Alt-Right = White Nationalism – or Patriotism

White Nationalism has been tossed around during the Hillary campaign and beyond, with major liberal media making the claim that Trump and his supporters are banners of this plague… Basically, it refers to the ideology embraced by the KKK.

“White nationalism is an ideology that advocates a racial definition of national identity. Proponents of the ideology identify with and are attached to the concept of a white nation. It ranges from a preference for one’s specific white ethnic group, to feelings of superiority, including calls for national citizenship to be reserved for white people.

Critics have argued that ideas such as white pride and white nationalism exist to provide a sanitized public face for white supremacy, and that most white nationalist groups promote racial violence.”

WHOA there. Back up. “…such ideas as ‘white pride’. Wouldn’t that mean that Black Pride, and Black Lives Matter are actually the groups creating racial definition and identity?  Wouldn’t they be responsible for the devastation, destruction, riots and fires that consume our neighborhoods!?  According to the definition… – yes.

The definition progresses to the statement that White Nationalism is composed of a loose group of individuals who are labeled the alt-right, supported Donald Trump and write articles for Breitbart.   So who molded this bizarre definition?

The Southern Poverty Law Center – which is funded and sourced by none other than ta-da!!!!   George Soros.

But the media throws bricks and mortar at the alt-right describing them as vicious supremacists who hate jews, women, gays, blacks, muslims, and lather at the notion that Trump might create a Heil Hitler in the US. WOW!   Where the heck did they get all that?  They made it up to create a civil disparity.

To read some of the garbage inciting civil division and unrest (sound familiar Soros) the media is shutting down accounts on Twitter and Facebook. They claim that the ‘members’ have a racist code they use to avoid censorship…  whaattt?

The National Policy Institute and its CEO were purged from Twitter as was journalist Milo Yiannopoulosa, a quite vocal openly gay humorist – hardly the profile… and James Woods of Hollywood, among others.   Meanwhile accounts that vocalize and threaten to assassinate President elect Trump and to murder cops, those accounts remain a viable thread under the auspices of ‘Freedom of Speech’…


The media hypocrisy gets thicker when the Truth becomes apparent that this same supposedly white supremacist group is home to blacks, muslims, jews, women and gays. And the ideology has its core in rejecting political correctness and just telling the dang TRUTH. It isn’t a supremacy, it’s an ideology – and there is a vast difference that uproots the Liberal agenda and pits in their stomachs a glob of fear.

The fear? That their agenda, everything they’ve been working on for so long – might be upended.  And that riles them like nothing else.  They will not lose.

It’s more about rejecting being herded. Rejecting the globalization Kingdom. Rejecting the propaganda and misinformation campaign. It’s about rejecting the lies and deceit, the murder, and the assassinations that have perpetuated the power of not just the Democrats, but within the Republican Party as well. It is why the Independent Party is now the largest party in the US!

It’s about being fed up with governments that make decisions authoritatively instead of as an employee of The People.

It is about how twisted politics have become, and how The People have awakened to the deception and cried NO! If The People do not want mass immigration and the politicians declare they will allow it – they are not representatives of The People, they are a dictatorial rule. It isn’t about changing minds, it’s about listening.   For The People and By The People.

It’s about the Mainstream Media perpetrating fraud and deception on The People and then declaring themselves the censorship Gestapo!

So who are the alt-right? They are you and I without the derogatory label, they are children, teens, women, men, blacks, whites, yellows, gays, jews, and a host of innocent people who are tired and fed up with being under the thumb of a defacto dictatorship in which a coup was perpetrated without our ever seeing it happen.

But then, maybe that’s why they Hail-Heil Castro… He was their Star!  He was their mentor. And their Hero…

My Hero’s? My Father and my father.

This is the response to Trump. This is the instigation to riot and a renewed US civil war, global war. It is about tearing us apart on false labels, false news, and hype. We are better than that!   We can choose to hold and uphold, or we can cave.

