NETANHAYU Hires Disinformation Tzars For Israel PR

An article appeared today in the Saudi government media site ‘Al Arabiya English’ wherein Jennifer Bell of Dubai writes about the Israeli Hamas war thru the eyes of Rita Katz.   Jennifer Bell is a far left liberal well entrenched in the  antics of the Rothschild Economist, BBC (government owned), CNN and WHO among others.   The fixation?   Deep Fake coming out of Palestine.  The company tasked with mitigating the posts on ALL Social Media on behalf of Israel, Dubai, and Washington – SITE Intelligence Group.

SITE isn’t a group, and it isn’t much of a site.  What it is, is a propaganda tool hired by Israel and Dubai to manipulate and quash the massive pro-Palestine, anti-War sentiment.   Founded by Rita Katz, her goal is to root out extremist terrorists by investigating white supremacists and Jihadists.  Born in Iraq, her Jewish parents fled thru Iran to Israel after her wealthy father was hung for treason.

According to the article, Katz is a self-described expert on Islam and terrorism.   However, she would also be the designated Truth Tzar for this Israel/Palestine war.   Because, only she can see what is fake and what is real.   Of course, given that she is working for Israel, her ability to be unbiased is – well – zero.

However, META is apparently fully willing to delete any account that Katz deems a threat to the Israeli mantra.   Although Katz declares the biggest bully is X, it appears she has yet to woo Musk.

Fake Reporter is another propaganda tool working in conjunction with SITE,– created by Israel as a ‘disinformation watchdog group.   Except there is No Group – they are anonymous – and they are a project funded by The New Israel Fund based in New York with offices across the US as well as in Israel, Canada, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Austria and Australia.   The Fund claims it is working for human rights for the Palestinians living in the Israeli occupied areas…  Their goal is Israel.  Their funding primarily came from the Ford Foundation until 2013.

Fake Reporter’s entire propaganda agenda is to decertify media information coming out of GAZA and deem it all fake while ignoring fake Israeli media.

In 2018, Bibi, as he is affectionally known, claimed he made an agreement with the government of Rwanda to accept ‘migrants deported from Israel’.   Of course, those migrants were actually Palestinians.   Rwanda claimed no such agreement existed.    Clearly, calling the Palestinians ‘migrants’ is heinous enough – but to deport them would have been criminal.

When the world is supposed to believe that there was ‘no provocation’ of Hamas, Amnesty International has given a quite different impression of Israel’s 15-year war with Palestine:

“Israeli forces demolished al-Araqib village in the Negev/Naqab for the 211th time. A further 35 Palestinian-Bedouin towns in Israel were still denied formal recognition and residents faced possible forcible transfer. Authorities failed to process asylum claims for thousands of asylum seekers, and imposed restrictions on their right to work.”

Amnesty details instances of torture, collective punishment, restrictive freedom of movement, and war crimes, going so far as to call it ‘apartheid’.   That was In 2022.   “Through massive seizures of land and property, unlawful killings, infliction of serious injuries, forcible transfers, arbitrary restrictions on freedom of movement, and denial of nationality, among other inhuman or inhumane acts.”

Unfortunately, it does not appear that the Fake Reporter Group or the SITE Intelligence Group were able to delete Amnesty International’s report and make the claim it is all ‘disinformation’.   Tragic.

The Groups backdoor connections with the Saudi and Dubai governments is, however, interesting.

April 2023, both the UAE and Saudi monarchies declared they would be normalizing ties with Israel and extended trade.   However, both also declared that the treatment of Palestinians must be remedied in order for the relationship to proceed.   This would account for Netanyahu’s attempts to radically alter the reality of the Gaza situation – place the blame squarely on Hamas – and work magic with public relations, ie ‘disinformation Tzars’.

The UN Director is calling for criminal investigations into Israel.   The tension between Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his two leading generals, Benny Gantz and Yoav Gallant, is historical.   Netanyahu’s hawkish dictatorial command is known to drive wedges between Israel’s relations with Arab and even Western nations.

Bibi is not well liked by Israeli’s begging a rigged election that put him in office once again December 2022.   The Likud Party within which Netanyah was president, had lost its support from Israeli’s back in April.   According to Reuters, three months into Netanyahu’s term, it looked likely he would be ousted.

It appears that Netanyahu had this genocidal elimination planned sometime last year as his last hurrah to finally rid Israel of the animals and take full control of all the Land.   He knew no one else had the courage or mania.   He felt that with a plastic puppet in office in the US, the time was ripe.   And might never present again.   He did not anticipate the fallout.   His response?   RAMP UP attacks.  WHY?   Because, he will be stopped, and his agenda will subject him to the International Criminal Court.  He is willing to kill all Palestinians before his goal will be achieved.

No amount of damage control will save Netanyahu now.   The 2500 ‘volunteers’ he hired to create PR campaigns and discredit Palestinian claims has fallen flat.   The lavish, well financed, Jewish NGO’s littering the US will be forced to remove their support and claim the entire escalation is on Netanyahu – not Jews.  And all of the Middle East – will remember.

REFUGEES Are Big Business For Everyone But Taxpayers…

Netanyahu has stated the obvious.  His plan is to occupy all Palestinian Land because they are incapable of having their own leadership.   In more modern terms, that is called a coup.  Meanwhile Ukraine’s President, Zelenskyy is asking for the US to extend credit since we are out of money – and pinky swear he promises he’ll pay it back.   To the rescue, the EU Commission, Von der Leyen has announced that Ukraine has met 90% of its obligations to become a member of the EU as soon as December…

Last June, the EU declared that Kyiv had met 2 of the 7 conditions for ascension.   Von der Leyen’s 90% remark would entail 6 conditions met?   Apparently, corruption has been solved and any audit of the supportive aid funds closing in on $200 billion will never commence.   Human Rights have been resolved despite jailing the Orthodox Priests and killing dissenters.   Zelenskyy’s judicial reform includes that there will be no presidential election March 2024 given his polling is abysmal.   And Zelenskyy has declared he will never offer Peace to Russia so any ascension into the EU means the entire bloc will automatically be at war with Russia…!

“We all understand that now, in wartime, when there are so many challenges, it is absolutely irresponsible to throw the topic of elections into society in a lighthearted and playful way,” Zelenskiy said in reference to his decision to not hold elections.   Good thing he declared Martial Law.

