The RHINOS have Officially United To Form The Uniparty

Robert Kennedy Jr. running as a third party Independent candidate would be a strategic move.   As a democrat Kennedy has shadow banned, blackballed, and left to his own makings.   He escaped an assassination attempt and has been denied security by the Biden regime.   Google, YouTube, Facebook have all done their very best to quash Kennedy from appearing in any search engine.   And democrats have attempted to ridicule him for his stance on Pharma – in particular efficacy, trials, and safety.   As such, his candidacy as a third party would sway both republicans and liberals in his more ‘moderate’ tone.

It is past time for the Republican candidates to hoist their white flag and surrender. They will never garner the support that Trump has, and are a distraction.   Of course, for most of them, Christy, Pence, Haley, and DeSantis – distraction is likely the game plan.   Because the only reason for the distraction would be because they are Rhino’s who are fighting as democrats.

The Kindergarten, raise your hand, debates have been complete disaster.   And polls are no longer polls – they are online surveys conducted with a particular outcome bought and paid for wherein even the word ‘poll’ is invalid.   There are no demographics, no city or even state identifier, and the entire subset is whittled to as low as 300 people we are supposed to believe represent the 335 million in America.

Politico is quick to point out the democrat Kennedy would disrupt Trump’s numbers and not Biden’s.   The basis for this determination is a ‘press release’ of a poll conducted by the firm John Zogby Strategies and commissioned by the American Values 2024 PAC.

The American Values 2024 PAC is chaired by – Mike Pompeo.   Rhino on a guilded donkey, Mike Pompeo.   Mike Pompeo who could not garner 1% in his attempted run for President.   The PAC which claims to be supporting Conservatives of ‘character and integrity’.   A PAC whose chair revealed a heinous lack of character or integrity in his bid to derail Trump.

The candidates the PAC supports and endorses are all in line with the Rhino talking points.   Many of the PAC ‘candidates’ failed in their elections – many were Trump supporters who backed away claiming he was “ill-mannered” or “disparaging” – as though those characteristics determine Leadership.

The fact the far left leaning Politico would use Mike Pompeo’s paid for survey as a basis for the claim that Kennedy will detract from voting Rhino’s, is a fair representation of Pompeo’s lack of honor and integrity in serving The People instead of a Hawk Agenda.  It is disgraceful and dishonorable.   Rhinos want to destroy America – colonize Russia – and disintegrate China.  All in the name of depopulation.   Until they get bored.

The fact that Pompeo chose John Zogby for his paid advisory survey is also notable.   Zogby is entrenched in every aspect of the liberal Rhino world of media, boards and speaking engagements and an avowed Democrat. Zogby’s claim to fame was that he ‘predicted’ the 1996 election closer than any other pollster. And accurately came close in the next two elections:   1996 = Clinton 2nd term, 2000 = Bush and 2004 = Bush re-election.

In the current election climate, Zogby states that the latest CNN survey regarding Biden reveals a catastrophic disaster.   Pollster Zogby relies on surveys conducted by CNN to make his assessment.   Interesting bedfellow relationship.  But Pompeo groveling at such a low level of repugnance is contemptuous.   The PAC, I might note, is selling Pompeo’s newest book…  as in using the PAC as a form of solicitation for book sales.  Pompeo’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $500k and $5 million give or take 1000% –

The Rhino’s have officially made it known that they are in fact the democrat’s uniparty.   No longer do they even attempt to pretend they are anything less. Pompeo, Pence, DeSantis, Haley, Ryan – these Whips – will do nothing that advances For The People – and instead have adorned themselves upon blue donkeys waving Ukraine flags. Pretending.   Actors.   A Stage Play.

China is gone as a partner – given the shaft – and parlayed with the same verbose gamut as Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad, Shah, Salman, Maduro… etc… etc… etc…  Globalization is dead and will never recover.   Russian trade is stellar.   China is recovering its economy after the US tanked it and India has now been decoupled because of an unproven allegation with absolutely ZERO evidence.

The Mafia Cabalists:   Military Industrial Complex – in destroying the viability of our Military soldiers, you destroy your revenue source.   Banking Cartel – in destroying banks, reducing their equity to less than 5%, you are creating a collapse wherein there won’t be CBDC’s, their won’t be cash – you won’t exist!   Pharma Cartel – in your murder of millions of people across the globe you won’t have anyone left to buy your toxic chemicals labeled ‘drugs’.

As Tucker Carlson put it – “It’s over. Done.”   You are not fooling anyone – no matter how many times you call it “Democracy”.   The distractions are no longer viable.   And the disingenuity is over-ripe – time to throw it in the trash, take the trash to the curb and watch as the almighty trashman takes it away for all eternity.   This period of civilization will be accounted in history books for future reference. Names will be splattered across the pages.   And the legacy these people beg for will be broken.

Every Name Will Be Written – and erased when the Gates are open and the True Vengeance of God is unleashed. Are You Prepared?   What will your $5-$500 million be worth then?

THE CABAL Cartel – The Little Shop of Horrors

The expansion of the BRICS is the Band Wagon.  The GOP debate focusing on China and Russia is inconsequential, a benign threat.   It only becomes a threat when war hawks are fearful.  Both countries expressed a desire to work with the West – but the entire America Gamut of Cartel munchkins misguided the opportunity and instead chose punishment.  Realizing they had destroyed their chances of achieving their goal, the Cabalists wanted vengeance.  Death.

France is desperate.   Losing their foothold in Africa, they lose money and resources.   They want vengeance.   Sabotaging a private plane, they killed 7 members of a mercenary organization that could threaten their chance of regaining a foothold in Niger.   Putin likely already knows exactly who murdered the men.   He will avenge the death of his friends and comrades.

