US ELECTION FRAUD: Unveiling Truth To Combat Chaos

Rhino’s and Liberal Progressives are unified in demanding America forget about the US election fraud of 2020 and move forward.   Why?   When America’s democratic voting process is akin to Venezuela shouldn’t we be concerned?   We used to be the committee sent to Socialist/Marxist countries abroad to monitor and assure accurate elections in corrupted governments.   Today, we are that Marxist country! There is an obvious reason for ‘forgetting’ 2020 – these Rhino’s and progressives are being assured of being re-elected by the same corrupted process that likely got them elected in the first place.

Of the six Senate Republicans stepping down, all 6 are anti-Trump including: Roy Blunt who stated, “Trump should be focused on 2022, not the past”.   Richard Burr voted to impeach Trump and claimed Trump was responsible for the January 6th riot.   Robert Portman delivered scathing remarks claiming Trump accountability for the J-6th riot was inexcusable.  Richard Shelby questioned Trump’s ‘fitness for President’. Pat Toomey believed Trump committed impeachable offenses and the latest, John Katko voted for impeachment.

ALL Rhinos, begs the question – were they legitimately elected?    Are they quitting as election fraud ramps up potential for criminal charges?

Whether Trump decides to run of not, he is the placeholder that defines rhino vs authentic. Weeding The Swamp.

Moving forward for The People vs political careers is viewed differently by Americans.   This thing called the Internet has provided insight that cannot be censored. A different kind of Wokeness.   Truth is labeled as ‘conspiracy’ until suddenly, facts just won’t get out of the way.

I was reading a study done by two young men at Duke.   They evaluated 4600 persons and provided headlines that were fake news vs headlines that were real news.   Their evaluation concluded that conservatives were much more likely to be psychologically impaired having low levels of conscientiousness and an appetite for chaos given they had a definitive lean toward Conspiracy or fake news.

Ah.   What these two young men do not seem to realize is they made themselves the determinant of what is fake news and what is real without actually citing sources.   In so doing they are not only biased, but arrogant and wholly unscientific in their approach.   Without mentioning what ‘headlines’ they used in the study, their foregone conclusion was entirely based on their nonsubjective ‘opinion’.

The same demonizing that is used to portray the unvaxxed as worthy of internment camps.

This same lack of subjectivity explains why the ‘fake’ elected rhino’s and progressives don’t want to address election fraud.   They don’t want to fix a broke system because it may mean they no longer have a job!    Stepping down, they are saving themselves from potential repercussions.

Fact checkers rose to heights of godlike scripture purportedly armed with spears and swords to convey their knowledge of what is truth and what is fiction.   Fact-checkers have now upped their grade as lobbyists to promote their fact checked opinion.

Snopes is comical at best. In 2018 and 2019, Snopes repeatedly rated articles from The Babylon Bee as “False”.   The Babylon Bee is 100% Satirical – and its website emphatically states this!

Reuters has entered the fact-check fray making some comical blunders as well:   1. Condemning social media users for claiming that coronavirus deaths were overstated – yet Fauci himself claimed only 6% of deaths were FROM CoVid.   So Reuters literally fact checked Fauci as FAKE News   2.   Fact checking ‘photoshopped funny memes’ is also apparently worthy of Reuter’s incompetency as well.

Was there ‘election fraud’? Yes.   It has been proven over and over without a doubt in Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan!   While the extent is still being investigated, liberals and rhino’s ignore the Truth.   “Hear no evil, See no evil” would be their scientific analysis…

So now we have a plethora of ‘fact-checkers’ all with ties to some liberal/Marxist organization determining what is truth. And that truism is adopted by politicians as evidence.

The marketing tool exploited by these ‘fact-checkers’ is to make the claim that they are ‘non-partisan’ – ‘unbiased’ – ‘scientifically accurate’…   Garbage after garbage of false advertising.   Easily disproven – as in ‘follow the money’. Polls and fact-Checkers have literally become sources of satire.   Lobbying. Swaying public opinion by claiming they are your Trusted SOURCE>

With the looming 2022 elections, some progress is being made to close the holes in election fraud.   Criminal charges are being considered.   Discovery and evidence compiled, including literal video evidence that cannot be disputed.   Ballot stuffing, ballot boxes removed, tabulations compromised, dead voters, illegal voters, voters submitting many multiple ballots, trashed ballots, the marker ‘conspiracy’ proven true…   A tedious audit indeed.