“You have made excellent progress in deeply reforming your country.”  Von der Leyen gushed as she starred at Zelenskyy lovingly.

Von der Leyen must be on psyche drugs.  And Zelenskyy has revealed he isn’t in charge, he does what he is told.  Just another unelected person deciding the fate of Europe.

Europe doesn’t want any more immigrants.  The US is inundated in immigrants.   Therefore Netanyahu has decided that the perfect resting place for the 1.4 million displaced Palestinians is Canada.

In a document published by an Israeli website October 17;  “the proposal is for Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates to at least provide financial support for this mass displacement, if not offer to take in some refugees themselves, either in the short or long term.”  After an interim time frame, they should be shipped to Trudeau.  During the Syria War, Trudeau took in 60,000 refugees of the more than 7 million = .85%.  Nine years later 76% of the males and 92% of females continued to be supported by welfare.

The fact that Canada is in a recession and the citizens don’t want any more refugees to support, Trudeau follows the mantra of his western counterparts – let the citizens be damned!

The $1.598 question plaguing social media is why won’t Arab states take in Palestinian refugees?

The wealthier Arab states don’t because they want to remain wealthy, sovereign, maintain control, and because they simply don’t believe in integration.   They have hired Syrian refugees as immigrant workers, but they don’t believe in becoming a welfare state due to Western Wars.

The less wealthy nations will only do so if the US pays them to and establishes camps for them.   For example:  Jordan has 10 refugee camps for Palestinians already displaced by Israel – housing over 412,000, representing only 17% of the total refugees (2.4 million) pushed out of Palestine in 1948 and a second wave in 1967 – BY ISRAEL.

The US gives Jordan over $1.2 billion annually to provide for the refugees that the US creates.

The World Economic Forum has attempted to force the wealthy Middle East to take in refugees to no avail.   Obsessed with constantly ‘rearranging’ the world, the Klaus Schwab humanoid apparatus denies that taking in refugees will have any impact on the Middle East ‘market in any way’.   A bizarre contrivance of word stealth.   Their ‘market’?

Turkey hosts 4 million refugees.  The EU built facilities and pays Turkey a monthly allowance for assistance – total to date is $3.5 billion.  The US also pays Turkey roughly $250 million per year for refugees.   It is a business.   Make war using Taxpayer dollars.  Destroy a country.   Use taxpayer dollars to rebuild said country in a Western vein of communist democracy, while paying other countries with Taxpayer funds to house the refugees.

Who makes money?  The military industrial complex makes the bombs and sells them to the government at a profit, The Building Industry rakes in military contracts to rebuild – at a profit.   And taxpayers fund other countries to house the immigrants – for a profit.

Fun little cycle they have going.

Of course, the Big Guys in the White House take a percentage kickback.

Turkey’s Erdogan had plans to repatriate 1 million Syrian refugees in 2022, the US blocked the move.  Syrians in Germany wanted to return home, but the government blocked them.  They are forced to remain refugees in camps because it weakens their morale and degrades the city/country profile.

Then there is this nasty little document called the 1951 Protocol To The Refugee Convention.   A UN construct, it is the 1968 amendment that allows unlawful entry without prosecution and expands the original to include any country in the world.   It outlines that refugees must be given human rights, religious rights, rations, primary education, public relief and assistance, and under specific circumstances -‘social security’.

In the Middle East only four countries signed on to the 1951 Protocol;  Iran, Yemen, Egypt, and ironically – Israel which has created – one the largest global refugee population.  Of course the nonsignatories can still become signatories should they choose…   China signed on in 1982 and has since taken in over 500 refugees!   WOW!   No one bothers to demand China take anymore.  Just as no one dares to demand China reduce its emissions.

The number of total refugees from Palestine is expected to grow by 50% as a direct result of Israel’s actions.   Because the ultimate desire is for zero Palestinians to be left in ‘Israel’ and Palestine will be wiped from maps permanently as western colonialism works its magic and elite territories are created that remain ‘pure’.

The Ancient & Current Masters – Warring & Culling as The Chosen Ones

In true colonial fashion, French Foreign Minister, Catherine Colonna, has stated to African nations, “I wouldn’t trade off France for Russia if I were you”.   A threat?   When speaking, she is referring to the Sahel region wherein previous colonies of France have since overthrown their western Presidents having declared sovereign freedom, and sovereign freedom is NOT in the best interests of the West.  Colonna further spat that there were plenty of other countries to colonize in Africa…

In an attempt to blackmail Nigeria, Colonna promised to release $150 million of the $3-$5 billion embezzled by Nigeria’s former military ruler, Sani Abacha who died in 1998.   (With accumulated interest, the $5 billion would be worth $9 billion).  The condition of blackmail?   Don’t do business with Russia.  Why this money hasn’t been returned for 25 years is indicative of “doing business with the West”.   The US “found” $267-$323 million in a Channel Island account in 2019 and released a mere $23 million of the funds.   Did the rest of Nigeria’s money fund Ukraine?

Why must Nigeria have to spend 25 years attempting to recover its own money?

It is believed the funds are located in banks in the Bahamas, Austria, Switzerland, France, the US, Germany, Dubai, Canada and Brazil.   Seems wire transfers were in order decades ago.

Sani Abacha was a dictator of Nigeria who trained as a military officer in England before returning to Nigeria whereupon he participated in EVERY coup.     Abacha is claimed to have been poisoned by Israeli operatives in June 1998.

Abacha’s successor was Abdulsalami Abubakar.  Like his predecessor, he was trained for combat in Europe – by Germany, and was a lecturer at Chicago State University.   All were defacto western installed governments.   France owns roughly 19 countries in Africa, including Nigeria.  Britain owns 13 colonies.   The propaganda illusion is that African countries are sovereign because they are ruled by Africans –  a misnomer.   Because like the US, those in charge are simply figureheads who must act and do according to The Masters.

Israel is also well entrenched in Africa.   They predominantly import diamonds, coal and grapes from South Africa.  But of course, the vast majority of diamonds in Africa, particularly South Africa, are owned by DeBeers and not the African government.   The benefit to the people is as slave laborers.   DeBeers is a construct of Rothschild, Oppenheimer and JP Morgan.    DeBeers was restructured and ownership is under Anglo American.  They extort diamonds, copper, platinum, nickel, iron-ore and coal from Africa and sell it to wealthy governments.