Alt-right? A fake propaganda label for The People who want politicians to actually represent us, not their pockets, their greed, their lust, their personal agenda. And if we concede, we will be the sheep, the pions, the thrashed and beaten peasants of Sharia-Hillaria-tribal law.


I am trying to understand the viewpoint of some of the more liberal media including The economist, The New York Times and the Washington Post. And like the demonstrations taking part by college students who chose not to even vote, the arrogance and hypocrisy elements are – difficult.

A journalist/opinion-op person who writes for The New York Times, is quite unabashed in his derision and choice of words concerning Trump. His latest barrage is about how “we can not just get along”… which of course was the Obama and Clinton mantra that he seems to feel only applies if his team wins!

While Trump is attempting to mend, journalists continue to divide. And for some reason Trumps’ attempts to mend are not met with grace, but instead even greater hostility, as though offering a hand was an evil thing.

To be sure, we don’t know exactly what Trump will do his first months in office. We do know that some of the more major issues including healthare, securing the border, and terrorism are at the top. But the mess left by Obama, the racism, the division, the daft teachings of our educators, are quite embedded and a generation of uneducated twenty somethings makes us gulp back bile.

But it only takes a few seconds to look back at previous articles written by this NYT man to fully embrace the hypocrisy. Hiss op-ed when the rave of election fraud was being discussed before the election was a vilification of the ‘fake news’ conspiracy lunatics. After the election, given his team lost, suddenly the shift is to declare ‘election fraud’!

I still believe that election fraud occurred. The problem? All the fraud that was uncovered pointed exclusively to the Democrats. All the fraud that was uncovered in the Obama election cycle – pointed to the Democrats. Reams of it. He denigrates Trump for not accepting his ‘Loss’ graciously. And in the end, this man makes a fool of himself.

The media seem to have conveniently forgotten the massive manipulation perpetrated at the highest levels for decades; Operation Mockingbird. The media that willingly colluded included, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Miami News and CBS. They were used because of their aggressive liberal stance and anti-Soviet rhetoric.

Then there was/is Operation Earnest Voice which specifically targets international social media censorship. It is funded as a propaganda tool.

There is sockpuppetry which has been used to extol one business while vilifying another. The concept is also used by the UK government, by journalists, and the EU governments, to create false accounts that lobby for a particular government idea or cause, when the lobbying is actually derived from the government itself.

There is Merkel telling the German media what they can and cannot print with respect to immigrant problems and related rapes and sexual assaults. That is media manipulation.

The BBC, state owned, which filters it’s content based on what the UK government determines is allowable.

These are the sources of “Fake News”.

So why is the new obsession all about vilifying Russia propaganda? Because that is in line with the EU and US propaganda…   It’s one propaganda vilifying another who vilifies another until there is no reality left. Just a bunch of puppets.   At some point, the train will either come to a screeching halt, or a complete derailment.

In the meantime, most Americans search and search for news that has some semblance of reality and not propaganda. Are their fake stories circulating? Of course! Unfortunately, more often than not, the source is a liberal format. Unfortunately, the demand for hate and vilification is more often than not sourced back to Liberal agendas. Why?

I believe the moral and ethical value structure that is embraced by our country has been corrupted. Too frequently, the Donna Braziles of the world justify their corruption as for The Greater Good, as defined – by them.   And they feel no remorse, no regret, just like the rioters destroying our businesses and our property.

It used to be that when someone was asked if they understood ‘right from wrong’, those that didn’t were considered mentally impaired.

Obamacare – Reality vs Fake News

Dissecting the Truth of Obamacare: AGAIN.

The New York Times has reported that: “The Obama administration said last week that over the first 12 days of open enrollment, plan selections in the states that use the federal marketplace were up by about 5 percent compared with the same period last year. Some of the states that run their own marketplaces have reported brisker business: In Colorado, sign-ups are running 30 percent higher than they were at this point in the last open enrollment period, according to Kevin Patterson, the chief executive of the state’s marketplace.”

