Russia Hacks Vermont Electric Company!

Here’s the story being splayed all over the news, apparently originating at the Washington Post: RELENTLESS, PREDATORY’
Malware code tied to Russian hackers found on US electric company laptop!

The story then goes on to instill fear and paranoia as though we are fighting a terrorist attack…  Sound fishy?  It should.  Here’s what is wrong with the entire story:

1)   The malware code is actually not Russian, it is Ukrainian.

2)   The Malware is seriously outdated, hardly of the caliber of a government spy institution.

3)   No mention of ‘who’s laptop’?

4)   The laptop was actually not even connected to the electric companies own software server – it was independent and posed no threat.

5)   Why did the electric company feel the urge to scan somebodies personal laptop, an unnamed person?

6)   Officials claim they took immediate action to “isolate the laptop” … meaning they put it in their car? Solitary confinement? Make sure it didn’t touch any other laptop?  Hello?

7)   The Vermont Democratic Congressman who is making the allegations is Senator Patrick Leahy, he has no background in cyber security, and no foreign affairs background. He is making an allegation without any supportive investigation whatsoever.

8)   The other Vermont Senator making allegations is Democrat Peter Welsh.

9)   Allegations linking the entire laptop fiasco to Putin are simply slanderous at this point given there is NO Evidence!  It is a planted story.

Our judicial system is falling apart!   Making accusations without confirmed evidence goes against every grain of our Constitution and our law. When we circumvent due process we are making Dictatorial, Communist expressions of law, all coming from a Democrat vendetta that desperately needs to create a vile enemy of the state in order to organize a vigilante posse.

Hillary will not roll over. She is going to make each and every person she feels is responsible for her loss – pay the Hillary price.

We have all become aware of the massive fraud perpetrated on the American people by various media outlets, repetitiously making statements without evidence in order to psychologically persuade that an idea or belief or just a simple statement is fact – without any proof.

I remember when movie theatres were charged for slickly interposting subliminal messages into the movie reels depicting bags of buttery popcorn and gulping cups of coca cola and mounds of chocolate and candy YUM – in order to make people feel the urge to buy their wares.   Of course, it worked. And today’s press is no different.

Subliminal messaging has risen to the ranks of Supposedly Legitimate News.

If you say it enough, people will mindlessly believe even without evidence. It’s called “propaganda”.   It is manipulation.

That being said, it would be healthy for us to have our press move their topic coverage to more valid issues – jobs, healthcare prices rising, economic trials, corruption within our government, illegal immigrants, terror threats, you know, all that goofy stuff that well, makes for our world…

FODDER FOR THOUGHT:   Few media outlets have brought up the fact that California issued over 800,000 drivers licenses to illegal immigrants in their ‘all inclusiveness’ agenda, which enabled every one of them to – vote! Hmmm, but that isn’t even the story, the story is that actually 12 states and Washington DC do the same thing. So exactly why do the Democrats feel requiring an ID to vote is racist?   Now that IS a Story!

Oh, and just a funny – while the US refers to our esteemed Hollywood gossip as ‘Entertainment’, in European papers, the lives of these narcissists is considered “Culture”… EWWWW!


Hillary’s Russia Vendetta – Hack Job?

In 2014, Soros gave an interview in which he said imposing sanctions on Russia was futile and a better alternative was to give Ukraine money, LOTS of money.

In 2015, Soros gave another interview in which he said that sanctioning Russia was a ‘necessary evil’.

In 2016, the White House proxies, Hillary and Soros, gave the order for Obama to sanction Russia to an extreme, based on evidence that is described as ‘belief’… and rooted in vengeance.

In 2015, Soros tells Merkel that the EU needs to take in a million refugees every year!

In 2016, Soros says that Merkel’s policies of opening borders to refugees is the downfall of Europe.

In this topsy turvy flip-flop of psychosis, Soros has held firmly to one thing – he Hates Putin with vehemence. Given Soros is deeply complicit in the orchestration of chaos around the world, we should listen to his dictums with the mind and heart that understands – whatever he says – believe the opposite.

