to 2039.   Change orders and modifications have topped out with some estimating the cost may double to $1 trillion.   The exact same number the Soros Cartel says it will cost to rebuild Ukraine.   With some of the same controversies – where to relocate all the remaining Ukrainians?   Russia?

Zelenskyy already has property in Florida and London, so he will slide into obscurity.   But all those damn citizens who didn’t leave already will need to be ‘moved’ in order for the rebuild project to materialize.   NEOM stands for “New Future”.   Ukraine’s city could be called S-POWR – “Spoils of War”.

Despite a weary West and Pentagon, Zelenskyy is intent on smearing Putin. Does this mean a peace deal will include Putin stepping down and releasing Navalny?   While it may be on the West Table – it will never pass a Russia inquisition.   So we await the “Spring Offensive” wherein the Cartel is begging for a Win but ‘Not Too Much’.

What the fark is that supposed to mean?   Don’t Win Too Much?

Why announce a day of the month to launch a ‘Spring Counter Offensive’?   Art of War:   “All war is based on deception”.   Russia’s military and Wagner Group are more versed in Art of War than Zelenskyy and Ukrainian military which is why they must take orders from the Pentagon.   The Pentagon is rife with deception tactics.  Mercenaries in Ukraine may have special ops training but they are not about tackling an entire military army. They are trained to incite conflicts or rescue prisoners.  Thus multiple deceptions arise:    The Spring Offensive is a distraction for nuclear war.   The Ukrainian military is completely useless.   The mercenaries are leaving on orders.  

The DoD has authorized the dispatch of a nuclear sub to the Persian Gulf via the Suez Canal in order to threaten Iran.   Other US nuclear subs are patrolling the Indian Ocean. While simultaneously two nuclear subs were sent to South Korea to ‘help deter North Korea’.   Of course these moves are deception.   The moves create a half circle surrounding the southern portion of Russia.

Trident missiles are submarine launched with a range of 6000 miles and can be armed with nuclear warheads. Launch time to target of 5000 miles is roughly 20 minutes.   Long enough for Russia to hit the red button.

Attacking North Korea is meaningless. They are not a threat and have had no direct involvement in any major wars.   Therefore stationing the Submarine in South Korea and declaring its presence internationally is an obvious distraction.   But these nuclear armed subs could compliment the Spring Offensive announced to take place against Russia May 12th. The Art of War “Deception” being that these subs are simply hanging out for deterrence.   Seems a rather immature unstrategic ploy but then our military has been grossly devalued over these Brandon years.

According to CSIS, the Ukrainian military needs air defenses or they will be crushed.   Yet they conclude:   “it is better to win the war at hand rather than lose it in favor of a future war that may never occur.” Given the inability to secure more air defense having depleted inventories, CSIS states that NATO must fill the void.   That means transporting missiles across the Polish border via the underground tunnel system.

NATO chief would tend to disagree claiming that 98% of all promised weapons have been delivered.  

The US military, Congress, and various intelligence apparatus do not seem to be on the same page – anywhere:   Congress wants 30 tanks sent to Ukraine immediately claiming the current timeline of September is NOT acceptable.   Politico states that a peace deal should be considered.   CSIS wants a forever war with Russia.   And the Pentagon doesn’t seem to have a clue –

Not exactly instilling a united front – a cohesive front – an intelligentsia front – or the PEACE they all demand for Sudan!   However, the nuclear subs stationed at precipitous ports flanking the south of Russia should not be taken lightly. The Cartel does NOT like Losing!   But the Cartel is not General Patton:   stationing subs near Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea – countries that despise the US, could be the backfire anticipated and incited.

UKRAINE: A Colony Of The US Since 1991

How Ukraine came To Be The Property of US GOVERNMENT:

With the splintering of the USSR in 1991, the concept was to devalue Russia to such an extent, the western powers could easily colonize the country under the western backed leadership of Yeltsin.   The US then set about to pour billions into the collapsed region to support the various NGO’s and Industries waiting in the wings to envelop Russia.

Ukraine became a stickler point.

Nunn, Bush, Cheney, NED, AFL-CIO, Carnegie, Ash Carter, Baker, Colin Powell, were instrumental in the ‘forceful passage of Ukraine’ to western powers and ultimately – Soros.   But the people of Ukraine did not support this western ideology.   Like Greta Garbo – they just vanted to be left alone!

The MYTH presented to Congress and the Media was that if Ukraine was not completely absorbed by western powers the threat of nuclear war was a potential.   President Yeltsin of Russia was still in the pockets of the US Cartel, and he was a necessary insert.   Like Assad was to the CIA – until he wasn’t. Assad’s punishment? The absolute annihilation of his country and all antiquity within.

Gorbechov was uncertain as to the extent of weapons Ukraine now possessed.   The western takeover members didn’t care – they wanted Ukraine and that was that.

Bush had also recently been linked to the Franklin Scandal and needed a distraction.

The Franklin Scandal revolved around a child prostitution ring in Omaha.   Children were forcibly removed from a boys home and spirited away on jets to various Texas Ranches for pedophile parties.   It was alleged that on occasion, Bush would bring a child or three through the backdoors of the White House to party and Nancy Regan was aware. She hated Bush.

The Scandal paralleled that of Jimmy Savile in Britain thus forever uniting the British governments and their spy organizations.   Blackmail became the norm.

The denuclearization of Ukraine was paramount.   The government was unstable.   The corruption was rampant.   And real fear began to develop.

Working with Soros, NED stepped in and orchestrated a pro-western coup despite Gorbechev’s refusal to allow Ukraine to be a part of the splintered referendum. McConnell led the referendum to recognize Ukraine’s sovereignty and ability to receive USAID funding.

