Democrats – The Truth Police

Electoral College voters report they are being harassed like never before with some claiming thousands of emails, and phone calls, backed by our Liberals who felt no remorse in previous elections, Podesta, Hillarygate, and our newsworthy Entertainment committee in Hollywood. Given the abject failure of Jill Stein to accomplish anything except create a payoff of $1,000,000 in just a few short weeks for ‘salaries, consulting fees and admin to challenge voter counts, the only weapon left is ‘harassment’.   Rather pathetic.

While it would not be beyond the integrity of some of these harassers to offer bribes, gifts, and possibly a chance to meet some high falouting Star gazer, challenging a law now to make it retroactive is pretty, well, lawless. But of course, as usual, Hollywood thinks they know what is best for The People, because The People are too stupid to know what is best for themselves.

If the Electoral College rules are to be changed, then the appropriate action would be to put it forth as a Bill to alter our Constitutional laws. But somehow Hollywooders seem to not understand this due process unless it applies to ‘everyone else’.

This posse would seem to be led by John Podesta who is desperately attempting to rectify his failure in securing Hillary her entitled win as a woman despite her raising $1.2 billion in contributions!   That would have gone a long way in helping the VA, or the poor…

As Obama has stated, the FBI has now released a statement that they concur with the CIA’s assessment that Russia was behind the DNC email hack, although no one to date has provided any evidence to back the claim. Our entire court system, judiciary process, is based on ‘evidence’, not feelings or intuition, so it is imperative that the FBI and CIA comply. Once the evidence has been submitted, the Russians have the ability to provide counter information.

Only then can we be assured that the process is intact and our intelligence and government are operating according to the same laws that we are bound to.

Hillary continues to justify that her loss was not due to her complete lack of integrity, honor, dignity and honesty, but has jumped on board the band wagon of “Blame”.   Criminal acts were unveiled. Not just by the emails, but by video footage of campaign illegalities. The fact that she was fed questions in advance by Donna Brazile, should be considered ‘an illegal’ act by both parties.

While still playing the woman card, as a woman, I am embarrassed to be used by her to that end.   What these people don’t seem to understand is that by playing the gender card, the race card, the alien card, the religious card, the atheist card, they foment exactly what they claim to denounce – anti-tolerance. I will not vote for someone simply because of these ‘cards’, I will vote however I choose based on my morals and ethics. Attacking people based on their free will is absurdity at its height.

Within this delusion of reality, we now have the Truth Police.

Of course, the Truthers have their core in the very liberal, very biased, very disreputable, Washington Post. Their primary donors?

Open Society Institute – George Soros….ta-da!

*Bill and Melinda Gates


*Arthur Blank Family Foundation – Home Depot founder who is an avid Obama fan and an avowed Democrat

*Endowment for Democracy – President is Carl Gerschman, former executive director of Social Democrats USA.

*Omidyar Network – Ebay founder, Pierre Omidyar who donated to Hillary super pacs and anti-Trump pacs, and is an avid promoter of “Open Societies” (code for Soros)

*Duke Reporter’s Lab – managed by Bill Adair, who founded Politifact, which is owned by the Tampa Bay Times which is a liberal network owned by the Poynter Institute

*Park Foundation – a very liberal foundation supporting environmental causes

So the Truth POLICE are a funnel of Democrats and Socialists who have determined they and only they can assimilate the real Truth and only the Truth – so help them God…