De Blasio, Wikipedia, Yemen Peace Talks, UN Sexual Assault Scandal and Cyberbullying – what do they have in common? Shame.

News Flash – dot dot do dot……

– Mayor De Blasio of New York is conducting a national media campaign to draw business into New York. The incentive – a tax vacation for ten years! WAIT! De Blasio is the democrat advocating for higher taxes on corporations and high income individuals because, well they deserve to pay more. And yet, here we find the about-face mayor offering free – no tax – incentives to draw business to his state.

I smell an ozone.

And how is it that no one seems to notice this bizarre divesture from democratic rule? Tax, tax, tax! That is the mantra. Finding new ways, the agenda. I imagine they have an office filled with purple people whose job description is, ‘find new ways to tax people so that I, the gov, can make more’. Ba-da-dim!

So what does De Blasio think is fair and equal in his city where the annual budget of $75 – $80 billion, can never seem to make ends meet De Blasio? Not sure, because last year his personal effective rate was just over 8%…


– So, Wikipedia lists the official language of the United States at the federal level – as ‘none’.  Ouch!


– The US military is lamenting the fact that they can’t find more than 200 rebels to train to fight ISIS… yet for the last two to three years we’ve been arming all sorts of rebels! So where are they now? McCain? Hello?

But even the 200 figure isn’t really accurate. Apparently, there are some reports that the number is ‘somewhere between 100 and 200’, which in truth could be – 101. So we just sent 450 MORE trainers for 100 trainees. We have already deployed 1000 trainers/support, the UK has deployed 75.

So we now have a $500 million program for about 100 trainees because according to reports, there aren’t any rebels left there is only Al Qaeda and ISIS. Well, that’s money well spent White House!


– The Yemen peace talks have been riddled in fighting. So what do the sides want? Well, the exiled government wants all the Yemeni rebels to give up their strongholds. That’s it folks. Surrender everything you have fought for and then we can have peace – hmmm. Smells rattish to me. Normally, ‘negotiation’ means give and take. This is not happening here.

The second Yemen agenda is the fact that the Saudi’s are using ‘cluster bombs’ which are illegal and they are specifically targeting civilians which is heinous. In fact, this resembles Al Qaeda tactics. So the blackmail is simply ‘we’ll stop killing your women and children, if you let us take back our cities and put our proxy president back in office.’

And of course, after that – it is anybodies guess what will happen to all those rebels…


– The UN has announced two members of its newly formed committee to review sexual assault claims against UN peacekeepers. One unnamed ‘external’ member is the head of a South African human rights foundation and a prosecutor for the U.N.’s International Criminal Court Tribunal in Rwanda. Waaaiiittt. This unnamed person works for the UN, how is that external?

The other member is Marie Deschamps, a Canadian former judge who recently released a report on Canadian military sexual harassment. The report stated that indeed sexual issues were present and concluded that a committee should be formed to deal with the problem. Yawn.

But wait, the review committee is tasked with ‘looking at the UN’s response to the allegations’ as well as to ‘mandating recommendations as to how the UN should respond to similar future allegations’. Why do you need a panel to discuss this? These people committed atrocious rape against young girls and boys and you don’t know what to do? Your own UN executives then tried to hush the allegations and pretend they didn’t exist – and you don’t know what to do?



– And here’s a good headline: Cyberbullying linked to Teen Depression.

Really? “New research evaluated a number of teenagers…” Of course, the alternative would be; “Teens that are bullied exhibit happiness and a sense of peace and security”… So, Michelle Hamm at the University of Alberta – stating the obvious is a waste of taxpayer funds and a waste of intellect.  Good Grief!

And That’s All FOLKS!

Gun Stats and Stats Unraveled

Statistics are an interesting tool. They can be very useful and they can be very manipulated. For example, GUNS. Given the Charleston shooting, and three additional shootings this past weekend, gun confiscation is again the agenda. So I looked up some graphs and tables and was saddened, not because of what I found, but because of how the manipulation creates a ‘stupid audience’.

The first and easiest manipulation is the ‘date range’. This is typically used by big pharma as well when attempting to show the success of vaccinations. But it is also a common tool in the gun control agenda.

After looking at graphs, the most straight forward analysis was provided by the FBI. In this chart, violent crime rates are at about the same level they were in 1970. The peak for all firearm and violent crimes occurred in 1993 (see chart below). In general, all crime escalation began in the mid 1960’s, ramping up significantly as it tripled by 1993, before slowly subsiding to the same levels in 1969. So, what changed in the 1960’s to precipitate this trend?