This is why, despite Africa’s vast wealth of resources, the continent remains undeveloped and in a state of poverty.

ALL its wealth was co-opted in the 1800’s and early 1900’s.   Africa is not a sovereign entity.  It is only now that African states are reclaiming their land kicking out The Masters.  Which is why Colonna’s response was so incredibly spiteful.   A possible Threat.

In 2015, Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir, declared that the CIA and Mossad had created ISIS and Boko Haram.  The initial dual purpose was to keep Africa in a constant state of crisis while eliminating the Shia Muslims, aka Iran, Syria and Iraq.   Al-Bashir claims they are not true Muslims because their actions don’t align with Sunni Law.   Proving his point, al-Bashir claims many captured from Boko Haram were indoctrinated and have since been ‘deprogrammed’.  According to al-Bashir, the claims of torture and rape were manufactured by Israel’s propaganda mechanism… to create a monster.

Syria’s War gave us our first insight into the propaganda tools;   actors, fake scenery, fake accusations, fakery on display everywhere.   It was revealed that the CIA had a ‘green studio’ in North Carolina where much of the propaganda was created.  This has been used extensively in Ukraine, and likely Israel.

Israel claims this war is because Hamas must go.  The Economist declares – Hamas must go.   Nikki Haley declares ‘KILL EVERYBODY’ – and we forget that since 1947, Israel has fought its neighbors and Gaza in 18 WARS.   The first initiated by Ben Gurion – whose dedication to wiping out Palestinians has earned him the ‘right’ to be named after the Ben Gurion Canal being constructed via the decimation of Gaza, its infrastructure, buildings, homes, and people.

The pro-Israel argument is that there was no official recognition of Palestine, therefore it was fodder for colonization thru Israeli settlements.  Yet legal documents continually refer to Palestine, including:   League of Nations Mandate For Palestine, Oslo Accord, and even the Balfour Declaration of 1917.

Certainly ancient history is ripe with lands continually conquered.   Palestine changed hands continually from The Crusades and Muslim rule.  The US was based on British colonization as was the entirety of Europe.   Africa’s history is one of constant colonization by the West.   Colonization always created an elite class and peasants – the workers.   In America, this goal initiated by The Masters who have colonized the US via a coup, desperate to push middle class into a poverty class much like ancient history.

The Masters ‘then’ are the ancestors of The Masters ‘now’.   A cult of Barbarians that has thrived for millenniums on War.  They believe they are the only Chosen Peoples and all others are animals to be sacrificed for their gain.  The Israeli’s have declared that the Palestinians and Hamas are – animals.   Christians are – animals.  

WHO Do You Serve?

ISRAELI WAR: Facilitating Two Israeli Projects – For Money

Well, well, well, some interesting puzzle pieces are taking shape in analyzing the “Israel War”.  

It isn’t about anti-Semitism.  It isn’t about Muslims.  It isn’t about the reviling slurs coming from the mouths of ‘supposed’ Christians.  It isn’t even about Hamas.  It is about money.   Follow The Money.   The Rothschild Cabal envisioned two projects for Israel – but there was one obstacle that needed to be taken care of before the projects could commence.   Netanyahu was inserted as Prime Minister 10 months ago to fulfill the elimination of the obstacle because he was the only one brutal enough, evil enough, calculated enough who would not feel an ounce of remorse.

The two projects are:  1.  The Ben Gurion Canal,  and 2.   A high speed rail system from tel Aviv to the shores of Gaza.   The obstacle was the Palestinians in Gaza.   Bring on the bombs and bulldozers!   Flatten Gaza in preparation for the Projects!

The Ben Gurion Canal is a revitalized concept to be a challenge to the Suez Canal owned by Egypt.   The Canal will connect the Mediterranean with the Red Sea from the port of Eilat thru Gaza.   The original route would have gone north of Gaza at a considerably higher price.   In the world of the Cabal, eliminating an entire population of Palestinian men, women and children – is simply collateral.   Just ask Hillary and Albright.

The high speed rail will increase tourism traffic exponentially and will operate parallel to the Canal.   The $14 billion ‘military aid’ the US just gave Israel is a down payment on an investment – an investment that will never return a dime to the American People paying for it.    The new military base the US is currently building in Negev, near Gaza, will house the engineers and construction base for the Canal’s excavation.

Western nations knew this was going down well before Netanyahu provoked Gaza, turned off the Iron Dome, and ignored warnings of incoming rockets.   The party in the desert was likely staged to provoke the necessary rage to support the genocide Netanyahu had already planned.

They made a strategic error in information propaganda regarding the music festival party;  Hamas supposedly came via paraglidering and trucks equipped with AK’s.   But victims are now being identified according to their ‘ashes’ – per the Israeli media still stoking rage.  AK’s do not burn a person to ashes.

The problem with lies is forgetting what you said previously.

Our esteemed CIA has now stated that we should expect food and retail shortages throughout 2024.  Why?   Because they are planning a series of catastrophes to hit the Suez Canal so as to ultimately promote greater traffic to the Ben Gurion Canal.   They already stoked the concept when the Ever Given ran aground in the Suez sparking concerns of the Canals’ viability.  This coming year, 2024, more incidents are being provoked which will affect supply chains.

China’s One Road – One Belt project will take a hit.   Egypt’s revenues will take a hit.    And Palestine will no longer exist so they cannot take a cut of the revenues.

The cost to excavate/blast open the Canal is estimated to cost $35-$55 billion.   The estimated revenues from shipping traffic alone is believed to be $8-$10 billion annually.  The tourist trade could easily double, and the Saudi’s Project NEOM located on the north side of the Red Sea will see increased heavier trade.

NEOM began as the Saudi’s futuristic 15 minute city in 2017 encompassing 10,200 square miles.   Construction halted in 2020.  Since 2022, other projects the Saudi’s began building in conjunction with NEOM include Trojena – an outdoor ski destination in the desert that has been signed to be the Host for the 2029 Asian Winter Games.

The Israeli Canal and High Speed Rail will greatly increase traffic access to NEOM.

Egypt and Saudi relations have been somewhat compromised over the last few years.  Most recently due to rival factions in Sudan.  In addition, when Ethiopia built the Nile River dam, Egypt found its water supply severely diminished.   The Saudi’s and UAE supported Ethiopia and Ethiopia is now assisting Israel diverting water to its Canal.