What that really means…

In Colorado, we lost a number of insurers and within Obamacare plans were eliminated causing a huge influx of panicking citizens trying and find an alternative healthcare plan given theirs was cancelled. United and Human both fled the individual market. And for example, my son was given exactly three choices for a self insured plan. Not three insurers – but three plan choices. Period. They all were on the Obamacare exchange, because many of the insurers will no longer insure individuals – and thus there is no competition, they all offered the same option, the same cost. HELLO???


The fact that the New York Times failed miserably to investigate what they were reporting is only more fodder for the ‘Fake News Conspiracy’ perpetrated by our established media, including; Washington Post, New York times, The Economist, The New Yorker and most other Liberal news sights who prefer to post massive articles deriding Trump than they do reporting on ‘NEWS’.

The people that support Obamacare include the government officials who have private plans outside of the system, and those whose income allows them massive subsidies to the point that they pay – next to nothing. And of course, the rest of us are required to foot the bill.

As in – moi.

The other little detail that hasn’t been discussed is the great additive that allows children to be on their parent’s plan until they turn 26. Sound good? Well, it ain’t free! The cost to me for each son is about $350 each per month and the additional out-of-pocket skyrockets from $4000 to $10,600. This means if I have a surgical procedure, my individual out-of-pocket is the maximum family amount. Not my individual amount.

So. New York Times. Washington Post. I suggest next time when you make rampant accusations about media propaganda and tag other countries, you might consider the false- FAKE news you participate in on a daily basis without even attempting to research – THE TRUTH.

Perhaps that is because their own healthcare is paid for completely. Or perhaps it is because they have no dignity or ethic. In this, I take great exception as I am required to pay astronomical premiums and astronomical out of pocket costs in order to provide the government their private insurance, and in order to provide free healthcare for everyone else.

What ever happened to ‘equality’?

Cause it sure doesn’t feel equal to me. New York Times… New York Times… Anyone… Anyone… Ferris? Are you there?

Israeli FIRES!

FIRES raging in Israel.  Arson is suspected for many as firefighters attempt to quell the blazes with the help of Russia, Croatia, Italy and Greece…

So where is France?  Germany?  UK?

Nowhere to be found – apparently, they aren’t concerned for the welfare of Israel.

New York Times vs Trump

Once again the media has spoken from the lips of slander and would have us believe that all the racial tension and Islamophobia is a direct result of Trump. Once again, despite claiming that they will no longer revert to defamation, libel and slander, the New York Times prefers to peddle their wares of hate, while inciting righteous, arrogant attitudes and defaming our President elect.

“Millions of Americans are justifiably frightened by the tide of racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia that has swept the country since the election of Donald Trump, whose campaign stoked these views and who named Stephen Bannon of Breitbart News his chief strategist in the White House.”

I guess they have forgotten about the Oakland riots in 2009, the Pittsburgh G-20 riots in 2009, the Akron Ohio riots in 2009, the Springfest riot, the Santa Cruz riot, Oakland riots, LA riots, Occupy Wall Street, Anaheim, Brooklyn, Ferguson, Chicago riots, Baltimore riots, on and on the list of racial divide stoked under the auspices of our supreme leader – Obama. Apparently, there were over 25 major riots in the US during the Obama administration, compared to seven in the 80’s and 12 from 2000 to 2009.

It would seem the New York Times forgot about the racial tensions escalating in our schools and businesses and on the streets stoked by our esteemed leader – Obama.

Apparently, the New York Times has forgotten about the racial tensions that have escalated to breaking points not seen since the 1960’s during the tenure of our esteemed leader – Obama.

And perhaps our esteemed New York Times has forgotten that Islamophobia was a phrase coined in 1918 and became standard in England and the US in 1997 when Bill Clinton was President…uh-oh! Maybe the NYT forgot that detail.

And maybe what the NYT forgot was the fact that Trump denounced terrorism – not Muslims. And that terrorism is perpetrated by al-Qaeda, el-Nusra and ISIS, all Muslim terrorist organizations. And maybe the New York Times has already forgotten the terrorist attacks in Paris, Belgium, Orlando and California – all by Muslims.