There are a number of interesting distinguishing events:

  1. Race became a tenuous and tension driven agenda,
  2. Drugs became rampant; PCP, heroin, LSD etc…
  3. Freedom from virtually every ideal of authority was the new rule,
  4. Religion was mocked and the rise of atheism took over
  5. Women left their children to be raised at the hands of the state – daycare

The ‘change’ that took place can be summed up to be a society without morals, without ethics, without parenting, thriving on anger and self righteousness. Instead of looking at the root causes of chaos, we are playing a game of statistical manipulation.

We have become a sad commentary of deception as the norm. The three shootings this past weekend are not given a race profile in the media because it is not politically correct. Dolezal pretended to be something she was not, but instead of focusing on her sickness in being a pathological liar, the focus was on racial ‘identity’. It wasn’t about race really, for her, it was about a psychosis that came down to her even challenging whether her parents were her ‘real parents’.

Back to statistics: In contrast to crime stats, according to a Gallup poll, gun ownership has remained relatively constant during this same time frame. Gun ownership and crime have the least correlation of all the statistics. One statistic whose chart has a fairly equal correlation for this same time period is divorce rates. Another chart with an identical graph is the number of juvenile murder rates. Neither poverty rates or unemployment rates followed the crime graph.

Another statistical faux pas is the number of individuals shot by police. You see, the statistical chance of getting shot by a policeman is just a tad bit higher than a person dying from smoking in bed which was just a rung higher from the rate of death from ‘falling out of bed’. In fact, out of the top 36 causes of death, getting shot by a policeman ranked 30th. The number ONE cause of death every day was by – abortion. It dwarfed every other number. Statistic: death by abortion – 489,900 to date 2015, by a cop – 495.

Bottom line, statistics can be helpful if the measurement is logically based. But they can also grossly misrepresent logic with just a pinch of manipulation. Case in point: Polio peaked in 1953 and tumbled 75% by 1957.  The first vaccine was found to actually cause polio and was immediately taken off the market.  The second vaccine began human ‘trials’ around 1955.  But the graph is pretty telling when the date range is expanded.  Still, many within the media and medical community would have us believe that the vaccine eliminated polio whereas we can clearly see that once the vaccine became approved for use, polio had already achieved dramatic declines.

Polio Cases 1950 to 2003

Playing with statistics is a dnagerous game.  It is a manipulation of opinion, thought and truth.  Don’t be deceived, look at who is providing the statistic – do they have an agenda – how far back do they expand the data.  The tale may be quite different!

Refugees, War and Toxic Waste – Who Have We Saved

Every time we bomb a country we create refugees. And then we cry foul and no one wants them. So who have we saved?

The absurdity of the cycle is that we supposedly enter a country to rid it of the bad guys, destroy the country, leave cities in rubble, and then wipe our hands, “Whew, glad we saved all those people!” Really? In actuality, what we accomplished was a tally of refugees that has grown to such devastatingly high proportions that they now have absolutely nothing and will die of hunger and disease.

In Syria, the number of refugees is now over 3 million. In Iraq since the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war and through the Gulf War, there have been over 4 million displaced Iraqi refugees. Yemen is the new Syria with estimates of 250,000 refugees, although a large number of Yemen refugees are Somali’s who sought refuge in Yemen from Somalia and now want to come back. In South Sudan, 700,000 have been displaced while 150,000 have fled and are refugees.

The UN has stated that there are currently about 50 million people worldwide displaced, seeking asylum or of refugee status. It is the largest number in history and yet we continue to add to that with every bomb we drop. We are supposed to be teaching respect and freedom, and democracy, but instead we are teaching war and destruction and devastation.

Solution: If you want to curb the number of refugees seeking asylum, stop bombing their country.

Granted, we aren’t responsible for every internally erupting country in the world. But the main categories of refugees include: Afghantistan, Syria, Iraq, Palestinian, and Somalis.

In the 1980’s, a number of European countries took advantage of the internal instability of Somalia to negotiate the disposal/dumping of 10 million tonnes of toxic waste along Somalia’s shoreline in exchange for $80million. Radiation related diseases have since become a major issue. Humanitarian?

In Syria, the chemical weapons were confiscated and then dumped. Where? Why in the Mediterranean of course where UN officials state that by adding chlorine the toxicity will be somewhat diffused. What is the impact of these chemicals and chlorine on sea life? That wasn’t considered.

In Afghanistan, the Bagram military base has a huge pit where they burn everything from televisions to computers, to all forms of electronics, waste, rubber, plastics, etc… Huge green and black plumes hover in the sky 24 hours a day. The gases are said to be causing respiratory illnesses, chronic allergies and various cancers among the Afghans as well as the military troops.

