West Africa Sahel – Gabon Coup Uncovers CASH Bribery

As US intelligence agencies remain focused on pillaging the economy of China, they also lose necessary critical minerals, including: platinum, chromium, cobalt, graphite and copper.   As a result, the Center For Strategic And International Studies (CSIS), is recommending tapping Africa’s reserves.   The means?   “Strengthening US commercial diplomacy with the African continent”.

The methodology to accomplish this Ponzi has been laid out as an agenda:   1.   Bring Africa into the Minerals Security Partnership.   2.   Ue the Inflation Reduction Act to funnel US Taxpayer money to resource rich African countries.   3.   Leverage economic diplomacy.

The latest coup in Gabon revealed some interesting ‘leveraging techniques’.   The military junta found multiple suitcases loaded with cash at the homes of the president, Ali Bongo, and a politician. The cash came in the form of UK pounds, Euros, and US dollars.  The President and his advisor are currently under house arrest.

IS this what CSIS defines as leveraging economic diplomacy?   We can be assured this is a bribe and explains why despite claims of USAID dollars going to Africa – in fact it hasn’t – it goes to a select few as bribery in exchange for looting the countries resources.

It is noteworthy that Bongo was educated at a private school in France before studying law at the Sorbonne. Following in his father’s footsteps, Bongo did not practice law but instead went into politics.   When his father died in 2009, Bongo orchestrated his rise to presidency with the assistance of his good friends – Hillary and Obama.   He remained president until the junta.

Given aid money never went to Gabonian People, the unemployment rate is over 30% and more than 60% are below the poverty line.   This is the AGENDA for Africa via the US, France, UK, and Germany.   And this is also what they parlay for America and Europe.

The election was rigged. The charges being levied against Bongo, his son, his advisor and several aids is treason, embezzlement and corruption. He is desperately asking for western interference.

Gabon’s exports to the EU include petroleum, petroleum products, manganese, uranium, and timber.   The EU is in a death spiral having lost control of Africa.   While ECOWAS continue to deny these couped countries food and aid, it is highly likely China and Russia will.

Contrary to the propaganda released by MSM, the military power ploy was met with The People dancing in the streets for joy!   Hardly, the coup junta as framed by the MSM.   Macron’s stance is to declare that the fate of all African presidents awaits them – unless democracy is restored.   Oddly, Macron failed to address The People. Apparently bribery, treason, and embezzlement represent Macron’s democracy.

In that light, it is likely the means to Macron’s wealth too.

West Africa is awakening!   The coups have now encompassed;   Gabon, Niger, Mali, Burkino Faso, Guinea, Sudan, and Chad.   The Western Cabal is warning that terrorism will rise in these regions.   Which opens the discussion;   is Africa’s terrorism funded by the West?

According to the FATF Research Group in Africa, terrorist funding comes from NGO’s, charities, and trafficking.   The terrorist groups include: Boko Haram, al Shabaab. and ISIL. In West Africa terrorism targets;    Niger, Mali, Burkino Faso, Nigeria and Senegal.   Senegal’s president, Macki Sali is a self described Marxist Leninist with Maoist ideologies. Senegal would appear to be ripe for the next military junta.

The Terrorists:

  • ISIL.   Formed in 1999 as an offshoot of Al Qaeda, ISIL was unleashed on Iraq in 2003 under Bush, and in Syria in 2014 under Obama. In 2017 ISIL and Al Qaeda were declared to have been eradicated.
  • Boko Haram was created in 2002 in Nigeria where their headquarters remains today.   Nigeria is part of the ECOWAS funded by the West. Over 60% of Nigeria’s population live on less than $1 per day.
  • Al Shabaab came to prominence in 2006 inside Somalia.   They are considered an offshoot of Al Qaeda.   Foreign fighters from the US, UK, Israel and UAE have merged into the group.

IN 2014 NENA, a near east news agency based in Rome wrote:   “Since 2003, Anglo-American power has secretly and openly coordinated direct and indirect support for Islamist terrorist groups linked to al-Qaeda across the Middle East and North Africa. This ill-conceived patchwork geostrategy is a legacy of the persistent influence of neoconservative ideology, motivated by longstanding but often contradictory ambitions to dominate regional oil resources, defend an expansionist Israel, and in pursuit of these, re-draw the map of the Middle East.”

The policies of the Western Cabalists continue to unravel at an expedited rate.   The cause?   To free the people from the oppression invoked by Western military and political intervention that has deepened poverty and enriched western backed leaders.

WHITE HOUSE REGIME: Pharma Negotiations A Ponzi Scheme

Biden has declared he will begin negotiations with respective Pharma companies over the cost of 10 drugs obtained thru Medicare.   One such drug is Stelara which costs $25,497.12 every 8 weeks or $152,982.72 per year.   Currently, if you are insured, your cost is $5 per dose out of pocket.   However, Stelara does not give this discount to those on Medicare, Medicaid, or VA benefits.

Stelara comes with a warning of serious side effects because it attacks your ‘immune system’.   It causes TB, Cancer, lung deterioration – and death. The drug is for psoriasis, crohns and colitis. None of these diseases cause death.   And doctors have no idea what causes these diseases other than a compromised immune system. The number of patients taking this drug between 2009 and 2019 was 300,000.

In 2023, Stelara’s patent expires and generic substitutes can enter the fray.  

An alternative treatment for psoriasis is hydrocortisone cream which you can buy at your pharmacy for about $5.   Another helpful cure that has NO side effects is Aloe. Aloe, Probiotics and acupuncture care also recommended to help relieve Crohns and Colitis.

