MODI Enters The Den of BIS NAZI’s

The Fanfare over Modi has been cringe-worthy at best.   The Economist can’t get enough, lauding him, “The World’s Most Popular Leader”.   “America and India Drawing Their Countries Close!    With Jill and Joey leading him around by the hands like a toddler, Modi came and watched and went.   But not before giving Jill a 7.5k ‘sustainable’ diamond.   What the Fark is a sustainable diamond?   Lab grown – and like meat they have little comparative value to the real thing.

And like lab grown meat – it isn’t really a diamond – it is simply an upgrade from zirconium. Perhaps the real meaning of the gift was more of an embodiment of the Biden’s – as FAKE.  OUCH!

The sum total of the ‘meeting’ would appear to be weapons.   Biden agreed to sell Modi weapons in order to woo India away from Russia.   According to every MSM the meeting was a grand success and India has agreed to cool its jets with BRICS partners China and Russia in favor of US relations and trade.

“General Electric’s aerospace unit and Hindustan Aeronautics, India’s state-owned aerospace and defense company, have signed a memorandum of understanding for the manufacture of engines for the Indian-made Tejas fighter jet and an export license agreement for its technology transfer. The engines will be manufactured in India.”

Not sure how this benefits the US…

Somehow Russian and Chinese human rights violations are Paramount Fodder by the US Media, but India’s are not.   Modi is no fool.   He is front and center observing the current China backstabbing and the Russia is evil campaign.   Pragmatic, BRICS are about trade – not sanctions and war.   Somehow, this deviance seems to fly over the heads of US heads of state.

But the point is the fact that America’s dominance is losing and fending for allies is becoming ever more difficult.   Laughing at the White House and all its ‘occupants’ is more the true Fanfare.   And no amount of slobber wooing is going to alter that reality.

India’s Partners are its neighbors.


“India may “pull apart” if rights of the religious and ethnic minorities are not upheld.”   Stated in an interview with Christina Amanpour. Not done, Obama continued, “…President Biden called the President of China a dictator and is sticking with it. He is also hosting as we speak the Prime Minister of India, Modi, who is considered to be autocratic or at least an illiberal democrat.”

Suffering Succotash!  

An odd statement at the close of Modi’s US visit.   And sounding much like a backdoor threat to toe the line.   ‘Pull apart’ is code for Color Revolution.   And like Xi Jinping and Putin – sovereignty is not a salable option.

Given Obama’s remarks, I would suggest that the egocentric will find himself without a country.

The Sanction Sovereign Gamut employed and deployed through the globe has come to a screeching halt.   The True Awakening.

Yet.   It appears that isolating China and India from America may be purposeful.   The idea that Obama and Clinton care a pig’s arse about human rights is the telltale.   They setup the Ukraine Cartel!   If the point is to leverage animosity among BRICS members so as to divide and conquer – the means and the intelligence behind the means is asinine at best and laughable more likely.   Perhaps desk jockey, Austin thought up the idea.

Macron has stated he wants an invitation to the BRICS September meeting hosted by South Africa’s Ramaphosa.   Without providing any reasoning behind the request other than curiosity, it smells.

BIS and The Economist continue to focus on digital currencies.   While the focus has been on how such a currency could impact the ability of everyday citizens to buy and sell with imposed social credit scores, the GLOBAL corporate powerhouses would also be subject to this scoring system.   US corporations are already hooked into the social scorecard, hence websites and social media must highlight their sustainable and equitable justice system.   In the US.   But The Bank of International Settlements, is concerned with how they can extend this monstrosity to all global businesses.   And thus – governments.

Before the Ukraine/Russia Conflict, this goal may have been achieved.   But the business of sovereign rule intervened. And now BIS and it’s cohorts are facing a collapse of power.   Without that Power – BRICS will prevail.

The Two US representatives at BIS include; Jerome Powell, US Federal Reserve Chair, and John Williams of the NY Federal Reserve.   There are zero African or Middle East representatives at BIS.   WHY?   Because BIS is yet another Nazi affiliation from its onset – and Nazi’s are not friendly with ‘people of color’.

John Strausbaugh:   “Via the BIS, the American and British bankers would maintain a mostly secret friendship with their Nazi and Japanese counterparts straight through World War II while thousands and thousands of American and British men in uniform were being killed and maimed in the fight to defeat the Nazis and Japanese.” 

The Nazi affiliation of BIS unravels the vast Khazarian influence, past and present within all western nations.   And explains the predicate of Jewish Nazism. The leader of the BIS during WWII was a Wall Streeter named Thomas McKittrick.   Find a Harvard graduate and you may find a Nazi.    Unsurprisingly, McKittrick was family friends with Alan Dulles – the CIA Director who broke the back of US Intelligence and Propaganda Allusions.

JP Morgan led the reconstruction of Europe.   JP Morgan and BlackRock have been named as the Bagmen for the reconstruction of Ukraine.   CSIS has already developed a committee for the reconstruction as Zelenskyy routinely – loses.   Rumblings across social media suggest that the CIA has already put out a hit on Zelenskyy as he has proven to be a ‘comedic failure’.

Of course, ANY hit on Zelenskyy will be blamed on Russia and used as pontific justification for an all out World War.   For which the US is NOT prepared.   AND the US is also meant to lose.   Because the US has proven a ginormous obstacle for the BIS Bankers Cartel – operating in lawless Ukraine.

Given the Khazars would only approve a Caucasian Power Grab after the Fall of America – China, India, Africa and the Middle East are not in the BIS Cartel Playbook.   Europe has no army leaving them quacking.   A quagmire to be sure – it appears BIS has painted itself into the corner on the roof’s edge…   But then the intelligentsia apparatus seems to have devolved 20-50 IQ points as mistake after mistake requires recalibration. Perhaps they have a secret society living underground as the offspring of Hitler’s Nazis …  waiting.

Their Playbook is looking more and more wretchedly wracked self righteous rot wreaking of rancid rancor.  $10k for a Senator.   Going, going GONE!

3 thoughts on “MODI Enters The Den of BIS NAZI’s

  1. Sadly, the incentives or threats to wavering BRICS countries to ensure they stay with the UlS./British empire usually work. That’s the sad part of all this. The empire, like it or not, still has hand.

    • I agree they still have a hand. But it isn’t just people citizenry awakening to their prop allusions it is Governments! Government means trade money weapons war banking! They have lost

  2. “But then the intelligentsia apparatus seems to have devolved 20-50 IQ points as mistake after mistake requires recalibration.” – Helena

    Only 20-50?! Boy, are you being kind!

    There are ‘Conspiracy Theories’ floating about that suggest the Khazars are wanting to move back home which conveniently is Ukraine. As you have noted, many Ukrainians have ‘Exited Left’ to other nations,,, those remaining are being slaughtered by the Ruskies or the Ukrainian SBU. There would be a few left but the Khazars have learned how to genocide unwelcome groups.

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