The Ancient & Current Masters – Warring & Culling as The Chosen Ones

In true colonial fashion, French Foreign Minister, Catherine Colonna, has stated to African nations, “I wouldn’t trade off France for Russia if I were you”.   A threat?   When speaking, she is referring to the Sahel region wherein previous colonies of France have since overthrown their western Presidents having declared sovereign freedom, and sovereign freedom is NOT in the best interests of the West.  Colonna further spat that there were plenty of other countries to colonize in Africa…

In an attempt to blackmail Nigeria, Colonna promised to release $150 million of the $3-$5 billion embezzled by Nigeria’s former military ruler, Sani Abacha who died in 1998.   (With accumulated interest, the $5 billion would be worth $9 billion).  The condition of blackmail?   Don’t do business with Russia.  Why this money hasn’t been returned for 25 years is indicative of “doing business with the West”.   The US “found” $267-$323 million in a Channel Island account in 2019 and released a mere $23 million of the funds.   Did the rest of Nigeria’s money fund Ukraine?

Why must Nigeria have to spend 25 years attempting to recover its own money?

It is believed the funds are located in banks in the Bahamas, Austria, Switzerland, France, the US, Germany, Dubai, Canada and Brazil.   Seems wire transfers were in order decades ago.

Sani Abacha was a dictator of Nigeria who trained as a military officer in England before returning to Nigeria whereupon he participated in EVERY coup.     Abacha is claimed to have been poisoned by Israeli operatives in June 1998.

Abacha’s successor was Abdulsalami Abubakar.  Like his predecessor, he was trained for combat in Europe – by Germany, and was a lecturer at Chicago State University.   All were defacto western installed governments.   France owns roughly 19 countries in Africa, including Nigeria.  Britain owns 13 colonies.   The propaganda illusion is that African countries are sovereign because they are ruled by Africans –  a misnomer.   Because like the US, those in charge are simply figureheads who must act and do according to The Masters.

Israel is also well entrenched in Africa.   They predominantly import diamonds, coal and grapes from South Africa.  But of course, the vast majority of diamonds in Africa, particularly South Africa, are owned by DeBeers and not the African government.   The benefit to the people is as slave laborers.   DeBeers is a construct of Rothschild, Oppenheimer and JP Morgan.    DeBeers was restructured and ownership is under Anglo American.  They extort diamonds, copper, platinum, nickel, iron-ore and coal from Africa and sell it to wealthy governments.

This is why, despite Africa’s vast wealth of resources, the continent remains undeveloped and in a state of poverty.

ALL its wealth was co-opted in the 1800’s and early 1900’s.   Africa is not a sovereign entity.  It is only now that African states are reclaiming their land kicking out The Masters.  Which is why Colonna’s response was so incredibly spiteful.   A possible Threat.

In 2015, Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir, declared that the CIA and Mossad had created ISIS and Boko Haram.  The initial dual purpose was to keep Africa in a constant state of crisis while eliminating the Shia Muslims, aka Iran, Syria and Iraq.   Al-Bashir claims they are not true Muslims because their actions don’t align with Sunni Law.   Proving his point, al-Bashir claims many captured from Boko Haram were indoctrinated and have since been ‘deprogrammed’.  According to al-Bashir, the claims of torture and rape were manufactured by Israel’s propaganda mechanism… to create a monster.

Syria’s War gave us our first insight into the propaganda tools;   actors, fake scenery, fake accusations, fakery on display everywhere.   It was revealed that the CIA had a ‘green studio’ in North Carolina where much of the propaganda was created.  This has been used extensively in Ukraine, and likely Israel.

Israel claims this war is because Hamas must go.  The Economist declares – Hamas must go.   Nikki Haley declares ‘KILL EVERYBODY’ – and we forget that since 1947, Israel has fought its neighbors and Gaza in 18 WARS.   The first initiated by Ben Gurion – whose dedication to wiping out Palestinians has earned him the ‘right’ to be named after the Ben Gurion Canal being constructed via the decimation of Gaza, its infrastructure, buildings, homes, and people.

