US ECONOMY: Federal Piglets Declare US Economy is GRRRREAT!

ALL The King’s Piglets Claim The Us Economy Is Just Fabulous, Darlink!   For whose Bell do they toll?  

Retail profits hover at roughly 3-5% Net.   Oil Company profits are down significantly.   Food Distributors profits are collapsing.   Banks are raking in net profits over 30%.   Military Industrials are losing their grip.   Shipping companies are profitable but have lost significant trade in the past year. Pharma is an anomaly with many major companies tanking while others are profiting rather well – into the 20% range.   According to our esteemed, Janet Yellen, this all means the US economy is vibrant and strong and we should definitely support two wars – maybe three!!

Where exactly is the money going? The infamous $6 trillion Budget…?

According to the US Treasury, “The U.S. government has spent $5.50 trillion so far in fiscal year 2023 to ensure the well-being of the people of the United States”:   This would be up from the $5.35 Trillion the previous Fiscal Year on a total spending of $6.27 Trillion.   Up a mere 43% over 2019 expenditures.

The Treasury states that of the $5.5 Trillion spent so far, an additional $2.8 Trillion is scheduled to be paid by the end of the fiscal Year, ie, $8.3 Trillion obligated expenses have been noted as of August 30th – a near 90% increase since 2019 – despite no Pandemic.   On revenues of $3.97 Trillion – 10% lower than the previous year.   Leaving a Deficit of $4.33 Trillion which will require more debt.   But don’t worry – everything is just great!   Says Yogi Bear…

The largest categories of expense include:   SS – 23%, Health – 15%, Defense 13%, Medicare 13%, Income Security/Welfare/Pensions 13%, and net Interest – 11%.   Net Interest:   11% of $8.3 Trillion in Net Debt is $913 Billion annual payment.   We will need to increase our debt by 12% to keep flush with deficit spending.   Given we are not paying down our debt by one dime – hyper-inflation is the likely end result.

The manipulated black book account of our Federal Government is likely to reveal that true inflation has already reached hyper-effect, and the numbers are severely manipulated to preserve the illusion. Citizens see this – Citizens know this – yet the Government SPIN is to protect the illusion.

Revenues DOWN – Spending UP.   Yet the economy is in great shape according to the desk jockeys who have evolved from compulsive lying to pathological lying.  Kings and his Piglets applaud.

Within this diaspora of spending, The Economist is chastising Western Economies for not writing off more debt of African nations.

Africa’s debt has doubled since 2010 to $2 Trillion.   Yet the US sitting on $34 Trillion, plus the $4.33 for this year = $38.33) – is supposed to increase that further to accommodate – Africa.   Our debt to GDP will be 165% as of FY End 2023. Africa’s is 60%.  Who has the biggest problem?

According to the International Monetary Fund – Africa’s Debt is a “Crisis”. A good ratio is considered to be below 55%.   Yet the US is not mentioned as being in crisis on a 165% basis. WHY?

According to the IMF, Africa can not reduce expenditures, so therefore it must raise revenues via taxes in order to bring them in compliance with the below 55% mandate.   In the US that would translate to a 150% tax increase, a stagnation of expenses, and ten years to pay down the debt.   Of course, 150% tax increase would send the US into a depression and revenue would no longer exist at all.

But we don’t have CPA’s running the country, we have Lawyers. Lawyers without a whit of intellect when it comes to finances. Lawyers who can’t see forward beyond 60 days, much less five or ten years.

Unfortunately, the very erudite Economist Magazine doesn’t discuss actual financial economics – instead it focuses on Climate Change, China, Diversity & Equity, China, Eating Less, China, and other nonsensical idiocies that will not bring a solution to – anything.

AI is a topic within this spiral of economies.   While it can be used to better graph business profitability providing more intensive budgets, that does not translate to government.   WHY?   Simply because government doesn’t want to.   Government doesn’t want to balance the budget or pay down debt.   That would entail a reduction of government itself.

Since 1982, the US government has expanded from 12 million to 20 million employees – an increase of 58.3%.   When Company budgets become unsustainable, they layoff employees.   When the government budget becomes unsustainable they create MORE Departments and Committees ostensibly to analyze why government is spending more.   These new agencies are typically given a five year span for their analysis, extended due to unforeseen circumstances to seven years… only to find the final report ‘outdated’.

That is the Lawyer solution.   I’m obviously not much of a fan.

January 2021, the Biden White House signed an Executive Order aimed at “protecting, empowering, and rebuilding the Federal Workforce” – effectively unionizing the federal government.   The EO rescinded every EO or Memorandum issued by Trump to this regard, including ‘merit system principles of employment’ and eliminating “disciplinary and unacceptable performance policies.”

What this attains is a Federal Workforce of idiots who can never be disciplined or fired for gross incompetence.  When this occurs, additional employees are necessary to pick up the slack of those who are abjectly incompetent but will never be fired.

At some point in time, the Great RESET will require the elimination of Government and their 20+ million employees.   The Lawyers will demand their pensions – and the till will be empty.   Social Security, Welfare, Medicare, will evaporate.   This is why the Lawyers running the show frantically need to boost their subversive black book money laundering back to politicians who are aware that their role is finite – via Ukraine and now Israel.

Department spending on education, transportation, and pharma will no longer exist.   The elderly will likely be offered the alternative – euthanasia.

Enter “Logan’s Run”:

Made in 1976 – “young residents enjoy an idyllic, hedonistic lifestyle within the protective confines of a domed underground city. The general belief is that when each person turns 30, they are reincarnated for another blissful life cycle and must submit to the gas chamber. Those who know the much darker truth become “runners” and flee to a hidden sanctuary.”

The purpose is to protect the limited resources having calculated that a certain number of people may exist simultaneously.

The Revelation?    The Great RESET of depopulation and population control was conceived in 1976.

The Value of Labor: A Marxian Dystopia of Thought

The Theory of the Value of Labor was constructed via 3 quite distinct men:   Adam Smith, Karl Marx and David Ricardo.   Smith was a proponent of competition to keep prices low. Marx leveled the value to be a matter of labor hours assuming all pricing equal.   Ricardo basically supported the Marx theory of utility fixing the price.   And then there are the very knowledgeable Facebook personalities who state that the value of labor is what someone is willing to pay – which derives from ‘fair and equitable’.

