EDUCATION via AI: To Rule As Giants

Three years ago in 2019, a means for replacing colleges was introduced by a company, EvoLLLution, based out of Canada and California.   The concept is directed toward tossing typical testing methods to determine College admissions and instead rely on other means to make entrance more ‘progressive’ and equitable.   As though they anticipated the removal of Affirmative Action, better known as ‘race discrimination’.

The pro argument for affirmative action was ‘cultural assimilation’.   Forcing universities and employers to have a subset equal to the US demographics of race.   Cons were ‘merit’.   Pro’s won and universities began the process of accepting students as quota margins.

EvoLLLution, The Modern Campus, saw the coming backlash and defined a new means for schools to recruit students without affirmative action – yet instead with affirmative action disguised.   The means?   Eliminate such aggravants as grades, test scores, ACT requirements, etc… and replace them with essays and videos and pictures.   Eliminating knowledge and replacing it with ‘feelings & emotion’.

According to EvoLLLution, professors, teachers, and academics are replaced with ‘corporate partners’, and education is now specific to what a particular corporation wants from an employee. There are no actual degrees, the learning is continuous. It is a parallel to Smart City ideologies.   Or company towns that flourished from 1880 to 1935.

The focus is on AI online Learning and Technology.  WHY?   To Eliminate Free Will.

Yesterday when the Supreme Court reversed a previous decision on affirmative action, public divisions were once again quite angry calling for the abolition of the Supreme Court and The Constitution. In response, Harvard said they would find a way and means to avoid the SCOTUS ruling via ‘essays’.   In other words, Harvard had already planned for this decision – THREE YEARS AGO.   Their hissy-fit today is just for show and tell.

The purpose of EvoLLLution, an online news portal for corporations and colleges, is to modernize campuses to meet employer demands.   Employer’s no longer care about GPA’s and Communication Degrees, they want specialized trained employees.   They want employees whose life will be dedicated 100% to being an employee. What they don’t want is the hassle of free thinkers.

Also in preparation for the education shift, the push for AI pre-programmed means of educating children K-12 is making rampant headway.   In this scenario, the role of a ‘teacher’ will be to guide students through any difficulties they have with their AI assigned trainer.   Students can still go to school if they want or simply login.   Students that show up at school will sit down with their computer learning kit.   No other interaction is necessary unless there is a glitch.

At the university level, online AI training is preferred. At this level research centers will be provided, however, typical classrooms, lecture halls, and all the costs associated therein will be eliminated.   Grades will be eliminated – AI will determine your career choice for you based on its knowledge of you – the subject student.    Proficiency will be measured by Corporate America.

Agenda 2030 outlined the transformation of education years ago.   CoVid was a test project for K-12 online learning.   It failed miserably.   Colleges were vacant, students became depressed, and dropout rates went through the roof.   AI is different.   EvoLLLution declares that the AI Trainer assigned to you will evolve as it gets to know your responses and reframe your tutoring to account for individual assessment.   It is NOT simply an online class with pantless professors.   It will be more like matching your skill level at grade five, which is what schools, do in Germany, to your next generation of learning.  Dividing and sub-dividing children into various groups based on abilities.

The Biggest detriment is ‘interpersonal contact’.   Today, inciting teachers in the K-12 industry to become non-teachers with porn issues, assault issues, screaming fit issues, and fire breathing plague issues is a manufactured event and outcome.   The purpose of which was to hypnotize parents into the horrors of teachers so that AI friendly computers can easily make the shift with parental approval.

The interpersonal shifting is more difficult.   With AI classrooms, the teacher’s usefulness is akin to that of a warden – or room attendant.   Their purpose and training will revolve around showing a student another AI means of answering their questions – because the warden doesn’t have answers – only AI.  Teachers of today will become obsolete – a necessary evolution.

Ultimately, one of the projects agendas is to eliminate physical schools and raze their property.   Colleges and universities will be obsolete per se – and research institutions will absorb the excess tax dollars.

The largest ramification is of course bias.   Rewriting history. Training the next generation to become 1984 robots. It is a memory of what was once acceptable in many ancient civilizations. A pattern of workers ‘the worker-bee’ whose sole function is to support the Queen.   And who were these Kings and Queens down the line from the times of ancient pyramids?

They were the Giants. They were the ancient Greeks and Egyptians whose existence as the elite was based on birth rites – Like King Charles whose throne on the Cartel pyramid is considered quite high.   He has a penchant preference for who is allowed to run for President of the US – as those with a noble genealogy.   Their shared class.

Marxist Communism in US: Gestalt, New School, Rockefeller

Our only sources for Disease Cases is WHO which powers over the CDC and NIH.   They announce that there are roughly 250 million Malaria cases per year and 600,000 deaths.   96% of all Malaria cases and deaths occur in Africa.   A new Vaccine will prevent hundreds of thousands of needless deaths saving millions of lives ~ Gates.   This is the constant promotional we are supposed to lap up as evidence – proof positive.

In reality, the numbers could just as easily read 1000 deaths or 1 trillion – depending on your algorithm choice. Every number, every statistic released by these agencies has absolutely no scientific basis.   Bill Gates proved this fallacy via his own data company, IHME, wherein he claimed in early 2020 5+million would DIE of CoVid in the US.   Wishful thinking.

It was Bill Gates who convinced Fauci to declare a National economic shutdown. He asserted that state-by-state was not enough to shut down the spread.

When the very first school shooting took place at Columbine High School, the police arrived unprepared strategically.   The sheriff had been in office all of two weeks.   Hindsight.   Trump assumed that his health advisor, Fauci was legitimate.   He had no reason to assume otherwise and followed his recommendations.   Hindsight.

Pence is in Kyiv today with his good pal Zelenskyy. Hindsight.   Paul Ryan loses his tongue on purpose on camera and rebukes Trump.   Hindsight.

The only way we know who the frauds are today is BECAUSE of Trump – mistakes and all.

The Neocons, Hawks, Traitors and Liars have all come out of the woodwork like an infestation of cockroaches.   Because of Trump.   IF he had never existed – we would blindly and blithely stumble along hoping things got better.

A book I am reading discusses the fictional story of a woman caught in a time loop wherein she relives another day, week, month backward in order to unveil what she didn’t see before because she was blind to her own life.   Her mission is find out why her grown son killed someone – and prevent it from happening.  Hindsight.