The war hawks blame Putin for the assassination mission and tell the media to gobble it up and spit it out.   Putin Did It!   But he didn’t.   The tactics are wrong.  Not his style.   Putin is subtle.   This was a Hollywood stage display.   It is why Belarus was vacated of every western person – The Cabalists thought vengeance would be reaped upon the innocent.   They don’t know Putin.  They will be hunted.

Africa wants help in establishing gas and electricity infrastructure.   The West, via Kerry, said no because gas is inconsistent with The Green Deal for net zero – as in no more breathable oxygen.  Plants die, wild animals die and the land is forever – dust to dust.   Africa wants help.   It is asking for help.  And the BRICS say – sure.  Because help means prosperity.   The Cabal is more concerned about prosperity for themselves ONLY.

The BRICS see prosperity as a means of expanding wealth, knowledge, and evolution.

The West is stuck on a hamster wheel wherein supporting each of the three Cartels is the point of existence.   Every single move made by the West is serving the Cartel.   Whether it is war, Pharma, or Banking.   And the Cartel is never satisfied – it is a vampire always needing more blood.

COUPSs are necessary in order to garner more food for the Cartel.  Money has no intrinsic value – it is just a piece of paper.   They prefer commodities.   This is their true wealth.  Their minions are well trained providing whatever they required.   There are no rules, acquisitions must be distributed.   By any methodology.   So they acquire the gold and uranium, the diamonds and sapphires.  They acquire children, and servants.   The spoils are secured in vaults and underground bunkers.   Traded only amongst themselves.   Because they can never be depleted.   They must be instead hoarded.

Putin’s war with Ukraine upended this cycle.   They lost their trafficking hub.  Their vaults of spoils.   And so multiple assassination attempts were levied.   Futile.   Putin dodged each time.   These failures were wholly unacceptable.   Desperation hung in the air and the Cartel gave the order to destroy the US economy.   Destroy the entire Western economies.   Because the minions had failed.   Their lackeys were useless.    Their lives expendable.

And the Cartel became the Python that ate its tail.  The minions continue doing the bidding of their Masters because they don’t know anything else.   They thrive on serving.

The West has lost.   The Cartel has lost.   They are angry.

The BRICS are united.

Will the Cartel lizards let go?   Never.   Because their existence is based on this cycle.   They must be fed.  The Little Shop of Horrors – FEED ME!

So how does the story end?

It depends.   There were two endings to the Griffith story Little Shop of Horrors.  Just as we have parallel universes according to CERN.   We can choose our ending by our actions.   Sometimes that requires utilizing the ideology that creates weakness – and applying it where it belongs, as in ‘divide and conquer’.    Only we are the dividers.

Trade is essential to survival.   Resources are essential to survival.   And UNITY within is essential to survival.   We can’t just put the government minions in jail along with their supporters.   The Gulag Train.   But another Pandemic is being created for this winter.   Perhaps a pandemic of disease – perhaps a pandemic of geoengineered weather.  Don’t be drawn into the fear – use fear against them.

Ultimately, redrawing the United States may be our only means.     And maybe the BRICS will help us.   They are NOT our enemy.

Are The Jewish Bolshevik Hedge Funds Infighting?

Between 2021 and 2022, Hawaiian Electric increased revenue by nearly 40%.   Their ‘Maintenance’ Expense represented 3.4% of income.   Customer Receivables increased by $67 million or 45%.   The Green New Deal that powers the switch to: A) averting the climate crisis, B) clean communities, C) LOWER energy costs, and D) millions of good paying jobs declares these are the ‘fruits of their work.   ENERGY is much cheaper now.  Millions of good paying jobs have been created.   And the climate crisis has been removed.   Living the LIE.

The Green New Deal Website:   “We will change the narrative by investing in movements. We invest in and support creative and disruptive movements that can dramatically change public opinion and what’s politically possible.”

They sponsor 14 organizations including;   MoveOn, BLM, Service Employees International Union, The Working Families Party and Sunrise Movement – among others.

Their position?   Communism For All. Their Funding? Tides Foundation and US Government via The Inflation Reduction Act, The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, The Justice 40 Initiative, the EPA, and The America Rescue Plan Act – all implemented vis the Biden Regime.

One of their prime concerns was making sure Trump lost 2020 and will never be elected again.  Why?  Because Trump is onboard oil & gas energy efficiency and independence.

Will the governor of Hawaii declare the cause of the Lahaina fire to be faulty equipment?   With a $2-$3 billion price tag to rebuild – Hawaii Electric would be wiped out.   The largest shareholders include BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard.  The only other option would be to declare the fire was a direct result of Climate Change – an Act of God – and likely uninsured.

The media predominantly focuses on Larry Fink as the founder of BlackRock, however, there are eight co-founders: Larry Fink, Robert Kapito, Susan Wagner, Barbara Novick, Ben Golub, Hugh Frater, Ralph Schlosstein, and Keith Anderson.  They have a number of commonalities including being of Jewish descendancy.   When BlackRock was founded, Fink’s desk was referred to as Little Israel.

Today, with $10 trillion under investment, BlackRock is not just powered by investment – but by lending.   If a business/corporation wants to secure a loan, said company MUST adhere to Little Israel’s conditions.   Typically those conditions involve DEI – and entail reimagined and unnecessary costs.   A type of blackmail scheme to reduce profits.

In 2019, Barbara Novick held an hours long conversation at Stanford School of Business to discuss whether BlackRock should be the global corporate governance.   The rationale?  There are only 2 countries in the world with a GDP over $10 Trillion – US and China.  Therefore BlackRock already has the advantage over every country and every business…

  • November 2021, BlackRock was charged by Consumers Research of propping up Chinese Leaders, and investing in surveillance companies owned by the CCP.   In addition, Consumers Research Director, Hild, claimed BlackRock was ‘bullying US companies to divest their main product – oil & gas.   In the selloff, BlackRock sopped up increased investment in – oil & gas knowing full well that solar and wind were defunct useless investments.
  • August 1, 2023, BlackRock was being investigated by Congress for allegedly investing in Chinese companies blacklisted by the US.