I beg to differ with them all:   recently I needed a repair to my air conditioner.   I was recommended a local family owned and operated business, lives down the street, pop does the repairs, mom does the books.  Support your neighbors kind of business. I was charged $175 labor for 15 minutes of work. This equates to $700 per hour for HVAC repair.   On an annual basis, that would equate to 4 times what The President of the US makes, 4 ½ times what an experienced doctor makes, and double what a lawyer makes – with overhead costs.

I paid because I had no choice – not because it was a fair and equitable exchange.

In 1759 Economist Adam Smith declared:   “he was wary of businessmen and warned of their “conspiracy against the public or in some other contrivance to raise prices”. Again and again, Smith warned of the collusive nature of business interests, which may form cabals or monopolies, fixing the highest price “which can be squeezed out of the buyers”. Smith also warned that a business-dominated political system would allow a conspiracy of businesses and industry against consumers, with the former scheming to influence politics and legislation.”

An example of forced payment vs choice:   every household must pay for their water (unless on well water).   But they must also pay for their water company’s ‘fixed charges’. Part of the fixed cost on my bills is a line item “renewable water’ – as in recycled waste cleaned and siphoned back into my house’s drinking supply for which I am charged an extra flat fee. The ‘fixed charges’ are typically 2-5 times higher than my cost for actual water use.

I don’t have the option to find competitive water companies.   I don’t have the option to search different utility companies that provide my electricity and gas   I don’t have the option to pay a different government.   Their VALUE of Labor is a totalitarian doctrine.  In these instances, labor is not based on value at all – it is based on price fixing.

Why? Because Competition has been eliminated by large Conglomerates which effectively and collectively own the vast majority of our corporations providing basic necessities.   They fix prices across their ownership brands and people quietly pay because we are told it is basic supply & demand economics of labor value. But it’s not.

Interestingly, these same people who accept without thought that an HVAC repair is worth $700 per hour in labor, decry the dastardly cost of gas, of food prices, housing prices, medicine or doctors etc.. as beyond rationale.   Somehow tradesmen don’t pump oil, don’t grow our food, and don’t build houses.   Because if they were counted under the same logic no one could complain about any level of pricing!   Would that fall under the Value of Labor?

The Art of Critical Thinking.  

Critical Thinking Definition:   “The intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, and/or evaluating information.”  The issue within critical thinking doctrine is the source of information you are analyzing.   As in – does it come from Mass Media?   Because Mass Media is fed by the Conglomerates and Cartel to tell their version of Reality.  Obviously that vacuum would completely obliterate to analyze.

Today, the value of labor is determined by The Conglomerates and The Cabalists.   This is why our government pulled us out of the gold standard. To allow this out of control upward trajectory of value without any real basis to support it.   Their are no gutters or barriers to quell the advance, as such the real value of the dollar is now 3cents. Much like building a house on sand.

Another argument of the Labor of Value Theory regarding my HVAC repairs posited by FB posters:   ‘that is valuable skilled labor’, therefore they can charge whatever they want!   That trade skill requires no college degree and takes roughly 9 months in a tech school and certification exams.   The purpose of tech schools is to train graduates in a trade that is marketable instead of a college degree in basket weaving.   I support that.   What I don’t support is the greed factor; a living entity that creates false standards of rates and markets.

For example: complaining about a burger flipper wanting $25 ph while heralding a Tradesman for making $700 ph ($1,400,000 annually) – a differential of 2800% wipes out economics and labor completely.   It also reflects exactly what Adam Smith predicted – a society squeezing out demand by the greed of mentality.

Retailers across the US are going bankrupt within the mentality.   Fast Food restaurants can’t make ends meet.   And doctors are quitting at an unprecedented rate.

When small businesses fall into the trap established by corporate America, they feed the demons.   One side of their mouth they vehemently complain about the rising costs of food, housing and gas, while the other side promotes the greed of their trade.

It is why Biden is bankrupting the Federal government. Spending us into an oblivion of unsustainable debt that can only be wiped if every government falls and corporate elites take over.   It is the World Economic Forum Agenda – A solitary global government of stakeholders.   States managed by corporate CEO’s who create their own means of ‘labor value’ based on the social credit score.   It is why blue governors allow crime.   Crime raises prices – causing less demand – causing bankruptcies – causing poverty.   It is a trajectory that too many people seemingly either don’t understand, or don’t try to understand – ie critical thinking.

It is a dystopia wherein our western culture is being trained to maximize costs under the guise of ‘value’.   

In the world of Hunger Games, we will accept that we need to be punished and all live like peasants licking bootstraps as we thank the Cartel for allowing us to exist.    Ultimately, this means of thinking will collapse the US economy.   And suddenly all our broken systems following an unlimited value of labor will be worthless requiring an ever advanced depopulation.

And You Will Be Happy – damn it!

It’s A Mad Mad Mad World – Built on Illusions and LIES

I was reading The Economist headlines and began to get dragged down the rabbit hole. Every headline was a ‘demand’;   Niger needs to do this!   Germany needs to do this!   America needs to do this… It is the same mantra on Twitter;   Trump should… Biden should…   Stop doing…   Everyone is suddenly a dictator.   Worse – an ‘expert dictator’!

It is almost as though we are being prepared for the next phase – a nongovernmental corporate coup. Apparently this coup is scheduled  to take place after the new lockdowns slated for December.   Merry Christmas…

Here is a good one:    “Fentanyl is spreading the opioid crisis into America’s big cities”:     1)   why is fentanyl only a crisis in America?   2) Fentanyl isn’t spreading the crisis – people are!   It is the same argument they use regarding guns –   The criminals will simply find a substitute!   Because what IS spreading is criminal conduct unabated.

In 2021, the EU reported a total of 140 deaths associated with fentanyl – including for medical use.   The Economist:   Horrifying numbers of Americans will not make it to old age.   

What is the EU strategy against drug use?   “dismantling of organised crime groups that are involved in drug production and trafficking, efficient use of the criminal justice system, effective intelligence-led law enforcement, and attacking supply.”  Almost sounds like a normal strategy – just not the one employed by the US.