Yesterday, a word popped into my ‘Gestalt’.   It was the name my father chose for his sailboat.   When I asked him what it meant, he gave me the simplistic answer – “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”.   But a more comprehensive research points to perception & illusion.

As a Colonel in WWII serving with General Patton, my dad had more than cursory knowledge of how Gestalt perceptions and illusions were used against Patton in a war wherein Hitler was supposed to win. And Bradley was sent in by Eisenhower as The Cleaner to make sure Patton lost.  Patton refused.

My dad couldn’t tell me because he was beholden to his military oath and took it very seriously.

The illusion has existed in a dominant frame for 100 years – above justice, above law, above consequence.

In Gestalt, people see patterns instead of individual components.   Gestalt theories of perception are based on human nature being inclined to understand objects as an entire structure rather than the sum of its parts.

For example:   When a pianist plays a particular sonata, listeners don’t hear each note – they hear the ‘melody’ or the entire structure of the piece.   This concept is the basis for illusion and propaganda.   People on social media continually ask how liberals can be presented with the same information and yet only see the “Whole as presented by The Media Cartel”.    Answer:   they have been trained to be oblivious of the mechanism of individual parts which represent the actual factual data.

Another example:   Bill Gates created himself based on marketing.   He has no degree in IT, or engineering, or AI, or Viral Infectious Diseases – and dropped out of college after 2 years.   What he has is ‘marketing’.   And he spends his time marketing Himself.   Ego.   A BIG picture.   An entire structure built on unviable individual parts. In the height of Covid, this is how Gates was posited by the Media: How Bill Gates emerged as a champion of science-based solutions to the coronavirus outbreak.”

“Science-Based’.   It is Rockefeller who decided to raise Science to demi-god proportions in 1917.   Prior to Rockefeller science was a philosophy of thought. It was based on nature or the natural elements. Rockefeller took Darwin’s Evolution, and Pharma controlled medicine, and packaged them as factoids in one of the greatest scams contrived.

The Purpose?   The removal of God.  The Bible being the individual parts.

It is easier to forge the singular entity as opposed to the vast implication of thousands of individual thoughts. It gives the impetus to the concept of “Group think”. And thus 1984 illusion.

Three jewish men of German and Czech heritage developed the concept of Gestalt Theory under the guidance of Marxist philosophy in Communist and Socialist states. They are intertwined – as belonging to the whole.

Max Wertheimer, the Czech born psychologist who co-created the Gestalt Theory, ultimately moved to New York where he joined the faculty of The New School.   Founded in 1919, the New School is associated with such names as:   Heather Bouchey – Biden’s Economic Advisor, Chris Hughes – co-founder of Facebook, Shimon Peres, Harry Belafonte, FDR III – etc…

The New School was a socialist progressive institution upon its founding which was formed with funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. Most recently, the school has hosted scholars from Ukraine & Afghanistan.   The school hosts various student organizations including – Students for A Democratic Society.

Students for a Democratic Society was co-founded by Bill Ayers. It was considered a Communist, Marxist, anarchist organization.

The school today continues to flourish with funding from: Open Society, Omidyar, Luminate Foundation, Gates, Hollywooders, feminists, Bloomberg, Walton – Ashton Kutchner, Carnegie, JP Morgan, etc…

These are the means and sources of the Taking of America.   The Communists and Marxists utilizing Gestalt to train and hypnotize.   Don’t look at the individual pieces that show who they truly are – look to the laser light represented by dark matter.    Because that is the Power of Control.

World Economic Forum: Employee Ownership – A Ponzi Scheme

The main thrust of the World Economic Forum 2023 is “Resilience”.   Corporations are warned that they need quick and decisive action in the face of adversity.   The slower they react, the more likely they will fail their ‘stakeholders’.   Shareholders are passé.   WEF Young Leaders have infiltrated every western country, and China. Those from Taiwan list their country of origin as Taiwan, China.   NOT Taiwan, USA.

In our new world of DEI and sustainability – it appears the concept is appeasement.   Websites have been redrawn to host a black representation of life.   Diversity experts showcase the corporations stakeholder agenda.   While behind the scenes Boards are typically white male dominant.   The point – the D in DEI is a nod, not a reality.

Equity:   this concept is a bit more creative in its logic and rationale. The term “equity” refers to fairness and justice. Equity means recognizing that we do not all start from the same place and must acknowledge and make adjustments to imbalances. ~ NACE

It is under this presumption that DA’s refuse to prosecute – because criminals started from a place of imbalance and thus are not responsible for their crimes.   By contrast, it is presumed that all educated White people come from a place of upper class standards and therefore their crimes must be over-prosecuted to account for the injustice of equity.

Inclusivity:     This term did not apply to people until recently. It’s previous meanings were more aligned in entities or resorts or family.   It was not until the great sustainable word began to be used in every sentence that ‘inclusive’ was brought in as a form of ‘nonracism’.

The WEF list of global fellow youth leaders is inclusive of Christina Freeland of Canada, and Maria Bartiroma of the US. A prominent sponsor of the WEF is McKinsey & Company.

McKinsey’s website states they want to build an ‘Inclusive Economy”.   Lead in;   7 in 10 people live in societies with growing inequality.For McKinsey this means delisting colleges and attracting more people to trained skill positions. Their point? College does nothing to prepare a person for work.   It is a good point, relevant, and viable – IF that is what they actually were trying to achieve.

Unfortunately, McKinsey then starts with the Bill Gates/WHO methodology of tossing out fake success numbers that are completely, entirely fabricated.   “We saved 5 million lives” – “We have helped reskill 1.25 million people”…   False Advertising used to be a crime.

In complete contrast to the WEF they fund and sponsor, McKinsey claims Ownership Works, and have created a new NGO with the name.   Website:   “We are reimagining Equity to Build Wealth For All”. Funding is predominantly from Banks, Investment Funds, Big Oil, and includes Rockefeller Foundation and Omidyar Network among other noteworthies.

Their objective is for employees to become the owners of an existing company – overseen by an ‘investor’. The Investor is a funding partner of Ownership Works;   Berkshire, KKR, Silver Lake, Blue Wolf Capital, etc…   The appointed Investor manages all the business and decision making on behalf of the employee share owners while training the employees is a joint effort of McKinsey and the WEF.   For a Fee.