Jewish Communism, aka The Bolsheviks, has even left Soros floundering in their acrid pool of Control.  Maybe Not So Fast.

BlackRock claims it has invested $170 billion in US public energy companies, including; Valero, Exxon, Chevron, Occidental, and Conoco Phillips. In addition it has equity positions throughout Europe’s Oil & Gas industry. The obvious point of BlackRock bullying US corporations to divest their oil & Gas shares is to create a Kingdom Monopoly. The concept of “Net Zero” is a fantasy.   It is a diversion so as to create a Western One World with BlackRock at the helm.

China Investment presented a feud:  Soros and Fink parted ways over the Chinese Investments.   In 2020, BlackRock’s China portfolio showed a whopping return over 46%.   Over the course of 2021 and 2022, that return was completely wiped out.   It would appear Soros won that argument.

Are the Jewish Bolsheviks infighting?

In a 2020 commentary, Soros stated, BlackRock’s endorsement of transparency and forthrightness environmental, social, and corporate governance investing principles are oxymoronic in light of their efforts in China. Put more coarsely, the firm is talking out of both sides of its mouth.”

Bridgewater, another hedge fund that invested heavily in China, has liquidated 1/3 of its investments. Also of Jewish descent, Ray Dalio founded Bridgewater in 1975.   Stepping down as co-CEO in 2017, while still maintaining an advisory role, two new co-CEO’s were named in 2022: Mark Bertolini and Nir Bar Dea.  Nir is Jewish.  His investment focus – AI.

Since the Maui fire, Hawaii electric has lost nearly 60% of its value.   Like PG&E, the utility may declare bankruptcy.   Oddly, before the fire, Hawaiian Electric had paid out 2/3rds of its benefit pension liability, was this in anticipation?  There is no such thing as coincidence.   Hawaii Electric’s largest shareholders include Vanguard and BlackRock.

When the largest hedge funds in the world begin to have spats, the outcome will be a nuclear selloff war for Control.   At this point, although Fink has significantly more at his helm than Soros – he doesn’t have Soros power…. YET.

US Dollar Losing Reserve Currency Status – amidst devaluation

The IMF recognizes eight major currencies: US dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, British pound, Chinese renminbi, Japanese yen, the euro, and the Swiss franc   All other currencies are measured against these to determine valuation.   The measurement is an illusion because its very means of measurement is flawed.   Historically the currency was based on its value as a commodity metal – today it is based on valueless paper that is backed by debt.

The US dollar is considered the dominant measurement for all other currencies. This allows the US to borrow at lower costs – given a ‘safe-haven’ clause.   The safe-haven clause states that determining factors include:   stability, reliability, level of corruption, long term, purchasing power, and – politics.

IF the US dollar was stable, reliable and secure then the dollar should be worth more than a dollar since the introduction of the Federal Reserve. Instead the dollar is now pegged at a value of 4cents since 1930.

There are multiple complications with these meandering valuations, including the fact that the Euro’s existence didn’t begin until 1983… therefore the maximum length of analysis begins at that point.   Today, the Euro is stronger than the dollar.   The Swiss Franc is stronger than the dollar.   The Japanese Yen and China’s Yuan are significantly weak against the dollar.  So why would weak currencies be tagged by the IMF as dominant reserves?

These monetary exchange rates really are rather arbitrary and insignificant because they don’t have any commodity value.   While the value of gold is highly manipulated and suppressed.   Why would western governments want to suppress the value of gold?   Because the western countries would be obligated to prove their reserves – reserves that have been depleted.   Canada sold all of its gold reserves some years ago.   Meaning the Canadian dollar is worthless.

This is why Russia, China, ASEAN nations, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and the BRICS want to return to the gold standard.   To bring back stability and a means to control federal debt.   IF global currencies are backed by a singular commodity the emotional devaluation and manipulations are removed.

In 1931, the British left the gold standard, and in 1932 the US followed suit.   The British government then increased their gold reserves on paper by 235% before diluting them to near zero today.   The vast majority of countries have been accumulating gold reserves since 1950 , including, Japan, India, France, Italy, Germany, etc…

What would be the point of a government to hoard gold reserves if gold is NOT tested against currency?  

In 1979, the US share of global reserve currencies peaked at 85% until the Carter administration’s contrived  inflation dropped that percentage to 45% by 1991.   By 2022, it had rebounded somewhat to 59%,   Currency in circulation of the Euro between 2021 and 2023 decreased from its peak of 16 to -2 based on M1 Monetary Aggregates.   Simultaneously, debt for Europe since 2000 increased by 275% to $13.5 trillion while the US National Debt now stands at $32.7 trillion.

The supposed deficits triggering the collapse of gold backed currencies according to economists and ‘bankers’ were:  – 1) it caused inflation.   2.   It reduced currency in circulation.   3) It hampered growth. 4)   It is volatile.

  • According to Ben Bernanke: When the central bank fixes the dollar price of gold, rather than the price of goods we consume, fluctuations in the dollar price of goods replace fluctuations in the market price of gold.

The obvious glaring problem with this Bernanke evaluation is the idea that the US Central Banks FIX the value of gold.   Historical accounts present a different picture:

Between 1833 and 1919, gold remained stable at $18.93 to $18.99.   AFTER Bretton Woods and the Federal Reserve Banks began manipulating gold, the price began to rise.   By 1978 gold had risen 1000%.   By 2023, gold had risen another 1000%.

During the same relative time frame  – from 1930 to 2023, the value of the US dollar had disintegrated to just 4cents.

The main deterrent to the gold standard is that it puts checks and balances on the government continually raising the ‘debt limit’.   When gold backs the dollar the government cannot create more debt than the value of gold reserves.  