By contrast, America’s strategy is to provide an unlimited supply of drugs, syringes, paraphernalia, etc… because these poor defeated people need them.  This logic is the corrupted illusion.  Every city that is run by a democrat is also run by the drug lords.

For San Francisco, the Mexican Cartels hire Honduran immigrants to rule the streets.   Why did they pick San Francisco?   Because it has one of the most lax, nonexistent drug policies in the US.   As a result, Hondurans come to work every morning hawking their wares to the streets.   If, by any chance they are picked up by police, they are released by the DA within hours.  No charges.  The drugs are confiscated by police and sold back to the streets.  Nice little scam operation.

Over a million US citizens have died of a drug overdose in the last decade.   Of course, this is only an estimate given that actual statistics are not maintained.   In line with this guestimate is the homeless in the US which has reached roughly 600,000 – give or take a million.   And that’s the hit – they really don’t know shiitake.

Numbers and surveys are thrown around as though they have some relationship with reality when in fact they are completely fabricated.  ILLUSION.   Politico is loudly applauding at how the Inflation Reduction Act is working fabulously given it has ‘lowered energy costs, increased energy security, and created new jobs.

IT is a constant reimagining of reality

One year after the fact, The Biden Regime has announced that the Inflation Reduction Act really had nothing at all to do with – inflation.   Gosh, sorry folks, we had to LIE otherwise we would never have been able to pass the Bills. All the money is really being siphoned for ‘decarbonization’ thru electricfication.   Everything must be controlled by The Grid. Because the government controls The Grid.

Of the $370 billion allocated on behalf of Greenies, nothing has actually been spent.   Instead there are plans for future factories, plants and electric cars.   Just in time, Ford CEO declared the electric pickup was a bad idea, and the company making electric buses filed for bankruptcy.  So what is planned?  CHIP factories.   With outsourced employees.

The Infrastructure Law is also a rip-roaring success!   Why they have great ideas!   Pinky swear.   And buckaroo is busy reviewing applications as we speak!   Just no money and no action.

In contrast to empty statements, wind and solar companies are increasingly going bankrupt. Over the past decade over 750 solar installation companies went bellyup.   New York Times: Oil Companies are collapsing, but wind and Solar Energy Keep Growing.  A complete fabrication.  A Lie.

Are they borrowing from these Acts and Laws to funnel money to Ukraine?

Democrats are celebrating our vibrant and innovative economy – while American credit card debt has now surpassed $1 TRILLION.   What happens when a person doesn’t pay their debt?   The debt gets taken out of a paycheck forcibly.   No more Debt Nazi for you!   NEXT!  That is – unless you are “Government” – then debt means – Open The Printing Press!

The economy spirals further.   Collapsing the economies across the globe – IS the Game Plan.   If not by drugs, inflation, food crisis, water crisis, and job loss – then WAR.   A cycle they need in order to RESET the mess they have created.

Bill Gates has just announced, in all his climatology expertise wisdom, that even IF we reached net zero by 2030, it won’t change the weather – it won’t stop global warming – because according to his calculations the effects won’t actually be felt until – 2050!   Magic years!

And if we postpone the Gates initiatives, then 2050 becomes 2070, or not.   ILLUSION.

The only way to FIGHT the illusions and mass hypnosis is thru truth fact finding and reporting.   Each day more people are awakening to the fraud.   Each day we proceed like the Tortoise.   Each day we are called to strip away illusion after illusion.   The end product may not be pretty – but you can ONLY build on Truth

– while Chaos builds destruction.

ENERGY RESOURCES: Plundering Lithium While Exporting Oil & Gas

RESOURCES. Plundering resources is the amped up gamut parlayed by ‘intelligence operatives’ seeking means to take from others – and if they do not comply their government will be couped.   According CSIS, the newest plundering is focused on Chile, Argentina and Brazil. The resources: Lithium, gold, and copper.   The reasoning;   electric vehicle sales will become 60% of the global market by – 2030 – and lithium and gold are essential to that delivery.

The truth?   Electric cars are losing in the marketplace, auto manufacturers are sitting on devastatingly high inventories, and the burn factor is hitting insurance companies.

The Next Generation:   Science is testing 7 alternatives to the lithium battery after ignoring the grossly unethical and ravaging of the environment lithium induces.

  1. Aqueous Magnesium Batteries – very imperfect,   2.   Solid State Batteries – Toyota to begin release of EV’s using this technology in 2025,    3.   Sodium Atinomy Telluride Intermetalic Anodes – a technology that may collapse,    4.   Sodium Sulfur Batteries, – having some of the same problems as lithium,   5.   Seawater Batteries in top-secret development at IBM,   6.   Graphene Batteries – Australia – may revolutionize the industry,   7.   Manganese Hydrogen Batteries – too much instability.

This would indicate that the true resource that CSIS is diverting attention from is Graphene. The largest reserves of Graphene come from Turkey, China, Brazil and Mozambique.   Therefore plundering will necessitate some power manipulations.

Given China has become persona-non-grati, that would leave Turkey, Brazil and Mozambique as potential colonies.

The problem with graphene is the ‘finite reserves’ which are ‘scientifically predicted’ to be depleted by – 2030.   The magic number that is running the globe – 2030 when all things earth will succumb to the WEF Agenda.

Given the latest UFO release, and the fact that this has been an ongoing phenomena for 70 years, one would think that available technology in re-engineering its source of propulsion would have been conducted.   However, I would venture that finding a clean, renewable, infinite source of energy is a bit like cancer;   If it cures the problem, then there is a finite money source.   Therefore pouring infinite amounts of money into a research laundering scheme is more profitable.

Between 1920 and 1970, oil and gas production was steadily rising.   Production then steadily dropped reaching 1950 levels by 2010.   Manipulated Coincidence.  By May 2023, the US was producing 12,662 thousand barrels per day matching levels reached under Trump’s high of 13,000 in 2019.

So what’s the beef?

In 2013, the US began ramping up oil exports reaching 117,467 thousand barrels – per month as of May 2023.   That equates to a 31% depletion of US oil via exports.   In 2013, exports of US oil totaled 3705 barrels per month – realizing a 3200% increase.   At the same time, US consumption has reached nearly 12,000 thousand barrels per month.   IF we stopped exporting oil, we would have more than enough to meet our needs, the price would be flat, and everyone would be happy…

Except shortages create false price hikes.   And exporting creates those false shortages.

Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, had a conversation with China’s CCP Energy division days ‘before’ the release and sale of US reserves to China.   The firm buying the oil had links to Hunter Biden.   The conversation was initiated by Granholm.

The Regime sold roughly 180 million barrels with the stated intention of easing the inflationary impact of gas prices.   Yet we continued to export not just our reserves but also our production, further depleting supply.   An economic catastrophe.

Jennifer Granholm is a lawyer whose legal career spanned a brief stint for Michigan before being ‘elected’ governor of Michigan in 2002 and later picked up by Obama as a member of his transition team. Unemployed in 2009, she and her husband ‘wrote a book’.   She has absolutely no training either in university or in experience in anything remotely concerning ‘energy’.   What she does have is strong ties to Hillary and a Harvard backed degree.

What was China given in exchange for this deal?

Who really installed Biden into office?   Was it the Cartel or China?   Or Both?   The Cartel is classic Mafia – woo allies to do your dirty work then eliminate them.   The China Syndrome would seem to be falling into that schematic.   By demonizing China using propaganda terminology such as, thug, dictator, human rights violator, etc…, the Cartel has essentially established a brake whereby if China were to decide to tell the world the truth and extent of blackmail, the Cartel would use their previous propaganda to dismiss the allegations.   A Form of Censorship.

Blackmailing the blackmailer.

In a world where business management acumen in the US government is at a peak low, we are instead a government of lawyers with absolutely no viable talent.    With one exception – they will do literally anything for money.  They will sell their soul and destroy their country for that commodity.

US ECONOMY: Fitch’s Double Dip!

US Ramps Up Debt Issuance, Adding Fuel to Selloff in Treasuries…

The US Treasury is selling bonds to fund deficit spending.   Awarding contracts in the billions, throwing more money at Ukraine, subsidizing foreign Chip companies in the US, artificially hiking inflation, and filing false and fraudulent charges against Trump and affiliates is a brutal plague.   The Plague has infected all the sailors and the ship is sinking as commanders commandeer the lifeboats and bail.

Third quarter, July thru September, the Treasury will issue $1.007 trillion in bonds backed by the ‘faith and credit’ of the US.   An additional $852 billion is expected to be sold 4th quarter.

The US government interest on debt has doubled in the 2 ½ years of Biden’s nonPresidency reaching just shy of $1 trillion the second quarter 2023.   Since 2005, the debt has tripled. The added debt by Biden will literally ‘break the bank’.     Running on fumes.

US debt spurs greater inflation.   It stagnates growth.   It devalues the dollar. And makes America less sustainable. Debt to GDP is pushing 130% – and represents the largest debt in the world.

Overextended debt makes The People beholden to the government as wage value plummets.

Game Plan:   To create a totalitarian rule before the 2024 election.  

The countries buying the most gold include: Singapore, Turkey, China, India and Russia.   The countries not buying are Europe and North America.

According to Blackrock, gold has been outperforming stocks this year by a small margin.   Their strategy is dependent on whether the Federal Reserve starts to back off rising interest rates.   For the short term, rising pricing in gold is a signal the economy is faltering. Selling Treasuries on top of the signal is more like a ‘fire alarm’.

The stock market took a hit and gold will be their answer.

The Economist and democrat donors have demanded that the talking points for the Biden White House be about how swell the economy is, how great the numbers are, how profitable their methodologies have been…   A swoon to woo clueless Americans into yet another hypnotic trance.

  • “Stocks Could Have A Record Year Thanks To A Resilient Economy” ~Oppenheimer
  • “The economy and asset prices have proved more resilient than feared…”   ~The Economist
  • “US Economy Looks Healthy And Resilient” ~ UOB Group… Therefore Feds should continue to raise interest rates.
  • “Fitch Lowers US Credit Rating: White House Claims the Downgrade Defies Reality”
  • “The Current Level of Inflation Still Makes It Impossible To Lower Interest Rates”   ~ Bank of International Settlements

Fitch Statement:   The past 20 years have witnessed a “a steady deterioration in standards of governance” in the U.S., the debt-ceiling agreement notwithstanding.

Fitch goes on to blame Social Security and Medicare costs as the primary culprit in the Federal Deficit spending, further igniting a depopulation of the elderly pivot.

Fitch is owned by Hearst. The current Chair is William Randolph Hearst III.   A devout democrat/rhino and graduate of Harvard.

Despite the White House seemingly on the defensive over the Fitch rating, it is more than likely coordinated and purposeful.   A market correction is inevitable.

In 1987 the average return on the DOW was 2.3%.   In 1992 it was 4.2%. Then in 1996 the DOW effectively was couped and returns began an inflated fraud of doctored manipulation:   1996 average return – 26%, 2013 – 26.5%, 2017 – 25.1%.

On June 3rd, after a prolonged standoff – Joe Biden signed into law a bill suspending the United States’ $31.4 trillion debt limit through January 1, 2025.   According to CNN, “Treasuries are denominated by the US dollar, the world’s leading reserve currency — a position unlikely to be supplanted by another form of exchange”.   But, of course that is exactly what is occurring throughout the BRICS, dropping the dollar and initiating sovereign units and crypto exchanges.

China, Russia, Brazil, India, ASEAN nations, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Argentina, and the UAE are now using local currencies in trade. Dropping the dollars dominance could effectively spiral America into a 1930 Germany scenario. Leaving US Treasuries worthless.   In 2022, central banks across the world bought a total of 1,136 tons of gold, up 152 percent year-on-year.

Nothing is coincidental.   Including the Fitch Rating.   Contrary to the magic-mushroom queen, Yellen, concerns about the US dollar and doubts about its credibility will prompt more countries to flee from investment and trade in this monetary reserve.   The nail in the coffin would be for the Treasury to reveal US gold reserves are not what has been reported…

Isolation of the American economy is the end goal of the Regime.   The Fall of Europe and Canada is a coupling event.   Sanctions and wars have been the primary tools.   Our combined governments have played their Hollywood roles as markers for the Cartel while allowing judicial realities to be usurped and plunged into darkness.

Out of darkness comes absolute chaos.   Out of Light comes a New World.   The choice is ours to make.