But it isn’t exactly how it sounds.   Employees are given shares in the company in the highest dilution possible.   For example:   Harley is predominantly owned by BlackRock and State Street. More than 146 million shares are outstanding.   The shares given to employees are infinitesimal compared to the number outstanding and the employee is only given the value of the shares when they retire. More like a pension plan. Or restricted stock shares that cannot be sold.

Harley Davidson’s share value since 2014 has halved.   Employees are warned that the risk of ownership may outweigh its benefit ~ SEC.

When United Airlines instituted 55% stake employee ownership – it came with restrictions such as reduced pay, reduced benefits, and work-rule changes.   The largest shareholder of United is – Vanguard.  It is the Hedge Funds which rule the Board of Directors which rally the Executives to do as they are told.   Employees are still just employees – only now they are getting paid less.

The idea of employee ownership has not taken off very well. It is not about ownership per se, you are still simply an employee with reduced wages and benefits and a retirement plan built on owning one stock. By comparison, executives are offered higher options, unrestricted, and retain full power.

This is more like a PR stunt to pay less employee wages and benefits such as 401k plans – in the present and future while maintaining the same structure.   A Ponzi Scheme – a shell game because you still don’t have real ownership – your stock has no value – until you retire.

Note:   In the 1980’s when the communists took control of Poland they instituted similar measures;   to buy any car, you needed to pay the FULL cost up front, wait 5-7 years for the delivery of said car, and if the value increased during the time between purchase and delivery you had to pay the difference. If the value decreased, Your Loss!   Exactly the same as the employee stock ownership plan…




US Trade Alliances Dropping Like Flies on a Monsanto Garden

As if our global alliances couldn’t get worse – they did.   Saudi’s Bin Salman has announced a cut of crude oil production by 1.66 million barrels per day as of July 1 – the vast majority of which would impact the West. Prioritizing Asian countries, Bin Salman has claimed that the US is his target.   The minions sitting in DC will be required to stumble-foot a response and somehow blame Russia.

The US imports more than 8 million barrels daily. Primary imports originate from Canada, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia.   Nearly 60% of oil imports to the US come from Canada.   But the massive fires raging across the country have put a quash on oil production.   Biden has already drained US reserves which are typically for military emergencies.

And suddenly the trade schism is looking far more provoked.

China is ranked our largest trade import market representing 18%.   Canada and Mexico follow.   Mexico is currently in a trade dispute with the US and Canada and has imposed a 50% tariff on white corn imports.   The cause?   Genetically Modified corn.   Mexico doesn’t want it – and the US claims the dangers of GM corn are ‘not grounded in science’.   Trying to ‘force’ a product Mexico doesn’t want.   The US is Mexico’s largest import partner.

Russia and Mexico have exchanged small trade and are both looking to expand on that pact. While the US pushed for Mexico to honor sanctions with Russia, Mexico refused.

The Power Handlers behind the White House curtain were not pleased with Mexico’s reaction.   They are not pleased with the Saudi’s actions.   South Africa has snubbed them.  And Modi’s expression as Biden spilled, “I have sold a lot of state secrets and a lot of important things…” – told Modi and the world everything they needed to know.   WHY would any country trust America run by swindlers and blackmail bargains?

The top secret documents that the NSA and CIA are desperately searching for have not been found – because Biden already sold them. The amount of blackmail this would create is unfathomable.   And perhaps the need for Biden’s puppet presidency has something to do with that blackmail.

Russia is the distraction. ‘Keep our eyes on Ukraine’ – is a deflection.

Russia, China, and the Middle East are bolstering free trade agreements while the west is killing them.   The UK and German economies are in full blood clot mode.   As essentials become more expensive and more scarce, the governments response is to do less, heat less, air condition less, eat less…   Because it is going to get much worse.   The west and its Comrades have loped along for decades trading, squabbling, sanctioning, and trading again.   But the Biden Handlers want all that wealth to be redistributed from Taxpayers to the Cartel Club as quickly as possible.

There are only two ways the Cartel can cover up the sheer magnitudinal mess they have created:   1)   destroy the economy for a RESET,   or 2)   destroy the west via a nuclear catastrophe/war.    Nuclear is not what The Cartel wants because they need the land and air to be habitable.   Besides all that fake chicken and meat require vast amounts of farmland, farming, fertilizer, Monsanto, and water for those tasty ingredients:   Soy & Tempeh, beans and legumes, pea protein, grains, fruit and vegetable juice, wheat gluten, vegetable oil, flavoring, guar gum, maple fiber, and mushroom extract!  YUM!  Just makes your mouth water!

Of the presidential candidates vying for a run in election 2024, only one has the experience and international integrity to reopen trade and alliances ~ Trump.   Kennedy is seemingly one of the best democrat candidates overall, but he is sorely lacking in the field of international politics.   Leaving him spinning wheels.   A good VP candidate, he would learn well from four years beside Trump. Unfortunately, he has adamantly refused to even consider such an option dulling his ego – I imagine.

The remaining candidates with the exception of an anomaly – Ramaswamy – are simply in it to scrape the bottom of the money barrel when the PACS do what they are not supposed to do – give unspent money to the candidates.   And they blithely walk away, their pockets full.

Ramaswamy may have some explaining to do given it appears he may have fudged his age when scraping the internet of his history.   There are a handful of websites that contain conflicting information –

Internationally, Trump made friends with just about everyone but Xi.   Globally, the Cartel’s insertion of grossly incompetent heads within the White House to ‘manage’ the media was a fatal error.   But the Managers hiding behind the scenes made the various decisions that have provoked international embarrassment and the loss of the US as a global power.

Re-making America Great takes more than what Kennedy is capable of accomplishing.   IF he could see beyond himself to the global impact such a Trump/Kennedy team would have, what it would communicate and convey, and let go of his ego and pride, a Re-make could truly have magical qualities!   Not just economically, but politically and socially.

We could actually prosper as a united country and rid America of the defecating NGO’s – USAID – HRW – etc… that pillage our government and promote War.   I remain hopeful.

RACISM – The Founding of The Americas By Russians and Asians

Education at the k-12 level has dropped precipitously over the last 3 years.   Much of the decline is led by a lack of degreed teachers who specialize in the three R’s; reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmatic.   Instead students are bombarded with race, gender, and victimhood.   But it isn’t just our public elementary and secondary education affected, universities have seen a precipitous drop in test scores.  

Harvard has once again led the communist movement to further dummy down our children by accepting low SAT scores in the name of DEI.   Asian students, a minority, are being shunned from the Harvard list despite typically having the highest scores.   WHY?   Because smart people are racist.

