Syria – Refugees or Terrorists?

So the news story says that as a result of the US destroying Syria to rubble, a bunch of asylum seekers are flocking the US.   Flocking as in the numbers from Mexico?  Hardly.  Flocking as in an historical comparison.

What exactly do you expect when you demolish an entire country? Applause?

To make matters worse, the US government is claiming they can’t guarantee that in allowing asylum and immigration, a lot of terrorists won’t inadvertently be admitted as well because they, the US, don’t know how to tell the good guys from the bad guys.

I had to crack my neck.

By stating this, isn’t it an invitation?

“Gee guys, come on in and let us make it perfectly clear that if you are an evil jihadist, we will still let you in…because we think you are just lost.” Who at the Pentagon drafts these reports for the media? I can tell you this, as the daughter of a former intelligence officer, this is a bunch of ptui.

I recently had the privilege of reading some of the columns of former Army Colonel, Sellin, who was fired for making a mockery of the political correctness chaos of Afghanistan. While we want to support the military hero’s, we also need to weed the weeds. And it would appear, a heavy dose of Monsanto’s Glyphosate Herbicide might be just what the military needs to weed the terrorists from the good guys.

Personally, I thought Colonel Sellin’s rant was rather funny. Sometimes, it is not disrespectful to make fun of the military when the Truth is the weapon of choice. Remember when it was okay to tell jokes about Polish people, Jews, we were constantly making fun of the stupid blond women, the razor sharp brunettes, and even dogs and cats. Nowadays you can’t say diddly squat unless it is about yourself and even then you can be called out for racism, being opinionated, being prejudice etc… Yawn, I digress.

How many refugees are there in Syria as a result of the ‘bomb em all’ tactic decried by McCain? NINE million! Well that worked really well! Now ISIS, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda (who are they anymore), Al Shabob, el nino, el fariqua – I made those up, hello, own Syria. Where were all the Syrians supposed to go after we reduced their country to rubble? Did anyone consider that minor detail? Or is Syria soon to become the new moon landscape – plant a flag and it belongs to us ’cause there is no one left to defend it and when we decide to get real, we’ll annihilate ISIS and the country will become a US Federation?

An interesting distinction the government likes to make is that there are asylum seekers and refugees, each granted different rights and status. And while the numbers aren’t huge compared to the total 9 million, 2000 refugees and 1500 asylum seekers can still make a lot of bombs.

So while Syria is in ruins, Yemen is near ruins, Libya is approaching ruin, Sudan is deadly, Iran is nuclear, Israel is pissed, Brazil is mired in feces, and fires are raging in Alaska, Hillary announces her two prime objectives: 1) universal pre-kindergarten and 2) clean energy. Of course she had to make the distinction that each goal will require an entire term to complete, a rather arrogant assumption given she hasn’t even made a dent in the current standings and yet she is counting on two terms…

As of March this year, the US agreed to accept up to 70,000 refugees from around the world, 33,000 spots reserved for the Middle East and Asia. The process takes 18-24 months and the refugees typically come from camps in Jordan which houses upwards of 4 million of the Syrians. And while you might remember vaguely that the original villain was the President, Bashir Assad, the new villains are various affiliated groups within the dome of ISIS. And while the number of ISIS members killed in the last few years rattles between 800 and a couple thousand, the number of civilians killed is estimated at 220,000.

We are losing. Why? Because we aren’t trying to win. Just ask Hillary…

Planned Parenthood – FOCUS on Reality

What is this support of Planned Parenthood? Where does it come from?  Somehow, the point has become entirely lost!   This is not about std testing or cancer testing, or any other service performed by Planned Parenthood.  This is a straight focus on ONE issue – harvesting of fetus body parts for sale!  Period!

The disgust is not with ‘women’s rights’, it is with the fatalistic, disgusting notion that selling body parts is okay.  Is it okay to harvest adult body parts without consent? What if we start subjecting our elderly to harvesting of their parts when we simply decide we don’t want to care for them any more? They have over-stayed their welcome on this planet and need to do something worthwhile – give us their body parts for “science”. Doesn’t matter if they want to die, because, well, the government says they have over-stayed. It is – time.  And euthanasia dictates…

Far fetched?

Really? All things lead to further allowances, further pushing of boundaries. All we need to see is the euthanasia that has led Norway into a state of murder. Children don’t want the burden of their parents – that’s okay – euthanize!

It’s not about fantasy – it is about having boundaries. Boundaries are necessary in a relationship and they are necessary in a society. Without boundaries, a marriage dissolves into divorce and a society into chaos. Why is it that we can relate to one – and not the other?

They are forever interlinked. Lose one and you lose them all.

