The West is Wile.E Coyote & The BRICS are The Road Runner

Zelenskyy thought he was protected.   He thought he could do or say anything and still be the ‘head honcho’.  He took his war spoils and bought villas, houses, apartments, all while his wife, Olena, spent lavishly on – clothes and jewelry.   All while murdering their populace, the peoples they were tasked with bringing into the modern world.  The last statement in Zelenskyy’s presidential speech 2019:  “Now I will do all I can so that Ukrainians at least do not cry any more.”   Everything the West promises never comes true.

Like Syria, Ukraine will become the enemy of the same people who demanded No Peace.   Zelenskyy thought he was different.  Surely, the western Ashkenazi’s, Soros, would make sure Russia lost and he, Zelenskyy, would emerge a hero!   But Soros is on his deathbed.  Alex Soros doesn’t care about Ukraine.  He cares about money and Ukraine is the Money Pit of all time.   Without Soros, Ukraine has nothing.

Ukrainians that fled to Ireland and have lived on freebies paid for by the US and EU will no longer be leaches.   They must work, according to the Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar.   And thus the Ukraine War will die off, Ukrainians will return to a homeland their government destroyed, and life will be set back decades.   Like Syria.   The ally that was and then wasn’t.

What these Wars have distracted from is the global economic failure of western economies.

Failures that can be directly attributed to the suffocation of freedom and wealth by governments mired in blackmail, corruption, fraud and lies and ruled by a Mafia Cabal that would seemingly be stuck in a mindset and intelligence quotient of The Dark Ages – the 900 years of war, famine, desolation, murder, and anarchy.

Zelenskyy has proffered an invitation to come to Ukraine upon – Trump.   The lure?   Zelenskyy declares that even the compromised incapacitated Biden came to Ukraine and saw what was shown…   Perversion of words.  Zelenskyy wants to blackmail Trump in order for Trump to then come to the pulpit of Money for Ukraine.  Maybe he’ll try to transfer a few pounds of gold to Trump.  Or maybe he’ll try the leverage used against Congressional members – a little girl or boy for pleasures.   But the Lure is no different than the snake luring Eve…

This is the depravity our world has sunk into.  And a good Arc and Noah flooding is what we need.  Of course, in reality, the flood would be a nuke, and Noah would be Zuckerberg.   Sort of like those Leslie Nielsen movies – hilarious!  Probably not exactly the outcome The Master’s sought – but then their acumen has been righteously questioned.

The true Handlers behind the White House Red Curtain will likely never reveal themselves given they would be taking credit for an abject disaster!    But names are there:   Bloomberg, Holden, Rice, Soros, Rothschild, Morgan, Fink, Obama, Jarret, Axelrod, etc…  Personally, I think too much credit is given to Obama, he was a figurehead just like Biden, only Hollywood trained.  Smooth talker, smooth liar, in love with accolade.   His first love.   To come out of the closet and take credit for The Fall of America?   No.   He thrives on applause.

As the protests against the Israeli War continue unabated, the protestors are labeled communists, Hamas sympathizers, traitors, and worse.   Peacemakers are now communists.   Does that include the 13-20 UN peacemakers killed by Israeli bombs?   Were they communists according to Netanyahu?   After killing the UN peacekeepers, Netanyau went on a rampage against Amnesty International for not agreeing to go into Hamas tunnels in search of people to kill.

The IDF was more important, mustn’t put them in harm’s way, better to use Amnesty shields…

According to the UN, Palestinian casualties 2008-2020 amounted to roughly 120,000, compared to Israeli casualties of roughly 6,000.   Netanhayu has declared via video that he doesn’t care about the outcry of violations of International Law, he doesn’t care who or how many he kills and wounds, he only cares about making it hurt as much as possible so that all Palestinians will disappear forever and he can own the LAND and its resources 100%.   The ante is up and given a deal is not likely to be considered by Netanyahu, we have another Zelenskyy moment of death.

Oddly, these numbers, stats, and videos do little to disway those who blindly support a secular Israel which is technically a rogue terrorist state.   The Handlers behind the Red Curtain were caught off guard.   Bloomberg is Jewish – he has to support the Ashkenazi statehood.   But Obama wasn’t sure what side he was supposed to take – so he took both, just like US and UK funding – BOTH sides.  Just like WWII, just like WWI.   A betting game of sharks vs seals.

The ultimate fallout?   Those remaining Palestinians who have lost everything, whose psyche is damaged beyond repair, who cannot cope, will radicalize.   Who is to blame?   CIA, US, Mossad, MI6, and our esteemed military which oddly cannot find anyone willing to enlist.