But if America is to pull itself out of the Marxist progressive regime that has taken control – Constitutionally protected elections are a paramount part of that ‘conscientiousness’.

Any politician NOT supporting this endeavor reveals the vacuous nature of their personal ethics and their possible complicit activity.

The misnomer that tends to sway the populace view is that the 2020 election is over and we must concentrate on 2022.   But the same corruption will continue indefinitely if it is not nipped, severed and accounted for in criminal consequences.   Without consequence elections are no different than the crime spates in San Francisco, New York City, Minneapolis, Detroit, etc…   And we evolve into the third world cycle of Marxism and Authoritarianism.

The election audits are not about redo’s they are about upholding our US Constitution, our Democracy, and reclaiming America from the chaos that grips our nation.

MIA: Haspell and Wray – odd…

Gina Haspell has gone MIA.   She seems to have literally been beamed aboard the spaceship Enterprise!   Everyone is mum.   It’s like the secret that won’t die.   Haspell went missing right around the time that the Dominion offices were raided in Germany and Spain.   She was specifically not invited to a security meeting held by Trump and rumors began to rise!

“The Reports of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated.” ~ Mark Twain. 

So why, knowing the rumors, would Haspell go dark for nearly 2 weeks now?   But then Haspell’s rise to her position is even stranger…

She got a bachelors degree in journalism, worked as a paralegal – and suddenly is working for the CIA.   As in Boom-Bang.   Simultaneously with that new vocation, she and her husband divorce.   She has no children, and her adventures begin.

Her very first appointment is that of ‘station chief’ who oversees a number of team members who guard ambassadors and such.   She went from benign paralegal to a spook station chief?   That did not happen by accident.  This is not normal transition for anything –

And then suddenly, Haspell is front and center in Guantanamo, waterboarding, CIA Detention Prisons, and she’s up to her eyeballs in all of it. The rogue CIA corrupting and initiating coups and either she shrugs it off and climbs aboard or her career is toasted.   Without a husband, children, family – she chose rogue because at this point that’s all she knew.

Christopher Wray has also apparently gone MIA.

Thirteen days ago we were told that Biden and Wray would work together.   But that was simply a statement by the Biden prop – and there was no video of Wray.

Seems a tad unusual.

Given the tenure of the election – one would think these rather prominent government officials would be front and center? At the very least, a press release. Shouldn’t they be defending their agencies?   In the business world if a charge was levied the CEO would provide a statement within – hours.  Press conference.   Yet these top government officials are MIA.

Shocking the Headline is the appearance of a new acting Attorney General with the timely resignation of Bill Barr.

Positioning their chess pieces.   There is one month before it becomes mute.

Reading news from China their bow and scrape stance has suddenly become one of power and control! Overnight.   Emboldened.   From a military view – they have gone from hiding in the trees, to trenching as a unit of strength.  A Biden win means ALL the CCP’s blackmail they hold is continued for another year.   I wonder how much that is worth?   Is it a flat Mafia fee or is it a percentage of profits and ‘hoa’ fee? China’s silence does not come free.

Still – I don’t see China as anything more than another puppet – a useful set of pawns in the chess game. Yes they are bad. Yes they are evil. Yes they suck.   But they literally destroyed their civilization!   They will not survive unless they conquer large swathes of fertile land.   Think – Hyena’s.

Who’s Who?  Nothing is what it seems.

Hillarys Election Fraud – Obama, 2008…

Flashback!      In 2008, Hillary and her supporters were screaming foul claiming Obama committed massive voter fraud. The Obama campaign was charged with busing in voters from neighboring states to vote illegally.   In addition, his campaign was charged with voter intimidation of her supporters. Sound familiar?

According to the Cooperation Commission Election Study, in 2008 they estimate 14% of ‘non-citizens’ (code for illegal immigrants) voted with 80% voting for the democrat candidate, Obama. They assert that was enough to change the outcome of the election to Obama’s favor…

2008 was the same year ACORN was accused of massive voter fraud, raising allegations of registering dead people. Twelve members of ACORN were convicted. ACORN was funded by George Soros, but Obama actually trained some of its leaders and represented them in court actions. In 2008, the Obama campaign paid ACORN $800,000.