This action precipitated the animosity between Russia and the US in its refusal to uphold previous agreements wherein Crimea and Donesk would remain attached to Russia.

The western inserted economist, Yegor Gaidar and American Jeffrey Sachs, incompetence led to the fast track of Russia’s economic collapse. This led to a fallout between the NED/Soros masters and the Russian President.

Returning to Washington to regroup these actors then wrote the Soviet Nuclear Threat Reduction Act. $$Millions were assigned from the DoD budget to denuclearize Russia and Ukraine.

In order to sway Congress’ concerns regarding misappropriation of these funds, Nunn and Lugar, the Acts co-authors, declared that – all moneys would go through US NGO’s and Agencies, such as USAID and NED.   Soros was pleased.

During the entire Ukraine disassociation process from Russia, Soros worked with all the US Government actors openly – as an advisor and a conduit between Washington and the Cult Handlers.   His Open Society was embraced by Governments across the globe –

Candidate Bill Clinton suggested:   The US will offer new aid in the form of $1.1 billion in Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) credits to the NIS ($600 million for Russia – $400 million for the Big Guy) and by mandating a $12 billion increase in the U.S. contribution to the IMF. This would be used to support a $3 billion U.S. contribution to a Russian stabilization fund while giving the Big Guy another $9 billion.

Everyone was happy.   Russia could now be colonized.   Ukraine could become a vassal of the West, and there was a bounty of money to be laundered!

In addition to USAID, Ford Foundation aid, Carnegie Corporation aid, the Soros Foundation stepped into the fray bolstered by 100’s of his NGO’s.   At the time – and still today – NGO’s garnered little oversight.   Soros Power across global governments was crystalized.   The Bush and Clinton Administrations were completely couped and the future began to look brighter for a global government.   At this point Soros was an integral part of the US Government.   Democratizing Russia meant absorbing it into a US vassal.   Yeltsin, the Assad of Syria, would soon find himself on the wrong side of the stick.   Once an ally – now an enemy.

Clinton pretended that he supported a Russian sovereign state.   Over time Soros NGO’s spread throughout Russia and Ukraine.   More aid was sent to Ukraine via Clinton’s instructions.   Isolating Ukraine from Russia was now a priority.   Russia was not willing to allow their country to be ruled by and absorbed into the Mafia Cartel.   Thus Russia became a pariah.

Soros focused on Ukraine and brought in NGO’s, labs, US government agencies and established a foothold.   A port country with no viable government, Ukraine was a free-for-all!

But Ukrainians still fought the western takeover. When the pro-Russian Yanukovich was seated as the president of Ukraine in 2010, the western forces needed to dig in.   Soros saw the alliance as a detriment to his creation of a country that could be used as a global trafficking port.   Putin was thriving, Ukraine was back in the hands of Russia, and the west’s entire agenda had been foiled.   Failure did not guarantee a seat in the Cartel.

A Coup was orchestrated in 2014 by all the same parties that had initially been chosen as Ukraine’s Cartel Leaders. The Major Players in Russia and Ukraine were/are:

Mitch McConnell, Jerry Hough, Ford Foundation, Carnegie corporation, AFL-CIO, Brent Scowcroft, George Soros, George Bush, Bill Clinton, Sam Nunn, James Baker, Chuck Hagel, Harvard, NED, Stanford, Brookings Institute, George Shultz, Rockefeller Foundation, Cyrus Vance, Helsinki Watch and CCNY.

TODAY – Putin has maintained control over Russia, expelled foreign NGO’s, and waged an incursion in the western owned Ukraine..   Those original Players are backing the Ukraine Military to unseat Putin.   Control over the entire region is the GOAL.   Globalization CANNOT occur without Russia.

But – the Cartel lost it’s footing and the rise of BRICS has severely dented their authoritarian Regime. Hence they will not give up ‘until every last Ukrainian is dead’…

Ukraine Funding: A DoD/USAID – 100% VARIANCE in Corrupt Funding?

Janet Yellen Today in Kyiv:   “The United States is proud to be Ukraine’s largest bilateral donor. Over the past year, we have provided close to $50 billion in security, economic, and humanitarian assistance.” ~ Yellen.   USAID claims the number is less than $10 billion.   Oddly, despite the WH determining by a special council established for auditing Ukraine funds that every dollar is accounted for – not one media pundit – including Janet Yellen – can agree on the amount of aide the US has provided to Ukraine.    According to Statista – the total number is just over $73 billion.   According to the Federal Committee for a Responsible Budget the amount is $113 billion.   According to Yellen it is $50 billion.

How can one possibly audit the funds if no one can agree on the amount being audited?

The discrepancy in the US funding of Ukraine is anywhere between “Common Core Math” – $10 billion to $113 billion.   And not one of these agencies is budging from their algorithmic math.   Of course funding for refugees – according to refugees – is zero.

If one were to audit the audit – one might call upon the advertising community to properly word the results and propaganda so as to hopefully avoid a class action law suit.   AKA, if the auditors determined that all funds were accounted for – but did not release WHERE they went – the auditors would still be within their viable legal announcement.   For Example: Funds were accounted for – but they were found to be in Hunter’s and Brandon’s bank accounts.

The first part of the pronouncement would be true!   The second part would be ‘omitted’ from the pronouncement.

One caveat in the ‘funding’ that garners an unclear status is the fact that the US has provided an inventory of weapons to Ukraine – most of which have been destroyed.   Yet that ‘inventory’ necessitating replacement at ‘market value’ could explain the discrepancy in funding – to a point.