When reviewing the diversity statistics at Harvard, I think I may have found the problem Houston – the percentage of total enrolled student population add to 73.66%.   Harvard has an obvious math problem!   Then there is this doozy:   “The majority of students enrolled in undergraduate programs are white men (18.2 percent), followed by white women (15.9 percent), and then Asian women (4.1 percent) (11.9 percent ).”   What is the 11.9%?

Harvard’s faculty is equally devoid of the full spectrum of diversity – they have -0- Hispanic faculty members.

Apparently Diversity and equity only applies to blacks – and no one else.   Taking lower ACT and SAT scores is their equity.   Lowering the bar to accommodate blacks.   But lowering the bar isn’t just about education, it applies to our newly obese military, our firefighter written exams, pilot training air time, and generally all aspects within our federal government.

Biden declares that he has positioned whites behind nonwhites in the federal government – whites sitting at 44%. Not based on performance or education or merit – but based simply on color.   THAT FOLKS is – Racism.

In that light, a black woman on Twitter exposed her education with the statement, “I am witness to hundreds of generations of racism.”   A.   you can only witness what is alive in your singular lifetime.   B.   Best guess is there have been roughly 20 generations since 1776.

Racism is used as victimhood.   Blacks in inner cities are reigning down with crime that is now commonplace theft, burglary, and assault.   Streets are shuttered at night to accommodate 200-300 blacks taking over entire blocks – police are told to ‘stand down’.   ALL in the name of ‘victimhood’.

“My parents were oppressed therefore I am entitled to steal whatever I want.”   And blackman Obama grins.   This is what he wants for his people!   This is Obama’s vision.

Remember when the Obama/Fauci/Gates team demanded blacks be ‘prioritized’ for Vax Jab?   They wanted blacks to Die.   That is victimhood. Perpetrated by the Black man behind Biden – Obama.   Of course, Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett are also behind the Curtain in the White House demanding, 1) blacks be the dummy-down basis for all education,   2)   blacks be slaughtered first.

Or maybe Blacks received a different Jab…

Establishing victimhood as the key point is the basis of reparations.

Victimhood psychology is a reactive response to an injustice that person feels was directed specifically at their person by another.   Under normal circumstances, it unleashes a range of emotions and behaviors that can be destructive.   By Definition: Victim compensation is a direct financial reimbursement to a victim for an expense that resulted from a crime.

Historically, slavery was not a crime. Therefore there is no basis for reparations given there was no ‘crime’.

Newsom made a mockery of reparations by establishing a committee to determine the compensation they felt was deserving.   After much deliberation, the Committee produced their results – and Newsome basically told them to go sit quietly in a corner because he was ‘just kidding’!   Not a slap on the wrist – a punch in the face to those who believed he was serious.

In essence, by offering reparations and then subsequently denying them, Newsom was the perpetrator of a racist crime.

In reality, racism is inherent in every single soul on the globe.   It will never be eradicated.   Our contrarian government handlers seem to believe that the means to erasing racism is by making those who are the ice cream flavor of the month behave like criminals.   In Obama’s world – that would be Blacks.   As a direct result, the ideology scored is blacks hate everyone – including blacks.\

Education is key.

But Obama believes that a dummy education will foster a better world for his compatriot blacks.   And perhaps that ideology stems from Obama’s own challenged education achievement.   Was the Harvard degree bought?   How come no one remembers him at Columbia?   Why didn’t he practice law?

Buying a degree is now relatively commonplace.   Cheap. Easy.   And deceitful.

There are untold number of Congress’persons’ whose degrees are questionable, cough-cough.   Law degrees are the preferred purchase.   And the Ivy Leagues simply charge more than their ‘scoff’ underlings.

In this newly immortalized world, everything is for sale.   Twitter followers can be bought in bulk increments.   Smallest = 300-500 cost about $80.   Multiply that by 1000 and the wealthy suddenly declare themselves Host and Hostess with the Mostest at a mere dropping of $20 grand or so to ‘look good’ and fans lap it up like peasants (the cost is progressive).

The ONLY real purpose of promoting Racism is division.   And in that token, blacks are victimized because they are taught to hate – everyone.   American Indians are also tokens of victimization.   Claiming they founded America and were here first – does NOT align with science!

In fact, “science” has determined that the true first settlers to the Americas came from Russia & Asia.   White people.   Asians.   They became the Aztecs, the Cherokee, the Navajo, etc…   Does that mean all those of Russian and Asian ancestry deserve reparations?   Or does it mean that Europe, Asia, the Americas, and Russia are completely and irrevocably intertwined ancestrally?

IF you want to talk about ‘who was here first and was subjected to slavery’ lets go back to the Beginning and discuss the racism against the America founders – Asians and Russians.  Because I don’t feel sorry for blacks, or Asians, or whites, or Hispanics, or Indians, or any tribe per se – I feel sorry for those who live under the Blog Heading of and by Victimhood!

Russia Crises Reveals Cracks in Putin ~ Blinken

“Russia Crisis Reveals Real Cracks in Putin’s Authority”.   ~Blinken.   A rather odd statement given that the crises in the US are far more prevalent, and far more destructive.   Fires, Riots, Mass killings, subway stabbers, crime unchecked, cities falling apart, trains derailing, bridges collapsing, shortages of everything, but Blinken chooses to focus on Russia.   Because that is what our government has been doing for 70+ years – feigning and faking.

An armed insurrection that came and went in Moscow.   Prigozhin has been transferred to Belarus.   There are four possibilities of that outcome:   1)   he leads a combined Belarus/Wagner front and center insurgency against Kyiv that could potentially end the war,   2)   he is replaced and executed for treason.   3)   Prigozhin and Putin played the CIA with Prigozhin as the double agent demanding $6.2 billion to take out Putin. 4)   drugs.

Everyone and their third cousin have brought forth their detailed description of Putin’s most innermost character, thoughts, and emotions – including the US intelligence apparatus en-masse.   While the US press cartel has revealed that according to unnamed sources our esteemed three letter agencies and ‘part’ of Congress were aware of Prigozhin’s intentions – they don’t say ‘how they knew’.  