This presented a problem for the Cartel to invoke global control over currencies.

The economic contention that currencies fluctuate dynamically against other currencies on foreign exchange markets assumes there is no fraud, no corruption, no manipulation, no short selling, no Soros.

Inflation is a direct result of this unstable fiat currency that has a ‘product end point’ wherein money is worthless.

The common denominators?

The formation of The Federal Reserve monetary policy manipulations – and the elimination of a value backing – gold.   In exchange for the promotion of ‘fiat paper money’ that is based on credit. Monopoly Money!   Asserting a Great RESET to crypto credit via the World Economic Forum is reminiscent of the era of the Dustbowl wherein greedy farmers issued credit against wages earned – with an attached fee to convert the credit to commodities or cash.


Because soon the dollar will enter negative territory as to its worth and debt will surpass $40 trillion as interest balloons to $1.5 trillion.   America will be broke. And credit based production will involve even more emotional parameters – including religion, politics, race, gender, and whatever the Banking Cartel wants based on – “FEELINGS”.l

US ECONOMY: Fitch’s Double Dip!

US Ramps Up Debt Issuance, Adding Fuel to Selloff in Treasuries…

The US Treasury is selling bonds to fund deficit spending.   Awarding contracts in the billions, throwing more money at Ukraine, subsidizing foreign Chip companies in the US, artificially hiking inflation, and filing false and fraudulent charges against Trump and affiliates is a brutal plague.   The Plague has infected all the sailors and the ship is sinking as commanders commandeer the lifeboats and bail.

Third quarter, July thru September, the Treasury will issue $1.007 trillion in bonds backed by the ‘faith and credit’ of the US.   An additional $852 billion is expected to be sold 4th quarter.

The US government interest on debt has doubled in the 2 ½ years of Biden’s nonPresidency reaching just shy of $1 trillion the second quarter 2023.   Since 2005, the debt has tripled. The added debt by Biden will literally ‘break the bank’.     Running on fumes.

US debt spurs greater inflation.   It stagnates growth.   It devalues the dollar. And makes America less sustainable. Debt to GDP is pushing 130% – and represents the largest debt in the world.

Overextended debt makes The People beholden to the government as wage value plummets.

Game Plan:   To create a totalitarian rule before the 2024 election.  

The countries buying the most gold include: Singapore, Turkey, China, India and Russia.   The countries not buying are Europe and North America.

According to Blackrock, gold has been outperforming stocks this year by a small margin.   Their strategy is dependent on whether the Federal Reserve starts to back off rising interest rates.   For the short term, rising pricing in gold is a signal the economy is faltering. Selling Treasuries on top of the signal is more like a ‘fire alarm’.

The stock market took a hit and gold will be their answer.

The Economist and democrat donors have demanded that the talking points for the Biden White House be about how swell the economy is, how great the numbers are, how profitable their methodologies have been…   A swoon to woo clueless Americans into yet another hypnotic trance.

  • “Stocks Could Have A Record Year Thanks To A Resilient Economy” ~Oppenheimer
  • “The economy and asset prices have proved more resilient than feared…”   ~The Economist
  • “US Economy Looks Healthy And Resilient” ~ UOB Group… Therefore Feds should continue to raise interest rates.
  • “Fitch Lowers US Credit Rating: White House Claims the Downgrade Defies Reality”
  • “The Current Level of Inflation Still Makes It Impossible To Lower Interest Rates”   ~ Bank of International Settlements

Fitch Statement:   The past 20 years have witnessed a “a steady deterioration in standards of governance” in the U.S., the debt-ceiling agreement notwithstanding.

Fitch goes on to blame Social Security and Medicare costs as the primary culprit in the Federal Deficit spending, further igniting a depopulation of the elderly pivot.

Fitch is owned by Hearst. The current Chair is William Randolph Hearst III.   A devout democrat/rhino and graduate of Harvard.

Despite the White House seemingly on the defensive over the Fitch rating, it is more than likely coordinated and purposeful.   A market correction is inevitable.

In 1987 the average return on the DOW was 2.3%.   In 1992 it was 4.2%. Then in 1996 the DOW effectively was couped and returns began an inflated fraud of doctored manipulation:   1996 average return – 26%, 2013 – 26.5%, 2017 – 25.1%.

On June 3rd, after a prolonged standoff – Joe Biden signed into law a bill suspending the United States’ $31.4 trillion debt limit through January 1, 2025.   According to CNN, “Treasuries are denominated by the US dollar, the world’s leading reserve currency — a position unlikely to be supplanted by another form of exchange”.   But, of course that is exactly what is occurring throughout the BRICS, dropping the dollar and initiating sovereign units and crypto exchanges.

China, Russia, Brazil, India, ASEAN nations, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Argentina, and the UAE are now using local currencies in trade. Dropping the dollars dominance could effectively spiral America into a 1930 Germany scenario. Leaving US Treasuries worthless.   In 2022, central banks across the world bought a total of 1,136 tons of gold, up 152 percent year-on-year.

Nothing is coincidental.   Including the Fitch Rating.   Contrary to the magic-mushroom queen, Yellen, concerns about the US dollar and doubts about its credibility will prompt more countries to flee from investment and trade in this monetary reserve.   The nail in the coffin would be for the Treasury to reveal US gold reserves are not what has been reported…

Isolation of the American economy is the end goal of the Regime.   The Fall of Europe and Canada is a coupling event.   Sanctions and wars have been the primary tools.   Our combined governments have played their Hollywood roles as markers for the Cartel while allowing judicial realities to be usurped and plunged into darkness.

Out of darkness comes absolute chaos.   Out of Light comes a New World.   The choice is ours to make.