In Iraq, some estimates claim that 11 million pounds of hazardous waste was left behind when the US pulled out in 2010. What was the solution? To form a committee to analyze the problem. Ta-da! The National Defense Authorization Act ordered studies. So what the heck is this Act? It is a law that specifies the expenditures and budget for the Defense Department. So who is solving the hazardous waste problem? Not a clue, they are still assessing whether it exists while lawsuits begin pouring in.

But the burn pits took their toll and huge numbers of civilians and military are now claiming that the ‘Iraqi crud’ is causing lung cancer, anemia, and liver, kidney, and heart problems.

Solution: Stop starting wars. Let them solve their own problems while we concentrate on ours.

My father was an experiment in the Army. In the 1950’s he was ordered to Nevada to witness the nuclear tests. Officers were required to stand in the frontline while radiation consumed them. Soldiers were allowed to get some cover in bunkers but were still exposed. Decades later, my father contracted lung cancer which expanded to bone cancer, stomach cancer, a brain tumor and ultimately a very painful death.

So who did we save?

California Drought – All The Leaves Are Brown

I have such a hard time listening to the plague of drought that is decimating California. I have a hard time, not just because it is happening, but because it has happened for centuries. California has experienced devastating droughts historically that at times lasted decades. We know this. It is common knowledge. And yet, the real problem is that they have never done one lick to anticipate and fix the ongoing issue. Nothing.

Is it the fault of the people, the homeowners, the farmers? No! They do what they can under the guidance and supervision of – the government. Do they use too much water? Maybe. Is water usage inefficient? Yes – a resounding yes! But it is the JOB of the government to regulate and anticipate and do what is necessary to protect the state and the people from a disaster. They want this job, they get paid for this job – now do it!

California has a history of droughts dating back to 850 A.D. (the earliest recording) in which two droughts lasted 180 and 240 years respectively! Given their were not fossil fuels or ozone depletion or carbon releasing industries polluting the atmosphere during these historical times, it is safe to say these droughts were persistent without blaming ‘climate change’. And in the last 1000 years, 10-20 year droughts have been documented as rather ‘typical’ of the state/area.

And that’s the true problem. Droughts have gone on and on and governors have ignored them – for centuries. Have they built more storage? No. More underground reservoirs? No. Have they built desalinization plants? No. Do they still allocate water to farms that grow nothing? Yes. Do they require lawns to be drought tolerant or rock gardens? No. Half of individual water use is for lawns. But 80% of the water is used for agriculture. For rice paddies in desert land. For growing water absorbing Alfalfa which is mostly exported to China. Almond trees consume 10% of ALL water use – that’s NUTS! And yet they are preserving these cash crops – for hopes of greater $$$ – to the decimation of lower crop values like vegetables. Add to the fray that 60% of almonds are an export crop, its just not practical. Its not about what is best or right – it is about what is going to make me the most money in the quickest time and allow me to high-tail it outa here jack mentality!

So what are farmers doing to make it better? They’re digging deeper and deeper wells, more and more wells, sapping up every last dribble of water that they can without concern for the longer term consequences. And no one is stopping them. In some over-pumped areas, the ground has actually sunk a few dozen feet.

And now California’s government is running around like Chicken Little claiming the sky is falling – when in fact, it already fell. And they have done – nothing!

They take water from Colorado, and run garden hoses to clean debris from their driveway! Grab a broom people! Interesting that Hollywood is silent. How are their expansive gardens doing? Their manicured, lush green? Not a word. So I took the opportunity to see the homes of some of Hollywood’s most famous via ‘google earth’ and was completely – not shocked – to find that they are lush and green. Swimming pools were filled, and lawns were pristine.

So while livelihoods are decimated, Hollywood is immune. In fact, they would seem to believe that they are ‘above’ the plights of the commoner peasant, and they can do whatever they want despite the devastating predicament. Some of the more flagrant decriers of self importance include: Lopez, Kardashian, Streisand, Hefner and West. They would appear to be of the mind that the drought simply does not apply to them and the fine is too ludicrously low to dent their importance. Where are the Hollywood environmentalists; DiCaprio, Redford, Theron, Hanks, Pitt? Well their homes look pretty fine according to Google Earth.

In fact, one water district, Las Virgenes Municipal Water District, which includes many celebrity palaces, states that 70% of their allotment goes to watering just 100 of the posh estates. And while Kardashian gushes that she is a conservationist washing her hair only every five days, she is using thousands of gallons for everything else… Hello?

So where is the Hollywood agenda? The outcry? The action to resolve and create a new, better California equipped to handle any drought that will again wreak havoc in the future? They are silent, because their hypocritical agenda is about talking – not ‘acting’.