Maybe the New York Times has forgotten what it was like to travel pre 9-11, before TSA, before security checks, before planes and their passengers were decimated from this earth. Or the reportedly 31 ‘foiled terrorist attacks in the US’ since 2000 – most, but not all, purportedly by Muslims.

Because the New York Times would not seem to be reporting for the American People, they would be reporting for division-racism-inciting hate-and a lame attempt to drum up business by reporting FAKE NEWS, the very fake news that Facebook and Twitter and Google all decry as hate speech that must be censored. So maybe these same media outlets should consider censoring the New York Times!

The media, the criers, the safe spacers, the rioters, the protestors, the vengeance filled haters need to take a long Rip Van Winkle nap or just move to Canada and fulfill their veiled threats.

And lest we are confused over the financial status of the New York Times, as a public company they are required to release the data. Between 2011 and 2015, Revenue declined by 28%, between 2012 and 2015 and the number of employees was halved, but wages and benefits were not. Year over year, the biggest hits have been for pension costs and severance pay. Per share value dropped from $1.11 to $.38.

Their CEO, Mark Thompson, is from the UK and was formally with the BBC – which is a government mandated censored source of news. So he is familiar with censorship. His compensation for 2015 was $8.564 million. In 2011, then CEO, Janet Robinson took home a whopping $11.5 million, of which half was classified as ‘Other’. It cost the Times $23 million to get rid of her.

During Thompson’s tenure at the BBC they paper came under fire for editorial guideline breaches, deceptive journalism, and political bias.

Owning 17% of the company, and considered the ‘largest Class B owner’ is Carlos Slim, a Mexican business magnate of Lebanese descent whose estimated net worth is about $82 billion. He is considered the richest man in the world. His Lebanese parents and Muslim background could possibly account for the New York Times controversial attitude toward Islamophobia, not to mention the ‘Wall of Mexico’.

Slim’s real estate holdings include 417 fifth avenue NYC, as well as a portion of The New York Times building.

The paper is owned by the Ochs-Sulzberger family trust which holds 88% of the Class B shares and is /managed/held by 13 cousins of Sulzberger Sr who had no sons and refused rights to his daughter. The family is of German Ashkenazi Jewish descent.

Professionalism in our media has tanked to an all time low, headed by many of the once great giants who seem to think that The National Enquirer methodology is better for their bottom line – and Truth is Fiction.

Obama, Google, Twitter – Deciding our Values

Obama has stated that he is the American spokesperson when it comes to upholding our values and ideals!

Google has stated that they will define what is an appropriate website – and what is not.

The Boston Globe has released their headlines with FAKE stories about Trump which they call a ‘parody’ as opposed to ‘FAKE’ news. As such, they and the NYT believe it is legitimate.

Twitter has decided that they will regulate accounts they deem undemocratic.

Obama is back to claiming that all his failed policies are the result of inheriting Bush’s White House… and he just needed ‘another four years’.

Facebook has stated that they will begin a massive targeting campaign to eliminate fake news and only allow ‘proper news’.

Mainstream media have collaborated to determine who is legitimate and who is not according to definitions provided by Liberal committees.

Liberal professors have released fake reports of fake news sites…

The New York Times continues to slander and vilify our President elect, Donald Trump, while simultaneously decrying hate speech…

While the NYT and Washington Post continue to deride anything and everything Trump, they seem to have fallen into a void of some surreal alt-world where they are the voice of America even though they – lost. And now they have elected themselves as the media police for anything they deem to be anti-their-rhetoric.

Media Matters and (both Soros derivatives) are fueling riots, destruction, hate and anti-American agendas – in the name of love.

Universities, funded by taxpayers, are hosting professors who openly slander and vilify anything not Liberal in the name of ‘peace and democracy’.

And a new fear has emerged… that racial civil rights might actually extend to white people! Imagine that! We might be ‘equal’.