US ECONOMY: The Greedy Python by Eric Carle

A statement meme I posted on social media has interestingly developed into a frenzy of rather irregular responses. The meme was to share the ‘inequality’ of pay scales within our entertainment industry we dub to be – Hollywood.   It was made in response to the Hollywood strike wherein the uber wealthy upscale self aggrandizing Hollywood elitists are being asked to take a 25% pay cut due to out-of-hand out-of-league payroll contracts.  

For example, Barbie was said to cost $145 to $150 million to make. The initial budget was $100 million, therefore costs ran 45%+ ‘over-budget’.   But the budget does not reflect the advertising and print, or promotional budget. This budget can cost upwards of an additional 30%-50% of the original expense budget. Hollywood does not reveal these figures.   Who gets the ticket sales?   Depending on the contract, the studio takes a percentage and theatres take a percentage.   But in the end, the popular movies are hedged against the flops for producers, theatres, and outside investors.   Based on the original budget of $100 million, Barbie needed to make $300 million to breakeven according to “”.

Over the past five years, Disney has lost 25% of it’s share value.   Financial results for Disney:   2020 – net loss $2.8 billion, and a $4.7 billion ‘comprehensive loss’.  The US Film Industry has a market size of just $95 billion spread through 4912 studios. Of the top five film studios, one is owned by Japan, one is owned by China, one is owned by Disney, one is owned by Shari Redstone, and the largest is the Disney conglomerate.


According to the IMF Capitalism is defined within six pillars:

  1. ownership of private property
  2. self-interest, through which people act in pursuit of their own good, without regard for sociopolitical pressure
  3. competition
  4. the allocation of resources, which seek the highest reward for goods. services and wages
  5. freedom to choose among competitors
  6. limited role of government.

The only actual pillar that is viable today is #1 – ownership of property.

The Pac-Mans of industry have continued to absorb leaving little competition.   The CIA has a heavy hand in the Film Industry.   The allocation of resources via wages is dementedly skewed.   And sociopolitical pressure owns the industry 100%.

According to Britannica:   Socialism requires that the bulk of the means of production workers use to yield goods and services be under the effective control of workers themselves, ie wages. That means when an actor demands $30-$40 million for a film and unions demand hourly wages over $150 to $200 – the actors are in control of the film and the workers under him/her. A Socialist ideology in practice.

Labor Value is defined as:  “a theory of value that argues that the economic value of a good or service is determined by the total amount of “socially necessary labor” required to produce it.   It is a Marxian concept – that has been levied in anarchist economics.   Marx’ value theory is based solely on a laborer producing capital goods. Capital goods are durable commodities.

In the Barbie movie context –   the two stars captured over 17% of the entire budget.

So why do Hollywood studios pay these exorbitant wages for drivel movies of zero consequence? Why would any adult desire to see a film about plastic dolls?   I have no answer.

We also have ball players.   Today, that fun sport has become the Sports Industry, because ‘playing ball’ is competitive.  Essentially, it is simply another form of entertainment.

Up until 2015, the NFL was a tax exempt entity, like a charity.   In a truly Capitalist society, there would be no charities – “to each according to their means”.   In addition, the NFL charitable status would imply that any person or entity who gave money or goods to the NFL would be entitled to a tax writeoff.   Including ticket sales.

In 2022, the NFL revenue was $18 billion.   The largest source of revenue was the Media. For 2022, the NFL Profit Margin After Tax was 1.54%.

We have completely diluted the value of Capitalism thru illusion.   We have welfare, subsidies, food stamps, HUD housing, Medicaid, charitable deductions, government manipulation, government bailouts, and tax free politically biased NGO’s. ALL of which define the US as a Socialist country.  

Unfortunately, we also have a highly corrupt government committing egregious crimes without any punishment.   That would be defined as Totalitarian.

The only pillar keeping America from complete Dictatorship/Communism is the freedom of property ownership.   The singular pillar that the WEF is attempting to remove. How? Through forcible Debt Default.

The Federal Reserve again raised interest rates.

The 22 year high for the Federal Rate will destroy borrowing.   A 30 year fixed mortgage rate is just below 8% with above average credit, $-0- points, and 20% down.   To put it in perspective – a $500,000 purchase price at the pre-Brandon interest rate of 3% would levy a mortgage payment of $1686 per month. Today, using a 7.39% best scenario rate – the payment would increase by $1100 monthly.   In order to reach that $1686 monthly payment the maximum purchase price would be $300,000.

In order for an insurance company to be able to rebuild at the going rate – they would necessarily have to increase property insurance rates.   This year, mine rose 35%.

The Federal Reserve was a Socialist construct – arbitrarily creating bubbles and busts to our economy.   There is absolutely NOTHING Capitalist left.

As basic costs wipe out more and more income, welfare will increase. In order to pay for the increased cost of welfare entitlements, taxes will have to rise. When middle class taxes rise, people buy less causing business sales to plummet.   More Pac-Men gobble.   Less Competition.   And soon the ownership pillar of America is effectively destroyed.  With the advent of AI – Entertainment will die.   There will be no need for script writers, actors, directors, or sets.   With the advent of AI – The Sports Industry will die.  The games will pit AI against AI with a flush Betting Industry the only game in town!

This RESET will ultimately trickle up to higher and higher incomes and reflect the children’s book by Eric Carle, The Greedy Python. The Greedy Python is quick to gobble up every creature he meets–including to his own great misfortune, himself, when he mistakes the tip of his tail for a lunchtime treat.

However – It can all be unraveled IF We Want it to enough…

American Empire shifting Toward a BRICS/China Empire

Within the auspices of each Empire there are certain shifts in economic power, societal ideologies, wealth transfer, and stability.   With the destruction of America and her allies, western dominance wanes, ebbs, and trickles until a new ‘Super Power’ rises to replace the old worn and ragged.   The global sovereign powers have grown weary of Biden’s WH – pretending Biden is a worthy adversary – and the façade has crumbled.

Aligning with a Chucky the horror doll character who represents America and preys on children is over the top.   The BRICS are more concerned with actually making Earth a evolution of mankind instead of the Lizards who rule over the Western Governments.   More and more US allies are defecting.

And WHO would blame them?