I am inclined to favor either 3) or 4) –

3)   DOUBLE AGENT:    June 20th, the Pentagon releases a statement that they have recovered $6.2 billion “for Ukraine” due to an accounting error.   That error was actually a restatement based on two different sets of books maintained by the Pentagon. One set valued the weapons sent to Ukraine at their replacement value.   Those books were used in order to be reimbursed by the Feds. The other set of books valued the weapons at their depreciated sum of $-0-.

Therefore, The Pentagon miraculously asserted that they now had at their disposal an additional $6.5 billion to give to Ukraine.   But Ukraine didn’t get the money, Prigozhin did.   These shadow Pentagon books are also used to pay their mercenaries across the globe.   It would also explain how the CIA had advance knowledge of an attempted coup.   Staged quite well for appearances.

4)    DRUGS:   Toward the end of WWII Hitler was completely crazed out on a witches brew of drugs.   It is suggested that his drug fueled brain had ultimately contributed heavily to his death camp paranoia.   It is highly likely Prigozhin is on a drug fused spiral. Meth, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, are now common during wartimes.   It has been asserted that these drugs are routinely given to ISIL to numb them from the atrocities. Battles can’t be won by tired, spooked, and crying men.

It is important for the western cartel to portray Putin as a man beaten and scared even when he isn’t.   Portrayal is akin to propaganda.   Given the trajectory of the Western alliances is in a death fall, unveiling a ‘pathetic’ Putin is their means of attempting to reposition the BRICS.

Simultaneously, these same Cartel members have been positioning China as churning within a stagnation hole.   Brazil is losing its grip.   And India has jumped ship and is now the new US Bestest friend. At least that’s the oil slick western intelligence is attempting to stage.   Until, occasionally a Bomb explodes and the cleaner is called in – Mr. Winston Wolfe, aka, Durham.

Like Mr. Wolf, Durham answers directly to the cartel. He has been told that the Biden mess is uncleanable.  It has reached far into the soleless depths of self destructive.  Therefore, in order to keep the stranglehold on their agenda the Biden family needs to be liquidated – and fed to Guantanamo.   Too many dead bodies – too many mistakes.   The Cleaner has been assigned to reveal the Truth.

How much power does the Federal Government wield?

Short Answer – NONE.   Which is the point of Agenda 2030, to RESET our idea of government and eliminate all Constitutions.   Every battle lost in the US to the Cartel can be traced to the US Constitution.   Without our Constitution and its Amendments, we would have already fallen.   It is the one document holding us together as a nation.   Rewriting, reimagining, and restating its tenets, the far left Atlantic Council held up such a notion in 2020.

Claiming to represent each party, progressive, libertarian, and conservative, teams were assigned by The Atlantic Council to represent each party.  Each team was told to draft a New US Constitution.    The first person Council assigned to the ‘conservative’ team was Robert P. George, a liberal neoconservative. Their second pick was Michael McConnell – another neoconservative.   And there it goes…  

According to The Atlantic, all three chosen teams had similar convergences for rewriting ‘certain provisions of The US Constitution’ – because the teams represent the New Normal – Uniparty.

What the Uniparty Teams revealed is that the abolishment of the electoral process is paramount, reducing the powers of the President while beefing up powers of Congress was also considered a necessary amendment.   Of course, the problem with all the initiatives proposed is they open a broad vein of ‘interpretation’.  

Because without interpretation, we would have no need for lawyers at all… Without interpretation, we would have no need for over half our media. Therefore interpretation is likely to stay – until a Great RESET authoritarian rule emerges.

IF the media’s job was to report ‘facts’ there would be little use for thousands of media outlets.   The Big Money Media Gambit would have little purpose.   Advertisers would have to line up for a spot.   Or, as it was when I was growing up in Germany, advertisers were all given a block of television time – typically 3 hours per day.

Unless, and until Putin decides he wants the world to know what really happened, it is conjecture.   An interpretation of events based on various biased interpretations of information and information subsets, as well as the ‘political affiliation’ of the party making the analysis.   Including MINE!

MODI Enters The Den of BIS NAZI’s

The Fanfare over Modi has been cringe-worthy at best.   The Economist can’t get enough, lauding him, “The World’s Most Popular Leader”.   “America and India Drawing Their Countries Close!    With Jill and Joey leading him around by the hands like a toddler, Modi came and watched and went.   But not before giving Jill a 7.5k ‘sustainable’ diamond.   What the Fark is a sustainable diamond?   Lab grown – and like meat they have little comparative value to the real thing.

And like lab grown meat – it isn’t really a diamond – it is simply an upgrade from zirconium. Perhaps the real meaning of the gift was more of an embodiment of the Biden’s – as FAKE.  OUCH!

The sum total of the ‘meeting’ would appear to be weapons.   Biden agreed to sell Modi weapons in order to woo India away from Russia.   According to every MSM the meeting was a grand success and India has agreed to cool its jets with BRICS partners China and Russia in favor of US relations and trade.

“General Electric’s aerospace unit and Hindustan Aeronautics, India’s state-owned aerospace and defense company, have signed a memorandum of understanding for the manufacture of engines for the Indian-made Tejas fighter jet and an export license agreement for its technology transfer. The engines will be manufactured in India.”

Not sure how this benefits the US…

Somehow Russian and Chinese human rights violations are Paramount Fodder by the US Media, but India’s are not.   Modi is no fool.   He is front and center observing the current China backstabbing and the Russia is evil campaign.   Pragmatic, BRICS are about trade – not sanctions and war.   Somehow, this deviance seems to fly over the heads of US heads of state.

But the point is the fact that America’s dominance is losing and fending for allies is becoming ever more difficult.   Laughing at the White House and all its ‘occupants’ is more the true Fanfare.   And no amount of slobber wooing is going to alter that reality.

India’s Partners are its neighbors.


“India may “pull apart” if rights of the religious and ethnic minorities are not upheld.”   Stated in an interview with Christina Amanpour. Not done, Obama continued, “…President Biden called the President of China a dictator and is sticking with it. He is also hosting as we speak the Prime Minister of India, Modi, who is considered to be autocratic or at least an illiberal democrat.”

Suffering Succotash!  

An odd statement at the close of Modi’s US visit.   And sounding much like a backdoor threat to toe the line.   ‘Pull apart’ is code for Color Revolution.   And like Xi Jinping and Putin – sovereignty is not a salable option.

Given Obama’s remarks, I would suggest that the egocentric will find himself without a country.

The Sanction Sovereign Gamut employed and deployed through the globe has come to a screeching halt.   The True Awakening.