Why is continued funding of murder and body part harvesting even considered?  What could possibly be the rationale? A few women protesting the ‘right of women’ to sell the tissue and arms and legs of their aborted fetuses? Do they want a part of the $$$? Is that their motivation? A new industry: get pregnant, sell the aborted fetus, and get pregnant again – it’s a living…

When we declare it a ‘right’ to kill a fetus, is it any different than a right to kill a dog, a cat, a child, a homeless person, an immigrant? Where is the boundary? It is a hazy gray area that has no justification in morality. But if society ‘says’ it’s okay, then the masses flock in agreement without having even the most remote concept of ‘what they are doing’.

Do not judge them for they know not what they do!

But society does know. The media does know. And they attempt to aggressively block this Truth that could be available through ultrasound, through counsel, through compassionate dialogue. Why? Because it does not further the almighty cause of material dollar – a Ferrari, whatever. Because the Truth might cause a percentage, a group that represents $$$ – to change their mind.

Planned Parenthood has been called out – to the forefront – without panties, and they are running in circles, blaming a few, scraping the barrel to clean up the mess and disassociate themselves from anyone who might bring them down further. But they have a staff of idiots, and their response has been feeble, unprofessional, and purely pathetic.

Who supports this ‘charitable organization’ that receives huge federal funding? George Soros, Bloomberg, Mostyn Law Firm, Goldman Investments, Bonanza Oil, Trace Foundation, etc… some oddities include; Monterey Bay Aquarium, Tiff Advisory Services, Museum of Modern Art, Barbara Lee Foundation, etc…

And to clarify! No one objects to the OTHER services performed by Planned Parenthood. The objection is very specific. The objection is a moral one, and the objection is rationally motivated. No one objects to their cancer screenings, their std screenings, their services that have a positive purpose and outcome. The ISSUE – is the illegality of specific procedures. Period! Do not lose sight of the obvious, the focus, and you will come to understand. No one is attacking Planned Parenthood for the value they do have in ‘other’ aspects of their services. This is specific. It is focused. It is heinous.

Address the issue rather the 50 other arguments that have no bearing whatsoever on the allegations.

One Nation Under God

I was browsing at Barnes and Noble yesterday and noticed a number of books that professed to prove that America was not founded in Christian values at all, but had lived a pagan history until just recently…and One Nation Under God is founded in capitalism.

Hmmm…. Really?  What I found was interestingly similar to charts that pharmaceuticals like to use to prove that vaccines have been the pivotal cure for various diseases. Those charts present a very calculated picture of time that gives the false impression that the vaccines created the remission when in fact the remission had started and nearly ended before the vaccine came into use! These books are using the same sort of tactic in taking a small picture of time to create a view of 600 years in America. A random sampling if you will – 1000 people represent the will of 300 million.

At the forefront of the discussions were two phrases; God Bless America and In God We Trust. By dissecting the origins of these two phrases, the authors were attempting to lay claim that God in America is a recent phenomena created in the 1950’s by capitalists for the purpose of justifying wealth. WOW!

History, by definition, is an evolution of time. To pluck out a period of forty or fifty years and attempt to show that God was only introduced to America recently – is well absurd. Phrases are coined – all the time!  Shakespeare coined some 150 different phrases.  That does not mean the symbolism behind the phrase never existed until the point in time the phrase was coined!

What these books appear to miss is the true history:

Samuel Chase, an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, born in 1741 said: “By our form of government, the Christian religion is the established religion; and all sects and denominations of Christians are placed upon the same equal footing, and are equally entitled to protection in their religious liberty.”

John Quincy Adams, President of the US, born 1767 stated: “The highest glory of the American Revolution was this; it connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity. From the day of the Declaration…the American people were bound by the laws of God, which they all, and by the laws of The Gospel, which they nearly all, acknowledge as the rules of their conduct.”

Christopher Columbus was a deeply spiritual man, devoted to Christianity, who wanted to spread the Word across the lands in 1492 – more than 600 years ago.

But it’s more than that, it is about the fear of a phrase. It is about the misinterpretation of the separation of church and state and the protection of religious liberty, not ‘from’ the state, but ‘from’ persecution!

According to the US Treasury, the phrase and ideology of using the phrase, In God We Trust, began as an outpouring after the Civil War. There was no capitalist agenda in 1861 when the idea was first proposed by Secretary Salmon Chase of the US Treasury. His response to the request to incorporate In God We Trust on money:

Dear Sir: No nation can be strong except in the strength of God, or safe except in His defense. The trust of our people in God should be declared on our national coins. You will cause a device to be prepared without unnecessary delay with a motto expressing in the fewest and tersest words possible this national recognition.”

The notion being referenced is the idea that ‘corporate America created Christian America’. By highlighting some heavy weight business moguls who attended a church that lauded and idolized money hardly paints a picture of our history.  What it does accomplish is to prove that the author has a complete lack of knowledge of Christianity. To claim that a church that does not follow the Bible is Christian in it’s teachings – is a slight of hand magic act. But these books would like to manipulate Truth to correspond to an agenda to sell books and thus create for themselves – that evil idol – money.