It is the same confusion reaped by the Obama administration in their ‘news feed’ in which we were led to believe that sometimes he was policies seemed legitimate, and sometimes he lied. It is a psychological Game. In reality – we know in our hearts, when a liar lies, there is no dissemination…

It is well known that Soros hates Russia, hates Putin, and that this hatred is born of the fact that he has not been able to overtake and control – Russia.  Other countries have been targets; Brazil, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Ukraine, UK, US, France, Germany, etc…   A Power struggle of Games. But in order for him to usher in the Order from which Chaos controls, he needs to create chaos in all the major power blocks. To date, he has failed, and the Hillary/Obama regime collapsed leaving the US vulnerable to freedom.

Personally, I feel that sanctions are an immature vendetta that really have no value whatsoever. Do we really believe that ‘sanctions’ will suddenly halt all cyber-security issues including those that are covertly imposed by Germany, France, Ukraine, US, UK, Canada, Russia, Brazil, Venezuela, China, Japan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, etc… etc… AGAINST everybody?

This is so naïve as to be ridiculous. They are playing on the idea that American’s are united in idiocy.

Relying on immature data trails that actually make our own security look pathetic, a vendetta is authored. While no one in our esteemed cyber security can even trace Gucifer II, a lone wolf hacker who has even provided a general geography of where he is located, how in the world can we assess the sophistication of China and Russia?

While a number of cyber security companies have joined in the FBI ‘belief’, only one claims to have expertise in actually audit tracking the source, CrowdStrike. All the other companies mentioned simply provide ‘security’ meaning their platform is to prevent a breach and to mediate one if you have been attacked. Tracking the source is a completely different strategy and action.

Dmitri Alperovitch, a co-founder of Crowdstrike, is the only one to actually state he has evidence that the DNC hack originated in Russian intelligence. Interestingly, he was formerly the VP at McAfee.  In a recent interview with Larry King, John McAfee staters that the sophistication of hacking has evolved to the point that trails are impossible to follow and that anyone skillful enough to hack the DNC would be skillful enough to hide their tracks.

“If I was the Chinese and I wanted to make it look like the Russians did it, I would use Russian language within the code, I would use Russian techniques of breaking into the organization,” McAfee said, adding that, in the end, “there simply is no way to assign a source for any attack.”

So why would Crowdstrike blame Russia?

It should be noted that Crowdstrike ihad three funders:  1)   Warburg Pincus.  Tim Geithner, is president of  Warburg Pincus, former Secretary of Treasury under Obama, and formerly worked in the Clinton administration…  Uh-oh.   Warburg Pincus was a contributor to the DNC and Clinton campaign.   2)   Accel Partners is also a Crowdstrike funder.   According to the Clinton Foundation website,  Accel is a venture capitalist partner in the Endeavor Investor Network created by the Foundation. Uh-oh.   3)   And the last funder of Crowdstrike is Google Capital, now CapitalG, managed under David Drummond of Google who was instrumental in ‘realigning’ Google search engines to favor Hillary’s campaign.  Big uh-oh!

So what we actually have is the authority of one company, Crowdstrike, which derived all of its funding from venture capitalists linked to Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Funny, they didn’t hide their tracks very well for a high powered security breach company.

And the BEAT GOES ON!!

De Blasio’s Blubbering Bumbles

Mayor De Blasio seems to be confident that he doesn’t need Trump, won’t abide by the rules, and will circumvent the law in order to maintain a healthy, wealthy and wise New York City bereft of Government subsidies…

The audited financial statements for fy 2015 say – Not So Much! Below is just a small fraction of the discrepancies:

  1. The audit found that DOE’s controls and management over its computer hardware were not sufficient to ensure that it could properly account for the computers it had purchased. DOE did not maintain a centralized inventory of computer hardware purchased from Apple and Lenovo. Further, DOE did not reconcile the individual DOE sites’ inventory records with its Asset Management System (AMS), the database used by DOE to record computer hardware delivered to DOE. Consequently, auditors could not rely on information in AMS, and the system could not properly identify where all of the computers paid for by DOE were located.
  2. An audit examined whether NYCHA had adequate controls in place to accurately monitor and track vacant apartments in its public housing developments the audit found that NYCHA had inadequate controls over the monitoring and tracking of its vacant apartments. NYCHA did not ensure that vacant apartments were repopulated with new tenants in a timely manner.
  3. The audit disclosed weaknesses in DHS’ oversight and controls over its emergency contracts. DHS did not have formal monitoring procedures, nor did it have sufficient evidence that oversight and monitoring activities for the contracts that were the subject of the audit took place. In addition, DHS personnel did not adequately review or check invoices and supporting documentation for accuracy prior to payment. Finally, emergency contract managers did not perform satisfaction assessments of shelter clients as required by the City’s PPB Rules Chapter 4, §4-01(e).
  4. The audit found that DCAS does not adequately account for and manage its inventory of City office space. The agency does not have a reliable computer system or an effective tracking tool to assist in processing moves and renovations, or with maintaining an inventory of all City office space.
  5. The audit determined that HRO failed to implement proper controls to ensure the appropriate, prompt and efficient delivery of services to applicants for benefits under the BIB Single Family Program. Specifically, HRO failed to effectively monitor the work of the multiple consultant companies hired to carry out the program. As a result, by December 31, 2013, seven months after the program began accepting applications and over a year after the storm devastated homes along the coast of New York City, only 960 of the roughly 20,000 program applicants had met with HRO to discuss the options available to them through the BIB program and zero applicants had actually received any program benefits.
  6. The audit found significant deficiencies in NYCHA’s internal procedures that resulted from management’s failure to institute adequate controls over inventory operations. Consequently, there is limited assurance that the inventory at the satellite warehouses and the development storerooms is adequately protected against misappropriation or theft.
  7. In the case of the City, liabilities and deferred inflows of resources exceed assets and deferred outflows of resources by $181.8 billion at the close of the most recent fiscal year,

Net Pension Liability for the City is $52 billion as of FY June 2015.

IN FY 2013, Federal aid to fund the NYC budget amounted to roughly $46 billion representing about 28% of their revenue.

Pensions and debt service amounted to over 21% of the annual budget…

30.3% of working families are 200% below the poverty rate, 22.2% of children in the city are in poverty, and 35% of single parent families live in poverty.

Is De Blasio’s Blubbering against Trump based on his own successes? Obviously not, yet he threatens to extend the deficit hole of New York City by forfeiting 28% of the City’s revenue base so he can personally fund abortions, pensions, Medicaid, and HUD housing deficiencies…

Stupid Is As Stupid Does…

Israel – Slammed by US and UN

A New York Times Op-ed by Haim Saban in 2012, sums up the Obama presidency’s foreign policy with respect to Israel and Iran… In the piece Mr Saban explains how Obama is a definitive unequivocal supporter of Israel and how Iran’s nuclear capability is completely ‘off the table’. And based on these absolute facts, Mr. Saban was voting for Obama.

But then, Obama changed his mind, or he just ‘unequivocally’ lied.

Our own State Department and White House are apparently lying despite evidence that we helped orchestrate the UN vote against Israel and pro- Palestine.

Maybe Mr. Saban lied and never had any affinity for Israel… Who the heck knows anymore with the lies built on lies built on lies. It reminds me of the scientific proof-theory-hypothesis that supports evolution based on a core theory which is then dolloped with a mountain of facts and more theories to come up with a hypothesis that is labeled – Fact.

Despite the fact that Russia voted against Israel, the defiling of Israel seems oddly close to the defiling of Russia. Sanctions, inaccurate news, propaganda, destruction, and ultimately severing of economic needs.

The UN Security Council is comprised of 15 members, some of which are permanent, and some who have two year terms. The permanent members include the US, UK, France, Russia, and China, while the non-permanent rotating members include; Ukraine, Senegal, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Egypt, Angola, Uruguay, Spain and Venezuela. Sixty countries have never been members of the security council.