THE GREAT RESET Reimagined …. via Trade

INSURANCE rates are going thru the roof!   Property insurance is up 30% to 40% and car insurance is up 40% to 50%!   These increases are meant to ‘drive’ you out of ownership.   The explanation? Crime, and inflation.   While the La Nina explanation of the current climate is also ‘considered’ a factor, I am reminded of the Lew Rockwell article discussing the Geoengineering factor of ‘no-return’.   Once again the Problem is more likely – DEBT.

In preparation for a NATO incursion, Biden quietly executed a new Executive Order this July that calls up The Selected Reserve and members of The Individual Ready Reserve to ACTIVE DUTY.   By calling them to active duty, Biden has declared there is a ‘State of Emergency’.   Whether they are deployed to Europe or within states across the US – the message is clear – the White House, CIA, FBI, NSA are facing extreme fragility and require a distraction.

It is said that FDR’s reluctant decision to have the US enter WWII was to detract from his waning approval. FDR succeeded in turning the US into a completely socialist country, including giving himself ‘extraordinary emergency government powers’.   Biden is a re-enactment.   Taking us from Socialism to Marxist Communism.

“…They did not recognize that prices had fallen because of the Depression. They believed that the Depression prevailed because prices had fallen. The obvious remedy, then, was to raise prices, which they decided to do by creating artificial shortages. Hence arose a collection of crackpot policies designed to cure the Depression by cutting back on production.” ~Robert Higgs, Independent Institute.

By removing the gold standard, FDR created unstoppable inflation.   Today it is unknown how much if any gold reserves the US actually retains.   By 2016, Canada had depleted all their reserves of gold to $-0- with this explanation:
“The government has a long-standing policy of diversifying its portfolio by selling physical commodities (such as gold) and instead investing in financial assets that are easily tradable and that have deep markets of buyers and sellers.” 

According to CEIC Data, US gold reserves fluctuated dramatically until the 1950’s when reserve inventory began to plummet. By 1975, reserves were halved and have remained untouched since.   I am skeptical.

In 1974, auditors of the US government stated they would audit the reserves over a ten year period held in Fort Knox, Denver, and West Point.   Once the gold was verified and numbered, it would be placed in a vault until all the gold had been counted, recorded and numbered – and the vault was sealed.  At the end of this ten year period the US government auditors declared that 97% of the gold had been verified.   Thereafter, there would be no reason to break the seals.

Enter skeptic, Jan Nieuwenhuijs in 2014.   He found that subsequent to the end of the audit in 1984, seals were constantly broken. In 2016, Inspector General of the Treasury, Richard Delmar, justified that the bars had to be moved, so subsequent audits required the breaking of the seals.   But the recounts in Denver were conducted by ‘staff’ – not auditors. Meaning there is NO verification of our gold reserves.

WHY would the US government want to deplete gold reserves?

To pay for illicit activities.   Bribes, mercenaries, theft, laundering, trafficking, there are a dozen reasons why.   And like oil, the government controls the pricing of gold.   If it was revealed that our vaults were nearly depleted, the initial shock could destroy markets and create a mass buying spree sending gold into 5 digit if not 6 digit territory depending on the numbers released.   It would open up the corruption probe of to whom, how much, and transparency.   And the value of the dollar would become absolutely worthless rippling thru the global economy with ferocity like a Bison protecting its young.

The largest gold mines are in China, Africa and Australia.   The argument of value has been constrained because of the inventory.   The illusion of supply & demand. Certainly, paper money and copper coins have zero worth.   Paper is a promissory note backed by a promise with no collateral behind it – just debt.   A government can print its currency indefinitely, but the more it prints the less scarce the currency becomes, resulting in inflation and a devalued dollar.

Since the establishment of the Federal Reserve in 1913 the dollar parity value dropped 50% in a decade. The dollar began to recover from 1923 to 1933, rising back to 70cents.   However, once FDR suspended gold convertibility and made owning gold illegal, the dollar tanked. In 1971 Nixon put the nail in the proverbial coffin and today its parity value is less than 4 cents.

Switching from paper to Bitcoin or CBDC’s is really a non-move.   But Russia and China have  reverted back to a gold-backed trade standard decreasing yuan and ruble volatility.   The value of a commodity is supposed to rely on ‘supply & demand’. But even those most stoic economic fallbacks are completely falsified.

Supply is manipulated.   Demand is propagandized.   And the US Capitalist system is in reality Socialist as created by FDR.   Today, that partial disjointed system is leaning heavily toward Marxist/Communist.   Why?   To hide the criminal activities our system has hijacked.  Once communism is installed, all history will be wiped. And the next generation having been taught no real history won’t even notice.   Reality has thus been usurped.

Realizing that a system of debt – is not manageable, The Great RESET was created to obscure the Truth and wash it all away. Unfortunately, that same debt system is what created fake value.   Hollywood studios and Sports Authorities thrive on debt – When a Hollywood film is being made, the producer secures contract guarantees. These guarantees are the collateral for a bank loan.  DEBT.

The first private company to enter the mortgage field was JP Morgan in 1871.   During the Depression mortgages ground to a halt. In 1933, FDR decided the means to lift home ownership was to create a government sponsored program; The Home Owners Loan Corp. a Mortgage company.  We’ve had rampant inflation ever since.

The housing market has thrived on debt – creating bubbles that inflate and burst.   And Reset levels. US Student Loans – standing over $3 trillion – in debt.   Mortgages – outstanding = $19 Trillion.   Personal Loans average $38,000 per person.   The statistic does not differentiate by age – if we calculate based on entire 335 million population – that would amount to another $13 trillion.

Assuming that the US gold reserves amount to what they pinky swear declare – our gold is valued at roughly $480 billion – against debt of $36 trillion.   Land has value – but that value is manipulated by government owned land.   It is like a subsidy.  IF the government was relinquished of ALL it’s land the value would tank because of the supply.

