Global Hibernation – A Mini Ice Age Coming Now

A new catastrophic report by the Space and Science Research Corporation has revealed that the sun is in hibernation and an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity is imminent. They also claim that this stage of hibernation is a cyclical phenomena that occurs when the sun’s surface is fragmented with black spots. In addition, this period of hibernation will cause a greater cooling of the atmosphere that could be termed a ‘mini ice age’.


Sidenote: At the G-7 Summit, Merkel and Obama made a pact to not allow temperatures on the planet to rise more than 2′. In my previous blog I wondered how they thought they could control this natural phenomena, and now I know! They intend to take credit for the ‘hibernation of the sun’.

Scientists have discussing this phase for a number of years, but the global warming crisis took precedence in the world government agendas. Unfortunately for them, we are now apparently well into this hibernation phase.

What does it mean?

It is a period of low solar activity, sometimes referred to as sleep, in which a general cooling occurs. The last known cycle was between 1645 and 1715 and average temperatures dropped between 2 and 4 degrees (coinciding with Merkel and Obama’s plan of action). According to National Geographic, “In the 1800s scientists recognized that sunspots come and go on a regular cycle that lasts about 11 years. We’re now in Solar Cycle 24, heading for a maximum in the sun’s activity sometime in 2013.” This would coincide with the alarmists claiming that global warming was a man-made phenomena, when in fact even in the 1800’s scientists mapped cyclical apparitions in sunspot activity linked to warming and cooling earth temperatures.

John Casey, President of the Space and Science Research Corporation actually wrote a book warning and detailing this hibernation period was upon us in 2014. As a former White House National Space Policy special advisor, Casey stated that man-made global warming was ‘the greatest scientific fraud in history’. Casey’s fear is that because our governments continue to push the global warming farse, we will be completely unprepared for the consequences of the new era of cooling.

What will be affected?

The most pervasive impact will be in crops. Temperatures worldwide will adjust downward and alter the map of viable cropland. This adjustment could account for the recent land grabs of African hectares that have been ongoing by the elite for the last few years. Looking to the effects during the last Maunder Minimum mini ice age, an increase in rainfall and humidity were notable. It has also been noted that photosynthesis of plants (as a result of less sunlight) caused a reduction in crop production – ie, less sun, less crop. The crop that was seemingly most affected by the cooling trend was wheat. On the other hand, cattle grazing land increased the supply of cattle.

Sidenote: Could this increase in water supply correlate to the EPA’s marshall law of our current water resources in the US?

Adjusting to the new norm means accepting its existence.

Even here in Colorado all the talk this spring has been about the significant rainfall, the unusual cold, the devastating snows that have impacted our usually sweet climate this time of year.

According to the report by the SSRC, the other noted ramifications of Hibernation period will be a massive increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. But upon further inspection, this doesn’t quite add up. During the period of high solar activity, magnetic field responses are highest when the sun is at its hottest. According to a study in Brazil, it is this magnetic activity that interrupts satellite function and causes a rise in earthquake and volcanic response. So if we are entering a period of hibernation, this activity will slow considerably. So we have a conflict of thought.

What we can deduce from this is that there are peak highs at the beginning of the hibernation period and at the time when the Hibernation period is ending. In researching volcanic activity during the period mentioned, 1650 to 1715, in the US there was one recorded event that occurred in California that is disputed, the Cinder Cone in Northern California is the only one of record that ‘may have’ erupted during this period. Unfortunately there is little to no scientific historical data on earthquakes prior to 1903. Therefore to make any statement to this regard would be purely conjecture.

What we can assert is that global warming was and is a natural phase as is hibernation. And we are in the throes of the beginning of a new hibernation period.  Did the world survive the last one?  Well, we’re here.

So please, Merkel, Obama and the G-7, don’t take credit for reducing temperatures and thus asserting your supreme power of God. There is only one, and you ain’t Him!

G-String G-7- Where The Road Winds

So the G-7 G-string band concluded their party in Garmisch and headed home wrapping up business that feels more like a pat on the head than anything of value.

Note: I visited Garmisch multiple times as a child living in Germany and will definitely make claim to the fact that it is truly an extraordinarily beautiful vista!