One such author stated, “…Perhaps because it is everywhere, we assume it has been from the beginning.”  He is referring to the slogans.  The point is – it doesn’t matter when the slogan began!  It only matters that we followed it, embrace it and gave it faith and Truth.

He goes on to say, “But the founding fathers didn’t create the ceremonies and slogans that come to mind when we consider whether this is a Christian nation. Our grandfathers did.”

Well, I don’t know about you but my grandfather was not alive in 1861… but more to the point, slogans and ceremonies are not the ‘basis of religion’. God is the basis, and God has been cited and recited for thousands of years! To reduce religion to ceremonies and slogans is an odd axiom from which to incite some sort of denouncement. It is not – logical…

Perhaps we should create atheism as a product of Hollywood, a fantasy world. Or Islam as a product of oil.

The inference that ‘under God’ as an addition to The Pledge of Allegiance incorporated as of 1951 was a capitalist venture is absurd!  It had one purpose, to unite in a faith after losing so many in war. It was a sign of grief and loss and a stand for something far greater. Adopted as a result of resolution imposed by The Knights of Columbus, they sought to affirm identity and honor the voyage of, and the man, Christopher Columbus who was a devout Christian.

Stories can spin. Sometimes pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are forced to fit when they aren’t the correct match. And sometimes, those attempting to fit a mismatched piece have an agenda all their own…

Monsanto – Manuevering Manipulation

GMO Labeling, tired of hearing and not hearing what is going on? You are not alone!

As bizarre as it may seem, sometimes it is necessary to read news from France, Russia, or Germany to find out what is happening in the US! In the case of new GMO labeling laws, I found the news on a Russian site.

Mike Pompeo, a Republican from Kansas introduced a bill in April 2014 that would over-ride states ability to require GMO labeling. It’s a Civil War tactic that didn’t go over well then, and has a good chance of not going over well now. It undermines the ability of individual states to make their own decisions that represent the wills of their people. Instead, it gives inalienable power to the federal government to create bias, disproportionate rulings, judgmental decisions, and as in the IRS scandal, the commission of outright fraud.

If passed, the Bill would have the oversight of the US Department of Agriculture in determining whether GMO labeling is accurate and preempts state and local authority’s restrictions. In other words, what you don’t know won’t hurt you – Bill. Why do they care?

The lobbying party is of course – Monsanto. The deceit is that there is “no scientific evidence that GMO’s cause any harm”. In fact, there are volumes of scientific evidence that discredit GMO’s and the necessary Monsanto pesticides that are literally dumped on the crops. Monsanto has created an interesting backing from Republicans and Democrats alike. They cross lines to manipulate an agenda without ethical values.

First, let’s take a closer look at the US Department of Agriculture: Headed by Tom Vilsack, a Republican by name only who openly supports Obama and Hillary? He was appointed the moment Obama took office and was supported by unions including; Corn Refiners Association, American Farm Bureau Federation and the Environmental Defense Fund. He was opposed by Organic farmers amid claims that he was squeezing out the small businesses in favor of large conglomerate farmers. He has also sided with GMO farmers against restrictions concerning overlapping pesticide contamination in water and soil.

It is this same department, the USDA, who is called in to determine if GMO farms are operating according to law – including the lawsuit in Oregon that saw GMO wheat illegally infiltrate organic farms.

In other words, the same US government organization that is tasked with regulating our food and farms, is run by Monsanto.

Corn Refiners Association – well they are all about high fructose corn syrup – which is 90% GMO and has been embattled in lawsuits over it’s claim to being ‘natural’. Opponents point out that lead and radon gas are ‘natural’ too, that does not make them – safe! They are backed by Cargill – heavily into industrial farming and GMO’s.

American Farm Bureau Federation – it opposes GMO labeling, supports industrial farming, and regularly seeks to undermine the Clean Air and Clean Water Environmental Acts. In addition they lobby extensively for greater subsidized crop insurance and have invoked massive power efforts to dictate and control political candidates.

Environmental Defense Fund – is hardly environmental, it advocates and lobbies on behalf of political candidates. Largest funder = Julian Robertson, retired Hedge Fund Manager who invested heavily in Monsanto.

Who are the USDA executives, and US government regulators:

Michael Taylor, a former VP for Monsanto, turned Monsanto lobbyist/lawyer – appointed by Obama as USDA administrator and FDA Deputy Commissioner, approved Monsanto growth hormones for cows.

Margaret Miller, a former Monsanto Chemical Lab Supervisor, wrote a report on hormones’ safety and then took a job at the FDA where she approved her own report.

Islam Siddiqui, a former Monsanto lobbyist, wrote the USDA’s food standards, allowing corporations to label irradiated and genetically engineered foods as “organic.” Appointed by Obama as Agricutlture Trade Representative.