While the idea of a ceasefire is not even discussed, Biden’s Handlers have attempted to leverage a ‘pause’.   A Pause.   As in, take a breath, and continue indiscriminate killing.   Just make sure that before you kill the women and children they have some milk in their bellies.  But the ‘pause’ is an obvious ploy to allow the Ohio nuclear submarine the ability to travel into a more strategic position.

Meanwhile the MSM ‘distraction of war’ is ignorant of the fact that Canada is now in a recession.   The Eurozone is in a recession with a hard winter approaching.   The US continues to falsify its data – but we are likely in or near a recession.   And despite leveling hundreds of sanctions on Russia, its economy continues to grow!!   The BRICS are pulling ahead of the Hare as he runs screaming off the proverbial cliff bouncing off rocks as he falls into the pits of fire.

Maybe the West thinks they are more like Looney Tunes Wile. E Coyote who miraculously recovers every catastrophe in order to once again chase the Road Runner, The BRICS, beep-beep.   But that’s just a cartoon…   RIGHT?

15 thoughts on “The West is Wile.E Coyote & The BRICS are The Road Runner

  1. From 1989-99 lived in Winston-Salem. A prof from Wake had written a book on The Sea Peoples. Read it. (W-S had a great indy bookstore in Reynolda Village back then.) Called & wrote him, no response. I find them interesting. Phoenicians? He thought so, to a degree.

    • Personally I don’t buy the earthquake story remotely. It was a very non scientific guess with zero evidence. I believe they were marauded by the lineage that is marauding us today. That is ‘my opinion’.

  2. I agree with all of this. Including the fact that Zelensky and Bibi are not just the same ilk, but both are dead men walking. They were charmed by the snake and surrendered their own people. In so doing they made themselves untouchables. Useful in the moment, but untouchable long term. And when the players involved decide it’s time to cut them off, that cut will prove fatal. Zelenskys time is close and Bibi seems eager to speed his up.

    I disagree that Russia is in some financial catbird seat tho. How does their economy and debt compare to Florida? It doesn’t. Money is fucked everywhere. The only true valuation left is in the ability to produce value itself. And the US still largely leads the way, funny money be damned. China has done a good job exporting it’s manpower in exchange for goodwill. But they, the biggest segment of the global worker class, will also be most hard hit by AI taking jobs. How much goodwill will there be when your country is flooded with unemployed Chinese? In the end the ability to innovate new things will be the measure of success in the global marketplace and I don’t see anyone threatening the US leadership position anytime soon. No matter how badly we squander the money funding madmen.

    • A load of facts Deuce. And agreed. Three empires exist today with more history collectively than one would assume. Russia. China. Persia (Iran)
      They possess gold. All three have been and are deeply involved in Spouth America. Essentially China owns Argentina. Iran much of the other larger nations. Russia. Ditto.
      China Particulatly makes acquisitions via contracts for resources, not loans. This way she takes terrain and inherits the commodity resources. Today without borders from Tierra DelFuego to the Alutians, China claims all of the Americas as hers by migration. Sound familiar?
      Our days to play here in the US are numbered. Regardless of the seated political players or those on deck. American must defend America. Arm up. Train. Prepare.

    • I believe that the ramping up of global chaos has one purpose – to RESET DEBT. The US is flying on fake algorithms, fake news, and fake budgets. The purpose is and always has been ‘the illusion’ of truth, history, present & future. The Globalist Mafia has been exposed. Once exposed they must destroy in order to reinvent themselves – once again – centuries and millenniums

  3. We give too much credit to the Bidens, Zalenskys, Trudeaus, Macrons and almost every politician in the western world not to mention the other slithery creatures who now occupy most of the highest offices in the land. They are merely corrupt, diabolical, deranged, satanic and vile puppets who sold their rotting souls for 30 pieces of silver long ago. And there is no shortage of such creatures in any society but in a moral and just society based on eternal truth they are treated with the contempt and scorn they rightly deserve.

    • We have been told that civilizations past were all destroyed because of water or food issues. But scientists attest to the allegory of estimates and guestimates. What IF – the fate we see has been their stqage play each and every time…
      WHO Destroyed the one civilization, the Minoans, that had 2,000 years of peace?

  4. I thought Mrs Zelensky was Олена. Excuse my ignorance, but was ‘Sophie’ some literary or art reference.

  5. Obama always was the quintessential empty suit narcissist. That we had to endure 8 long years of his terms in office is a hate crime perpetrated on the world.

  6. Helena, Chuck Jones had 11 ironclad rules he followed for the cartoon. One was that all products Wile E. used had to be bought from the Acme Corporation. Substitute the MIC Contractors for Acme.

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