The weather media is now claiming that an el-nino will affect California this coming winter with heavy rains. Do you think the folks will simply forget and the government will continue non-business as usual? Of course, always worked in the past.  And if the rains come this winter, well the entire drought will be forgotten and archived.  Until the next time…

Drones – Civilian Casualties A Moot Point

Battles used to be fought on foot with soldiers staring icily at their foe across a field waiting for the cry to “GO”. They saw the whites of their enemies eyes and the ensuing battles were horrifically bloody and psychologically devastating. Many stories rose of soldiers realizing that they were killing another human being whom they didn’t even know and questioning the order.  More soldiers lived a nightmare that never ended.

Now we use drones. There is no psyche involved because the act now takes on more of a game-like phenomena. Piloting a drone from a distance takes away the reality. And taking away the reality alleviates the ethical and moral feelings that are associated with killing.

The biggest, most controversial consequence of drones is the civilian casualties. No one really knows any true ‘count’, the numbers are simply not available, but we do know that it is a common occurrence. We can be sure that numbers released by the government have been well scrubbed. The offsetting argument in favor of drones is that fewer soldiers are injured or killed. But drones are hardly as accurate as we are led to believe and frequently target the wrong people. That’s called ‘human error’. And sometimes, entire peace loving families become the unintended casualty.

The media rarely report about the negative aspects of the the drone program. It’s called censorship.

Two drone targets: Ayman Zawahiri and Qari Hussain. Two attempted strikes on Zawahiri left 76 children and 29 adults dead. Casualties. Zawahiri is still alive. Six drone strikes on Hussain have left him dead, but additional casualties included 115 adults and 13 children. Sacrifices? Or sacrificial lambs? Either way you look at it, these people were according to Hillary Clinton’s heart wrenching compassion – ‘casualties of war – it happens’.

In Pakistan, in Yemen, in Somalia, the strikes are reported but rarely are the ‘casualties’ identified. As of November, attempts to kill 41 ‘targets’ resulted in the death of nearly 1150 civilians. It’s easy to sit in the White House and offer condolences, but the Play Station module is making death a robotic unemotional act. As for the media, each time a drone targets a particular ‘Player’ the press release states that the ‘Player’ is dead, only to have him come alive again – oops.

Because the strikes need to be supported, the government and the press don’t discuss the misses, the children, the women. Instead they merely relay the information from a purely war worn statement indicating ‘target’ or ‘signature strike’ or some such military definition. Convoys are typically targeted, but wedding parties have become the casualty as they resemble a convoy from thousands of miles away in a small room where Play Stations take out their orders.

And while breaches in information have given us some insight into the killings, there is still much more that is not disclosed. A few legalities have surfaced in that drones have accidentally killed a number of Americans, but shouldn’t the legalities extend to ALL casualties? Shouldn’t concern be more widespread? How many have died? We don’t even know, we have no names, but we can be sure it is multiple thousands. Injuries are not even tallied. Maiming.

The other casualties are the homes, the farms, the oilfields, the animals, the infrastructure, the antiquities, the historic. Cities lay in ruble. Livelihoods are decimated. Food becomes scarce. Water a shortage. Deaths rise as these costs take their toll as well. But we don’t think about it because it isn’t happy news, it isn’t in our neighborhood, it isn’t our children.

At $6.5 million for the Reaper drone, they are roughly 1/3 the cost of their piloted counterpart. But that doesn’t bear the entire picture. Engines of drones, like all aircraft, have a lifespan. Drone hours logged in are spectacular, for example the MQ-1’s have logged in over a million hours of flight time. The newer MQ-9 Reaper has logged in over 220,000 hours already. To put that in perspective, the operational lifespan of the Predator drone engine is 1080 miles. Between 2009 and 2011, 31 drones crashed due to ‘joystick’ errors. The cost per hour to fly a drone ranges from a low of $3700ish to a high of nearly $50,000 for the RQ-4B Global Hawk Drone. Perspective: on the low side, 1 million hours of flight time for one class of drones x the lowend cost of $3700 per hour = $3.7billion.

Lastly, while the US is ignoring the casualty losses, the countries hit are not. Anti-American sentiment has grown considerably. And one military advisor to the WH speaking at a Congressional hearing stated that drones will never win a war, only troops on the ground.

War is supposed to be horrific so that we learn it must be avoided at all costs. That’s changed, and the casualties are the fault line.

China vs US – While Nero Watched Rome Burned

A new world order is being created, but it isn’t here. While the US, Canada and Europe squabble and promote division in every corner of the world, there is a quiet, under-reported affiliation that is taking root. China, Russia, India, Brazil and South Africa are forming an allegiance of cooperation and growth. While they may have tensions, they are attempting to rise above those age old embitterments and focus on something far more important – patriotic commitment.