Ramona Romero, the corporate counsel to Dupont, nominated by President Obama to serve as General Counsel for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Roger Beachy, the former director of the Monsanto-funded Danforth Plant Science Center, appointed by Obama as the Director of the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture

Rajiv Shah, the former Gates Foundation agricultural-development director served as Obama’s USDA Under Secretary for Research Education and Economics and Chief Scientist, now head of USAID.

Solicitor General Elena Kagan who ruled in an appeal that Monsanto was not guilty in a suit brought by organic farmers in the Roundup Ready alfalfa case, was nominated to the Supreme Court by Obama.

Ramona Romero, corporate counsel to DuPont, was nominated by President Obama to serve as General Counsel for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Most Recently: It is Monsanto that has been implicated in the Africa Land Grabs. It is Monsanto that has been implicated in the takeover of Ukraine as former President Yanokovich was against GMO’s and current President Poroshenko is a ‘bring em on in!’ major advocate.

Between 1997 and 2014, Monsanto filed 145 lawsuits against farmers – they never lost ONE. The deck is stacked and the victims are not just the farmers, or the organic growers, but all of us, every US citizen, as we helplessly watch our government manipulate, commandeer and force their greed on us at the expense of literal lives.

Trump Trumps

With 16 GOP candidates all vying for the chance to rule the United States, divvying up the poll becomes a sticker shock of sorts. I mean if all were equal, each would share 6% of the votes. So it is not news that the garbage, rageful, potty-mouth vendetta’s should begin early on as vetting is necessary.

It is also important to consider who the pollsters are in these random tallys. For example; the Quinnepiac University Poll – if you haven’t heard of them, you aren’t alone. But they are declaring themselves to be; highly accurate and the gold standard. Their random sampling is of 1000 age 18 and over registered voters. And despite their claims to fame, they have a scanty record of accuracy. Nonetheless, the media likes polls and so they are often cited…paid to cite.

Trump has shown a breakout in the polls, and the low ballers are miffed taking swipes that do nothing to give integrity to their own failing run. What to do, what to do… In classic style reminiscent of the reality Survivor series, elimination of the competition is top priority. So the GOP is ganging up on Trump for only one purpose, to eliminate the one who has the most points. How righteous… And the Games begin!

The intention is to eliminate as many as possible as quickly as possible so as to confuse the polls and delete what people think or want so that the competition is now among the losers that no one really wanted in the first place but that’s all that is left. It’s the political tact to force voters to choose between two evils, instead of values. I do not qualify as a Trump supporter, I have made no choice as yet, I am merely a bystander watching the melee.

One advantage to Trump is simply his team. They are sharp. They turn every bad press to a press – then to a positive press – it’s a win-win situation and the others are way too over-matched to get it. When the other ‘contestants’ rant, their raves look scary because they were supposed to represent a decorum of sorts. Now, we see their true nutty professor self. And it ain’t pretty.

Graham doing some goofball video about cell phones is a loser rhetoric, he’s already on the defensive and he is hardly addressing anything of importance. Not a good sign. His campaign is ummm, misinformed, I’d garner.

But candidates rely on polls in order to determine which side of an issue they stand. If the poll indicates that the American people don’t care, then the candidate stays on the sidelines. Making no comment, the candidate can then come back later and make a stand if the poll changes.  It’s called hypocrisy and deceit.

On the other side of the equation we have Hillary and Bernie. With Hillary gaffs, Hillary lies, and Hillary coldness, her appeal as a woman is lost. She crosses the line of all ethnicities, religions, nonreligions, class, you name it, she makes people cringe. Martin O’Malley has an uphill battle given the Baltimore debacle of inane leadership, not to mention his bizarre claim that global warming led to the formation of ISIS. I mean, if that were the case, then wouldn’t California be an ISIS haven?

So the dog fight has begun and the mud will be by far the worst in history – that’s a fair bet. It’s the perfect time to go on holiday, to have no access to the squabbles and intense verbiage slinging, it’s a good time to just – go away. We still have nearly 18 more months of this and that would be a long, long holiday…

Iran and Cuba – Lifting Sanctions Translates to $$$$$!

What happens to a country when the US and it’s buddies lift sanctions? Will Iran and Cuba stem to profit? Or is it big business that profits?

Already the lines are forming as the calculations of mega $$$$ create foam on the mouths of greed…. Iran needs infrastructure, they need commercial buildings, housing, and of course, banks. But there is another flood, Tehran’s stock market (Did you even know they had a stock market? I didn’t). While it isn’t much, ‘futures’ are everything. Brokerage Renaissance Capital is predicting that $1 billion will flow into the economy the first year alone! Other brokerages are already setting up compliant funds so that investors can begin hedging the Iranian market.

CEO, Richard Adley, made the obvious statement that Iran’s market is ‘underweight‘. Really, you think so?  Do they pay you to make those sort of analyses?