Not only will Egypt suffer from diminishing water supplies, it now faces losing Suez traffic to the Israeli projects.  The economy will suffer.  Which is why Egypt cannot host any refugee Palestinians.  The added burden will cripple their economy.  Which is why Israel told Gazans to move to the southern border with Egypt – to push them into the unwanted hands.

The puzzle pieces are in place.  There is no WWIII.   There is no coming nuclear holocaust.   There is only Israel manipulating the entire Middle East invoking genocide in order to facilitate making more money while lining the pockets of the Saudi’s, Ethiopia, and UAE.   The losers will be Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis, and Egyptians – the Iran alliances.

And once again We Have Been Played!    The Israel/Gaza War is simply a hyped nonreligious genocidal desire to make MONEY.

ISRAEL To Broaden Its Terrorist Designations TO Censor Speech

The Saudi Defense Minister, Prince Khalid bin Salman, is scheduled to meet with US officials in Washington on Monday.  While the meeting is obviously in regard to Israel and Gaza, it is unlikely we will know the actual breadth of the conversations via Blinken, Austin, Sullivan or McGurk.  However, the Saudi monarchy has been openly adamant that Israel’s activities to level Gaza and The West Bank at whatever cost to life, limb, and sanity is wholly condemned and knows the US is pulling the strings.

While The US has been exposed as ordering Ukraine’s government NOT to agree to any peace agreement, it’s activities in Israel are equally bent on War.  Russia and the Saudis have attempted to maintain cool heads and disway Iran from retaliation, but Israel has increased its destruction nonetheless at the prodding of the US.   Which is why Prince Khalid is meeting with US officials and not Israeli.

The end-game damage to Israel’s reputation and trade partners will be extensive for years to come.  The largest partners have included US, China, India, UK and Ireland.   Imports include petroleum and diamonds.   Oddly, the second largest trade partner is listed as ‘unspecified’.   Total value to the US is just $18 billion.   A relatively pitiful amount.   However, the Middle East had begun picking up oil exports to Europe as they weaned off Russian oil.   Facing winter – an embargo could devastate Europe.

With 5,000 US troops on the ground, the US has officially engaged on an International Basis.   And will be subject to the same embargoes that will befall Israel, as a direct result.    Trade with the Middle East represents roughly $284 billion.   Under Biden’s Regime, the trade with the Middle East shifted from a net positive to a net deficit for the first time.  Part of the reasoning was to shift from China reliance and Russia reliance to Middle East reliance – our allies… because our old allies were now our new enemies.   A board-game.

This is likely the threat that will be levied by Prince Khalid.

In 2022, Energean, a London based natural gas company found 13. BCM of natural gas off the coast of Israel.   At the start of the War, Israel shut down the Tamar Field located 15 miles off the southern coast.  It supplied 70% of Israel’s gas including exports to Egypt and Jordan.    The Gaza Strip has no authority to claims of oil because no oil companies are allowed to work with them.

The protests that have erupted across the globe as a result of the bombardment have been massively extensive.   Pro-Israel and Pro-Palestine – albite the Pro-Israel protests have been the exception to the Pro-Palestine.   The vast majority are simply asking for ‘peace’.   The western wars have wearied populations.   The war concept is viewed as a pointless endeavor.   And in this vein, Israel is seen as a criminal – even by the UN where a call for peace revealed US and UK voted – Nay.

The coffers of the US are completely depleted of weapons, oil, and money.   Janet Yellen has stated that we must consider a debt value that could reach into the quadrillion market.  While blaming inflation for all the world’s woes.  Killing the job market has been the theatre for this stage play.   But the real cost that has contributed the most to our current inflationary pricing is ‘transportation’ of goods; diesel, insurance, payscales, repairs, etc…  Not the jobs market.

Food retailer profits are flat.   The greedy business model is flat.  Profits are currently generated by Banks and Tech.

Manufacturing and retail inventories – which are a part of the GDP calculation of production have increased as buyers revert to staples – like food!   In Canada, the food banks are seeing runs.   In Gaza they are so desperate now – the food banks have been emptied by thievery.   And still, Netanyahu will not relent – there is no compassion;  Monday, the Knesset will vote on an amendment submitted by Netanyahu as to opening the terrorist designation to include individuals:   Once passed in the Knesset, the government-sponsored amendment will allow for the State of Israel to designate individuals, rather than just organizations, as terror operatives, and ensure that they are subject to the same sanctions that have been applied to terror organizations in the past.

Published on the Israel government’s website, the law would apply to anyone who finances a terrorist organization, and anyone who may unwittingly support the actions of said organization even if they did nothing.  It is curious if this would extend to heads of state of any country which does not condemn Israel’s designated terrorist organizations making them target for execution.

CHAPTER THREE, Section 24:   “One who commits an act of identification with a terrorist organization, including by publishing words of praise, support or sympathy, waving a flag, displaying or publishing a symbol, or displaying, playing or publishing a slogan or anthem, in one of the following [situations], is liable to three years’ imprisonment.”

This particular subsection would apply to anyone who is a journalist, blogger, or social media person.

The obvious purpose of this is to justify bombing of civilian designations, homes, schools, etc… if they house a designated individual, and shutting down Free Speech by claiming such person is a terrorist by invocation of words.  It could also apply to Elon Musk for ‘allowing’ persons on X to speak their minds.   It is in fact, so broad that the designation of terrorist could apply to the population of entire nations!  Thus giving Netanyahu authority to declare war across the entire Middle East, the West for allowing protests, and virtually anyone that disagrees with Israel – including Christians.

Netanyahu continues to declare that this war will be a long and brutal one – lasting perhaps over a year… aligned with US elections.   While Musk offered to provide StarLink service to any humanitarian organization operating in Gaza, Netanyahu stated he would immediately blow it up.   Suffering is the agenda.

To Date – Israel has wreaked more damage on Gaza in a matter of days than the entire Ukraine incursion over 1 ½ years.  Our illustrious government is quite happy to give Janet Yellen her money’s worth as it ramps up weapons and ‘aid’ for Israel.   Quadrillions in the making.

ISRAEL WAR is The Secular Great RESET

IT is curiouser and curiouser how the self described savants who saw the Ukraine war for another US proxy, suddenly support Israel – because of the Holocaust.   As though victimhood is the sole reasoning behind anything –  Israel.   People are cursing me into oblivion for writing historical facts.  Previous conservative media outlets are suddenly having brain dense convulsions over Israel as though present day Israel represents God and End Times.   The Bible is clear –    four powerful kings will race onto the world stage with two objectives.