What would happen if the US blew a giant hole in its relations with China?

As the second largest economy in the world, China is at the forefront in growing internal relations, trade, and a more diversified economic profile as oil has remained relatively flat. While the US continues it’s bizarre strategy of making unproven claims regarding a hack as being fomented by the Chinese government, and puffing their proverbial rooster chest at the South China Sea, the Chinese continue their strategy of the tortoise and the hare.

The BRICS do have power, and it is growing. Who are they opposing? NATO, UN, The World Bank and the IMF. These outdated, corrupted agencies are set to fall as a re-organization of power shifts.

NATO: China, Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa are not members of NATO.

UN: China and Russia have recently aligned in their stance within the UN. Their agenda? Sovereignty. The right of other countries to not have the will of the UN or other countries placed on them via regime change and/or orchestrated coup. Unfortunately, Samantha Power used that statement by Chinese Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, as a stage to tweet, “Too often govts use it (sovereignty)as a shield behind which they commit atrocities—WW2&Rwanda show peril of looking away.” In other words, Samantha Power arrogantly implied that Wang was lying and that the US is simply policing countries for their own good.

This does not make for a good allegiance with China and speaks volumes at the lacking integrity of Samantha Powers as a person in a position of power.  She has no clue what diplomacy means.

World Bank: The BRICS are slated to open their alternative to the World Bank this year – New Development Bank. The purpose is similar to the World Bank but with a redistribution of power to the founding members. The NDB comes on the heals of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) which was also established by the BRICS. Despite scoffing by the US, the AIIB has pulled in 57 members including; Most of Europe, The Middle East, South America, Most of Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan and The Philippines. Three notable nations have refused – US, Canada and Japan.

By holding to ideologies that belong in antiquity, the US has managed to propel itself into a spiraling decay of power. A short sighted view, by not becoming a member nation, the US can now never hold the same member power in the AIIB even if it later decided to join.

IMF: The US, UK, Germany and France combined hold about 32% of all the votes in the IMF. Despite China’s attempts to gain greater voting power, ultimately, they felt snubbed. And as we speak, China is pressuring the IMF to recognize the yuan as an international currency on par with the dollar and euro.

While the US fallback is to demonize, the world is changing and the American public is left uninformed, puppets in the hands of the masters. Russia is and has been a diversion. The Middle East is in the midst of a re-organization proxy for the takeover by Saudi Arabia. Creating more demons than allies the US will be left with a bankrupt NATO, IMF, UN and World Bank. Focus on a demon and watch as the US slides down an economic hole from which there is no recovery.

Reading comments by Soros, his opinion varies nearly month to month. From a stance of arrogance, to a stance of China being the model world government, to warning of a China meltdown, to recommending joining China, to investing in Chinese stocks, to instigating protests in Hong Kong, to a stance of predicting WWIII. Ultimately, the US was always the greatest obstacle to Soros’ agenda for a One World Order.

While Nero watched, Rome burned.

Government Incentivizing Prisons and Detention Centers

Remember last year, that long, long time ago that most of us have forgotten, when thousands of children attempting to immigrate into the US from Central America were put in detention centers? Remember?

Well guess what? They are all still there. And the facilities are crammed.

So, who is paying for this? We are.

You see, a privately held company holds most of the prison contracts with the Federal government and eleven states. GEO Group builds and manages prisons across the US. And they hold the keys to the ‘detention centers’ in Texas and Pennsylvania currently holding all these children and their moms.

With revenues well over $2billion, the CEO of the Group, George Zoley, was paid over $4million in compensation last year. He is considered the highest paid government contractor and they are continually awarded new contracts despite numerous lawsuits and citations for wretched conditions and death.

The charges filed include deplorable medical conditions, substandard care, nine deaths, under-staffing, and at a youth center housing 13-22 year olds there were brutal beatings, sexual attacks by prison guards, gang fights, rapes, denial of education and medical care, and overall negligence. There was one federal indictment in that case – the warden, William Grady Sims, resigned and served seven months in prison.

Despite numerous civil lawsuits and federal charges, they are still a major government contractor. Mandatory sentencing has produced a system of incentivized incarceration.  In addition, detainees at detention centers and prisoners are required to – work.  It’s called slave labor and it’s authorized by the government.