The Tehran stock market has 339 listed companies worth over $104 billion in industries such as chemicals, agriculture, telecommunications, automobiles, mining, steel, insurance, etc… In other words, well diversified. Over the last month their market has traded from a low of about 64,400 to 69,400 representing an increase of 8.33%. It rose 130% in 2013 and another 33% in 2014. Women are traders, companies are being privatized, inflation is still high, but lower than the staggering 35% it was.

The population is highly educated due to state funding for tuition, room and board at their universities. 97% of the adult population between 15 and 24 are literate. Oddly, the US and the UK refuse to provide their literacy rate on any website that I have uncovered. Woman make-up 60% of the student body at universities, and 35% of the 15-24 age group are in enrolled in higher education. Like Norway, their system trains high schoolers in a technical or vocational diploma.  While education is a top priority, jobs are scarce, but once the doors are open and conglomerates move in, they will find a very worthy, highly educated workforce to pick and choose from as candidates will most likely be quite eager.

Cuba’s stock market which is comprised of ‘one’ stock fund, has also seen a dramatic spike since the lifting of sanctions became a real potential. Last year their market hovered at the very real number of – 8 – (yes just 8), but spiked over 14 last December. A 75% increase!

Because the Cuban government invested heavily in medicine and bio-markets over the last 60 years, these are the areas that will see the most interest by outside investors initially. But there is a tremendous tourist market that will boost airlines, hotels, building, cruiselines, and food over the near and immediate term. Airbnb has already launched into Cuba with over 1000 listings.

While Cuban real estate is the new must-have, international buyers are still held at arms length. Marrying a Cuban is an option, given that property can only be legally bought by full-time residents, however, if you were to divorce, the property automatically reverts to the Cuban spouse 100%. Of course, if you want to move to Cuba and remain their – forever – you can buy real estate.

A new economy is a burgeoning one – it has nowhere to go but up! But, the respective governments in these two economies leave the slope a bit slippery and caution is the prudent attitude to maintain. While Iran is mostly Shi’a, this could become a threat to the Sunni majority of Saudi Arabia, our ‘other ally’. Not to mention Israel. And while Cuba remains communist, their trust in the US is minimal for obvious reasons. Time will tell whether these instabilities can calm. Only time.

Planned Parenthood – An Abortion Expose

Planned Parenthood has come under fire again, this time for its practice of selling aborted baby parts to biotec companies for cost or profit – either one is equally despicable. The defenders claim that the cost $30 – $100 per part is simply a recovery of expenses and therefore of no consequence. With an average of 1 million abortions per year in the US alone, Planned Parenthood admits to about 1/3. A $30 cost per ‘part’; liver, heart, lung, head, legs and arms (8 parts per fetus) would benefit Planned Parenthood to the tune of $80 million at an intake of $30 each. At $100 per part the rake would amount to $280 million per year potentially.

Total revenue from all sources for Planned Parenthood was about $1.2 billion in 2013, of which, $500 million came from the government. Expenses totaled $1.15 billion. While the federal government is prohibited from granting money for abortion, the clinic steadfastly claims that is only a small portion of it’s service, but if we extrapolate mathematically, the potential income from body part sales could be nearly one half it’s entire budget!  Not the disproportionate amount they claim.

So far, the defense on behalf of Planned Parenthood have four claims. One; the body parts qualify as ’tissue’ and therefore are not regulated by law. Secondly; they claim that the tissue donation provides lifesaving scientific research. Thirdly; they claim the video and report comes from a discredited pro-life organization. Fourth; they claim that they get the consent of each and every woman before extracting the ’tissue’ through ‘partial abortion’ methods.

ONE:   What is ’tissue’? There are four types; muscle, epethilial, nervous and connective. To extract these ’tissues’, entire organs and limbs are severed from the body. While organs and limbs are ‘made up’ of tissue, they are not defined as tissue for the purpose of medical use. To define more explicitly; embryonic cells are cells that have been fertilized in in-vitro fertilization clinics and then donated for research. Cells from a woman’s body are specifically excluded. Although even this method is considered contemptuous by Christians.

More plainly, extracting tissue involves extracting ‘cells’, not entire body parts. As in, a tissue sample to determine cancer does not include severing a leg to analyze and biopsy.

SECOND: This is not really a claim at all, but a justification and is of no consequence because it is against the law.

THIRD:  The organizations that are attempting to discredit the Center For Medical Progress (Who made the video/sting) include Media Matters, funded by George Soros, Daily Kos, funded by George Soros, Think Progress, funded by George Soros, and New York Times journalists who are radically liberal. They attempt to denounce the investigation as unfair because it was a ‘sting’. and denounce the maker of the video because he is an advocate for pro-life and has been for many years. But that hardly discredits him or the video any more than we would discredit a police sting because they are biased for law. The logic is bizarre.  Everyone has a belief o some sort, a belief does not make them not credible.