For example:   The US provided missiles, personnel, ammo, etc…   On the books, said provisions were calculated based on replacement value – not cost.   Thus when the US proclaimed military aide to Ukraine – at replacement cost – they could rid their inventory of defunct weapons – and charge back at replacement value.   The Hawks get New Weapon Technology at Taxpayer expense while the defunct worthless inventory is obliterated.

Ukraine would lose.   US Taxpayers would lose.   The military industrial complex would WIN – and 10% for the Big Guy – would win.

A Ponzi Scheme.

The fact that multiple US political and Hollywood operatives can freely and creatively travel between Ukraine and any adjunct country begs multiple questions regarding the entire scenario…   Many have determined the Green-Screen Obvious, but the hyped is extending exponentially – which is always a sign of Actual Loss and Hollywoodism.

Given that Hollywood is an adjunct of the Cabalist Pagans, they have taught their compatriots well in the deviance of Reality.

How intricate that web weaves is only as slothful as one’s imagination.   The deviance has permeated our global townships, cities, rural and suburban, for decades.   But the citizen awakening is only in its infancy.   And that awakening is our saving grace!   Incremented by the same social media created by the deviant Pagans!   IRONIC>

Who the HECK knows how much money has been given to Zelenskyy – how much to Biden – how much to USAID and it’s ‘affiliates’?     Given the DoD operates a ‘black book’ and a Taxpayer Book it is likely that they have absolutely no intention of auditing the Cash any more than an individual who has faked tax returns for the last   30 years+.

When the amount of DoD fraud and corruption eclipses over $1 trillion – and that amount is acceptable…   what difference does $100 billion make? As a former tax and audit accountant tasked with uncorrupting corporations – an acceptable deviance was usually based on what was considered IRS passé.   Based on their Handlers.  

China… Russia… US – Where the Fark is EVERYBODY!?

I’m not too old to remember a threat made by the CCP after the Air Force shot down their balloon.   The Chinese Foreign Ministry stated that retaliation would occur.   I’m also not too old to remember the CIA initiating sleeper cells in Russia to begin acts of sabotage inside the country.  Specifically targeting munitions and warehouses with Fire Bombs.   The idea that sleeper cells are not also active in the US would be rather naïve but might explain why our Federal Government is MUM on the spate of train derailments.

“Where is Buttigieg?’    WHERE THE FARK IS BUTTIGIEG?    Is making the rounds across active media outlets.   Someone mentioned he’s in Aruba because federal workers are still on ‘remote work’ after 3 YEARS!   And who wouldn’t choose to be in an exotic warm climate while blizzards are bombing the global warming US?

Since the conflict began with Ukraine vs Russia, there have been a spate of fires across Russia numbering 85 resulting in the deaths of 39 individuals!     They have included warehouses, oil refineries, a mall, military facilities a transformer station, etc…

While train derailments in Russia and the US are fairly common – the spiked increase in short spans of time indicate a Cold War internally.

February 2022 an anti-war group called Stop The Wagons was formed for the sole purpose of derailing trains in Russia.   Their website claims 90+ trains have been derailed due to their brave fight via methods such as closing rails with wire, placing suspicious items on the tracks, destroying turnouts and relay cabinets, putting bolts on tracks and destroying traffic lights –   The monetary calculation is unfathomable!

It is unclear who organized the Movement however its timing would likely coincide with CIA operations and cells being  instructed to MOVE!.   Tit-for-Tat?   Warehouse fires in the US reached a record in 2022 resulting in 22 food facilities catching fire.   While industrial fires are a normal occurrence, the sheer number in 2022 is quite abbinormal.

Retaliation is a bitch.

During the US led war against ‘Daesh’, US troops declared ownership of the city of Raqqa in northeastern Syria – in particular an oil field. Defense Secretary Esper declared that the oil fields were US occupied so that Assad and Daesh would not profit from them.   The oil fields are IN SYRIA!   Imagine if Russia confiscated Alaskan oil fields….? Prior to the war 25% of Syria’s revenues came from the oil field.   After be bombed into oblivion, their oil confiscated, their history destroyed, Syria is supposed to nonexist –  and starve.

The US troops have been quietly transporting the oil to Iraq where it is sold to the Iraqi government which then resells it to the EU. Syria claims the US plunders 80% of its oil without compensation – contracts – or verbal permission.

November 2022 The World Bank announced that Iraq’s economy was ablaze rising 8.7% as a result of oil.   Record oil exports has lifted the economy!   VUNDERBAR!!   The World Bank report praising Iraq’s efforts was then somewhat toned down as they realized that oh right – we want to remove oil from the globe permanently in order to raze the land mining for lithium. Sustainability and all that rot…

There are currently 14 wars ongoing around the globe.   Most, if not all, occurred as a result of various coups supported by the EU or US. Ukraine and Russia were just fine before the 2014 coup initiated by the US.   The purpose of coups is to insert a globalist pro-west government who will bend to the whims and will of the New World Order, aka, Great RESET.

With the advent of information – countries are backing off.   Trust has been completely obliterated.   And the CIA, FBI, CSIS, NED affiliates acting as the Cabalist military have lost their mojo.   No longer revered, they are feared much like ISIS militants.   The media is ballistic over the use of the Russian Wagner Group in Ukraine – while silent about the Mozart Group of mercenaries.   There are dozens of mercenary groups in the US – all working under the same auspices as Wagner.     Some have left Ukraine only to reveal the Ukraine military is a joke!

Because Ukraine’s ONLY strategy is –   ‘kill Russians’.  

While coups are the policy action, the New World Order is a talking point,  – BUT – resources tend to be the real end game.   Ukraine’s first coup in 2014 had US conglomerates on the sidelines doing heavy breathing at the abundant resource prospect of untapped Ukraine wealth.   Monsanto!   DOW Chemical!   Cargill.   NIH –   All dizzy with dollar signs bouncing about their heads.