As incarceration has risen 500% over the past 30 years, the rise directly coincides with the founding of GEO, originally Wackenhut Corporation, in 1984. Incarceration has become a monetary incentive. But the states and the fed are in collusion with this in that their contract with these private prison companies include a clause that requires the state to maintain a 80-100% occupancy on the prison’s behalf! And GEO boasts a 95% occupancy rate. But it is worse. If the state doesn’t have enough prisoners to fill the private prisons, they still receive a guaranteed percentage of occupancy even for – empty cells. For example: if the prison is only filled to a 60% capacity, the prison will still receive the minimum guaranteed payment per person up to the 80%to 100% per the contractual agreement.

GEO is large and expanding. They have a number of subsidiaries including:

  1. GEO Care Inc – which, “provides correctional mental healthcare services and operating state psychiatric hospitals treating forensic and civil populations, including the current management of six adult residential treatment centers. GEO Care has established itself as the premier provider of mental health and residential treatment services.” But this subsidiary is also not without it’s history of problems: “unauthorized restraint and seclusion of patients, incomplete medical records, failure to show patient consent for medications and failure to report serious injuries to the state.” In 2012, three patients died, 2 from overdosing on medications and one from a scalding bathtub.
  2. GEO Transportation, Inc
  3. GEO UK
  4. GEO Australia

Incentivizing occupancy means that crimes not deserving of prison will nonetheless mandate an order from a judge. This undermines basic law. In Colorado state prisons were shut down due to low occupancy as crime fell. But the private prisons remain full.  Arizona boasts an over capacity of prisoners relative to prisons.

They have such a win-win that they have created their own production and no one can bring them down. It is estimated that ICE spends over $2billion per year – on detention centers alone.

So what happened to all those moms and children in the private detention centers run by GEO? Mothers are protesting, hunger strikes are ramping up, solitary confinement is not uncommon, and children are sick. Las Hieleras in Texas is a temporary holding where allegations of freezing temperatures are utilized to break the spirit of the detainee.

While immigration is certainly a problem that has seen no remediation, ethics are in question as these people become simply a piece of merchandise on which private enterprise profits.

Child Trafficking – A Game of Sex and Politics

Charges against former IMF Chief accused of being involved in a prostitution ring in France will most likely – be dropped. Previous charges against him for rape and for allegedly groping were also dropped. The political game is a game of the elite and child sex trafficking is big business.

But it isn’t just France –

In fact, when reviewing specific charges against most US politicians for sexual ‘misconduct’, rape, etc…, the outcome is continually – no charge.

Hedge Fund manager, Jeffrey Epstein was charged with having had sex with underage girls and sex trafficking. His punishment? House arrest for one year. But that didn’t deter him from monthly trips to New York and his Caribbean island. There was tremendous pressure by friends in power to drop charges. In fact, the State Attorney claimed that the girls involved were not credible witnesses.

An online pedophile ring whose server apparently originated in the very liberal Netherlands was shut down by Europol police. There were supposedly 70,000 members, but a mere 184 arrests across the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy and Spain.  No names.  No convictions.

Terry Bean, a huge supported of President Obama, was indicted on sodomy and sexual abuse against a 15 year old boy. Two years later, he is still awaiting trial.

Geoffrey Dickens, a UK Conservative MP, had a dossier of allegations of sexual abuse committed by eight high ranking UK politicians. He gave his dossier to then Home Secretary, Leon Britton, and it was apparently destroyed. The new Home Secretary, Theresa May, claims it never existed. In 2012, Tom Watson, a Labour MP, stated that there is “clear intelligence suggesting a powerful pedophile network linked to Parliament and to Number 10.”

But it is now three years later and what has been done?

In 2014, a witness, (a victim now in his 40’s) came forward and claimed that these pedophiles not only sexually assaulted and abused their victims (as young as ten), they also killed them as sport. The crimes were committed between the late 1970’s and 1980’s and said to involve high ranking politicians, MP’s, etc…   These allegations are only now being probed, thirty years later. But will the political heavy weights quash any indictments?  Why would we believe otherwise when nothing has been done in the past.  It’s a hush business, open your mouth and you are dead.

Roughly the same time period another sex scandal was being probed. In the late 1980’s The Franklin Scandal surfaced in which allegations of White House involvement was implicated.  Boys Town was the source of the victims.   In that incidence, the only person to be charged was one of the victims – she went to jail for 4 ½ years for perjury.

A New York based pedophile ring was brought down in 2012. The Madame of the ring, Anna Gristine, stated that her clients included the elite of the elite, bankers, politicians, entertainment execs, etc… None were named and none were charged. She spent four months in jail.  A previous Madame who was indicted for similar charges stated she was prepared to name names.  Shortly thereafter, she was found dead.  The police ruled it ‘suicide’.