But the contention goes on to implicate and discredit The Center For Medical Progress founder by associating him with previous sting operations including the ACORN debacle from 2008. Of course, given that the founder of the center for Medical Progress would have been about 18 at the time is noteworthy. Again the ACORN controversial history was justified and cleansed by – Media Matter’s George Soros.  The discredit isn’t based on truth but an innuendo of something completely unrelated.  The entire transcript and video WERE released without edit.

FOUR: The fourth claim by Planned Parenthood states that every woman who donates ’tissue’ gives prior consent. But no such consent form is on the Planned Parenthood site – at least not yet!

I visited the site for Planned Parenthood and tried to find the consent form that specifically addresses the ’tissue donation’. When I tried to open the pages for Texas and Louisiana laws, I received an error 503 service unavailable message…It did come back online, but the consent form made no mention of tissue donations whatsoever.

Planned Parenthood is rife with past controversies; teaching sex education in California, post-birth abortions, their opposition to over-the-counter birth control, their 2013 Susan B Komen controversy and stem cell research, and not to mention the controversial law which prohibits the government from funding abortions and Planned Parenthood’s justification by stating they perform other procedures as well.  A former employee estimated that PP profited about $350 per abortion. They have ‘acknowledged they perform about 335,000 per year – at $350 profit = $117.5 million ‘bottom line’.

Please note: Profit is not Revenue – it is pure bottom line AFTER expenses. The actual Revenue/Cost for an abortion ranges from $1000 to $1500 which would then generate about $400 million in actual abortion revenue, or roughly 57% of total revenue before government grants.

Confederate Flag – justice vs forgiveness

The Civil War, The Confederate Flag, Pearl Harbor, Bolsheviks, Henry VIII – a common theme…

Sometimes morality and legality become intertwined. I was recently debating the issue with a lawyer friend of mine. She was talking about the legal ramifications of property that has been stolen/confiscated and when it should and should not be a legal concern. Property taken by the Nazi’s from the Jews during WWII is considered property of the Jewish people. But property taken from the Greeks by the Romans or British – is not.


If property is stolen as in a spoil of war should the law return the property no matter the time that has lapsed?

When we talk about the American Civil War we zoom in on the the cause and effects and make an arbitrary determination that a flag is symbolic of slavery because it was the succession flag of the Confederates. From a biblical point of view, this would make the flag somewhat of an ‘idol’. As though burning it will change the heart.

Some of the more vocal Hollywooders try to liken Confederacy with Nazism. I suppose that makes Merkel = to Hitler and Putin = to Stalin and Obama = Idi Amin. Should all Italians be punished as descendants of Nero and his depravity? Should all Japanese be likened to Admiral Yamamoto who successfully attacked Pearl Harbor? Should all men be caned for their enslaving of women for centurries? Should all Jews be responsible for the Communist Bolshevik slaughter of the Russian Tzar and his entire family including children?

At what point do we – let it be? Do we put a legal time limit on forgiving – say forty years?

My friend’s point in allowing the return of Nazi spoils but not allowing the return of British spoils of Greek antiquity was that legal chaos would ensue as battle upon battle vied for property rights that were thousands of years old. I see her point, but then in legal terms we would need to put an absolute time limit on the return of property – and by moral right – a legal time limit on holding grudges.

The American Civil War was 150 years ago. It’s history has been written and rewritten, erased and rewritten probably nearly as many times as the years that have passed. Given that the flag of the US represents the slaughter of American Indians, should we abolish it? Should the British burn their flag because it represents a history rife in war, immorality, beheadings, and misery? Should we ban all ancient Roman symbols because they can relate to the atrocities of Nero?

Should we demand that the Japanese, the Germans, the Austrians, the Koreans, the Vietnamese, the Mexicans all create new flags? Will that change their hearts? Where is the defining line?

At what point is Stalin history? Is Henry the VIIIth forgotten? Sweden and Norway were still beheading people into the twentieth century, do we let it go or do we demand submission?

While forgiveness is a form of letting go, it is also a form of moving forward, taking responsibility, and striving to make sure what happened, never happens again. We can’t do that if we keep using the past as justification for bitterness. Surely, the demented boy who shot the church goers while in service was heinous! But that boy should be convicted as one – not a race. It is no different than convicting all blacks every time a black person robs, attakcs, or executes another. The mistake is repeated but now in a grandly hypocritical way. To put so much value in a symbol, an idol, a flag, will do nothing but create a new rage of injustice. It is merely shifting the target, the cause, the source, and giving it a new breath.

The Confederate flag may be gone from our history, but slavery has simply morphed and grown exponentially. Perhaps a better focus would be on this heinous cancer of sexual slavery that is allowed to be perpetrated on children of all colors, ages, sizes, genders and class. Perhaps the indignation needs to refocus on what is truly the largest and most perverse injustice today. Not some silly flag – not some overgrown prickly agenda, but on the crime of life.