  1. To conquer the world, and to reign as global dictators.These dictators will strip you of your freedoms. They will take your civil liberties, and you will become property and slaves of the state.
  2. To conquer Israel and destroy the Jewish people. Their desire is to control the city of Jerusalem and prepare for the anointing of the false Messiah.

According to ‘the newest interpretation of who the four kings are, Hagee Ministries offers:  King of the North is Russia, King of the South is Egypt and Arab countries, King of the east is China, and King of the west is America and UK.  There is absolutely no Biblical reference to support this supposition.

It is almost as though people are so wasted on earth, they WANT Armageddon.   And the secular media and secular Israel are quick to LEAD the bandwagon.  And suddenly The Great RESET becomes Biblical Armageddon and we fight the WRONG fight.   Of course, the idiocy in this scenario is the ‘false Messiah’ being anointed by a collaboration of abject enemies is particularly fundamentally ignorant.

Another viewpoint comes from MSNBC’s atheist prospective.   Prophesizing from an atheist pulpit, the writer has seemingly read the book flap on the Bible for his elementary school essay.   Using the same bad guys, Russia and China in his synopsis, he adds Iran and omits America and UK.  Instead turning the war into a poll of Christian Zionists… and Republicans and of course – Trump.

Right now, control over the city of Jerusalem is hoisted to the surface as the first flag support of Armageddon.  Yet the only people who have made this a quest are the Palestinians who support The Old Testament and The Koran. The vast majority of Jews are Ashkenazi and have absolutely no religious affiliation.   In the US – they are democrats manipulating the White House behind the scenes as a shadow government.   For the Jews in control, Jerusalem merely represents money – upwards of $7.5 billion annually in tourism.   Other than that – they couldn’t tell you the names of the Apostles.

As a result we have unwitting conservatives putting their might and mouth behind the same people responsible for the Nazi Ukraine trafficking industry.   And it feels like a portion of their brain has been ejected.  Because, well – the Holocaust…

The land of Israel.

“For four thousand years, the land of Israel has been the Jewish homeland”.    The Torah pronounces!   But there was no Jewish Homeland, there was a Hebrew Homeland as espoused by the Bible before it was rewritten over 100 times.   Via ‘translations’.   The Hebrew Homeland – as referenced – applies to ‘all descendants of Abraham’.   Those who transgress will be exiled from the land ~ Torah.   What does transgress mean?   To break or violate any law of God.  It is a fair assumption that being ‘secular’ is – a transgression of the highest order.

We are NOT in End Times, Biblically, we ARE in end times politically and socially as ruled by the Ashkenazi’s of the west.  Trying to conjoin the two as one is beyond the most extreme apostate.   And can only come from those who are not true believers – like secularists.

The War between Palestine and Israel was matriculated by western political powers

and had nothing to do with the Bible.  Rothschild had specifically demanded a “secular Israel” be given to him by Britain.   That is what occurred.  This decision was the first provocation.   But it is what the west ‘does’.   We conquer countries and divvy up the spoils – the land.   Post WWI, the land was divvied up into separate nations we now call The Middle East.    That being said, the Israel bombardment is a distraction to aid in the Great RESET.

Post WWII the west divvied up Soviet Russia and Europe.  Simultaneously, western brain powers decided that Taiwan – which was under the control of Japan – must now be given to China.   A poor nation of little value to the west, Taiwan became an island of China.   Until – Taiwan became a source of western resources.  Then, China bad.

Rothschild chose this war in Israel.   Not for any Biblical motive, but for the antithesis of the Biblical Word.   To watch how easily it is to sway the minds of the sheeple into believing a lie.  Today’s Israel is NOT the Israel of the Bible.

Germany’s DeutschWelle goes even further down the line of apostasy by writing an article about ‘fact-checking’ Israel’s war.  The height of secularist thought!   Providing in-depth analysis of this, DeutschWelle recommends using fact-check news sites and google lens to determine what is true and what is disinformation.   Because critical thinking has been parched and thrown into the ‘Dead Sea’…

The Zionists are creating a false Biblical event.  Manipulating the Christians whom they hate.   The same Zionists who support the Nazi’s in Ukraine!  Because they are NOT Jews, they are not descendants of Abraham, they have manipulated history – manipulated identity – to Rule The Sheeple.   Russia saw the manipulation and became a “Pariah” as a result.

The Holocaust was real – it just wasn’t committed against Jews.   Yet in the vein of victimhood, the Rothschilds saw this as an opportunity to present their state, Israel, as a global bond against anyone and everyone that dared to cast the first stone.  And entire countries recoil in fear lest they desecrate the word Israel.

Now the Stage has been recast:   No longer do we fear and cast stones at Klaus Schwab’s Great RESET, we embrace him, them, and it, as victimized Jews for whom we must send our sons and daughters to die.   For a war that Israel’s landlord, Rothschild, created.  Knowing Rothschild is the grandaddy of secular Judaism and the creator of The Great RESET.

Netanyahu End Game – Eliminate All Palestinians…

The Rothschild Economist which owns Israel is asking Israel what is the ‘end game’?   Netanyahu has declared this war will take months… as in until the US 2024 election. Four end-game scenarios have been proposed: 1. Take Gaza, rubble and all, and run it via Netanyahu 2. Allow the ‘hated’ Abbas to control it, 3.   Bring in foreigners, 4. Give it back to Hamas.   Obviously only one scenario is going to be allowed.

Netanyahu wants a clean slate of Israel – only for his chosen secular Israeli’s as was originally proposed by Edmond Rothschild in t he late 1800’s.   However, Gaza is only one part of the Palestinian land – the West Bank in reality is next.

And just like that, Netanyahu has declared Hamas is in The West Bank and has begun a terror raid of the territory.   The media justification ‘reprisal’.   Israel is allowed to indiscriminately kill whomever they determine is necessary for their mission – widening the ever increasing master plan for a world war to erupt in the Middle East.

A suicide mission.

US and UK have announced evacuation orders of their citizens from Lebanon – inviting an even greater middle east incursion.   And the rally cry for peace is ignored. Reminiscent of the Vietnam War.   A government war.   The Draft.