In the 1990’s Marc Dutroux built a prison in his basement where the children would be kept in cages – sexually abused – and then killed. His clients? Wealthy elite, politicians, CEO’s, bankers, those in position of power and wealth. None were named and none were ever charged.

So, where do the boys come from in these pedophile rings?

“Boys Homes” would appear to offer an endless supply of potential victims as was the case in the renowned Kincora Boys Home in Belfast and the ‘alleged case’ of Boys Town in Nebraska and the Ballarat schools in Australia. Other sources include Foster Care children, cults, Hollywood, Catholic churches, and the homeless. The stories are incredibly heart breaking, but they do provide an ugly look at the who and where and why investigations into sex trafficking are making little progress. It is bigger than we can even imagine.

And as long as the political pressure remains the client, nothing much will change.

Global Hibernation – A Mini Ice Age Coming Now

A new catastrophic report by the Space and Science Research Corporation has revealed that the sun is in hibernation and an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity is imminent. They also claim that this stage of hibernation is a cyclical phenomena that occurs when the sun’s surface is fragmented with black spots. In addition, this period of hibernation will cause a greater cooling of the atmosphere that could be termed a ‘mini ice age’.


Sidenote: At the G-7 Summit, Merkel and Obama made a pact to not allow temperatures on the planet to rise more than 2′. In my previous blog I wondered how they thought they could control this natural phenomena, and now I know! They intend to take credit for the ‘hibernation of the sun’.

Scientists have discussing this phase for a number of years, but the global warming crisis took precedence in the world government agendas. Unfortunately for them, we are now apparently well into this hibernation phase.

What does it mean?

It is a period of low solar activity, sometimes referred to as sleep, in which a general cooling occurs. The last known cycle was between 1645 and 1715 and average temperatures dropped between 2 and 4 degrees (coinciding with Merkel and Obama’s plan of action). According to National Geographic, “In the 1800s scientists recognized that sunspots come and go on a regular cycle that lasts about 11 years. We’re now in Solar Cycle 24, heading for a maximum in the sun’s activity sometime in 2013.” This would coincide with the alarmists claiming that global warming was a man-made phenomena, when in fact even in the 1800’s scientists mapped cyclical apparitions in sunspot activity linked to warming and cooling earth temperatures.

John Casey, President of the Space and Science Research Corporation actually wrote a book warning and detailing this hibernation period was upon us in 2014. As a former White House National Space Policy special advisor, Casey stated that man-made global warming was ‘the greatest scientific fraud in history’. Casey’s fear is that because our governments continue to push the global warming farse, we will be completely unprepared for the consequences of the new era of cooling.

What will be affected?

The most pervasive impact will be in crops. Temperatures worldwide will adjust downward and alter the map of viable cropland. This adjustment could account for the recent land grabs of African hectares that have been ongoing by the elite for the last few years. Looking to the effects during the last Maunder Minimum mini ice age, an increase in rainfall and humidity were notable. It has also been noted that photosynthesis of plants (as a result of less sunlight) caused a reduction in crop production – ie, less sun, less crop. The crop that was seemingly most affected by the cooling trend was wheat. On the other hand, cattle grazing land increased the supply of cattle.

Sidenote: Could this increase in water supply correlate to the EPA’s marshall law of our current water resources in the US?

Adjusting to the new norm means accepting its existence.

Even here in Colorado all the talk this spring has been about the significant rainfall, the unusual cold, the devastating snows that have impacted our usually sweet climate this time of year.

According to the report by the SSRC, the other noted ramifications of Hibernation period will be a massive increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. But upon further inspection, this doesn’t quite add up. During the period of high solar activity, magnetic field responses are highest when the sun is at its hottest. According to a study in Brazil, it is this magnetic activity that interrupts satellite function and causes a rise in earthquake and volcanic response. So if we are entering a period of hibernation, this activity will slow considerably. So we have a conflict of thought.

What we can deduce from this is that there are peak highs at the beginning of the hibernation period and at the time when the Hibernation period is ending. In researching volcanic activity during the period mentioned, 1650 to 1715, in the US there was one recorded event that occurred in California that is disputed, the Cinder Cone in Northern California is the only one of record that ‘may have’ erupted during this period. Unfortunately there is little to no scientific historical data on earthquakes prior to 1903. Therefore to make any statement to this regard would be purely conjecture.

What we can assert is that global warming was and is a natural phase as is hibernation. And we are in the throes of the beginning of a new hibernation period.  Did the world survive the last one?  Well, we’re here.

So please, Merkel, Obama and the G-7, don’t take credit for reducing temperatures and thus asserting your supreme power of God. There is only one, and you ain’t Him!