When bombing Syria – extensive destruction of ancient sites preserved for thousands of years – was irrelevant.   When igniting the Turkey earthquake – there was no compassion for earths ancient history and antiquity.   Yemen is rubble. Somalia is rubble.   Syria and Turkey are now rubble.   Afghanistan is rubble.   NOTHING came from the destruction of these countries except a prolonged Military Industrial Complex of Profits.

The US has been COUPED.

China and its resources including inexpensive products is now moving over.   Jinping has come to realize that should he stay in alignment with our USCP government – he will be eliminated.

The gist of inflation is being blamed on Russia… by the globalists who caused inflation.   Inflation is tearing countries apart at the seams!   Food scarcity means starvation – not because there are too many people – but because the food supply is being destroyed.    The Russia Train Wreckers?   Are literally prolonging the war they claim to despise…   Because they don’t despise war – they get PAID!   And the longer they do the Cabalist deeds – their pocket books are bursting.   In essence – they are untrained idiot mercenaries …

Ukraine Aide – US $45 Billion For USAID & World Bank

Zelenskyy is in the UK asking Rishi Sunak for Fighter Jets because, well, Ukraine is losing.   Given no one in Ukraine can operate UK, US, or German military hardware, either training would be necessary or pilots and tank commanders would be ‘appropriated’ from said countries in a shadow play.  

Rishi Sunak claims to be a ‘conservative’ yet is more than happy to embrace Zelenskyy both literally and figuratively.   Given his billionaire father-in-law, Narayana Murthy, sits on the boards of the Ford Foundation and the UN Foundation, and was chair of the World Economic Forum, Sunak’s conservatism would seem a defection… or a lie.

It would appear, that Rishi’s appointment to PM of the UK was implemented by UN and WEF allegiances.   Those ‘allegiances’ would also be the one’s telling Sunak what to give Zelenskyy.  

Despite various pundits holding to the concept of Party and what said Party stands for, the entire system is a hoax.   The Likud Party to which Netanyahu belongs is no different.   Too often in these communist liturgies, running as a communist isn’t acceptable, as such the affiliation is deemed ‘independent’ until they take up their gavel and pound the life out of their citizens. Netanyahu included.

Netanyahu, a Secular Jew, is considering sending the Iron Dome to Zelenskyy to support the Nazi’s.  

While the War rages in Ukraine – Zelenskyy thought this would be a good time to go on ‘vacation’ with trips to UK, France, Belgium and possibly Germany.   Obviously his wife needs a new wardrobe…   But Zelenskyy travels quite a bit – showing up for Hollywood award ceremonies, meetings with the US President who doesn’t actually meet anyone, and hosts dozens of Hollywood and Political friends all looking for a reward for their visit to Ukraine.

On Zelenskyy’s list of upcoming travels he includes: India, Romania, Singapore, Brazil, Israel, Philippines, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan…   Impressive!   Equally impressive is how he has been able to avoid/evade being bombed going in and out of Ukraine undetected.

Zelenskyy may be viewed as a ‘legend’ in the history books, but likely not in the light he anticipates.   He will take his place next to Stalin, Lenin, Hitler and Mao as the Marxist Bolshevik Leader who assassinated his people into extinction while reaping vast wealth for himself.

“A ruler who would destroy his country for a photo op, boost his ratings on the blood and suffering of his citizens.” ~ Medvedchuk, Leader of the now banned Party – Opposition Platform.

WHY hasn’t the House stopped the additional Funding Package For Ukraine?

The Ukraine Supplemental Appropriations Act was issued by The Department of State January 10, 2023,  as an appendage prewritten by Congress before the elections flipped the House last September.   The money goes directly through USAID and is then distributed according to their dictums.

The money is supposed to be transferred to the World Bank with Deloitte auditing the use of the funds.   However, no such audit has ever been presented.   And The World Bank provides no information regarding payments.

However, given that Ukraine has previously denied receiving the sum total issued by any country – that would leave the audit trail in USAID and World Bank. USAID has not provided a report which is a mandate of The Act.

The Act allocates $45 Billion in total as follows:

$9 Billion is for US military support and training costs

$11.88 Billion is to replace weaponry destroyed or lost

$7 billion for European Command

$2.4 Billion for resettlement

$2.5 Billion for refugees

$13.37 Billion for Ukraine’s economy and Budgetary needs

$166 million for USAID fee

$50 million for food

$560 million for the State department’s cut

$1 million fort the WH cut

$7.5 million for oversight of theft

$300 million for advanced nuclear reactors and nuclear fuel

$126.3 million for nuclear security

$6 million for the Inspector General cut

and the option to increase the $9 Billion to $14.5 Billion should someone say so.

The fact that this allocation package does NOT add up to $45 Billion is simply the State Department, The Pentagon, and the Deloitte Accounting methodology doing what they do best – LOSE MONEY!   It’s called Common Core Math…  Just chalk it up to the $1 trillion The Pentagon has LOST.

Gain of Function Research: Ongoing in Cameroon via USAID and US Army

In 2009, USAID in partnership with EcoHealth Alliance, Metabiota, and the government of Cameroon worked to collect 140,000 biological samples among wildlife – including 10,000 bats.   Those samples revealed over 1200 viruses 160 of which were documented in the ‘corona classification’. Fieldwork ceased September 2019 – just when CoVid was identified. The Project was called, USAID PREDICT and was cancelled by Trump before being reinstated in 2020.