Another drug slated for negotiations is Imbruvica.   This drug is used to treat, not cure, lymphatic leukemia. Its side effects include; cancer, hemorrhaging, heart failure, tumors and death.   Medicare patient cost is $8511 – $3395 per month.

This drug treats nearly 200,000 patients “WorldWide”.    There is no specific data on US use.

June 2023, the FDA gave final approval for the generic version of Imbruvica to an Indian Pharmaceutical Zydus!  


Biden Regime is likely going to twist the Medicare negotiation into a success when in actuality the generic versions will be the replacement.

According to The Economist, the Pharma Industry has currently reached a whopping $1.5 trillion annual revenue base of which 42% is US sales and 65% is US cost – $975 billion.    According to the rap sheet, the ten drugs selected by the WH Regime account for $50.5 billion of the total Part D Medicare cost – 5% of all drug expenditures.

According to Kaiser, the total cost of Medicare drugs per year is $216 billion – 22% of total.   The average number of medications Americans take is 4.   The number of people cured?   Zero.   The top drugs taken by Americans are for High Blood Pressure, Statins, diabetes, and High Cholesterol.   All of these diseases could be mediated by change of lifestyle habits; weight loss, healthy eating habits, and exercise.

If you want to impact the PHARMA Industry – take better care of yourself!  

But the rap sheet has some odd common core math issues.   According to HHS, the US spends $603 on Pharma per year, as opposed to $975.   A 40% difference!    Maybe, instead of tackling the 5% Medicare drug costs, the US Regime should audit US expenditures on Pharma.

Given US sanctions, Cuba’s largest export is has been – doctors.   Estimated to be 50,000 to 60,000, they travel globally on missions.   These doctors are trained in prevention and alternative cures including;   acupuncture, herbal medicines, and other alternative practices.   Pharma is a last resort and is strictly from within, Big Pharma is not allowed.

Training as a doctor is paid for by the government.   Many of their 60,000 mission doctors go to Africa during crisis events – for free.

Despite the poverty in Cuba exasperated by western sanctions, the Cuban people live longer than their counterparts in western wealthy nations.   Malaria, HIV, AIDS, TB and parasites are a rarity.

There are 28 medical schools across a country with a population of 11 million.   Doctors make house calls routinely.

It is an envious model wherein medicine is not a Profit Industry that determines who will live or die – while infecting millions of people with diseases. The American model is a disaster and CoVid provided an insight into our medical community’s greed and corruption.

Today millions of American’s are suffering because of doctors.   Doctors who demanded vaccines, demanded boosters, demanded intubation while refusing medications that could ‘cure’.   The number disabled is in the millions in the US alone.  Millions more now refuse to go to the doctor knowing it is simply a Big Pharma trip down aisle 46.

Lowering Medicare’s drug costs on drugs that the vast majority of Americans do NOT take won’t impact Medicare. It is a Ponzi scheme.   We already have hundreds of drugs that are duplicated.   We have Generics on the assembly line!  Medicare typically will recommend generic drugs instead of the pricier patented ones. The negotiations will take years and not become enforceable until 2026.

It is all simply another distraction.

AFRICA: The Sahel Region Provoked Into War via The West

There are 54 countries in Africa. ECOWAS is made up of 15 countries predominantly ruled by France and/or the US.   Technically.   France recently considered using Algerian airspace to attack Niger.   That was denied, so France turned to Morocco for permission to ignite an African War. Despite this request Macron denies everything.   Nous ne savons rien!  Instead the West is calling for its ECOWAS proxies to wage war!

According to Washington, there is an epidemic of coups in West Africa which need to be addressed.   The Washington experts are calling for a RESET. After pouring money into the Sahel Region and Niger, The Millenium Challenge Corp, has lost its control over the region.   The Millenium Corp is a USAID subset whose CEO is Madeleine Albright’s daughter, Alice Patterson Albright. Her experience stems from such notables as:   Chief Financial & Investment Office – GAVi, Various positions at JP Morgan and the Carlyle Group, and as COO for the Global Partnership For Education funded by Open Society, the UAE and Rockefeller.

The New US Africa strategy recently developed is for a shift from destabilization and western coups, to money.   “Democratic development and economic investment” seems to be the alternative ~ according to Washington.   Previously, the west was more involved in ‘security issues’ which is code for destabilization and maintaining economic poverty while raping the resources.

Given Russia’s success in making agreements and contracts that actually benefit the Sahel, the West is panic considering this might be a better approach.   I assume that is code for ‘bribery’. As in out-bidding Russia and China.   Unfortunately, this does not bode well given the Wests ‘history’ is rife with resource theft and propaganda. African leaders are waking up to this realization.   And Russia is offering economic prosperity.

DANG those mean Russians.

ECOWAS:   Representing 15 country profiles, I present 3 as example:

1)   Nigeria – President – Bola Tinubu.   Moved to the US to study at Chicago State where he purportedly dealt in the Heroin trade. Was employed by Arthur Anderson, Deloitte, GTE Services and upon returning to Nigeria in 1983 – Mobil Oil. He went into exile in 1994 – in France, returning in 1998 .

Timbu was elected President of Nigeria in 2023. He is a ‘progressive’ and social justice warrior. The IMF and World Bank are seemingly dictating his policies and means of reaching those goals. What to do? He co-authored a book with American, Brian Browne.

He is an obvious western proxy with a taste for money!