Rife with corruption, genocide and war, Biden told Ukraine how to vote. Five of the non-permanent members term will be terminated as of December 31, 2016. Timing is everything

  1. Senegal is Islamic.
  2.  “The Economist, which is owned an operated by the Globalist Rothschilds, named Uruguay “country of the year” in 2013, acknowledging the innovative policy of legalizing the production, sale and consumption of cannabis. Same-sex marriage and abortion are also legal, leading Uruguay to be regarded as one of the most liberal nations in the world, and one of the most socially developed.”
  3. Angola is considered in dire straits due to its humanitarian crisis, its displacement of wealth, its famine, and its authoritarian regime.  Not a particularly positive country to judge another…
  4. Malaysia is predominantly Sunni Islam. It’s Prime Minister is Muslim and was educated in the UK. Malaysia has never recognized Israel and has condemned it from the get-go.

It is easy to see why these countries voted as they did.

New Zealand was one of the countries that ratified the appropriation of land for Israel in 1949. Their support of Israel has been unwavering since, that is until 2015 when they assigned an ambassador to Israel and the same ambassador to Palestine. Somewhat of a conflict of interest. But it would appear their vote is more out of anxiety to have an end to the conflict, than about who is right and wrong.

Again the obvious question remains, with the Jewish people being culled from most of the Middle East and the complete diaspora of land masses, ie, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, why isn’t the solution to partition a chunk of their land a solution?

Saudi Arabia is 830,000 square miles of land. By comparison, Palestine has an area of about 2100 square miles to a total area for Israel of 8000 sq miles or less than 1% of the land available to Saudi Arabia.

Since 1948, over 850,000 Jews were expelled from the Middle East leaving their belongings, their livelihood and their homes. Why doesn’t the UN recognize this fatality of justice and order reparations?

It is not an easy argument or solution, but having Muslim countries make the decision for Israel through the UN, is a dangerous precedent that appears manipulated and corrupted. And apparently, there is evidence to support this – which will be made available to the Trump White House and could make and break careers, and livelihoods as it unfolds…

CHRISTMAS – is a Christian Holiday

Christmas is about one thing and one thing only – the birth of Christ.

Prince Charles – It is not about Islam or Muhammed or minority religions, or minority people, or Allah. It is not about Satanic rituals, or screaming and shouting in stores and malls, it is not about hate filled rhetoric, hypocrisy or blame…

It is about the birth of Jesus Christ.

Santa Claus was derived from Saint Nicholas, a fourth century Christian who was revered for his charity and gift giving.   He was a real person, did not fly around in a sleigh, and did not have elves as his helpers.   Nonetheless, even the fantasy Santa of today was rooted in Christian history.

St Nick was Greek, and in 325 was asked by Constantine to appear at the First Council of Nicaea where as a Bishop he signed the Nicene Creed.

The first decorated Christmas tree can be traced to Germany and Livonia where the Brotherhood of Blackheads were said to decorate a tree with fruits and candies for the children. The Brotherhood was a military group of people who rose up to defend Christians that were being persecuted and exterminated by indigenous Estonians during the St. George’s Night Uprising.

The tree was said to be symbolic of the Trinity pointing toward the Heavens.

While there are pagan rituals with respect to evergreen branches being the sustenance of life because they remain green all year round, the evergreen tree was specifically erected as a Christian symbol holding gifts for the children.

These origins have mutated over the centuries to represent different ideas and customs, but that does not change their beginning,, their root or their Christian core.

The Jewish celebration of Hanukkah also has its roots in ancient history coming from the Alexandrian canon which was a part of the Old Testatment Bible of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches.  It symbolically represents the rededication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

Kwanzaa is a week long celebration represented only in the US and created in 1967 by Maulana Karenga. Karenga, whose real name was Ronald McKinley Everett, was an American black man born in Pennsylvania who became involved in the Black Power movement and black nationalism. His organization fought against the Black Panthers, which resulted in numerous deaths and assassinations. In 1971 he was sentenced to prison for torturing two women which included; putting a smoldering iron in their mouth, being beaten with electrical cords, forcing detergent into their mouths through running hoses, squeezing one woman’s foot in a vise, and being beaten with a baton.

