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It has now been announced that the Federal Trade Commission will be investigating Facebook and their shared use of data with Cambridge Analytica, a conservative leaning and financed offshoot of SCL Group.   Terrell McSweeny is an acting Commissioner of the FTC appointed under Obama and tasked with advising both Obama and Biden. Her previous resume states that she worked at O’Melveny & Myers LLP, a law firm whose client list boasts both Facebook and Google. Odd.

Many of the current ‘notable partners’ at the firm served under Clinton or Obama in such capacities as:   National Security Advisor, the ‘most powerful’ senior advisor to Obama, Director of the White House Military Office, US Secretary of State, and Solicitor General of the US. One of their more ‘notable cases’ involved the Second Amendment right to bear arms – in defending the ban, they lost.

Bringing Facebook to the table is ‘complicated’ due to the fact that Zuckerberg is being made a possible patsy in his bid to be a good ole boy in line with the Democrat agenda of Soros. He is young, vulnerable, wealthy, and easily manipulated. But he also has sights of grandeur that made him a Democrat target. And so, a plan was initiated in which Soros and Zuckerberg would collaborate in regulating Facebook so as to eliminate ‘hate speech’, i.e., conservative opinion voices.   Because it is Soros who is going after Facebook, and thus by default the conservative voice, Cambridge Analytica became the real target.

Whether Zuckerberg actually lost billions, is of no consequence when one considers the percentage. Zuckerberg lost roughly 10%, but still retains a Facebook wealth of about $63 billion (the numbers vary by source but end at $63 billion). Without knowing his true portfolio, estimations are really meaningless.

If Soros can impose the restrictive conditions on Facebook in the US similar to what Merkel has already imposed on Germany, the voice of conservatives will be squelched.   The censorship will be complete, and the propaganda will impale what is left.

Because ‘NOT’ hearing a voice outside of the propaganda media is an old tool, and Soros is well aware of its power as defined by his youth as a Nazi protégé.

I recently came upon a blog by an American living in Russia, who gave credence to other bloggers who have great experience with the Russian culture, pre-Putin, and today, and the voices are considerably different than the presentation demonizing we hear in the US.   These people aren’t alt-right, Nazi’s, right wingers, or any other disglorified label, they are simply people who have a perspective that is not tainted with a boss, an agenda, and a paycheck. They are – you and I.

The point?   Real people tend to have quite different opinions than those of their supposed representative government.  Which is also why Ukraine is a freakin’ mess!   The People rose. Bloggers offer that voice, when the governments attempt to speak for us.

In psychology it is known as the herd mentality in which people believe what they are told because it is as though the thought is beat into them and they must follow. Cast sheep is another analogy when the herd leave the sheep to die because he can not rise up without help.

What we do know is that Soros called for the deep regulation of Facebook and Google, both adamant supporters of Clinton and Obama.   Dissecting the agenda, I imagine Analytica will go down, Facebook will rise, albeit with heavy restrictions on conservative speech, and the VOICE will go underground.

It isn’t really about data protection, otherwise they would target banks, retail outlets, insurance agencies, credit card agencies, Yahoo, Credit rating agencies, and government Voter Registration…   but they don’t.   Because data protection isn’t the real target – CENSORSHIP – is.

Look no further than Merkel, Germany WWII and WWI.

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  1. Immediately after the 2016 presidential election, FB, Twitter, Google, YouTube and whoever else unleashed a war on non-Progressives. We suddenly found ourselves shadow banned and our timeline moved out of site.

    I had two FB accounts, one was personal being that I live in NYC and am the only non-Democrat in my family. The other for my websites. There is no way that I could mix the two (long story). I suspect that a rather disgruntled family member who worked for the Clinton campaign or one of their fellow Progressives ratted me out.

    FB came after me demanding that I provide ID, yada, yada, yada. They actually gave me 7 to 14 days to prove my ID or they would delete my personal FB account because according to FB, one account per person. I live in Brooklyn, New York and am aware of at least two dozen people who have several FB accounts and have for years so why me?

    In a personal FB message to a personal friend, I mentioned to the individual that FB would never receive my ID. Ten minutes later,
    FB sent me another email reiterating their demands and days left to their eliminating my account.

    The next morning I downloaded my data from that account and deleted it myself. What the heck, I had friended family members, many of whom disowned in 2008 when I did not vote for Barack Obama only for them to blow a gasket in the 2016 presidential election. (I told them that the polls were wrong and the media was lying. No one believed me.)

    FB kept emailing me asking me to reconsider having deleted my account. Until this day, I have provided them nothing and judging from their emails, their victory of one who lived through the Civil Rights movement and until a decade ago was a registered Democrat. Besides, I’m a New Yorker and my great grandparents were slaves. I’ve dealt with far worse in the streets of East New York and on NYC subways.

    Sorry for the rant.

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