What has hampered growth in Nigeria? Inadequate infrastructure, barriers to trade, obstacles to investment, currency devaluation, limited foreign exchange.   This is what the West upholds in Nigeria as assistance despite hundreds of millions appropriated from American Taxpayers.

2)   Benin – President – Patrice Talon. He is a descendant of slave traders. Talon became president in 2016 having no political experience.   In 2018, one of his opponents was sentenced to 25 years in jail for drug trafficking.   Several more opposition persons were also sentenced to prison in 2021 – removing them from opposing him in the election. He was re-elected unopposed in 2021.

Despite USAID claiming to support the development of Benin for a decade, the country remains ‘underdeveloped barely surviving on subsistence agriculture’.   WHY?   Benin’s resources are cotton, limestone, marble, and offshore oil. The installed President has since spiraled the country into a communist construct.

3)   Ivory Coast – President = Alassane Ouattara. He went to The Drexell Institute in Philadelphia. His wife is of Jewish descent. They married in Paris.   He worked for the IMF in DC, and later with Banque Centrale in Paris. In 1990, the IMF forced the then Ivory Coast President to take Ouattara in a Chairman post. When the government ousted him, he returned to the IMF while continuing to live in France and DC thereafter.

Suddenly, in 2010, despite not having lived in the Ivory Coast for 20 years, he decides to become president and WINS! A civil war breaks out wherein France and the UN took military action supporting Quattara.   Obama And Hillary vocally applauded.

The main resource of Cote d’Ivoire is oil and gas which France has been extracting since 2001. A new field began production this year and is operated by Italy’s Eni.   Other resources include diamonds, cobalt, copper timer, fish and cocoa. Despite these highly valuable resources, their GDP PP is $2500. Why? Because the UN sanctioned exporting any diamonds from Cote d’Ivoire, from 2003 to 2014. Who is mining those diamonds? US and Canada.

Where has the aid actually gone?   Obviously little went to the Sahel region.   Like Ukraine. Like Niger.   Like every other country on the USAID list …

The West has suppressed Africa from becoming a potential Power player – via UN rules, sanctions, and usurping of the government via coups and blackmail directly harming The People.   The intent is to KEEP them in poverty and ignorant of the value of their potential and their resources for trade.


Reversing Charitable Tax Status

Censorship by Google and Facebook is now common.  August 2023 RFK Jr. sued Google for censoring his content.  2018, Google launched a censored search engine in China.   YouTube censors right leaning videos.  2010 Google stated that it had received orders to censure content from the ‘authorities’ including; Canada, US, Thailand, Spain, and Germany.  Interestingly, the Washington Post and New York Times, as CIA draft liberal media spinners, also claim Google is illegally censoring.  

Google claims that it provides “Transparency Reports” to show exactly who they censor and why.   Oddly the last update was June 2022.

The First Amendment – Freedom of Speech Law refers to government censorship.   Clearly, both Twitter and Google have been subjected to government censorship.   Yet, government courts continually reject the claim and any lawsuits.

A little known outlet, Ad Fontes Media, formed in Colorado in 2019 has released a media bias chart.  The chart claims to rank media outlets based on left lean, right lean and middle.  In addition, it provides a ranking for reliability and value.  It was created by Vanessa Otero, a registered Democrat.

While claiming to work with all sides of the media spectrum, Ad Fontes Partners include META & Newsela among others.   Newsela Partners include WAPO, NYT, AP, The Economist, Soros, Al Jazeera, and Bloomberg – among others.   All middle ground highly unbiased according to Ad Fontes – including our beloved CNN!     The results were tabulated by their partner Comscore via an online survey.  Comscore founders, Magid Abraham & Giani Fulgoni, are both World Economic Forum Pioneers.

Incredibly UNBIASED…

These are the censors – the media bias analysts and ‘watchdogs looking forward to the government council which will determine what news is allowed.   Technically, everyone is biased.   It is why we have two parties – bias.   It is why we have alternate media to the bias of the liberal media.   Bias is inherent in everything and everyone.   The Civil War was about bias.   Attempting to censor bias is mandated by the World Economic Forum so as to turn the masses into one big slavery package.

In the US Constitution the First Amendment protects “Freedom of Speech”.   With caveats.   It only applies to the prohibition of the government initiating the censorship.

The Supreme Court has added caveats including defamation.  “False information that harms the reputation of a person or business”.   A bias pyramid would fall under this caveat.   By using a comparative, Ad Fontes has sullied the reputation of those on the rungs below a linear CNN, BBC, NPR etc.. as of better quality.   An individual could be seen to have an opinion, but the pyramid presented does not suggest ‘opinion’, it suggests a Truth Bomb.   And now comes under the heading of libel for publishing this as Fact.

In the case of Twitter, it was clearly shown by Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey that the CIA was heavily involved in the censorship.   Yet the US government, our Congress, took no action.   Why?   Because the CIA/FBI have a file on ‘everyone’.   Quite literally.   And the vast majority of Congress, whether right or left, are owned by the CIA.

What happens when the government doesn’t exist?   The Constitution is no longer valid.   In a world of NGO Stakeholders, censorship is legal.   A Stakeholder ‘government’ is the goal of The World Economic Forum.   The same Forum that is creating fake pyramids of left and right bias.

The world of censorship has been hijacked.  

Protecting children from books deemed inappropriate is a meandering line.   To Kill A Mockingbird is banned because it is classified as racist – yet libraries brimming with transexual and homosexual depictions is considered protected speech for elementary children.   Until this is addressed by the Supreme Court and /or an Amendment to the Constitution clarifies this, the NGO’s and Stakeholders will continue their arbitrary classifications.