Within THIS Reality – yes, the globe needs a RESET.   Just not the kind envisioned by the Marxist/Communists in control via the World Economic Forum.   The True RESET would be to scrap everyone of everything and start at a net zero playing board – including Larry Fink and Elon Musk.     YOU DON’T OWN ANYTHING.

Poverty would have apply to everyone. I doubt those within the uber echelon would be willing to live such a lifestyle – which is why – The Great RESET as defined by the World Economic Forum will never happen.   It is a pipe dream.   A Fantasy.

In fact, The Great RESET is a global distraction to cover the reality that they have no idea what to do to cover Their Failures, Corruption, and Greed and failed climate change geoengineering.   Passing the baton to their son’s and daughter’s is simply a way of prolonging the inevitable and passing the global massacre to the next generation.

Soros doesn’t give a whit about his offspring!   Neither does Gates, or Bezos, or Zuckerberg – or Bloomberg, or Obama, or Kissinger or ANY of the elite.   Their entire focus is preserving their monetary orgasm.

How could a RESET look?

When money is worthless, trade becomes the only means of securing vital essentials. The Minoans lived sometime around 3500 BC to 1300 BC.   They did not war.   They lived in peace and prospered for 2000 years. They didn’t just ‘thrive’ they accumulated great wealth among ALL their people. Their means? Trade.

Ultimately, the Minoans were wiped out by the barbarian Macedonians who thrived on war and conquest.   And society – was RESET to the Dark Ages.

The ‘Macedonians’ are the ones ruling us today in a complex tangle of industrialized war and debt.   They were the barbarians then and the barbarians today. They are not a civilization they are a destruction manifesto. And they appear over and over again in history – each time their goal being chaos and disorder.

The US was supposed to be a reincarnation of the Minoans.   But the Macedonians infiltrated.  

Bill Gates, Blinken, Jamie Dimon; visiting China as Beggars

It has come to the attention of ‘those who find it interesting’ that the lab meat Bill Gates grows and advocates is genetically modified ‘immortalized cells’.   These cells are specifically designated for research purposes only and even in that context the outcome of related studies are said to be ‘compromised’.   Lancet.   Yet, apparently, it is just these cancerous immortalized cells that Bill Gates has been using in his and likely others ‘fake meat’ product.

Apparently the problem arose when it was discovered that normal cells don’t reproduce forever – they have a designated lifespan’.   The Fake Meat is predicated on fake cells because they can be manipulated and reproduce forever – because they are Fake.   But if this is a fake cultured cell then it isn’t really a cell at all!    IS IT?

It is a bioengineered nucleus.  

I liken the fakery department to its roots – Flowers!   Flowers became nonseasonal – a year round enjoyment!   But to manufacture these GMO ‘flowers’ their cell structure had to be severely mutated.   This human created cell however, could not reproduce scent.   Thus all such GMO flowers are devoid of ‘scent’.

Such is the Fake Meat Market.   It may look and taste like something aboriginal, but it has no scent.   And more importantly – it has no nutritional value.   Farmed Fish have NO Nutritional value.   Farmed Chickens – pigs – cows lose their nutritional value as they don’t develop normally. That development is what is passed to you – consumer.

The Danish Government has bent to the Slavic sorcerers and is going to euthanize over 200,000 cows to reduce farting gas.   And semi-normal people nod like bauble dolls in agreement.

Today, the esteemed fake programmer, biologist, medical doctor, farmer, rancher, lab expert, climate Tzar – Bill Gates arrived in China – as did Blinken.    Gates is scheduled to meet with Xi Jinping, while Blinken will meet with one of Jinping’s lower associates with no fanfare.   Gates claims this is the first visit to China since 2019 when the CoVid Pandemic was orchestrated.   What will Gates provide this time?

The meetings come on the heels of CSIS discussing ways and means of preemptively sanctioning China for invading Taiwan.   Punishment ‘before’ the anticipated maybe crime.  A threat?

The CEO meetings descending in droves with China Leaders also includes the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, who has been a witness in the Virgin Island Lawsuit brought against JP Morgan and Jamie Dimon via the Epstein scandal.   His visit also coincides with Gates last visit in 2019… months before the Pandemic Was Levied. Coincidental?

Elon Musk met with Jinping as he also paid a snap visit to China to oversee his factory in Shanghai.   Citigroup CEO was in China.   Goldman Sachs CEO. Apple CEO, Intel CEO, Blackstone, and General Motors have all descended on China in the last month.   Desperate to shore relations despite the Pentagon and NGO insanity.

As a direct result of these visits – the bank CEO’s released a common statement that China’s Economic Growth Outlook has been raised to 6.4%.   In other words, Xi Jinping is pissed about the negative prediction news and wants positive prediction news – and banks will pay China for that privilege.

SPD Silicon Valley Bank, declared insolvency and was absorbed by First Citizens Bank. They bought a negative equity of $8 billion.    Before the insolvency, SPD Silicon was a 50/50 joint venture with Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.

China’s banking sector is the largest in the world holding over $50 Trillion in assets.  That fact alone may have something to do with the deluge of visiting Tzars from the US as our banks implode sitting on less than 5% Net Equity!

JP Morgan claims it has been doing business in China since 1921. That would be 60 years BEFORE China opened its economic society to foreign influence. It would also indicate that JP Morgan was well entrenched in the Communist Mao period wherein millions of citizens were liquidated – and millions others starved.

The West is fully entrenched in the China business landscape despite the media matter propaganda – the CSIS and IISS propaganda – all declaring China a major threat!   Reality Check would reveal that AI is significantly more advanced in China than the US – and that represents the actual ‘threat’.   $$$$$$$$$$.

Open Technology, aka Soros, wants to have access to ALL of China’s advanced AI technology so western nations can ‘catch-up’.   Having spent the last two years destroying the US via CRT, academic failure in k-12 and universities, riots and the destruction of all major cities, while busily devolving the US social and economic construct, suddenly the Lax Lazy Cartel Powers have awoken to find – the US tech elites are in Twalette Water.