With the passing of the American Empire, the dollar that is pegged against a false monetary system is likely to crash and burn.   The Ottoman Empire was considered quite successful.   Existing for nearly 700 years, it’s true power did not evolve until it absorbed Europe.   The decoupling weakened the Empire in the 18th and 19th centuries, but it was officially deconstructed after WWI by Western Powers who decided it was ‘time’..

What was left was a small shell of itself in the form of Turkey – constantly struggling – constantly inserting itself for even basic recognition.   If the US were to fall to China, the power vacuum held by the BRICS would withstand for 1000 years.   Their KEY?   Make Friends – Not War.

The Ottoman judiciary had three court systems: one for Muslims, one for non-Muslims, involving appointed Jews and Christians ruling over their respective religious communities, and the “trade court”. Because Christians and Jews were not afforded the same rights as Muslims, many of them converted to Islam.  

By the time the Ottoman Empire came to an end in 1922, half of the urban population of Turkey was descended from Muslim refugees from Russia.  Refugees.  

When the ‘Allies’ Divvied up the Ottoman Empire, Turkey became a mere speck of what it once was and has struggled ever since.   The Power shifted to the UK and US with Russia and China mired in internal economic and social deviances via; Mao and Stalin.

China recovered via the lifting of trade embargo’s.   Making them a friend – an ally – of the US.   Human Rights violations have occurred globally for centuries.   Not one country is immune.  These violations were ignored in order to bring about trade – and so as to not intervene in a sovereign nation’s system.   Human Rights violations continue today – albeit in deserts, concentration camps, and gulags- governments and the UN discuss the violations routinely – they do – nothing.  Why?  Because it would impact trade.

When Empires have fallen historically they become absorbed into a uniquely different form of societal ideology.   Those willing to alter who they are – survive, and those who cannot are eliminated… permanently.   This is the Democrat Party of today demanding the elimination of all persons who do not bow, scrape, and comply with piety to their singular way of thought and means.

The Liberals advocate for a New America and will soon introduce their New Constitution.   It is short-sided to think that The Constitution will save us!   Yet even within the US Fall there is a schism:   1)   The western nations support China despite their meager attempts to create a China Bully. China is their model of the New World.   2)   But another schism reveals that the purpose of the US might simply be to become a playground.   A land filled with deviant behavior separated yet accessible.   A sort of ‘relief valve’.   China will maintain its decorum, its level of education, its industrial nationalization – while the US will be parred demonstratively into fawns and frolic, porn and pedophilia, jokers and jesters.

Was it coincidence that the playground of the Roman Empire, Pompeii, was leveled to volcanic ash simultaneously?   Pompeii – which is not mentioned in the Bible… Pompeii where brothels had a menu of services and relevant pricing… Where nothing was deviant.

The notion that the Fall of the Western Empire is any more ‘natural’ than the fall of the Ottoman or Roman – is naïve at best.   These Empires follow a creation and a Fall as orchestrated by the same multi-generational Cult destroying the Western Nations today.   Almost as if they are a sub human species of universal beings playing with Earth.

Aliens have been depicted in hieroglyphics, in Minoan culture, sightings have been recorded for thousands of years.   Yet in this ultra evolved technological advancement that has occurred just over the last 130 years after sitting dormant for thousands of years – the concept of UFO’s is STILL ‘conspiratorial’.

Gates didn’t build a computer or computer system. Musk didn’t build Tesla engines.   The pyramids were not the technological prowess of the ancient Egyptians.  Easter Island?   Did Bezos really invent the Amazon concept?   How is it possible that 150 years ago in the mid 1800’s people still had outhouses, shacks, dirt roads, horse and buggies, slaves, poor hygiene, and dirty water?   How can we believe that ALL this technology was just suddenly and magically created by the same minds that existed in outhouses?

We are being told to push down our logic and rational thought processes. To bury what is obvious and embrace jesters and jokers instead.

The Liberals are not Rhode Scholars.   They don’t contribute to society -instead they light fires and commit heinous acts against children.   Tearing down instead of lifting up!   This is why countries across the globe have no desire to be attached to America. Because America is a flogged and dying horse – a manure pile in the wind.

ONLY The People can save it.   We have no more Allies.  

Biden Pushing Carter Economic Destruction

The US Labour market is stubbornly resilient despite excess mortality rate among prime workers 25-44 40% higher than ‘normal’.   The US Labour market is stubbornly resilient despite mass layoffs across the board of tech companies.   The US Labour market is a fraud.

The headlines merely justify the Federal Reserve Kill-Economy effect of raising interest rates that have increased inflation.   The federal government is doing nothing to curb inflation.   In fact, the federal government has never curbed inflation in its history of existence.

Has ADP or the Bureau of Labour Statistics revised their algorithm of the number of employable persons?   How did they account for the over 1 million people who left the market due to vaccine disabilities?

According to Statista, there are 131.18 million full time employees.   At the height of the pandemic January 2021, they reported 123.72 million full time employees.   So – after CoVid  deaths, Vax deaths, and layoffs – full time employees have grown by 8 million?     The Bureau of Labour Stats has a different take – they claim full time employment is 132.57 million. ADP claims job growth slid to adding only 106,000 for January – blaming weather for the dismal report.

Forbes brilliantly defies all the statistics and claims that 517,000 jobs were added in January.   Declaring that this is evidence enough to support the coming Federal Reserve rate hike… By BIS Member Jerome Powell.

For those who still believe ADP uses actual numbers in their report – guestimates are the lifeline of Science, Accounting, Health and Engineering data:

“The jobs report and pay insights use ADP’s fine-grained anonymized and aggregated payroll data of over 25 million U.S. employees to provide a representative picture of the labor market. The report details the current month’s total private employment change, and weekly job data from the previous month. ADP’s pay measure uniquely captures the earnings of a cohort of almost 10 million employees over a 12-month period.”

That would be Orwell Speak for – we cherry pick the data, morph the results, and make sure it aligns with the destruction of America per our Handlers, McKinsey & Co.

The problem with having more than one source providing data on the same event is that their data results invariably collide.   While ADP did shut down for three months last summer purportedly to upgrade their system to make it more in line with the BLS, they still can’t manage to match reports. However, the discrepancy would seem to correlate with the number of persons on Vaccine disability.