The US military has been lamenting the abysmal recruits despite lowering every conceivable standard and offering bonuses for those who enlist.   BONUSES.   And still no one wants to be a part of this military. A corrupt, degenerate military that treats its soldiers like trash.

With two forever wars to choose from the military is very likely to necessitate The Dreaded Draft once again.   Protect your sons and daughters!

Today the call it Selective Service and every person between the ages of 18 and 25 must register – including illegal immigrants…   ALL 7 million draft aged immigrants must register or face a felony charge.   Untrained.   Unvetted.   Possibly carrying a number of diseases.   The Selective Service is set up like the draft for Vietnam – based on a lottery.   Draw the wrong number and off you go to bootcamp!   Sorry – your bad luck!

I wonder how many of those upstanding citizens decrying death to all Muslims would feel if their precious sons and daughters drew the ‘wrong number’?   Would ‘Give Peace A Chance’ once again vibrate the hallowed halls of government?   Would the elite grease the hands that select the numbers? Rory Gates is – 24.

Maybe our esteemed officials would create an algorithm whereby only red city/state youth were called up?   Like they did with the vaccine – selective bio-death.

Today Rishi Sunak, PM of the UK, has landed in Saudi Arabia to deter animosity.   His previous claims to annihilate all Palestinians as animals has been shed, and he parlays a faded hope that Netanyahu won’t commit genocide and push the world war that Russia did not allow.   But Rishi speaks from both sides of his mouth neither side really evincing his true character…   Prince Salman is not easily swayed by the fakery.

Sunak told Netanyahu that he wants Israel to win.   Win what?   Israel has declared it’s mission to be the destruction of Hamas – yet continues to obliterate all of Gaza.  And therein lies the answer the Rothschild Economist already noted in its four potential outcomes –   Gaza and The West Bank will be reduced to rubble –

It is curious that Sunak feels the need to go to Israel at all – given the fierce constant attacks by Hamas… But then AI does wonders these days. And the money laundering created via the Ukraine war becomes a viable explanation.

Of importance to Sunak’s arrival is to help negotiate the release of Israeli and foreign prisoners in Gaza.   Oddly, there are few if any notations as to who those prisoners might be. Why are their names withheld?  Why does every media outlet parlay different numbers;   400 prisoners!   250 Prisoners!   150 Prisoners… 100 prisoners…   Why aren’t family members involved demanding Biden take a more actionable agenda?   Or is this Afghanistan replayed?   Why isn’t the US doing “ANYTHING” – if in fact there are prisoners?   How much information is fake? Netanyahu has announced that the hostages are on their own – he has no interest in a rescue mission or a swap.

“Framing the current conflict as a battle between the “forces of progress and humanity” and “an axis of evil”, Netanyahu called Hamas “the modern barbarians, the worst monsters on the planet”.

It is unclear exactly how many Hamas members there are in Gaza Palestine. Estimates range wildly between 15,000 to 50,000. Hamas is split between its political bureau which is based in Qatar, and its social bureau which is based in Gaza. The Bureau has fifteen members in Gaza and four units, including; finance, propaganda, foreign affairs, and social welfare.

The social welfare bureau is what led the creation of schools, hospitals, religious institutions, and charity which had been denied by the Israel government.   The political Bureau oversees the military operations via the Shura Council.   Izz Al Din Al Qassam Brigade is the military branch.

If in fact, Israel intends to kill all 25,000 Hamas military members, this war is slated to be exceptionally bloody given 4,000 “Palestinians” have been killed with absolutely no mention of how many were Hamas.  Half the Palestinian deaths have been attributed to children – the Hillary Clinton What Difference Does It Make If They Are Dead – casualties of war – scenario.

ZION KHAZARS: Returning to Reap Vengeance

An overriding question is why don’t other Middle East countries take in the Palestinian refugees?   The vast majority of Middle East countries don’t take in any refugees from anywhere.   The exception would include Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.   Paid for by the US and EU.   The vast majority of refugees in Turkey & Jordan are Syrians bombed out of their homes by America.   They stay in their camps until they decide to go back to their country – a sad situation. The US pays Turkey and Jordan to maintain the camps via USAID and Mercy Corp.

The remaining Middle East countries simply don’t take in any refugees – it has nothing to do with Palestinians.   It is just ‘their way’.   However, the concept of bringing them to the US is beyond absurd. The US and Israel collaborated on a war to destroy their homes and kill their people and now want to bring a million displaced Palestinians to join the 7 million illegals sitting in luxury hotels in the US.   Social Media is in mass overload debating this agenda when no one has bothered to ask the Palestinians!

Given Rothschild owns Netanyahu, it is likely he gave the order for the massacre.   Israel now wants the US to give them $10 billion… to start, and once again US taxpayers are on the short end of the stick financially.   Rhino’s are screaming from rooftops that We must pay up because Israel is our ally!

Of course the irony is that Israel’s government is Cabal – so in essence the US is funding the Cabal through Ukraine and now Israel.

The Economist (owned by the same Rothschild) is underjoyed as they anticipate Russia and China will assist the Palestinians to rebuild and profit from the war.   Their underjoyment is due to the fact that this was their intention – via more funding from the US and EU in the vein of compassion and humanity…

Simultaneously, the Rothschilds have been busily selling off assets and privatizing businesses and banks. Buying outstanding shares valued at $4 billion. Their top holdings include; Apple, Nvidia, Microsoft, Chevron, and JP Morgan.  However, selling off their personal antiques, paintings, and collectibles is quite another oddity altogether.

Rothschild is not the only Cabalist elite selling their assets, Getty has also been matching the pace since at least 2022.   Alex Soros has taken the baton and is selling out of most of their offices in Africa as well as a few in the US.   Rockefeller began its selling spree in 2018, with auctions, a 20% stake in their Capital Management group, and real estate.

Bezos began dumping Amazon shares in 2019, and continued through 2022.   And suddenly the selloffs look very coordinated.

A monumental shift is taking place.

One possibility is the Klaus Schwab Phase 4 of the World Economic Forum. Despite claiming that 2030 will revolutionize urban smart cities, no one has even broken ground.   Shares in electric vehicles have been sold from these fund managers and bank holdings.   Wind and solar are stuttering in a stilted unpopular death march and typically – war means those with cash win, ie buying the spoils of war for 5 cents on the dollar.