Enter Alex Soros.   A Silver Spoon History Major.

Alex Soros claims to have a BA degree in something and a PhD in History – yet the Bio-Makers that falsify education and accomplishments for ‘a fee’ made egregious mistakes.   Alex bio states he received his BA in 2009.   They also decree that Soros pursued his PhD in History in 2010, earning it in 2011… before he secured his Masters…   he somehow skipped an entire degree program and obtained his PhD in just 2 short years….   Farkalicious! Gotta hate when that happens.

Trying to terrorize the Trump Magats, Alex declares that he is 10x more evil than his dad and he alone will destroy Trump.

The propaganda continues to make it a difficult journey to find TRUTH among the RugRats of Deception and Chaos.   For me, my blogs take an extraordinary amount of time, researching, deleting and stepping away.   China and Russia are paramount discussion points because they are the HIT targets.

Still:   The US and EU continue to buy Russian resources DESPITE sanctions and demonizing.   The US and EU are dependent on China – despite their sucking up naysayers – pinky swearing otherwise.   The US and EU continue to demonize Russia and China in the public Platform – while continuing trade out of FEAR.  

The nouveau FEAR is that the West is Losing. Losing Hard and Fast.   Massive intelligence idiocy, massive incompetence, massive Chaos has caused allies to disperse faster than rats racing into the curbside dumps of Manhattan refuse!   But the purpose is the same – GARBAGE.

FDIC Cash Balance Covers 1.27% of ALL Insured Deposits

Before helping to Bailout SVB Bank and Republic Bank – the FDIC had $128 billion cash on hand representing 1.27% of all insured deposits.   Still think your money is insured?   Not if the FDIC has no more funds.   They are funded by banks – when banks are no more, their funding takes a dive.   The Rothschild Economist declared a few weeks ago that the largest banks needed to absorb ALL other banks to recreate a banking Cartel of just 3-5 mega banks.   This is the only means to CONTROL via social credit scores.

Today, The Economist is suggesting that mining companies begin the same absorption process.   Lauding the agenda as the creation of a super commodities group or “Cartel”, the industry includes green metals as well as coal and other minerals such as lithium. Monopolies are the end goal.

Within this western trend, newly crowned King Charles has altered his coronation to add a ‘pledge’ that all Brits are called to recite in unison proclaiming their obedience to the King.   Not to the Land. Not to the Constitution.   But to Charles the man who intends to expand his Kingship duties so as to fully indoctrinate the British Empire that was and isn’t.  Hail Britain’s Totalitarian Rule!

The problem with going forward with the World Economic Forum Agenda is too many countries have sabotaged the global outcome.   Without a global response, with waning allies, and with awakened populace across the globe, the Cartel will need more than simple monopolies doling out rations.

In the event the Mafia Cartel manages to obliterate the western economies who will they govern?   Exodus from major cities will cue chaos should the chaos puppets choose to invade suburban and rural communities.     Which is why the importance of gun confiscation becomes a pre-eminent need to solve before the wave moves outward.  Their timing is off…

In nearly all mergers, employees are the first casualty.   Employees who reap benefits, lucrative salaries and whose job is largely a stage effect go first.   But in every restructure the slashing is crisp and finale.   There is no begging.   There is no mercy.   Thus the mergers being ordered by the Cartel will have an unemployment fallout.   Given all statistics are now algorithms, we have little ability to scrape together facts from the dung pile.

Unemployment is already a side show of fraud – operating on the same ideology established by Communist China.   We used to laugh at how China manipulated its GDP, its employment, its death rate, its wealth, its stock market, all DATA.   It is relatively easy once the government is onboard.   Now we know that all western DATA is forged.   We also know that Yellen, sobbing over a looming debt default, has the mind of a slug of jello and she will do whatever she is told without – a thought.   Literally.

When Jerome Powell told the Russian pranksters that he planned to raise interest rates two more times – he was admitting that DATA had nothing to do with the hikes.   He was laughing at his gamut and gloating with triumph…   Powell also felt close enough to “Zelenskyy” to divulge that the US was most definitely going to go into a recession this year likely attributable to the rate hikes…   hahaha isn’t it funny…

Having this degree of cordiality and insecure dialogue with Zelenskyy seems rather cozily prepped.   Powell wouldn’t express this much honesty with his own American counterparts, but feels it is discussable with a corrupt, fraudulent war monger.   On key – Michael Bloomberg announces that rates are still too high because inflation just won’t be tamed until we spiral into abject twallette water Recession – with a capital R.   The same Bloomberg who is working his Everytown lawyers into a frenzy as they weed out the smaller gun manufacturers with lawsuits in preparation for collapsing gun ownership.   Via – ammunition shortages.

But wait,   CSIS claims that the US military already has ammo shortages due to supplies shipped to Ukraine while Ukraine says it has ammo shortages because no one shipped them enough ammo – who cares about jets when you have no ammo?

For EXAMPLE:   CSIS states that the US military sent 1 million rounds of artillery shells to Ukraine – but only manufactures 2300 per MONTH!

When asking why this is international news – aka giving our ‘enemies’ specific information about our military hardware shortages – we need look no further than the Pentagon announcing the exact date of the Spring Offensive that will be Ukraine’s WIN!   Powell talking to Russian Pranksters.   Our CIA Director having multiple ‘meetings’ with Epstein while claiming he didn’t actually know who he was…   These are the Experts.   LAWYERS.  