In 2010, USAID PREDICT expanded their program to China with USAID funding. Between 2012 and 2014, PREDICT expanded further into the DRC with the assistance of WHO, CDC, US Army Medical Research Institute and Societe des Jesuites among others.

Expansion continued throughout Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Mexico.   At some point the government of Cameroon became concerned over the ‘test subjects’ being used and the ethics of ‘informed consent’.   Military personnel were considered as a part of the topic given that they were under ‘orders’ and thus the informed consent ethic did not apply.

October 2022, HEADA, a Cameroon based biotech company announced they had purchased Metabiota. Funding that followed the purchase was to continue via DoD, CDC and USAID.   In 2022, it was revealed that Hunter Biden had secured massive funding for Metabiota’s operations in Ukraine.

Two days after Russia invaded Ukraine claiming the 46 weaponized biologic labs were operating outside protocols – Zelenskyy ordered all documentation burned.

HEADA had previously worked with CRESAR – the US Army Medical Research Centre in Cameroon.   Simultaneously, Bill Gates Foundation was experimenting on Africans and Indians in impoverished areas via uninformed consent.   According to a Survey of International And Comparative Law comprised in 2017, Gates was responsible for thousands of deaths and injuries as a result of his ‘experiments’.

In other words, Gain of Function Research was ongoing in Cameroon and other African nations a full half decade before the Wuhan Lab even opened in 2015!   It was NOT simply a Fauci NIH controversy, it included the US Army, DoD, USAID, WHO, CDC, the Society of Jesuits under the authority of the Vatican, Metabiota and Eco Alliance.

Test subjects were likely those incapable of informed consent including children, the disabled, the uneducated villagers, military personnel, and the mentally handicapped.

And the research is continuing today with USAID, CDC, and DoD funding under the African organization HEADA. But that isn’t the whole story…

Founded in 2017, Labyrinth Global Health offers ‘sustainable solutions’ working in Cameroon and the DRC to prevent zoonotic diseases in conjunction with CRESAR and NGO’s.

Labyrinth’s global reach is further expanded through our office in Kyiv, Ukraine, a gateway to Eastern Europe. Built on successful implementation of projects that span Ukraine, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, we engage Ministries and scientists in collaborative pursuits throughout the region.”

Labyrinth in Ukraine founders were former staff members for Metabiota. They too were funded by USAID with US military backing:   “In 2019, the chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ sanitary and epidemiological department had sent to the director of Labyrinth Ukraine the Ukrainian military’s readiness to interact with USAID in terms of injecting troops with vaccines, as well as collecting, processing and providing information to the US.”

Located in Florida, Labyrinth’s research would seem to be focused inside Africa and Ukraine.   Financed by American Taxpayers. Karen Saylors, Labyrinth co-founder, was previously VP at Metabiota 2008-2019, Director at Johns Hopkins, and Field Coordinator at Medicin San Frontiere.   Affiliations include Bill Gates Foundation and Tedros at WHO.

While Russia has since dismantled the Ukraine Labs, Cameroon and the DRC remain hotbeds for the continuation of Gain of Function Research using ‘volunteer test subjects’ with funding sources uninterrupted. The names have changed somewhat – but it appears Fauci may have been the scapegoat to distract from the true sources of Funding!

UKRAINE: The Sacrificial Child of The Global Cartel US Military

Lloyd Austin has turned the US Military into a ballet recital.   After firing personnel for refusing the vax, recruitment goals are now in jeopardy.   Initially, Austin decided recruitment bonuses were the way to go.   Now Austin wants all those bonuses returned by the unvaxxed. His newly contrived protocol is to offer every new recruit a promotion for every recruit referral.   Meaning a recruit could make enough referrals to their status that of Colonel or General?   POOF!

When going into battle, imagine your commanding officer’s experience bio:   ‘never done nuttin’ but refer my buddies to join the military’. They too can relax at one of the spa-bases reeking of mold and brown water!   Yum.   All while chatting with their neighbors – Alice, Coleen, and Miranda who have desk jobs because their transitioning requires an ongoing cocktail vacuum of medications.

Maybe the Austin military needs to do what Russia’s Wagner Group does – recruit from prisons.

Ukraine has more tanks than the entire EU.   The vast majority were from Soviet Russia.   Germany has promised 20 Leopards, the US 31 Abrams, Canada 4 something, and the UK has promised 14 Challengers.   Presently roughly 100 Ukrainians are in training in Oklahoma at Fort Sill according to Pentagon Press Secretary, Brig Gen Pat Ryder.

This training is NOT for the Abrams and Leopard Tanks – but on teaching these ‘soldiers’ how to fire Patriot Missiles without killing oneself and one’s military unit.   This advance course apparently requires more than a kindergarten education.   The unfortunate incident wherein Ukraine sent a Patriot Missile into Poland was the impetus for the training idea! AH.

So who will train the Ukrainian military in the use of German and US tanks?   Imagine, if you will, a 15 year old put in the pilot seat of an Abram Tank?   A 15 year old who was bushwhacked into joining the Ukraine military by the persuasion of armed politzi who scrabbled with the child, forced him face down on the sidewalk and then forcefully loaded him to the backseat of the van handcuffed and beaten.

All in the name of “Democracy”.

Ukraine is NOT a democracy. Nor are they even a sovereign nation.   Ukraine is the sacrificial child of the US Cartel to destroy Russia.   Why did they choose Ukraine?

Since Ukraine’s independence from Soviet Russia, the country has consistently been labeled the most corrupt and the poorest in all of Europe by the UN and Amnesty International.   Citizens who protest – are shot.

Ukraine’s proxy Handlers who seem to be led by Blinking Blinken, came to the conclusion that due to Ukraine’s sloth and government incompetence, they were the best choice for sacrifice.