Given ADP has chosen an 18% representative sample to create their algorithm – one might ask – why not simply import the entire data – why cherry pick at all?

A computer algorithm that has to search the entire data for a pre-programed representative sample is more inefficient than simply providing the data over the reality picture. And the data is now biased and compromised.

The Real Agenda is Real Estate.

After pushing real estate prices into oblivion rising 50% or more over the last few years, the only way to cripple people would be to destroy the prices.   Bloomberg predicts devastation on par with 2008.   Personally, it is more like the early 1980’s after Carter destroyed the oil market, the housing market, jobs market, and the entire economy.

Carter’s reasoning was there wasn’t enough oil to go around.   Therefore he cut off Iran and dropped imports by 15%.   Carter’s oil embargo destroyed the US economy.   Lines for miles – angry people fighting for some gas so they could go to work!   Carter’s response – wear a sweater…

The US economy contracted quickly and concisely.   And the Housing Market felt the brunt of the ravages.   Homes were now valued well below mortgages – foreclosures sent the homes back to banks and households were forced into the rental market.

Interest rates were in the 20+% range.   The job market crashed along with the economy – proving once again that high interest does NOT equate to curbing inflation.

According to Investopedia: “The Great Inflation was blamed on oil prices, currency speculators, greedy businessmen, and avaricious union leaders. However, it is clear that monetary policies that financed massive budget deficits and were supported by political leaders were the cause.”

Biden is playing the Carter scenario while the media hopes to distract us with 2008. 

A Largess Difference!

This time, the rental market is The Agenda 2030 scenario.   Many of the home communities bought up by scavenger Hedge Funds converted the homes to rentals.   The price points are not available.   But Ownership seems the target.   Builders continue their pace of building – but apartments seem to be the focus.

It was a long haul back that took roughly 10 years before the economy was revived. The difference is we didn’t have the burgeoning NGO’s to contend with – we didn’t have our entire local and state leadership compromised by fraudulent elections – and we still had family.

In that regard, the only way to curb the influencers is to remove their Charitable status and Foundation status so as to impose a tax at a flat 30% rate.   In defense of legitimate charities, this ‘should’ have no effect given true charities don’t have ‘taxable income’…   Because their entire purpose is to give it away – right?

NET ASSETS:   Red Cross of America = $2.4 billion.   Wellcome Trust = $38 billion.   Gates Foundation = $50 billion.   Nova Nordisk Foundation = $320 billion.   THESE organizations are NOT charitable.   They are Tax Havens.   And the IRS has been hijacked at the EXPENSE of The American People.

The CHINA CONUNDRUM; What The Heck Is Going ON?

THE CHINA CONUNDRUM… What The Heck is Going On?

The company, Microvast claims that it is involved in raising money for a polyaramid separator facility located in Nevada.   Their YTD 2022 performance is less than stellar with a net LOSS of $124.5 million – which they praise as better than last year which resulted in a net loss of $159.8 million!

The Grant money is part of the boondoggle “Inflation Reduction Act” which along with Jerome Powell of the Federal Reserve has done NOTHING.

The CEO Chair and Founder of Microvast is Yang Wu from China, and their Chief Technology Officer is Wenjuan Mattis from China. Of their seven Board Members, 4 are from China – assuring a majority vote; Yang Wu, Yanzhuan Zheng, Ying Wei, and Yeelong Balladon. The company claims to have six locations including 3 in the US, 1 in China, 1 in the UK, and 1 in Berlin.

Microvast’s Bond Payable seed fund is to Huzhou Saiyuan = based in China. While they have released ‘unaudited’ financial data, it fails to quantify their expenses…   As such Nasdaq is considering their delisting.  Yet somehow, this is the stellar Company Biden felt deserving of a GRANT.

Microvasts stock currently trades on Nasdaq at $1.77 per share, down from a high of $25.20 February 1, 2021.   Not exactly the cream of the crop – in fact it looks as though the company may take the grant and disappear!   Making the argument that this was possibly further CCP blackmail of the Biden administration.

In this same corrupt vein, Zelenskyy’s wife was recently in Paris helping hubby generate more charity toward “Ukraine” while having a fabulous time spending over 40,000euro in a buying spree for herself!   It is believed she managed to obtain $1.1 billion in additional aide – for Ukraine/Zelenskyy  assets.

It is unclear how she is able to travel freely while Kyiv is under bombardments… But then it is questionable whether Zelenskyy actually lives in Ukraine – and more likely he is a fixture of London where he owns multiple properties valued in the multi-millions.

Meanwhile, residents in Paris are told to tighten their belts, wear lots of layers, eggs are rationed, and deaths from lack of heat are expected to rise dramatically this winter after the EU’s refusal to use the Russian Gas Available…

Zelenskyy met with Macron, while Zelenskyy’s wife hob-nobbed on her buying spree with Brigitte, Macron’s wife, – giggling like 2Kamaltoes.   The Hob-nobs seem oblivious to reality – but what can one expect from degenerates?

HARDLY portraying the grieved President’s Wife as she valiantly fights for her country… Zelenskyy’s wife looks jubilant in her premium expenditures for herself and children to the tune of 40,000 euro.

But then, the fact that the US Pentagon has ascertained it has no viable means of tracking even $1 in aide or weapons… the scam is righteously obvious!

At what point will Soros extricate himself from this egocentric narcissist, Zelenskyy?  

Soros was handed Ukraine by Reagan in 1990- 1991.   According to Soros, he also owns Poland as well as many eastern countries that were formerly Russian.   Technically, Soros bought them via their governments, installing whomever he wished.   Now including the US.

Like the incompetent Biden controlled by Handlers who report to Soros, Zelenskyy’s entire agenda is based on money.   And Soros is more than willing to comply – using US and UK and EU based taxpayer funds.   In fact the entire WEF and basis of the Cabal is built on their profits and couplings using ‘Taxpayer Funding” – that’s what makes them giddy!

Backtrack. October 3, 2022, Microvast announces the launch of their new ‘energy division’.   Just in time for the Biden Handlers to pass the Inflation Reduction Act and immediately relinquish $200 million to a China based firm on the cusp of delisting disappearance foreclosure.