The fastest way to topple the vast majority of NGO’s is to eliminate the Charitable Status completely.   And yes, that would have to apply to churches, otherwise every NGO would claim they were a church…   The 16th Amendment gave Congress the Power to Tax.   It was led by democrats and ‘progressive republicans (rhinos).   The Revenue Act of 1917 gave individuals the ability to make charitable contributions a deduction.  The first NGO was the UN.

The difference between an NGO and a charity is that an NGO can make a profit.   In addition, despite its nongovernmental status, an NGO can get its funding from governments.   Diluting the entire means of charity or charitable deduction.  The Revenue Act of 1954, signed under Eisenhower, began the deluge of NGO’s.  It established a wealth maker by creating a false charitable definition and allowing profits to be untaxed.

Because the entire point of a charity vs a corporation is one entity is supposed to have No Profit to tax – because as a charity you give it all away…

Trump’s Destiny Is To Conduct The Orchestra

DESTINY.   Trump’s destiny is designed.   When I was a dancer, we were always told ‘we are an instrument’.  We were there to convey – to emote – and to interpret the music.   Because the music came first.   Trump is an instrument.   His music is the United States.   He is building an orchestra.   That orchestra embodies the United States.   As Bannon declared, we are not a cult following we are the violins, the flutes, the saxophones – coming together in a united Rachmaninoff Concerto!

In God’s world, each of us has a destiny.   None is less important than the other because the Concerto is the goal or end-product.   If one instrument becomes lost, the other musicians quickly and quietly surround this violin and mediate the loss until he recovers, and the music is once again whole.   A constant flow.

Uniqueness was the creation, not perfection.   We can testify that we are each unique – we can also testify that none of us are perfect.   I sometimes liken our individual destiny to ‘gifts’.   Bestowed on us by God.   Trump’s gift is not being swayed by Power.   The Power that corrupts.   Instead, his love for this country and what it represents drives his gift.  The gift of freeing us from tyranny.

Sometimes each of us need to be reminded that we are united.   An ensemble.   It is the Power vacuum that needs us to believe we are divided.   Because their Power under unity quickly dissolves – like the wicked witch of the west – OZ.

When Trump becomes President, he takes the role of Conductor.   And the sheet music for us, the instruments, is Debussy’s Clair de Lune.  Journey to understand the soul.  The My mother spent most of her life attempting to perfect that Sonata.   And alas, so will we now.   Because we failed to tune our instruments properly.   A string broke.  The lights went out and we couldn’t see.   The music was not in our heart, it was on a piece of paper.

In all my years, I have never witnessed an orchestral performance wherein the entire ensemble just QUIT.

Sometimes improvisation can awaken the soul.   Sometimes the violin just needs a little polish.   And sometimes it needs a new set of strings.   If we don’t take care of the instrument, soon it can no longer play.   It is a constant dedication.   But the Power Cabal have no instrument at all.   They are banging tin cups and telling us they make music.   We are told this grating sound is music, to make us believe.  And some do.

But a tin cup is not Debussy.   It is not Rachmaninoff.   It is easily dented.

There is no other candidate whose destiny is to make music.   They play tin cups.

They want to play with the tyrannical Power, not as Conductors, but as Masters.  They fear Trump because he is unifying the ensemble and growing the cast.   Our music will be brilliant!   And theirs will be revealed for what it is when the illusion is broken.   Noise.

When I was a dancer on stage in DC, mid performance I drew a blank and forgot my next move.  I didn’t stop, I improvised while maintaining a report with the music and my fellow dancers.   We finished as an ensemble.   My dad was in the audience.  After our production ended and we went backstage my dad came to congratulate me.   The first thing he said was, “You got lost”.   I was stricken, surely no one had noticed.   But he had.   Then he smiled,  “Good improv.”.

Never stop mid-performance and just stand there.   Never give up.  Never let the music end.   And most of all – NEVER allow tyranny to WIN.  We are an ensemble.   

We Each Have Each Other’s Back Because The Music Never Dies.

US Government Spending on Electric Grid & Environment & Infrastructure $-0-

WHEN did it become okay to destroy our oceans?   To damage and destroy all fish and mammalian life that live in oceans?   Wonder why whales are beaching in vast numbers?   Wonder why our wild fishing is no longer viable?   Why was Japan allowed to dump a million metric tons of radioactive waste water into the ocean and the only objection came from China?

It takes just 57 days for that waste to distribute across the planet’s waterways contaminating everything in its path and destroying every creature within.

Somehow climate change will be blamed.  

It isn’t just the oceans – but it is our global landscape!   Forests burning to ash.   Arson.   Lack of firemen, firetrucks, materials, is despicable.  We are sending our money into the Ukraine toilet.   Instead of addressing the arson, our esteemed government continues to claim that heat from climate change and drought from climate change and a thirsty atmosphere from climate change are the real culprits.

Except they aren’t.

Even more disturbing is our government claims the 36,275 fires so far this year are normal.   Below the average.   The average beginning in 2010.   If we look at 1983 when fires first began to be recorded, there were 18,229 wildfires.  Meaning we have doubled the norm.    This is the metric of misinformation forced down our throats via cherry picking dates to substantiate an agenda.

But the disinformation is even more disturbing;  in 1983 those wildfires burned just 1.3 million acres.   In 2020, they burned 10+ million acres.  There are video’s afoot on Twitter X showing the arsonists.   Fire fighters understand that arson is the equation.  SO given our corrupted government is likely behind these fires in some manner, the question would be – WHY?

