FACEBOOK Censorship

It has now been announced that the Federal Trade Commission will be investigating Facebook and their shared use of data with Cambridge Analytica, a conservative leaning and financed offshoot of SCL Group.   Terrell McSweeny is an acting Commissioner of the FTC appointed under Obama and tasked with advising both Obama and Biden. Her previous resume states that she worked at O’Melveny & Myers LLP, a law firm whose client list boasts both Facebook and Google. Odd.

Many of the current ‘notable partners’ at the firm served under Clinton or Obama in such capacities as:   National Security Advisor, the ‘most powerful’ senior advisor to Obama, Director of the White House Military Office, US Secretary of State, and Solicitor General of the US. One of their more ‘notable cases’ involved the Second Amendment right to bear arms – in defending the ban, they lost.

Bringing Facebook to the table is ‘complicated’ due to the fact that Zuckerberg is being made a possible patsy in his bid to be a good ole boy in line with the Democrat agenda of Soros. He is young, vulnerable, wealthy, and easily manipulated. But he also has sights of grandeur that made him a Democrat target. And so, a plan was initiated in which Soros and Zuckerberg would collaborate in regulating Facebook so as to eliminate ‘hate speech’, i.e., conservative opinion voices.   Because it is Soros who is going after Facebook, and thus by default the conservative voice, Cambridge Analytica became the real target.

Whether Zuckerberg actually lost billions, is of no consequence when one considers the percentage. Zuckerberg lost roughly 10%, but still retains a Facebook wealth of about $63 billion (the numbers vary by source but end at $63 billion). Without knowing his true portfolio, estimations are really meaningless.

If Soros can impose the restrictive conditions on Facebook in the US similar to what Merkel has already imposed on Germany, the voice of conservatives will be squelched.   The censorship will be complete, and the propaganda will impale what is left.

Because ‘NOT’ hearing a voice outside of the propaganda media is an old tool, and Soros is well aware of its power as defined by his youth as a Nazi protégé.

I recently came upon a blog by an American living in Russia, who gave credence to other bloggers who have great experience with the Russian culture, pre-Putin, and today, and the voices are considerably different than the presentation demonizing we hear in the US.   These people aren’t alt-right, Nazi’s, right wingers, or any other disglorified label, they are simply people who have a perspective that is not tainted with a boss, an agenda, and a paycheck. They are – you and I.

The point?   Real people tend to have quite different opinions than those of their supposed representative government.  Which is also why Ukraine is a freakin’ mess!   The People rose. Bloggers offer that voice, when the governments attempt to speak for us.

In psychology it is known as the herd mentality in which people believe what they are told because it is as though the thought is beat into them and they must follow. Cast sheep is another analogy when the herd leave the sheep to die because he can not rise up without help.

What we do know is that Soros called for the deep regulation of Facebook and Google, both adamant supporters of Clinton and Obama.   Dissecting the agenda, I imagine Analytica will go down, Facebook will rise, albeit with heavy restrictions on conservative speech, and the VOICE will go underground.

It isn’t really about data protection, otherwise they would target banks, retail outlets, insurance agencies, credit card agencies, Yahoo, Credit rating agencies, and government Voter Registration…   but they don’t.   Because data protection isn’t the real target – CENSORSHIP – is.

Look no further than Merkel, Germany WWII and WWI.

FACEBOOK Censorship – Just The Beginning

During the 2016 election campaign it was routinely charged that Facebook and Google were manipulating public opinion in favor of Hillary. Zuckerberg was a kid in a candy shop offering to push agendas when he met with Podesta. He wanted to be taught the ropes… He wanted Hillary to win. And he wanted to be a part of that history making.

December Soros sold a tremendous portion of his shares of Facebook and Google.

In January, Soros gave numerous press feeds that Facebook and Google were evil monopoly IT giants manipulating public thought, and they needed to be highly regulated like – tobacco.

In January Zuckerberg announced plans to alter the algorythms of Facebook news feeds so as to give priority to family and friends.   What does that mean?   According to Zuckerberg this change will be ‘good for people’s well-being’.   So Zuckerberg will now determine which businesses, which brands, and which media is ‘good for our well being’.