IS their ANY accountability for government spending? The new Budget is $1.6 TRILLION.   According to the Federal Treasury, so far, the US government has spent $6.27 TRILLION in 2022.   And they can offer NO AUDIT Trail of $1.  On estimated revenues of $4.9 Trillion.

According to USA FACTS, the governments spent $6.85 trillion. The estimated Revenue was $4.2 Trillion.

MEDIA:   The economy Is Stellar!

PUNDITS:   The economy is strong!

REALITY:   They are completely MANIPULATING THE NUMBERS! And we don’t have a freaking clue.

ADP vs Bureau of Labor – 60% discrepancy.   GDP?   Unemployment?   Contrived, Created, Composed, and Algorithmically fabricated.   NOT ONE statistic coming from our government has any basis in fact!   When the memes reveal that we are now only privy to 5% of the TRUTH – they may be ‘over-estimating’.

Why is our Biden China alliance now relegated to China failing?   While donating hundreds of millions for NOTHING?   The Topsy-Turvy Alice in Wonderland would conclude – 1.   China most certainly has blackmail on the Biden family,   2.   The US Political Parties are having a Massive Party that indulges in everything putrid,   3.   Taxpayers are funding every coup across the globe for at minimum 100 years.


GLOBAL DEBT DEFAULTS: The Next Phase of Cartel Chaos

As global inflation/stagnation/recession envelops less developed countries, the likelihood of them having the ability to pay their debts is diminished to – zero.   The largest debt holders of these African, Asian and Latin America nations are China and Japan.   But middle east countries are also on the line for massive debt agreements, including Iraq.  In 2020 before the ravages of the WHO induced Pandemic, outstanding debt of developing countries topped $11 trillion.   The debt service is roughly $4trillion and growing.  

Debt relief means a country is absolved of its obligation and the countries or institutions holding the debt write it off as a permanent loss.   In that context, it is not unlike the student debt writeoff – the end result is further devaluation, further inflation, and further poverty.  A cycle that is created every few decades as a sort of Cartel RESET.  

Micro-loans were the newest instrument used to collateralize countries into default given interest rates as high as 40%.  A Cartel Arrangement – albeit legal.   The Green Fund created for Climate Change is such a micro-lending scam.   The funds absconded from various country’s taxpayers are deposited into international banks which use the funds as regulatory deposits to make micro-loans.

Countries facing default today include:  Ukraine, Sri Lanka, El Salvadore, Ghana, Egypt, Tunisia and Pakistan.   In total 40 countries are facing this potential.

While the purpose of the ragland sanctions against Russia was to initiate their debt default, the sanctions backfired horribly.   Exploding gas prices and alternate buyers in the wings proved a massive win for Russia and a further angering point to the Cartel.   In retaliation, the Cartel doubled down to advance their RESET more quickly.

Defaults have a number of consequences:

For some countries it means a transfer of ownership – as in the spoils of the country now belong to the debt holder.   Or it means internal chaos and a warlord mentality similar to The Dark Ages.  Sri Lanka.   During the Obama Regime – the Federal Cartel purposefully kept interest rates at 0% to entice developing countries to borrow.   It was also the recipe for a recession recovery – LOW interest rates!

Because interest rates are now up 2.5 basis points with more next month the recession has created shortages some real and some manufactured.  Tourism, which is the basis of many countries recovery from Lockdowns has defaulted given the rise of airfares hotels and related costs.  These countries are frantic to reconfigure their debt.   Too late.   Because this is the exact stage the Cartel desired.

With the US Federal Reserve Cartel ramping up interest rates they exasperate the global debt defaults while devastating US industries, most specifically the Construction Industry.   

The US Construction Industry is a $1.5 trillion annual revenue source employing 7-10 million workers.  When this industry falls the related dominoes are mind-blowing!   The manufacturing and mining segments are dependent on construction.  

Instead of ‘preparing’ for this inevitable crisis, the Biden WH is busily spending more untold dollars on bailouts, military inventory depletion, Ukraine, green failures, and literally anything that has absolutely zero VALUE to preserve or reignite our economy.   2024, is too late.

If we look at the economy under Trump’s policies, the global condition was a positive.   But in a mere18 months, The Cartel has managed to destroy the US oil industry, US food industry, US auto industry, and now the US construction industry.   We don’t have 2 more years.

With a perfect credit score today’s mortgage rates are pushing 5.625% to nearly 7% – depending on your state.   Insurance rates have risen as well due to crime stats.   Rentals have gone up as much as 40%.   All while job cuts increase 10% to 20%!

As a result, Powell has declared Americans will “feel the pain”!  That PAIN will be caused by Gerome Powells adherence to the All Might Cartel dictatorial regime.

Comparing the economic effects to the Carter years is not a valid comparison.   The US productivity for the first quarter of 2022 was more than double the highest negative during the Carter regime.   Borrowing rates reached as high as 25% during the Carter years extending the recession into depression status.   The Federal Cartel kept raising rates as a means to stagnate and prolong ‘the pain’ reaching a 20% prime rate.  The same economic responses  a corrupted Powell’s employs on Americans today.

Carter’s recession lasted from 1980 until 2003 before GDP recovered to its 1979 levels.   And unemployment hit 10.6%.    When Powell and the Progressive economists say this recession will last thru 2023 – the reality is the recession is scheduled to last until 2030.

Like the Biden WH Cartel, Carter claimed the reason was an oil shortage – economists immediately tightened the money supply with the reasoning that high inflation would subside high unemployment.   It Did Not WORK!

Everything Carter did – failed The People.   And that exact same destruction is Gerome Powell’s blueprint.   Including the Regime blaming the entire global destruction on Russia and High oil prices despite available inventories being shuttered.

But Carter was a Cartel Elite.   One of the worst President’s in history – Biden is likely set to beat that Legacy.  Not just for his incompetency, his dementia, and his failures, but for his abject corruption within the frame of Hunter, China and Ukraine.

Zelenskyy, the Ukraine comedian bohemian, still believes that Soros is going to force the global economy to ‘rebuild Ukraine’ – demanding $1 trillion for the ‘project’.   But our money and weapons will be completely depleted.   And Ukraine will become ‘dust to the wind’.   Along with a host of debt riddled developing nations. 

UNLESS We Rise as ONE and awaken to the Chaos before it consumes us!