The pro-Israel argument is that there was no official recognition of Palestine, therefore it was fodder for colonization thru Israeli settlements.  Yet legal documents continually refer to Palestine, including:   League of Nations Mandate For Palestine, Oslo Accord, and even the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

Certainly ancient history is ripe with lands continually conquered.   Palestine changed hands continually from The Crusades and Muslim rule.  The US was based on British colonization as was the entirety of Europe.   Africa’s history is one of constant colonization by the West.   Colonization always created an elite class and peasants – the workers.   In America, this goal initiated by The Masters who have colonized the US via a coup, desperate to push middle class into a poverty class much like ancient history.

The Masters ‘then’ are the ancestors of The Masters ‘now’.   A cult of Barbarians that has thrived for millenniums on War.  They believe they are the only Chosen Peoples and all others are animals to be sacrificed for their gain.  The Israeli’s have declared that the Palestinians and Hamas are – animals.   Christians are – animals.  

WHO Do You Serve?

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  1. Not to forget that since the crash of 2008, most governments around the world as enacted legislation, that your savings, wages etc in banks belong to the bank [as you are investing] so come the next financial crash [and there will be one date unknown] the banks will seize control and repay you, your investments as and when they see fit. just enough to cover your bills and essentials.
    As for gold, was not gold confiscated once before by the US government?

    But a good article Helena.

    • It is true that gold was confiscated by the US government in 1933. Under Executive Order 6102, 2,665 metric tonnes of gold was confiscated and gold coin holders were paid $20.67 per troy ounce. After the great theft which make the mafia by comparison look like members of the Ladies Church Auxiliary, gold was repriced at $35 per troy ounce which constitutes a ~70% currency devaluation of Fed fiat counterfeit notes created out of thin air. So not only did President Rossevelt plunder the wealth of Americans but he also devalued their savings, pensions and incomes on a massive scale in the midst of the Great Depression. And keep in mind that the Depression was deliberately created by the Rothschild Banking Cabal who established and still owns the Fed in violation of the US Constitution. Most of gold was seized from vaults or “safety” deposit boxes in banks. The good news is that an estimated 226,579,419 total ounces or 72.56 percent of the US main gold coins circulating at the time of the Executive Order went into hiding, to Mexico or Canada, and long-term savings. And anyone who stores gold in banks or licensed vaults today after what happened in 1933 deserve to lose their gold.

  2. “The propaganda illusion is that African countries are sovereign because they are ruled by Africans – a misnomer. Because like the US, those in charge are simply figureheads who must act and do according to The Masters.”

    Excellent article. I came to the same conclusion sometime ago that the western world (and beyond) is a very cleverly constructed slave colony, a more gentle Bolshevik Gulag, where the population has been groomed and conditioned by massive propaganda, cultural perversion, and a state “education” system into thinking they are free. We are not treated like the Palestinians now being bombed in the Gaza open air ghetto, at least not yet, but our most basic freedoms have been stolen while the middle class is plundered and destroyed by a system of theft better known as central banking and monopoly corporate globalism. A modern version of feudalism has been created at an alarming rate since the creation of the privately owned “Federal Reserve” in 1913 in violation of the US Constitution, Our so-called democracies with constitutions and charters that protects the most basic human rights and freedoms now resemble Potemkin village in the former USSR, mostly fake to deceive the brainwashed into thinking they are free.

  3. “France owns roughly 19 countries in Africa, including Nigeria.” Niger was French colony. Nigeria was a British colony that gained independence in 1960, I think.

    PS: still a great article, as usual.

    • Nigeria is France’s largest trading partner.
      “In January 2016, the Minister for Education Anthony Anwukah announced a wish to make French the second language of business in Nigeria because the majority of African countries are francophone and all of Nigeria’s neighbouring countries are francophone.”

  4. Thank you Helena for your for your perseverance. The ‘masters’ have been trying to re-write History from the beginning. It’s because of dedicated and courageous Patriots like yourself that they haven’t completely succeeded.

  5. Learned a little about “Diplomacy” from an old friend who was “placed” in Charlotte, early ’00s. You know, have to have someone to look after NationsBank (now BOA) & First Union (now Wells). As well as a huge position (10%+) in CocaCola Bottling of Charlotte. That was his job. His family owned CocaCola of Greece, Scotland & Nigeria, plus several other smaller fiefdoms. NIgeria was the beeg apple. With a bit of graft.

    We know it’s just a big racket. And as Slim Pickens commented to Harry Dean Stanton in “Rancho Deluxe”, “All large scale crime is always an inside job.” Except that Jeff Bridges, Sam Waterson & HDS went to jail.

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