Yet.   It appears that isolating China and India from America may be purposeful.   The idea that Obama and Clinton care a pig’s arse about human rights is the telltale.   They setup the Ukraine Cartel!   If the point is to leverage animosity among BRICS members so as to divide and conquer – the means and the intelligence behind the means is asinine at best and laughable more likely.   Perhaps desk jockey, Austin thought up the idea.

Macron has stated he wants an invitation to the BRICS September meeting hosted by South Africa’s Ramaphosa.   Without providing any reasoning behind the request other than curiosity, it smells.

BIS and The Economist continue to focus on digital currencies.   While the focus has been on how such a currency could impact the ability of everyday citizens to buy and sell with imposed social credit scores, the GLOBAL corporate powerhouses would also be subject to this scoring system.   US corporations are already hooked into the social scorecard, hence websites and social media must highlight their sustainable and equitable justice system.   In the US.   But The Bank of International Settlements, is concerned with how they can extend this monstrosity to all global businesses.   And thus – governments.

Before the Ukraine/Russia Conflict, this goal may have been achieved.   But the business of sovereign rule intervened. And now BIS and it’s cohorts are facing a collapse of power.   Without that Power – BRICS will prevail.

The Two US representatives at BIS include; Jerome Powell, US Federal Reserve Chair, and John Williams of the NY Federal Reserve.   There are zero African or Middle East representatives at BIS.   WHY?   Because BIS is yet another Nazi affiliation from its onset – and Nazi’s are not friendly with ‘people of color’.

John Strausbaugh:   “Via the BIS, the American and British bankers would maintain a mostly secret friendship with their Nazi and Japanese counterparts straight through World War II while thousands and thousands of American and British men in uniform were being killed and maimed in the fight to defeat the Nazis and Japanese.” 

The Nazi affiliation of BIS unravels the vast Khazarian influence, past and present within all western nations.   And explains the predicate of Jewish Nazism. The leader of the BIS during WWII was a Wall Streeter named Thomas McKittrick.   Find a Harvard graduate and you may find a Nazi.    Unsurprisingly, McKittrick was family friends with Alan Dulles – the CIA Director who broke the back of US Intelligence and Propaganda Allusions.

JP Morgan led the reconstruction of Europe.   JP Morgan and BlackRock have been named as the Bagmen for the reconstruction of Ukraine.   CSIS has already developed a committee for the reconstruction as Zelenskyy routinely – loses.   Rumblings across social media suggest that the CIA has already put out a hit on Zelenskyy as he has proven to be a ‘comedic failure’.

Of course, ANY hit on Zelenskyy will be blamed on Russia and used as pontific justification for an all out World War.   For which the US is NOT prepared.   AND the US is also meant to lose.   Because the US has proven a ginormous obstacle for the BIS Bankers Cartel – operating in lawless Ukraine.

Given the Khazars would only approve a Caucasian Power Grab after the Fall of America – China, India, Africa and the Middle East are not in the BIS Cartel Playbook.   Europe has no army leaving them quacking.   A quagmire to be sure – it appears BIS has painted itself into the corner on the roof’s edge…   But then the intelligentsia apparatus seems to have devolved 20-50 IQ points as mistake after mistake requires recalibration. Perhaps they have a secret society living underground as the offspring of Hitler’s Nazis …  waiting.

Their Playbook is looking more and more wretchedly wracked self righteous rot wreaking of rancid rancor.  $10k for a Senator.   Going, going GONE!

Khazar Nazi’s vs Soviet Russia: A Battle Since 600 CE

A chilling account by a whistleblower reveals the monstrosities that were being committed in Ukraine labs before the Russian divesture.   Body parts from live children were packaged and sent to Europe buried in grain shipments.   When the UN brokered the Ukraine Grain Deal struck in July 2022, the pivot to allow transportation thru the Black Sea was signed and sealed.   But the grain never reached its African destinations and instead went to Poland and eastern Europe.   Poland declared the grain was tainted –

April 2023, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia suddenly banned Ukraine grain imports into their countries.   The EU Commission threatened the countries for overstepping their EU authority on trade.   A deal was made that the imports throughout the eastern bloc would simply be transit lines and not destinations.  “It is also a success for other countries effected by the situation in the grain market and, I think, a success for the European Union.”

The EU also agreed to pay Poland $40 million euros for their trouble.

The media continually praise the agreement and efforts as the only means of preventing a ‘global food crisis’.   As of 2021, per the US Department of Agriculture, grain exports from Ukraine went to China – 48%, EU – 25% and Turkey – 7%.   Africa, is not in the mix.   Somehow, Africa’s starvation was not considered – while China was the main import partner.

Substitute ‘grain’ for children’s harvested organs.  

For the person looking to buy an illegal organ: a heart averages $1million, a liver – $557,000 and kidney’s – $262,000.   It is Big Business among those with the wallet.  But it is Business for those whose definition of the Rule of Law is – eenie meenie miney moe, catch a…

To understand the Nazi elemental infiltration in Ukraine, one must understand WWII from a non-propaganda perspective.  That means The Western intelligence apparatus was anticipating a General Patton failure.

Initially, FDR and Churchill lauded Hitler for his economic successes.   When FDR began to come under scrutiny for his politics and failures in the US, war was his distraction choice.   General Bradley and General Patton had different opinions on ‘winning’ – and fought vehemently.   Patton’s military organ was – Win The War.  But Bradley kept deflecting Patton’s tactics.   WHY?  Because that isn’t exactly what the Shadow Government had in mind.

At the end of the war, the US installed thousands of Nazi’s throughout the military industrial complex – in Colorado and Washington, DC.   Included in this bizarre alliance was Adolf Huesinger.   Huesinger was the general staff of the High Command/Hitler of the Wehrmacht from 1938 to 1944.   In 1961 Huesinger became the Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.   The first Chairman was – General Bradley.  The same Bradley who had General Douglas MacArthur FIRED for not towing the line on behalf of the Shadow Government.

The duties of the Chairman of the NATO Military are: “advises the North Atlantic Council on military policy and strategy, and is the senior military spokesperson of the 31-nation alliance and principal advisor to the Secretary General.”

Quite a heady responsibility for a former Nazi General, Huesinger, to Command…   but of course, it was purposeful.

General Wolfgang Altenburg – allegiance = Nazi Germany – became Chairman of the NATO Military Committee.   General Hans Spiedel, Rommel’s Chief of Staff, became Supreme Commander of NATO’s Ground forces.   Johannes Steinhoff – Nazi fighter pilot – held NATO assignments including the Military Committee.