To add misery to misery, Ukraine’s Zelenskyy has fired a number of prominent government officials for going on a lavish spending spree with over $1 billion in aide money.   Using the money for cars, homes, and vacations – they would appear to live in other countries…   much like Zelenskyy.

DARPA is the photoshop icon – having worked to perfect photo and video editing and imprinting for decades. This technology was transferred to the CIA.   Over the years, perfection was required to make the technology impenetrable by ‘experts’.   Most of the DARPA projects are initiated within the DoD and then transferred to private organizations – including the CIA.   Including Elon Musk.

Various DARPA projects have focused on propaganda, media manipulation, mind hypnosis, unmanned vehicles, space technology – including reusable rockets, the internet, cell phones, marketing manipulation, AI, robotics, etc.. etc.. etc..

DARPA cannot take credit for their creations because it would interfere with the private/public monopoly’s that operate within the scope of the New York Stock Exchange.   Monopoly’s that perhaps – then generate millions and billions for the CIA as a 20% “Fee” when said technology is propped by a ‘selected genius’; Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Musk, Bezos, etc…    Including, Black Book Income to Pay the Mercenaries? I don’t know.

Think Cartel. Think Cartel offering protection for a “fee”.

Only now, the Cartel is unraveling.   Thousands upon thousands of researchers and true journalists are uncovering truths.   And the Cartel’s happy place is now a Chinese Opium Den.   Where decision making is a hallucination.

Ukraine has a vast supply of weapons.   What it doesn’t have is a military per se or a population that have the vaguest idea of how to shoot a rifle much less a Patriot Missile!   Nor has it had a government that created an ‘upkeep’ of that supply inventory inherited by Russia.

As such a great portion of Ukraine’s inventory is wholly unusable!   Justifying the mantra – ‘GIMME MORE’!   Ukraine is government corruption at the highest level in all of Europe.   Never have they worked for THE PEOPLE.

While the CIA has been lodged within the Ukraine system for nearly a decade, attempting to recreate a failed state, while propping up biolabs, Monsanto, ASU, and visions of DisneyWorld, the reality is more attuned to drug trafficking, sex trafficking, child rape and trafficking, Epstein Island, and money laundering.

They, the Nazi regime of communist Ukraine was created by their Overlord, George Soros in 1991, for one purpose – a ground source for all things Cartel without consequence.   A headquarters, if you will.   And all corporate infiltrations, including the Hunter Biden Burisma scam registered in Cyprus, are the thumb holding the dyke. Thus Released!   Are you READY for the Volume of TRUTH?

UKRAINE: A Propaganda Tool of Underground Mines & Weapons

Of the top 14 Mercenary/private military companies, 3 are UK, 1 is UAE, and 10 are US.   This number does NOT include the multitude of smaller mercenary groups hired by the DoD – shadow banned – blackbooked – cash only.   Yet, the US and Ukraine are hyper focused on Wagner Group operating to defend Russia;   while rallying behind the various Nazi battalions operating on behalf of Ukraine including the Azov Battalion.

Ukraine has determined the survival rate for anyone in the Wagner Group to be 15%.   The basis for this statistic is non-existent.   It is simply a social media toss to attempt to deflate anyone who is thinking of joining Wagner Group.  Why?  Because Ukraine is loosing miserably!

Casualties and deaths as a result of wars and conflicts is never known.   It is and has always been an exercise in guess work based on propagandizing media.   There is no definitive for the most recent Syrian War, Iraq War, Yemen War, much less WWII or WWI.   The entire mentality of war is based on ‘fear’. Where there is fear, mistakes are made. Those mistakes can be self-prophesized.  The more propaganda, the more fear, the higher the death toll…

The global embarrassment that is Ukraine is the fact that the US has deployed Special ops, CIA ops, troops on the ground, vast inventories of weapons and supplies, and directed thousands of mercenaries to obliterate Russia – and has failed.   The UK, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, and others have all contributed efforts, personnel, mercenaries, weapons, etc.. as well – and still – Russia is winning.

To detract from the embarrassment, the West is now declaring Wagner Group a terrorist organization.   As though they really care.   Criminals!   As though Azov were trained by fairy godmother’s. The entire point of a ‘mercenary’ is to provide expertise.   Because unfortunately our actual military personnel are now charged with CRT, re-education hypnosis, BLM, and gender fluid studies.   And no one knows tactics, strategy, or intelligence.

Ukraine’s Bakhmut Salt Mines have been heavily bombarded by Russia leaving what is now described as ‘Hell on Earth’.   Why Bakhmut?   Because the hundreds of miles of caverns are being used for travel, weapon transportation, and trafficking.

These mines are partially used for salt, but their immense structure is so vast they house accommodations, a church, a railway system, and provisions.   An virtual underground city, they now host munitions, weapons, supplies, and possibly even drones, aircraft and tanks.

When Russia first began it’s incursion – they stated emphatically that munitions were their main target.   First discovered in 1881, the mines have been a hub of illicit transport for decades.   When Ukraine became the defacto tool of Soros in 1991, that transport became exponential.

As a result of the new target by Putin and Wagner Group, the mines, the western media distraction is that Russia wants the ‘salt’.   Russia already has salt mines and a stable import from Belarus, Pakistan and other allies.   I doubt the Ukrainian mines are in production any more than their crops.   Without electricity there is no means.  But this notion does distract from the reality the tunnels are only a fraction of the underground tunnel system in Ukraine.

The Odessa Catacombs host nearly 1500 miles of tunnels.  