G-String G-7- Where The Road Winds

So the G-7 G-string band concluded their party in Garmisch and headed home wrapping up business that feels more like a pat on the head than anything of value.

Note: I visited Garmisch multiple times as a child living in Germany and will definitely make claim to the fact that it is truly an extraordinarily beautiful vista!

Blog: So, why is it that more and more often the citizenry of Europe, the US and Canada feel like we are being treated as eight year old children by big mama Merkel and all our daddies; Obama, Hollande and Cameron?

The G-7 agenda pales to the Bilderberg meeting yet to come as of June 11 in Austria – birthplace to Hitler. The choice, is less than respectable, it is an afront that no one, even the Jewish community who will be in huge attendance, seem to have any issue with. But I imagine, the Jewish attendance will mostly represent a Secular view.

So, what will be their agenda? Acceleration of the current agenda toward the New World Order of a quasi Marxist communism? Quasi? They draw their parallels from an abundance of historical wins and losses. And their force de nom is about The Greater Good, the good that they have defined for you and I.

In addition to the nominal countries invited to the G-7, including; Germany, France, UK, Italy, Japan, Canada and the US, a number of guest countries representing area’s of Africa and Iraq attended as well. It was a rather yawn experience and probably a distraction to the true agenda of the Bilderberg meeting in which Merkel, Cameron, Hollande and Obama have been in attendance in the past.  Why?  I imagine because there were so many empty seats.

What was accomplished at the G-7?

  1. Fossil fuels no more! But wait, we have another 85 years before the promise will be broken. It is so meaningless as to be arrogantly petty.

  2. A ‘pledge’ by Obama that someone will figure out a solution to ISIS, because he has no clue.

  3. An agreement on global warming not to allow temperatures to increase by more than 2′. Interesting proposal given that it would seem to require some weather modification expertise?

  4. To continue sanctions against Russia until they agree to cause the cease fire to exist  in the Ukraine. Of course, there is no mention as to who will cause Kiev to cease fire. A daunting question left un-addressed.

  5. And finally, they resolved to pressure Greece to find a solution to their own austerity/debt problem so that they can remain a member of the EU.

WOW!  Really.  That was worthy of so much attention,. press and $$$$?  Actually, it all seems a bit contrived. More, it seems to be a cover for something much more controversial.  It would be potentially a distraction to the true event.

Do I, as citizen, feel that anything was accomplished? Not even close. Do I as a citizen feel that they addressed my concerns – not even remotely. Do I as a citizen feel that it was a nudge-nudge session in which like minds patted each other on the back? Absolutely!

When did government stop representing the PEOPLE?

Notable countries not present include; the entire continent of South America, Russia, India, China, and all eastern bloc countries within European borders, including Greece, Czech republic, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Boznia, Austria, Luxembourg, and the list is quite endless. That means we have seven nominal countries making decisions that affect and involve the entire world, including but not limited to; making legal and sanction decisions based on a penal based opinion without consent of the citizens of the nations being represented.


While tolerance and compassion are the subjects and topics, while human rights are the highlight, not one mention of Saudi Arabia’s lashings and beheadings, not one mention of Qatar’s slave trade, not one mention of the Canadian police state rising, of Australia’s child sex trafficking, or of the UK political sex trafficking scandal involving more than 1433 perpetrators including politicians, entertainers, celebrities and sports figures.

An interesting disclaimer of morality issues, ethical issues and human rights.

Why? Because the G-7 is all about nothing. And Merkel, shame, I had some hope, some faith that you held to a higher morality and truth. I had such continued hope that Merkel would not cave to the shadows – but she has, and now Europe has no one left.

The charade has left a world – divided. It is not about tolerance. It is about agreeing with the powers that be or being destroyed. It is so hard to wrap ones head around the mentality, the greed, the corruption, the self consumption, and yes, the wicked.

The meeting, was hailed as a success by the media who is paid to write what is desired. By the media that has exchanged their values and judgement and virtue from a place of journalism to a place of servitude. To a media that creates polls that are designed to uphold to a false reality based on a polling of 1000 people out of a world population of 7 billion! That represents – .000014% of the world population – that translates to “.00000014”. How sad that this is where we have evolved as a society to accept such a false view as the ‘view’.

What will occur as a result of the G-7 summit?

Well, they will continue to demonize Russia, they will continue to demonize China, and they will continue to modify weather. ISIS? As far as they are concerned, ISIS will continue to do their bidding of ethnic cleansing in the Middle East. Fossil Fuels? That’s an 85 year old joke.

And in the end, they will spend billions of dollars for their own end product – personal wealth.

I stand fully disgusted by the charade.