Wikileaks only skimmed the surface in purging documents that just scrape the surface of the propaganda/misinformation/censorship and bias perpetrated by our esteemed media. That does not mean everyone is a bad journalist, it means that these mainstreams, including; CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, The Guardian, VICE, Vox, New Republic, Daily Beast, Huffington Post, CNBC, People, The Economist and The New Yorker have all contributed to a campaign of targeting and disinformation. Knowingly, with intent to deceive and with malice. And now they claim they are the victim. Poor babies – maybe they need a safe space to cry.

We have a history of swinging the proverbial pendulum from one extreme to the other instead of finding some living balance. The Feminist Movement was an example doomed with the advertisement, I can do it all – cook up the bacon, work fulltime, be a good mom, etc… Only to fall flat as women found themselves not measuring up to ‘anything’ and frazzled to the core. It resulted in a new phenomena – therapy, counseling, and medication. Big pharma was happy!

Entertainment used to have a happy medium of – well – entertainment. Soon they evolved into another propaganda mechanization in which controlling the very thoughts, feelings and opinions of the masses became consuming. Power!

And now we have them telling us what ‘our values and ideals’ are or should be according to their belief system. The media would focus us on the rejects who voted for Trump but fail to register who voted for Hillary. Hollywood – illegal immigrants – banks – and wall street elitists. In other words – California and New York.

Today the mainstream is pushing back by claiming their journalists ‘die’ for a story. Really? Somehow that seems to justify their victimhood. Therapy! Therapy! Come quickly!

In the end, you just can’t please all the people all the time, and a bit of Grace would do the US a world of good right now. Not just for Trump but for the ridicule his family has taken by a media claiming ‘love, tolerance, compassion and peace for all’.

Globalization: Obama Passes Baton to Merkel

Standing alongside Obama, Merkel has stated that globalization is here to stay:

“Germans and Americans must take the opportunity to shape globalization according to our values and ideas.”

Of course the blaring question is ‘whose values and ideas’? Hers? Soros? Obamas? Hillarys? Because their version of it certainly doesn’t embrace my values or ideas, or any ones I know. It would seem that the values and ideas belong to the elitists who want to recreate our world.

In addition, she, they, announced that TTIP also embraces our values and ideas… TTIP was and is considered highly secretive. The exact draft is not public, the terms are not public, and in fact, it is so secretive it is kept in a vault. Protests against its directives have been massive throughout Europe. The People of the US have absolutely no idea what it is, what it embraces, or how it would impact us. The media has kept it quiet revealing – nothing. So how in the world can Merkel and Obama say it is: ‘our values and ideas’!

Unless of course they mean – theirs, as in Obama’s and Merkel’s version of ‘values’.

It is sad how far removed from The People Merkel has strayed during these past few years. Obama we knew who and what he represented, but Merkel used to be – different.

The values that Merkel refers to is the globalization of the world, which could be beneficial except that in its essence it places a value structure, political ideologies, laws, regulations, religions and social culture into one basket for everyone, governed by an elitist power.   Imagine trying to elect King of The World and every person on the planet has one vote! We can’t even elect a mayor of a city without vote rigging, corruption and fraud…

Practicalities are obvious: Sharia Law? Religion? Clothing? Taxes? Healthcare? Crime? Punishment? Education? Philosophy? Creativity?

Whatever globalization used to define, today the term has been taken hostage in order to create a Communist regime structure of control. Imagine living in a household where ALL decisions are made by an ‘Overlord’… it is incredibly stifling, suffocating and belittling. Imagine an entire world under such a Thumb. It can’t happen in a free world, it can only happen in a world of slavery.

Overlords, or Monarchs, were the governmental structure that caused the massive defection from Europe to the United States.   Monarchs still reign in the Sunni Middle East, and some Asian countries, but Queen Elizabeth has by far the largest territorial monarchy covering no less than 15 countries, perhaps some that didn’t even realize they were under her jurisdiction, including: New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Belize and Tuvalu (where the heck is that?)!   Europe still greedily embraces their monarchies from The Netherlands to Denmark, to Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg.