Those most affected are commentary articles, opinion articles, and political articles that aren’t feel-good. In other words, it is massive Censorship! And Soros basically engineered the entire coup. Why? Because it will suppress political knowledge and create a listless feed of Entertainment Hollywood style to fill our minds with emptiness. Merkel was already using Zuckerberg to censor anti-Muslim views, with which he complied.

This was all engineered by Soros so as to create a fake stance of repudiation because a considerable conservative media existed on Facebook blogs.

YTD, the price of Facebook shares have tipped $192 and dropped to $172.

There are alternative platforms that are getting off the street, albeit slowly; Diaspora, Ello, EyeEm, and Path.   Of these Path has the most registered users at 30 million, Ello has roughly 4 million, and Diaspora is struggling with about 60,000.

Problem:   EyeEm is based in Germany and as such follows the strict censorship rules implemented by Merkel.   Path is not really a competitor given it was founded by a former Facebook executive to be used in conjunction with Facebook. Diaspora doesn’t have the audience. Ello is thus the only alternative.  Ello is a public forum with no blocking features, nor privacy features and no censorship.  For now.

Twitter has admitted to censorship for a number of years using a technique called shadow banning in which your post is blocked and you are not made aware and so can’t complain, or simply blocking your account through a suspension.   Also called censorship.

Government owned news media thrive despite the contention that such a thing is Communist.   BBC is owned by the government, and all content is approved before publication.   Two stations in Australia are government owned; ABC and SBS. In Canada there is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Canada Post.   New Zealand has a television station and the New Zealand Post. Most African nations have their government owned media.   The US has been accused of media manipulation for decades beginning with The Washington Post in Operation Mockingbird.

Typically, state owned media is considered a Communist ideology.

But Hillary was no slouch in utilizing social media in her campaign to lure voters; Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Quora, PinInterest, Instagram, YouTube. Clinton was everywhere, dominating the scroll – and still didn’t muster a win.   She had panels of writers whose job was to create messages.

Recently, Trump has gained more favorable ratings. Mostly as a result of his social media campaign in which he has the opportunity to reveal what he’s accomplished instead of what the MSM continually portrays. How best to manipulate the thoughts and opinions? Eliminate all availability through algorithm alterations and fill the empty space with ‘good for people’s well-being’ cherry plucked information.

Unless there is a fast track alternative, conservative news will ultimately die out, quashed and beaten, it won’t have a readership because of – an algorithm.

Media Censorship

While Rome burned… Germany has just officially launched a 29 member fake news panel that will oversee all media, but most specifically Facebook, SKY, Twitter, Google and RTL.   Why those sources in particular? Because they proliferate in the schematic of Blogs, a media outlet that is currently, unregulated and uncensored.

Today, most media outlets are censored by the government, censored by the military, censored by a cabal whose goal has been for decades to control what the public hears and knows in order to educate them according to their interpretation of Truth. And in many cases, to educate them through the elimination of Truth.

Within this targeting of offensive and fake news, even more unnerving is how the ‘offending posts’ will be determined. Anyone can take a picture of whatever post they feel is bigoted, offensive, fake or otherwise and submit a complaint. The complaint is then referred to a self regulating panel within the social media front and if it is not removed, it is referred to this very independent 29 member panel within the German government for review. If the panel finds the comment or blog or article offensive or fake, they will then inform the media outlet and demand retraction within 24 hours. If the company does not retract the offensive post it can be fined upwards of $60 million. (The 24 period may be lengthened in very specific legal circumstances).

Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I imagine that would also apply to fake or slanderous speech. Hence, the line of censorship is quite comparable to the propaganda of Nazi Germany.

In 1933 Nazi organizations made up lists of books they felt should not be read by Germans, ultimately they raided libraries and book stores whereby they confiscated and torched books deemed unacceptable.   Textbooks were rewritten to portray a singular view of Nazism and the world.  All newspapers, media, theatre, art, music, and radio came under the auspices of Joseph Goebbels and his Storm Troopers.  

Signed into law October 2017, it was not effective until January 1, 2018 and despite heavy criticism, is now in force. Labeled NetzDG, the law is hugely vague as to what constitutes a violation.