George Bush’s father assisted the Nazi power platform and helped Hitler rise.   While propaganda tools attempt to make the connection benign – it isn’t.   He aided and abetted a regime with which we went to war.

The directive to infiltrate Nazi’s into the US was approved by Truman under Operation Paperclip. Nazi Generals and Scientists were considered the superior race. Their talents far exceeded US counterparts.   But most importantly, their psyche.   Psychiatrists who evaluated these Nazi war criminals found them to be highly intelligent and devoted to their allegiance to Country.  Psychological assessments that contributed to the CIA’s massive psychological experiments, including Operation MOCKINGBIRD.

The CIA Office of Policy Coordination under Frank Wisner and Alan Dulles were integral in spiriting Nazi’s out of Belarus providing them with visa’s allowing them to infiltrate the US.   At the time, Belarus was a part of the USSR.   According to John Loftus, the scheme was to raise guerrilla warfare against the Soviet Union using the Nazi collaborators.   Wisner was said to have committed suicide in 1965.

NATO was formed to fight the USSR.   Eighty years later, NATO Nazi’s are fighting Russia.   And the vast majority of European countries are ruled under this ideology.   The Ukraine Nazi’s were trained by the CIA.   The concept of Hitler’s supreme race never died.   It simply moved around.

The Potsdam Conference negotiated new boundaries and countries at the end of WWII for Europe and the USSR. The western portion of Europe was designated to the US and the eastern bloc was designated to the USSR.   Today, most of that eastern bloc has been absorbed by the western bloc via Reagan’s botched agreements.

In other words the Nazi’s have been fighting Russia since WWII.   Under the banner of Khazars whose empire included Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, and Kazakhstan in the 6th century.   The animosity between Khazars and Arabs has existed since the 8th century.   Today the vagrant leaders of this Jewish Khazarian caliphate include: Soros, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Morgan, Fink, Oppenheimer, Ellison, Page, Brin, etc…


UKRAINE: The West Great RESET Illusion

The EU’s Ursula Von der Leyen has announced when the Ukraine conflict will end – December 2023.   In anticipation of this momentous moment, von der Leyen has also gleefully stipulated that all EU taxpayers will be footing an impressive $55 billion bill to begin the reconstruction/renovation process.   BlackRock and JP Morgan will be the beneficiaries of $500 billion once they open the Reconstruction Bank in Kyiv.  How exciting! Ukraine is poised to become a new statehood just as soon as there are no breaths still in existence within its borders – Riff-Raff…

While von der Leyen is making taxpayers foot their fair equity share, BlackRock and JP Morgan work is to establish a bank for investors wherein they can trade Bitcoin for a proportionate share of Ukraine.   Ukraine will thus become a corporate vassal. A technical ‘first’.

CEO’s Fink and Damon don’t give a fark about Ukraine – but the investment potential for rebuilding after destroying a nation has always amounted to a frenzied mania of greed.   Syria’s Assad was not so forgiving and refused any investment or support from US conglomerate Pacmen – despite feverishly sitting on the sidelines with bags of gold outstretched… Assad vehemently denied ANY Western money!

Ukraine represents desperation for those lost War Profit Margins.

The new and improved estimate by The World Bank for the reconstruction is $411 billion.   An odd number, but then perhaps the $11 billion portion is a front loaded fee payable to BlackRock and JP Morgan off the top.   However, it is more than likely the true cost is double the estimate and the EU doesn’t want to scare off investors.

Once again, Zelenskyy is propped up in London for a ‘conference with the British government’ to discuss their visions of the New Ukraine.   Architecture drafts…   Given Bill Gates dropped his dream for a Smart City in Arizona it is likely Ukraine will be the recipient of this vision instead.   Albeit free from law and regulations.   Not to mention – Free Money!

I imagine the project will be similar to the Saudi venture, NEOM:

“On January 29, 2019, Saudi Arabia announced that it had established a closed joint-stock company named Neom.[8] The company is wholly owned by the Public Investment Fund and is solely dedicated to developing the economic zone of Neom.”

This would be the roadmap.

In order to build such a vast city-state, slave labor will be necessary to control costs.   The model for this portion of the venture would be Dubai. Harness poor men from Africa, India and Pakistan and offer them an opportunity to work. Slaves, their wages will be doled out amidst stipulations for food, water and rent.   Just like the US Okies.

Amnesty International will be obliquely silent and Human Rights Watch will laud the brave investors for supplying thousands of jobs to the ‘needy’ while building a carbon free Ukraine.   The UN will occasionally issue a distress warning over the deplorable conditions, but ‘do’ absolutely nothing.

Bill Gates et al, were convinced that building a massive city complex wherein everyone worked 24/7, and paid the vast majority of their wages to The City, was the perfect model of the Great RESET.   When the Saudi’s brought forth NEOM, jealousy was only matched by greed. But the cost would be unsustainable.   Ukraine provides the answer:    free land, abundant reserves to colonize, uneducated people living in dire poverty, a corrupt government that would do anything for $10, and a level of ethic that would rival Stalin or Mao.

The Biden Handlers will likely attempt to embezzle large sums from US Taxpayers under the guise of human rights and climate change to fund the New Ukraine which will be populated by The Royal Cabal and their minion servants.

In line with this push for reconstruction the World Economic Forum has declared that cities account for 70% of all global warming…  A Brand New Finger Pointing!    And Smart Cities?   The Klaus Answer for everything. The purpose of this unfounded declaration regarding the source of climate change is to vacate large US cities.   The purpose of the inclement rioting and chaos within these urban cityscapes – separate the productive from the nonproductive, ie, the large scale dunderheads committing horrific crimes. Once a city is operating mostly on dunderheads, they can be vacuumed.

The Green Climate Fund is sitting on $10-$15 billion in unspent funds.   Therefore those funds could easily be allocated to Ukraine to justifiably build the West’s First NEOM according to Garp. In fact the Biden Regime just announced another allocation of $600 million – for The Green Fund.   From Taxpayer coffers. Collectively, The Green Fund hasn’t actually spent any money on Climate Change, instead they pay salaries, accumulate cash, and use the IMF and World Bank to issue micro-loans at 30% interest.  Hence, the unspent funds and the largess revenues on ‘investments’.