Blog: So, why is it that more and more often the citizenry of Europe, the US and Canada feel like we are being treated as eight year old children by big mama Merkel and all our daddies; Obama, Hollande and Cameron?

The G-7 agenda pales to the Bilderberg meeting yet to come as of June 11 in Austria – birthplace to Hitler. The choice, is less than respectable, it is an afront that no one, even the Jewish community who will be in huge attendance, seem to have any issue with. But I imagine, the Jewish attendance will mostly represent a Secular view.

So, what will be their agenda? Acceleration of the current agenda toward the New World Order of a quasi Marxist communism? Quasi? They draw their parallels from an abundance of historical wins and losses. And their force de nom is about The Greater Good, the good that they have defined for you and I.

In addition to the nominal countries invited to the G-7, including; Germany, France, UK, Italy, Japan, Canada and the US, a number of guest countries representing area’s of Africa and Iraq attended as well. It was a rather yawn experience and probably a distraction to the true agenda of the Bilderberg meeting in which Merkel, Cameron, Hollande and Obama have been in attendance in the past.  Why?  I imagine because there were so many empty seats.

What was accomplished at the G-7?

  1. Fossil fuels no more! But wait, we have another 85 years before the promise will be broken. It is so meaningless as to be arrogantly petty.

  2. A ‘pledge’ by Obama that someone will figure out a solution to ISIS, because he has no clue.

  3. An agreement on global warming not to allow temperatures to increase by more than 2′. Interesting proposal given that it would seem to require some weather modification expertise?

  4. To continue sanctions against Russia until they agree to cause the cease fire to exist  in the Ukraine. Of course, there is no mention as to who will cause Kiev to cease fire. A daunting question left un-addressed.

  5. And finally, they resolved to pressure Greece to find a solution to their own austerity/debt problem so that they can remain a member of the EU.

WOW!  Really.  That was worthy of so much attention,. press and $$$$?  Actually, it all seems a bit contrived. More, it seems to be a cover for something much more controversial.  It would be potentially a distraction to the true event.

Do I, as citizen, feel that anything was accomplished? Not even close. Do I as a citizen feel that they addressed my concerns – not even remotely. Do I as a citizen feel that it was a nudge-nudge session in which like minds patted each other on the back? Absolutely!

When did government stop representing the PEOPLE?

Notable countries not present include; the entire continent of South America, Russia, India, China, and all eastern bloc countries within European borders, including Greece, Czech republic, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Boznia, Austria, Luxembourg, and the list is quite endless. That means we have seven nominal countries making decisions that affect and involve the entire world, including but not limited to; making legal and sanction decisions based on a penal based opinion without consent of the citizens of the nations being represented.


While tolerance and compassion are the subjects and topics, while human rights are the highlight, not one mention of Saudi Arabia’s lashings and beheadings, not one mention of Qatar’s slave trade, not one mention of the Canadian police state rising, of Australia’s child sex trafficking, or of the UK political sex trafficking scandal involving more than 1433 perpetrators including politicians, entertainers, celebrities and sports figures.

An interesting disclaimer of morality issues, ethical issues and human rights.

Why? Because the G-7 is all about nothing. And Merkel, shame, I had some hope, some faith that you held to a higher morality and truth. I had such continued hope that Merkel would not cave to the shadows – but she has, and now Europe has no one left.

The charade has left a world – divided. It is not about tolerance. It is about agreeing with the powers that be or being destroyed. It is so hard to wrap ones head around the mentality, the greed, the corruption, the self consumption, and yes, the wicked.

The meeting, was hailed as a success by the media who is paid to write what is desired. By the media that has exchanged their values and judgement and virtue from a place of journalism to a place of servitude. To a media that creates polls that are designed to uphold to a false reality based on a polling of 1000 people out of a world population of 7 billion! That represents – .000014% of the world population – that translates to “.00000014”. How sad that this is where we have evolved as a society to accept such a false view as the ‘view’.

What will occur as a result of the G-7 summit?

Well, they will continue to demonize Russia, they will continue to demonize China, and they will continue to modify weather. ISIS? As far as they are concerned, ISIS will continue to do their bidding of ethnic cleansing in the Middle East. Fossil Fuels? That’s an 85 year old joke.

And in the end, they will spend billions of dollars for their own end product – personal wealth.

I stand fully disgusted by the charade.