While Christians do not attempt to recreate Muslim holidays or Jewish holidays, or Karenga holidays, it is equally as important to not diminish our own.


Bana Alabed in Syria: Faked! Merkel Blaming Russia…


Sweden finds that many of the asylum seekers claiming to be under the age of 17 are being found to be well into their twenties after conducting a medical examination…of course they are sure that it is all innocent because Arabs don’t celebrate their birthday and probably have no idea how old they are… The UK says that they look older because of the war, although they have facial hair, a stubble, wrinkles, and clearly appear to be in their twenties and even thirties.


And still the story is about the fear of backlash against asylum seekers…poor them.  Let’s snot focus on the actual ‘victims’.

While the media would have us believe that these poor children are just like the immigrants that came to America, ta-da!!! – I don’t see these pundits offering to open their homes and give them a job…as in, put your freakin’ house to where your mouth slobbers.

Merkel now has the dubious honor of opening her country to its complete demise while Germans are murdered, sexually assaulted, raped, beaten, knifed and infected with diseases once eradicated.  Gee, let’s do more of that!  Elect these wondrous accomplishments…

And as if the fake news couldn’t get worse, the EU has announced that Russia is organizing the migrant attacks to make Merkel lose the upcoming election!   Whoa there horsie…  Where did this accusation come from? The Council on Foreign Relations.  A fake organization infected with Soros, Clinton, and a desire for a World Open Society.  Oh, now it makes sense.

Gustav Gressel has made this audacious claim, taking his cue from the Hillary.   It was just a few short weeks ago that Obama made a special stop to Germany to ‘encourage’ Merkel to run for office again as in a last ditch effort to contain the anti-politics that is sweeping the US and EU.  Remember?  In other words, he told her that she and her entire family would be brutally murdered if she did not comply with the order of the Order.   I digress.

Gustav claims that a small number of refugees have links with the Kremlin and Syrian government. Therefore Russia is the provocateur behind the Cologne attacks , the Nice attacks and the Berlin attack. WOW!  Broad- jump, this is getting perverse like nothing imaginable.  People are actually acting like they are drones in a board game.

You want to shake them and demand they – WAKE UP!

But like the explosive heads in the movie, Kingsmen, they don’t have a lot goin’ – up there anyway.

Echoing the DNC, Hillary and Billy, Merkel is claiming that they are already dealing with hackers and propaganda… As though Merkel were blameless. As though her policies of allowing millions into the country was not her fault – but ‘Russia made me do it.’

I have to say, she did it become apparent that she defected?  Because she wasn’t always on – the wrong side.  She used to represent integrity and honesty.  Once upon a time.  In another generation long go lost.  The Internet is alive with blogs about someone not being who they say to be.  And others who lament what Obama has evolved to be.

But, in reality, the consensus is- Obama failed miserably.

Of course, if we back track the research, it was actually Soros who demanded Merkel open her borders to the refugees. In fact, he was so bold to claim that if she didn’t open her borders, it would be the end of the EU. After she complied, it was Soros who announced that Merkel’s open border policy – would be the end of the EU.    Damned if you do – damned if you don’t.

What we do know is that the massive wave has caused spikes in crime, much that Merkel quashes, doesn’t prosecute, and enables. Italy has declared that the wave of immigrants has sent their stats flying. But most of the European countries try and stifle the statistics to protect their people from fear… And instead, regurgitate ‘Fake News’ and ‘Fake Photos’.

The BBC recently came under fire for its fake photograph, which was the basis of their ‘fake story’ and was picked up as real by The New York Times…

Egyptian authorities have arrested a photographer and his assistants taking fake photographs using imagery in Egypt and red paint on a little girl which they were going to post on Facebook and decry as Syrian regime assaults in Aleppo.

And then there is Bana Alabed, a seven year old girl interviewed via Skype by CNN, who has been posting regularly from inside Aleppo on her new i-phone and laptop, despite the fact that electricity and internet have been down… and despite the fact that they claim their house was bombed to rubble – yet they were somehow able to collect their clothes unscathed, their laptop unscathed, their cellphone, a doll and other accoutrements…unscathed.