The tunnels that criss-cross Europe have existed for thousands of years.   It is believed this network of tunnels were used for safe travel during times of war and even for making good brewskies!   In 2014, it was revealed that 1-3million WWII weapons were stored in the Volodarsky mine in Ukraine. Guarded by the Ukraine government, in 2015, after a massive retrofit, the Ukraine government under Poroshenko declared the mine was ‘functional’.    ‘Functional’ for what?

Another possibility is that a handful of Ukraine’s 46 US Biolabs began operating in the tunnel system.   The labs have been operational since 1991 according to the Pentagon, the moment Reagan officiated that the spoils of the Soviet Union must now belong to the EU and Soros claimed the title of King.

Trafficking:   In 2021, Anthony Blinken ranked Ukraine’s human trafficking alongside Denmark, Germany and Japan. However, prior to the Russian incursion and its subsequent demonization, human trafficking was reportedly a major issue in Ukraine according to Amnesty and the UN. Although lockdowns reduced the trafficking situation by roughly 20%, the recruitments via Facebook and Instagram rose 125% and 120% respectively.

Tunnels have been one of the major banes of the FBI and police in subduing drug and human traffick into the US.   Migrants are believed to make up to 20% to 30% of all US victims.   Ukraine’s underground tunnel system connects to Romania.  According to multiple agencies, Romania represents 77% of the child & sex trafficking into Europe. The rate has increased each year despite the government claiming it makes tremendous efforts…

Detracting from the focus on Poland;    in 2022, over half a million refugees flowed into Romania from Ukraine within the first 2 weeks of the incursion. By April the number was 700,000.   By June it was 1.2 million.   By September, the UN claimed only 86,000 refugees were still in Romania.   Where the heck did they go?

Actually it is unclear. It is an algorithm statistic that can’t be tracked or verified:

OCTOBER 2022:   The Brookings Institute declared “7.6 million Ukrainian refugees are in the EU as of October.   Of those, 2.85 million went to Russia, 4.2 registered for protection in the EU, a further 3.1 million returned to Ukraine and a total of 13 million were now in Ukraine. Children make up 20% of all Ukraine refugees and number 2 million in the EU…”   And the top ten countries hosting don’t even include Romania despite the Netherlands coming in at 79,000…

Funny Math!   Funny Stats.   Tunnels.   Trafficking.


UKRAINE Economy – SOROS Dictum of Vengeance!

One nice feature of the FBI linked Social Media Wikipedia is that it saves ‘history’.     Thus it allows users to identify the corruption and manipulation of its pages.   For example:   In 2016-2017 Ukraine’s economy was listed as follows:   inflation 12.4%, GDP $93 billion, GDP per capita $2194, external debt $113 billion, labor force 22million, median wealth per adult $133, and growth rate 2.5%. It was Twalette Water!     This was considered their stellar time of economic growth!

By 2018, when Wikipedia pronounced Ukraine as a roiling victorious economy, per capita income rose to $2583 (+20%), inflation was over 13% and the labor force had shrunk dramatically to just 17.85 million – a nearly 20% drop.   Meaning income didn’t rise at all – because it was pegged against a falling labor force.

Other sources claim ‘household income’ for Ukraine was actually just $1693 in 2018 – a statistical deviation of 52%.  A Common Core Math probability.

IN 2020, The World Bank declared Ukraine’s growth was solid at 3.2% with agriculture being the ‘driving force’.   But agriculture represents less than 6% of the economy, so how could it drive anything?   The service industry has been listed as Ukraine’s major contributor to wealth generating 68%.   The GDP growth for the last two years is now in the hole over   ‘-50%’….

Today, The Economist declares that – Ukraine’s economy is ‘coping’ despite the war…HOW!?

To support this statement, The Economist created a profile of a Czech businessman who created Ukraine’s largest hedge fund, Dragon Capital. The incredible disrespect in using a hedge fund as the basis of a positive economic picture is not LOST.   Imagine using Warren Buffett’s wealth as a means of measuring the wealth of today’s working class Americans…

PUNCHLINE:  Dragon Capital has TWO investors; Tomas Fiala – and George Soros…

The assets of the fund are primarily real estate acquisitions throughout Kyiv.   Many of which are now destroyed – which may account for Soros’ ANGER.

Dragon Capital’s website provides a list of Ukraine charities for donors including United24 –   an account set up in Zelenskyy’s name with the National Bank of Ukraine.   Collections have supposedly totaled roughly $250 million.   In addition, according to the NBU, Ukraine just completed a bond debt of $225.7million thru auctions.   Why do they need War Bonds when the US alone has provided $140 BILLION?   In fact, total bonds sold to investors was $1,446 million of which 101% has been repaid.  HOW?

Does this explain where US taxpayer dollars are going?   Are we financing the debt repayments for investors thru war bonds? For which taxpayers receive NOTHING in return?

Dragon Capital is the singular source behind the Ukraine War Bonds.

US Mark Hamill is busily working for United24 raising money for drones.   Another United24 collaborative is Interchem – a pharmaceutical company pushing vaccines for malaria, HIV, AIDS and TB while simultaneously buying drones for Ukraine.

In 2013, the Open Society Foundation worked with InterChem to provide ‘oral morphine’ for citizens. InterChem partners include various UK, US, French and German biotech and pharma companies including Merck, 3M, Orion and others thru a complex spider web of affiliates.   Given Ukraine has no regulations for pharma – they are able to operate outside of normal procedures and precautions.

These vast networks would explain the biolab hysteria that Russia initiated back in February that was vehemently denied by the US, Pentagon, NIH, Fauci, etc….   While the Media portrayed this claim as Russian Propaganda for years, June 2022, The Pentagon said that it has operated 46 biolabs in Ukraine handling dangerous pathogens.