Lawyers have the largest ego of nearly any occupation.   They routinely graduate from ‘expert law schools’ with ‘expert degrees’ and ‘expert accolades’ embellishing expertise in Everytown Everything.   Somehow, Lawyers run Economic Events, Pharma and medical decisions, all while determining Bills and Procedures for Congress.   Lawyers run our education system, our Banking Cartel, and our agriculture.   LAWYERS…

Today, Lawyers are determining how AI advancement could annihilate Earth.   And of course, by the time they actually use analytic and critical Thinking that is NOT fed to them – their brains will explode from the exertion and they will retire to Fiji.

Watch The Mergers.   This will determine their next Play Act on the Stage of the “Global Bust” as written by

~ The Protocols.

JP Morgan Chase Financial News

JP Morgan NEWS:

Let’s digress a bit and take an in-depth look at the Financial Activity and Balance Sheet:

First – as of 12/31/22:

  1. Deposit Growth – down 5%
  2. Total Liabilities $3.7 trillion on Assets of $3.67 Trillion = net -.8%
  3. Asset Growth = -2%
  4. Unrealized LOSS =   $9.12 billion
  5. Loan Growth – Commercial only
  6.  Federal Funds sold – up 20%

Announced (unaudited) – 1st Quarter 2023:

  1. Credit Card debt up 10%
  2. Average deposits down 16%
  3. $1.9 billion in stock repurchases not reflected in comparable EPS
  4. Increase in Net Revenue 100% due to interest income.
  5. Credit Card DEBT increased by 700% and included Net Chargeoffs of Bad Debt up 50%
  6. Corporate Revenue – down compared to 4th quarter 2022
  7. Asset & Wealth Management – down compared to 4th quarter 2022
  8. Expense of Credit up 2000%
  9. Business Banking – down
  10. Loan origination – down
  11. Chargeoffs – UP 80 points


Stakeholders like these numbers – but they reflect the economic tailspin of the economy which affects the plebes and peasants – and not the Hedge Funds buying into the madness of the Banking Cartel.

The Wealth of Nations – Mercantilism

Bankers, Wall Street Capitalists and Elite Businessmen are like Mercenaries – they have no country, no allegiance, they have no morals or ethics, and they operate on one principle – MONEY.   Traditionally, Money is made through peace, trade, and a prosperous society.   The Minoan’s were a perfect study for this equation. However, in the world of elite businessmen, Money is made by maintaining a level of instability.   The instability creates polarity wherein only the ‘select’ make money while draining society.

The US Trade Deficit is expanding as imports increase dramatically while exports cringe.   The 2022 data reveals an increase in the goods and services deficit of 12.2%.   According to US Treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, this is good news!   The US economy is stable, no signs of a potential recession, and the global economy is improving!

Yellen’s advisor was Stiglitz, and she was influenced by Krugman.   What exactly do economists do?   The role of an economist is to study data and note trends.   Some economists make future predictions – or forecasts.   Like scientists, the end result of an economist’s forecasts is based on ‘theory’.  

John Maynard Keynes developed theories in the early 20th century that the Federal Reserve still uses to manage monetary policy today.   However, it was Scottish Adam Smith who is widely credited with creating the field of modern economics.  In 1776, Adam published The Wealth of Nations.  The major premise of his book detailed the Division of Labour:

“When labourers bid against one another for limited opportunities for employment, the wages of labour collectively fall, whereas when employers compete against one another for limited supplies of labour, the wages of labour collectively rise.”

Smith saw labour as a commodity.   The gist of his thought was based in his absolute denouncement of all things  ‘mercantilism’.   Developed in the 16th century, mercantilism believed in a slave labour state.   Economic oppression stated that labourers should not be educated, and should lead a life of bare subsistence never garnering any extra money.

The policies associated with mercantilism included:   sanctioning, high tariffs, monopolies, limiting wages, subsidies, and restricting domestic consumption.   As a direct result of these policies, warfare was the only means of expansion.   Take from another state and then eliminate its ability to compete.   Fueling Imperialism.

The concept of Imperialism is Colonialism.   Colonialism is the US doctrine of ‘democracy’.   When a nation is not applying the mercantilism system then it is not a democracy and must be re-educated.   Or destroyed.  Syria.   Russia.

Democracy is defined as a government wherein The People have the authority to define legislation.   But that doesn’t exist – not in any nation.   Democracy is an illusion.   It is a word used to invite regime change, coups, war, isolation, sanctions, and economic turmoil.

In reality Americans are living within the ‘economic system’ of mercantilism.

The theory of democracy is to dangle a carrot in order for the people to work harder for the enjoyment of the Masters.   While the wealth remains attached to the Master the labourers are given appeasement funds in the form of ‘paper’.   The concept of ‘Debt’ was created to erase assets and thus any degree of labour wealth.

Immigrants escorted into the US are additional labourers.   As a result, the market has a surplus of workers. Thus immigration keeps wages low.   And inequality expands exponentially.

Education in the US is steadily declining.   The Pandemic helped to fuel this downward spiral.   Math, Science, and Reading skills – the most basic subjects – are plummeting.  Overall, US students will not join the entrepreneur club of growth and instead be retrofitted for manual labour further skewing the income inequality agenda.

The US is the world’s largest economy with household consumption being the biggest driver.   According to ‘economists’ the health of the US is predicted to change drastically with an estimated GDP growth outlook for 2024 dropping to a mere 1% according to the IMF. By comparison, the IMF predicts India’s economy will grow 6.3% in 2024 and China’s by 4.5%.  Reality or Illusion?

The hard reasoning behind these drastic predictions is the source of GDP.   For the US, agriculture and manufacturing account for less than 20% while China and India are roughly 50%.   The US is NOT producing goods – it is producing labour.   Labour is the secondary class with limited education and free time = mercantilism.    

The Banker Mercenaries are now busily consolidating.   Stakeholders will become the New Government.    And more banks are slated to declare bankruptcy.   Warren Buffett sates that is normal. Yellen states that banks are all stable.   And Federal Reserve economists have declared that the banking ‘crisis’ will usher in a recession…   Who to believe?