CNN shows pictures of her with makeup and ribbons in her newly coiffed hair, her skin unblemished by the ravages of war, squeaky clean, skipping through the rubble of war-torn Aleppo as though she hasn’t a care or fear in the world. And the only other people visible in her many pictures are her mother and brothers – even in the streets. Odd.  A photoshop world.

She and her siblings are wearing new clothing, in fact, every picture shows her wearing a new outfit, cute hats, and logo clothing. And somehow despite the continuous bombing and rubble, the lack of food and water, their apartment in the middle of east Aleppo – is immaculate.

She is obviously posed for all the photographs, including ones in which she is supposed to look ‘afraid’. And of course, her tweets and banners are all in English with Assad and Russia as the demon provocateurs.

Upon a bit of sleuthing, apparently, Bana’s rather extensive wardrobe is bought from AliExpress – including her red and grey letter jacket, and her 68 Universal jacket. Both are said to be new items coming out in “2016”. Free shipping to Aleppo?   Apparently, the Middle East isn’t on the shipping list… UK, US, France, Canada, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Israel and Russia – are.

I imagine we will suddenly see her on Entertainment channels across the Uk as her celebrity status is unveiled…


Hillarys Election Fraud – Obama, 2008…

Flashback!      In 2008, Hillary and her supporters were screaming foul claiming Obama committed massive voter fraud. The Obama campaign was charged with busing in voters from neighboring states to vote illegally.   In addition, his campaign was charged with voter intimidation of her supporters. Sound familiar?

According to the Cooperation Commission Election Study, in 2008 they estimate 14% of ‘non-citizens’ (code for illegal immigrants) voted with 80% voting for the democrat candidate, Obama. They assert that was enough to change the outcome of the election to Obama’s favor…

2008 was the same year ACORN was accused of massive voter fraud, raising allegations of registering dead people. Twelve members of ACORN were convicted. ACORN was funded by George Soros, but Obama actually trained some of its leaders and represented them in court actions. In 2008, the Obama campaign paid ACORN $800,000.

How quickly we forget:

In Hawaii, caucus organizers ran out of ballots. In a lax environment, Obama campaigners created fake ballots using scraps of paper. “The caucuses ended up with more ballots than participants, a sure sign of voter fraud,” Long said.   Hmmm, sound familiar? Because it is the same tactic employed by Hillary campaigners in the 2016 election.

“In Nevada, Obama supporters upturned a wheelchair-bound woman who wanted to caucus for Hillary, flushed Clinton ballots down the toilets, and told union members they could vote only if their names were on the list of Obama supporters.”

In Texas, over 2,000 Clinton and Edwards supporters filed complaints with the state Democratic Party because of the massive fraud. The party acknowledged that the Obama campaign’s actions “amount to criminal violations” and ordered them to be reported to state and federal law enforcement… Nothing happened.

In Maine where Hillary had been leading by double digits in the polls, she ultimately lost to Obama.

In a video Obama was asked by a reporter about the voter fraud. He answered that it is normal and both parties actively do it… He just wanted to be “honest”.

Quite simply, Hillary lost because Soros didn’t want her to win. Period.

This election, Hillary was backed with all the same tactics, maneuvers and manipulations used to elect Obama, without any consequences, I might add, and she still – LOST. Because her illegal manipulations were broadcast by WikiLeaks.

Most people knew Obama didn’t actually ‘WIN’ the election, he was bought and the election was bought, and there were no consequences for the massive fraud. And somehow, Hillary and Obama are completely miffed and outraged that their manipulation was undercut – by the Truth.

They thought they had it locked up, using all the fraud tactics at their disposal. It was a sure thing…   I trust that one of Trump’s pre-eminent changes will be to require Voter ID’s, as do nearly every other country in the world.

Democrats – The Truth Police

Electoral College voters report they are being harassed like never before with some claiming thousands of emails, and phone calls, backed by our Liberals who felt no remorse in previous elections, Podesta, Hillarygate, and our newsworthy Entertainment committee in Hollywood. Given the abject failure of Jill Stein to accomplish anything except create a payoff of $1,000,000 in just a few short weeks for ‘salaries, consulting fees and admin to challenge voter counts, the only weapon left is ‘harassment’.   Rather pathetic.