Today Israel bombed a hospital in Gaza killing 500 patients and doctors. A purposeful taunt to provoke a response from neighboring Middle Eastern countries; in particular, Iran. In addition, Israel’s declaration that they would bomb northern Gaza ordering 1 million Palestinians to evacuate within 24 hours was a lure. Instead, Israel bombed civilians fleeing to the south.   This is NOT about Hamas.   This is about leveling Gaza and eradicating every Palestinian in Israel.   At the behest of The House of Rothschild which hates all Muslims and Christians.

The purpose is to elevate Zionist Jews as the last race of intellectual capacity so as to gain complete control of the Patriarchal Global Colony – earth.   Despite the BRICS.   Ruled by ONE race – the Khazarian Ashkenazis.   Potentially, drawing Russia and China into their war against the Middle East.

However, Russia still has one of the most precious assets on earth that is necessary to their survival – Lake Baikal. Otherwise they would have nuked the entire nation by now.

The Ashkenazi population is roughly 5-6 million.   The Sephardic Jews are religious, pro-Palestine, pro-peace, and condemn this war.   Given the population must be pure, Bill Gates, Bezos, etc… won’t qualify.   And the remaining inhabitants of earth numbering 495 million will be the peasant workers.   The bees that keep the hive productive while dying for the queen.

While this is their vision – they have made some powerful enemies in their wake.   In that vein a Holy War would be the irreligious Zion Khazars, against Muslims, Sephardic Jews, Christians, Hindi, and Buddhist. The atheists, China, don’t have guns – and certainly given China presents an intellectual competitor that would feed manure into their purity factor.    So China was cultivated and tossed.

In this spectacular Agenda being laid bare, The Protocols of The Elders of Zion, gains emphatic importance.   Billed as anti-Semitic, the Semites included not Jews but Hebrews and Muslims. The Hebrews and Muslims were both direct descendants of Abraham.   The Turkic Khazars are not.

Ancestrally, the Khazars are of a Turkic descendancy, believed to be the Huns who invaded and destroyed the Roman Empire.  Known historically for their ‘reign of terror’, the Huns originated in southeast Asia – in particular Mongolia. Their reign included stipulations for tithes of gold from their enemies to assure they would not be massacred…   Like the Mafia – or Rothschild.

The aristocratic Huns were described as: short of stature, small eyes, tanned skin and round and shapeless heads. They are said to have pastured during summers in Crimea. Winters were spent further north along the west coast of the Sea of Azov.

And thus the importance of Ukraine as an historical habitat becomes pronounced.

Israel is not an ally.   Ukraine is not an ally.   The Khazars have come to reap revenge.  

AMERICA’S Two Wars: Israel and The US Border

America is now in the crosshairs of two wars – Israel and the US Border.   Ukraine is tabled. What both wars reveal is that forced integration is not possible.   Palestinians and Israeli’s hate each other.   But the hate is rooted in centuries of western interference in cultures and societies that they sought to conquer via a soft coup and force subservience.

ISRAEL:   First initiated by the British and the French in the 1700’s, they colonized Arab states, subjugated the locals and forced them to labor for them – slavery.   Throughout history the ruling party has changed many multiple times.  They have never lived in ‘harmony’.

THE BORDER:   Opening the US border to unvetted immigrants with disease and gang affiliations via forced integration will be The Fall of America.  Most have no desire to assimilate.   Most are paid to wreak havoc by the Cartel; ie the Jesuit churches and Soros who work in conjunction with each other.

Muslims and Christians and Jews were never meant to integrate.   The Bible is quite clear that Abraham created two civilizations – the Hebrew with Sara and the Muslims with Hagar.   The land was split among them and they understood their distinctions and uniqueness.

Conquering became somewhat of a tennis match for centuries – as land became the reward.   Each time, the citizens of the conquered land were subjugated by whomever took Power.   Today, in Israel the subjugated rose against their oppressors, who were more powerful – and destroyed the Palestinians. The quest?   Land.

It isn’t a Crusades Holy War, it is a war of suppression and oppression.  

The border crisis in the US is a manufactured dystopia to create chaos – not conquer land masses.   In that respect, this crisis is differentiated from any other because the immigrants are not coming in to conquer, they are coming in to create a divesture of wealth – so as to ultimately subject Americans and immigrants to subjugation – by a third player – The Cabal.

The Game was created by Rothschild.   Soros became the executor.   Bill Gates became the executioner.

Pitting clashing cultures against each other, the Cabal saw two Protocol outcomes – 1)   death/depopulation, and 2) the increase of a poverty class. Because a poverty class is much more yielding, so as to lead without uprisings, aka The One World Order.

Now our esteemed ‘Regime en Death Cult’ is demanding that America accept 1 million Palestinian refugees – the same refugees who have been assaulted, the families decimated – BY THE WEST.   The equivalent would be to send Magats to Nigeria. Or democrats to Belarus. Oddly, no one bothered to ask the 1 million where THEY wanted to go…

We have 7 million new and unvetted immigrants carrying virtually every disease imaginable, casing America in a catastrophic health crisis.   To fly them back to their country of origin would require over 31,820 flights.   Each plane would have to be thoroughly decontaminated, and not with ‘baby wipes’.   The cost of airfare alone?   $1,050,000,000,000 – not including the security measures necessary on the planes – and the decontamination procedures. The cost to bring 1 million Palestinians to NYC would be $12,000,000,000 – paid for out of what bucket?

The Biden regime is boasting that by 2030, America’s white population will be the minority.   Will we wage war on the peoples who have taken our land from us?   Maybe we will all relocate to Poland where the white population represents 98% of the country.

The fact of the matter is that the global white population is steadily declining.   Mostly due to birth rates.   But also due to the re-establishment of diseases that were once eradicated and now reintroduced that are devastating America; malaria, dengue, ebola, TB, strains of diseases that collide with other diseases suddenly making them fatal.   The job of the executioner.

Most disease in poverty stricken countries is a byproduct of the environment, ie, dirty water, nutrient deficient food, not bathing, – Basic Hygiene.   Most immigrant populations flee due to these disadvantages.   Where they don’t flee to is Australia and Canada, which have strict immigration policies. IF those disadvantages no longer existed in their home country, most immigrants would stay home – with their culture, their religion, and their ways.

And the mass exodus would not occur.

Right now, if we stopped funding the millions and billions of dollars into vaccination programs and redirected it to hygiene, food and water, these poor countries with massive resources could build their own infrastructure and cities. Unfortunately, the resources are colonized by the West.   In return we give them fish and vaccines to keep them immobilized and deficient and depopulated.