How quickly we forget:

In Hawaii, caucus organizers ran out of ballots. In a lax environment, Obama campaigners created fake ballots using scraps of paper. “The caucuses ended up with more ballots than participants, a sure sign of voter fraud,” Long said.   Hmmm, sound familiar? Because it is the same tactic employed by Hillary campaigners in the 2016 election.

“In Nevada, Obama supporters upturned a wheelchair-bound woman who wanted to caucus for Hillary, flushed Clinton ballots down the toilets, and told union members they could vote only if their names were on the list of Obama supporters.”

In Texas, over 2,000 Clinton and Edwards supporters filed complaints with the state Democratic Party because of the massive fraud. The party acknowledged that the Obama campaign’s actions “amount to criminal violations” and ordered them to be reported to state and federal law enforcement… Nothing happened.

In Maine where Hillary had been leading by double digits in the polls, she ultimately lost to Obama.

In a video Obama was asked by a reporter about the voter fraud. He answered that it is normal and both parties actively do it… He just wanted to be “honest”.

Quite simply, Hillary lost because Soros didn’t want her to win. Period.

This election, Hillary was backed with all the same tactics, maneuvers and manipulations used to elect Obama, without any consequences, I might add, and she still – LOST. Because her illegal manipulations were broadcast by WikiLeaks.

Most people knew Obama didn’t actually ‘WIN’ the election, he was bought and the election was bought, and there were no consequences for the massive fraud. And somehow, Hillary and Obama are completely miffed and outraged that their manipulation was undercut – by the Truth.

They thought they had it locked up, using all the fraud tactics at their disposal. It was a sure thing…   I trust that one of Trump’s pre-eminent changes will be to require Voter ID’s, as do nearly every other country in the world.


I am trying to understand the viewpoint of some of the more liberal media including The economist, The New York Times and the Washington Post. And like the demonstrations taking part by college students who chose not to even vote, the arrogance and hypocrisy elements are – difficult.

A journalist/opinion-op person who writes for The New York Times, is quite unabashed in his derision and choice of words concerning Trump. His latest barrage is about how “we can not just get along”… which of course was the Obama and Clinton mantra that he seems to feel only applies if his team wins!

While Trump is attempting to mend, journalists continue to divide. And for some reason Trumps’ attempts to mend are not met with grace, but instead even greater hostility, as though offering a hand was an evil thing.

To be sure, we don’t know exactly what Trump will do his first months in office. We do know that some of the more major issues including healthare, securing the border, and terrorism are at the top. But the mess left by Obama, the racism, the division, the daft teachings of our educators, are quite embedded and a generation of uneducated twenty somethings makes us gulp back bile.

But it only takes a few seconds to look back at previous articles written by this NYT man to fully embrace the hypocrisy. Hiss op-ed when the rave of election fraud was being discussed before the election was a vilification of the ‘fake news’ conspiracy lunatics. After the election, given his team lost, suddenly the shift is to declare ‘election fraud’!

I still believe that election fraud occurred. The problem? All the fraud that was uncovered pointed exclusively to the Democrats. All the fraud that was uncovered in the Obama election cycle – pointed to the Democrats. Reams of it. He denigrates Trump for not accepting his ‘Loss’ graciously. And in the end, this man makes a fool of himself.

The media seem to have conveniently forgotten the massive manipulation perpetrated at the highest levels for decades; Operation Mockingbird. The media that willingly colluded included, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Miami News and CBS. They were used because of their aggressive liberal stance and anti-Soviet rhetoric.

Then there was/is Operation Earnest Voice which specifically targets international social media censorship. It is funded as a propaganda tool.

There is sockpuppetry which has been used to extol one business while vilifying another. The concept is also used by the UK government, by journalists, and the EU governments, to create false accounts that lobby for a particular government idea or cause, when the lobbying is actually derived from the government itself.

There is Merkel telling the German media what they can and cannot print with respect to immigrant problems and related rapes and sexual assaults. That is media manipulation.

The BBC, state owned, which filters it’s content based on what the UK government determines is allowable.

These are the sources of “Fake News”.