Globalization would end those monarchies and replace them with a singular universal power. Perhaps these last monarchs believe they will be anointed to be a part of the elitists. I think they may be a bit short sighted…

So why is Merkel important enough for the global elites to use her as a point to point critique? Because right now the EU is collapsing, but not in the direction Soros anticipated, the tree is falling to the left instead of right which means it could destroy the globalization perceived as the next ACT in the World Game of Tactics II. With the left decimated, freedom and independence rise up as a bastion of hope and identity.

While Obama and Merkel have been involved in very intimate and secretive discussions about ‘our values and ideas’, Obama demands the ABSOLUTE TRANSPARENCY OF BREXIT negotiations.

The hypocrisy does not go unnoticed, nor is it met with much approval. It simply mirrors the last eight years of Obama, his presidency, and ultimately his Legacy. And so the baton is being passed to Merkel to hold up the ideal while the countries all around her begin to peel away from the agenda.

While US relations with the alternate countries (Russia and China) is redesigned to include non-intervention, sovereign dignity, and mutual respect for each countries patriotism, social ideals, and internal growth, the media continues to make statements that simply aren’t true. Climate change? If China wants to tackle the problem internally, that is their inherent right. If the US pulls out of the summit and the associated costs – that is our right.

The point of non-globalization is to allow each country to represent their People according to their own ideals, and stop forcing agendas that we may not support or value.  It requires Trust. And right now – The People do not Trust the elitists.

Saudi Arabia: Running Scared on Trump!

The newest country running scared in the pre-inauguration of Trump is Saudi Arabia. Apparently, Prince al-Waleed who invested heavily in Hillary and routinely derided and slandered Trump during the campaign, is now eating his first Crow. But it isn’t going over very well, so the Saudi government has decided to switch tactics and attempt to bully Trump.

Take a lesson from the EU’s Juncker – it won’t work, and will most likely incur the exact opposite reaction.

The Saudi’s are scared. Their precious oil has been decimated in the market place for two years and has now spiraled them into an austerity not seen in decades. Fiscal deficits, over-spending, elitist Royalty, have plagued Saudi Arabia. Without oil, Saudi Arabia has nothing. Oil and its derivatives account for 90% of their economy. China, Japan and the US account for about 34% of their export income. With Trump in office, with Trump opening dialogue with Russia, the US could easily switch its trade partnership from the Sauds to Russia, further depleting the Saudi influence.

And they aren’t to happy about that prospect. Their response would be to threaten Trump – well, not a good move. Perhaps it has worked with others, Trump – not so much.

“At his heart President-elect Trump will see the benefits and I think the oil industry will also be advising him accordingly that blocking trade in any product is not healthy,” Saudi Energy Minister and Aramco chairman Khalid Al-Falih.

OUCH! The oil industry will advise Trump? Somehow, I don’t think so.

Blackmail: The Sauds blackmailed Obama over the 9-11 documents. And now they will assert the same threat to Trump. Holding $750 billion in US assets, the Sauds will most likely use that threat to assure that Trump continues to act as their oil puppet.

Economically, selling assets isn’t much of a threat, it simply means a new owner. Removing debt is another thing altogether. According to the US Treasury Department, Saudi Arabia holds about $117 billion in US debt. By comparison, China and Japan each hold over $1.2 trillion in US debt. Obviously, their stake is far more critical to our economy.

Could the US absorb those dollars?

In 2014, Russia moved $100 billion out of US banks in response to US sanctions. While the selloff certainly didn’t help, it did add to the already historically low rate that matches rates in the 1940’s! In fact, US Treasuries have been tanking for the last 3 decades. A high was shit in 1982 when the rate reached over 14% and has since been on a fairly steady decline with rates now marked at 2.23%.

From a simplistic standpoint, T-Bills rise and fall in relation to economic expansion, inflation and demand. Economic expansion is negligible, inflation is near non-existent, and demand has waned significantly given our latest recessionary periods. That being said, if Saudi Arabia dumped their T-bills I imagine the agenda would be to have Russia and Asia and South America ante in.