Stories that would have been blocked and considered fake by the panel would have included;   “Who invented the story of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in 2003 to reduce a whole region to rubble? Who propagated and supported the Maidan movement in Ukraine in 2014 as a supposed “revolution” in order to strengthen right-wing extremism and nationalist forces and foment conflict with Russia? Who used the lie about mass rape in Cologne on New Year’s Eve 2015/2016 to ignite a wave of anti-refugee sentiment? And who spread images of alleged “left-wing extremist” violence at the G20 summit in Hamburg to criminalize left-wing opponents and ban left-wing websites such as linksunten.indymedia.org?” 

This model of censorship is also being utilized by the EU Commission which has published guidelines to “proactively identify and remove illegal content. The press release states that the EU Commission will “closely monitor and evaluate the progress of online platforms in the coming months,” in order to decide whether “legislative measures to complement the existing legal framework” may be necessary.” 

As such the EU has surpassed its Socialism and officially entered into the first phase realm of a communist state. With Germany once again at the helm.

In 2016, during the Presidential campaign, recording artist Moby was contacted by the CIA and told to publish “rumors about Trump’s supposed collusion with the Russians”. A rumor.   Would the CIA be subject to NetzDG? If Moby’s account had been targeted would the CIA defend him and allow the rumors to proliferate? When Hollywood takes out their dirge of commentary in which they threaten Trump’s life, would those comments be eradicated? Of would they remain via defense implemented by the Soros cabal?

Who decides? Who is this independent panel?

Facebook implemented their panel of 500 employees in Essen Germany whose sole function is to eliminate content they feel violates NetzDG.   Self regulation was the first order as demanded by the German Socialist government.  Of course, this form of censorship has already been highly tagged in the Facebook scandal wherein young ‘curators’ used their personal political agenda to scrub conservative sites from the trending topics searches.

Twitter has come under fire for their “curators’ who recently targeted the feed of AfD deputy group leader, Von Storch, who responded to an Arabic-language Twitter post by Cologne police on New Year’s Eve by writing: “What the hell is happening in this country? Why is an official police site tweeting in Arabic? Do you think it is to appease the barbaric, gang-raping hordes of Muslim men?”

The post was deleted and her Twitter account suspended as it was deemed ‘hate speech’.

What Germany has created is a “legal means” for Social Media to censor the expressions of people whose political views do not align with their own. Unfortunately, the political views of Twitter and Facebook CEO’s are hugely Liberal and thus their regulation has allowed them to feed a biased, false, faked agenda of what is Truth.

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”  Vladimir Lenin

“Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.”  Joseph Stalin

Germany and France Report NYE Assaults! Sort-of…

While France and Germany censor their media, and attempt to portray their growing violence as nothing more than hooliganism, downplaying the extremism, occasionally the truth is revealed.

In France the small immigrant town of Champigny-sur-Marne was subjected to a slew of violence as black immigrants savagely beat a police woman and policeman in the street, destroyed over 1030 vehicles and randomly set fire to whatever they could.   No one was arrested. Why?

In November, a French policeman assigned border patrol in Calais was sentenced to six months in jail for slapping a migrant.

Migrants on the streets have taken to protesting the police and government claiming a humanitarian crisis whereby they are unfairly and unjustly treated. And so Macron’s government has established a laissez faire attitude toward the migrants and the MSM is not focusing on the continued riots and violence, instead they are focusing on Iran.

But riots in France have become near commonplace, erupting virtually every month this past year.   And despite the fact that just a few months ago, France was quite pridefully miffed when ‘an area’ was called a no-go zone by the US, now entire Districts and parts of towns are openly recognized as such.

In Paris 510 people were arrested over NYE and 140,000 security forces were required to be dispersed across France.   By comparison, the US deployed 1500 security in Las Vegas, and 5,000 in New York City.   Why? Possible terrorism.   And yet, the discussion regarding the entry of ‘more immigrants’ remains a debate.

A culture of violence begets a District of violence begets a country of violence.

Germany reported sexual assaults on women in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne citing the assailants as being men from Syria and Afghanistan.

Sometimes the reports are so benign the brutality and/or violence seems minimal – that is unless you happen to be the victim.   Our compassion is squelched because the media needs to pretend it is all nothing in order to placate and expound on the notion that there isn’t a problem.

In fact it has become so perverse that Rainer Wendt, Chairman of German Police Union, stated that Germany was sending the wrong signal by providing safe zones for women. According to Wendt, such a thing would end equality and freedom of movement… Of course he seems to be a bit upside down in his thinking – given the freedom and equality have already been devastated by Germany’s decision to attempt to integrate violence into society.