While it would not be beyond the integrity of some of these harassers to offer bribes, gifts, and possibly a chance to meet some high falouting Star gazer, challenging a law now to make it retroactive is pretty, well, lawless. But of course, as usual, Hollywood thinks they know what is best for The People, because The People are too stupid to know what is best for themselves.

If the Electoral College rules are to be changed, then the appropriate action would be to put it forth as a Bill to alter our Constitutional laws. But somehow Hollywooders seem to not understand this due process unless it applies to ‘everyone else’.

This posse would seem to be led by John Podesta who is desperately attempting to rectify his failure in securing Hillary her entitled win as a woman despite her raising $1.2 billion in contributions!   That would have gone a long way in helping the VA, or the poor…

As Obama has stated, the FBI has now released a statement that they concur with the CIA’s assessment that Russia was behind the DNC email hack, although no one to date has provided any evidence to back the claim. Our entire court system, judiciary process, is based on ‘evidence’, not feelings or intuition, so it is imperative that the FBI and CIA comply. Once the evidence has been submitted, the Russians have the ability to provide counter information.

Only then can we be assured that the process is intact and our intelligence and government are operating according to the same laws that we are bound to.

Hillary continues to justify that her loss was not due to her complete lack of integrity, honor, dignity and honesty, but has jumped on board the band wagon of “Blame”.   Criminal acts were unveiled. Not just by the emails, but by video footage of campaign illegalities. The fact that she was fed questions in advance by Donna Brazile, should be considered ‘an illegal’ act by both parties.

While still playing the woman card, as a woman, I am embarrassed to be used by her to that end.   What these people don’t seem to understand is that by playing the gender card, the race card, the alien card, the religious card, the atheist card, they foment exactly what they claim to denounce – anti-tolerance. I will not vote for someone simply because of these ‘cards’, I will vote however I choose based on my morals and ethics. Attacking people based on their free will is absurdity at its height.

Within this delusion of reality, we now have the Truth Police.

Of course, the Truthers have their core in the very liberal, very biased, very disreputable, Washington Post. Their primary donors?

Open Society Institute – George Soros….ta-da!

*Bill and Melinda Gates


*Arthur Blank Family Foundation – Home Depot founder who is an avid Obama fan and an avowed Democrat

*Endowment for Democracy – President is Carl Gerschman, former executive director of Social Democrats USA.

*Omidyar Network – Ebay founder, Pierre Omidyar who donated to Hillary super pacs and anti-Trump pacs, and is an avid promoter of “Open Societies” (code for Soros)

*Duke Reporter’s Lab – managed by Bill Adair, who founded Politifact, which is owned by the Tampa Bay Times which is a liberal network owned by the Poynter Institute

*Park Foundation – a very liberal foundation supporting environmental causes

So the Truth POLICE are a funnel of Democrats and Socialists who have determined they and only they can assimilate the real Truth and only the Truth – so help them God…

Russia Hacking Election?

CIA Head, Brennan, Conspires Against Russia!

False Reporting. “17 US intelligence agencies have concluded that Russia hacked the emails in order to sway the election results toward Trump”.

What is wrong with this statement?

For one, there are not 17 intelligence agencies. There are 16, however, the CIA is not considered a part of the Federal globe, they are distinguished as ‘independent’, so technically, there are 15 units.

And apparently, none of them are willing to take the stand that the CIA asserts. They all say there is no concrete evidence to support the allegation. And without evidence, a US Constitutional Law, there is no case. That’s the system we embrace. Like it or not.

So why has the CIA gone out on a limb? John Brennan. The same Brennan who converted Wahabbist Islam during his tenure in Saudi Arabia, while working for the CIA. The same Brennan who has a close relationship with the Saudi’s and the Clinton’s and Obama, and Soros. The same Brennan has been quoted making pro-jihad statements claiming that it simply means, “to purify oneself”… The same Brennan who in 1976 voted for the Communist Party USA in the US Presidential election…

This same CIA Head, is now the sole supporter of the Russia hacking allegation. But wait, it get’s better.