A more desolate landscape will force evacuees into inner cities.   The air pollution fallout from the fires will force people to move, their lungs burning with acid.   The trees that once provided our CO2 will not exist.    The animals once hunted for food will no longer exist.   Without these food sources we will eat bugs because that is all that will remain.  Cities are the end product.  Cities currently riddled in crime and destitution.   Cities ready to be leveled in preparation for the new and improved 15 Minute WEF Smart Green City.

Contaminated fish.  Contaminated wild meat.   You will eat your dog – one person espoused.

Yet it is only western countries.   Everyone else will fill the void of the West and flourish.

Lahaina:   Over 2,000 children did not show up for school this week.   Yet Governor Green still declares 112 people in total have perished.   The Official number.   The air quality in Lahaina is worse than poor after the fires, it is toxic.   Laden with arsonic, asbestos, and lead.  Fumes from burnt tires and plastics that can cause a host of health issues.  Chemicals that can increase the risk of cancer, birth defects, and cognitive impairment.   Why haven’t the elites opened their homes to people?   Not One.

The Department of Transportation led by Buttigieg announced they would release $3 million in emergency funding for ‘traffic management and repairs’.   Withe what maintenance equipment?   The cost to lay one mile of roadway is over $1.3 million.   One mile.   This does not include cost to clear and clean the current ashes, cars, and debris.    Resoil.   Grade.

When considering our environment as threatened to the point of extinction, our western Handlers are destroying the environment.   They pay the NGO’s that hire the arsonists.   And lest we forget, the Prime Minister of Japan, Kashida Fumio, was at the WH just 7 days ago and suddenly exercises the ‘right’ to pollute our entire ecosystem within the oceans.   Not one Congressional member objected.

Today, the Colorado government along with BLM have withdrawn 2 million acres of western slope land from oil & gas leasing.   Because of ‘pollution’.  The Strategic Reserves today are calculated to be 348 million barrels out of a capacity of 747 million.  This would last America 19 days.

There are no new electric grids currently being created.   There is currently no expansion of the grids functioning.   There is Federal funding in the amount of $13 billion available but with caveats — smart grids.   Smart Grids:  an entire network within the 3 grids across the US that will use AI to determine where and how much electricity will be distributed.   Despite this initiative being lauded since 2022, nothing has actually improved.   Why?

The Department of Energy led by Jennifer Granholm budgeted $46 billion in fiscal year 2022.  The vast majority went to the Department of Defense.   Another $16 billion, 35%, went to ‘Science and Energy’.   Their role is to advise Jennifer Granholm.  To give the money to the DoD.

In other words – there are no grid improvements.   No grid repairs.  No additional utility lines to support electric stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, heaters, or cars.   NONE.   

The Department of Transportation last week revealed they have completed all infrastructure improvements!   Just Kidding!   Buttigieg did announce that he has ‘appointed a committee to investigate infrastructure equity’.   The committee will investigate civil rights issues within infrastructure.   Disbursements for infrastructure?   $-0-.

LIES.   Our Government is destroying our environment.   They are destroying our economy.   They are raping Taxpayers.   For the privilege of inflicting untenable pain.   

Ready For Those Gun Toting IRS Agents?  NEXT!

THE CABAL Cartel – The Little Shop of Horrors

The expansion of the BRICS is the Band Wagon.  The GOP debate focusing on China and Russia is inconsequential, a benign threat.   It only becomes a threat when war hawks are fearful.  Both countries expressed a desire to work with the West – but the entire America Gamut of Cartel munchkins misguided the opportunity and instead chose punishment.  Realizing they had destroyed their chances of achieving their goal, the Cabalists wanted vengeance.  Death.

France is desperate.   Losing their foothold in Africa, they lose money and resources.   They want vengeance.   Sabotaging a private plane, they killed 7 members of a mercenary organization that could threaten their chance of regaining a foothold in Niger.   Putin likely already knows exactly who murdered the men.   He will avenge the death of his friends and comrades.

The war hawks blame Putin for the assassination mission and tell the media to gobble it up and spit it out.   Putin Did It!   But he didn’t.   The tactics are wrong.  Not his style.   Putin is subtle.   This was a Hollywood stage display.   It is why Belarus was vacated of every western person – The Cabalists thought vengeance would be reaped upon the innocent.   They don’t know Putin.  They will be hunted.

Africa wants help in establishing gas and electricity infrastructure.   The West, via Kerry, said no because gas is inconsistent with The Green Deal for net zero – as in no more breathable oxygen.  Plants die, wild animals die and the land is forever – dust to dust.   Africa wants help.   It is asking for help.  And the BRICS say – sure.  Because help means prosperity.   The Cabal is more concerned about prosperity for themselves ONLY.

The BRICS see prosperity as a means of expanding wealth, knowledge, and evolution.

The West is stuck on a hamster wheel wherein supporting each of the three Cartels is the point of existence.   Every single move made by the West is serving the Cartel.   Whether it is war, Pharma, or Banking.   And the Cartel is never satisfied – it is a vampire always needing more blood.

COUPSs are necessary in order to garner more food for the Cartel.  Money has no intrinsic value – it is just a piece of paper.   They prefer commodities.   This is their true wealth.  Their minions are well trained providing whatever they required.   There are no rules, acquisitions must be distributed.   By any methodology.   So they acquire the gold and uranium, the diamonds and sapphires.  They acquire children, and servants.   The spoils are secured in vaults and underground bunkers.   Traded only amongst themselves.   Because they can never be depleted.   They must be instead hoarded.