End result would be a fairly painless transition. However, the Saudi aligned Middle East countries may follow suit and add to the fray. But how would such a divestiture effect them? Their economies would spiral out of control, a price war on oil would result in further drops in pricing as OPEC attempts to create a vengeance which would only further contract the economies throughout the Middle East.

I doubt that would be to their benefit. But then, they don’t seem to have the same logic of markets and economic diversification. So while the gamble could have short term negative effects on the US, the longer terms would see a major decline in Middle East influence and a reorganization of economies outside of oil.

While the ride may be a bit rocky – the ultimate end game could be most interesting. Without oil – ISIS would have no revenue source… without revenue the Sauds would deplete their stockpile of weapons that support ISIS, and the entire cabal could actually fade into disarray and disintegration.

China and US Trade – Path to Prosperity

The media – including conservatives – are posturing-prostituting some sort of trade war agenda between Trump and China. The scenario would seem to be China’s Xi is wagging a menacing finger in Trump’s face and that a potential trade war is looming that will blow up the US economy!!  They even source the Global Times as their backup for this statement.

But when I went on the Global times – the sentiment was a positive review of the discussions between Trump and Xi, they were in a mutual agreement of partnership and working together. When I visited Xinhau, it was the same. Bothe Chinese papers exuded a positive confidence of the dialogue between the two Presidents and nations. It was all good!

So why would the press, including Fox News, try and change the mantra, the dialogue, the sentiment, the ability of two super powers to convene in a prosperous and mutually agreeable attitude on what to do, how to accomplish it, and what the future holds?

Because it is a deceptive manipulation.

It would seem that Trump realizes that the way to advance a global unification is through the understanding and acceptance of each nation’s sovereignty. In other words, it isn’t about trying to morph every person on this planet into one commonality or commodity of a person, it is about working with differences. It isn’t about making Muslims Catholics, or making Russians Americans, or making Chinese into ‘g’day man’ Aussies! It means we can recognize the differences without making them OURS!

And once we accept this – we will stop regime change, wars, civil instigation, riots, and hypocrisy.

As in Sharia Law.

I don’t want Sharia Law and most Americans don’t want Sharia Law. Nor do I want to ‘embrace it’ in the US! So let them have it where it originates – in the Middle East. Don’t make me be you. And for some indeterminate reason, that concept has alluded our politicians who feel that recreating the Middle East is the American agenda. Bringing the Middle East ideologies and laws into the US some sort of political feel good. Sanctioning Russia, vilifying the Philippines, attempting to overthrow the Chinese, will somehow create a “Greater Good’, when in reality it all creates ‘chaos’.

One of the newest dialogues is that Trump is creating ‘racial divide’! Have our schools, teachers, politicians, mothers and fathers really become so deadened to reality? During the past eight years of our esteemed Black President, the racial divide in the US has magnified 100 fold!   He has single handedly marketed bigotry, hate, and derision. Whites have never been so demonized, so demoralized, so lanced as the causation of all the ills of America as we have today.

Violence has never been so prevalent save the days of Muhammed, or Ghengis Khan, or Hitler, or Stalin, or a host of equally divergent days.   But already, the propaganda would have us believe that it is all the fault of Trump – who hasn’t even taken office yet. How sad. How uneducated.

In the meantime, China’s Xi, Russia’s Putin, they plod along like the Tortoise and the Hare, creating a massive bubble of patriotism, security, and prosperity for the future.

Does that mean I want to live in Russia or China? Heck NO! It means, we can humble ourselves and take note, take a bow, and learn!

Our politicians failed us. Not our system – our greedy, self serving, deceitful politicians. They do NOT represent this country.   They represent themselves.

So. Media. Trump is working to create alliances. With world superpowers. Without making us into – the alliance. I am not Chinese. I am not Russian. And why that simple concept seems so difficult for so many – I truly do not understand.