Maybe holding on to an injustice is something like saving a portion of your meal, putting it in the refrigerator to preserve as leftovers, but eventually finding the food spoils, and soon rots, growing mold and decay from what was once something rather good. Justice is good when properly employed, but when we clutch it with a feverish vengeance, it rots.

We don’t forget – we move on – before our hearts suffer the same consequence and rot, decay and mold.

Campaign To Eliminate Federal Waste – Really?

President Obama and VP Biden announced a campaign to ‘eliminate waste’ in the White House and all Federal agencies – leaving no stone left unturned…

Really?  So what has been accomplished?

The White House staff includes 474 employees. Titles include such onerous ones as; Deputy Assistant to Executive Clerk (when did a clerk need an office of assistants?), Director of African American Media (is their a Director for Asian, Latino and White Media?), Assistant Supervisor of Classification (What?), Director of Stenography (is stenography an entire wing?), Associate Director (of nothing…), Vetter (a person who performs background checks – I guess that’s a full time job?), Coordinator (of nothing), Advance Coordinator (in case the Coordinator is just proficient), Presidential Support Specialist (someone who pats his back and says everything is okay?)…

Then of course we have the private staff of Michelle, now numbering 26, and costing nearly $2 million annually. And despite the fact that the role of Vice President is mostly for show, VP Biden’s staff costs upwards of $1.02 million annually. It should be noted that both of these figures, Michelle staff and Biden’s, are ‘base salaries’ only and do not reflect bonuses, expense accounts, upgrades to salary levels, benefits, or raises. In 2003, the ‘base salary for VP staff was $747k, representing an increase of 37% since then.

We should also consider the costs associated with trips for the Obama’s that taxpayers pay for; as of 2014, one estimate put the Obama vacation travel bill at $44.35 million since taking office. But thats skimming the surface given that estimates claim the Africa trip alone ranked number one for all time most costly single trip at $60-$100 million!  An interesting spread of 67% differential… hardly a corporate transparency number…

Of course it is difficult to get an absolute cost within the veil of transparency, but I imagine the real costs are always significantly higher – not lower than what is reported. One trip to Ireland cost nearly $8 million alone. Happy vacation Mr. President – let’s not waste taxpayer dollars president.

In addition, we pay for Obama’s ‘fundraisers’ which have now numbered well over 400 since taking office. Typically, flight costs alone range between $1 million to upwards of $7 million – each, leaving us with a flight tab of between $400 million and $2.8 billion. WHOA there waste not, want not!!!  Security detail rack up large expenses and require more and more personnel as paranoia reigns large. For example; rental cars for Michelle and entourage on a one day trip in Kyoto cost $80,000 to accomodate her and her ‘necessary guards’.

Waste? A campaign to eliminate waste? When did President’s feel so entitled to such extravagance?

Obama is not alone, but the hypocrisy of campaigning for ‘waste elimination’ does make my skin crawl. How can these people have any idea what real life is like anymore after living the life of twenty queens and kings? By contrast, Angela Merkel has her husband fly commercial and pay for it privately, stays at low key hotels, eats modestly, recorks her wine, and takes minimum security detail. It shows amazing respect for one’s country and one’s people  – a morality far lacking in the US.

According to a relatively new book, taxpayers shelled out $1.4 billion for Obama vacations, staffing, housing, flying and entertaining in 2011 alone which includes the largest staff ever and the highest wages.

Campaign to eliminate waste…sounds like a party…

Social Security pays 6.5 million people benefits who are 112 years old and older. Of course, these people don’t exist and the payments are fraudulent etc., etc., etc… But let’s put a number to it. Let’s say the average payout is $2200 per month x 12 x 6.5 million = $171.6 billion!!  Waste?  It is estimated that Federal ‘waste’ accounts for somewhere between $650 billion and $800 billion per year, of course we can’t possibly now the actual true number because well, we’d have to have actual true transparency!!

Imagine you are one of the 40,000 military troops being cut due to spending austerity in the budget and you see the waste dollars of $650 billion for nothing? Imagine as a US troop that the military claims you cost them $400,000 per year per troop when you can barely make ends meet? When you are paid slave labor wage and your spouse and children have just enough to be considered in poverty?

How is that possible? Imagine $16 billion is the savings to cut the livelihood of 40,000 troops when $650 billion is wasted, when the cost of the Presidential junk annually is $1.4 billion? Imagine what that might feel like? When harnessing the fraud in Social security alone could salvage your livelihood for more than 10 years, when all you see is 8% of the military cost of $400,000 for your existence?

But the transparency of cost is not so simple, it is not an actuality, it is not absolute because the government does not have a handle on what much of anything truly costs – by choice. Like any corporation across the world, they have a choice, they have simply decided they – DO NOT WANT to know, because not knowing makes them feel guilt free. Because, not knowing gives them a false sense of power and security in a decision that is rife with corruption, waste, and fraud.

A Campaign to Eliminate Waste – what has been done Mr. President?