So why is the new obsession all about vilifying Russia propaganda? Because that is in line with the EU and US propaganda…   It’s one propaganda vilifying another who vilifies another until there is no reality left. Just a bunch of puppets.   At some point, the train will either come to a screeching halt, or a complete derailment.

In the meantime, most Americans search and search for news that has some semblance of reality and not propaganda. Are their fake stories circulating? Of course! Unfortunately, more often than not, the source is a liberal format. Unfortunately, the demand for hate and vilification is more often than not sourced back to Liberal agendas. Why?

I believe the moral and ethical value structure that is embraced by our country has been corrupted. Too frequently, the Donna Braziles of the world justify their corruption as for The Greater Good, as defined – by them.   And they feel no remorse, no regret, just like the rioters destroying our businesses and our property.

It used to be that when someone was asked if they understood ‘right from wrong’, those that didn’t were considered mentally impaired.

Election Mudslinging – Routine

We act as though this election is unique, as though peaceful and polite elections have always been the norm. As though candidates speak with genuine concern and kindness, lauding their opponent for their great experience and compassionate loyalty to America. We act as though this time – it is different – when in fact, it is no different than every time.

We act as though Democrats will suddenly be respectful toward Republicans and visa-versa. We act as though the media will be unbiased… and truthful. We point fingers at the elections of other ‘third world’ countries and mock them and deride them for being corrupted all the while politely ignoring the fact that we routinely have 125% turnout in Florida… and 100% voting for one candidate in a number of counties. We lose hundreds of thousands of ballots –  and shrug.

And yet, this time, it is all different.

We have thugs rioting against a candidate and the media trying to claim the candidate is at ‘fault’?    But this time it is different. Every other time in the history of elections when the mudslinging, and screaming, and defaming, and pandering, and lies and pathetic behavior was being exalted, those times don’t exist – only this time – now.

The grand and glorious election for London’s mayor was mired in election fraud, hundreds of thousands of lost ballots, polling places that were strangely shut-down, machines that oddly voted for only one candidate, candidates names omitted from ballots, people turned away from voting – and yet this election was ‘not corrupt’, this English system of elections and democracy…

When has anyone loved the candidate? Nixon got 61% of the votes – Bill 43%… but Bill is a Democrat hero and Nixon a crook. Remember who was running against Billy? Gary Hart, who dropped out when it was discovered he was having an affair… Ironic, isn’t it?

Andrew Jackson arranged for a hooker to frame his opponent, John Quincy Adams called Andrew Jackson a murderer, Lewis Cass was a pot-bellied, mutton headed cucumber, Federalists claimed Thomas Jefferson was dead, Martin Van Buren was portrayed as a perfume smelling effete peacock, McCain was accused of fathering an illegitimate black child, Grover Cleveland was a leche that rivaled Bill Clinton, and Abraham Lincoln put out a very tacky handbill about his opponent claiming he was lost and his mommy worried, and stating that he was called the Little Giant (he was 5’4”), talked incessantly about himself and was very loud. The handbill got quite a laugh – at Stephen Douglas’ expense, and ultimately won Lincoln the election – who on his second term only garnered 39% of the votes.

This is democracy and diplomacy at it’s best.

So next time you see a bunch of wilies who obviously don’t have a job and don’t have a life, out picketing and screaming and throwing rocks and glass bottles at the police – for anti-Trump funzies, remember, this is the US election system. Where tabulations are done in Spain by a Soros organization, where polling machines are bought from Venezuela where Hugo Chavez laughed at how easy it was to manipulate machine votes, where people/citizens think that lying and cheating is just ‘the name of the game’ and everyone does it, where illegals can vote twenty times and no one cares, and where a President can be President after a history of being a cocaine dealer, a fraud, and a nobody who writes a fake book, uses ten different Social Security numbers, has a fake Birth Certificate, promotes radical Islam, refuses to produce one iota of his college records, decries transparency for all – but himself, and has the gall to claim another candidate knows nothing about ‘foreign policy’ when he couldn’t find Cuba or Vietnam or Bolivia, or Guam on a map if his life depended on it.

Ear-Mic… help me out cause I don’t remember the question, I was too busy pruning myself and trying to figure out if that white chick in front is coming on to me…

So step back, have a beer, and watch the Games. Cause it’s all rigged anyway.

ANYONE? ANYONE? Where is Bueller when you need him?