Technically, we have no idea what the population is of the three most populous countries/continents:   India, China and Africa. Population is measured via algorithms created by one source and scripted as the truth for every other source – We have no idea the prevalence of diseases in ANY country, including the US.   Therefore, we have no idea to what extent the depopulation has actually already depopulated. We also have no idea how many illegal immigrants have come into the US – it is an algorithm.   The 7 million number could just as easily be a fear mongering calculated – lie of 1 million.   pictures don’t lie…?   They do when they are created by AI to serve a purpose.

Neither of these two wars should even exist in a rational world;   the border would be secure and immigrants could apply for citizenship.   The Palestinians could be given their land back and two states created operating exclusively of the other.   It sounds simple because it is.   It is simply not in line with the military industrial complex…  

ISRAEL WAR: A Slew of Back Stories Gone Awry – Blinken on Suicide Watch

There are some peculiar irregularities beginning to rise as we attempt to parlay where the Israel/Palestine war goes from here:  

  1. ‘Aid” to Palestine was an Obama construct, reversed by Trump and reinstated by Biden –
  2. Does this imply a confrontation had been planned for years?
  3. Egypt warned Israel 3-4 days before the attack and they did absolutely nothing to prepare.
  4. This is exactly what happened when our own distinguished intel all dropped the ball despite warnings ahead of 9-11.
  5. The Cartel likes to play the same reruns over and over…
  6. The WH declares absolutely no US incursion into the war.   Yet today DoD Austin announced two warships are off the coast, and marines had been called up.
  7. Human Rights Watch, which is a Soros NGO, is condemning Israel’s attacks as violating International Law targeting civilians.
  8. Netanyahu is dropping white sulfur on Gaza.   And seems to be operating as an android might.
  9. Israel has killed and injured a umber of war correspondents including from Reuters – and seems not to care. In additional 11 UN peaceworkers were killed by Netanyahu without remorse.
  10. The UN is calling out Israel’s War Crimes.

Blinken admits on national news that funding Iran means funding Hamas, gosh darn unfortunately.   But Blinken is likely the one who negotiated the exchange of 5 Americans for 3 Iranians and the unfreezing of monies held via a trade deal between South Korea and Iran.   A Contract.   And Qatar has likely refused to become a party to violating said contract.  Blinken – Fatal Flaw was already on the suicide watch.

I see three possible explanations:   1) Netanyahu has gone rogue. And is insane.   2) Rothschild’s Israel (owns 93% of the land in Israel and leases it to settlements) and the new Soros protégé, Pierre Omidyar, are having an argument.   3)   Netanyahu is AI.

Good ole desk jockey Austin has declared that the US can easily handle two wars, Ukraine and Israel thru funding, weapons, and ‘aid’.   The fact that the bank was broke with Ukraine makes the statement a bit as though memo’s are NOT emailed to everyone and thus we have a Houston Problemo.   The stories do NOT jive.

We know our weapons are depleted.   We know our coffers are dry. We know our manpower and intelligence are ill-equipped. And we are on a temporary budget!  With Jim Jordan coming in – a McCarthy democrat deal is not nearly as likely.   The Democrat pick failed and Jim Jordan is taking the baton.  DANG!   Of course, they might use the, ‘We have to fund our military fighting against the Nazi terrorists’…

Yes, Hamas is no longer Hamas they have been promoted to ISIS/Nazi/Hamas. As though this reference will drive even greater fuel for rage responses.  

Something is amiss.  

Blinken ending his trip to Qatar to shore up the $6 billion of funds for Iran was billed as a great success until a day later Qatar announced that they would cutoff ALL oil exports if a ground war was launched in Gaza.   Interestingly, Qatar’s main export partners for oil include: Japan, Singapore, China, South Korea and Thailand.   None of whom have any hand in the Israel war.   But it could force these countries to thus take a side.   In particular worry is – China.

Creating the backdrop for the WWIII proposal that is making Blinken so jittery and nervous – eyes darting, etc…   Yet another development: Right after leaving Qatar, Blinken traveled to Colombia, Chile and Peru claiming these countries are the source of our out of control border…   What The Heck?

Of these three countries, the singular common denominator is they all export oil to – China.   Therefore, Blinken knew that Qatar would make the oil embargo statement and is busily trying to shore up and replenish Qatar’s oil for China with South American oil so that China doesn’t get in a wad and side with Palestine.

Back home in Amerika, America First Legal has filed a lawsuit against Blinken charging he violated the Taylor Force Act by subsidizing Palestinian terrorism resulting in the death of 14 Americans in Israel.  A potential death penalty.

Iran is an ally of Qatar.   Any attack on Iran would ignite Saudi Arabia and Qatar – both of whom have been heavily supplied with US weapons for years!   Putting the entire West on high alert.  And Blinken on the Line!

IF Netanyahu is rogue, then Blinken has no ability to quell Netanyahu’s dearth of vengeance including a ground assault. Meaning this was supposed to be another incursion – not a war.   And everyone miscalculated!

IF Netanyahu is AI – it means the world is under the spear of a James Bond villain set on destroying earth.

IF Netanyahu is answering to Rothschild’s demands and Soros is pissed because the funding he had already earmarked for Ukraine has now dwindled, negotiating peace in Israel would take front seat to appease Soros.

Any way you cook the gamut, it appears, this was NOT the plan and once again Blinken is in the hot seat for not considering the consequences of “Funding”.   Soros could give a fark if all our troops died due to being out-weaponed, he just wants to keep the money flowing into Ukraine. Why?   Because Ukraine was the trafficking hub for all trafficking and laundering;   money, children, organs, slaves, drugs, etc…   And Russia put a huge dent in that revenue source.   Soros has been taking the biggest cut of Ukraine money to replenish what he is losing from his trafficking trade.

That means, Blinken is charged with keeping China at bay, negotiating with Netanyahu over implementing peace, keeping the Middle East happy with suitcases of cash, and reinstating Ukraine Aid to Soros while keeping that war ongoing. It then becomes understandable that Blinken is losing it –

In the meantime, Putin has offered to step in and mediate a long lasting two separate state solution returning the pre 1967 boundaries taken by Israel. The UN concurs with Putin.

Alice In Wonderland Red Queen – Revisited!