The US Agenda in Ukraine and Georgia – Annexation

Ukraine update – US to pay salaries of the new government of Odessa, Ukraine, and is sending California troops to train Odessa police…Whoa there! What?

Mikhail Saakashvili was nominated… appointed – propped as Governor of Odessa by Poroshenko, but because Ukraine is broke, the US is going to pay for the salaries of his newly formed government. Does this make Ukraine a US annexation?

First it is important to note an odd parallel; Saakashvili was formally President of Georgia. He left office prematurely ‘to live abroad’ and faces charges of embezzlement and abuse of power. Ukraine refuses to extradite him. Instead they laud him for his powers of corruption – a good resume for a Governor.

Saakashvili came to power in Georgia as a result of a coup led by him, Burjanadze and Zhavania in 2003. Backed by NATO and the ‘west’, his formal election as President was mired in electoral fraud. Ousted President, Shevardnadze, was considered a risk given he had begun talks with Moscow in a deal to privitize energy pipelines. Fearing a shift, the US State Department funded an NGO, The Liberty Institute, and in coordination with George Soros Open Society Georgia Foundation, backed Saakashvili in a coup for regime change in Georgia. Note: In the early 1990’s, Saakashvili received a fellowship from the US State Department and attended Columbia Law School and George Washington University Law School.

Sponsored by McCain (also a Soros puppet) and his, “bomb everybody” mentality, Saakashvili was the instigator in the waged war against South Ossetia in 2008. And while there is no proof the US was involved in this aggression, the US State Department was well aware that the Georgian President was initiating the attack. While news stations in the US claimed that the aggressor was Russia, Wikileaks has since provided cables and proof that this was manipulated, and the disinformation propaganda was created in order to demonize Russia. In fact, Russia was the reactionary to the aggression and able to bring about a swift end to the tensions within a matter of months. Casualties were minimal by comparison to other coup infractions – such as Ukraine.

But the disinformation leaves a bile taste. Once a lie has been established, it begs all truth. How can we possibly trust in a government that routinely is found to have manipulated information – why can’t our government simply speak with integrity and honor? Perhaps it is because our government is no longer – our government – and is simply a defacto government run by shadows who continually have as their spokesman – Soros.

Apparently, both Georgia and the Ukraine were targets of US regime change in the early 2000’s. Why?

Brief History: Georgia had a period of labeled The Golden Age or Golden Renaissance during the 12th and 13th centuries. Invaded by the Iranians and Turks, it’s economy and history became embroiled in conflict after conflict until 1800 when the then Georgian King, George XII, signed a proclamation incorporating Georgia with the Russian Empire. Russia defeated the Iranian army’s occupation of the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, in the Russo-Persian War 1804 to 1813. After the Russian Revolution of 1917 (Jewish Bolsheviks vs Emperor Nikolai), Georgia declared independence. But independence meant they were under British rule. In 1921, a communist Bolshevik, Filipp Makharadze, and the Jewish Red Army attacked Georgia and took control.

In April 1991, Georgia was once again independent, but not for long as a coup was orchestrated in December 1991 that launched the country into a bloody civil war.

The Wikileaks cables between the US State Department and Saakashvili after the South Ossetia invasion by Georgia, are eerily similar to the ones between Poroshenko and the US with regard to Ukriane: “President Saakashvili told the Ambassador in a late morning phone call that the Russians are out to take over Georgia and install a new regime.” The report, again, provided no independent verification of this claim.

While the US stood by it’s claim that Russia was the aggressor, the EU analysis came to a rather different conclusion. An investigation headed by a Swiss Diplomat, Heidi Tagliavini, for the Independent International Fact-Finding Mission on the Conflict in Georgia, stated in her report that “None of the explanations given by the Georgian authorities in order to provide some form of legal justification for the attack” were valid. “In particular, there was no massive Russian military invasion under way, which had to be stopped by Georgian military forces,” Tagliavini confirmed. “The shelling of Tskhinvali by the Georgian armed forces during the night of 7 to 8 August 2008 marked the beginning of the large-scale armed conflict in Georgia.”

The purpose of the propaganda? Demonize Russia. Why? Both Ukraine and Georgia have economic importance for the US and it all goes back to oil – and a pipeline that circumvents Russia. The pipeline, operated by BP, runs from the Caspian Sea through Azerbaijan, through Georgia, and Turkey to the Mediterranean. Partners in the pipeline include: Azerbaijan, Turkey, Norway, Japan, Italy, France and – most importantly, the US.

The country that notably has no interest in the pipeline is Georgia despite its strategic importance.

A secondary motive is quite simply the surrounding of Russia with US backed regimes so as to manipulate a World War provoked within a bed of lies.  No one in the US could even find Ukraine or Georgia on a map just a few years ago, now these countries have become central provocateurs on a stage that is rife in corruption, fraud, disinformation and propaganda.