Putin’s war with Ukraine upended this cycle.   They lost their trafficking hub.  Their vaults of spoils.   And so multiple assassination attempts were levied.   Futile.   Putin dodged each time.   These failures were wholly unacceptable.   Desperation hung in the air and the Cartel gave the order to destroy the US economy.   Destroy the entire Western economies.   Because the minions had failed.   Their lackeys were useless.    Their lives expendable.

And the Cartel became the Python that ate its tail.  The minions continue doing the bidding of their Masters because they don’t know anything else.   They thrive on serving.

The West has lost.   The Cartel has lost.   They are angry.

The BRICS are united.

Will the Cartel lizards let go?   Never.   Because their existence is based on this cycle.   They must be fed.  The Little Shop of Horrors – FEED ME!

So how does the story end?

It depends.   There were two endings to the Griffith story Little Shop of Horrors.  Just as we have parallel universes according to CERN.   We can choose our ending by our actions.   Sometimes that requires utilizing the ideology that creates weakness – and applying it where it belongs, as in ‘divide and conquer’.    Only we are the dividers.

Trade is essential to survival.   Resources are essential to survival.   And UNITY within is essential to survival.   We can’t just put the government minions in jail along with their supporters.   The Gulag Train.   But another Pandemic is being created for this winter.   Perhaps a pandemic of disease – perhaps a pandemic of geoengineered weather.  Don’t be drawn into the fear – use fear against them.

Ultimately, redrawing the United States may be our only means.     And maybe the BRICS will help us.   They are NOT our enemy.

The Value of Labor: A Marxian Dystopia of Thought

The Theory of the Value of Labor was constructed via 3 quite distinct men:   Adam Smith, Karl Marx and David Ricardo.   Smith was a proponent of competition to keep prices low. Marx leveled the value to be a matter of labor hours assuming all pricing equal.   Ricardo basically supported the Marx theory of utility fixing the price.   And then there are the very knowledgeable Facebook personalities who state that the value of labor is what someone is willing to pay – which derives from ‘fair and equitable’.

I beg to differ with them all:   recently I needed a repair to my air conditioner.   I was recommended a local family owned and operated business, lives down the street, pop does the repairs, mom does the books.  Support your neighbors kind of business. I was charged $175 labor for 15 minutes of work. This equates to $700 per hour for HVAC repair.   On an annual basis, that would equate to 4 times what The President of the US makes, 4 ½ times what an experienced doctor makes, and double what a lawyer makes – with overhead costs.

I paid because I had no choice – not because it was a fair and equitable exchange.

In 1759 Economist Adam Smith declared:   “he was wary of businessmen and warned of their “conspiracy against the public or in some other contrivance to raise prices”. Again and again, Smith warned of the collusive nature of business interests, which may form cabals or monopolies, fixing the highest price “which can be squeezed out of the buyers”. Smith also warned that a business-dominated political system would allow a conspiracy of businesses and industry against consumers, with the former scheming to influence politics and legislation.”

An example of forced payment vs choice:   every household must pay for their water (unless on well water).   But they must also pay for their water company’s ‘fixed charges’. Part of the fixed cost on my bills is a line item “renewable water’ – as in recycled waste cleaned and siphoned back into my house’s drinking supply for which I am charged an extra flat fee. The ‘fixed charges’ are typically 2-5 times higher than my cost for actual water use.

I don’t have the option to find competitive water companies.   I don’t have the option to search different utility companies that provide my electricity and gas   I don’t have the option to pay a different government.   Their VALUE of Labor is a totalitarian doctrine.  In these instances, labor is not based on value at all – it is based on price fixing.

Why? Because Competition has been eliminated by large Conglomerates which effectively and collectively own the vast majority of our corporations providing basic necessities.   They fix prices across their ownership brands and people quietly pay because we are told it is basic supply & demand economics of labor value. But it’s not.

Interestingly, these same people who accept without thought that an HVAC repair is worth $700 per hour in labor, decry the dastardly cost of gas, of food prices, housing prices, medicine or doctors etc.. as beyond rationale.   Somehow tradesmen don’t pump oil, don’t grow our food, and don’t build houses.   Because if they were counted under the same logic no one could complain about any level of pricing!   Would that fall under the Value of Labor?

The Art of Critical Thinking.  

Critical Thinking Definition:   “The intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, and/or evaluating information.”  The issue within critical thinking doctrine is the source of information you are analyzing.   As in – does it come from Mass Media?   Because Mass Media is fed by the Conglomerates and Cartel to tell their version of Reality.  Obviously that vacuum would completely obliterate to analyze.

Today, the value of labor is determined by The Conglomerates and The Cabalists.   This is why our government pulled us out of the gold standard. To allow this out of control upward trajectory of value without any real basis to support it.   Their are no gutters or barriers to quell the advance, as such the real value of the dollar is now 3cents. Much like building a house on sand.

Another argument of the Labor of Value Theory regarding my HVAC repairs posited by FB posters:   ‘that is valuable skilled labor’, therefore they can charge whatever they want!   That trade skill requires no college degree and takes roughly 9 months in a tech school and certification exams.   The purpose of tech schools is to train graduates in a trade that is marketable instead of a college degree in basket weaving.   I support that.   What I don’t support is the greed factor; a living entity that creates false standards of rates and markets.

For example: complaining about a burger flipper wanting $25 ph while heralding a Tradesman for making $700 ph ($1,400,000 annually) – a differential of 2800% wipes out economics and labor completely.   It also reflects exactly what Adam Smith predicted – a society squeezing out demand by the greed of mentality.