Despite the legal ramifications under the Biologic Weapon Convention, the US operated outside the formal agreement for decades.   While the Pentagon’s admission was made just this past June there has yet to be ANY formal inquiry as required under International Law within the auspices of the UN.

Global Justice does not exist.   The UN operates above LAW.   Ukraine was specifically chosen by George Soros for the purpose of amassing elite wealth, cheap labor, and complete unregulated industries – including the trafficking of children.   The UN is complicit in the distribution of Big Daddy moneys – and given Soros lost heavily as a result of the Russian incursion – the US is being made to PAY!

UKRAINE SOLICITS BlackRock Larry Fink to Manage Their Trafficking HUB

Poland is pushing to repatriate parts of Ukraine that were annexed after WWII. The Yalta Conference was organized and administered by the US, UK and Soviet Union to divvy the spoils of war.   FDR, Churchill and Stalin worked together to create new borders across Europe – having snubbed France’s de Gaulle. The meeting took place in Crimea. Stalin agreed to a free Poland albeit Germany would cede part of its territory to Poland, Soviet Russia would keep their 1939 annexed portion, and in return the Soviets would support the US war against Japan.  

The main points of the Yalta Agreement included: 1) Denazification of Germany, 2)   German forced labor in Russia,   3) the installation of a communist government in Poland per Stalin, 4) the dismemberment of Germany, and 5) the FDR requirement that the Soviet Union join the UN.

These redrawn territories were carved by three governments without any representation of The People. It was legal” because the three powers said so. Now Poland is asking for repatriation of parts of Ukraine – and a monetary award of $1.3 trillion from Germany.  They won’t get the $$$$$ …BUT annexing portions of Ukraine could have benefits against Russia given Poland is NATO.

POST WWII, The two largest empires in the world in essence embraced communism in favor of Stalinesque Soviet Union.   And no one noticed.   Until 1950 when Joseph McCarthy unleashed the accusation that communism was rampant in the US government, Hollywood and the Military. Specifically, McCarthy claimed communists had infiltrated the State Department, the Atomic Energy Commission, the CIA, the US Military, the administration of Truman and Voice of America.  

McCarthy charged over 200 individuals via ‘a List’.   The List that he frequently referenced and held up within a sheath of papers – disappeared.   Today, it is deemed to be ‘fabricated’.  

At the same time, Dean Acheson was Secretary of State. He assisted in the formation of NATO.   McCarthy accused Acheson of losing China to communist Mao Zedong.   Acheson’s son worked for the US Atomic Energy Commission and like his father was a graduate of the communist aligned Harvard.

The CIA Director was General Bedell Smith who previously had been appointed as US Ambassador to the Communist  Soviet Union.   Secretary of Defense was George Marshall who was Chief of the War Department in 1938, after his retirement in 1945 he was sent to China by Truman to expedite the Chinese Civil War. He Failed and the communists won inserting Mao. Satisfied with this loss, Truman appointed Marshall Secretary of State and subsequently Defense Secretary where he oversaw the Marshall Plan, the Rio Pact, NATO, and the War in Korea…

It is odd that the US and UK supported communist Stalin and yet claimed to support Nationalist Chiang kai-Shek in his attempt to eradicate communists and their leader Mao during the same period.   But then their support of Hitler whose primary goal was the eradication of communists as well, is equally profound.   Perhaps, these illogical blips in a rewritten history open access to a vein of Truth.

What is a more probable reality is the US and UK supported communism, aka the Stalinist Bolsheviks, were thus ‘infiltrated’ voluntarily, and likely had a hand in the rise of Mao.

Why Communism?

Simple: because of the Power it Conveys outside of law, justice, humanity, and ethics.   This Power was/is admired by the Cult Governments.   Yet, these same Cults want that communist vacuum under their thumb only, hence they courted Mao to do their will.   Hence their attempt to oust Jinping.

US Presidents that have courted Communist Chinese Leaders include: Nixon, Carter, Ford, Bush, Clinton and Obama.  

McCarthy’s attempt to call out the communists inside the Federal Government was met with angst and ultimately, he was censored.   Subsequently it is fair to argue that McCarthy was suicided at the age of 48 after being publicly ridiculed by the media and Hollywood actors… His death certificate states ‘cause unknown’.   Thereafter, the press advocated that McCarthy was an alcoholic who deserved to die and commit suicide.   The communists were thus never purged and their global rise escalated – including in the US and UK.

IF Poland were successful in annexing the western portions of Ukraine, and Russia were to successfully annex the eastern and southern seaports, Kyiv would be worthless. Kyiv, without infrastructure and without citizens.   Kyiv blown to bits and rubble. Without the southern ports, their child, drug, and human trafficking would come to a screeching halt.   Their revenue would be nonexistent permanently.

Enter BlackRock.

Recently, Zelenskyy held a meeting with Larry Fink the CEO of BlackRock to negotiate public and private funds at Fink’s disposal be redirected to Ukraine.   An Investment!   Accordingly, the ‘reconstruction fund’ would be completely under the authority of Zelenskyy for determination of structure, investment process, governance and use.

Soros owns Ukraine and has according to him since it was given to him by Reagan in 1990 when the Soviet Union was broken.   Soros is 92.   Handing over Ukraine to Larry Fink – for a sum of money – with likely a percentage of profits redirected to Soros’ children once Ukraine is refurbished – seems to be his Agenda. The refurbish cost is key.   The continued anti-peace agreement with Russia is dominant.   Poland is just a freaking nuisance.   And Zelenskyy is not exactly an ‘honorable’ money manager.

But the prospects of potentially controlling the entire Mafia Trade within a continuum of Ukraine’s Hub is likely pulling Finks – Greed Strings.   A true love affair.