Within Wendt’s point is the concept that ‘safe zones’ are even required to be created given the environment of assaults. However, failing to address the cause or eradicate the problem will ultimately never provide a solution.

When Germany and France attempt to censor the media and the world from the truth about the impact migrants have on their country, on crime, on society, on citizens – they are condoning the behavior.   And as long as the behavior is condoned, it will grow, infest, and find chaos to be its joy.


I am trying to understand the viewpoint of some of the more liberal media including The economist, The New York Times and the Washington Post. And like the demonstrations taking part by college students who chose not to even vote, the arrogance and hypocrisy elements are – difficult.

A journalist/opinion-op person who writes for The New York Times, is quite unabashed in his derision and choice of words concerning Trump. His latest barrage is about how “we can not just get along”… which of course was the Obama and Clinton mantra that he seems to feel only applies if his team wins!

While Trump is attempting to mend, journalists continue to divide. And for some reason Trumps’ attempts to mend are not met with grace, but instead even greater hostility, as though offering a hand was an evil thing.

To be sure, we don’t know exactly what Trump will do his first months in office. We do know that some of the more major issues including healthare, securing the border, and terrorism are at the top. But the mess left by Obama, the racism, the division, the daft teachings of our educators, are quite embedded and a generation of uneducated twenty somethings makes us gulp back bile.

But it only takes a few seconds to look back at previous articles written by this NYT man to fully embrace the hypocrisy. Hiss op-ed when the rave of election fraud was being discussed before the election was a vilification of the ‘fake news’ conspiracy lunatics. After the election, given his team lost, suddenly the shift is to declare ‘election fraud’!

I still believe that election fraud occurred. The problem? All the fraud that was uncovered pointed exclusively to the Democrats. All the fraud that was uncovered in the Obama election cycle – pointed to the Democrats. Reams of it. He denigrates Trump for not accepting his ‘Loss’ graciously. And in the end, this man makes a fool of himself.

The media seem to have conveniently forgotten the massive manipulation perpetrated at the highest levels for decades; Operation Mockingbird. The media that willingly colluded included, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Miami News and CBS. They were used because of their aggressive liberal stance and anti-Soviet rhetoric.

Then there was/is Operation Earnest Voice which specifically targets international social media censorship. It is funded as a propaganda tool.

There is sockpuppetry which has been used to extol one business while vilifying another. The concept is also used by the UK government, by journalists, and the EU governments, to create false accounts that lobby for a particular government idea or cause, when the lobbying is actually derived from the government itself.

There is Merkel telling the German media what they can and cannot print with respect to immigrant problems and related rapes and sexual assaults. That is media manipulation.

The BBC, state owned, which filters it’s content based on what the UK government determines is allowable.

These are the sources of “Fake News”.

So why is the new obsession all about vilifying Russia propaganda? Because that is in line with the EU and US propaganda…   It’s one propaganda vilifying another who vilifies another until there is no reality left. Just a bunch of puppets.   At some point, the train will either come to a screeching halt, or a complete derailment.

In the meantime, most Americans search and search for news that has some semblance of reality and not propaganda. Are their fake stories circulating? Of course! Unfortunately, more often than not, the source is a liberal format. Unfortunately, the demand for hate and vilification is more often than not sourced back to Liberal agendas. Why?

I believe the moral and ethical value structure that is embraced by our country has been corrupted. Too frequently, the Donna Braziles of the world justify their corruption as for The Greater Good, as defined – by them.   And they feel no remorse, no regret, just like the rioters destroying our businesses and our property.

It used to be that when someone was asked if they understood ‘right from wrong’, those that didn’t were considered mentally impaired.

The Panama Paper Caper – German Media Censorship

I came upon an article in a French paper in which excerpts of private emails between two individuals named in the Panama Papers and indicted on money laundering charges were revealed, and I might have read on except for a nag… How did ’emails’ suddenly become a part of the Leaked Panama documents? Because I don’t know anyone who shares emails with their attorney – as in Mossack Fonseca.

Therefore, the ’emails’ had to have been hijacked separately. Or the paper was ‘not relaying the truth. Or the Leak itself is not what it is being represented.