Retailers across the US are going bankrupt within the mentality.   Fast Food restaurants can’t make ends meet.   And doctors are quitting at an unprecedented rate.

When small businesses fall into the trap established by corporate America, they feed the demons.   One side of their mouth they vehemently complain about the rising costs of food, housing and gas, while the other side promotes the greed of their trade.

It is why Biden is bankrupting the Federal government. Spending us into an oblivion of unsustainable debt that can only be wiped if every government falls and corporate elites take over.   It is the World Economic Forum Agenda – A solitary global government of stakeholders.   States managed by corporate CEO’s who create their own means of ‘labor value’ based on the social credit score.   It is why blue governors allow crime.   Crime raises prices – causing less demand – causing bankruptcies – causing poverty.   It is a trajectory that too many people seemingly either don’t understand, or don’t try to understand – ie critical thinking.

It is a dystopia wherein our western culture is being trained to maximize costs under the guise of ‘value’.   

In the world of Hunger Games, we will accept that we need to be punished and all live like peasants licking bootstraps as we thank the Cartel for allowing us to exist.    Ultimately, this means of thinking will collapse the US economy.   And suddenly all our broken systems following an unlimited value of labor will be worthless requiring an ever advanced depopulation.

And You Will Be Happy – damn it!

VIRUSES: Man-Made for Big Pharma Vaccine Profits?

Having accepted that CoVid is a manmade virus, how many other viruses are actually manmade as well?  

In 1920, Karl Landsteimer, a jewish physician, discovered the infectious character of polio and isolated the virus.   In 1923, Landsteiner arrived in New York at the invitation of Simon Flexner, to work at the Rockefeller Institute.  It is stipulated that The Rockefeller Institute created a vaccine which caused the Spanish Flu to morph into a bacterial pneumonia killing hundreds of thousands.

In 1950, Polio cases peaked.

In 1940, Hilary Koprowski, a jewish scientist, moved from France to Rio where he worked for the Rockefeller Foundation.   In 1950 he developed an oral polio vaccine. His vaccine was tested on a rat despite polio never infecting any animal. His vaccine was not US approved but was used in Africa from 1957 thru 1960.   AIDS arose in Africa in 1960.

In 1984 Robert Gallo claimed to have linked HIV as the cause of AIDS, winning a Lasker Award in 1986 when Fauci became Director at NIH. After it came to light that Gallo had used unauthorized research from France’s Pasteur Institute to make his HIV connection, a lawsuit was settled between NIH and the Pasteur Institute in 1987.

In 1992, Rolling Stone Magazine postured that Koprowski’s polio vaccine caused the Aids Virus in Africa.   Gerald Myers worked directly with Fauci and emphatically declared that HIV causes AIDS.  He categorically stated that the polio vaccine did NOT cause AIDS – HIV did.   The CDC became embroiled at the claim as well and denied it viciously.  Because of these stated contradictions, the medical community accepted it and this became the official pronouncement via NIH – aka Fauci.

The first publicized announcement of AIDS in the US was via Rock Hudson.   However, he did not die of AIDS, he died of “Kaposi Sarcoma” which is a rare disease of the Herpes virus family.

In 2009, Kary Mullis, a Nobel Laureate biochemist and virologist, claimed there was no proof HIV caused AIDS. He claimed there was no scientific evidence or proof to substantiate the claim.   Mullis was the inventor of the PCR test which was used as an amplification of DNA.   He emphatically stated throughout his career that the PCR Test could NOT be used to test for any virus.

Mullis was vocally very ‘not fond’; of Fauci.

Mullis died months before CoVid was rolled out and Fauci declared the PCR Test would be used to test for the virus.   Mullis has since been declared a crack pot by Fauci.

In 1955, Jonas Salk, a jewish medical researcher, developed and released his injectable vaccine for polio. He served on the board of the MacArthur Foundation.   The MacArthur Foundation is heavily involved in the promotion of the World Economic Forum and Bill Gates depopulation agenda.

In 1961, Albert Sabin, a jewish medical researcher who worked for the Rockefeller Institute, developed his version of an oral vaccine which hit the market – they claimed polio was completely eradicated in the US by 1986.  Sabin began work for NIH under Fauci in the 1986.

Sabin’s vaccine was ‘tested’ on 100 million people in the Soviet Union, Europe, Mexico and The Netherlands. There were no records or tracking of polio in any of these nations at the time.   The first trial in the US was in 1960 on 180,000 school children. It was licensed in 1961. According to WHO, polio was eradicated globally in 1960.

According to the UN, a Global Polio Eradication Initiative was developed in 1988 to vaccinate the globe.   They claim that because of this initiative, polio cases were reduced by 99% – despite WHO declaring it was eradicated 27 years earlier.

Between 1998 and 2017, vaccine-associated polio arose.

In 2000, Bill Gates Foundation began unregistered unapproved testing of his oral polio vaccine in India.   Vaccine induced polio became the norm. In 2004, Bill Gates Foundation in collaboration with WHO, announced a new polio vaccine that would eradicate all polio from all causes, including vaccine-induced, by 2005.

In 2022, Gates claimed a new polio was on the rise – wild polio.   A new campaign in Africa, India, and Pakistan was seeded by WHO. Another new vaccine.

Polio was naturally eradicated in the late 1950’s.   Then again via vaccine in 1960’s. Then again in the 1980’s. Then again in the early 2000’s. Then it rose again as Gate’s, WHO and the UN collaborated to vaccinate all of Africa, Pakistan,India, Indonesia, and Afghanistan.