Brennan was instrumental in creating the Directorate of Digital Information, in order to maximize the CIA’s hacking abilities against foreign governments. As in, remember NSA hacking Merkel? Hollande?

Remember the CIA attempt to interfere in the re-election of Netanyahu? Remember the CIA and McCain raising a ruckus in Ukraine and ‘swaying the ousting of Yanukovich in order to usher in the Maiden Revolution, regime change and Chocolate man, Poroshenko?

Apparently, the motto is, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

“Nor do we describe our enemy as ‘jihadists’ or ‘Islamists’ because jihad is a holy struggle, a legitimate tenant of Islam, meaning to purify oneself or one’s community, and there is nothing holy or legitimate or Islamic about murdering innocent men, women and children.”  ~ Brennan

Brennan served as president for “The Analysis Corporation”, whose parent company is Global Strategies Group, a private security firm that specializes in providing security in the Middle East and Africa within the oil sector.   An agenda?

Of course.

Therefore, when one US intelligence agency advocates a narrative that has no proof or evidence behind it, it is important to understand the motive behind the allegation. Brennan has an obvious motive that is completely undermined by his faith, his policies, his friends, and his warped beliefs.

Of course, McCain and Brennan share the Soros Files as their core and that alone should be worthy of investigation.

By the way. How come Soros voter fraud and manipulation is not under the same scrutiny? Proven, in the recounts under the shill, Jill Stein.

China Trade vs Trump: Never Underestimate your Opponent

We are witnessing a phenomenal shift in world economic and military priorities – and it will rock the axis!

While old schoolers, McCain and Hillary Democrats continue to scream about the evil of Russia, the business climate is shifting and the once very reserved Xi Jinping, is showing cracks.

Turning on a dime, Trump is focusing on economic drives instead of military regime and war. For decades the US has concentrated on the military cockfight that has been endless since WWI. Instead of building, we have been massively destroying. In the meantime, China was able to quietly and slowly run the race of the Tortoise and the Hare.   They had no interference. And the smug win is now on a precipice that could revolutionize the future!

That being said, there is a delicate balance. However, what Trump is advocating is a new Power strategy, a new Power broker, and an Offensive Action instead of the whiny defense we’ve been playing. Xi’s response shows his weakness. Warning Trump to maintain status quo, warning Trump to back off, “warning Trump” is not going to win points.

While the defensive argument focuses on Treasury Notes and a Trade Balance, our trade balance operates at a massive deficit each and every year. That isn’t working! Instead, focusing on the offensive, China has a tremendous (Yuuuge) fresh water deficiency, and oil scarcity; two highly necessary commodities that support not just trade but sustenance.

China is the third largest importer of US goods topping out at $380.8 billion in 2016 according to government reports. However, what is more important is the deficit of trade with China which is consistently 400%!   That means that China needs the US 4 times more than the US needs China…   And Xi, is nervous.

Since 2003, food exports from the US to China have risen 500%. Over 20% of China’s farmland has been polluted by industrial waste. Even more crucial is the fact that China has to import about 40% of it’s agriculture water needs.   But it isn’t just agri related, China imports bottled water from Taiwan, South Korea, the US and a smaller portion from Canada.

Water is Gold.

Does this make China our new enemy? NO! It simply means that recognizing a shift in priorities, toward better trade pacts, may not be what China – wants – but it will create a true re-alignment of trade balance that alleviates the ridiculous deficit we have made our norm.

But even more fun is the fact that a Trump alliance with Russia goes against every grain of George Soros and his cabal of World Order philanderers. It means that the entire chaos agenda, racial divide and terrorist rise in order to create a destroyed world from which a new world can rise – may have just been decimated.   And The Hunger Games? Simply a fantasy future, and not the destiny direction Soros and Hillary fought for so adamantly.

China, Soros, Rothschilds? Take heed your own philosophy, Sun Tzu’s, The Art of War, “never underestimate your opponent”.

Negotiation not Threats and Warnings will be the new norm!