While the Cartel Powers that be have noted that the conflict will end December 2023, they have not delineated how.   Nor do they suppose Russia will be a threat at that point.

Under what circumstances would the Western Powers assert that Russia is no longer a threat:

  • Putin is no longer alive.
  • Moscow & St Petersburg will be reduced to rubble. Just ask Assad or Erdogan.
  • While that may be their goal – it does not equate to actuality.   Nor does the fallout.   A takeover of Russia would hardly unite the globe to the Cartel.   No matter how hard they try to parlay and/or lavish upon such members as – India.

Modi has graced the front page of The Rothschild Economist near daily as of late;   “America’s New Best Friend – India”, aka Modi. Or this doozy:   “Modi is the Most Beloved Leader in The World”.   Drawing on my more tender years, “GAG me with a spoon!”

The illusion is The Propaganda.   A cosmic psychedelic version of the truth that has Matrix diaspora written all over it.  

Unraveling.   Climate Change is a universal natural condition.   Russia’s nationalism is 10fold stronger than the enemy asserts.   The Cartel is flailing and failing. The NEOM Project has been halted due to massive overruns in cost!   Ukraine is and always will be a colonized vassal state.   Modi has expanded its trade outside of America 100fold.   And Klaus Schwab and his AGENDA will not be immortalized – he is 85+ years old and has no viable successor –

Soros has presented his entire Empire to his near youngest son Alex – drawing the ire of the older 4 siblings.   Alex has none of the inherent brain damage suffered by Gyorgy during WWII which recreated his conscious.   Alex may WANT to be evil, but his genetic structure is silver spoon…

The Russia-Ukraine conflict being waged as another western agenda is not materializing despite inserting BILLIONS$.   They have no Plan B.   And the Belarus Nuclear Initiative is – a massive security blanket for Russia.   Lukashenko will have no qualms about retaliation should Russia suffer a Western coup.   The Red Button has likely been thoroughly discussed.  

CABAL Resurrecting Neo-Nazi’s in Belarus For COUP

With Blinken emerging from talks with China as a dismal failure, the US proxies have decided to heighten their color revolution style coup in Belarus.   Couping is the only western means of gaining an ‘allied country’.   To this end, dissidents that had moved from Belarus to Poland have been in heady militant training exercises in order to return to Belarus and overthrow the Lukashenko government.   With the help of the Polish government in Minsk, a battalion was formed from these exiles for the purpose of killing all Russians in Ukraine and then initiating a coup in Belarus.

Their deposited Belarusian Leader, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya is the wife of an imprisoned dissident.   She took up the baton when her husband, Sergei, was imprisoned for treason in 2020.   The Far Left Soros funded Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch immediately went berserk claiming the imprisonment was ‘politically motivated’.   HOW DARE THEY!

In response, the Soros Cartel called for a coup.

The Kastuś Kalinoŭski Battalion was established in 2022 by the Cartel to train for the overthrow.  They are a parallel unit in Kyiv, operating alongside the Azov Battalion with whom they share the Neo-Nazi ideology. They took their name from Kalinouski, an anarchist communist Bolshevik who participated in various uprisings against Soviet Russia in the mid 1800’s. In essence, the Russians and Belarusians are now positioned to fight against the Bolsheviks Second Revolution.

The usual accommodations arose wherein Sergei was elevated to the status of hero alongside other Cartel Puppets;   Navalny and Zelenskyy.   Like His cohorts, Sergei has no formal education, no political background, was a blogger by trade, and was chosen by the CSIS/NED Cartels in 2019. His wife, Sviatlana, is of Communist Bolshevik heritage.

The purpose of the Coup? To undermine Russian relations and reorganize BRICS.

In a recent paper issued by NED CEO, Damon Wilson, the lament was encapsulated in the notion that ‘democracy’ is losing.   Democracy is defined as the Globalization Cartel.   Any country that does not adhere to this form of coup interred democracy is considered a threat.   The latest countries to join against ‘the NED democracy’ include; Turkey, Pakistan, Malasia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other MENA members.

The NED version of democracy means these countries lose their sovereignty, their religion, and their freedom.   Instead, they must surrender under the umbrella of the Cabal Cartel and step down from Leadership.

NED’s Muslim pawn is Dr. Radwan Masmoudi.   NED’s apparent thought is that using a Muslim, Masmoudi, to advocate for the Middle East to bow to the Cartel is more likely to succeed.   Masmoudi’s credentials include his ‘expertise’ on democracy and human rights given his degree in Robotics.   He sits on the steering committee of NED’s World Movement for Democracy.   WMD works in Africa and Latin America to coerce governments to either submit voluntarily or suffer the ‘consequences’.

For Aleppo Syria, those consequences meant the destruction of antiquity: The loss of thousands upon thousands of ancient artifacts.   The liquidation of entire cities to rubble. And the loss of over 550,000 lives! 

Radwan typically appears on every major CIA owned and operated channel in the US as well as government owned and operated television stations in Algeria and Tunisia.

Both Tunisia and Algeria share close trade and economic ties with Russia.

In a classic attempt to twist history, NED’s CEO, Damon Wilson, is claiming that Russia is responsible for the bloody, reprehensible Bombing of Syria, China is becoming heavy handed authoritarian in surveillance of its citizens, and Iran is evil for sending weapons to Russia.

As a result of these conclusions, NED is calling for a revitalization of the Arab Spring Revolt!   Fawez Gerges, of the London School of Economics where Soros studied under Popper states; “I don’t think we’re going to see any stability as long as dictators and military intelligence agencies continue to suffocate society.”   His reference would apparently include all MENA members and BRICS.

NED views the current situation as ‘bleak’.   But the purpose of the CSID Conference hosted by Damon Wilson was to reiterate to themselves that the BRICS have taken control – and alliances are peeling away. Given that issue, the Arabs could align to boot intelligence agencies and western militaries from the Middle East – including the US military squatting in northern Syria.   This represents an unsustainable threat to the hegemony of The Cartel and their ‘Inserts’.  An Arab Spring and a coup in Belarus would be their solutions!

Without a clear counteroffensive from the Cartel, their power is waning rapidly and they are left looking like hamsters spinning on a rusty wheel going nowhere quickly! Waiting for instructions, the US military commanders that have been commandeered are lackluster desk jockeys looking for a beach and Mai Tai lifestyle – hopefully tomorrow.  And the Cartel has no inventory of replacements…