In any of those scenarios, the Panama Leak is looking scourgier and scourgier.

Add to the fray that Germany’s newspapers are tangled in a web of the same layers of shell companies as the Panama Papers decry – and the media in Europe is looking more and more ‘controlled’.

A German comedian who read a vulgar poem about Turkey’s Erdogan is being investigated and could face 4 years in jail for slander as Germany decides whether they will prosecute on ‘behalf of Turkey’.   And yet, the Panama Papers which were illegally obtained by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung are above the law and in fact will not be shared in their entirety to anyone else – including the German Law.  How is that law working for you…?

Why?   I think everyone has come to see the crass demonizing that they were supposed to create – and failed miserably. Instead, the Soros agenda bungled and now in stating they won’t release more names – they have bungled again and shown the world exactly how contrived these lame blackmailers can be.

Mossack Fonseca isn’t even the largest global offshore legal firm, in fact it didn’t even make the Big Ten, so why target them?

Appleby Global is ranked Numero Uno and has actually won awards for it’s expertise and championship of offshore accounts; 2008 China Award, 2010 British Award and 2010 Lawyer Award.   They have been the Pacman of law firms gobbling up smaller ones for decades.   If morality was the true instigator for the Leak, why not target the Big Ten?

According to the Law Gazette published in the UK, the lawyers are cheering greater regulations for offshore accounts because it means more fees for them in order to make sure their clients comply. As a result, business is Booming!  Focusing on the Asian investors, on the Luxembourg Holdings for real estate funds and private equities, catering predominantly to France, Germany and the UK, the law firms are doing high fives!

The Panama Leak – would seem to be more of a grudge against Mossack Fonseca than any of the thousands upon thousands of clients – perhaps a takeover bid was offered and refused and this is simply vengeance. The select list is equally odd, but the Cameron connection is most definitely a specific target – a warning:

According to the Law Gazette, David Cameron is one of their biggest allies and supporters:

David Cameron:  ‘I do not think it is fair any longer to refer to any of the Overseas Territories or Crown dependencies as tax havens. They have taken action to make sure that they have fair and open tax systems.’ Collas Crill group partner Paul Wilkes, who is based in Jersey, captures the mood among offshore lawyers: ‘David Cameron will get a few free drinks if he is ever around on our island.’

But for some reason, we don’t hear this in our infamous journalistic press. Why?

Because what is printed is exactly what was ordered to be printed. Nothing more – nothing less.

In Germany not only are the papers censored, but the German citizens are required to PAY for the censored news whether they want to or not: Germany has a GEZ fee that every household is required to pay for government sponsored television and radio whether they own a television or have the desire to own one or not. If their home doesn’t even receive the transmitted service, or they don’t speak German – they are still required to pay. Sounds like government indoctrination…

Sounding a bit heavy-handed? It gets worse.

A German newspaper editor and journalist, Udo Ulfkotte, published a book in 2014 in which he details not just the censorship of the German media, but the fact that journalists are ‘told what to write and the slant that the article should take’. Who is doing the telling? According to Ulfkotte – the CIA and German intelligence. Where did Ulfkotte work? Within the same network of newspapers that was created post WWII, 1945 by the US military, the – Allgemeine Zeitung.

It is open knowledge that Merkel has demanded that Twitter, Facebook, Google and Redditt, all censor their sites for what she terms to be anti-immigrant rhetoric or hate speech. And they complied. Is that any different than China blocking the phrase “Panama Papers” from their search engines? NO. Germany has evolved into a Communist regime and the people didn’t notice – it was slow and methodical in the making.

Wolfgang Herles, former head of public broadcaster ZDF, has also maintained that the media is instructed to write what Ms. Merkel dictates. He refers to the media as the “State Media” given that there is no journalistic integrity any longer, it is completely controlled. Topics of articles are dictated by the government. And while there are private news agencies, their roots seem to stem from the US Allied Military immediately post WWII.

One of the largest media groups in the world is Bertelsmann SE operating in over 50 countries. Privately held by a number of Foundations and the Mohn family, it is more than a bit rough around the edges with ties to the Nazi’s where it gained it’s initial fortune.

While Nero slept… It is not just the US media filtering and censoring, it is a worldwide phenomena that does not bode well –