Eradicated:   “to do away with completely as from the roots”.

How many viruses are manmade? How many man-made viruses have evolved into the creation of drugs and vaccines?   Designed to keep people sick. For Profit.   The largest Mass Hypnosis imposed on mankind.   We have blindly accepted scientific and medical data because this is what we are told to do.   Doctors and Pharma were revered as demi-gods.   How many times have you heard, “we don’t know what causes disease x – but we can give you a pill …” ?

US Government is poised to initiate new Mandates due to a new CoVid – this September.

Are The Jewish Bolshevik Hedge Funds Infighting?

Between 2021 and 2022, Hawaiian Electric increased revenue by nearly 40%.   Their ‘Maintenance’ Expense represented 3.4% of income.   Customer Receivables increased by $67 million or 45%.   The Green New Deal that powers the switch to: A) averting the climate crisis, B) clean communities, C) LOWER energy costs, and D) millions of good paying jobs declares these are the ‘fruits of their work.   ENERGY is much cheaper now.  Millions of good paying jobs have been created.   And the climate crisis has been removed.   Living the LIE.

The Green New Deal Website:   “We will change the narrative by investing in movements. We invest in and support creative and disruptive movements that can dramatically change public opinion and what’s politically possible.”

They sponsor 14 organizations including;   MoveOn, BLM, Service Employees International Union, The Working Families Party and Sunrise Movement – among others.

Their position?   Communism For All. Their Funding? Tides Foundation and US Government via The Inflation Reduction Act, The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, The Justice 40 Initiative, the EPA, and The America Rescue Plan Act – all implemented vis the Biden Regime.

One of their prime concerns was making sure Trump lost 2020 and will never be elected again.  Why?  Because Trump is onboard oil & gas energy efficiency and independence.

Will the governor of Hawaii declare the cause of the Lahaina fire to be faulty equipment?   With a $2-$3 billion price tag to rebuild – Hawaii Electric would be wiped out.   The largest shareholders include BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard.  The only other option would be to declare the fire was a direct result of Climate Change – an Act of God – and likely uninsured.

The media predominantly focuses on Larry Fink as the founder of BlackRock, however, there are eight co-founders: Larry Fink, Robert Kapito, Susan Wagner, Barbara Novick, Ben Golub, Hugh Frater, Ralph Schlosstein, and Keith Anderson.  They have a number of commonalities including being of Jewish descendancy.   When BlackRock was founded, Fink’s desk was referred to as Little Israel.

Today, with $10 trillion under investment, BlackRock is not just powered by investment – but by lending.   If a business/corporation wants to secure a loan, said company MUST adhere to Little Israel’s conditions.   Typically those conditions involve DEI – and entail reimagined and unnecessary costs.   A type of blackmail scheme to reduce profits.

In 2019, Barbara Novick held an hours long conversation at Stanford School of Business to discuss whether BlackRock should be the global corporate governance.   The rationale?  There are only 2 countries in the world with a GDP over $10 Trillion – US and China.  Therefore BlackRock already has the advantage over every country and every business…

  • November 2021, BlackRock was charged by Consumers Research of propping up Chinese Leaders, and investing in surveillance companies owned by the CCP.   In addition, Consumers Research Director, Hild, claimed BlackRock was ‘bullying US companies to divest their main product – oil & gas.   In the selloff, BlackRock sopped up increased investment in – oil & gas knowing full well that solar and wind were defunct useless investments.
  • August 1, 2023, BlackRock was being investigated by Congress for allegedly investing in Chinese companies blacklisted by the US.

Jewish Communism, aka The Bolsheviks, has even left Soros floundering in their acrid pool of Control.  Maybe Not So Fast.

BlackRock claims it has invested $170 billion in US public energy companies, including; Valero, Exxon, Chevron, Occidental, and Conoco Phillips. In addition it has equity positions throughout Europe’s Oil & Gas industry. The obvious point of BlackRock bullying US corporations to divest their oil & Gas shares is to create a Kingdom Monopoly. The concept of “Net Zero” is a fantasy.   It is a diversion so as to create a Western One World with BlackRock at the helm.

China Investment presented a feud:  Soros and Fink parted ways over the Chinese Investments.   In 2020, BlackRock’s China portfolio showed a whopping return over 46%.   Over the course of 2021 and 2022, that return was completely wiped out.   It would appear Soros won that argument.

Are the Jewish Bolsheviks infighting?

In a 2020 commentary, Soros stated, BlackRock’s endorsement of transparency and forthrightness environmental, social, and corporate governance investing principles are oxymoronic in light of their efforts in China. Put more coarsely, the firm is talking out of both sides of its mouth.”

Bridgewater, another hedge fund that invested heavily in China, has liquidated 1/3 of its investments. Also of Jewish descent, Ray Dalio founded Bridgewater in 1975.   Stepping down as co-CEO in 2017, while still maintaining an advisory role, two new co-CEO’s were named in 2022: Mark Bertolini and Nir Bar Dea.  Nir is Jewish.  His investment focus – AI.

Since the Maui fire, Hawaii electric has lost nearly 60% of its value.   Like PG&E, the utility may declare bankruptcy.   Oddly, before the fire, Hawaiian Electric had paid out 2/3rds of its benefit pension liability, was this in anticipation?  There is no such thing as coincidence.   Hawaii Electric’s largest shareholders include Vanguard and BlackRock.

When the largest hedge funds in the world begin to have spats, the outcome will be a nuclear selloff war for Control.   At this point, although Fink has significantly more at his helm than Soros – he doesn’t have Soros power…. YET.